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12:13 AM
Morning all
How goes the day
As well as can be expected. RPG stuff is going well.
My players are sorting out a battle grid system using google sheets.
Leftover curry-flavored fried tofu is the breakfast of champions BESWs.
Ars Magica is pretty easy to run and play out of google docs.
@Ben How's your madness diablo-esque system going?
12:21 AM
@GcL Unfortunately that's been put on hold temporarily. Just had a lot of other obligations on me the past few months. Should hopefully start back up again soon though!
I like my last version though
That's good. I hope you get some time to hack on it soon.
Same 😁
@Ben I was just looking at updating the Spectacularly Bad Plan of Rassilon, and saw your Diablo hack channel.
@BESW on discord?
12:28 AM
Yeah, I don't think I used that very much haha. Might have been at the point where I lost the time to work on it
12:40 AM
Q: Are the attack of a Wild Shaped druid considered weapon attacks?

VadrukContext My character is a druid 3 / ranger 2. I'm considering taking Hunter's Mark as one of my ranger spells, but I'm not sure whether it would trigger while attacking in Wild Shape. The spell says: You choose a creature you can see within range and mystically mark it as your quarry. Until ...

1 hour later…
2:06 AM
Well, I bought "No Thankyou Evil" from MCG about three weeks ago and since then had heard nothing back. All I've got is an order number. I'd hoped to have had it arrive by now...
2:36 AM
@Ben @nitsua60 I'm sitting down with a friend and rubber ducking LLKM, and... if I do this, it's gonna get some aggressive revisions and re-framing because when I first started the game I was in a VERY different headspace in terms of my relationship with TRPGs.
Ok? Is that a good or bad thing?
The core gameplay loop should still be very recognizable.
I think it's good.
Ok awesome! :D
rubber ducking as in like, they haven't seen it before?
They read it a long time ago and don't remember much, but it's more about me going on about what's struggle-y for me about the game and them going "yes, that makes sense" and sometimes mentioning stuff about my more recent games that they're more familiar with.
2:43 AM
I'm not even getting into mechanics, the problem is more fundamental and we figured out it's about positionality.
LLKoM is not the kind of game I make, and it never was--I've never been attached to it because it was a proof-of-concept mechanical test that grew overlarge because other people liked it more than I do and kept pushing me to do more with it.
If I'm going to keep working on it, I need to go back to basics and make it a game I make.
Q: Does the sorcerer's Extended Spell metamagic option extend the duration of a spell exponentially or linearly?

user62968When it mentions that you can spend 1 sorcery point to double its duration, up to a maximum of 24 hours, does it mean that every time you spend a sorcery point you add the original duration again? Or does it exponentially double the duration? For example, if I spend 4 sorcery points on a 1 minut...

