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2:00 PM
@BardicWizard This power must be stopped *finds post to upvote*
@Medix2 meanie :-p
@Trish thanks ;)
@nitsua60 yeah, it feels good just being honest about the anxiety
@BardicWizard You're a plane? WHEEE!
I'm not really that worried or dependent on it, but it's still anxiety provoking.
@Medix2 Bard 10 is also for 5d6 psychic blades
2:02 PM
@ThomasMarkov Yes but Bard 5 gets you five levels to find 2d6. Which Warlock 2 + Battle Master 3 did
It's also weird for it to be over zoom. Can't tell if it's better or worse than in person presentation.
@Medix2 also what right do you have to question my jet-see identity???
@NautArch For me it's better until the Wi-Fi does what it always does here XD
@Medix2 what does battlemaster get me?
@ThomasMarkov Well nothing now, since you got Martial Adept, but it was 1d8 and another 1d8 from 2 more in Warlock
2:04 PM
pretty sure i only need paladin 2
@Medix2 yeah, my run through yesterday at home had conneciton issues. Going to do it from the office.
I don't even remember what Kensei Monk's do... I also thought about using the cursed Whirlwind Strike
paladin 2, bard 5 frees up 6 levels if I spell scroll for banishing smite
@Medix2 for what?
in terms of what kensei do
@ThomasMarkov Unless there's an oath which works
2:05 PM
I briefly played a kensei - it's a lot of fun.
But monks are still generally 2 dimensional, especially if you're trying to be more optimizied.
@NautArch There's a most damage with a single melee attack question. Kensei do something with weapons but I never keep straight what all in their arsenal is a Kensei weapon vs a Monk weapon vs a regular weapon and what can and can't be applied to magic weapons and... Yeah, mostly bookkeeping
@Someone_Evil Oathbreaker Aura? Wait are those level 3...
ah, gotcha. I definitely stay away from those questions.
@Medix2 Think the aura's are 7th?
@Someone_Evil correct
@Someone_Evil Yup 7 apparently
2:07 PM
3rd is only the spells and channel divinities
@AncientSwordRage Hmm, that's a good question; I need to do an insight check, I think.
I wonder if the moonblade is better...
@Medix2 forgot to check that
@ThomasMarkov Probably not cuz race requirements and Finesse doesn't add much . And he infinite damage is banned
Is there a separate chat for optimization talk?
2:09 PM
@AncientSwordRage pretty sure it's fine to do here
I usually end up making one under whichever answer David Coffron makes XD
not that I'm not curious about what you're both doing, but I'm curious is there is
If it really gets distracting, you can go to the back room.
or NAB
@NautArch nah it's cool
@AncientSwordRage there's not really a dedicated chat for it
2:10 PM
There's a back room?
after all, optimization is really just applied system mastery, and this chat is all about that
@Medix2 you have to noclip into it

