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12:29 AM
Q: How to keep specific players interested in an 8 person party?

J. WagnerI would like to avoid any "they should just leave" answers, as we all know that is obviously a possibility. We have an 8 person campaign for 5e, and it has been going on for about a year now. When we first started it was just a big group of friends wanting to hang out and play a game together. B...

@BESW Did you ever find out if your copy of Ki Khianga was a misprint?
@Adeptus I saw a RPG like that; I can't remember the name of it but it drew inspiration from a lot of other settings - 40K, Dune, Starship Troopers, Deadspace, a whole bunch of stuff. It doesn't hide it (and if it was trying to hide it, they didn't do it very well at all) but it does do well to balance it all together.
1:08 AM
In 5e is it ever possible to know a spells lowest casting level without know its level? There's a discussion going on where some are saying that if you don't know the spells level you can look at its lowest casting level and that will tell you.
@jgn Are there spells that do not have "Level" and "Lowest Casting Level" as equal?
1:30 AM
Q: Once Conjure Animal ends, do all animal body parts disappear?

iaminsensibleI was reading about poisons when I stumbled upon the "Serpent Venom". In short, you can harvest the poison of a Giant Poisonous Snake and then use it on weapons / poison edibles. I was wondering, if I use Conjure Animals to spawn eight Giant Poisonous Snakes can I harvest their poison and store i...

Q: Nystul’s Magic vs Scrying. Does it in any way help a target in hiding from a scry?

Fork FrogI've not been able to find an answer to this. If it has been addressed, or if I am overlooking something obvious, I apologize. The potential interaction of the two spells, seems ambiguous to me. And I can't figure out if there is a possibility that Nystul’s Magic Aura might serve to cloud a Scry...

1:41 AM
@BlackSpike The closest I know of are features which make them unequal, eg Tiefling can cast Hellish Rebuke as a level 2 spell. But still, that just makes the spell level 2...
2:40 AM
@goodguy5 reddit.com/subreddits (at least via old reddit). On the redesign I think they just combined it all into the single search bar at the top
@Adeptus Heh. I enjoyed Grimm (at least for most of its run), but it really got progressively more ridiculous towards the end. They clearly didn't know how to handle Juliette's character arc as the show continued... I didn't like where they took it, especially when there was such a more obvious (and better, in my opinion) way to bring her into the story - in fact, it seemed so obvious that I thought it was intentionally what they were setting up.
@NeutralVax I only got about 4 episodes into campaign 2 before falling forever behind. I never watched S1.
2:55 AM
@V2Blast Yeah, Grimm clearly bit off a lot more than it could chew, in terms of themes and allegory, and it struggled to stay coherent.
@jgn I don't exactly understand the question. Would probably need to see the context to understand it. (sounds like an "X-Y problem", as it were)
3:11 AM
@V2Blast This is most likely the context: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/162961 and also this: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/103319
@V2Blast Because I'm absolutely insane, I'm on around episode 89 of campaign one.
@Medix2 correct. Looking for a sanity check on this one because afaik lowest casting level is a direct result of spell level. The only "exception" I know if is above when a spell can "be cast as a level X spell" which is questionable to say the least.
I honestly can't follow whatever is being argued in that chat, it all seems circular or moot to me
A spell is cast at the level of the spell slot expended. If a spell slot is not expended it is cast at its lowest level (the base-level of the spell), unless otherwise noted
"Q. **What level is a spell if you cast it without a spell slot?**
A. Such a spell is cast at its lowest possible level, which is the
level that appears near the top of its description."
"Unless you have a special ability that says otherwise, the only way to increase the level of a spell is to expend a higher-level spell slot when you cast it [...] This rule is true for player characters and monsters alike, which is why the innate spellcasters in the Monster Manual must cast an innate spell at its lowest possible level."
@Medix2 The spell level is listed on the spell unless explicitly stated. "What level is the spell when cast" is closely related, but unless you know the level of the spell first, that can't be answered. The argument the answer put forward by others "the spell is of the level that you cast it" assumes that OP knows the level of the spell already, but that doesn't seem to be true from the question "Do innate spells have a level?"
But innate spells do get their level from the spell (unless explicitly stated) IMO, which is then used to determine the level it is cast at. I don't think that is too crazy of a thing to say
Yeah sorry, I am just having a hard time following it and find the text I quoted to be the most direct and clear way of explaining how spells (even innate ones) and their levels work
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I don't see the point. No one actually seems to be saying anything different.
Does anyone have a copy/paste for the script to welcome new contributors?
There isn't really one
I usually go for: "Hi welcome to the site! Take the [tour] if you haven't already and you can visit the [help] for further guidance. You can respond to comments from a user with @ followed by a username. Good luck and happy gaming!"
Do i need a direct link to the tour? I'm not sure how you format a link in a comment
You can use [tour] to "magic link" to the tour, alternatively you can put a word in brackets and then a link after it in parentheses. Something [like this](link). Something like this
I didn't know that magic links existed, thanks.
Here's a helpful list from Meta SE, and here's one from the RPG Stack
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Q: Does the spell See Invisibility enable you to see a hidden creature?