@BESW Good. I can completely understand that mindset, and it makes sense why you were having issues with it. If you make it yours, it will be much easier to manage, and much more robust :D
I look forward to it!
2:58 AM
The ideas I'm toying with now, will make it a lot sillier.
Sold! Hahaha
@BESW ah ok
3:34 AM
D&D 5e: I'm playing a wood elf ranger (planned Gloom Stalker subclass) in an OOTA campaign soon, and I'm just finalizing some character decisions.
My current plans for stats (rolled; this is how I decided to assign them, with racial bonuses listed separately in parentheses) and proficiencies:
> Ability scores: Str 13, Dex 16 (+2 from race), Con 15, Int 14, Wis 15 (+1 from race), Cha 8
> Skills: [Insight OR Investigation], Nature, and Stealth (plus Animal Handling and Survival from background, and Perception from race)
> Tool proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools, land vehicles (from background)
I'm using the UA Class Feature Variants for the first time, and I'm wondering which benefit of the Deft Explorer feature to take at 1st level. Any thoughts?
3:51 AM
@V2Blast Don't be a ranger?
But seriously, unless I had something movement-related specifically planned, I would take Canny every time, no question.
Or I guess if I was taking a level of Ranger specifically to heal exhaustion, probably for a Berserker Barbarian.
I was considering Tireless for that temp HP, with Canny a close second
Bonus skill + expertise + 2 languages is a lot.
Tireless takes an action, so it's kinda useless in combat I feel.
hmm... true
it has no set duration, though
so can always spring it between fights, and it'll last until expended or until the next long rest
3:56 AM
As a prep step it's not nothing, but starting fights with a bit of temp hit points just doesn't compare for me.
I'm also planning to be at range mainly
so Canny might make more sense then... hmm.
It's awkward that you can't use it to get expertise in Perception without wasting the bonus skill, though.
my DM would probably let me switch that around if I wanted
the party is a tiefling Draconic sorcerer, a half-elf druid (planned UA Circle of the Stars), a goblin wizard (planned Divination), a lizardfolk fighter (planned UA Scout subclass, apparently - from a while back), and a half-orc paladin (planned Oath of Vengeance)
I kind of want to go looking for exhaustion-based shenanigans to pull with Tireless.
main one I've heard of is Berserker barb, as mentioned. lol
4:06 AM
Yeah, I don't even know if there's anything else worth thinking about.
DM is okay with letting me get prof. in one skill and get expertise in a different skill I'm already proficient in (e.g. Perception)
Nice. It's not like I would've not said Canny, but that definitely confirms it in my mind.
@BESW That makes a lot of sense!
@Miniman Walking around shirtless in Icewind Dale?
@nitsua60 "In the hour it took you to remove one level of exhaustion, you gained two more. Also you took 60 cold damage and died."
@GcL @BESW @Miniman @linksassin and anyone else, I found this doc which was a revised version of the Corruption system - back to basics. I am happy with the core concept, just need to develop and fine-tune it a bit.
Was also thinking that I could incorporate my old "6-way" tree - resisting and embracing split into 3 branches, but this time it's purely flavour, that the players choose how it affects them
4:20 AM
@Ben Are there 2 scales (embrace/resist), or 3 (embrace/resist/influence)?
Ah, I think I see - influence points describe the points which are added to one of the two scales.
Influence is the "resource", like XP. You choose to spend it on resist or embrace
In heavy layman's terms
So 2 scales: Resist and embrace, and Influence builds those levels.
I'd definitely suggest standardising your wording on that - I guess there's only one instance of the phrase "embrace points" but it did confuse me.
Yeah. It's a rough draft - basically the collection of thoughts collected to describe the base system
2 hours later…
6:01 AM
Q: How to tell a statue from a petrified creature in 5e?

StuperUserHow can a character investigate whether a lifelike statue is a statue or a petrified creature? Do permanent spells like Flesh to Stone, or anything causing the Petrified status (in particular a Basilisk's Petrifying Gaze) leave any way for any character to discern whether or not the statue was a...

6:22 AM
@V2Blast Have you run/played those adventures? A while ago I went poking around the Wizards site with google, and found a bunch of the DDEX series able to be downloaded. They were probably intended to be password protected, but... they weren't
6:53 AM
@Adeptus I have not, and no, they weren't meant to password-protected. IIRC they're linked from elsewhere in the site
Good morning stackies
> Certain circumstances can inflict Infuence on the players, either in certain scripted events or as the DM deems appropriate. Players can then choose to Resist or Embrace this.
Cc @Miniman better wording I think?
7:12 AM
@Ben Yeah, I think that's better. Maybe Resist and Embrace "totals" rather than "scales", too, since you add to them?
7:24 AM
@Miniman Details, details....
Oh, rejecting influence is cool.
@Powerdork successfully or unsuccessfully? :P
@Miniman maybe. I went with "scales" because it does go up in tiers?
Ohhh... Brain fart.
So I was going with different types of effects for resisting and embracing, based on the encounter. Building that was too complex, so I ditched it.
I did mention it earlier as simply flavour text, but maybe it could be tied to PCs "primary" stat? Eg str and Dex has one effect for resist and embrace, Int and Wis has another effect, Con and Cha has a different one?
It does add a level of complexity, but it is also far simpler than what I originally had
7:49 AM
@Miniman just reread it, and yeah that does work better. Also fixed that "Corruption total" error
2 hours later…
9:58 AM
Since it won't get attention from being a hot meta post, I'm advertising it here:
I finally got around to posting a suggestion for how the ask page can help new users specify their system, and I guess it needs votes before mods can take it to staff to be implemented.
10:41 AM
Curt Smith of Tears for Fears did an acoustic version of "Mad World" with his daughter Diva:
It is good.
@Someone_Evil Nice!
11:00 AM
@V2Blast nice
1 hour later…
12:29 PM
@KorvinStarmast I believe some of the issues for (not with) Christopher are from conflating mods with users who open/close posts, while currently being upset at the several downvotes on their most recent answers
@Medix2 yeah, seen that also; the frustration with "downvote and not sure why" is a common source of user annoyance. But unless I see an example post regarding what Christopher referred to, I don't feel comfortable making any assumptions.
12:45 PM
oh boy.... it's going to be a day....