 The Back Room: Live Tabletop Games

A space for online tabletop gaming.
@doppelgreener makes it sound like a college course
@AncientSwordRage I think you mean passwall
2:12 PM
@Someone_Evil same thing (know your meme link)
Like watch Aasimar, Artificer 14, Paladin 2, Rogue 1, Whisper Bard 3 attuned to a Finesse Moonblade and four other magic items somehow be the best option... @ThomasMarkov
@Someone_Evil I wish dndbeyond had a better tagging system
@ThomasMarkov I don’t think this deserves a comment under your answer, but doesn’t hand of vecna make your alignment LE?
neutral evil. Is that a problem?
@ThomasMarkov not for me in general, but anyone who actually used the build might have to work around it (though the fact that the build includes two major artifacts might preclude that problem)
2:21 PM
@BardicWizard its within the rules of the question. And hand of vecna only contributes 22 damage to the max total.
I feel like there's a way to get 30 Strength
@ThomasMarkov I mean 7% is a lot. Plus the sorites paradox makes any amount of damage a meaningful addition
we could manual of gainful exercise 5 times to 30 str.
but thats alot of cheese for 1 more damage.
As if stealing the hand of Vecna and a literal god's Warhammer wasn't cheese
Theory crafting is all cheese
With Sigmar!
2:25 PM
@BardicWizard If only cheese crafting were all theory
Im not sure Sam's glyph trick works.
@ThomasMarkov Why not? We definitely have questions on that last I checked (which was yesterday)
@Medix2 im equally not sure that it doesnt work :p
im gonna look into it.
I think it was you can only use scrolls into glyphs if you also have the spell prepared
I was going to post a picture of a piece of cheese, but I didn’t find a gouda one
2:30 PM
@Medix2 yeah thats confusing.
@ThomasMarkov We have a lot of glyph of warding questions... It's all confusing
My list of lists is only getting longer, bwahahaha
@ThomasMarkov Would you mind if I edit "to each his own" into "to each their own"?
@Medix2 Ah, yes, Ill get it.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah thanks! I'd explain more if you want over in NAB
@Medix2 explain more what?
@ThomasMarkov Oh just why the change / why I wanted that. But if it's clear, all the better
2:43 PM
@Medix2 I try to stay on top of that stuff, but my brain typed "to each his own" as one unit, one idiom, so it didnt even register. Thanks for catching it.
Would asking about the balance and problems of a rule-set I created be on topic? I’m prob not going to post it anytime soon, but I want to know in advance bc I think it might be contentious. I know there’s the [game-design] tag but are those more rule changes or whole rule sets
@AncientSwordRage for instance, if you look at Warlock Spells, Incite Greed is tagged as Charmed, and charms creatures and compels them to approach you, and Crown of Madness is tagged as compulsion but also charms creatures
@Medix2 To each one's own seems to be better than either, at least to my silly foreigner's eyes. More universal, and less structurally jarring.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Yeah their and one's are similar. I'm just a big proponent of singular they so I'll use it when I can
@BardicWizard I know we have a lot of questions on "How would this houserule affect balance?" is it similar to that?
2:59 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica do you think a question on "In which scenarios is Majesty better than Domination?" a good question?
@Medix2 sort of— I want to ask about how it compares to d20 and d6 games as well as the unique problems I foresee (as different questions though)
@AncientSwordRage Certainly. I've seen similar questions about Presence vs. Dominate in VtM (though not on the Stack IIRC).
It was more an in general thing
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica feels slightly listy and slightly opiniony though
@AncientSwordRage If asking about class tiers is okay, then asking about specific scenarios should certainly be okay.
3:02 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica class tiers? D&D levels?
I'm not seeing the connection
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, comparison which class is better in a rather vague set of metrics/situations. I'm not a D&Dist so I can't cite a definition of tiers.
cool, I didn't know that would be on topic
If class comparisons in general are okay, then Discipline comparisons in a narrower scope should also be OK.
@AncientSwordRage it's gorilla vs shark-ish
but you could say "i care about these specific things. is Majesty or Domination better for me?"
@doppelgreener I'll write a draft with that in mind
3:07 PM
but, if majesty and dominion are closely related and well-bound, your original is more constrained a question. "in what circumstances is a missile better than a sword?" has a greater range of answers (because we have to elaborate a LOT of scenarios) than "in what circumstances is a longer sword better than a shorter sword?" ("most of them. here's the exceptions")
but basically, giving us a direction in terms of what you're trying to do, and then asking for our assistance with accomplishing the thing ("i want to do X. which of these options is better for me?") is a very good kind of character build question
because it's so concrete, it also means people can say "neither, they are both bad for that purpose. instead, do this."
@doppelgreener Domination is more of a "You. DO this thing." and Majesty is more "Everybody thinks highly of me, maybe I can now convince them to do a thing"
chances are, yeah, the raw comparison question would see people give it squinty eyes trying to determine it's an XY question, because you're clearly trying to accomplish something out of th is comparison and it would be helpful to tell us what that is
@doppelgreener I'll phrase it with that in mind
2 mins ago, by doppelgreener
but basically, giving us a direction in terms of what you're trying to do, and then asking for our assistance with accomplishing the thing ("i want to do X. which of these options is better for me?") is a very good kind of character build question
^ this would be the gold standard basically
3:44 PM
Q: What does point-cost difference mean?

Edge D-VortThe wording of this rule is just confusing me. To improve one of your basic attributes, you must spend character points equal to the point-cost difference between the old score and the new one. What, exactly, does "point-cost difference" mean? Let's assume I have a ST of 13, and I'm attempting...

