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12:00 AM
BESW has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
(Removed a dead feed.)
Is there a feat for that feed?
No, but giving the feed feet feels like a feat
But it'd be free of fees
@Someone_Evil "Still got legs!"
12:11 AM
@BESW o7
12:29 AM
Q: How do I make a creature feel impressive without scaring my players away?

Loid ThaneadAt the end of the homebrew campaign I'm running I plan to have the characters face off against a big, scary monster. It's designed to be (almost) impervious to regular weapon attacks, but there will be various ways to either avoid or negate its attacks and 'defeat' it without killing it. Through...

Q: Can crown of madness be twinned?

finduslI'm looking to build a sorcerer focused on the twinned spell metamagic and which spells I can use with it (Haste!! :). Looking around I came across these tweets from Jeremy Crawford stating that Dragon's Breath cannot be twinned. From my understanding, this is because the effects of it can damage...

1:19 AM
@BESW Antiwiddershins doubly so, I suppose =)
@V2Blast Yeah, I've had plenty of Commonwealth and post-Empire physics professors use the term.
Howdy do
1:36 AM
I'm at a point where I need to focus on a big job... But since I have little more than conceptual knowledge of the project, and it's effectively just me managing it rn, I'm having trouble staying focused.
So instead I'm wondering about my Wizard Duels Card Game :P
The progression is very simple: It follows the same "turn order" as normal 5e Combat. You have your spell list, and counters for your spell slots.
My spell list is very simple, I only need two spells: Counterspell, and Fireball.
It does still incorporate rolls, e.g dex saves for AoE spells, or resistance checks, etc
Listen, eventually, you're going to fail one of those saves
It's statistically impossible for you to save vs all of them
1:42 AM
So you only get one Action and bonus action per turn, as well as a reaction on your opponents turn
More like Fireballin
I'm just wondering if that's too simple.
I'm a simple man, I have simple tastes. I like the taste of the ashes of my enemies
The system that is. Not the Fireball strat. Simple strats are effective strats
@RevenantBacon Play Dark Souls. :P
consitency is key after all
@Ben Oh, I do. Giant Dad lives
I need to find a way to make a pathfinder version of Giant Dad
1:46 AM
Lolol. It's kinda sad there's no alternative in 2 and 3 for the "Dad" part though :P That's a DS1 Pinwheel exclusive
@RevenantBacon Paladin
Or anti-pally
Titan fighter is a fighter archetype. Gets heavy armor, and can wield oversized weapons. There's also a barbarian archetype who can wield oversized weapons.
Yeah, neither of them are good. Also, you don't need to wield an oversized weapon, just a regular great/bastard sword will do.
Go as a crit build, take stunning critical. So you're heavy armored, swinging a large weapon, stunning on a hit. Sounds like giant dad to me.
1:58 AM
@RevenantBacon I think it's still cannibalism
@goodguy5 Spiced cannibalism
@Ben Burning people to ash doesn't make them "spicy", it just makes them poorly prepared.
2:20 AM
@goodguy5 That is an opinion, and while I respect your ability to have it, that doesn't make it not completely wrong
@MikeQ Yup, sounds good
Well anyway. Lol.
So the way a turn would go is "I use my main action to cast fireball at 2nd level". Remove a spell slot, deal damage as necessary; perhaps cast a bonus action spell.
@Ben 5e no bonus action spells after main spells
@goodguy5 ?
Like, there are no spells that use a bonus action, or you cannot cast two spells in the same turn?
the latter
with some caveats.
2:25 AM
I think i remember something like that... what was the reasoning again?
But bonus action spells cannot be cast in the same turn as a leveled spell.
Spellcasting chapter, there's a "Casting Time" header that has a "Bonus Action" subsectino.
Right; so you can cast a cantrip and a bonus action spell?
Yes, as long as the cantrip's casting time is 1 action.
2:27 AM
Right. Hmm...
I might revisit that, since this is effectively a card game. There can be some allowances to make things a bit more dynamic/fluid
(Magic Stone, Mending, and Shillelagh being the only non-1-action cantrips I can find.)
Yeah. You can do: Any spell with a regular casting time of 1 bonus action + 1 Cantrip in a turn, or, if you're a L3+ sorcerer with the Quicken Spell metamagic and an appropriate number of sorcery points, you can cast any spell with a regular casting time of 1 action as a bonus action (including most cantrips) and then cast a cantrip.
@Ben It's a titchy little rule, but as I tend to lean pretty hard on healing word when I'm a divine caster, one I've finally gotten down....
It's a rule alright... It just oddly also prevents you from doing things like casting shield and spiritual weapon on the same turn (note: not round). And it has some oddities, like you can't cast spiritual weapon and fireball, no matter what. But through Action Surge one can cast fireball twice. It's not inconsistent, but I find it unintuitive
2:42 AM
@Medix2 Yeah, but the frequency with which one casts shield on their own turn... pretty rare, no? It is a little mechanically non-gamist (if that's the right term) that one can spend an action surge to double-fireball, but one can't spend an action surge to spiritual weapon + fireball.
Unfortunately I don't know what gamist (and thus non-gamist) means. But fair point, it's quite rare
Motivated by concerns of making the game (in abstract) sensible and playable. Like giving all members of a class the same starting gold is probably a good move from the gamist perspective--allowing all the players to be at a level table--where having different amounts of gold in your pouch per background scratches a narrative itch.