Our entire automation system seized and we're ..... about 9 hours behind
1:08 PM
Anyone feeling charitable, this answer could use two-to-three upvotes. It's the right one (for that value of right), but even if they self-accept it'll need a little help getting to the top.
1:29 PM
@nitsua60 ha!
Whoa, chatizens... I didn't say it needed SIX upvotes!
@nitsua60 also "ha!"
1:54 PM
Is this question a duplicate of this one?
@Medix2 yeah, i think it is. Nice find!
Though the latter one seems to be specifically about the Luck Blade so now I wonder if its title is incorrect
maybe put it as related and see if non-gold badges VTC.
Yeah that's what I've done
Though... I fear I worded the comment poorly and can't tell what upvotes on it mean
hmm, i wonder why i got the downvote. oh wells.
@Medix2 there are so many comments now on that question that I fear your related is lost.
1:59 PM
Good morning.
@NautArch You need a downvote? I can help. Point me in the direction.
@NautArch It has upvotes so I believe it's automatically part of the set seen before "Show X more comments"
Seeing as how this question was closed as a duplicate, I think I'll go ahead and close the recent one
@Medix2 Definitely. Now I'm wondering what is a "free" wish.
Oh gosh darn it... yeah that might be a totally different case
I don't think there is a "free wish".
The example the OP gives is a deck of many things which lets you cast wish.
You're still casting the spell.
Yeah though there is other people casting it on your behalf
Well, now we just wait on the OP
2:11 PM
Other people casting wish is their problem. You don't get to choose the wish in that case. So it's not really yours.
I mean, an Efreeti grants you wishes. It's pretty clear you don't suffer the stress, but perhaps that's an example of a "free wish"
@Medix2 ah, i'll add that to my answer. Another more applicable example.
Genies. Yeah, That's the closest I think there is, but the genie is still casting it and in that case explicitly trying to exploit the wording to their benefit.... so definitely not free.
2:29 PM
Awww heck... now I've got that Christina Aguilera song in my head!
2:44 PM
@NautArch so day 4 of sourdour starter number 2 for me, only a few bubbles and no rise. Smells about right though. :-/
Starting 2 a day feedings per the instructions.
2:56 PM
@Rubiksmoose i gave up after 3 tries.
Gosh darn, I still read @Rubiksmoose's name wrong
@NautArch :'(
@Medix2 XD how do you read it?
Rubik smoose
@Medix2 I like it. Maybe I should throw a middle initial in there. With a name like Smoose, you've basically gotta have one.
Rubik R. Smoose.
@NautArch I'll give up when I run out of flour lol
@Rubiksmoose For extra confusion, Rubik X. Smoose.
3:09 PM
Bullwinkle's middle initial. Just sayin' if you want to share that with another moose.
@BESW Ooooh I like it. X is nice and mysterious too.
@NautArch and a lovely bonus.
@Rubiksmoose darnit ,it's J. Somehow I missed that when typing. Bullwinkle J. Moose.
3:30 PM
@NautArch I wouldn't over analyse - there was at least one person openly unhappy with how the open close had ben managed. It may have been them venting frustration. Or, it may have been from someone who would have chosen to rule differently despite your well argued RAW answer.
@Rubiksmoose No need to add extra letters to the mix. Why not Rubi K. Smoose?