Rosco.p.coltraneDoes the spell See Invisibility allow you to see a hidden creature (not one that is invisible)? Assume that the creature has already hidden successfully (i.e. its stealth roll beat your passive perception). Also assume that it's not behind full cover. I assume no because invisible and hidden ...

@NeutralVax This might also be useful:
Q: We could use some more pro-forma comments

Brian Ballsun-StantonI'd like to brainstorm some possibilities for the modal comment-interventions that we tend to do: Welcome to the site, but your question needs work because reasons Welcome to the site, but your answer needs work because reasons Please stop arguing in comments! Please don't answer in comments. R...

@NeutralVax Hm, there definitely are people saying otherwise though.
Wow I accidentally welcomed myself to the site.
The sound of one hand clapping
Oh I meant to ask, @NeutralVax What is your name from?
3:49 AM
Its a combination of D&D alignment and anti-vaxxers. So instead of being "Anti-vax" I'm simply "neutral vax"
Ah gotcha, I'd figured it was something about vax/anti-vax which just kinda set off some alarm bells for me, glad for the false alarm
Hm, maybe I should change it to Chaotic Neutral Vax
And now I wish there were a way to view questions deleted by other users...
Oooh wait...
@NeutralVax Or, if you like to surf, Chaotic Neutral Wax
Hey do I need to tweak anything in this answer. It's getting downvoted and I'm not sure why. rpg.stackexchange.com/a/163025/55495
I'm fine with adjusting anything as needed
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@KorvinStarmast Radical dude
If I'm just wrong or giving crappy advice, I can just take it down
@V2Blast Juliette's arc has some... developments... where I'm up to, that I'm not sure if I like yet. I also accidentally read a spoiler about something else in her future, that I really don't like.
@NeutralVax I think your answer is a bit "rail-roady". It kinda comes across as "this is the only way you can handle it". It reads that way at least.
Yeah a lot of it seems, idk, didactic? The first paragraph very much comes across as a 'you must do this' when that's a pretty hot topic
At the very least, we don't know what went down in the conversation between the player and the GM, for all we know the player got angry out of absolutely nowhere
@NeutralVax the advice isn't bad, not sure if the insistance on an apology as lead in is necessary, but I understand why you recommend that as a way to acknowledge the hurt from the previous conversation. And they are friends.
@Medix2 we only ever get one side of the story, yeah, that makes some of these tricky
4:11 AM
I think if you loosen up a bit on "what you must do" or "how it must be done", instead just going on a more 3rd-degree approach, it should make it a bit better.
Does anybody know if the set of moderators for a site take into account when those mods are likely to be active and when the userbase is most active?
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Q: Would there be any major balance implications for swapping the Soulknife rogue's daggers to deal fire damage as opposed to psychic?

Himitsu_no_YamiI have a specific character concept in mind but for it to work I would need to change the UA Psionic Rogue's Psychic Daggers into Fire Daggers. I plan to ask my DM about it but before I do I want to be aware of any possible balance implications in the damage type change. Would it be over- or unde...

