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12:53 AM
Morning all
good evening
@V2Blast oh nice
@Ben Morning
How's your evening going
And day
@Ben Alright, slow start. I was up far too late last night.
12:59 AM
Same. My reason was Dark Souls lol
@Ben Cities Skylines. I just picked it up on humble bundle.
That and my wife being at her grandparents means I apparently have no self control about going to sleep on time.
@linksassin that sounds like an interesting
hey there @linksassin, how're things going?
@Shalvenay alright.
1:41 AM
@linksassin Oooo... that's a good one. I used to love myself some Sim City back in the day. Definitely get blueprints for known good intersections. Having to develop those yourself is a pain in the buns.
1:52 AM
Wow. "That sounds like an interesting".
My new catchprase
Like those "restoration" channels on youtube. One of the guys is I think russian(?) so english is a second language - he would often say "this part is broken, so I make a new one".
Now its his catchphrase :D
@linksassin So I just re-read it, and yeah I did have an additional effect placeholder there. so now I need to think of one lol.
@Ben I think my favourite youtube catchphrase is "Let me show you it's features" from the Slingshot channel.
@Ben MyMechanics. We love the "I make a new one guy."
Not Russian though. Austrian I think. My better half looked him up and ordered a t-shirt.
@Ben Another good one is Hand Tool Rescue.
@linksassin Oh I think I've seen a couple of his videos
@GcL Yes. Eastern European. My geographical awareness isn't amazing lol
I have started watching Mark Rober too. Love engineering videos :D
Is "disorientation" a thing in 5e?
2:10 AM
@Ben It's not a Condition
I think I was thinking of stunned. Am looking at the Afflictions in my Corruption system - a few of them result in a "Incapacitated" effect.
@Ben Incapacitated is a super harsh condition. Its basically the same as being unconscious (in fact when unconscious you are incapacitated), attacks against you have advantage and melee hits are auto crits. So be very careful with anything that applies that condition.
> An incapacitated creature can’t take Actions or Reactions.
That's all it says in the rules?
And I'm limiting it to one round. So basically "skip" in Uno
@Ben My favorite restoration channel is Rescue & Restore, partly because it's completely voiceless and just has the sounds of the restoration work itself as an almost ASMR-like experience.
@BESW Yes, very much enjoy their stuff. I haven't seen many new videos lately though?
2:23 AM
They don't usually post more than once a month, at most.
2:48 AM
@Ben Ah, my bad. I thought the definitions where the other way around.
Ok, all good. Just wanted to clarify haha.
3:00 AM
Q: Circle of the Moon Druid discrepancy on dndbeyond

SquirreljesterI want to play a Druid that wild shapes, so I'm building him on dndbeyond. At 4th level is says that I can wild shape into a 1/2 CR beast, and at 8th level I can wild shape into a 1 CR beast. But when I'm reading about a wild shape Druid on dndbeyond here: https://www.dndbeyond.com/posts/635-dru...

3:34 AM
Anyone for chess, or anything?
> I apparently have no self control about going to sleep on time.
I've known that about myself for a long time
@A.B. I don't remember the last time I played chess...
We'd probably be about evenly matched, then. :-D
> Alright, slow start. I was up far too late last night.

> Same. My reason was Dark Souls lol

> Cities Skylines. I just picked it up on humble bundle.