@NautArch I was lied to!
@Tiggerous I highly appreciate that we are ignoring Rubik S Moose because it makes too much sense.
Plus Smoose is just such a charming name.
I'm going to name one of my Masks NPCs Smoose now.
@Tiggerous yeah, i know. And I usually never ask but this one seemed pretty clear.
@NautArch I know I'm downvoting because you are clearly untrustworthy!
@Rubiksmoose Very much so. But I...trust that you already knew that.
@Medix2 It's pronounced "antler puzzle cube"
3:44 PM
@GcL It's true. Moosish has very odd pronunciation.
silly question, what 5e monster is equivalent to a "dog". Trying to clean up an answer with legitimate links.
Isn't there one in the PHB?
WTF. MM has cat, but not dog?
@GcL hah! Well just reduce all the stats, including cuteness and you'll get the dog result ;-)
I guess all dogs should be NPCs in their own right. Probably should spend some time developing them if you're going to bother having them. I mean, the quests are all the same... "to be a good boy|girl|doggo" which is pretty easily accomplished, but still a vitally important quest.
3:47 PM
@Someone_Evil ah, probably. I'll use that for now.
@Rubiksmoose "Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are pointless." -- Ron Swanson
@GcL That's very strange though. I guess WotC is #teamcat?
@GcL hahaha
I'm team cat and I still agree with Ron.
These little furbeasts are the worst co-workers! Can't type coherently. Constantly taking the best spots in the office. Intentionally knocking office supplies to the ground. Sitting on the important documents.
Who needs C-level employees when you've got cats?!
@Rubiksmoose So I'm active right now. And there's a user that i'm commenting a lot on, but I don't want them to feel like I'm chasing them around like a previous user. Should I just stop?
4:03 PM
@NautArch I looked through your interactions and nothing looks too much. Assuming you are talking about this user I agree that they are in need of some guidance. I'm keeping an eye on the situation at the very least. I've also reached out to them to ask if they need help. But I think you're good. We just need to keep an eye on what everyone else is doing...
...so it doesn't become a help pile.
"help pile" might end up being my proudest contribution to the site =)
(If it was, actually, me who brought it into popularity. I think it was, but now I'm worried I'm wrong.)
@nitsua60 Oh, that's cool. I thought it was a SE-wide term that had existed since time immemorial
I wish more people were aware of the phenomenon though
4:19 PM
This is where I'm thinking I've popularized it.
But if anyone knows better, please point me to it and I'll edit that ^^ to include attribution!
So evidently my kids' response to all this is to have growth spurts and eat everything in sight.
@JohnP my daughter is definitely doing that. My son isn't. But she's always been a better eater than him.
4:45 PM
@MarkWells Got my upvote trigger ready for you on that ring of spell storing question :P
@NautArch I liked the previous version that required the two sorcerers to be twins, but apparently the Ring of Spell Storing doesn't work that way. Fixed.
@NautArch I've edited my question and I don't think it's a dupe anymore. Care to take a look?
Q: Can I move Hunter's Mark to a new target while in Wild Shape?