4:54 AM
@Medix2 What do you mean?
@NeutralVax In addition to what others said, I imagine at least part of it is due to the, uh... encouragement(?) of roleplaying how bigoted the setting is. (Which could also explain the downvote on the question, at least partly.) It's fine to roleplay in-universe bigotry if everyone in the group's okay with it... But in general, it's not something I'd go with unless everyone's explicitly okay with it
that said, I don't think your answer's too bad in that front
D&D livestream time
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast momentarily: https://www.twitch.tv/bigdredwun

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
@V2Blast Imagine all mods are UTC and all users are UTC+12
@NeutralVax Maybe because of "If you want to remain friends with him, you need to admit that you may have been partially in the wrong and show a willingness to improve" - if someone is being overly sexual that is a 'them' problem, and the group doesn't need to adjust to allow more graphic sex. I'm not sure about the people who downvoted your answer, but I don't really see this as a "meet in the middle" kind of issue. It is perfectly find to have firm boundaries, "no graphic sex" seems ok to me.
Thats about all I can think of.
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Hi folks
8:45 AM
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@Medix2 timezone coverage is one of the criteria people should evaluate by when electing moderators if there's a shortfall, and I'm pretty sure some stacks have probably held elections on the basis that they needed more mods to cover a specific timezone
10:46 AM
@Carcer Sadly it's something that can't really be handled by plain stack democracy, it'd need a quota or somesuch
Or electing more moderators, either at once so there would be a good probability of getting around-the-clock coverage, or "one more until we have full coverage" which has a bunch of problems of its own
3 hours later…
1:41 PM
@V2Blast Oh wow, I was really tired writing that question. That seems pretty bad now, i think I might delete it and completely rewrite it.
Wait, is there finally a button for the timeline on posts? (just below the votes)
love it
2:04 PM
yes I just noticed that too
it is very good
2:21 PM
@NeutralVax was just to about to comment on that! It's pretty cool.
@KorvinStarmast The creation mechanics of an invisible stalker are also kind of a hurdle.
so i had an interesting idea for descent into avernus but I may take this to not a bar so I don't spoil anyone
probably a good idea :)
unless you can talk about in generalities
It's about the ending so yeah
2:35 PM
Heroforge has a kickstarter for full-color printing.
@NautArch What is?
@NeutralVax Is full-color 3d printing of miniatures.
@NautArch Can you check DDB real quick for the Eberron playable races from RfTLW? I can't recall if Changeling / shifter is classed as shapeshifter or humanoid type, and if Warforged is classed as construct or Humanoid (though I think it's the latter)
@NautArch that's sick
@KorvinStarmast none of the playable races have a type specified in that way
2:42 PM
@jgn +1. Seven Sided die had a great answer about "sexy times" stuff at the table that is I think related to this Q&A a little bit
@Carcer Thanks
@KorvinStarmast All humanoids only.
@Carcer Minotaur and centaur from Ravnica are fey, are they not?
@KorvinStarmast My only problem with @jgn's answer is that OP had said in their question that they are okay with sexy times at the table.
Quick Smash Bros. rant: why another FE character. WHY?!
@Someone_Evil Centaur is, minotaur not
the Eberron races don't have traits defining their type like the centaur does though
"humanoid" is assumed by default unless contradicted by a trait (and honestly I'm guessing the centaur only has this because it's obviously not humanoid)
2:52 PM
@Rubiksmoose What's FE? Fire Emblem?
@kviiri Ah yes, my bad. Fire Emblem indeed.
@kviiri Funky Eberron?
To be fair, Byleth has a very different fighting style so at least it will be more novel. /s
@NautArch Flower Embedding
2:56 PM
@NautArch Thanks.
3:17 PM
@Rubiksmoose boooooooooooooooooooooooooo
The up/downvotes on those 5 release videos are very telling
I saw a good meme and can't find it atm,

"Sakurai's oops all Fire Emblem"
woof. those flags from the Factory Floor...did a grandpa simpson in that room.
@KorvinStarmast nm. I misinterpreted OP's statement about 'romance'.
3:56 PM
@Rubiksmoose Because FE is one of the best selling franchises in Japan and also sells well in America (and elsewhere), so it appeals to a their audience. But yeah, I feel that. Meanwhile Mario and Pokémon also have a ton of reps
Is the new FE character at least a girl? I tried to set up an AI vs AI 4v4 in SSBU with the Nintendo Princesses on one side and the Fire Emblem girls on the other, but the Fire Emblem side was short of a full roster, so I had to stick Bayonetta in as a replacement.
(I have neither watched the reveal trailer nor know who these characters actually are)
Though we were literally told we'd be getting fighter from underrepresented games so yeah... Bad move
@Xirema They're either like Corrin, Robin, and Wii-Fit
@Medix2 Fair enough.
4:11 PM
@Medix2 and most of the pokemon.
@goodguy5 hahaha
@Medix2 Yeah it makes sense, it's just a bit disappointing. Which is kind of silly because of the immense representation of different game franchises already but there you go.
@Xirema also, Marth counts and you know it
I'm personally hoping for Sora to be included at some point.
I'm a goku man, myself
@Rubiksmoose want to unpin "Have you ever played Out of the Abyss?" as it never materialized and was mostly spam?
4:15 PM
@goodguy5 That would be highly entertaining for me, but I can definitely live with out it.
@GcL Done.
lemme grab the list I just wrote for my buddy a couple minutes ago
Golf Story guy
Steve (Minecraft)
Dark Cloud 2

