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2:10 AM
Q: Should questions asking "Does X work in an anti-magic field?" be marked as duplicates?

Medix2The following two similar questions already exist: How do I know if an ability is magical? How to decide if an effect is magical for Magic Resistance? Those two have duplicate targets including the following: Is the war cleric's divine strike considered non-magical damage? Does an Antimagic...

2:38 AM
@G.Moylan only if I have advantage 8^0
2:52 AM
Hail @trogdor! \o
must go help Mrs Starmast now, we have a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and she needs me to find the last few edge pieces. Hope the dogs have not eaten them.
3:18 AM
3:33 AM
Q: Which spells inflict the poisoned condition?

Matthew GravesWhich current 5e spells are capable of inflicting the poisoned condition? All I've been able to find so far is Ray of Sickness. Is this the only spell available that causes this condition?

3 hours later…
6:09 AM
Aww, I missed some interesting conversation, it looks like. Just poking my head in because I've missed RP stuffs.
Also, hey, I just bought the Help A Diwata With Her Rent bundle recently. I noticed BESW's name there, and I was like "Oh hey!"
Congrats on the decision, @doppelgreener :)
@Pixie [wave] I'm so happy to have contributed to that bundle, I've recently been participating in RPGSEA spaces and it's so good. Traveling Librarians wouldn't exist without Sin.
I haven't had a chance to look at Traveling Librarians, but I look forward to it. There's soooo much cool stuff in the bundle, it's overwhelming.
I know, right.
I keep meaning to do more of a dive into the physical games tag on Itch, and I noticed that this one game I wanted was in this bundle, and another, and another... and then I looked at the purpose of the bundle and was reminded that tabletop communities are just really great places to be sometimes. :,v
Gosh yes.
6:23 AM
Really though, I have the tab open with everything and I'm just like "... help... where do I even..." So much content.
And since they've so dramatically overshot their goal, they're planning to use the extra money to raise up other disadvantaged RPGSEA designers.
Yeah, I saw that!! I'm glad it was so successful.
That attitude of "I have some, so I should share it with others" is something I value so much.
Now I'm collaborating on a game about chickens during the Philippine Revolution.
It's really lovely. Definitely glad to have been able to contribute. Budget's been a bit tight lately, but I finally have money in the bank again. :v Between when I was last hanging around here and now, I moved out from my parents'.
Oooh that's a big move. How's it working for you?
6:30 AM
Really well! I went from a really toxic situation I was long overdue getting out of to an apartment with my best friend and their boyfriend that I've also known for years at this point. Things really fell into place.
I'm glad!
Unfortunately I had a bunch of urgent and expensive medical issues crop up juuuust when I was moving out, but that was the only roadbump.
I'm also single now, which was honestly another thing that was pretty overdue, so it feels like I'm in a completely different chapter of my life.
That made me smile. I have a very deep love for Frog and Toad.
Everyone should study them.
6:38 AM
I keep meaning to get my own copies.
That, and a copy of Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Not that I have a lot of room here for more books, but...
Will that stop me? No. I cannot be stopped. :v
That's just the view directly in front of me. There's bookshelves to either side, and behind, and down the hall, and...
And we've been getting rid of more books than we've been acquiring for the last ten years, since we moved and got rid of almost half our collection.
Aha. I managed to get both of my DVD shelves in here (on which I also store manga and small chapter books), and one of my bookshelves, but the room's not set up such that I could get the last one. It's downstairs, but I'm trying to finagle things so that I can get all of my personal possessions onto this floor.
Not that my roommates mind if some of my stuff is down there, but the apartment is just their bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and my room upstairs.
(Also, say hello to my new workspace! It has light! But not much privacy.)
Aww, heh. It looks like a nice setup, though.
good seeing you around again @Pixie :)
6:47 AM
Let me see, did I take any photos before my room became a post-travel and illness whirlwind of mess...
@Shalvenay Hey, good to see you too!
I have many photos of my cat. :v
The one I was able to bring with me. Her hobby is being somewhere different in the room every time I turn around, just staring at me. She's like Watson in that one Sherlock Holmes game.
cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/162259777492221952/… some of my workspace... and a kitty
(fiercely attacking the pompom monster thing I was given at our last book festival)
7:09 AM
cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/162259777492221952/… there we are (and, again, a kitty)
media.discordapp.net/attachments/162259777492221952/… and then that, and that's about all the media storage I have right now, plus some disc space in the TV stand on the other side of the room
There are definitely things I can rearrange, and some spaces I can add a little more storage. It's just... you know... doing it. :v
It's an oddly shaped room, a dormer. But the closet's nice, and it's definitely workable. I will learn its secrets, in time...
8:14 AM
Oh god that pom pom should be very scared
6 hours later…
1:49 PM
Awesome--congrats! I remember withdrawing $20 from an ATM at one point when I had $29 to my name. It was to take someone to dinner.
She's now the mother of my three children and the most amazing and uplifting partner I can imagine.
Not trying to say that all transient poverty stories end that way, just that we've all been there =)
2:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with a link in answer, blacklisted website in answer (259): How do I play in an adventure as a player that I have run as a DM? by Umesh Chandra Reddy on rpg.SE
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4:49 PM
Q: Is it a bad idea to only start enforcing rules late in a campaign?

TrueLawfulI'm a pretty new DM. My players are almost at session 20 in my first campaign and it's going great. One of my players has been using a monk. I wasn't familiar with the class, so I'd usually just ask them to explain what their features did. Problem is, I recently made a monk character myself, and...

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5:50 PM
Q: Can a Half-Orcs have only one Orc grandparent?

Orc's PlunderCan a Half-Orcs have only one Orc grandparent? Does a Half-Orc need to have one human parent and one orc? Or could it be 25% human 75% Orc for instance, or the other way round? I am thinking about this for a back story, and also what would happen if you play a female Half-Orc and want offsprin...

6:10 PM
Regarding that question ^ does anybody know why it's asking about grandparents and not parents?
@Medix2 If you're a quarter orc, does it round up to half?
But then why have the "only"?
Oh can, I see
I guess it's assuming the other 3 are human
6:51 PM
@nitsua60 I've definitely been there, recently, haha. I'm not used to it because while I was living with my parents I held onto a lot of money, but I had to use most of it when I moved, so I definitely wound up in a spot last week where I automatically grabbed my debit card for a $20 purchase and then was like "... uhhhh did I make a dire error just now." Thankfully I had $40. :v
I'm glad things worked out for you like that though!!
7:27 PM
@Glazius yeah, the way half-orcs and half-elves are defined in D&D really raises some...blood quantum issues. (don't get me started about the way Thayans do it...)
3 hours later…
10:53 PM
Q: I want to ask about methods of incorporating errata into a rulebook, but I'm not sure of its subjectivity

Jason_c_oI want to ask something like the following question, but am unsure of its framing: How do you track/incorporate errata in relation to printed rulebooks without having to memorize, or constantly check against, the errata? I bought myself a shiny new rulebook for a relatively new system an...

11:52 PM
@Shalvenay On the other hand, you may be over thinking it. I am pretty sure that those who started those basic pieces of the game didn't over think it.

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