VadrukFollowing up on: Are the attack of a Wild Shaped druid considered weapon attacks?, and Can you move the Hunter's Mark spell on the same turn that the affected creature dies? Context My druid/ranger has Hunter's Mark active on target one. Target one dies while I'm wildshaped in, let's say, a...

5:00 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami May be a dupe of the other question, although those are specific things as opposed to the general you're asking.
BUt I guess that question is making an assumption there is no other way to get it back.
and your question is confirming or proving that assumption false
@MarkWells hehe. I do think it's funny that you and I are often in agreement, but when we're not...whooboy :)
@NautArch Plus there was that recent discussion over whether the Moon card or whatever ignored the already-failed 33%
@Medix2 right, I think it's good to reopen and that the other one really is just related.
@Medix2 I actually just had a conversation with two of the people who have DM'd for me about that. The two of them agreed that the card was more specific
@Himitsu_no_Yami But can they actually support that? :D
I personally don't think so.
From the DM for my current game:
> The moon card specifies that you are able to cast the spell 1d3 times. So, I'd say the magic item overrides the spell itself. The item is more powerful than the spell, since the spell is cast from it.
5:05 PM
At most, I think it's up to a DM because it's not clear. I don't think either can be supported.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Yes, that is one of explaining it. But I'm not sure that the magic item does override it just because it's "more powerful". Specificity isn't about power.
true enough but idk it feels right to me
@Himitsu_no_Yami and for chat "feels right" is totally acceptable. For Q&A...notsomuch.
Also, I asked someone who AFAIK has never played D&D or anything like it before and he also agreed with the card being more specific.
@NautArch very true. What's next do I need to go ask my old English teacher which is more specific? :P
@Himitsu_no_Yami Nope :) THey're not a D&D expert. But often times, there aren't clear answers on edge cases like these. ANd if your question was "Does the moon card override?" I'd probably answer "ask your DM"
@NautArch but they're an English expert and D&D 5e rules are written in "plain English"
5:12 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami A wizard can cast wish as many times as they like. Having the ability to cast the spell X times doesn't insulate the caster from the effects of the spell.
Plus, the effect of wish would be subsequent to the card. The card granted the ability. Card effect done. Subsequent use of said ability burnt it out prematurely.
@GcL Say you lose the ability first. Then you are granted the ability to cast it X times., do you not have the ability to cast it X times?
I likewise think the card effect is not that clearly-cut more specific, since the Wish's restriction is of rather unique nature.
But now some telly with dearest
@Himitsu_no_Yami You pull the card. It grants the ability to cast the spell 3 times. Card effect is over. Subsequently the character can cast the wish spell. The spell can remove the ability to cast it. Which is true for anyone that can cast them spell even many times, such as a wizard.
@Himitsu_no_Yami I can ask my Old English (the language) teacher XD
@Himitsu_no_Yami I can ask my Olde English teacher (the liquor store worker.)
5:17 PM
@GcL I can agree with that BUT I'm thinking "Wizard casts wish with spell slot. Wizard loses ability to cast it. Wizard draws card. Wizard gets Moon card."
The moon card doesn't guarantee you'll be able to use your newfound ability any number of times.
@Himitsu_no_Yami That is an interesting situation. Does the moon card re-instate the ability? Ooo... that is good.