pick one of the protagonists from various big title 3rd party games that came to switch. Skyrim being first to mind. Dark Souls would be good too.
I like those. A lot of those could be really fun I think.
I would want Sora, Rayman, or a Bandicoot
I feel like the latter 2 would play the same, but not bad choices.
you crazy kids and your smash bros.
4:22 PM
You could have Crash do stuff with Masks, or the racing games, but yeah don't need all of them and I'm perfectly happy with the current cast
back in my day, we only had 8 smash bros!
I miss Board the Platforms
Game is just way too hectic for me.
I want Sub Zero, from Mortal Kombat.
I also stink at fighting games.
4:23 PM
Fatalities and all
I may have inappropriately shown one to my almost 8-year old (Injustice.)
Can people confirm that you can now see a timeline icon under posts?
It's not that bloody, but I randomly picked Joker and the cut scenes and some of his move were problematic.
@goodguy5 That would be fun! Or Cyrex (sp?)
@Rubiksmoose confirmed
4:23 PM
One last present from Shog9 I think.
@Rubiksmoose Yes, and I'm a big fan
Excellent :) I'm glad it is accessible for non-mods. It was pretty useful to me before and I never really understood why it was hidden. (of course the mods get more info on theirs, but a lot of the time I'm looking for the normal stuff).
@Rubiksmoose Although is it a privilege? I ask because it shows votes for me. Is Timeline itself privileged or just the votes part (priviliged along with Established User?)
@DavidCoffron Gooood question.
Q: Add a link to the timeline of a post

stemaFor the past year I have been quite active on SO and a bit on meta, but I had never heard of the timeline of a post until today in a comment on meta. There was an announcement by Jeff Atwood two years ago of this feature as "experimental". (Timeline for that question). This feature was requeste...

> A new feature here is that by default the timeline page will exclude daily vote summaries. Logged-in users will be able to toggle these on.
4:36 PM
Was the timeline accessible before today by non-Mods?
@DavidCoffron It looks like it isn't a privilege as I can still see vote summaries on sites where I neither have diamond nor established privileges.
Of note, the timeline button doesn't exist on mobile (obviously, it does if you open the page as it's desktop version)
@Medix2 It was, you just had to construct the URL manually, or have a script to add the button for you.
@Rubiksmoose Interesting... Maybe an oversight? Not that I really care if sub-1000 rep users can access vote counts, but just an inconsistency
Ah, I've also now opened the timeline page and then gone back to mobile version and yeah it's very much not a mobile-friendly page XD
4:38 PM
May 31 '19 at 16:32, by Rubiksmoose
@Someone_Evil So, SOX puts a link below the question to the timeline. Otherwise you have to get to it manually by going to https://rpg.stackexchange.com/posts/[postID]/timeline I think
@DavidCoffron Interesting observation though! The main reason that the privilege is not granted to all users by default is because it greatly reduced the number of operations run since vote counting for every single user was costly. I'm guessing this is not an issue with the timeline since the reports are only run once a day if I had to guess.
That timeline thing is pretty cool
Thanks for telling me about it
If I get exactly 50 reputation for the rest of this week, I'll be 8th in week, month, quarter, and year... (assuming no one else moves, which is a silly assumption)
Well, timeline does not like mobile even in desktop mode XD
Delete everybody else's accounts so they can't move
4:43 PM
Out of curiosity, is there a way to see how much reputation I got in my "best week" or "best month"? Or to see what the highest scoring of any user's "best week" or "best month", etc. would be?
@DavidCoffron Sounds like a job for SEDE!
@Rubiksmoose Vote summeries with up and down, and not just net change today? (latter is what I get when on a site without established)
@Someone_Evil Ah. Likewise:
@DavidCoffron Which of your stuff do you need me to downvote?
@DavidCoffron Hmmm A quick series of SEDE searches yielded nothing.
@Someone_Evil Oh actually it only says "score"
4:50 PM
Not really sure how SEDE works but could you have it look at daily reputation in 7 day increments and just find the highest value?
You can see all the days that I dropped bounties, lol:
@Medix2 Yup. You could.
Sum 7 days compare to next 7 day sum, throw out smaller sum. Compare to next 7 day sum, throw out smaller sum...
Well, some of the days (i.e. the ones where my vote reputation didn't compensate, bc I've definitely done more than 10)
One day I somehow lost 80 reputation because deleted user, I now know what happened but that was a weird day
4:52 PM
@Medix2 I guess it could be that too
@DavidCoffron Or you could just go to the tab which lists the bounties you've offered
@Someone_Evil Oh...
5:26 PM
@Medix2 Losing rep from deleted users bothers me way more than it should. "Who is this jerk and how dare they delete their account knowing it will affect me!"
I don't think I've ever noticed.
Q: Conflict with a new player

