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12:22 AM
There is a difference between knowing a section of dungeon exists (a corridor leads off that-a-away), but never exploring it, and not even knowing it is there (you fail to find, maybe even don't even look for, the secret door).
Both seem perfectly valid (but not, IMHO, *essential* ) features
I can see a point to being able to "complete" a dungeon (find the loot, recover the maguffin, defeat the Big Foe, etc) without having to scour every single section.
It's really about what you want out of the process. But yeah, I certainly wouldn't say that a linear dungeon =/= exploration. You are still going through an area and finding things you'd never experienced before because you'd never been there, either way.
I'm perfectly alright with not finding every single thing, and the "replayability," you could say, that comes from an area being large and complex enough that you're likely to miss parts of it can be can be fun and valuable. But you can also achieve "replayability" by simply having the known world change in between visits.
Not that I 100% agree with the article, but I can see the point that a Linear structure, with no meaningful choices, just "Room1 -> Corridor -> Room 2 -> ... -> Boss" can stretch my interpretation of "Exploring"
It's not really what I'd expect out of a game intended to be exploration-focused, but exploration really can be as simple as walking into an interesting area you haven't been in before and checking that out.
Yes, but ...
"A game is a series of interesting choices." - Sid Meier. If the emphasis of the Game is not the Map, but how you interact with what you find in it, fair enough. But there is a long tradition in RPG of Dungeon Delving, and expecting those Dungeons to have structures (maps) that present interesting choices/challenges in themselves. Mazes, crossroads, loops and turns. Dead ends. Often with the challenge of dwindling resources (torches, food, spell slots etc).
12:39 AM
Again, it's really down to expectations. Pokemon is linear as heck in all aspects (and even more so nowadays than ever before), but the first time I go through it, I'd still say I'm exploring. It's not the game I'm going to pick up if exploring is my primary goal, but it's not... not a feature the game has. It doesn't stop counting because I'm necessarily going to get through all of it in a linear playthrough.
Of course. Dungeon delving a completely valid method of play, don't get me wrong. There is, again, value in structures being large and complex enough that the content isn't easily discovered, and going one way or another will necessarily impact what you experience. That's just not the definition of exploration.
Long time since I played Pokemon (Game Boy "Yellow"). The 'cities' are all in Linear fashion. But the 'quests' require going back and forth between them? Yeah, not as much "exploration" ... although you don't know that on a 1st play
Hello all
How's everyone doing today?
I've been sick for the past few days but thankfully feeling a bit better today
I tend to run cyber-punk/urban games. The nearest we got to "dungeons" are Office Blocks, or shanty-towns. And there are definitely sections to miss! :D
HI @V2Blast.
Good to hear you're feeling a bit better
The caves in Sword and Shield are so tiny, lol. I was gearing myself up, and it was like "oh... you just walk straight through... and there's a healer before you go in and after you come out."
Aww, glad you're feeling better as well.
I've been dealing with bronchitis since the first week of January. =w= It's at least better than it was, but the cough is going to stay for a while.
The "Christmas Cold" has been doing the rounds, here. most of us have recovered.
12:54 AM
I went to a convention in another state, where I danced a lot on Thursday night (which I normally never do). I'm pretty sure it was the combination of that and exposure to unfamiliar germs, because I started getting sick by the end of Friday.
Yeah, those pesky out-of-state germs!
yeah I would guess that being in a new area exposed to new germs about explains getting pretty sick afterwards
I mean, it certainly isn't going to happen every time you travel, and you can definitely still get sick staying at home all day, but it probably increases the risk of sickness rather handily
Yeah, and just the nature of getting a whoooole bunch of people together in one space. Germs will travel.
What convention was it? Not got a Con lined up yet :(
MAGfest, I go every year.
Will be going to Mysticon in February. It's pretty good. Had a chat with Jody Lynn Nye and Steve Jackson in the hallway last year.
1:07 AM
Here in UK, we've been to some of the big MCM ComiCons, and varying smaller versions, over the past few years. From the big London one with Critical Role, to the back-room of a local rugby club :D
true I understand that cons bring a lot of people from a lot of places into one place
that's definitely a recipe for at least some of the people who go getting sick
@trogdor That's how we get "Christmas colds", too. Visiting friends/family from all over, that we don't see too often.
hence the phenomenon of "PAX pox"
PAX pox is a well known example
Yeah, I go to cons in many varying sizes because my friends have a dance troupe and they perform. We just go to MAGfest to go, though. It's the biggest one I've ever been to.