*Waiting three hours to eventually make laborious conversation in an IRC RP channel and leave before it got anywhere beyond our characters telling each other what they'd done last time they did anything.*
Graaaaagh, it's the multi-line quote bug.
We know what you're referring to :P
Well, that saves me trying to say it again.
I know it's stupid, at least I know people would tell me it's stupid. I just, you know, really wanted to achieve at least one thing today.
WEll, you won't have to do it next time at least
3:48 AM
How do you mean?
Do what?
> make laborious conversation in an IRC RP channel and leave before it got anywhere beyond our characters telling each other what they'd done last time they did anything.
Based on past experience, yes, I will.
Bummer :P
Presumably not the same things again, but it always seems to require ages of laboriously making conversation before we finally arrive at the point of doing anything, by which time I give up.
Somebody DID notice the drawings I posted, though! I forgot and thought nobody had!
4:13 AM
Grrrr, I want library books!
(unrelated remark.)
@kviiri [wave]
5:00 AM
@Ben hiya :3
How is your morning/day/evening/night going?
Lovely so far, it's a lovely cool but bright morning
Gonna start work soon :3
How 'bout yours?
Been pretty good. Have a 3-way split focus, but surprisingly I'm handling it well.
Work, my Dark Souls 3 character Build, and my Corruption system
The ordinal game keeps taking far more attention than an idler game should
5:18 AM
I say "can we play?" and they say "Sure!" and that's the last I can get out of them for an hour.
* screams *
I did want to do something today between getting up and going to bed.
Some tiny thing.
It is now 6 am.
Ok, for "Foul Senses" I don't have any mechanics - it's just flavour. Would wis checks at -2 be a thing?
5:33 AM
...that's right, take no notice.
@A.B. are you referring to us?
It's half past 6 am, I'm going a little crazy.
I don't know what to do.
At this point I'm not really even sure what you're expecting - this isn't a gaming room, and your request to play (as far as I have been aware) is to play chess?
You got a response, but I didn't see it develop beyond that?
Or anything else. I don't know.
Did I? Where?
I was looking, believe me. Maybe I somehow missed it all the same?
Ok, maybe not. I reread the comment and it was simply about when they last played.
5:39 AM
I was basically just talking because there's nobody else to talk to.
But again, I think someone has their wires crossed here. This is simply a chat room, and currently a lot of people are either at work, or asleep.
The IRC channel dried up again, and the friends I was talking to in Google Hangouts, one of them asked me what was the matter, but then wandered off without waiting for an answer and hasn't reappeared.
Is everything ok?
Have just been saying that. I'm pretty sure, anyway.
It's complicated throwing postings into three different channels some of which miss it. Lemme check.
And the issue (imo) is that is simply all you've been saying. You haven't elaborated.
And I'd say part of the issue there is the timezone.
5:43 AM
I did want to do something today between getting up and going to bed. Some tiny thing.
Such as?
Anything. Anything that it would make the slightest difference whether I'd done it or not.
I'll admit, my comment about the "Foul senses" thing was kind of aimed at you as well... You can contribute to solving an issue I am having.
Was it? Well, thank you very much, then.
I haven't the least idea what it means, though.
What system is it, even?
On a side note - one thing you might notice is a lack of conversation from anyone other than myself. I'm not sure if you understand how the chat rooms here work?
5:47 AM
I've been kind of keeping up with your remarks about that, in the last few days at least, but don't really know what it's about.
Well, I've been using them for a while, don't know what particular aspect you had in mind.
From my experience, there is a rather major lull in chat participation around this time of day. For the next 2 hours, no one will be contributing if at all - most users right now are, as previously mentioned, either asleep or at work. I myself am currently at work as well.
So hopefully that helps you understand the lack of replies you've been hoping for :)
* nods sadly *
As for the system - I am making a Diablo-themed campaign for D&D 5e, and have been developing a "Corruption system" to add another layer to the theme of the game.
Are you aware of the Diablo series?
I've been trying to do something for the last eight hours, I started bright and early but couldn't find anyone to take any notice, I can't help it :-(
Well, D&D 5e is one of the ones I'm familiar with the rules of, but I've never actually played, so I don't know how much use I'll be to you.
I've heard of the name, that's as far as it goes.
That's cool :) at this point, my issue is that of all the mechanics I have built up thus far, one is missing anything beyond flavour text - the "Foul Senses" affliction.
@A.B. Diablo is a series of Dungeon-crawler PC games centered around the titular demon "Diablo", aka the Lord of Terror. The first game follows a hero into the dungeon to rid the Town of Tristram from his demonic influence.
5:58 AM
Reading the document. There isn't actually a Corruption score, right? Only a Resist score and an Embrace score?
@A.B. I was thinking of adding in a wis -2 while under the effect of "foul senses", then for the Major affliction, disadvantage?
@A.B. "Corruption" is the overall - divided into "Embrace" and "resist"; so yes :)
Disadvantage sounds right, yes. Hang on, both?
Oh, hang on, I think I see.
So I have a mnior, and a major level
I see it now. You do have disadvantage down as a major affliction for that one, actually, if I'm reading this correctly.
I think I added that just recently? Disadvantage at that level seems appropriate
6:07 AM
"otherwise smells and sounds" should probably read "otherwise innocent smells and sounds" or some such.
So I was thinking of the -2 deficit as a minor level
@A.B. That's a good point :) adds to the way the system works
That sounds right - the Wis -2, I mean - but bear in mind I have no experience of how different bonuses actually work out in play, how much more serious a disadvantage is than a -2.
Well, I can't specify the exact mechanics, but generally disadv (ime) generally ends bad. A -2 on the other hand is also bad, but less chaotic.
Maybe a -1 might be better, since it is only meant to be minor?
Again, don't know.
Seems to me that it's entirely in the lap of the DM how often this sensory thing comes up? This may or may not be a problem.
Well, any input is helpful. I personally don;t really know either.
6:14 AM
For the Minor version, at least, where it's one specific thing. Possibly the Major version too, when I think about it.
@A.B. That is a valid concern. I am kinda hoping that it won't be abused (no one likes getting abused in game). But I have also limited it to one effect only
So you pick the sound of stone for example. Whenever you hear stones hit each other.
That shouldn't happen too often, but it's not unlikely?
Is one effect only referring to the minor only? Or both?
Both. So you get your minor affliction first - and you choose what triggers it. Then, when you get a major affliction, it's an escalation of the existing affliction. So the same sensory effect triggers it, you just suffer harder from it instead.
6:31 AM
Ah, I see. It looked from the text as if in a Major one the whole sense, hearing, sight or whatever, became back-to-front.
@A.B. Ah right, I see what you mean now. I will probably have to reword that. Maybe "Your chosen sensory effect"?
That ties it down a little bit more, then. It would be harder for a DM to claim that the special sound or whatever is just anywhere, it wouldn't make sense everywhere.
Probably, yes.
I've also asked about the comparison between the -2/disadvantage if you're interested.
Thankyou for the input! Been very helpful :D I'm super keen to get this polished up, and your eyes have been most helpful :D
@Ben Have you seen this question?
Only just as you added it in the comments :D
6:45 AM
Q: How does rolling two d20 and taking the higher affect the average outcome?