EliosSo I started GMing in this huge sandbox world-bulding i've prepared in the last 6 month. At the beginning everything was fine and I was able to start a campaign with 4 players whom I've known for a while. One day, I ended up inviting this friend, who's a really nice guy, but turned out to be a pa...

@GcL It doesn't happen super often here in my experience. Also it doesn't bother me that much, just more than it should (which would be not at all).
I get sad when my numbers go down
numbers should always be going up
those are good numbers
numbers of errors. numbers of hours spent looking for that thing that was right there all along. number of times pinky toe gets stubbed...
High scores to be had abound
5:40 PM
number of legos stepped on
Oh I'm sorry Mr. Microwave. I meant power level 10, not ten minutes of turning my food to lava inside.
@NautArch counterpoint: number of times legos weren't stepped on
Legos to the feet... tracking detect traps fails?
@Yuuki which keeps decrementing
are legos bludgeoning or piercing damage?
Number of bad numbers not going down?
5:46 PM
@NautArch Necrotic as the pain echoes into your sole.
@Yuuki seems legit
or would that be psychic?
@Yuuki that's the yuuki i was expecting
Sometimes, it's hard to decide whether I make the wordplay more or less obvious.
They eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the feet are the soles of the soul.
Legos deal Lego damage
Nothing resists it
@Medix2 it's like the overchannel damage for an evocation wizard
5:52 PM
So I'm definitely taking everything that has happened to me today and turning it into a D&D One-Shot: "The Ultimate Quest for Printer Toner".
With subquests such as "The facility manager doesn't answer IMs or Emails, so you'll need to search for him in the building while he's on lunch break" and "Oh, I'm not responsible for that kind of printer, you'll need to ask the Senior Manager up on the 8th floor".
@Medix2 but combat boots provide damage reduction
Clearly you've never fought the Lego Boss
@Medix2 I bull the Lego Boss. :)
Sweet! Someone in my party did grab my previous wizard's spellbook.
This feels like a "Classic Stack" moment for me
6:07 PM
I usually just remove my own comment and upvote others instead when that happens
@Medix2 Everyone jump on and be helpful! Feel the crushing weight of the good natured assistance! Wait... don't run away. We're helping!
@goodguy5 how many skeletons in a us ton?
@NautArch Couinting armor scraps or not?
@DavidCoffron I guess probably counting so that they're at least effective
@NautArch That's a bit broad of a question... could you marrow it down a bit?
6:09 PM
@GcL oof!
about 30 lbs per skeleton.
so, between 66 and 67 US skeletons in a US ton
@Sdjz And then everybody deletes them at once
@Medix2 That has happened once, yes :) No issue really, someone just comments again
@goodguy5 given the other answers about generating undead, that's not too bad.
@GcL Maybe you could help and we could write it jointly together?
@goodguy5 My minotaur skeletons are more like 20kg while the minitaur skeletons are only 7kg
@NautArch You're boned if you're asking for my help.
6:12 PM
@GcL Oh c'mon, Your input won't fracture the answer.
@NautArch If it's UK skeletons and a British ton, it's 88-89 skeletons
@NautArch I think you'll find all my skeletal knowledge rather crypt-ic
@NautArch If we assume 10 lbs for armor scraps (since they are basically Leather anyway), and count their weapons, it is 45 skeletons (assuming 30 lbs dry weight for a skeleton)
@GcL I promise I'll be in-denture-ed if you contribute
@DavidCoffron Trying to de-ossify my position on the matter is going to leave us with nothing to go on about.
@GcL I think Oseein (pronounced Ah SEEn) your problem. You just don't want to have to tell a fibula about your bone knowledge
6:25 PM
This conversation is humorous
@goodguy5 We're taking it to the maxillum
@goodguy5 (Maxilla)
(and also I thought that maxillum was the singular, kind of like "bacterium-bacteria" or "datum-data", but I was wrong)
(but it's maxilla-maxillae)
Looks like I've capitated the rest of the puns. No one has the spine to break my streak.
I was trying to be lenient, but now it's time to be sternum - wait your turn.
@goodguy5 I'll flex my mandible, and be distal for a moment.
interesting that reincarnation in 5e seems to imply that your race is malleable, but your career is not.
Where you can just have someone keep casting
6:41 PM
@NautArch What do you mean. You can certainly change careers.
@DavidCoffron isn't the implication that your character returns as-is (same class), but you have a new body from a new race (maybe)?
@NautArch Ah, yes. That is the case
@DavidCoffron so the 5e soul isn't based on your race, but on your experience and what you've done.
I thought you meant like you can't choose to pursue a different action in-universe
you're always a cleric. just not necessarily an elf-cleric.
6:44 PM
Ah. I gotcha. Yeah, that appears to be the case. Although I'm not sure what that means for the afterlife.
If you are reincarnated into an elf body, can you no longer go to orc heaven?
I guess it depends on the specific deity (at least for the FR mythos):
> The servants of the gods come to collect such souls and, if they are worthy, they are taken to their awaited afterlife in the deity’s domain.
@DavidCoffron You mean ValHella ?
Which I imagine is like the rock concert at the end of warcraft 3
@GcL Valley of Hell? Sounds like the name a bunch of dwarves gave to a place because a really rich dwarf wants the pretty trees to himself
7:31 PM
@Someone_Evil Ah, can non-mods finally see that button? (I think there are some events only mods can see listed there for mods, but the timeline has technically been publicly accessible via URL-editing - just without a button until now for some reason.)
Q: Add a link to the timeline of a post