1:34 AM
I've never been to one
not even the pretty small ones we have here now
I mean, I doubt anyone travels here for a con xD
so maybe it doesn't count
Local cons count! For a long time the only one I went to was the one that was originally in my city, and then moved to another one. It's reasonably large now, but it used to be tiny.
well I think our cons right now are like, one room in the mall
but I haven't been to them so don't quote me on that one XD
Heh, some are.
One we went to was "2" rooms ... well, one room and the foyer :)
Some good stalls, and talks by several interesting folk (including Norman "Holly from Red Dwarf" Lovett).
There's a small tabletop con in the area, I went one time because it happened to be on the same day and in the same place as a baby cousin's birthday party, haha.
1:45 AM
I just bought a vendor room pass, bought stuff, and painted a free mini.
@BlackSpike also that's actually amazing
I love Red Dwarf
It was the first mini I'd ever done. I'm really trying not to get into them since I don't need more expensive hobbies that are going to cause me to hoard a lot of things I don't ever use. :v
@trogdor <3 Yeah, it was good to see him at a small venue. Had chance to meet him :)
my favorite characters are Cat and Rimmer but Holly is good too
@Pixie I feel that, mostly I have a lot more books than I should but still
1:49 AM
Saw Lister and Rimmer at a con years back (we had a Stall, so not much time spare tho). Lister was ragged as heck on Day Two ... seems he went out drinking after Day One! :D
I have... so many. Figures, dolls, stuffed animals, books, DVDs, dice, everything. I almost never play tabletop games offline, and it's rare that I play anything that would require minis.
That was the time I first saw Official Storm Trooper armour for sale ... and I had my week's pay on me ...
... but my dilemma was solved for me ... "Do I blow a week's pay on some Costume?" ... erm, no. Nowhere near enough! I might just afford a Blaster ...
@Pixie wow, also as far as the tabletop games offline, I've been getting to play more board games both offline and online recently and I forgot how much fun it is to play a good board game with freinds
recently got Tokaido and Aquicorn Cove
(they were Christmas presents for me but they only got shipped after the new year so I only got them maybe a week and a half ago or so)
2:05 AM
I should see if my roommates want to play anything I have sometime, as far as board games go. I don't have much though, only Smashup, Heart of Crown, and Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance. Haven't even played the Tanto Cuore, lol.
I love Smashup, but I need more expansions.
We only play board games when we don't get quorum for our weekly ttrpg group. And then we tend to play Small World
I also have Star Trek Catan and Tea Dragon Society and Code Names, and Taboo, and I think I still have Stratego but I haven't played that for probably 15 years
(and I have not played Star Trek Catan yet but I have played normal Catan before)
oh and I also have Munchkin,....... and Risk
Risk takes too long though, I don't know if I am ever playing it again when I have so many more fun options that take less time to play XD
@trogdor We used to play Risk a lot! But yes, who has time for that any more? :)
I am not sure I have ever even finished a game of it
There are a few games sat in our Archives, probably never to be seen again ... Risk, Talisman, Blood Royale ...
2:13 AM
I've only played it with my family, and it's always taken about an hour or an hour and a half or so for most of them to decide the game isn't going anywhere
and honestly at the time it made me kinda annoyed but now I see the value of time a liiiiitle differently
Yeah ... spending the entire weekend on a game used to be a thing ...
and besides that, why play a single game of Risk that takes forever when I could play 30-45 minutes of a single game of Tokaido, or Tea Dragon Society or Aquicorn Cove, or even my freinds' set of Coup or Sherrif of Knottingham or
ect ect
I did try setting up some "online" games, back in the day ... like PbP, but on forums, and such ... try to spread the game out, but not enough people were interested
I've played two online games of Tea Dragon Society
not very close together but recently enough
Don't know that one
2:19 AM
Tea Dragon Society is a fun game!
I played Selfish recently - That was fun
Tea Dragon Society is great
Sorry, Selfish: Space Edition
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3:22 AM
This is not RPG related, but y'all are my friends, so. Found out today that my local transit is on strike as of Tuesday. I don't own a car. It will now cost my household 60 dollars a day to get to and from work via taxi or rideshare services. I cant afford it, but we dont really have anyone we can carpool with because of the shifts we work and where we live. I am just gonna pray really really hard that it is a short strike.
