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12:20 AM
@Maximillian Hey Max, great to "see" you drop by. Hope all is well with you.
@MageintheBarrel If that is what you think a lawful character is, maybe re evaluate your assumptions.
@MageintheBarrel The problem here isn't with the lawful alignment aspect.
@MageintheBarrel Once again, lawful isn't the problem here.
you waited 4 hours to get back to that?
@MageintheBarrel And yet again, the alignment system isn't the problem.
i'm to tired to do any re-eveulating I'll do it when I get up in the morning
@MageintheBarrel I wasn't in the conversation as you were doing that, I just now dropped by the chat room. Sweet dreams. :)
time stamps exist for a reason and you didn't have to repated yourself 4 times
good night
no offense intended
12:36 AM
@MageintheBarrel No worries, none taken.
12:49 AM
Q: What happens when I use Drawmij's Instant Summons on Dimensional Shackles?

JoshWa5hIf I place an enemy or individual in a set of dimensional shackles (I've already placed instant summons on the shackles), and I summon the shackles to me, what happens? As I read the description of the spell and the shackles, I notice a few things: The individual can't teleport away from the s...

I have the sudden urge to go back and find every "can kids play RPGs" question and edit in links to this video of a guy playing with his 3.5 year old
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2:05 AM
@MageintheBarrel Please know that a lot of regulars in this room tend to come by and catch up on the transcript, responding to or commenting on things as they go. It's a pretty frequent occurrence to see someone come in here and drop five or six replies to hours- or even days-old messages. If you don't want to be on the receiving end of that just kindly ask people not to necro your conversations.
(And be ready to do so patiently, a bunch of times. Lots of people do it around here, and I don't know that any of us are in the habit of noticing anyone in particular to not include that way. So it'll take some training, I'd assume.)
On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen anybody respond with the same "you don't get it" type of statement four times in a row like that before, either. That does feel unnecessary and pushy to me.
@BESW Sooth. Wisely, wisely.
(Thrice, to be fair.)
2:21 AM
Oh, whoops. Correct!
2:49 AM
Q: Can a Druid Wild Shaped as a horse use Horseshoes of Speed?

Saber CrusaderThis would probably work better when the Druid has the option to stay indefinitely in Wild Shape form (usually starting around level 16-18, when a single use of Wild Shape lasts 8-9 hours). In any case, can a Druid Wild Shaped as a horse equip and use magical horseshoes?

3:34 AM
I would be upset if I was pinged 4 times for the same conversation myself
Although I must admit also often necromancing conversations a lot
4:02 AM
I feel that anyone who responds to a chat history as they peruse it rather than collecting their thoughts for a time when they've gotten the whole picture is pretty sus.
I definitely think a single response is better
@V2Blast That reminds me that the IP guide definitely takes the stance that monsters are for killing, not befriending. What a curious angle.
4:30 AM
So I really love my players, I just want to say this. XD
I threw an incredibly difficult Drow encounter at them and they basically leveraged a bunch of defensive advantages to turn the fight winnable, including (wisely) taking out the Spellcaster at the beginning of combat before she had a chance to do anything.
I'm so proud.
Two of the four players ended up going unconscious during the fight, but they did easily avoid any party member dying.
5:28 AM
This Roll20 data breach is old news, but it seems that some Roll 20 users were unaware of it, so I'm reposting it here in case someone needs to be reminded to change a password.
5:44 AM
@Powerdork Isn't that quite expected of DnD?
Also, have a pleasant alignment relative to space fireball moment
6:34 AM
Safety Jam: The point of TTRPGs is to have fun. Encouraging folks to create both new safety tools AND games that weave safety tools into their core mechanics in unique and interesting ways. Hosted by ammourazz and Pammu.
I have an idea for the jam, but I need to rubber-duck it with people who have moderate familiarity with TTRPG design, Star Trek TNG, several safety tools, and infectious-madness horror stories/games.
6:52 AM
Q: In Game Behavior vs. Out of Game Consequences

MacLeodScotTwo of our players' characters have had (since the beginning) a very 'pig-tail pulling' relationship from day one. One is a high lady, the other a rougher sea-man. Little fireballs aimed at armpits, lots of insults and little poison quills stabs...you get the picture. Both players seem good with ...

