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12:00 AM
It's the kind of thing he'd love to mess around with: very British, just obscure enough that most of his readers have never heard of it before, but not so obscure that they can't look it up and feel smart, and a lot of opportunity for pathos.
12:12 AM
Hey, @BESW, can you link your game about the grim? I recently found myself with a forced 10-minutes-per day time to sit still (have to soak an infection) and could use something to fill that time
Only if you'll give feedback, it's a draft that needs testing. Walkies with Grim
Folklore Jam 2020 hosted by W.H. Arthur is an analogue game jam on folklore, myths, urban legends, and the people in them. Submissions during the month of August.
@BESW will do!
I hope to submit Walkies to the Folklore Jam, it meets the criteria.
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2:00 AM
I just got asked by my neighbor why I was wearing a “Star Trek Halloween costume” in July and had to explain cosplay and comic-cons. The things I do for my fandom.
Missed opportunity. "The waves of stupid are interfering with the transporter and they won't send a shuttle down to this planet"
@GcL she’s the aunt of one of my rpg players
I don’t really want to insult her rn
But next time...
You went to a con?
Not really. This weekend is SDCC, and I’ve never been able to afford it before, but it’s free online this year so I’m making the most of it
Including cosplay
2:15 AM
That seems like a good plan.
The con I run a games table at got cancelled this year, unfortunately.
...I haven't done full cosplay for fifteen years.
Q: How to make crime meaningful for rich players?

zz20sFor the D&D 5e campaign I'm DMing, the party has been caught for a murder of a government official and put on trial. Out of character, a player pointed out that his character can just pay for a Resurrection to be cast, absolving them of the crime. I pointed out that the trauma would still be crim...

2:32 AM
@HotRPGQuestions Easy, play a setting and system that's designed around social stakes rather than purely physical stakes.
D&D just isn't designed for that kind of scenario, you've voided the warranty.
I sewed it myself. It’s not the best costume, but it was cheap and easyish (except for disassembling the sewing machine twice)
@BESW what was the last cosplay you did?
Faustus from the webcomic Fallen by Kaido Rakaen AKA Yuko Ota.
Cool! This is just a (slightly inaccurate) 2374 engineering track Starfleet uniform that is close enough
@BESW Bah! That can't be right. I just checked, and "Social interaction" is listed in the 5e PHB as one of the three pillars of adventure, along with "Exploration" and "Combat". Therefore, you must be wrong. QED. /troll
Is there a stack exchange that deals with cosplay? Would that just be arts and crafts?
2:40 AM
@BardicWizard Probably, but I think there are more than 100 different stacks, so I couldn't say for sure.
That'd probably be spread across several different stacks; scifi.se or movies.se for accuracy and references, crafts.se for some of the assembly, etc.
But there are definitely better communities online for cosplay; the Stack Q&A structure just doesn't lend itself to the kind of conversation, mentoring, and accompaniment a passion like that really thrives on.
@BESW seconding this. Stack and cosplay don't seem to fit well.
@BESW True, true. But for technical issues like the actual making of costumes, I think it might be crafts.se based on a quick search
I've never been brave enough to cosplay and I have rarely gone to any sort of con thing. But iut sounds fun
@Ash Honestly unless you get caught up in "SPEND ALL THE MONEY" for hyperaccurate representation, it's very accessible from a material and creative standpoint; one of the biggest challenges is often just... putting yourself out there.
2:47 AM
@BESW and that is why I wore mine for Halloween and inside the house, not out
I was once trying to explain to a friend why D&D didn't support social nearly as well as combat. He argued that it was well supported, because the DM could just improvise, and maybe ask for a skill check or something, possibly with (dis)advantage. Only later did I realize the right counter there was to rework the combat system to mirror the social instead, and tell him to "just improvise it".
You'd get four skills for physical and magical offense and defence, and maybe another for support.
You'd then take out HP (including temporary HP and hit die), saves, death saving throws, weapons, armo
@BESW I think we have a tag on sci-fi for costume?