We will figure out a way through, but right now I am just going to breathe and hope and let myself be really really frustrated. I get what they are trying to do (the union is fighting for better pay and stuff) but oh man the impact to the individual people who rely on transit is gonna be huge.
@Ash Oh man... Yeah I can only imagine what that must be like. I rely on Public transport as well, if that happened to me I would really struggle. Here's hoping it doesn't last long!
I hope it's quick. A week or two at most.
3:47 AM
@Ash Am I remembering right... you're in Toronto?
In any case: good luck, and vent any time you want.
Kitchener, so close to Toronto. About an hour drive away.
Thanks, for both reminders.
4:48 AM
Q: The Bard wants to convert a Goblin to the good side. Are there any rules against this?

Gramor FaleUpfront: I DMed a lot from 1990 to 2005, but not D&D. So I'm decent quality and experienced, but rusty and a total novice with the 5e rules. I do believe that fun trumps rules, and that alignment describes actions rather than defines them. I also hold that Evil can be extremely selfish, not alway...

5:35 AM
So, I figured this would also apply here: I left a comment on a question over on Arqade, addressing a comment that has since been deleted, that was insinuating people's beliefs and values.
I was wondering, in this case, my comment has not been deleted - should it remain, since it is addressing a point about site etiquette, or should it also be removed, since the original comment was removed?
For reference my comment was: "please avoid insinuating or assuming other people's beliefs and values."
6:02 AM
I'm not sure both sites will treat it the same, and I am not sure bringing it up cross site is productive. If you feel it shouldn't stay, delete it? Otherwise, leave it if you feel it adds anything useful to surrounding stuff.
If it's just hanging about as a general etiquette note I am not sure it's necessary
6:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (82): How can I deal with the Remove Curse spell spoiling my plot hooks? by akankshamehtha on rpg.SE
6:50 AM
Q: Do paladin oaths have to be taken seriously?

CrimsonfuriMy friends are planning a game with a group of paladin characters. One of my friends is interested in the Oath of Devotion, which has the following tenets: Honesty. Don’t lie or cheat. Let your word be your promise. Courage. Never fear to act, though caution is wise. Compassion. Aid...

3 hours later…
9:29 AM
@Ben Generally, if it's responding to a since-deleted comment, it likely doesn't need to stick around as a "mark of shame" tagging that user. If it's a larger trend (e.g. multiple people are doing it), it sometimes warrants a mod comment reminding people of site policies/guidelines, but rather one not pinging any specific user.
Naturally, policies on this may vary from site to site.
That's just my personal approach.
@Ash Let us know if there's anything we can do to help. <3
3 hours later…
12:34 PM
Q: Are Warforged required to eat and drink?

SteveEDDo Warforged (from Eberron) need to eat and drink to survive like Humans/elves/dwarves/etc.? If not, what daily maintenance and sustenance do they require? How were Warforged maintained during the Wars?

1 hour later…
2:01 PM
@V2Blast mostly right now hope it's over soon so I can afford it :p
2:15 PM
@Ash Hoping in progress, which is about all I can manage. (My sister used to go to Toronto a lot, but I've only been to Vancouver BC and Calgary and Canmore/Banf)
@Ash That really sucks. :( Please do let us know if there's anything we can do to help.
Gonna just take it day by day, and see if we can find people carpooling or something. We will make it through. I just wish they could have figured something out.
@Ash Have you talked with your employer about this?
and howdy everyone!
@NautArch I havent yet, as my manager is in vacation. I may chat with the other owner of the company on Tuesday if I can catch him
@Ash argh, of course :(
Finalizing my 5e evocation wizard build and debating between grabbing a non-combat cantrip or not. I'm leaning towards not.
2:35 PM
what is this "non-combat" you speak of
you're an evoker
yeah, that's what i'm thinking, too.
the maxim is that any non-combat problem can be solved by making it into a combat problem
My previous wizard was built more to be useful in and out of combat (divination), but this one seems very much about blowing stuff up.