3:54 PM
@doppelgreener Right, I've tried that
@AncientSwordRage "I'm trying to use disciples to manipulate someone, why should I use majesty and not dominate?" presumes that there is in fact something pressuring that you should do that
are you sure you want to do that as opposed to "should I use majesty or dominate?"
if there is in fact that pressure or presumption, that question is fine as is
@doppelgreener I don't think so
@doppelgreener the pressure is on the line that says:
> My issue is that Dominate is out of clan for Daeva, whereas Majesty is the clan specific discipline.
I saw that I had to use purple worm poison to be competitive.
4:12 PM
@ThomasMarkov sounds like a typical friday problem
@doppelgreener Thanks for checking it over. I think it covers my thoughts on the two disciplines, but frames it from why it's an issue for me
4:29 PM
How/when does a closed question get thrown into reopen queue?
I thought any edit made to it would do it but it seems nope
@HellSaint I'm not sure
@HellSaint Likely when there's at least one vote to reopen?
@GcL Yeah that's probably one trigger but are there others?
@GcL logically you can edit before you can cast reopen votes, so to trigger the re-opening process, you'd have thought it would put it into that queue
@HellSaint I think there's a little more logic in that edit-trigger.
> There are three ways a question can end up in Reopen Review:

A reopen vote is cast when there are no other active reopen votes on the question. Note that this allows for a single question to be enqueued multiple times, provided all votes age away before another one is cast.

A body edit is made within 5 days of the question being closed by someone who didn't vote to reopen. This allows for a single question to be enqueued multiple times, but only once for each time the question is closed.

