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2:00 AM
@BESW That synopsis sounds very anime and I love it. :D
2:33 AM
hey there @Gwideon, how're things going?
2:52 AM
@Shalvenay They’re going fine. What about you?
OK here, a bit annoyed that I had to take a miss on running my normally scheduled session this week, but I was simply scattered like hashbrowns from sysadmin@home issues
Oof that sucks
I’ve mostly been stuck inside playing videogames
@Gwideon so...with you doing d20 modern hackery, can I ask a few questions about your campaign, out of curiosity?
@Gwideon first off...how do you handle sources of beyond-PC-scaled damage in such a system?
(getting blown up by a runaway batch reactor, squished by a train, and so on)
3:15 AM
I’d probably just have it deal massive damage or make the player make a skill check to try and avoid the damage.
I know it’s probably not that good of a solution but that’s what i’ve Got
ah, I see, that kinda makes sense and seems about in line with what I'd do under the circumstances
@Shalvenay Also sorry for being slow to respond
@Gwideon NP
Yeah if something like that happens then something has probably gone horribly wrong and the pc was probably dead anyways. I’d make sure to have sufficient chances to escape the situation before outright killing the character
Isn't that how D&D does it anyway? When a huge-sized giant swings a giant steel hammer at a little halfling, the damage will say XdY+Z, not "instant death"
3:22 AM
@MikeQ we're talking about stuff where the appropriate X and Z are inordinately large
relative to HP in the system as a whole
Right, and I'm saying that even though it seems inordinately large in the narrative, most systems model this using numbers that are appropriately scaled
@MikeQ I mean, inordinately large relative to the system's expectations of damage dice. 1000d6 damage, anyone?
We’re talking like a speeding bullet train running over a player. I don’t think a player would be able to survive that
Something that in real life wold just instantly kill someone
I imagine that most D&D-ish things, if they occurred in real life, would also be instantly lethal
But the system models it using smaller numbers, because instantly lethal effects generally don't fit the type of gameplay feel for those systems
Thus you could do something comparable in d20 modern
Is d20 modern like.. DnD but not in generic fantasy but instead like "real life" ish?
3:34 AM
That is true anyways @Shalvenay do you have anything else you’d like to ask
Afternoon all
@Ash that's sort of how I understand it at least...something of an urban-fantasy vibe of sorts
@Gwideon what sort of setting are you going for with your specific game?
3:48 AM
It’s a space opera type game set within A galaxy ruled by a corporate elite, I’ve started my players on the edge of the frontier so they’re in pretty lawless territory
@Gwideon aaah, cool :) all-humans, or did you bring in other sapient species as well?
4:01 AM
I allowed the phb races with the explanation that they are alien races
@Ash as I understand it it's a system you can make games in, like the woefully unfortunate Stargate SG1 RPG
Once again I’m sorry for being slow
And in that they did have a lot of mechanics meant to emulate real life
They didn't do the best job but that was definitely the direction they were stabbing in
4:25 AM
Ah, okay :)
@Gwideon eheheh, that's one way to look at it XD
Q: When does a Sea Sorcerer choose to use Curse of the Sea's additional effect?

Medix2The Sea Sorcerer's Curse of the Sea features states: [...] Once per turn when you cast a spell, you can trigger the curse if that spell deals cold or lightning damage to the cursed target or forces it to move. Doing so subjects the target to the appropriate additional effect below, and then t...

@HotRPGQuestions Wait, wait, I've heard that joke! It's "whenever she feels like it."
Or in other words, literally every time
@HotRPGQuestions you don't, they are the same thing because they involve the same thing
4:45 AM
@trogdor Technically SG1 uses Spycraft, not d20 Modern, but they're both d20 System drifts that think the biggest difference between D&D-style fantasy and urban pulp-realism is massive lists of extremely unbalanced stats for every kind of gun they can think of.
@BESW ah fair enough
1 hour later…
5:53 AM
The changing of the leaves hath begun
@kviiri [the headless horseman turns toward the smell of autumn] IT IS TIME
For once my season-related earworms are in sync with the season
What are the leaves changing into?