There are non-combat situations where things need to be blown up
@Someone_Evil need to could
heck, or even should
and really, I may or may not randomly use message or mending, but there's a chance i'll be up against something that's got resistances/immunities to fire or necrotic, but not cold, right?
having that extra damage type could be really useful
2:41 PM
That sounds like what a cantrip hoarder would say
@Someone_Evil Now I want to see a spoof of Hoarders with this guy
Forget that, I was doing the filter wrong
But still, it is pretty rare in published monsters to resist both fire and necrotic but not cold. I could find 3 things: red dragons with shadow template (though they will also resist cold unless you light them up), rakdos and necrotic centipede
2:51 PM
@Sdjz Hmm
so maybe it does make sense to use that 4th cantrip for something like message or mending.
Are you planning to take on the ravnican theatre scene?
If I get to 6th level, toll the dead will become my go-to simply because I deal some damage with it no matter what.
@Someone_Evil If by take on, you mean burn it the ground...then maybe?
Or something like Frostbite could still be useful for the disadvantage
@Sdjz I'm generally not a huge fan of the disadvantage on next attack things because of extra attack/multiattack that we're already fighting. I'd rather deal more damage.
Something that targets a different save, then?
2:57 PM
@Sdjz was thinking about thunderclap
guaranteed damage to all around me
but if i'm surrounded, i'm in a bit more problems than i want
and few HP is unlikely to really help me
Which ones do you already have besides toll the dead?
fire bolt and shocking grasp.
fire genasi, so fire bolt seems like a no-brainer for long-ranged attack with good damage die.
shocking grasp in case there is just 1 enemy next to me so I can try and run away
Although, thinking about shocking grasp and that attacking for some damage with the real hope of stopping reactions seems suboptimal compared to just disengaging.
@Carcer I've also finally come to the conclusion that the paladin following oath question isn't a dupe. My linked question was about if there was a mechanic for not following oaths but this one is simply about do you have to follow them.
oh no, alignment debate alert
@Carcer Hehe
but i think we removed the alignment bit from that question, didn't we?
3:14 PM
I did, but QW's answer is still as for the original version of the question, and eternallord66 is weighing in with comments
I admit I am halfway inclined to edit again and readd the mention of alignment so that their answer makes sense again
@Carcer ah. There were definitely a couple of questions in there. I'd voted to close for them to focus, but after they accepted QW's, I undid it. Now I'm not sure that was right.
but we need to not be debating alignment in comments
to be honest it needed clarifying, but I think the OP's comment which basically said "the vow says all these things, but he doesn't want to do any of that" was enough to make it clear what the actual issue is
added a comment to try and stem that conversation
@Carcer Yeah, and that's also kinda why i retracted my close vote. And asking "do they have to follow their oath" is different from "is there a penalty for not following the oath"
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4:30 PM
We lost a PC in last night's session. =(
@Xirema wuhappen?
Our Halfling Monk got knocked unconscious by a Sea Hag, and then crushed to death by a Water Elemental.
It was very sad, he was my Barbarian's Murderfriend.
Granted, he was Chaotic Good and completely opposed to Murder in most scenarios, but she still saw him as a friend.
Failed a death save and got hit by both slams?
two slams would do it from cold, autocrits
@NautArch No, he got swallowed up by the Elemental's whelm ability, and kept taking failed saves from that. Slightly slower, but same result.
4:33 PM
@Xirema woof
drowned and bludgeoned
have they decided on what they're going to make next?
It sounds like they're going for a Bard next.
Might shore up the issue of us being a 5 PC party with only a single Spellcaster (who is an Artificer).
nice! Love me the bard. Rolled stats or pointbuy/array?
nice, better chcances for a stronger bard
I still like Lore a lot, but we've got a swords bard in our current group and it's pretty fun.
As a Barbarian, I didn't take a single hit the entire fight. My 40 (80 after resistance) hit points could have easily tanked that Water Elemental for the whole fight, even with none of us bypassing the elemental's damage resistance, so it's upsetting that the Monk took so much damage. >_<
4:36 PM
can't be everywhere
Q: Does bounded accuracy effectively increase randomness in D&D 5e, compared to previous editions?

AverroesI have been reading D&D 5e for a forthcoming campaign and I have a small concern with bounded accuracy: Proficiency bonus growth at a low rate (a level 20 character has only a +6 proficiency bonus. whereas in previous incarnations of D&D, this would be a higher bonus in almost any case). Also mag...