One of the reasons I chose Faustus (aside from the social significance of cosplaying as a character from a comic that I knew several of the people I would meet with at the con enjoyed) was that his outfit was close to my everyday outfit comfort zone--long hair, swishy coat, etc.
If you can identify a character whose outfit makes you comfortable, that goes a long way to bridging the "putting yourself out there" gap.
@JoelHarmon "The GM improvises it" is actually a really solid argument that the system doesn't offer any support.
@BESW knowing how to use flash paper and a Tarot deck doesn't hurt
It's the old "If I can fix it, that means it's broken" rebuttal.
2:54 AM
@JoelHarmon The amount of text given to guidance and outcomes of combat related activities is considerably greater than the non-combat. XGtE did a bit more service with the downtime revisited, but the non-combat stuff in the core books is not nearly as clear cut.
Yeah, I just had a gut feeling that it was the case, without having sat down to think it all through and articulate a position on it. I only later came up with the "strip down combat to compare" idea.
@JoelHarmon there are simpler combat systems than D&D
On the other hand, the official and 3rd party modules spend an disproportionate amount of text on describing the scenes, characters, and social interactions. Very little text about combat in the modules aside from combat might happen here... use the map.
@KorvinStarmast Oh sure, but it's blatantly false that D&D handles combat equally well compared to exploration or social.
Heh. Your "four or five skills for combat" system is dramatically more complicated than a lot of the games I've been playing recently.
2:56 AM
The problem the Forgites ran into was assuming that "the rules define the game" concept applied to RPGs. This would be called "missing the point" in most cases
So the modules offload a bunch of the combat details to the core rules... which is mostly what the core rules deal with.
@JoelHarmon who makes that assertion?
Complexity isn't the issue, it's focus.
Contrast with Fate (Core?) which is the first system I encountered that could trivially implement Chess Boxing
Which is fine. It leaves a lot of text to elaborate on the social interactions in the campaign, adventure, story content.
2:57 AM
@KorvinStarmast A friend of mine in meatspace.
@BESW Angry DM had a neat point about how complexity is a kind of currency that tries to buy something ... and sometimes, it doesn't. But I don't visit his site anymore
GURPS, when it came out, let you grab as much complexity as you wanted to handle ..
D&D is a game where killing people is a normal way to solve problems. Taking the PCs to court for killing people has changed what the game is about at a very fundamental level.
@BESW It matches up with typical D&D social skill counts for persuasion, deception, insight, and intimidation
@BESW that depends on the campaign; in old school D&D, some DM's didn't care, go and dungeon crawl and kill to your heart's delight, others would lay consequences on you.
The rules are not as important as the table.
I should be responsible and head out. Later, all!
3:02 AM
@JoelHarmon I don't think it was ever intended to model 'normal behavior' and it still does not.
If you wanted to do that, you would play "Lawyers and Libel" not "Dungeons and Dragons"
On the other hand, I was in a meeting last week where all I wanted to do was cast fireball. And I could not. :p
Somebody needs to make some of these d&d parodies. I can see Spellcasters & Schools being popular....
So I used my persuasion skill, and simply said: "If you want to fail, do that. Call me when you want me to help you get out of that mess." And left.
@BardicWizard There was a game called "Accountants and Actuaries" but nobody would risk buying it ...
I need Siblings and Social Distancing right now...
@BardicWizard The game I can't find is "In-Laws and Incineration" - but it's sold out. 😣
3:11 AM
I don’t need that quite yet, thank tymora
@BardicWizard When you need it, it will come. 8^D
@nitsua60 oh hey we could do that for the 10th anniversary of the site!
@Rubiksmoose let's not and say we did. It's far too wrong to have a hope of being of any value ever. (Sorry, my sarcasm Jones is acting up again, nite nite)
@KorvinStarmast offices and bosses?
@Rubiksmoose Does the timing line up?
3:23 AM
It should be very close. Let me check...
We could broaden it a little bit. Have a meta post for "your ten favorite..." and let people link in questions, answers, comments, chat messages?
You mods can handle it =)
Doesn't even need to be "favorite." Just... stellar.