SternoD&D 5E has an "advantage" concept where instead of rolling 1d20, you roll 2d20 and take the higher. Likewise, disadvantage means rolling 2d20 and taking the lower. How does this affect the expected average outcome of the roll?

At this point though my brain is not mathing very well. So I may have to revisit it later
I'll be in and out. Leaving work now and heading home.
Might talk again next time @A.B. :)
7:06 AM
Thanks very much to you too! :-)
1 hour later…
8:33 AM
Q: How can I replicate an aura of power as seen in anime?

Jesse CohoonIn anime (and manga) there are often characters who exude an aura of power. Is there anything in the D&D 5th edition ruleset that would duplicate this effect? The aura doesn't necessarily need to do anything mechanically. The only requirement is that it must be visible under normal conditions (...

2 hours later…
10:34 AM
Q: Can you cast Speak With Dead on dead undead?

The GrumbleputtyThe spell Speak With Dead has the following descriptive text: You grant the semblance of life and intelligence to a corpse of your choice within range, allowing it to answer the questions you pose. The corpse must still have a mouth and can’t be undead. The spell fails if the corpse wa...

@HotRPGQuestions I feel like this is the start of a tongue twister
10:55 AM
@Someone_Evil haha :D
@Someone_Evil How's wielding great power been?
11:18 AM
@kviiri Not that different. Just deleting comments myself instead of flagging them has been the biggest difference
That's the way it ought to be I reckon x)
Does anyone know the 'current' version of nWoD/CoD ? I lost track as to whether they still make books for the new version/latest edition?
I think 20th is newest based on their tags being fairly new
@Someone_Evil I thought 20th was the newest version of the old version :S
as it's the 20th anniversary edition
There's this, but it doesn't seem to go into newest
11:29 AM
but they've got more confusing versioning than Windows
@Someone_Evil thanks
Yeah, Chronicles is definitely the current New World of Darkness, and the 20th stuff is Old.
@LizWeir I think what confuses me, is that the 20th is a new version of the old...?
Q: How do all the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness RPGs connect?