Yeah, but I was in melee range the entire fight. 🤣 I passed my saving Throw against the first whelm (which does not deal damage on a successful saving throw) and then the Elemental just kept attacking people who weren't me. On the elemental's final attack, despite having Advantage, it rolled a nat3 and a nat5, coming short of my 14 armor class. (Other attack was directed at our adjacent Fighter)
@NautArch I like parts of the Whispers bard concept, I just don't like the whole "hey, i was a traitor all along" thing that's baked in.
I did get to flex with my new attack-mode-granted-by-Great-Weapon-Master-that-doesn't-have-an-actual-name-so-I-need-to-come-up-with-something-because-I-tried-to-call-it-reckless-attack-and-then-remembered-my-actual-barbarian-feature-is-already-called-that and deal like 30 points of damage in a single hit. Was (mostly) resisted, but still.
@Xirema just call it power attack because that's basically what it is
4:42 PM
@Carcer I mean, fair.
also then you can attack with reckless power and that's metal as hell
Yeah, our DM gives us the AC of creatures after we land a successful hit, so I ran numbers last week to work out which ACs the Power Attack is most ideal against. Presently, at level 4, it's AC ≤ 15; at level 5, it becomes AC ≤ 17.
That's with the inclusion of Reckless Attack, naturally.
reckless power but mathematically optimal
@Carcer Look, she has an Intelligence score of 12, she's allowed to be somewhat tactical. 😋
"Thog, why do you always attack so recklessly in combat?" "THOG CALCULATED THIS OPTIMAL STRATEGY"
no shade intended
4:47 PM
@Carcer hehehe
TBH, against the Water Elemental, I probably should have avoided using Power Attack. AC 14 makes it theoretically optimal, but if I guarantee landing at least one hit, I trigger my Zealot bonus, 1d6+2 Necrotic damage, which bypasses the elemental's resistance.
I didn't run the numbers specifically to handle the main attack being resisted, but I suspect the numbers would have shaken out differently if I had.
mm, yes
the bane of my optimisation is divine fury and all those "on first hit, bonus damage" features
I have a whole table of when GWM is better or worse based on advantage/disadvantage/neutral, AC, and expected damage, if you'd like
because I cannot figure out how to efficiently represent that in anydice and it makes calculating impossible
@Carcer Oh please. "First hit" is easy. "On one successful hit during your turn" is where I die.
Because you can assume the player always goes with "first hit" (because it's mathematically superior) but you techinically don't control that.
@Xirema My paladin nearly always used it. But I had also gotten a +3 weapon, so that tilted my strategy.
4:51 PM
@Medix2 That would be excellent to dump in the Elemental Plane of Math, I think. =3
I'm not saying it's actually difficult to script in an arbitrary programming language but it is an awful pain to try and do in Anydice, specifically
@NautArch Yeah, when I run those calculations, it usually ends up seeing AC 18-19 being the "break-even" point for level 20 characters with default maximal stats (max 20, no magic items, etc.) so any amount of magic items giving boosts to attack rolls is probably going to push it into the AC25-range, where literally only one creature in the entire game has an AC that high.
The only time I almost never used it was for the Sentinel maneuver to stop someone from moving away.
On that subject, in my other group (with my Paladin) we fought a creature that had an AC of 22 as part of a random encounter. That was an entertaining fight.
Still have no idea what it actually was.
@Carcer Could you have a function get called every time you hit that adds the damage, but the function returns 0 any time after the first? (Unsure if that has any chance of working, just an idea)
4:57 PM
@Medix2 no, anydice doesn't let you track state in that kind of way
the thing is I can write a script in anydice which would calculate this correctly, it is just very inefficient about doing it and so hits the execution timeout
there's no good way I have found to do it efficiently so that it's actually usable within anydice's execution constraints
5:26 PM
Are this question and this question some sort of duplicates?
@Medix2 I think we've ruled in the past that two questions having materially identical answers doesn't necessarily mean they're materially similar enough as questions to be marked duplicate.
I'm not sure. Because they are asking the same question (what happens to spell dc save when it changes after you've cost)
The big problem is that sometimes, with certain kinds of questions, the only way to know they're asking the same basic question is to have system mastery enough to recognize the connection.
The only real difference is that the polymorph has a specific way to change your calculation.
This is something I've complained about a lot w/r/t Stack Overflow: yes, two questions producing Segmentation Faults are ultimately dealing with the same root issue, but that doesn't make them duplicates (even though the users + system usually rule them as duplicates anyways).