Ah that makes sense then, good to know
it should also be noted that you can't Action Surge to cast Spiritual Weapon twice
Well that's a different issue
2:49 AM
I'm writing material for an upcoming one-shot, and I'd like to implement a riddle puzzle. Ideally, these riddles would rely on clues that are found by exploring the area (a tomb) so that the players can discuss it among themselves, and it doesn't bottleneck the game. No English idiom riddles. Any ideas?
You could have multiple riddles but they only need to solve X number, and thus lower the chance of the game halting
@Medix2 Sure, there could be multiple hallways, each with a riddle, and they only need to pass one. They could also try fighting the riddle asker, which would be difficult.
@nitsua60 These are good riddles, but they can be answered on the spot. Generally speaking I like to mix my puzzles with environmental exploration, rather than atomic puzzle encounters.
Did someone say Magic Stone?
@MikeQ The week is long. The silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west. A trip to China sounds nice if you tread lightly
[Read with a heavy german accent]
2:55 AM
@Ben Yes--@MikeQ should definitely have his players learn a new language in an hour by just listening to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Sounds legit
Magic Stone is a somewhat underrated spell if you are a Necromancer.
And when I first saw a player do this, I was stunned.
Bonus Action, cast Magic Stone.
Action, cast actual spell.
Your Skeletons each grab a Stone and throw it
Their stats end up being boosted because your casting stat gets factored in instead of their attack stats AND it's a magical attack
@Axoren wat
Skeletons have a +2 Proficiency and +2 Dex, but you can have a +5 casting stat, making them go from +4 ATK to +7 ATK and from doing 1d6+2 DMG to 1d6+5 damage.
It's as effective as giving 3 Skeletons +3 Magic Weapons
As a bonus action
@Axoren Provided you've already got the skellies up and running.
3:02 AM
Only requires a single cast of Anime Dead at +1 Spell Level
That gives you 3 Skeletons as long as you reserve the spell slot.
Of course you need the bodies, but when aren't you gonna have some lying around?
Sure. I'm just saying: it's effectively a 4th-level spell plus a bonus action to effect 3x(+ATK, 1d6+MOD). Not just a bonus action.
It's good, and certainly thematic.
@nitsua60 I'm assuming you already have the skeletons as a necromancer.
It's a fair assumption, but you're right. Someone might be crazy enough to wait until combat to do this.
My hatred from the spell blinded me to it's potency simply because I used to play Pathfinder, where the spell was absolute garbage.
You also have to drop the stones and have the skeletons pick them up though
They can take them from you as an object interaction.
Hmmm, I might actually open that as a question cuz I'm unsure
3:07 AM
Is the question do all creatures get object interactions or just players?
Nah I'm just unsure whether you can take an item from somebody as an object interaction
Page 190: hand an item to another character
As an example
I doubt the reciprocation would be a no-go
And that's different from taking one from another creature
Again, that list is just examples
Alternatively, you COULD just drop them
And then the skeletons would pick them up as an object interaction.
Page 190: pick up a dropped axe*
Exactly, and dropping is the opposite of picking up, while dropping is free. Meanwhile the list shows "open or close a door", it might just be inconclusive
3:09 AM
I think it'd be pretty hard to argue that "yoink!" is that different from "here!" Provided the thing being yoinked is free of some secure storage, which the stones would be by dint of having been the material component of the spell.
Yeah I'm seeing that now. Drop vs Grab !=! Hand vs Take
I know for certain I won't cast Magic Stones over an open Backpack.
So at the very least, I'm in the clear.
Still back to the Magic Stones w/ Friends thing, it's now really obvious to me why XGE didn't include scaling for Magic Stones
I mean, it does take an entire action, and a lot of people will do far more damage than a magic stone with their action
Because someone with any kind of entourage would be outputting an extra 3d6+(9-15) damage on each of their turns as early as Level 1
It takes their BONUS action
I still think that the assumption "he's always got three skellies with him" sweeps a lot of opportunity cost under the rug.
3:14 AM
Yeah 5e does a rather great job at preventing somebody from amassing an army of familiars or undead or whatever else. And, I'll be honest, they can really clog battles anyway
@Axoren Throwing a magic stone takes your action
@Medix2 Throwing a magic stone takes my entourage's action.
I mean, how many hit points does a skeleton have, anyway? Don't any of your foes (by the time you have +5 spellcasting mod, which was also part of the original scenario) have AoE or multiattack?
Either a hireling or a skeleton.
No argument: finding a way to throw 4 actions a turn rather than 1 is powerful.
Agreed. Your stipulation is keeping Skeletons alive.
Generally, it involves not getting into constant fights with AoE casters.
Or having an Inspiring Leader or Glamour Bard
If you're trying to be a front-line Necromancer, things get MUCH harder for that playstyle overall
Fireball counters the Magic Stone strategy. However, it also generally hits your whole party for about over 125 total party damage.
Skeletons have 13 HP, Zombies have 22 and Undead Fortitude.
Honestly, Zombies would make better Stone Throwers because of their resilience. Them having worst attack stats than Skeletons doesn't matter because of the Magic Stone spell.
3:21 AM
Unfortunate Wizard's can't get magic stone it seems.
Q: Can the Fey Wanderer Ranger be targetted by a creature affected by its Misty Presence?