@GcL I agree, very interesting. Up to the DM (I think), but still interesting.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Hmm, so what happens if they cast and then trigger than inability to cast again? Do they still get another cast (assuming they had 3 wishes from the card?)
Or does the card again override that?
@NautArch See the message that was in reply to
> You pull the card. It grants the ability to cast the spell 3 times. Card effect is over. Subsequently the character can cast the wish spell. The spell can remove the ability to cast it.
@Rubiksmoose I mean, if you're in a campaign that's got wishes and decks of many things... the story is already pretty weird or entirely out the window. Neither of those things are particularly good unless they're already hedging in the choices pretty carefully. E.g. you get a wish and you can bring back one of two characters that you need to complete the quest.... choosing neither is the end of the campaign essentially.
5:22 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami okay, so now the spell is more specific than the card?
I don't think you can have it both ways.
@NautArch it's REALLY weird
Personally I prefer to think of things in terms of both duration and order. Like they're on a stack (a la MTG)
Both effects are pretty specifically about the caster/item user. Tough call on which would be more specific.
@Himitsu_no_Yami that isn't really how specific vs general works, though.
@Himitsu_no_Yami duration is a reserved term in 5e. It already has a game specific definition. The duration of the moon card is technically instantaneous. Same for the wish spell.
@NautArch I know but in cases like this I think it might be the best way
5:24 PM
@NautArch Based on my experience here with people trying to use it to answer questions, I think nobody knows how specific vs. general works.
@GcL Fair.
@MarkWells not gonna argue with you on that! "It's up to the DM" probably is the right way. So @Himitsu_no_Yami is right if they're the DM :)
@NautArch I'll probably never be the DM lol
@NautArch If you're the DM, the right answer is very complicated and depends on what interests the players.
@MarkWells I don't think it's knowable.... but it could be. Say if someone were to work out a decent formal ontology of the terms and concepts with aristotelian definitions so things could be clearly delineated and ordered. Maybe write something similar to the basic formal ontology, but for D&D. Would probably be worth a philosophy phd.
I'd read it.
5:31 PM
@GcL Also wanted to mention that with both durations being the same that's when order would come into play
@Himitsu_no_Yami You can't draw the card and cast wish at the same time though.
@GcL that's my point
I think I'd come down on the side that I've always landed on: No Decks of Many Things. They're not great for stories.
the one that would take precedence here is whichever happens later
@GcL It does kind of mean "as the DM, I literally have no idea what will happen next and don't care"
5:32 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami Gotcha. So saying they're equally specific which happens in what order.
@GcL The only time I used a Deck Of Many Things was a campaign where everybody started as classless villagers and the very first thing they did was find one in a basement. It was much more of a "See how this magic items destroys everything" experiment than anything else
@MarkWells Decks of Many Things showing up is a flag for me as a player that the DM is probably not running a game I'll enjoy in the long run.
@GcL though the good news is that the game probably won't have a long run
@MarkWells hey-o!
5:54 PM
Q: 5e Inside Giant Toad, blinded and restrained but also unseen, disadvantage to attack the Toad or not?