stemaFor the past year I have been quite active on SO and a bit on meta, but I had never heard of the timeline of a post until today in a comment on meta. There was an announcement by Jeff Atwood two years ago of this feature as "experimental". (Timeline for that question). This feature was requeste...

Q: Make existing timeline icon of a post available to anybody and not only to mods

Pierre.VriensI noticed that on a site where I'm a moderator, there is a small icon below the up-/downvote buttons and favorite icons of every post, which looks like a small clock, and which actually links to the timeline of that post. Here is a sample of such icon:                                              

shout out to Shog9 for coding the feature and Yaakov for making sure it got released/announced :)
@V2Blast It was implemented by Shog9, as Yaakov says.
ah true, I hadn't actually read to the end of the post yet :P
edited ;)
Wonder how reincarnate works with the Song Wizard or whatever (they have to be elves right?)
@KorvinStarmast Changelings are shapechangers, by virtue of the trait they have being named "shapechanger":
Q: Are unwilling Changeling PCs from "Eberron: Rising from the Last War" now immune to the Polymorph spell?

RallozarXIn the original question Are Changelings immune to the Polymorph spell?, it was decided that because Changelings didn't have the Shapeshifter trait (though the answer should have said Shapechanger), the Polymorph spell would still work on them. Now, with the release of Eberron: Rising from the La...

Q: How do I play in an adventure as a player that I have run as a DM?

darnokAfter playing the starter edition as a DM, a player that I was playing with wanted to give DMing a shot and asked me to join him. And I happily did. We are now 2 sessions in and I have noticed a problem. I know everything. Since I DMed the adventure myself I know every nook and cranny of it and...