The question gets popular, for a definition of "popular" based on votes and views. This can only tr
4:35 PM
Thinking about it, I doubt it. The other things you can do to a closed question: view, comment, edit.. and nit's got it
@BESW I tried “Walkies with Grim” today on my walk
@BESW is WWG something you can start/complete quickly? I now have a 40-50 min walking commute.
@AncientSwordRage Having played it once I suspect that it could be very rewarding to incorporate into a commute-walk, as long as there's a little slack in the time such that you can pause/breathe/reflect for a minute or two a couple of times.
I feel like it doesn't want to be rushed, but that just might mean leaving 5-10 minutes earlier than necessary.
@nitsua60 interesting
Today I jogged past a place of import from my game yesterday, and it's now a new place for me.
4:41 PM
@nitsua60 I am normally rushing too work, but not necessarily from work to home
@nitsua60 intriguing
curiosity pique but not peaked
(separately does anyone know how to find spells on dndbeyond that move enemies around the battlefield?)
that feels like a list question, but it's really teach someone to fish
I'm surprised that nobody answered this one so far: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/172441/43856
@ThomasMarkov were you sleeping? :P
@nitsua60 oh okay, so it has to be a body edit, not a title edit or a tag edit.
4:54 PM
my answer on the max hit question is at +3/-3
5:10 PM
@ThomasMarkov if it largely replicates an existing answer, people may find it unuseful
Its not even similar to the other two answers lol.
but the other two also have a couple down votes each.
somebody must not like any of them
@ThomasMarkov ahh I didn't check, they're all big impenetrable walls of text/cheese to me
@ThomasMarkov well, I downvoted because the answer is wrong.
whats wrong with it
Since other answers have shown that you can achieve both a higher average damage and a higher maximum damage.
Not saying the calculation or anything is wrong, but the answer is wrong. To the question.
It is not the highest achievable damage.
5:22 PM
That's how the voting system works :P
It's there to sort the best answer from the rest. Your answer is worse than the other two.
Either way it's a problem with this kind of question anyway. There's no way to prove you have the best build. The higher the level, and the more open the question, the worse it gets.
@HellSaint Mine has a higher max hit than the other non-wish-non-timestop one.
Yeah, how is mine worse than that other one by that criteria? Question is "whats the most", and mine does more.
@ThomasMarkov The question does not constraint to not using wish or time stop.
There is another answer with a higher calculation, although it's unclear if it's valid
I mean the other one that doesnt use wish and timestop. You said mine is worse than that one too, but mine has a higher max than that one.
5:29 PM
@ThomasMarkov Oh, I meant in the sense: if you are interested in average max damage, yours is worse than that one.
If you are interested in max max damage, yours is worse than the timestop wish one
someone just threw me an ingenious question... about a MAge/Werewolf crossover: Werewolves in space
Although you are right that the one that maximizes average also is not answering the question (which is what is the most damage, period, not highest average), so I guess I'm losing another 1 rep ;P
Overall there's also the problem with the answer that they are just "this is the build I thought of, here is the damage", but no explanation whatsoever on why they even think that would be the best build. Idk, this kind of question for me is better in a forum where people can freely guess out and try out a bunch of stuff.
@ThomasMarkov It could help if you explain the action economy a bit more clearly
@MikeQ I laid out the action economy explicitly. Not sure what else i can do.
Also the character level is 19, so you could theoretically add another class level to get even more damage
5:38 PM
@MikeQ yeah I couldnt find anything for that
Well, as a trivial example, one level of rogue adds 1d6.
@MikeQ how? Im not using a finesse weapon.
Im two handing a long sword
Ah. True. Hmm. Is there really no way to add 1 more class level for more damage?
@MikeQ hexblade?
@NautArch he already has 9 levels of warlock
5:42 PM
@HellSaint nm, I should probably have looked at the build first :P
6:00 PM
oof. too much mead with lunch...
@goodguy5 solution: more mead.
I think someone clicked on my profile, because I've gotten like 3-4 random upvotes in the past day
@NautArch working on it ;)
@goodguy5 been happening with me, too
for a second I thought you meant "too much mead with lunch" lol
@goodguy5 Just honey flavored water!
6:02 PM
this one is ginger!
I was talking about mead to a coworker, and then facebook targeted an ad at me....
actually, @nitsua60 You might be familiar with them.
@goodguy5 had this happen other day. Got like 10 upvotes in 2 days from questions that were nowhere near the Active list
6:19 PM
@HellSaint did they bump you up to 10 votes for the badge?
@NautArch ? I don't follow the question haha
I got 10 upvotes in random different questions
@HellSaint The upvotes you got on questions, did they individually have you reach 10 upvotes for those answers?
Oh, no
@NautArch One of them got to 25, the other ones were random numbers and didn't get me a badge at all haha
Why? Is there some kind of bot that upvotes answers with 9 upvotes? :O
@HellSaint A few of us have definitely had it happen.
someone is looking for 9 vote totals and upvoting to 10.
Because that's what heroes do
6:22 PM
about 15 minutes until my presentation
sweaty palms
mom's spaghetti?
what's it on?
pitching for a grant on a new product we developed
oh, ezpz, I'm sure you'll do great
i'm not too anxious, but anxious enough
just happy when it's over, but i'm comfortable with the pitch
weird not doing in person, though
oh yea, I bet. don't forget to dnd your phone
6:25 PM
it's always on vibrate. I dislike ringtones and i barely get calls.
fair enough
6:40 PM
@NautArch Well that's odd; Warlock has ritual spells, on their spell list, but does not have the ritual caster class feature. Is it true that only Pact of Tome warlocks can cast spells as rituals? For some reason that never quite registered with me.
and any warlock that takes ritual caster
but yes, because reasons
Ah, the feat. Got it.
@goodguy5 For some reason my head cannon was that Warlocks would cast rituals as a part of their whole thing about researching obscure magic and stuff... weird.
2/3 warlocks don't "research". They've got their magic sugar daddy to do that
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, you need the Tome Pact for ritual
Ever wonder why is searching a Perception check, but researching is an INT check?
6:51 PM
@Rubiksmoose Clever :P
but I thought searching was investigation
too literal nautarch strikes again!
@BardicWizard I assume someone has pointed you to our cheese collection already?
@NautArch i have two kinds of searches: perception for notice something with one of your senses and investigation for reasoning about something being amiss. Essentially, Hawkeye vs Sherlock.
@GcL oh, interesting. I think I actually do the opposite.
@NautArch Oh no not this debate XD
@Someone_Evil not formally, but that seems a wonderful thing
6:55 PM
Can we maybe just debate alignment instead? Much less contentious.