AndrendireWizards of the Coast recently released a new set of subclasses via Unearthed Arcana. Described in this document is the 15th level Fey Wanderer Ranger feature, Misty Presence, which states the following (abridged for brevity): You can magically remove yourself from one creature's perception: ...

Magic Initiate so that they can get Magic Stone seems kind of a waste. I've seen it on a Spore's Druid
Do Warlock's get it? They tend to make good Necromancers because of short rests and their spell slots being so high.
Oh, Nature Clerics get it. Weird pick for a Necromancer, but I guess you can flavor it like Spores Druid
Ugh... I really want to fix the Text fonting on this LaTeX question, but there's soooooo much to fix: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/133767/14873
What do you mean? The italics from the lack of "\text{}"?
A pet peeve.
3:45 AM
Oh you did it. I was gonna use RegEx to edit them all at once, well, actually I'm not sure if you can do that, hmmm... Maybe write a python program then XD
I just saved you from doing something that was even more of a bag of sticks.
I feel validated.
Well it'd be useful for other times I want to de-italicize the entries of a mathjax/latex table. Ya know, for the many many times that comes up... (sarcasm)
I think it's a lot harder than it looks.
I don't think it's regular, but I could be wrong.
Oh, yeah. I saw that table a few minutes ago and just walked the other way. (Literally: I was leaving work and walk to and from home.)
If you're just wrapping anything between two &s with \text{}, then it would only screw up some of the time, I bet
3:48 AM
Just change "& TEXT HERE &" to "& \text{TEXT HERE} &"
But enough of the time that it wasn't worth writing the expression.
How would it handle \&?
Are people really writing \& in their tables?
I guess you can finagle around that.
Though yeah, you could require that there be a space (or just not ) before the &
The question I edited was doing \<space> to avoid wrapping a two-word header in \text{}
3:49 AM
Fair points. Thanks though for fixing it up
I'm just saying, I'm in a cave, and the regular expressions outside are a scary allegory.
I'd rather just watch the shadow puppet theatre.
4:44 AM
@nitsua60 It's not antiwiddershins, it's Turnwise... at this rate you'll end up completely off the Disc... discworld.fandom.com/wiki/Discworld_Compass
5:23 AM
@Adeptus It makes me a little sad that there's probably a whole bunch of people who think Pratchett is the original inventor of kuah and kangin.
1 hour later…
6:49 AM
Re: MathJax, I just decided a few days back to reverse my stupid whimsical decision to submit a thesis paper in Finnish instead of English. Was a foolish move. As much as I love my language, math and Finnish don't mix well.
I'd sooner translate thirty pages of text (that I needed to clean up anyway) than struggle with reconciling mathematical notation with agglutinative grammar.
It's kinda weird when all I know about a language is linguistic stuff like tone, stress, vowel harmony, consonant inventory, and so forth... I should probably learn something about Finnish besides linguistic facts
7:05 AM
@Ben *Russian accent (I mean, realistically it's more just what Hollywood thinks is a Russian accent, but still)
@Axoren Anime Dead sounds like a very different kind of spell
I think the specific relevant property is that where eg. English and French have a structure "<property> of <object>", or sometimes "<object's> <property>", Finnish has no convenient replacement for the former, and our way of saying that is close to the latter way... which is quite weird in math.
Technically we have (complex and frequently misused) ways to use shorthands for case endings in acronyms, numbers etc but they look wrong in mathy writing.
Q: Where do the D&D 5e books talk about the social contract?

DeusI feel like there is a sideblock somewhere in one of the 5e books about a social contract of sorts. Does anyone know the book and page number?

@V2Blast Ah yes. Very true
Eg. the correct written conjugation of an acronym or abbreviation depends on whether it's intended to be read as a single word (English examples: NASA, DOS, GIF), letter-by-letter (USA, CNN, EU) or if the acronym or abbreviation is never intended to be read as written but in its full form (can't think of an easy example)
7:35 AM
is it possible to get assistance to reopen question?
it was closed before i could drill it down
@JeffreyWitty Yep! I can't promise I can help with any particular question ofc but someone here probably can
Btw I saw your question on meta and am glad that you spoke up and that everyone handled the issue courteously. The particularities of our site can be intimidating to new users
thank you
Could you edit that to remove the quotes around the URL so it links?
It was multi-part. 3 parts were answered, about equip and material components
Q: Can a druid who is wild shaped into an ape use the same cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, example thunderclap?

Jeffrey WittyWild Shape states: You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so. Could a druid wild shaped into an ape still cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, for example "thunderclap"