7:38 PM
but Shapechanger's just a "creature tag", as it were, not a type. They're still humanoid, as are all PC races except centaurs in GGTR (they're fey).
@Rubiksmoose Because Fire Emblem is the best (...but also I haven't owned a Smash Bros. game since melee and haven't really played through any of the FE games in full since the original Western release (later called Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade) on GBA)
Some UA isn't humanoid, right? What about Minotaur?
I meant all published ones
centaurs and minotaurs in the UA they both appeared in had 2 types
I think humanoid and monstrosity
Ah gotcha, guess Minotaur never got published somewhere
bladesinger? Only elves and half-elves can choose the bladesinger arcane tradition. In the world of Faerûn, elves closely guard the secrets of bladesinging.

Your DM can lift this restriction to better suit the campaign. The restriction reflects the story of bladesingers in the Forgotten Realms, but it might not apply to your DM’s setting or your DM’s version of the Realms.
@V2Blast I mean, I do love me some FE, despite the fact that I can't seem to ever finish a game.
7:43 PM
@Medix2 Hehe. It happens sometimes. If I see there's already a comment saying what I would say I just delete mine, or edit it to be complementary rather than repetitive :P
Minotaur's also in GGTR
just as humanoid
I believe
@Medix2 Minotaur got published in Ravnica
@V2Blast Grr... Got ninja';d
@NautArch Yeah Bladesinger. So what happens if a Bladesinger is reincarnated as a non-elf race?
7:47 PM
Well, they've already been taught about it.

However, if an elf finds an orc practicing bladesinging in the wild, they might be hostile.
*more hostile
@Medix2 I think we have a question on that, rummages...
Q: What happens to a Bladesinger reincarnated as a Human?

Matthieu M.The Bladesinging subclass (Sword Coast Adventurer Guide, p. 141) of the Wizard class is restricted to Elves. If a High-Elf with 4 levels in the Wizard (Bladesinging) class dies and is reincarnated in a Human body, then what happens? Will they lose levels? Swap their sub-class? Keep their sub-cl...

I'm more interested in like the moonblade. If you are attuned to the moonblade, but then your race changes, do you lose attunement?
You do, we also have a question on that
Q: Do resurrected characters automatically re-attune to their magic items?

AdamIn the basic rules (Pg. 58) as well as in the DMG (Pg. 138), the section on attunement states (emphasis mine): A creature’s attunement to an item ends if the creature no longer satisfies the prerequisites for attunement, if the item has been more than 100 feet away for at least 24 hours...

8:08 PM
@Medix2 That's the one I was thinking about right after I asked.
I'm half tempted to answer this question by just copying over what all the related answers have said and saying "it's unclear"
@Medix2 I think that would be a valid answer
8:31 PM
@V2Blast I will review the MM terminology when I get home tonight and update that note accordingly.
Anybody know if there's a way to shorten a comment link? I know in a question link you can get rid of "uestion" at least. But what can I do with this: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/107469/…
Q: Is a +1 chain shirt strictly inferior to a breastplate?

Nacht - Reinstate MonicaMy character really likes chain shirts. He much prefers them to other armor like for instance a breastplate. I thought maybe I could make up for his tastes with a piece of magical armor, since usually magic items are considered stronger than mundane ones. But I'm realising that it's still not qu...

@Medix2 https://rpg.stackexchange.com/q/107469/#comment258638_107484
Oh you can get rid of the number before the #, interesting
As I understand it, whatever is behind the octothorpe is just a key the browser will look for on the page and jump down to
8:44 PM
You dare use the word octothorpe (I kid)
9:06 PM
@Someone_Evil I didn't know that was a term for it. I am very glad to know of it (always feels weird to call it a pound sign or a hashtag when I'm not referring to telephone numbers or social media)
@DavidCoffron Pound sign has nothing to do with telephones; it is technically more correct as the origin of the symbol is a corruption of lb. which is a (latin?) abbreviation for pound
@DavidCoffron A lot of people also just use "number sign"
@Someone_Evil shrug that is just the only time I consistently hear people call it the pound sign (or more accurately "pound key")
I think lb comes from libra for scale/pound (talentum)
@Medix2 That one too.
9:09 PM
Meanwhile & (ampersand) came from saying the alphabet too fast so...
@Medix2 Huh?
How does ampersand come from alphabet?
The alphabet once ended in "x, y, z, and per se & (and)" where & was the 27th letter of the alphabet called "and"
"And per se and" said fast enough --> ampersand
> Double-You Ecks, Why-and-zee.... ← alphabet song
Q: What Is the Real Name of the #?