@MikeQ Spookers and Boos
I had the song Nocturne about the beauty of Summer nights running in my head all Winter, and when Summer came, the Swedish Höstvisa ("Autumn Song") took over
Then Nocturne came back and now Höstvisa is back as Fall has come
6:10 AM
@Ben It's the time of year when leaves turn orange as they metamorphose into pumpkins
@MikeQ Pumpkins with Smiley faces
6:34 AM
Our office dishwasher is broken with the only notice being that it's "not working at all after the fairy incident on Friday"
Now I'm wondering what I missed.
(Fairy is a hand dish washing fluid brand manufactured by P&G, so it's probably that)
I did point out that leprechauns screw up dishwashers even worse though
Fairies are cheeky buggers.
Get into everything
Highly... neFAIRYous
7:00 AM
@Ben booooooooo
Neither of those are the sound a fairy makes.
How do you know? :P
Netflix spent two years recommending every direct-to-DVD Tinkerbell and fairy princess film in its archives.
That's fair. I haven't done the research into fairy noises myself.
7:07 AM
There's an alternative academic interpretation which says fairies utter only short, repetitive exhortations.
7:28 AM
7:53 AM
@V2Blast Talk to Hoggle? ^_^
1 hour later…
9:16 AM
@BESW Do these include "HEY" and "LISTEN"?
Ok, finally cut off permanently from the DnD campaign (as opposed to just "skip today")
One of the players was like "are you okay?" which suggests a bit of "who in their right mind would not like this" although it makes more sense in context I guess.
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
@V2Blast You forgot "LINK!" and "WATCH OUT!"
anyway, it seems that for totally unexplained reasons many users are thinking Zelda today....
Wonder why, maybe it has something to do with recent games releases
....there's a recent Zelda game?
There is, for very specific values of "recent"
If you consider a remake "recent" then...
Whatever it is you're talking about. I've never played any of them, don't pay any attention to them, don't plan to. My reference above is derived purely from accidental cultural osmosis.
11:48 AM
@BESW Resistance is futile, you will be Zelded.
@BESW A friend pressured me to play one of them and I didn't like it much. I guess it's one of those things where you need to be in the right, impressionable age when it came out :P
... and then it was discovered that he had him play one of the "Unholy Three" games.
Ah yes, because it's impossible that somebody might just not personally enjoy a popular franchise; there must be something wrong about how they experienced it or they'd love it too.
@BESW never meant that, sorry if it came out that way. It was a reference to a meme.
There are three games that were not made by Nintendo, they are usually called the Unholy Three because calling them bad is really enough
Sure. But that's still like saying "Oh, you'd love Star Wars if you'd seen them in the right order," but with an added dose of "and I will say that with a reference you'd only get if you already loved Star Wars."
12:11 PM
Wait...you don't like Star Wars?
Magic is for Everyone! A sale hosted by Jamila R. Nedjadi: All items 100% off! Ends September 30th 2019 at 2:00 AM
I maintained my "haven't seen Star Wars" status until my Great Semester of Slacking (2014-2015) when I saw all of them. I have conflicting feelings about them.
Whether or not anyone in this chat likes Star Wars is immaterial. My point is that liking things is not mandatory, and people who don't like a popular thing aren't wrong, or were introduced to it badly, or are broken.
@BESW +1 to this
*puts away the pitchforks*
12:13 PM
People can just not be interested in things.
I chose Star Wars because it's a common one for people to act shocked and incredulous about, and immediately speculate about how the person must have seen the wrong one, or didn't get it and needs it explained.
@BESW DnD also springs to mind but that's probably because it already happened to me very recently :>
or Monty Python.
@kviiri I don't think those are too polarizing. Star Wars is much stronger in terms of fanatism fuel
@AndrasDeak Not polarizing per se --- more like "tacitly considered to be liked <in certain subcultures>"
I see
Nah, Monty Python is super polarizing because for a couple of decades it served as a shibboleth.
12:17 PM
We've discussed Monty Python's role as a shib --- dammit, BESW ninja'd me.
for whom?
wait, let me look up the transcript
Or, an example I saw a couple months ago, a friend mentioned that they "couldn't get into Dune" and got dogpiled with people who assumed that meant it was "too complicated" for them.
But no, they're quite capable of reading and understanding Dune, it's just really boring to them.
