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12:04 AM
@Shalvenay Urrrgh yes, can we just set the entire "half-blood" concept on fire please.
@BESW yeah, the funny part is that half-elf and half-orc are themselves exceptions to the general crossbreeding rules, at least in the common D&D settings AIUI
So you think you’re Māori? by Nadine Anne Hura for e-tangata.
A lot of Indigenous cultures come from the perspective that a person is all of whatever heritages they've got and embraced, rather than that you can only have one unit of heritage and multiple heritages have to be fractional.
This might be better Not a Bar fodder depending on how far this discussion goes.
Which makes a lot more sense! and is less inherently genocidal, which I also appreciate.
me too, in terms of a common sense approach
12:08 AM
@BESW yeah :) one can fully embrace multiple facets of their heritage :)
even if some of them liked to yell at each other in the past
@BESW I think that's a very good way to look at it
I've reached the point where if I can't burn the blood quantum out of a game, both setting and mechanics, I'm just not gonna play it.
I mean really, why should you?
12:26 AM
@Shalvenay Shal, was it this question that got your interest?
@KorvinStarmast yeah
@BESW Blood Quantum sounds like a game term, sort of like "you don't really know if they bleed unless you cut them" - so maybe an Assassin or Hit Man skill or trait?
(I am taking a bit of license with Schroedinger's Cat and quantum theory there ...)
Might be something like in the movie Alien, the robot guy (Ash) didn't really bleed red, he had that white mucous stuff
@KorvinStarmast that isn't what that means though
@trogdor I am aware of that, but sometimes we all play with words in this chat. ;)
Blood Quantum is a tv show about a time traveler who experiences the memories of past vampires
12:30 AM
12:50 AM
@KorvinStarmast Great scene in a great movie ... awful piece of editing tho! :(
@NautArch I generally look at the tables for my background first and pick from those, then look at the full list across all backgrounds if my chosen background doesn't give any options I like. And of course, I may modify it a bit afterwards. I mostly use it as inspiration for my backstory and as a baseline for RP.
1:12 AM
@NautArch I watch for them emerging in play. And inspiration indexes off of them. Any time you tell us how something's indicative of, or changed/resolved, or whatever'ed one of your TBIF, grab an inspiration die from the dish in the middle. Any time you notice the same about another's character both grab an inspiration die.
It doesn't seem to work.
@goodguy5 Tangentially related question:
Q: How can I persuade my DM to play my warlock's patron in a way that respects my character's concept?

J. FosterI'm interested in playing a witch character in a D&D 5e game. The things I want to emphasize in playing a witch are the importance of family, in particular the bond of sisterhood, and that a witch's magic offers an alternative to both physical and political power. I see these as the sort of 'su...

1:33 AM
@BlackSpike Haha, yeah, it seems like there are any number of ways they could have edited around that transition
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3:31 AM
RIP my Adventures in Middle-earth campaign on Sundays. It's on hold indefinitely due to the Loremaster having a number of IRL things to deal with. It's a shame, too, because it was one of my favorite campaigns :(
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4:43 AM
Q: Who is the narrator of Sword Coast Adventurers Guide?

NathanSSome of the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide appears to be written from an in-universe character in first person. Evidence of this can be found throughout, but as an example, from the section on Evereska, p. 82: I would be remiss if I didn't mention Evereska, but I will be brief for I have no de...

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8:26 AM
@Shalvenay It probably makes sense: even IRL relatively few species pairs can produce fertile offspring (e.g. tigers+lions, but apparently not many other cat-species pairs). Of course, species is such an unpoetic, modern-scientific-sounding term that fantasy settings prefer to have 'the human race', 'the thri-kreen race' and yeah 'the elf race'. Even though the differences between human and elf biology make it clear they're different species, let alone e.g. human and naga.
@BESW I love this idea and completely agree
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10:49 AM
Q: Can a creature be too stupid to know whether the companions of the person charming it are companions?

JackThis is D&D 5e. We were attacking a baddie. The wizard cast charm monster and charmed it. It has an Intelligence score of 4. Is it smart enough to know that the other party members are, in fact, companions of the wizard? The significance of whether the charmed baddie knows what companions ar...

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12:18 PM
Goblinweek 2020 Games, a jam hosted by Chloe Montgomery.
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3:34 PM
Q: Why do most people consider a "00" and a "0" on a percentile roll a 100?

AkkaVerAssuming the results of a percentile roll ranges from 1-100, why would the results of a "00" and "0" roll be read as a "100"? In any other context outside of a percentile roll, the "0" on a d10 is interpreted as a "10". Also, the "00" is read as a "0" in every other roll of the d100. But specifi...

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4:35 PM
Q: Could a Rogue [Thief] use a Wizard's Spellbook to cast spells?

Zack SharpSo I was wondering since the Rogue Thief has the ability Use Magic Device which states - You have learned enough about the workings of magic that you can improvise the use of items even when they are not intended for you. You ignore all class, race, and level requirements on the use of Magic ...

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6:57 PM
so, I was re-reading "Jacquaying the Dungeon", and it links to an ENworld thread by a user named Melan describing a technique for streamlined dungeon mapping, but that links' deader than a doornail: enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/…
does someone have a replacement link handy, or am I better off hitting up the Wayback Machine?
also @Glazius @ACuriousMind, sorry for the late notice, still gnawing on this dungeon design thing, so no session
@Someone_Evil TYVM!
Enworld changed their link structure around when they moved, but the ID etc. is the same, so one can construct the new one
@Shalvenay My voice is a bit shot anyway, no worries
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10:51 PM
> There can be no real exploration if the dungeon [doesn't] allow failure, as in certain areas being missed.
That's... a weird premise.
If you miss stuff, then by definition you don't know it was there to find. Being ignorant of the feature... is a feature?
Played a really cool cooperative tower-defense deck-builder kids-in-the-backyard-themed board game today. Lots of fun, can't wait to try it out with my own kids =)
On one hand, I'm not a fan of content getting completely unused. On the other, apparently there are people who like failure-to-find-content to be a real thing. And in-between clearly-marked and completely unknown missed content, there's the possibility of getting a vague impression that something is missing but not knowing what.
11:12 PM
I'm personally fine with there being content I didn't see,... I'm not so good with it being considered a feature
whether in video games, or a tabletop RPG dungeon crawl or wtv
or pretty much anything that could be a thing in ,but those are what I can think of ATM
Yeah, my hackles are raised at the claim that failure-to-find is a necessary component of "real" exploration.
Like, is Portal not a "real" puzzle game because you have to solve all the puzzles in order to finish the game?
11:30 PM
yeah that is just a dumb idea
I mean, don't get me wrong, I like stuff like easter eggs, which literally are something you can easily miss most of the time, but they also are totally unnessesary
a nice bonus when you find one you understand but not integral
that's probably the best kind of "feature" that you can just miss completely
Q: How to deal with remove curse spoiling my plot hooks?

The Lost KittenMy players met Fiachra, cursed to be a raven unless she brings the Scepter of McGuffin to Ebil Wissard III (grand son of the legendary Ebil Wissard). Of course the Cleric in the group casts Remove Curse and problem solved. No need to go on a long perilous quest to through the Fire Swamp, over...

11:54 PM
@BESW I think the idea is that these sorts of dungeons are meant to have a sort of replay value if you will...things to come back and find on your next trip through the place

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