<mic drop>
@nitsua60 like favorites ever? What’s the timeframe? I’m new, so if it has to be since the submitter joined I’d be at a disadvantage
Is anyone else seriously concerned about the game in this question? They say they have tried playing with smaller groups but then say "the inactive players start wanting to play because they actually showed up on time ready to play". Sounds like they are inviting a big group to play then only letting some of them play.
@linksassin I’d be worried. I actually run a game with many players. You can do it and share focus just fine, as long as everyone understands the constraints
@BardicWizard I dunno? Starmas (from which this is evolving) was a couple-year tradition we had in chat of throwing out there our favorite chat-lines from the previous year.
But if it's turning into an early-August celebration of RPGSE turning 10, then it could be a whole different thing.
3:30 AM
@nitsua60 August 19 is our private beta launch, 26th was public.
@linksassin I read through it and was also confused
@nitsua60 anyways, it was just a thought since I knew that date was upcoming and we were looking for a reason to celebrate. No need to take the suggestion.
@BardicWizard Same. I mentioned I've run a one-shot for 24 players with a co-dm before. Worked fine.
But I've also been in a game where we decided to split the group to make it more manageable. But we split it... we didn't keep inviting the whole group but only letting half of them play.
@linksassin They potentially are using "inactive players" to mean "4/5 show up and we wait for the 5th during which time the inactive 4 are upset"? but that doesn't really fit what's described...
@Medix2 It doesn't read that way to me but that would be best case.
3:35 AM
@Rubiksmoose I may just observe Maria Mitchell Day here in chat, and also participate in anything you-all think would be fun for the decaversary.
I'm most interested in the "I've tried a few approaches to help mitigate this" and what those actually were/are
@linksassin can I add this to an answer I’m writing for that question?
@nitsua60 To be clear, I think Maria Mitchell Day is a very worth cause.
@Medix2 I’m working on an answer to do that, should I mark it a frame challenge?
@Medix2 Ooooooh, it's online.
3:37 AM
Unrelated: I love when I think a question is super obvious and then it has two opposing answers both with numerous upvotes and I go "Oh... oh no"
@BardicWizard I feel like more information in the question itself would be helpful; at least for me there are things I'd want to know though I'm not sure if they are needed to make a meaningful/helpful answer...
I was trying to wrap my head around the whole "these five are playing, one doesn't show, so I try to tap in someone who wasn't going to play, and then all the non-players want to be in" thing happening IRL. Online makes much more sense.
@Medix2 I'm considering closing the question until they clarify. Because my answer will be very different depending on their response to those questions.
@nitsua60 Yeah maybe it's a scramble to fill a spot or something (much easier done online than in-person)
@linksassin can I use your idea about splitting the group (with attribution)
@BardicWizard No need for attribution. Splitting the group properly is the logical solution to me.
3:46 AM
Well now I get to spend a while wondering if anything in 5e-dnd knocks you unconscious without reducing your hit points...
@Medix2 I'm pretty sure there are some monsters that can do that. Can't think what they are off the top of my head and might be homebrew/dm forgot to mention also reduced hitpoints to 0
@linksassin Yeah the ones I'm finding all have time limits on them; such as by including "for 10 minutes"
@BardicWizard relevant meta. You don't need to say "this is a frame challenge" to challenge some aspect of OP's approach to the situation. Also worth reading the answer to the linked meta on "What is a frame challenge?"
@Medix2 I mean, the sleep spell, of course :P
@V2Blast Well yeah... but that has a time-limit and explicit ways to end it
3:52 AM
Well, you didn't mention that parameter when you asked :P
@Medix2 Ah yes. Unconscious without a time limit. Don't think there is anything that does that. What are you specifically looking for?
True true, was more about that new question which reminded me of that "Does Hunger of Hadar cause permanent blindness" or whatever
ah, the relevant Q&A just appeared in the top-left chat feed
Q: Does hp fall to 0 if a creature is knocked unconscious from failing a save, and if not, how does the unconscious condition end?

trueneutraldwarfI was looking at the Prismatic Beetle Swarm, and it says that "In bright light, a creature within 30 feet that looks at the prismatic beetle swarm must make a successful DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or be blinded until the end of its next turn. If the saving throw fails by 5 or more, the target is a...