@AndrasDeak Starts here:
May 8 at 13:39, by BESW
@kviiri I saw something recently which postulated that endless references to a very small subset of media material served as a shibboleth for "undercover" enthusiasts to identify each other clandestinely; it would make sense, from that origin, for them to metastasize into passcodes which are definitional of membership, rather than indicative.
thanks, already found it :)
@AndrasDeak As for DnD, I have a lot of personal experience of being the "dislikes DnD guy" of our TTRPG group, which is otherwise fine by me but I get a bit weirded out when that manifests as people acting incredulous when I express preferences for non-TTRPG activities over DnD
Weird, I'd never assume that someone likes DnD. But I'm very much not a gamer of any kind, and neither are most of my acquaintances, which probably matters a lot.
12:22 PM
Yeah, I get people who assume that I don't play D&D for <insert only reason they've ever thought of to not play D&D>, and start telling me why that's a bad reason not to play without checking if that's my reason.
@AndrasDeak To be clear, I mean people in our TTRPG group, where disproportionately many people play DnD over the general population :)
yeah, I got that
More often I get people who can't wrap their heads around something that's more dramatically not D&D than, say, Pathfinder.
Dec 4 '13 at 12:20, by BESW
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I will always treasure with fond flabbergastedness the time I told someone "Fate is a very different system from D&D" and she responded "You mean like Pathfinder!"
I'm just saying my experiences aren't particularly representative here :)
And sometimes, the reason a person doesn't like a thing is because people are so pushy about liking it.
12:27 PM
story of my life all too often
I've got a friend who felt very badly about Star Wars because the only opportunities she ever had to watch it were with people who stared at her intently the whole time, expecting her to be enthralled.
ugh, that must be annoying
@BESW oh jeez. That sounds awful, and embarrassing.
I mean, it's also a mistake I could picture myself doing and that makes it even worse :D
esp. in my younger and more vulnerable years
@AndrasDeak Ironically, I found that the crowd most likely to assume a person is a D&D fan . . . is a non-D&D crowd IME. In my case, it's reading explanations starting this 'well, you know D&D? Well, this system is un-D&D-like' in the FATE communities.
So I added it to our Saturday Night Double Feature viewing, pairing each Star Wars film with a complementary feature rather than marathoning the one franchise, and we'd already established that Double Feature nights were a place where it was totally okay to mock and deconstruct movies as well as applaud and celebrate them.
Mar 11 at 0:28, by BESW
For the record, in order:
Forbidden Planet + A New Hope + Hardware Wars
Legend + The Empire Strikes Back
Flash Gordon + Attack of the Clones
Richard III (1995) + Revenge of the Sith
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country + Return of the Jedi
Ryan vs Dorkman 2 + Yeelen
12:31 PM
OK, Past You People have convinced me to reread H2G2
@vicky_molokh but that's still a RPG crowd, right? And I imagine DnD is the mainstream, so orienting yourself with respect to it might make more sense
@vicky_molokh I think that assumes familiarity with DnD more than fandom
@AndrasDeak As far as I've seen, it happens only very rarely in the GURPS communities, and only occasionally in White Wolf communities.
Although granted, people often assume TTRPG players to have at least some negative experiences with DnD.
I see :)
WW and GURPS have decades more established presence in the hobby than Fate, and can more readily assume some existing familiarity with the systems.
12:39 PM
coming into the tail end of this.

WW = Weird Wars?
White Wolf
that's much more mainstream and should have been obvious
(I have no idea about any of this, I'm just reading along :D)
Fate's been a notably non-niche game system for less time than I've been active in this chat room.
you have been here since the beginning of time though
12:41 PM
Well, when a newcomer arrives at a system, the attitude towards assuming the newcomer's prior familiarities seems different.
This seems different from the matter of the system veterans' familiarities.
I've yet to play a good Fate game that wasn't the first and only time I played The Dresden Files RPG.
but in my gut, I know it's good, but I just haven't found that group with a Fate spark, for some reason.
yeah, Fate's weird. I'm increasingly thinking of it as less of a system and more of a toolbox--though the more a particular game is based on an externally visible set of shared parameters (like a novel franchise) the more it can become systemlike.
It's most certainly a toolbox, but then again that seems like a standard leaning for generic systems. Not sure about the rest of the conclusion (maybe I just don't understand it).
I dislike the terming "generic system", personally
12:48 PM
What I'd love to do is get a group to play as if it were D&D but with Fate rules.

Take all of the mentality that goes into D&D (sans most of the bean counting) and then just basically roll fudge dice instead
@kviiri would you prefer "untyped system?"