7:32 AM
Hi all
7:44 AM
Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus unlocked on D&D Beyond so I've been sifting through the less-spoilery bits
Lots of cool info in there
the Baldur's Gate Gazetteer is massive
Also, I had the first session of the L5R 5e horror campaign I'm in (not including the Beginner Box we played through in 2 sessions a few weeks ago)
It definitely ramped up quick
I appreciated the session 0 we had for it earlier :)
8:00 AM
@BESW Speaking of which, I've been pointed to this related fillable form for negotiating what elements the players do/don't agree to. I'm not sure if you're already aware of it. If not, perhaps you would find it useful.
(Personally I have a huge issue with there not being a midpoint between green and yellow stances [given how they were phrased when I read the document], but I'm sure not everyone has the same concerns, and it's not like it can't be improved.)
Oh yes. I'm glad it exists and it seems to be a great tool for many but I have concerns of my own that the form itself isn't as nuanced as the text around it.
Huh, I thought forms can be submitted anonymously.
My own issue is that it seems to draw a sharp line between being enthusiastic about an element, and being okay it being present in veiled form. There are many things that I am indifferent about - perfectly willing to engage with them if it's fun for others, not interested enough in them to increase the chance of them coming up, and don't see a point of decreasing their prominence either. That would fall between green and yellow as they were described in the form when I read it.
The GDocs form is definitely an improvement over the original document in terms of practical anonymity.
And yes, the form itself is much less satisfying than the text introducing it, in several different ways.
8:09 AM
@BESW Yeah, well that's what I thought the new idea was. Offering the copyable form that can then be linked to groups and polled anonymously (I think). Again, sorry if this specific implementation is something you were already aware of. At a glance the starred links seemed to be leading to the originals only.
But I'm glad to have an increased variety of safety tools available, normalizing the concept and providing many different options.
No need to apologize, it's the sort of information that's worth duplicating rather than going missing, and I hadn't mentioned it in chat yet.
The document is also added to the TTRPG Safety Toolkit.
As in, just a minute ago, or did I miss it there?
It was added on the 14th.
Ah, thanks for the clarification. (I was unsure if the displayed date is the date of the document's creation, or its movement to the directory, and didn't track whether some of the people involved may be the same people.)
Do you think there is a space/need for further improvement of anonymity past the state of the digital form?
I'm not looking at the form very closely, because it's not a thing I expect to use.
I do think that anonymity is under-represented overall as a tool in the consent toolbox.
3 hours later…
11:30 AM
afternoon folks
This is your friendly neighboring kviiri speaking from his home office
12:00 PM
@kviiri is that new?
and like, you're working from home, or like you're now self employed?
@goodguy5 well I'm usually not working from home
today's a bit of an exception
(I'm also working from home today)
Nothing special really. But I have got a better table nowadays
or desk, as I use it now
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1:11 PM
Q: Drow wizard with Wild Talent question

KRyanThis question about a drow wizard who received the Wild Talent feat was closed as Too Broad. It should not have been. Per this meta discussion, questions like this are supported here, and we have dozens of successful examples. This questions lays out exactly what levels the character already has...