oh wow
the future
this is being "boomer"
weep 4 me
that is super handy
7:43 AM
It was closed as ppl feel its relates to other questions
You can also edit your chat messages for a few minutes (if you need to make urgent changes and the edit time is up, moderators are happy to help)
but none deal with "somatic only" ie "clap our hands = boom"
if i'm clear with that
Anyway, I gave it my reopen vote since it seems it was closed due to you confirming that the other question answers yours, but there's nothing wrong with reconsidering.
ahh, I read it in detail and saw it only delt with verbal and material as an ape, not "somatic only"
by the time I edited...it was closed
re-post got me a "please refrain from this action to avoid closure"
Yeah, generally the same question shouldn't be re-posted. Closed questions can be re-opened though, it's not a permanent state.
7:53 AM
already ppl vote to close :(
minutes later
ignoring differences stated i think
ok I reenforced the crud out of it
I would self answer, but the point is for an outside my opinion answer
2 hours later…
10:04 AM
@JeffreyWitty it has an answer now
@doppelgreener HFY!
1 hour later…
11:16 AM
@doppelgreener good, hopefully it works properly then
12:13 PM
> human testing as early as April.
Still a way off regardless
@trogdor Ahh but theres a generic anti-viral being test right now
oh ok
i'll update the pin
@doppelgreener thanks
1 hour later…
1:32 PM
uh-oh, the Moose is Loose
Someone forgot to close my cage again!
Quickly, get the nets and the hunting beasts!
@Someone_Evil [makes moose noises and tips a table over]
@SmokeDetector Huh, interesting...
@Rubiksmoose Oh no, not the table! Where are those nets?
1:47 PM
@RevenantBacon I mean at least they could try to get their insults right.
1:59 PM
@Rubiksmoose Some people are just jerks I guess
@Someone_Evil Quick, while I've got the moose distracted, toss the nets!
2:11 PM
The secret is that I am always distracted. Sometimes I'm just distracted by what I'm actually supposed to be doing.
@RevenantBacon what nets do we have that could stop a moose
@doppelgreener You could always cut off my internet I suppose ;)
@doppelgreener They seem to have gotten quite caught up in the internets
Wow lol
Two implementations of the same pun
2:16 PM
good catch
My lore knowledge is fairly weak, but is this more of a discussion prompt?
@KorvinStarmast Expensive plot, but could be profitable if the mastermind had cornered the market on snack foods. Sell a bunch of funyuns and bottled water to the unwitting un-witted populace.
@NautArch It's directly answered in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes.
@GcL then nevermind :)
Q: Can a druid who is wild shaped into an ape cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, example thunderclap?

Jeffrey WittySimilar questions do not deal with "somatic only" spells (they only say "no" due to lack of access to verbal or material components, see the link) Wild Shape states: You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically c...