Yeah, that's why I'm asking ^
Well all the monsters I've found that impose unconsciousness have time-limits somehow tacked on... makes sense since conditions only end when they say they end
This is a legal site, right?
on a note unrelated to that: does anyone know if there's a Q&A here on what content is in the current (and seemingly final) version of WGtE that's not in E:RftLW?
@Medix2 Yes. That's why I linked it :P
3:58 AM
@V2Blast Link it? Where? I found this which I can't find anywhere else...
I just realized I was in the middle of posting said comment but hadn't yet submitted it
the disclaimer/notice on p. 3 of the Tome of Beasts book says:
> Kobold Press, Midgard, and their associated logos are trademarks of Open Design. The 5E logo is used by kind permission of Sasquatch Game Studio.

Product Identity: The following items are hereby identified as Product Identity, as defined in the Open Game License version 1.0a, Section 1(e), and are not Open Content: All trademarks, registered trademarks, proper names (characters, place names, new deities, etc.), dialogue, plots, story elements, locations, characters, artwork, graphics, sidebars, and trade dress. (Elements that have previously been designated as Open Game Content are not i
Why isn't this prismatic beetle thing on D&D Beyond...
because Tome of Beasts is not official
it's third-party content
it's a book by Kobold Press
I've never even heard of that, weird....
Kobold Press had some really good 4e material.
Their ideas about minions gave my encounter design a much-needed creative and tactical boost.
4:16 AM
@Medix2 I'm surprised you haven't! It's probably the 3rd-party monster book I see recommended most often for 5e
@V2Blast I mostly spend time adapting Elder Evils and tweaking existing monsters . But I'll definitely look into that
A lot of people ignore third-party material entirely, assuming (despite all evidence to the contrary) that the license-holding devs are reliable creators of quality content.
@Medix2 True, I just figured you'd have seen someone mention it, even if not looking for it yourself :P
The main criticism I've seen is that the CRs listed for some of the monsters aren't very accurate
@V2Blast Monsters are ~~probably~~ definitely the things I know the least about in 5e-dnd, so I'm not incredibly surprised
@BESW It's not that I assume the 1st party is good. But often that the 3rd party will be rubbish. And there is a lot of rubbish 3rd party content out there.
4:19 AM
Only three dashes.
@BESW :(
on a different note, do we have a Q&A about what content appears in WGtE (in its current, seemingly final version) that does not appear in E:RftLW? I know there's the Aereni/Valenar wood and high elves, and the clawfoot raptor monster statblock, but I'm not sure if there's anything else
@V2Blast I've been looking since you posted earlier, haven't found one yet
4:22 AM
oh, did I remember to ask that here? I thought that was another thing I started to type and forgot about
yep, I see I asked above before talking about Tome of Beasts
I'm probably gonna get some rest, but I guess I get to stare at those books tomorrow XD
good night!
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Q: Is Bard level 20 utterly worthless, mechanically?

WakiNadiVellirBard's level 20 "capstone" ability: Superior Inspiration At 20th level, when you roll initiative and have no uses of Bardic Inspiration left, you regain one use. It seems quite possible this will never come into play in many games, even. Then they get a second 7th level spell slot, but any mult...

@KorvinStarmast Sounds like that one Monty Python short film
Crimson Permanent Assurance, I find after googling.
6:36 AM
Hey, @kviiri, have you had an opportunity to try Walkies with Grim?
@BESW Almost yes, but I threw myself off that track by a boardgame night that actually lasted well past next lunchtime x__x
Hah, okay.
The afternoon tea was a delight, though
I'll actually have a prime opportunity today or tomorrow, I'm going to go water my parents' plants and am contemplating taking a scenic route
We live on the opposite sides of a bay, with two almost equally short routes there: one north around the coastline, the other south over island-connected bridges
I'm glad you had a nice tea!