Having said that, for these two questions, they're definitely very similar, and I don't plan to cast any votes, either to close as a duplicate or to reopen it. Only thing I would say is to link them together in the comments, but that's already been done.
5:35 PM
Oh no, another question without an edition tag...
@Medix2 crap. I think i have to delete my answer until they confirm.
@NautArch You're good. Just leave it.
@Rubiksmoose What's a mounted Knight Cleric?
@NautArch oh I missed that. What indeed?
@Rubiksmoose there's already another answer...want to mod close it?
5:44 PM
@NautArch A nun averse to the sun atop a Balikun.
I would assume it's a cleric on a horse and themed to be a knight
So a Paladin.
There's always War Cleric
@Medix2 contextually: it's important that if someone was looking up one question, they'll understand why they got pointed to the other instead. If they don't understand why that question is related to their concern, they won't understand why the answers are related to their concern.
To me personally both those questions took a lot of work to grok, so it might be hard for folks to make that connection.
There might be one singular question that would unambiguously handle both, but some topics are easier to manage just by covering them from the 2-3 angles we need to cover them from.
@NautArch It's super borderline to me, but I did close it. I'm hoping either the community thinks it is clear enough or OP specifies.
5:48 PM
Many questions come down to citing the same rules and covering approximately the same stuff while giving fundamentally different answers tailored to the specific details of the question.
@Rubiksmoose yeah, and username is dnd
@Medix2 The user does literally have DnD in their name, and there's 5e in the question title, so I'd say chances are good for what system they are asking about
@Someone_Evil i agree
@Someone_Evil Ah, well that's a good point. I'm just going to reopen it on second thought. It seems pretty clear what they are talking about.
Agreed I just remember this and how, to me, those questions screamed 5e-dnd, but apparently to add the tag would have been wrong
5:49 PM
Now confirmed in comment to Naut's answer. Crisis averted
whoops, it got closed because of the "knighted cleric" thing mb re-closing
(didn't see who closed it @_@)
@Medix2 that consensus is shifting (thankfully)
^And we'll have some more guidance on that soon for everyone.
@doppelgreener OP just confirmed in comments on my answer it's dnd 5e
I remember there being something more recent on it and I wrote an answer saying that guessing is bad, and honestly... Don't know if I agreed with it or was just trying to support what I thought was the regular practice
@NautArch i hear you, i mean more specifically the consensus around when it's OK to add an edition tag or not
@Rubiksmoose you closed it re the knighted cleric thing, i'll defer to you on whether or not it should be re-opened at this point (or the community's votes ofc)
@doppelgreener oh, yeah. I just meant in this case we got the clarification.
@doppelgreener I went ahead and reopened it since we got confirmation.
i think in recent years one factor has been a game of bad telephone in terms of perpetuating it forward.
[one meta question]
- someone explains the policy because it's the policy, not necessarily specifically because they believe in it or agree with it
- other ppl upvote it because it's a good explanation of the policy, not necessarily specifically because they believe in it or agree with it
[another meta question]
- someone sees the earlier question and goes "wow this person specifically wrote that because they believe in the policy and think it's good policy and so do all these other peop
That said I think by far one of the better things I've seen change over the few months I've been active is the "we don't know your system what is it..." sort of messages changing to "It seems like you are talking about X system..."
With this question is NathanS's edit okay? It makes the answers work, but without OP actually saying that's correct it seems problematic.
5:56 PM
granted that's not to say there's nobody who believes in the policy or agree with the policy, but it's hard to tell which way it's falling when someone's just recounting/explaining the policy
@NautArch The [monsters] tag should be on there either way, no?
@Someone_Evil yeah
Is the alternate question: "Do dryads have a charm spell (that works on demons)?" which seems like it has a pretty obvious answer
@Someone_Evil yeah, good point. Charm Monster is a 4th level spell, but the Dryad currently caps at 2nd.
So couldn't even swap it out to get it.
6:13 PM
Rereading through the various Qs and As on the "Don't guess the system policy" is very strange. Interesting seeing the same people answer different things at different times and you get that odd feeling of seeing really compelling points made by multiple different sides of proposed changes/policies
I think I'm now even less sure on what I would want the policy to be XD
I don't want there to be a policy. Guidelines suffice.