2:32 PM
Hmm, in a war where one can only get killed on their home turf, it'd seem that the first side to get a proper advantage would find themselves winning quite fast...
Which probably means neither side has gotten (and must never get) a proper advantage
2:52 PM
Reading up on Lemures...
Lemures or lemurs?
Lemures, for that sending stones question
OP was asking what the mechanics were for the lemure specifically
Suggested they ask that question separately
Although I don't think it's really necessary for them, but it's interesting overall.
I'm not sure if there is lore or anything else about whether or not the lemure is considered the same creature it was before.
But it seems like it isn't.
That it's their soul that's twisted and turned into something new.
I would much rather be reincarnated as a lemur personally. They're much cuter
Reading the MM description of lemures, I would definitely want to be a lemur instead
@Someone_Evil yeah, it's pretty disturbing
and that you get upgraded to...an imp
which then ends up as some warlock's familiar
Or operating a camera if you have the artistic skill for it
3:02 PM
If you stick an imp at the bottom of a riverbed to grab swimmers as they try to cross, would that be an impediment?
Ahh, glad you're here @Yuuki. We had to do puns ourselves earlier today
@doppelgreener Huh, that's actually pretty quick turnaround.
@Yuuki they were able to create the virus RNA in isolation without having to grow the virus itself, that helped I think
@AncientSwordRage that must have taken quite a bit of work
@RevenantBacon I'll bet
3:18 PM
@RevenantBacon You know what they say, "Many wallets make light work"
@Yuuki it is!
> Moderna’s vaccine against COVID-19 was developed in record time because it’s based on a relatively new genetic method that does not require growing huge amounts of virus. Instead, the vaccine is packed with mRNA, the genetic material that comes from DNA and makes proteins.
Moderna loads its vaccine with mRNA that codes for the right coronavirus proteins which then get injected into the body. Immune cells in the lymph nodes can process that mRNA and start making the protein in just the right way for other immune cells to recognize and mark them for destruction.
What was the AD&D setting that was like spelljammer but without the space boats? It was like d&d stargate.
@GcL Something seems off about that saying, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Seems accurate anyways.
3:35 PM
@GcL many mickles makes a muckle
@GcL not heard of it
@AncientSwordRage That's it. Have a friend that loved the heck out of that and stargate.
I recall it having a lot of material about the abyss and hells. Time for phone a fiend friend
@GcL I only played the game of the same name
@GcL Por qué no los dos?
@GcL You've made me read friend with the vowel in fiend. Now I gotta start using it out-loud
@GcL You may also want to look at the Pathfinder book Planar Adventures for ideas
@Medix2 so like frEEnd?
3:42 PM
@GcL For some reason, I am thinking Planescape.
6 mins ago, by AncientSwordRage
@GcL But if by Stargate you mean "in a desert" then it was Dark Sun.
@RevenantBacon I'm actually looking for a lore answer, and that unfortunately involves rooting through the memories of old neckbeards. Luckily, there's text message so I don't have to actually converse.
@GcL Uh, what's with the nasty comment? I am old, and I have never worn a neckbeard. Of the six people with whom I play over the age of 60, none of us ever wore a neckbeard. (And now that my brother shaved his goatee, only me and the author wear any kind of beard; we both do our own versions of a goatee).
@KorvinStarmast I played Dark Sun a fair amount. I remember drawing blood from stone sand. Also, the magic system that was cast a spell and die of thirst, or try to fight the manscorpion with weapons and die of ... manscorpion.