Michel AyresI used to say "sharp sign" to refer to the # sign. Today a friend told me that the correct term is number sign or hash sign or even just hash. What is the difference between these options and what's the correct usage of the names for this sign?

@Xirema You've reminded me how awful some of the spelt out letters are... aitch
9:14 PM
@Medix2 Oh... That's weird
Maybe it was only me, but I always blurred those last three syllables.
As a kid I was always confused why n showed up in the middle and then also right before z...
@Medix2 Sometimes I pronounce it "Haych".
Mostly when I'm spelling out acronyms.
@Medix2 My alphabet ends in æøå, no & anywhere though
9:19 PM
Meanwhile the "alphabet" I use often ends in ħʕʔhɦ
@Someone_Evil My alphabet ends iff my mind collapses to the great nothingness that is the void.
My alphabet g̶̯̖̈́͌̕͜e̸͍͆t̷͙͖̔̊͜s̷̘͠ͅͅ ̷̛̹̻̖̻͐͊͛w̶̭̥͓̍͠ͅe̷̲̰̓̀̈́̏ĭ̷͖̳̣̿͒̎͜r̶̨̻͍̀̃̋̓d̷̻͚̙̓̔͝͝ ̸͈́̑̏͆i̴̞͐f̷̣̘͘̚ ̵̧̮͙̝͑̄́̓y̴̧̩̘͌̊o̸̤͍͇͊ͅu̴̡̬̪̫̎ ̵͈͑͗s̴̬̤͒̑t̸̯̺͔̭̊̌a̶͇̖͊r̷͈͈̘̓̔͑͊e̶͖͑̏ ̸̰̪̲̱͘͠a̸̱͗t̸͍̦̾ ̶̡̬̰́i̶̞͈͋t̵̯̄̀̑ ̶͇̹͎́̊̌f̸̮͇̩́̎ö̵͈́̇̆r̸͚̉͆͌ ̴̟̜͠ť̸̨̘͍̙͝ő̴̢̢̡͎͠͝ȯ̵͙͖ ̵̭͙͙͒͗̆͠l̶̝̮͍̣̉o̷͕̓͑n̵͕̈́̕͝͝g̵̢̝̃.
I'll never really understand that font/thing ^ especially since it loads completely differently depending on my device and broswer
@Medix2 Unicode has a "feature" where you can stick accents/diacritics on any letter you choose; and those "accents/diacritics" are legally allowed to be any valid character, which itself could have its own augmenting accents/diacritics, which are legally allowed to be.......
You get the idea.
At any rate, unicode is also very difficult to implement, so browsers have varying degrees of "compliance" to the standard.
9:34 PM
I'm all for the diacritics on your diacritics (heck, I've used them in actual real-world things) but wow, yeah that's a lot
Q: Invisible stalker as a character?

EfialtesI'm DMing a game of DND 5e and one of my players really really wants to be an invisible stalker character. I told him no right off the bat, because being invisible 24/7 is way too op first of all and could be campaign breaking. But he's extremely insistent about it, is there a way to make a so...

@DavidCoffron Well that was a fascinating read.
10:28 PM
@Rubiksmoose Someday I'll read your name as Rubiks-Moose and not Rubik-Smoose
10:56 PM
If somebody has asked questions lately about Change-Shape, polymorph, simulacrum, and reincarnate, is it alright to leave a comment asking if they're simply curious about this stuff or if there's some ultimate goal they're trying to achieve? At least to me, all of these spells/abilities seems similar/related.
11:24 PM
@Medix2 Your reading sounds more fun
@Xirema Oh god, you haven't tried to use regex to parse html have you?
@Medix2 That seems like a fine question to ask - if they do have an underlying issue they're wondering about, it's possible it's an X-Y problem
But they could also just be curious about the exact interactions of those spells and trait
11:36 PM
Q: Does +1 armor give resistance to damage?

Eternallord66Based on the answers from this question Is a +1 chain shirt strictly inferior to a breastplate? Does +1 armor give resistance to damage? DMG pg. 141 Most magic items are objects of extraordinary craftsmanship. Thanks to a combination of careful crafting and magical reinforcement, a magic ite...


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