perception to notice the seam in the wall letting air through. Investigation to realize the electric stove doesn't need a gas line.
Found it once as an ip, several years ago, then could never find it again
It's a skill! Give me a good explanation and I may accept it.
It's what i'm looking forward to with 13th age the most i think.
6:56 PM
@HellSaint You stole the whole dang shop?! I'd call that Chaotic Awesome!
@Rubiksmoose Which is why I like D&D. IRL research is long running series of fortitude checks.
@HellSaint if you're fighting a werecreature, it's a necessity
@GcL DM goal: call for a Constitution (Investigation) check at some point
@Someone_Evil that's actually not a bad idea for doing a general room search
6:58 PM
@GcL So freaking true it isn't funny
@HellSaint Im only 11 points short of the other answer, still without using timestop/glyph/wish.
@ThomasMarkov but why is it a problem to use timestop/glyph/wish? The question has like 15 constraints and that is not one of them.
> "And you stole the whole shop? How'd you do that? I'm not even mad, that's amazing!"
But I just realized Epic Boons are allowed. Really isn't there any boon that could increase the damage?
@HellSaint nope, just one to get 30 str.
7:03 PM
@ThomasMarkov I like the timestop wish spam. I find it entertaining to push that edge case for a fun & silly edge case question.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah I just went through them.
@GcL Ill work on integrating it into my build.
I'm amazed by how they wrote 3 redundant boons about making sure you are going to hit, but none about actually increasing the damage when you hit.
Although, aren't there more damaging AOE spells that one could stuff into the glyph to go off on your next melee attack... I mean if you don't mind getting a bit roasted yourself.
@GcL I guess that would require clarification from the asker. Does damage triggered by the hit, but not on hit, count?
7:05 PM
@HellSaint Technically, you can make the glpyhs triggered by a hit.
Boom L8 fireball
@GcL I was thinking Sunburst, but somehow L8 fireball deals 1 extra d6.
@ThomasMarkov Probably should submit as a new answer
@GcL okay
I mean at that point you have infinite time because of time stop and spell scrolls. At the very least Epic Boons give you two 9th level spells IIRC
@HellSaint especially when at that level, you are most likely hitting.
7:08 PM
Horrid withering does 12d8
@Medix2 the epic boon gives you one 9th level spell slot, IIRC.
@HellSaint One extra one. You need one to begin with.
@HellSaint Yeah but two total. One from the Boon, one naturally
Realizing Warlocks can't get that on their own :(
You can theoretically make smite scroll at 9th level right?
Yeah... glyphs with horrid withering are 12d8 a piece.
7:10 PM
There's also a Boon that lets you cast a spell without a slot (including 9th level spells)
@ThomasMarkov Yes.
But you can't store that in a glyph in these circumstances.
@ThomasMarkov Maybe 10th cuz that one item...
You need to be able to insta-glyph.... which I guess you can with scrolls.
@Medix2 Book of Exhalted Deeds?
@GcL Scrolls use their regular casting time
7:12 PM
@Medix2 Gotcha. So yeah, you need wish to get 8th level glyphs.
@Someone_Evil Yeah that thing, I think. The weird "+1 level to Clerc spells" or whatever... wonder how/if it affects scrolls
Should probably have drawn the wish card from deck of many screw-your-plot.
Basically, the limit with timestop spam is how many wishes one can accumulate.
@GcL The deck at the end of the plot line
@GcL does any GM ever give a deck of end the campaign to the players, unless they want to end the campaign?
@GcL Which is a quite high number. Especially if you can somehow find a planet where dawn takes 1 second to happen
7:13 PM
Matt Colville has a whole video about it
@ThomasMarkov Maybe just swing a little harder?
(he he he)
@HellSaint I've played with two that "thought it would be a fun lark" and didn't quite get why it essentially ended the campaign.
@HellSaint converting a miss to a hit is a pretty big increase in damage =)
(but I get your broader point)
@nitsua60 Now I wanna know what does damage on a miss besides like... ice knife?
@Medix2 The pattern is essentially timestop, glyph, spell (hoirrid withering), timestop
Save the last wish to make yourself immune to horrid withering
7:16 PM
@Medix2 new charop challenge: most damage on a miss!
On hit, a magic metric ton of glpyhs with horrid withering go off doing 12d8 a piece.
@nitsua60 I know I'd be asking for further clarifications
@nitsua60 Yeah but how likely are you to miss with a +135 bonus to hit?? Answer: 5%.
@HellSaint Halflings though! Darn... it's a hobgoblin
And divination wizards
7:17 PM
@Medix2 But then you only have +133 to hit.
or friends of divination wizards?
@HellSaint That was a very fun answer to work on honestly.
Checking all the math and numbers for the third time... not so much fun
@Medix2 I think failing the grapple check to catch the leg of an enemy to arrest your fall into an 200' pit should be the theoretical max. Well, throw a backpack full of alchemist's fire into the mix, maybe?
@nitsua60 Don't forget somehow teleporting into lava after the whole thing
@Medix2 Glyph of Warding.
All cheese needs a glyph of warding.
7:19 PM
What spells you can or can't store in that thing really is a mess (spell targeting is bad, prove me wrong)
@Medix2 Sharks. With frikkin' lasers.
@nitsua60 Great reference!
@HellSaint I just... wow.
Had assumed that must link to a 3.x/PF question.
<pours one out for Bounded Accuracy>
@nitsua60 You're welcome XD
@nitsua60 hahahahahaa
I was equally amazed by that number.
7:22 PM
@nitsua60 "How many flagons can I pour out in one turn?"
Turns out hitting the guy with 49 AC is actually quite trivial. By almost 3x.
@HellSaint Or just have one of the few features that turns a miss into a hit
@HellSaint It used to be the 3.5 contingency spell. Permanent stored spell on your person just waiting for a trigger.
Though an AC of 84 is possible as well
I'm going to enter the glpyh spam as an answer
7:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov Why not just add more time stop to the answer you just posted?
I spent some time trying to figure out how to make stabbing someone with an arrow of slaying a competitive answer for that q, but I got disappointed that Way of the Drunken master doesn't get to use improvised weapons as monk weapons and now I can't be bothered
@GcL I'm not sure multiple instances of the same spell would do any extra damage (it's the weird things again...)
@HellSaint also true for BG:2
@Medix2 and load up more smites?
I swear we had a question on identical monsters moving on each other's turns...
7:30 PM
@Medix2 Yeah, so that's why when you get hit with two fireballs only one does damage?
or a similar spell
@ThomasMarkov Yeah or just more damage somehow
I feel like that has been sorted in a few questions
Something about instantaneous not overlapping with instantaneous
@GcL Well it's... weird. fireball is instantaneous so maybe they can both deal damage because their durations aren't overlapping but also the definition of duration is found in a very random book
@Medix2 cant be bothered right now, maybe tomorrow. Or you can work it into my answer if you want :P
7:31 PM
They do.
@ThomasMarkov Nah I'm good avoiding time stop wish spell scrolls and glyph of warding whenever I can
Q: When a creature is hit with more than one fireball simultaneously, do they take damage from all of them?