3:45 PM
@GcL Ah, OK, so that wasn't it. (I soooo wanta a 5e Dark Sun ....)
@KorvinStarmast Most neck beards I know never had much facial hair.
@GcL hmm, just poor grooming?
@KorvinStarmast saaaaaaaaame
@KorvinStarmast I feel like the 5e simplified version would be, "Roll a d100. Consult the table on how you died."
@GcL spend the entire adventure rolling on the wild magic table?
3:47 PM
@KorvinStarmast I think it must have been a state of mind. I blame society and the music they listened to.
@GcL I guess those of us who do shave prefer "grognard"?
@KorvinStarmast Very short adventures. Most of the time is just spend making characters that die in some fashion as described on the table of ways you die.
@GcL That sounds like a neat fusion of D&D and Paranoia.
In a desert, with evil flesh eating halflings
@RevenantBacon Yeah basically freend
@nitsua60 over at GiTP, I saw someone refer to themselves as a 3.0e grognard, and it rather took me aback ... and then I realized that 3e was released around ~ 2000.
Cue Conan OBrien show skit "In the year 2000"
3:50 PM
I apparently messaged the correct freend. Immediately got corrected on it not being "devil". It's "Baatezu". FFS.
@nitsua60 I've heard those who dislike it
@GcL Aaaaah, a 2e veteran? 8^D
My wife had me clearing out a few boxes lasts week. I was hoping that one of the boxes had my old Chivalry and Sorcery book (original edition). Nope. sigh was that also lost in a move?
@GcL Heh, I was under the impression everyone disliked those names
@KorvinStarmast We played AD&D which spanned into 2nd edition. I mostly remember the editions we played by the cover art. In this case, paladin on a horse and not stealing a jeweled eye.
@KorvinStarmast Now I'm trying to think what chaotic neutral or evil god would work as a D&D Friend Computer.
Which is hard because I only know like three of the gods lol
3:54 PM
@kviiri I guess? Apparently being technically correct is reason enough to like them.
@Rubiksmoose Friend Computer is Lawful Neutral
@Rubiksmoose Hmm, that's a good one. I'd need to do a deep dive on lore to come up with one, though Iuz, a demi god, would doubtless get a kick out of it.
@AncientSwordRage Yup, no idea where my CN came from.
Friend Computer understands your inability to descern it's motivations proves you should rely upon it's wisdom
3:55 PM
@KorvinStarmast Bingo
@Rubiksmoose It appears CN because it's following stupid laws
I just noted that @Rubiksmoose 's avatar looks like one of the variations on Modron in the 5e MM.
Clearly, Friend Computer's alignment was simply above my clearance level.
"I can't let you do that, Drzzt"
Found the Blood War lore answer... or found out where it is. Do I really want to spend $10 to have the source to quote? and read through 140 pages of 2e material... nah
4:03 PM
which book? I may have something ....
@KorvinStarmast Hellbound - The Blood War 2e
Aaaaah; I do not have that, and I am pretty sure I won't be getting it.
@AncientSwordRage It's a boxed set. There were multiple books in it.
@GcL ahhh I'm only going by the url
My curiosity is sated. There does exist an answer about the winnability of the Blood War from previous material.
4:08 PM
I'd like wizards to bring back the Varag
@GcL What better reason could there be! :)
@kviiri Technically correct is the best kind of correct.
@RevenantBacon That may not be true when one is married ... 8^o
Friend Computer's nature may be variable depending on how you play paranoia tbh
@Carcer Local or global variable?
4:20 PM
@Carcer you mean frEend Computer, right? Also, as happiness officer, I'm going to need you to take one of these "happy" pills.
@GcL never admit you don't own the book, dude
Q: What are my odds of a critical hit with my level 20 Champion?