ChryckanI just got my kick-starter copy of Changeling the Lost 2nd Ed and are starting to dip my toe back into the World of Darkness after a long absent. And I found out that it is confusing as hell trying to figure out which versions and editions of the different versions goes with which. You have old ...

top answer there is more or less following the way I think about it
Old wasn't replaced by New, exactly, it's more like "let's spawn a second set of games
and then 20th was "let's release a new edition of our older gamelines"
Actually looking at it a little closer, vicky's answer does seem to include V20 and at least some things from chronicles. You might want to leave a comment with which things you are specifically interested in seeing added
11:46 AM
V5 was essentially the 'new big thing' in WoD lately.
@Someone_Evil But one should not conflate them. There's older (pre-CoD) books (editions 1, 2, and Revised), there's CoD (1e) books, there's the newer WoD books (starting with 20th edition, followed by 5th edition), and finally there's new CoD books (2nd edition). V20 is not Chronicles, it's World.
12:07 PM
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1:48 PM
Q: Can you move during your reaction in a ready action?

Adam GluntzSo let's say that the party or the baddies want to dive a target all at once, but they are far apart on the turn order. Can the divers all do a ready action and then all jump in at once? Example: Turn order is: PC1 PC2 NPC1 PC3 PC4 NPC2 Can NPC1 do a ready action of "when NPC2 moves in to...