@goodguy5 I tend towards "setting-agnostic"
@kviiri Alternatives: universal system; broadly applicable system; free-purpose system.
my system is lazily initialised
But yeah System<T>. ^_^
@vicky_molokh I wouldn't apply any of those to any so-called "generic system" I've been introduced to.
12:50 PM
@BESW "Ryan vs Dorkman 2" Oh yes, easily the best Star Wars movie imo
sure. besides, it's hard to distribute things that are untyped. someone has to write out every copy by hand.
how many jokes can we get out of untyped
something something the books stack with each other nicely
yesterday, by BESW
But, for example, Fate is one of the most flexible, versatile systems around in terms of content--but it pushes really hard for a particular kind of pacing, and for valuing the influence of subjective qualities on objective outcomes.
@kviiri While setting-agnostic is important, not all setting-agnostic systems are necessarily generic in the full sense.
Also what BESW typed about the FATE example.
there are degrees of gnosticism
12:52 PM
@vicky_molokh My entire point is that the label "generic" gets thrown around very haphazardly.
Oh sure, everything's a spectrum in the analogue world.
D&D is setting-agnostic
@kviiri I find the term "agnostic" to be... unsettlingly drifty. It's jargon out of place.
it sure makes a lot of presumptions about the settings you would play in it but technically doesn't rely on any one settings
"Setting" is pretty vague too--some people use it to mean specific lore, others specific genres, others particular playstyles commonly associated with a given lore or genre.
12:53 PM
I've seen people like the word generic because it apparently has some alternative meaning that implies ability to be plugged into different genres.
And it, in the vast majority of cases, means simply that "this system doesn't push hard for a particular setting" and that's a very naïve definition.
the use of -agnostic seems natural to me
I mean, setting is not that much, unless you're playing with an implicit assumption of the genre.
Oh dear, we need a new world that will strictly define 'the universe/multiverse in which the campaigns occur'.
@kviiri Urrrgh. Hello, "generic" d20 System materials that somehow all wind up giving me a half-dozen subsystems just for these giant lists of poorly balanced firearms.
@kviiri This...is why I can't participate in Worldbuilding.
12:55 PM
@BESW I haven't come up with a better English solution (I mean, I think it's vastly superior to the downright misleading "generic") but my elective lit classes in primary school show up and I use fancier terms in Finnish for that
Feb 19 '18 at 4:27, by BESW
They tend to focus on making a world that's internally consistent with regards to physical logic, but they aren't very interested in designing worlds to support the themes or concepts of the story, to push certain kinds of storytelling, or to posit universal truths.
The correct literature term in Finnish for setting is "miljöö" which is localized from the French "milieu" and makes me sound very sophisticated.
(its more common use is similar to the English use of milieu)
@kviiri I have found there is no way to say "milieu" in an American accent and NOT sound like you're guessing how to pronounce it.
ö is a tough one for Anglo-Saxons I think
12:58 PM
Is Finnish ö different from German ö?
I don't think so
And öö just means it's long. I.e. ő
@vicky_molokh I think it's same, or at least same enough it'd be understood
The thing about those D20 systems is that while they're notionally setting-agnostic, they're apparently not very genre-agnostic.
Which is why the 'generic = genre-agnostic' second meaning is useful to measure.
@vicky_molokh Does anyone actually use the term so?
@kviiri Sean Punch seemed to use it along those lines IIRC.
1:02 PM
I mean, I would if I knew of a single system I'd call genre-agnostic with good conscience.
is GURPS not genre-agnostic?
E.g. GURPS has a few switches that can switch between realistic and cinematic genres.
@kviiri It's getting late, my eyes are tired, and now I want a genre-acrostic game.
not that I actually have any experience with it, but my impression was that it had a lot of bits you could attach/detach depending on what kind of game you were trying to run.
And it has specific genrebooks that add a few more things to better GM a specific genre, such as Mysteries (a book I think is flawed but helpful) or Horror.
Another bit about generic systems is that they shouldn't try to force the narrative into specific shapes, or else they become genre/narrative-specialised.
1:04 PM
oh, Horror's easy. Just take whatever system you current have and add sanity hit points. Instant horror.
it should be spelled genreic for clarity
@Carcer Bleh.
FATE is often accused of enforcing genre, but interestingly, Rob Hanz seems to state that experience indicates this isn't necessarily as strong an effect as assumed.
