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12:23 AM
yeesh, that is a short timeframe
Q: Can Minotaur Players be targeted by Hold Person and other similar spells?

Jon AristotleHold person specifies that it can only target humanoids: Choose a humanoid that you can see within range[...] The Minotaur creature stat block from the Monster Manual lists them as monstrosities, not humanoids, however nothing is mentioned of that in the racial stat block in Guildmasters’ Guide...

and seconded on motivation being the hard part of writing assignments -- I struggled with writing assignments in school partly because I really can't write on an arbitrary, preselected topic. If you want me to write, there needs to be some sort of problem involved, some reason for me to get on my soapbox, if you will
A significant skill for a professional writer is the ability to write without active inspiration, and that's not something which one just happens to be able to do, it really is a skill.
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1:38 AM
Q: If a PC becomes stunned on their turn, do they lose the rest of their actions without losing any stunned value?

David GayPage 622 of the Core Rulebook defines the Stunned condition: You've become senseless. You can't act while stunned. Stunned usually includes a value, possibly over multiple turns, from being stunned. Each time you regain actions (such as at the start of your turn), reduce the number you regain by...

2:31 AM
@BardicWizard protip from an internet rando: motivation's the hard part of most things =\
In school, my writing motivations tended to be divided between "I want to learn about this," "I want to share this," and "I want to spite you."
The latter may not be particularly healthy, but one of Ursula Vernon's best book series was written out of spite, so I can't knock it completely.
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4:16 AM
@BESW which one?
@Ash The Clockwork/Paladin setting.
If I knew that, I had forgotten completely.
A major impetus for the setting and characters is her decades-long spite about the problems with paladins in fantasy.
Like, she started writing it while playing Neverwinter Nights 2, and then it lay around for a few years until she played Dragon Age...
The Clocktaur Boys introduction details it most, I think?
4:43 AM
@NautArch Do you mean setting a grid to match a map, or tiles and such snapping to grids?
@BESW isn't that also the same setting in Swordheart?
Sometimes I wish the grid snapping was a bit more flexible, but maybe I'm missing a setting
@trogdor Yup.
I believe if I am not mistaken Ash has read that
I seem to recall you both recced it to me before I read it
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6:00 AM
Apparently I have to “go to bed” and “stop furiously drafting” because “growing teens need sleep”. I haven’t grown since before quarantine, I’m not tired, and my entire motivation for continued writing is “because tomato”.
But I am 1/4 of the way through a draft so that’s good
6:11 AM
"Because tomato" huh. I suppose you could do worse than the same premise as a decades-long film and TV franchise.
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12:12 PM
@RedRiderX Im getting a weird artifact where I snap to grid, but the grid is clearly not even across the map.
And I need to keep.snapping as they move
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1:35 PM
Q: Would there be a problem to incorporate Pathfinder-2e's "Step" action in place of DND 5e's "Disengage" action?

Jon AristotlePathfinder's Step: You carefully move 5 feet. Unlike most types of movement, Stepping doesn’t trigger reactions, such as Attacks of Opportunity, that can be triggered by move actions or upon leaving or entering a square. You can’t Step into difficult terrain, and you can’t Step using a Speed oth...

@MikeQ bingo
1:49 PM
@BardicWizard Not sure if this helps with writing inspiration, but putting yourself into a tomato's shoes, or even a tomato plant's shoes, and writing three pages on that might be a fun story to tell. "It all started when the Wild Magic Sorcerer turned me into a potted plant during a D&D game; I discovered that I was, for an indeterminate time period, a tomato plant. What do to? What could I do? How can I help my party? Does this pot make me look fat?" Rich with possibilities.
2:07 PM
@ThomasMarkov Guess I misinterpreted that Phlegethos question, ah well. I still like my answer
@KorvinStarmast I like the idea that the tomato wants the pot to make them look fat
2:51 PM
@KorvinStarmast if I had the time to write that I would
The “because tomato” motivation appears to have been my sleep deprived brain
3:28 PM
@Medix2 Oh, yeah, plumpness is a fine feature in a tomato ...
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9:00 PM
Q: Does an out-of-sight creature affected by the Fear spell have to keep running if they fail the saving throw?

silImagine a (D&D 5e) spellcaster casts Fear on an enemy, and the enemy fails their Wisdom saving throw. On its turn, the enemy drops what it's holding and takes the Dash action, running away from the spellcaster and around a corner, putting it out of sight of the spellcaster. The enemy ends its tur...

9:13 PM
My d&d groups are the best
We have a decent IC/OOC separation, and spent several sessions rescuing the artificer’s mom (who is currently not dead) from a crime syndicate’s lair. We also have my sorcerer’s mentor/uncle figure/it’s complicated, who we rescued a few sessions ago. Because we thought this would be awesome, we decided the mom wants my mentor dead for cheating with her husband...
and everyone knows this, so IC we made a point of using her name very directly and unambiguously relating to her.
My mentor, however, (being an idiot/ bleep-hole/dumb-bleep) ignored this warning (or possibly just not listening), and when we dragged her into our hideout, unconscious, he was just so surprised it was her that we were saving and started freaking out that she was going to kill him
And IC I got to give a speech on why you tell your friend/mentee/pseudo-niece/it’s complicated that the person she’s going to rescue wants you dead
so that was really kind of amazing and also hilarious
Does anyone know of any ttrpgs that have like super fun character creation?
9:33 PM
That's a super vague request.
There're people who enjoy lifepath character creation, considering it super fun.
What sort of fun are you looking for?
There're people who enjoy the optimisation minigame, considering it super fun.
There're people who like chargen to be about playing word games, considering that super fun.
There are people who enjoy multiple sorts of chargen too.
I really enjoy theorycrafting in DnD 5e
Well just what canes have you had the most fun making characters in?
I have made a lot of d&d characters, optimized, not optimized, game breaking, fun rp, etc. I have also made a lot of GURPS characters and a few traveller characters
i liked all of them but I’m getting a bit bored of making especially d&d characters
10:21 PM
you might try Lady Blackbird?
it's still got a nice amount of action in it, but the character creation and stats are definitely different and it's a nice step towards playing games other than D&D and similar games
(I haven't played gurps to be fair)
you could also try Fate, I reccomend the Atomic Robo version personally
hey there @KorvinStarmast
@Shalvenay hullo
@KorvinStarmast how're things going?
@Shalvenay quiet weekend, watching some college football, mucking about with the latest Hearthstone mode, cleaning out junk mail, keeping the dogs happy.
@TheDragonOfFlame I enjoyed Fate character creation, as well as Traveller and shadowrun chargen
I do have the version of traveller where you can die in chargen though so that might not work for you
10:36 PM
dying in chargen is such a weird idea, I don't get the point of that if you are actually trying to play the game
now if you are making a whole other game about seeing if you can die in chargen XD
or you know seeing how many times you die in chargen
@trogdor some feel that chargen is 'a game within a game' -
yeah something like that
I mean I played a loooot of 4th Edition D&D character creation edition
I made somewhere around 100 characters that no one ever used
and a handful that I didn't use but that other people did XD
Lady blackbird, fate

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