6:52 AM
Trans Strength Jam hosted by ThatAceGal. Written by trans people, this TTRPG jam is about the trans community. Our strengths. Our power. The fact that we keep moving forward everyday despite what we take and get hit with. It can be about our trials and tribulations. But it’s by US.
Hmm. I have some very good tea at home too. Maybe I should take a thermos jug on the walk with myself and Grim
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8:17 AM
Q: Ring of the Ram: what kind of attack does it make?

GespenstMk.IIThe Ring of the Ram (DMG p. 193) states the following: While wearing the ring, you can use an action to expend 1 to 3 of its charges to attack one creature you can see within 60 feet of you. The ring produces a spectral ram's head and makes its attack roll with a +7 bonus. What kind of attack r...

2 hours later…
9:50 AM
@BESW I can only take one dash a turn
10:43 AM
@KorvinStarmast Do you think there was more or less than 5d8 hp worth of managers in that meeting?
Q: How do I DM for this group when we can't handle a large group properly, but also can't count on any smaller group all attending?

From A Public CompI just concluded an online game with my players. (We played 5E, but I want to move to Dungeon World.) I started with four players, and that has since grown to around ten people wanting to play, which is a problem as even with only six players I've started getting comments about there being too li...

10:55 AM
@HotRPGQuestions ahh these tags are new to me
@AncientSwordRage Most of them contain some whopper questions
All of them probably do, but [system-agnostic] doesn't neatly contain a topic
11:11 AM
@Someone_Evil None of the system tags neatly contain a topic. Same with architecture or OS tags on other stacks.
@Someone_Evil whopper good or whopper bad?
whopper just means big to me
@AncientSwordRage Good mostly
I updated some tags on an old Q of mine, which I think is better tagged now
To be fair, those two tags are new than your question :)
[player-techniques] is a tag I think is severely underused, partly because those questions should be useful to a lot of, well, players
@Someone_Evil sounds like a good shout
Was my comment good? I don't want to scare them off, but it looks clearly opinion based
Maybe I should have mentioned chat
11:25 AM
You could also mention our list of RPG forums as places better suited to that type of question
And chat?
Chat's on that list, but yes, you could also mention chat (and they even have the rep now)
@Someone_Evil done
I looked to answer some WoD questions for badges but I've been out of the game too long to answer any of them
11:44 AM
@AncientSwordRage Just WoD, or CoD too?
WoD or CoD, just not oWoD
and not the 20th/25th edition
*-of-darkness editions are so confusing >_<
@AncientSwordRage WoD: the classics, CoD: the reboot.
I think what I call WoD or nWoD is actually ?
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I'm talking V:tM vs V:tR as oWod vs nWoD ... even before chronicles of darkness
@AncientSwordRage That's CoD/CofD/ Chronicles of Darkness, the rebooted spiritual successor.
because oWoD was rebooted into nWoD, but oWoD was also rebooted into the 20th edition, and nWoD was re-rebooted into CofD
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica there was a time before CofD but after oWoD that I played
11:51 AM
20th edition isn't really a reboot AFAIK.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica it changes rules and a bit of the setting?
V20 & Co. change rules but are trying to operate within the classical setting.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica gotcha
V5 tells of the events after the Gehenna and does some fundamental changes to handling of the Beast &c., but is still supposed to be the same world, just after changing events.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica so v20 and V5 are obstensibly the same setting but pre and post end of the world?
11:53 AM
Requiem (1e and 2e) OTOH is a totally separate line setting, a pure reboot/spiritual successor.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica gotcha
I was reading about Daeva on the walk to work, and it looks like 2e changes a lot from 1e
@AncientSwordRage Yes, V20 is the classics but how do I put it . . . 'HD edition'. V5 is after Gehenna rolled out (and turned out to be not what everyone expected).
HD edition? Like 'remastered'
like the Star Wars special edition
Daeva are a Requiem (CoD) thing. They don't exist in WoD, and the closest thing is the Toreador and maybe Zantoza.
@AncientSwordRage Yes! Remastered is the word. Like there's been a remastered edition of Homeworld recently.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I'm so used to WoD meaning 'nWod' that calling 'classic' WoD.. .WoD feels weird to me!