@BESW is that not the pinnacle of horror gameplay?
@Carcer [adds sanity hitpoints to Golden Sky Stories]
1:05 PM
I wouldn't consider Fate genre-agnostic, at least.
@kviiri Many people don't.
(that said, I don't think it should be)
I agree, Fate isn't genre-agnostic.
What I'm saying is that it's not necessarily as genre-strict as the memes about it indicate.
I haven't seen those
1:06 PM
@Carcer I've pretty much lost all interest in horror that derives its tension from "descent into madness" pacing.
The way I think about it is Fate's interested in certain types of narrative, and those narratives can be found in many (but not all) genres
Of course, it doesn't fully encompass any of those genres; it's only covering a subset of what we'd put into them.
I want more horror games that are scary without making atypicality in body or mind a thing to dread.
As in, I ran into discussions where people would say 'all FATE games look the same story/genre-wise'. But of the campaigns I played in, I do not personally have such an impression, and similarly Hanz seems to believe in more space for variation too.
@vicky_molokh huh. Yeah, same.
@BESW Otherness in form or function seems to be a staple of scary stories. Probably because it's easy to express and leverage. What other mechanism would you like to see more of?
1:12 PM
(As something of a belated tangent on goodguy5's comment, I too am still yet to play a good FATE game. So far all campaigns were hit-and-miss and ended too quickly, more with a whimper than a bang.)
@BESW I was being sarcastic, in case that wasn't obvious
@GcL Otherness doesn't have to be ablist or sanist. We Forest Three holds the dread of losing connection to one's place and people, for example.
@doppelgreener XD you monster
Hey has anyone run interludes from savage worlds
@Gwideon I've played some SW, but what are interludes?
1:18 PM
As for the system enforcing pacing, as a GM, I'm finding the biggest intrusiveness due to the way Refresh works. See, the way I GM, I have a singificantly varying ratio of roleplaying to gamemechanical playing. Sometimes there's multiple sessions of nothing but roleplaying.
SW is one of my prime examples of games that have are commonly described as generic at least in our local RPG circles --- I'm always miffed when the largest national RPG forum's regulars recommend it for everything.
This causes an awkward feeling about those FP sitting in the stash. And can cause odd subtle incentives.
@vicky_molokh That means the pacing mechanics don't work for you, but it reinforces the fact they exist--or you wouldn't feel awkward about your game's pacing not matching the mechanics' "subtle' incentives" which are the way it enforces that pacing.
So far my solution is to tie Refresh moments less to meta time and more to pacing of the story, turning one of the major features of the system on its head.
(I've abandoned Refresh entirely, but that's a different conversation.)
1:22 PM
@kviiri they’re something you can run during down time where players tell stories about their characters pasts
@BESW I suppose that's a viable solution. I might even propose embracing it wholesale if I ever start another campaign in the system.
@vicky_molokh ...yeah, you keep talking to us in this chat as if we're intimately familiar with of all these other conversations you've had elsewhere, or even as if we're the ones who said those things.
@BESW I apologise.
@Ash [wave] Careful, I put a really blue picture in the chat above.
@BESW thank you! My eyes aren't focusing good yet so the warning is extra appreciated
1:57 PM
Q: Does the caster know when a spell with a variable duration ends?

Maxime CuillerierDoes the caster know when a spell with a variable duration ends? I'm looking for a RAW answer (answers based on Pathfinder or D&D 3.0 are ok if there is no info on this in D&D 3.5); I haven't found one here, nor in the rules. For example, time stop has a duration of 1d4+1 rounds. Does the cha...

@goodguy5 - Hey, do you have any interest/experience in a PM position?
@JohnP ugh. thanks but no thanks.
unless it's something where I get to send Private Messages all day.
um anyways I've been working on my galaxy map for my sci-fi campaign. It's interesting but also really exhausting
I think GCl's message belongs in original chat. @JohnP
2:10 PM
@Rubiksmoose Ah, moose. Thanks. Was just about to start moving messages, but was looking how far back to prune.
@goodguy5 I did not do the pruning, was about to, but moose or BESW beat me to it.
regardless, I misread the feed so nevermind
Um I'm sorry um I know it was hard not to in that situation but um c-could we um avoid screaming in chat
@goodguy5 - Too bad you aren't a recent graduate... :(
2:11 PM
so you keep saying!