Joshua HopkinsI'm trying to calculate what my odds are as a level 20 Champion to score at least one critical hit on my turn, and how many I can expect. I make four attacks per attack action I take, and can Action Surge for another four, bringing my total to 8. I score a critical hit on a roll of 18-20 on the ...

@AncientSwordRage Certainly. mumble mumble appropriation mumble in-group mumble mumble.
@Carcer I think I have the original planescape book because it looked cool? I'm more often embarrassed about the loads of crap I have kept through a dozen moves. It would have been less expensive to digitize it... but that smell of old books and mouldy cardboard is just so good.
4:48 PM
@KorvinStarmast Am I being too hard on Ohar with their lemure question?
I think the lemure question seems fine, personally
@NautArch hmm, I think that they packed a lot of questions into one question . Doppel's latest edit seems to have helped.
@doppelgreener Okay, i'll let it alone. Identity is a fungible thing and not really defined, but being a specific creature is.
boo hiss, random downvotes
And based on their other question, I thought I understood what they were trying to ask, and this is starting to seem like a potential x-y problem.
4:51 PM
@NautArch And really, I think this one was the subject of a different question Is it possible to communicate with them using a sending spell ?
@KorvinStarmast Right, which to me boils down to :are they the same creature.
I think Naut is onto something (X-Y) and also IIRC Ohar is not native speaker so might be working hard to articulate what the question is
@NautArch Maybe? The thing about "creature" is that it is kind of a 'keyword' in 5e.
Being might be the word you are loking for.
Creature 'humanoid' and creature 'fiend' are not the same.
@KorvinStarmast How does reincarnate work?
@KorvinStarmast Well, humanoid and beast are also different, but a druid in wildshape is still the druid.
@NautArch The edges of that question are soft enough that at the moment I have not the concentration to forumlate an answer. And @GcL just pointed out another little befuddling factor that I was thinking about
@GcL magic.
@NautArch but that's temporary
4:55 PM
@GcL reincarnate is a specific mechanic, but I don't think that's what happening with the transformation to a lemure.
or at least, nothing says that that I can find.
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@KorvinStarmast That would probably be my answer. Make the argument that If it works like reincarnate, memories stay. If it doesn't, memories don't.
The "when you die you go to 'x' plane and are now 'fiend' thing" would seem to be a permanent change of 'state of being' .... unless True Resurrection is cast?
@NautArch I concur. I would argue that it is not like reincarnate. As such, no memories.
@GcL But you've to make that conneciton that it's identical. And I'm pretty sure you can't.
Based on the lemure description, it seems like the creature is dead and then the soul is twisted into something entirely new.
but that also seems like a guess :)
4:56 PM
@NautArch Close enough is usually satisfactory for most people. I think there are enough differences that could be pointed out that this is definitely NOT like reincarnate.
It is great to discuss, but I am not up to an answer right now. I also agree with @NautArch: what problem is Ohar trying to solve in play as DM or player?
@NautArch I know a few books from 2e where you can read all about it.
@GcL Definitely not for me, though. Unless it says they are reincarnated into a lemure, it's not reincarnate
@GcL for $10?!
@NautArch OK, I asked "what problem are you trying to solve" and we'll see what Ohar has to say.
@NautArch yeah, it seems to be a transformation driven by the Multiverse itself based on alignment

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