GaminaWhen swallowed by a "Giant Toad" you are "Blinded" and "Restrained" giving you disadvantage on attacks. However you also have "total cover against attacks and other effects outside the toad". The Toads eyes are outside the Toad, I certainly don't see anything inside my own stomach, so doesn't t...

Q: Can fireball be cast on self when swallowed

user3399This question might be similar to This question but is not a duplicate. In my situation, a homebrew monster swallowed the entire party, it was planned in the story for the monster in question to take the player into its lair. But, one of the players took a decision I did not expect, and used fi...

These HNQ answers might be hard to internalize
@KorvinStarmast Nice question! Generating some good and different views.
@HotRPGQuestions Can confirm that ingesting too much fireball is a bad plan.
The hangover and spicy poop duration is doubled.
@GcL can definitely confirm that as well
@NautArch Well, @Medix was kind enough to link to two older and related questions;
5:58 PM
A: Can you drink a potion one-handed underwater?

EikreI am a huge dumb nerd so I just went and proved this for myself with a bathtub and a bottle of Red Guitar. By pulling the cork with my teeth and immediately folding my thumb over the lips of the bottle, I managed to leak only the merest iota of wine. If I had the clearance to stand upright instea...

I went through a pretty lengthy list of "stored / storing" [dnd-5e] questions XD
You really have to submerge yourself in our culture to deal with them.
I do not consider the wand/staff model to be valid, but I am beginning to understand the PoV that does. I simply disagree. (And I think Crawford's ruling / tweet is a load of bollocks)
@KorvinStarmast crawford? bollocks? naaaahhhh
@KorvinStarmast I do not contemplate the wand and bollocks of anyone.
6:14 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami I also did not even notice that I've got an answer answer to the related question on divine intervention/wish.
random question. not big enough to ask on the site IMO but is there any significant difference between rolling percentile dice for the 33% chance with wish vs rolling a d3?
There is a 0.33333333333% difference, which is not statistically significant
Right that's about what I figured
@Himitsu_no_Yami two dice vs a non-existent die?
I will almost always vote for moar dice. But in the case of two percentile vs a single d100? The d100 wins.
@NautArch non-existent you say?
6:22 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami Does the opposite side have 3/2 and the other sides 1?
I don't know and can't see the site at work
this one looks like good though
@Himitsu_no_Yami ah, but either way, D3s aren't sold generally. So you can roll one virtually, but not in real life.
Why not d6 with wraparound?
or a d4 reroll 4's
tho why the dice in those pics are labeled like that instead of simply 1 2 and 3 I don't understand
6:35 PM
d4 reroll 4 has a 25% chance of reroll, which is kinda high and thus inefficient; may as well roll a d% from two d10s
ceil(d6 / 2) is my choice for d3
"Low for 1, middle for 2, high for 3" is easy enough to remember
@kviiri does ceil mean round up?
@Himitsu_no_Yami Yeah (it's short for "ceiling")
I've been writing math the whole day lol
figured but wanted to be sure
I've spent enough time in the Elemental Plane of Math lol
Before the Univ, I hanged out a lot in the Elementary Plane of Math
I did some hobby excursions in probability and got really fond of some aspects of discrete math at the Univ but I still don't remember how to eg. compute an integral
Which is a shame because integrals are kinda useful in probability...
6:43 PM
One of my Profs once said "Computing this integral is an exercise left to the class, mainly because I have absolutely not idea how to do it"
I've got a couple board games in the cabinet that contain d3s (d6s with the sides labeled 1-2-3). I haven't seen one for sale as a separate item, but then I wasn't looking.
I have a large number of dice with 2 blanks sides, 2 1's, and 2 2's
The first polyhedral die set I bought became one of those blank sets way too fast.
Once I noticed the numbers were fading fast I gifted the set to a friend who was also getting into the hobby, and bought myself new ones. Sadly, the friend was an avid die-fiddler and wore out the rest of the color much fast than I'd have done.
After that it was a dead die due to no die dye left.
6:59 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami second question here
7:25 PM
I'm a bit confused as to why this question got closed. Is someone seeing something I'm not? I see KRyan's comment, but I'm not seeing how that applies to this question...
@Rubiksmoose Is it not because the questions is asking whether those three bullet points count as lawful evil individuals? Which would be subjective
@Medix2 It certainly would be if it was asking that, but that's not the way I read it.
Firstly they aren't asking about the alignment of individuals in the bullet because they already cover that in the second bullet right?
> Lawful Evil mortals who have made no devilish deal
I see it as asking, "what groups of people go to the Nine Hells?" and the answers seem to be answering in that vein.
But again, I seem to be missing something potentially.
7:41 PM
Oh, hmmm, yeah that also makes sense... looking over more I agree with what you've said
The only issue I can see with the question is that I don't think there's any core 5e text that could answer it. Which doesn't strictly make it off-topic, but any good answer is basically going to say "read the Planescape books [which are from different editions or even entirely different game systems and are of varying degrees of applicability]"
My limited understanding of D&D after death is that your alignment isn't the only thing that determines where you go, and that seems to me to be the gist of the question.
@Xirema What about the current answers?
@Rubiksmoose They cover the breadth of what 5e does offer as a definitive answer to this question.
Yeah it seems to be as solid conclusions as one could expect given that 5e doesn't have a ton of these details.
Well there's also what's covered in the following: "What is the complete lifecycle of souls in the Nine Hells?" though it's quite different
8:18 PM
is there an advanced monster search other than dxcontent.com/MDB_FilterTools_Wrapper.html
for pathfinder
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/dbConnect.asp, line 8
i get that error whenver i try to use it
It went down a few days ago
ah i see is it down for good?
it's hard to find something very specific just by skimming the srd
I think pfsrd has individual listings for creatures by CR, but it's not as robust as the advanced monster search
Q: Could you combine an herb witch and a veneficus witch archetype through the use of the "Extra Hex; Cauldron" feat?