@Gwideon Occasionally it is necessary to draw attention to something that is being ignored.
timeout? :P
who has a timeout?
assuming that's also a feature here
@AndrasDeak gah, I had to do that 4 times with my boys yesterday.
2:12 PM
@Gwideon Sorry about that. People weren't paying attention to the regular text.
yeah i know but um it um makes me really anxious
Yes, I can suspend people from chat. I do not want to.
@AndrasDeak timeouts are a feature in chat, but in this case, a good reminder was just as good. If it had persisted...
@Gwideon You are relatively new around here, but I will say, shouting is something that happens very infrequently. I think here, it was important to get people to take notice.
@JohnP yeah, sure, I was mostly musing
2:13 PM
PSA: Anyone can ask for a conversation to be moved to the Not A Bar (or other chat room) at any time and I or one of the RPG mods will re-locate it as swiftly as possible. This does not reflect poorly on the topic, the conversers, or the asker; sometimes there's just a need for stuff to not be in the main chat and we'll never ask for justification.
@Rubiksmoose Echoing this, I have honestly never seen BESW shout here before (although reading back it seems warranted) and I've been here for almost a year
Also for myself: people who know how to contact me in other channels like Discord can tell me they want something moved that way, if they don't feel like saying it here, and I'll make it happen without revealing their identity. I know we say it doesn't reflect poorly on anyone but that's not always going to make it feel so.
@DavidCoffron I have a couple times, but very rarely.
@Gwideon Honestly, thank you for letting us know about that though. I think it is very good to know, and I will definitely keep an eye out. Please never hesitate to point out when something is making you uncomfortable in here.
2:15 PM
@Rubiksmoose thanks for understanding.
@Gwideon I'll keep that in mind going forward and try to find other ways to get peoples' attention.
@BESW True. And anytime any user says something like "This is making me very _______ and I need to step away" that is a pretty clear indication the convo needs to stop and/or be moved off to a different location.
Can we do bold in chat?
And italics
ah yes , does that work better @Gwideon
2:15 PM
And stikethrough
yeah but let's avoid all caps
bolding definitely reads differently
The important thing is that we [as in all of us here] should have stopped and (those with the ability to do so) moved the conversation much earlier in the process. When people are getting hurt and feeling uncomfortable, that conversation needs to cease in the public room. Ideally we [as in all of us here] should have handled the situation before it resulted in shouting being necessary.
@Gwideon Duly noted, thanks for the alternative.
it feels firm but not shouty
2:16 PM
bold = momvoice
anyways i got to go for a bit
um bye
I will say, @Gwideon, that you might find the game we were talking about interesting. That's a link to a free preview.
Ok, 2 hours before my next meeting, time for more alphabet soup lectures.
maybe this is for meta, but an edit was made to this question and then rolled back. I think the edit was good, though. What do y'all think?
I'll check it out
2:17 PM
@BESW Everytime I hear Sundown, I think of the syndrome. We had a lot of people affected by that when I worked in a joint USAF/Veteran's hospital.
@NautArch it was rolled back by the same person who made the edit. Made up their mind perhaps?
@JohnP Yeah, my dad sundowns pretty hard sometimes. It's definitely a weird homonym.
only yesterday I retagged a post and had to roll it back when I realized the tag didn't meant what I thought it meant
@AndrasDeak yeah, but the body is specifically about level 20 barb and references "what can I do". The edit seems like a good one.
1. I always think of "Sunsetting" in Pandemic.

2. *Why is it so weird?!*
2:18 PM
@Gwideon ttfn.
@NautArch perhaps the edit would've invalidated existing answers
@Xirema +1, I am so bummed that Gwideon had to get that kind of response. :(
@KorvinStarmast Also note that they got it several times from multiple people.
Oh, I didn't realize it was Gwideon who asked that HNQ. That's how I ended up here.
@AndrasDeak oh nice!
2:21 PM
Glad to have ya.
thanks :)
@AndrasDeak That's actually really nice to hear. HNQ comes with positives and negatives and getting more wonderful people like yourself is definitely a positive!
As long as its not a multiline message:

@Rubiksmoose ha, thanks. RPG is actually one of the few sites where I don't loathe HNQ
@DavidCoffron I looked for where the "bwonk" came from for like 25 seconds. It wasn't immediately apparent which message it was, because it was out of window.
2:23 PM
@AndrasDeak I...don't think so. ALl answers work with/for the level 20 barb.