@HotRPGQuestions You're on a roll today, aren't you?
Does anyone here use the Magic Items Sane Prices?
for 5e
@NautArch Exclusively.
@NautArch I do save for weapons and armor.
@nitsua60 What do you do with their 'game-breaking' ones they don't price?
@GcL Do you just use the rarity values for those?
1:55 PM
@NautArch Nope. I don't have them for sale; only for trade through a broker, to find, to loot, or as a bequest/gift from NPC. Makes Dming easier for me.
@KorvinStarmast I'm bringing in a broker basically :) Not a lot of magic items in the doomvault and want to boost them a bit more so they can get through a full day of adventuring, which is a whole lot more encounters than usual.
@NautArch Finding a magic weapon is usually a side quest in it's own right or at least little mini adventure around town to even find someone that will sell one. Then it's between 1x and 4x the "sane" price depending on circumstances.
@GcL Oh, that'sa good idea. I can even have them roll for the multiplier :)
and they got quite a bit of loot in gold from White Plume (that adventure is bonkers regarding loot)
@NautArch I base it on where they had to go. Buying from a noble, blackmarket weapons dealer, family heirloom, off another or retired adventurer.
@NautArch the +x armors I'm not as concerned with as they seem to be. Though I had that 12th level paladin that Acererak could barely touch, so I get the concern.
The others I've rarely given out. Like, maybe just the cloak of invisibility once?
1:58 PM
Also, I have a whole slew of magic that is rather mundane. Swords you never have to sharpen. Armor that doesn't rust.
@nitsua60 Most of the party has at least 18 AC, some as high as 20/21 right now. Many are looking for +2 shields.
@nitsua60 Belt of Giant Strength is what i'm stuck on. But I can look at their prices and put a number together.
@NautArch Anything +2 or above generally isn't for sale due to it's actual mechanical value in combat. Nobody parts with one of those items for money generally. Would the players sell their +2 equipment?
@NautArch As a gameplay-concern, I tend to prefer things that'll boost the party's offense rather than their defense. (In terms of speeding up vs. slowing down combat encounters.)
@nitsua60 That's a good observation.
@nitsua60 ooh, that's very true. And honestly, they're already hitting pretty often anyway. So boosting hit chances aren't a big deal. boosting damage is where things get more impactful.
2:01 PM
Aach... I was looking at gamechanging items, not gamebreaking. Just a sec....
Alright, I guess I qualify as "lolrandom" for these people: I've got great memories from both wand of wonder and bag of beans.
@NautArch For me, I wouldn't be too worried about giant strength--you're talking about a +couple to damage and hit for a melee warrior, I'm okay with that. Some higher grapple DCs, maybe?
Like, STR is great for the characters that use it, but raising it isn't a huge qualitative change usually, just a bit more of a boost.
@nitsua60 For a barbarian
For this question on familiars underwater, OP seems to imply there are special rules about being underwater in the module. Should they quote those or just expect answerers to have experience with the module to answer?
I was in a campaign once where I was one of two fighters. Both battlemasters, even. I sank all my ASIs into dex, the other one (a PAM) grabbed all teh featz. Then we came across a belt of 21 STR.
(I put itching powder in the belt at every opportunity.)
It also only takes lightly homebrewing to make an interesting item that still boosts the stat you're looking to boost. Make a belt of giant strength that gives advantage to an attack roll or ability check that uses strength, with a few uses/charges per day (or 1 per short rest, or whatever)
@NautArch If they know of rules in the module (or anywhere else) they believe to be relevant to the question, they should at least point them out
2:13 PM
@Someone_Evil okay, i'll ask them to include
@NautArch Well, got there ahead of you a bit, but feel free to make additions
@Someone_Evil doubling works :)
@PeterCooperJr. I like the idea of adding charges to a permanent item. I'd probably be more likely to dole those out. Bonus action to activate belt. Lasts for 1 minute.
Would fit nicely with a barb or fighter as those classes do have bonus actions they'd have to decide between.
Going to go grab my notebook to yoink that idea right now.
Somehow people (including me) seem to see the book's list of magic items as a menu to choose from, as though in all the history of the multiverse that's all anybody has ever and will ever possibly make, rather than a source of inspiration for putting in whatever items the group (or NPCs) would find useful or interesting.
So, if you want a way to buff up strength, but don't want it for all their rolls. Then… just… don't have it apply for all their rolls. :)
There are some neat tables on 5e DMG p. 142–143, that you might start using for ideas for how to make it "not just another Sword +1", that really are intended for all magic items, and of course are really intended as a starting point for your own ideas on the history and specific minor properties of each item. Just having a shield that floats in water or a blade that's always shiny adds a lot of coolness for very little combat-math-changes.
2:30 PM
one idea I came up with recently, mostly for turning Uncommon items into Common ones suitable for including in a setting where there ought to be large numbers of magical trinkets, was "like this other magic item, but you can activate it for [1/10/60] minutes and then take a rank of Exhaustion at the end of that period."
sort of a halfway point between a 1-use item and a full permanent thing - it's something you may well use in every really major scene it might be good for, but you can't use it to solve every problem and stacking three different ones up is a touch risky.
And yeah, if you're worried about power level of anything "cool" but you're considering giving out, just add charges, either with or without recharging at various times.
3:00 PM
Q: What's worse, -2 or disadvantage?

BenSo, I'm building a system that adds an extra level of flavor, with some minor mechanics as an optional side system for a 5e campaign. The basic function is, you collect points, then collect a deficit. Once you get enough points again, that deficit is escalated. So for example, one effect causes ...

2 hours later…
5:26 PM
Q: Can you attack through full cover?

VylixAn eldritch knight wants to attack a guard behind a wall. Before, he casts scrying and thus can see the target and where they are behind the wall. How should this be resolved? Is he unable to attack through the wall? Does it depend on the material of the wall? Or does it count as attacking a lo...

6:12 PM
@NautArch - I have gone in a new direction. I'm cleaning out a 2TB drive that I will use for storage. I am going to install Librelec with Kodi and an Emby addon behind a VPN.
6:38 PM
Q: How do I adjudicate PCs trying to use Stealth in a crowd?

John W.I recently ran an encounter on a "restaurant boat" where my players had to obtain info from a noble on board. They successfully bluffed/bribed/sneaked their way on board. Certain areas of the ship were off limits to guest, such as the crew's quarter's, the captain's cabin, and the lower deck with...

2 hours later…
8:45 PM
@JohnP I'm a big believer in unraid if you want to use that platform
3 hours later…
11:29 PM
Tabletop Treehouse BLM Bundle is a bundle hosted by Kavita Poduri to support the Black Visions Collective in their efforts to seek justice for Black people across the country, collecting 20 incredible RPGs by 15 different designers.
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