Oh right right, apologies. I often forget those words are different since I've never actually had a site that used both terms and often see one used where the other was meant
Or rather, in my head guidelines are just a part of a policy. A policy is a collection of rules and guidelines
6:38 PM
@Medix2 No worries I think the same way lol
7:09 PM
Haha, yeah. One reason why we emphasize that these are often not hard rules but general guidelines. The lines are fuzzy... And, in this case, opinions may have changed over time :)
Did I (accidentally) or someone else remove my welcome comment on this question?
I did, mostly because I saw that they'd already taken the tour :P
Ok, just had a real moment of "did I accidentally delete both comments?". Glad that's not the case at least
7:34 PM
any google analytics gurus in here?
7:48 PM
@NautArch For what?
@Medix2 I've noticed something weird in our analytics report that links to our website from other sites when clicked show up as Direct and not referred by the originating site.
All I can think of is that either the referring source is explicitly ignored by Google or the site has removed its own tracking variables, but if it's lots of sites then yeah idk
Except it can't be the latter case since apparently there are links back, hmm. Yeah, not a clue then
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This question could benefit from some editing assistance: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/163312/…
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I've made some preliminary edits, mostly for spelling and rough grammar, but this needs some formatting help and some general cleanup as well
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Yearkiller, by Swords and Flowers, is a solo LARP for the new year. It is a game about facing adversity, finding the strength we need to overcome the impossible, and making sacrifices for what we love deeply.
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For D&D 5e, would a question asking about the history of the Artificer be workable on the site?
re this question, noting that the OP has visited the site again so presumably seen the state of stuff but hasn't commented or done anything so no idea what they actually think about it now, I am tempted to edit the question again to re-add some mention of alignment as in the original revision, if only to make QW's answer sort of make sense as a response to the question again
@Someone_Evil My gut says yes, but only if you're looking for an overview of the features and not a detailed changelog. Though maybe even the latter could work?
@BESW dunno if it's even history-of-gaming, dungeons-and-dragons probably works just as well if it's a history across editions
10:53 PM
Q: What is the history of the Eldritch Knight as a class/character option?

PixelArtDragonWhen was the Eldritch Knight first introduced, and what is the basis for the kind of character? Obviously there's the space for some kind of cross between a mage and a warrior in D&D and other TTRPGs, but why was it specifically called "Eldritch Knight"? My first encounter with this name was ...

@Rubiksmoose the latter is specifically answerable, albeit maybe not applying expertise, just reading a lot and collating
@BESW fair enough. Not mutually exclusive tags!
I want for 5e only. It's published in 3 (?) UA articles and finalized in two books which differ slightly in what content is available
@Carcer Yeah I'd say it would be on topic but not particularly useful or entertaining.
@Someone_Evil strictly, isn't WGtE now errata'd to match E:RftLW?
@BESW Y'see, it all began with a poorly translated Spanish copy of The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore...
10:55 PM
@Carcer WGtE doesn't have two of the subclasses
@Yuuki In the beginning...
And this is why I want to have this question on the stack
Excited by the fascinating character of a noble but misunderstood dark elf, many a young Spanish D&D player rolled up their own version of El Drittche.
@Someone_Evil I mean, it's fair enough. It's on topic and limited enough in scope to be eminently answerable, it's just one of those questions which can come across as somewhat "do my homework for me", since you demonstrate enough understanding of the system that you could presumably just read all the published versions of the artificer and understand the differences yourself.
I'm definitely looking at self answering, but I wanted to check that the question is good (or at least not wildly off mark) before doing the writeup
11:01 PM
@Someone_Evil definitely on topic for the stack, I don't think you need worry about that
While we're on the topic, would a magical skin irritation be called "The Elder Itch"?
@Yuuki "an eldritch" works better
New Warlock Patron: The Eldritch.
> Various irritating bumps manifest in patches on your skin.
The Elder Itch sounds like a really scaled down Lovecraftian story
@Someone_Evil The Elder Itch sounds like a certain kind of parody of Lovecraft to be honest
11:08 PM
Yeah, that's probably more like it
like the seven-year itch except cthulhu is involved
@Carcer look, this is why you should have your partners to do std tests
who knows what beings of unfathomable powers for whom time means nothing get up to and with whom?
@Yuuki it's literally unknowable
that's the whole problem
and the hole problem, I guess
11:39 PM
Wow who knew that slow fall would be such a large topic.
11:58 PM
@Yuuki lol

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