TheQThe rules about archetypes state that archetypes must not replace the same core class features. I am not sure how this applies to the herb witch archetype and the veneficus witch archetype. Herb witch demands you to take the "Cauldron Hex" at 2nd level. Veneficus witch replaces the 2nd level h...

i'm not looking for specific cr for example a couple weeks back I wanted to find a list of undead below cr 4 and with the incorporeal ability. If I had used the srd I would have had to go through each and every listing painstakingly. I don't want to do that.
using that tool narrowed it down to the double digits instead of quadruple.
8:34 PM
I feel like there should be a merit badge for learning how to type TeX tables and arrays by hand. I think it should a poor life choices award.
@GcL I feel personally attacked
At the end of everytime I do it, it reminds me of building with cob. Building with cob is dirty and sometimes has literal crap in it. The result is nice, but stacking it together manually is just labor intensive drudgery.
@MageintheBarrel I'm not sure asking for such a tool is on-topic for mainsite. It seems like a shopping question to me
@MageintheBarrel dndbeyond search?
8:51 PM
@GcL Wrong system, they're asking about pathfinder
Ahh... gotcha
how is it a shopping question?
i don't recal mentioning anything about paid tools or the like
@Rubiksmoose I knew a guy whose middle name was X.
@BESW The whole name?!
9:05 PM
That's awesome!
Is there a story behind it or was it just because?
@MageintheBarrel “Shopping” questions and other recommendation requests are off-topic, but can be asked on any one of a number of role-playing games discussion forums. For more information, see Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic, Revisited.
@Rubiksmoose Weird parents.
@MageintheBarrel You're asking for a tool recommendation, which is shopping just as a game recommendation question is shopping. Also see this: "Are tool recommendation questions on topic?"
9:37 PM
Piazzo is the publisher for Pathfinder?
@MageintheBarrel If their content is available through DriveThruRPG or the like, you could get digital copies of it. Indexing a directory full of pdfs for search isn't fun, but it is doable, and likely existing products that facilitate that sort of thing.
Piazzo is a town in Switzerland. Paizo is the publishing company behind Pathfinder.
is d20pfsrd.com a legit source?
If d20srd.com is a legit source, you could do some neat searches with some google-fu. The following serach worked nicely for me:
"CR: 4" "incorporeal" site:www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/undead/
Q: Is there any objective reason to favour d20PFSRD over the Paizo PRD?

StuperUserI've seen different references to online manuals for Pathfinder at d20pfsrd.com and paizo.com/prd. What is the difference between these two sites? Since the core rules are likely to be the same, having a more "official" source of rules seems moot. Are there any distinctive differences in conten...

Thanks.That answers my question
10:00 PM
thanks not perfect like if I want to find vermin with fly speed I'll get things like botflies and butterflies
are those not vermin with fly speed?
10:26 PM
yes but that's not my point
@MageintheBarrel I can see how D&D/PF came to classify butterflies under the heading "vermin" but LOL, that is such an inapt term all the same...
i honestly consider insects and vermine two entirely different things
granted some have stuff in common like eating garbage but most scavengers eat garbage and there are mammals and birds that do so too
anyways my point was that common word wont necessarily translate to the same thing
Yeah, in the d20 ecosystem, "vermin" is specific mechanical jargon that doesn't neatly map to common usage.
@BESW I'm not sure why the categorization even exists, really
@Shalvenay So far as I can tell, it's because Wizards of the Coast has an obsessive need to subcategorize.
10:34 PM
10:57 PM
Q: Do I have to keep the spells from subclasses?

LynI am pretty new to DnD and so far I have been pure melee class player just because my first DM advised that they are easier to play. Now I am trying to make a spellcasting character for a first time and this is hard. I want to make a tempest domain cleric and I really don't want gust of wind spe...

@BESW There are spells and things that interact specifically with the "vermin" category, but yes, they could just as well say "This summons a swarm of vermin. Work with your group to decide what that looks like." But the 3.x era was a definite low point in terms of obsessive categorization.
And overly extensive stat blocks.
What's my flat-footed base touch distracted spellcasting AC?
11:27 PM
@GcL 0
11:54 PM
Q: Wild Magic Resonance - can two sorcerers and two rings of spell storing guarantee a wild magic surge?

KorvinStarmastWhile reviewing this related question, I think that a sorcerer's Wild Magic Surge, which has a chance to be triggered when a sorcerer casts a spell, can be forced. Looking at how the ring of spell storing works I think that two Wild Magic Sorcerers could cast the same spell back and forth into ...


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