RubiksmooseSay a creature walks through a door and triggers two spell glyphs from two glyph of warding spells that are programmed to cast a fireball at the creature that walks through the door. Both glyphs are triggered by the same action/trigger. My intuition and off-the-cuff ruling would have been that t...

@GcL (that's not how it works :P)
Oops... can't use scrolls for glyph can we?
I know that question exists but it also makes for weirdness since all damage is instantaneous
@GcL we can if its on our list
7:33 PM
Like the question on multiple spirit guardians and I think we had a question on multiple clouds of daggers as well
@ThomasMarkov Maybe? I guess if it's prepared. It doesn't say it has to use your spell slot
Yeah I link them all under this; conclusion: it's complicated
Ask silly questions. Get silly answers.
@GcL Asks optimization? Get cheese. FTFY
I'm happy with the sandwich I made for today's lunch. Time to get back to ugh.... writing actual loops :(
7:51 PM
Q: What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack without features that double damage?

NathanSI've been trying to come up with builds that maximise burst damage recently, but I'm not much of an optimiser, usually preferring themes and/or roleplay. I'd come up with something along the lines of a Paladin 3/Warlock 5/Bard 12, which could combine Eldritch Smite, Divine Smite and Psychic Blade...

Ugh.. and now the actual spam begins
@GcL Oh?
Wasn't that the kerfuffle about protected questions? They hit HQN and then all the spammer hordes show up?
Then the valiant mods have to fight them off single handed /S
@GcL I don't think we have protected questions solely because they got to HNQ.
@GcL I'm pretty sure mods can just remove HNQ status from a question. I'm honestly kinda surprised you can't even see that a question is on the HNQ anywhere meaningful/easy. But also I think HNQ would be more likely to attract bad answers than spam answers
7:56 PM
Actually we can't protect questions solely because they got to HNQ.
@HellSaint Pretty sure mods can
@Medix2 Oh yeah mods can, but most of our previously protected questions weren't made by mods, so yeah
I'm also trying to find a source now on the "it cannot be protected unless it has at least one answer (deleted or not) from a low-rep (<10) user." statement
@Medix2 Any question at least a day old can be protected and unprotected by users that have the privilege, provided the question has received at least one answer from a user with less than 10 reputation. Diamond Moderators can protect and unprotect a question at any time.

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