@NautArch To me though, the question seems to be more general:
> While not a disastrous situation, it got me thinking
@NautArch then I'm out of rubber duck juice :)
eg, this situation came up in a game and it got me thinking about this general problem.
(that's my personal reading of it anyways)
@goodguy5 Are you on mobile? On the desktop version of chat, you can click the little arrow and it'll auto-scroll to the message I'm replying to
@DavidCoffron for some reason it didn't show up in the bubble. I assume because I windowed into that chat box or something.
2:27 PM
@kviiri Clausewitz has a game engine? Cool. ( I studied his stuff in depth a few decades ago ... and his biographies. Interesting fellow)
@NautArch I've asked them if they were asking a more general question of barb-specific and that should settle things.
Until then, leaving the title potentially more broad shouldn't hurt anything.
@Rubiksmoose True, and if it is more general, than none of the answers really apply and the specific situation also becomes irrelevant.
@KorvinStarmast It's the name of Paradox's strategy game engine :-)
hey um I'm back. sorry just had to take a break
2:31 PM
@Gwideon Welcome back. Perfectly understandable. :)
@NautArch It is generally nice to know what context a problem came up in. We just also have to be clear about question scope comes in :) After all, we almost certainly would have left a comment asking what problem they were trying to solve if they hadn't said that bit at the beginning right?
@Gwideon How's it going?
it's going well
um what about you?
Um can I talk about what I've been working on?
@Gwideon Please do!
2:38 PM
So I've been working on my star map for this sci-fi campaign. It's kinda interesting how much world building I have to do even with just this
@Rubiksmoose Except that they keep referencing themselves and not the general question. I guess we'll wait and see what OP says, but we may need to clean up the question so that it is clearly general if that's their goal.
i've broken up the galaxy into clusters of 3 to 5 systems grouped with jump gates to adjacent clusters
sorry this probably isn't very interesting
@Gwideon oooh. I've used Diaspora's wormhole-generation process for connected systems sometimes, what are you using?
@Gwideon which game is this for?
It's no less interesting than the things we usually talk about.
2:41 PM
worldbuilding is definitely interesting @Gwideon!
It creates connections like this:
it's a mangled version of 5e mixed with some starfinder
@JohnP Yes, and those experiences led to near destruction of my liver. :p
I describe it here if anybody's interested.
um i'm using the basic drift drive sort of thing to get between systems and using jump gates to travel larger distances. kinda what the ftl system in the sojourn is
2:44 PM
@Gwideon I have a long day, my parents are away on a trip to Tuscany and I must go check some radiator repairmen didn't cause any leakages
For some reason maintenance guys always come when they're away
One must be scared of the other :D
@KorvinStarmast liver's grow back
@BESW isn't it technically 1-4? since you're connected to the system behind you as well.
um I've only had one session in this campaign. The players started on this colossal ship with a domed city on top of it. It was basically a mobile colony. They got a ship at the end of the first session so i've atleast got to flesh out the starting cluster
probably more in case they decide to head off to a different cluster instead of exploring the starting cluster
@BESW Neato. Thanks for the walkthrough.
@Gwideon how many games and worlds have you run / built?
(world as in setting, not as in planet)
I've run one other game. I inherited the world but i had to do most of the worldbuilding
2:50 PM
Ooh, inherited worlds can be difficult.
I kinda went over board with the world building. I um created a conlang for Dragonborn in that setting
Oh, that is ambitious.
Yeah world building is kinda a passion for me so I like doing a lot of it
constructed language
like klingon
or esperanto
also, wowzers
I um have it in a google drive folder so I can share it with people who want to see it
my husband watches a lot of world-buildy youtube
Early in my DM career, I found myself doing way to much work. Now, I likely do too little, but I have a baby so I get a pass.
2:56 PM
I don't mind doing a ton of work cause it's really fun for me
I like to make sure I warn relatively young expereicne, not age) DM that you don't have to put in 10 hours of work for every game.

You may, but make sure it's a decision and not a sentence.
Oh i don't put in that much work. I don't do anything that won't apply to players. The conlang was actually a side project that i just happened to incorporate into the world
I have vague memories of a lot of videos about playing around with the parameters of a planet by Worldbuilding Irish Guy or creating libraries of flora/fauna by Worldbuilding Polish Woman
I might have to look for those

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