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica ahh computer games I remember those
@AncientSwordRage There was a confusing time when the authors published the rebooted corebook under the name 'World of Darkness', causing much confusion and despair.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica ughhh
Which is probably the origin of the nomenclature you're using.
I never ever got invested in the meta-lore of WoD, so it felt VERY jarring you'd want a V20/V5
that being said I have similar feelings about PF
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I thought at the time, thats what it was
thats like... my reality
12:00 PM
AFAIK, V20 was launched because fans wanted a smoother, improved version of WoD (classic) vampires. Because the classic fandom was still alive. And liked the old lore. At least that what seems to have made it marketable.
The 20th editions had mixed reception. For example, I know a lot of people hated Mage 20e.
V5 probably about as mixed.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica vampire always seemed to have the 'deepest' lore
@AncientSwordRage Certainly seems like the branch with the most loved and concrete lore.
By comparison, the Chronicles lore seems vaguer in terms of its interactions with the mortal world, and less grand in the scope of its conspiracies.
12:17 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I like that, because it gives player groups more agency (in my estimtion)
@AncientSwordRage It's a trade-off. There are benefits of either. I think the classic is more along the lines of authors having already done the worldbuilding work, while the reboot/successor is more GMly freedom but also requires much more work before a campaign handout can be even given to the players.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I've definitely played both without handouts
IIRC there is a sort of Adventurers League for WoD or there was?
@AncientSwordRage Can be done, but is also a trade-off, because to me playing with neither a detailed lorebook nor a handout feels like playing in an empty world (or at least empty underworld).
@AncientSwordRage I don't know much of organised play in WoD. There may have been some that turned into canon, but I wouldn't trust myself to explain how it worked to others because it's all second-hand mentions to me.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I think it was named after the 'good' vampire faction Camarae ?
@AncientSwordRage Camarilla? I haven't a clue.
12:25 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I think some of my appeal is that you already know some of the lore because it should map quite closely to IRL, and you get to discover new things as a newly bitten/transformed/awakened character
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica thats the one
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica So going back to Daeva. Their clan flaw/weakness changed between CofD-1e and CofD-2e
@AncientSwordRage Which one was it in either? I only remember the flaw of their spiritual predecessors (being mesmerised by beauty, usually of some subset).
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica 1e, if you ignore a vice loose 2wp, 2e when you feed on someone you can become addicted to them?
Hmm. New one (CoD-2e) looks vaguely Zantosa-influenced.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica "the Daeva instead are at risk of suffering dependence on their victims. Every time Daeva drink from mortal vessels more than once, they must roll their Humanity in order to avoid dependency. " wiki
@AncientSwordRage So they can't safely have Herds, essentially?
12:31 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I guess so, I don't have the 2e book, and my 1e one is on the worlds longest ever loan to a friend of a friend
I much prefer the 1e version
which do you tend to play @vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica?
@AncientSwordRage Actually I had relatively little play experience with White Wolf games. A few attempts at Mage the Ascension, and one at Exalted (solars). But I GMed a very gonzo VtM campaign, and an ever more gonzo fantasy kitchen sink loosely based on Storyteller mechanics.
But those were my first campaigns so I hope the goth-punks forgive me. ^_^
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica sounds awesome
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica exalted is one of those games where I want to get into it, but it feels like it lends itself to being solved via optimisation
12:50 PM
@AncientSwordRage Exalted 2e has some of the most infamous optimisation solutions in White Wolf, I suspect. Highly specific, highly literally-read, highly variety-depriving.
Supposedly something you must do under threat of dying to five mooks, though we managed to survive for a dozen sessions or two.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I find it fascinating how much focus optimization can get in any RPG, and yet it can be entirely absent in most games
I have been thikning of how to work a question about using Majesty, but without my books it's not easy
it always seemed far less useful than Domination
1:27 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm still laughing at the idea of "Let me just use this hammer that explicitly won't be around long for this one giant smack"
@Medix2 whats that?
@ThomasMarkov The hammer that almost never leaves that you used
> When Purphoros does permit a mortal to use the hammer, it's usually so they might bring an important work into being, wreck a force of destruction, or forge something remarkable somewhere the god isn't welcome.
oh that, lolool
So you're either doing that ^ or you're somehow a devout worshipper who then steals from the very god you have such great piety with
Mortal, you have one mission: hit something impossibly hard. Once.
1:38 PM
I'm looking at ways to improve it... Wonder if there's a way to get 1d6 in two levels anywhere...
@ThomasMarkov doesn't preclude hitting things on the way
The real devotion was the non-quest things we hammered along the way
I think Hexblade 9, Whisper Bard 5, Battle Master 3 is better
also, c.f. Elspeth and Godsend, Kiora and the bident etc. There's good lore for these thigns going...missing
you can always steal it from a devout worshiper
@Medix2 Bard 11 is for the two 5th level slots for banishing smite and divine smite
@ThomasMarkov But you're a Bard 10?
1:42 PM
nvm 10 is right
@AncientSwordRage You don't get the beneficial properties unless you're a devout worshipper
10 gets you two 5th level slots
Bard 9 + Paladin 2 still gives you 2 5th level slots
Oh you just said 11 by mistake... This is why I like writing out why I have each class XD
@Someone_Evil ooh does it?
still need bard 10 to get banishing smite
magical secrets
1:43 PM
@Medix2 I thought you got some but not all
@AncientSwordRage Yeah but the ones needed are used in the optimization answer
oh we're answering a question
Is banishing smite the most damaging?
just seen the question
Is the 3rd paladin level doing anything?
1:44 PM
@Someone_Evil +2 for a fighting style >.<
I don't think so... Switch to 3 Battle Master is better?
@ThomasMarkov Isn't fighting style 2nd level?
you right
so i only need paladin 2.
I'd greatly greatly appreciate if you wrote in why you have the classes you do (like magical secrets which wasn't clear)
@Medix2 Ill do that
1:46 PM
is taking the Martial Adept feat worth it? for a single attack actual battlemaster levels isn't that much better
How is Fighter 1 Warlock 9 not better than Paladin 3?
Divine Smite
Ohhhhhh I'm a fool
Hi @NautArch
@AncientSwordRage howdy howdy!
1:49 PM
@Someone_Evil i can add it, i havent actually done anything with the ASIs.
@NautArch tips imaginary hat
oops, the hats fallen over
Wait why not get Great Weapon Master or wait... What does that apply to anyway
@Medix2 the hammer is not a two handed weapon.
Does GWM apply to versatile weapons? no?
dont think so.
Ah it's two-handeds then nah, no versatile greatness
The second (and relevant) benefit requires a heavy weapon
1:54 PM
Is this thing heavy I have no idea
I think I had a pretty bad day yesterday or something. Better now :)
But I do have a big presentation today for a grant.
bit anxious
which may have contributed to yesterday
@NautArch I've been told that simply voicing a fear/concern like that can be really helpful in moving forward/through it. Not looking for a solution or advice, just getting it off your chest.
11 points to protecting question, but meh, nohing active that I feel to chime in on...
@NautArch I'm still trying to figure out how to feel about being called mighty entitled... Mostly just a "Oh, perhaps I am in the wrong here uh..." *thinks too much*
@NautArch you’ll do fine! It’s just a charisma check...
1:56 PM
(No idea whether that's true or not, btw!)
@NautArch I know you overprepare your answers here at times, so i am sure you'll nail it.
@nitsua60 Probably varies person-to-person like most things XD
@NautArch glad to hear you're better
@NautArch hope it goes well!
@BardicWizard just don't...cast friends
@ThomasMarkov Wait why use maigcal secrets and not a spell croll?
@ThomasMarkov If your character has sufficient piety (a Theros mech) the weapon can gain beneficial properties which includes some spellcasting. DMG 219. Might free up some levels from bard as you don't need to rely on magical secrets
1:59 PM
@Medix2 cuz thats lame
@Trish slightly related: I’m a jet, if you go by rep (makes airplane wings with arms and runs around like a little kid)

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