1:22 PM
Does anyone think adding this question as a related link to this question a bad idea? I don't want to assume anything, but think it may be relevant.
But I could also see a bad reaction to it.
@NautArch Not a bad idea per se, but I'm not sure they're comparable issues
The older one is definitely one player being upset by how (they perceive) another player is being treated. The newer one could be that, but from the context it seems the others are ok and OP is more upset by the exchange itself.
@MikeQ Yeah, that's why i wasn't sure. It could be related, but it could also be unrelated. I do think it's more likely that OP is just upset and isn't about sticking up for someone.
I do hope they give us some more info about the other players. If it's all males where one is portraying a female and doing it, it changes the dynamic a bit.
@Xirema got an elemental plane of math discussion for you
1:40 PM
@trogdor I think you are right about that. Would have been better to drop thoughts into a text file and then wrap it up later in one reply.
1 hour later…
2:43 PM
@Rubiksmoose I'm also still unclear why thatgirlDM can't generalize her support, but that's neither here nor there.
@Rubiksmoose - Sorry about that. It wasn't intended as an answer, but after a couple comments back and forth with Nathan, I realized it should be.
<rings bell>
@JohnP No worries :)
::sits in corner::
Ok enough of that. I feel like my 3 y/o. :p
@NautArch it is ended now. No need to look back to that book/show. Let it be forgotten -_-'
2:49 PM
@Derpy ?? I don't get it.
@Derpy I'm not giving up on it ending. But I think you're right and I'm not expecting any more books.
and I can make whatever cultural references I want! Don't make me send a smoke monster after you.
@NautArch It is more a "My coworkers were already out of their head about that thing, please Lord don't give us a sequel that would restart all that"
Is that a GoT reference?
Q: Probability of rolling a specific combination of results with nd6

PanzerSo far I was able to figure out most things I needed to do in anydice on my own and with help of various posts in forums, however in this case my math knowledge fails me. How do I calculate the probability to roll for example "1,1,1,1,1-4,1-4" with 7d6 and such? And how do I code that in anydice...

I mean, losing work calls because you shut down your work phone because you feared someone subscribed you to the GoT spoilers sms service?
2:53 PM
@JohnP 'tis (the ringing bell part along with "Shame")
@NautArch Ah. I read two of the books and never saw the show, so I've never heard of that before.
@JohnP I never read any of the book and to be fair from the few I get I am not interested to (not my genre) but I still know thanks to the constant bugging by my coworkers.
And ye all thought we ponies were the annoying ones trying to get people to watch MLP
@NautArch anyway, just in case, sorry if that sounded rude or anything. I was just joking on that line.
@Derpy Well, yeah, you are. Currently the two biggest naggers about "dude, gotta watch my show" I've ever known were bronies. :)
Yay, broke through 6k!
@JohnP well, the show ended, so I guess you will ear a lot less nagging now.
3:10 PM
@Derpy Alas, they were coworkers from my office that closed and they let us all go a couple years ago. But thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?
(IMHO a hugely better movie than GoT ever aspired to be).
@JohnP ?
@Derpy It's part of a quote from Princess Bride
@MikeQ Yes. From when Inigo and Fezzik went to Miracle Max.
3:31 PM
Q: Should I edit out spaces between certain punctuation?

NathanSThe title of my question probably isn't great, but I can't think of the wording to describe my question; what I'm referring to is when I see things like this: Blah blah ? Instead of: Blah blah? It's usually question marks I see this with, but sometimes I see the same with colons or el...

4:27 PM
@Rubiksmoose Not sure how I missed the comment previously, but Lady/Man question OP did say that they were just an acquaintance of this group. I have a feeling they didn't know what they were getting involved with.
@NautArch I had one where a player played a quasi cannibal (Witch with a variant) that cooked children. That was very uncomfortable for me.
@JohnP read that as chicken and was a little confused.
kept thinking are they a kenku?
Apparently my table had done a short term pure evil campaign and they had to end it because it went way too far even for them.
@NautArch PF, Witch with Cauldron Hex and Cook People.
@JohnP "What did you just say?" - Snoop Dogg, Resident probably
4:43 PM
@Yuuki did you see this?
@NautArch That...made me chortle.
@NautArch Turns out his "black friends" are the four people who work for him (Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight).
that's awkward
Plus, those are probably names they assumed because 1) they're edgy as hell and 2) the group is known as The Black Order so they probably took those names for theming.
5:02 PM
@NautArch ah yeah I saw that as well eventually. It aga an interesting element to things for sure.
@Rubiksmoose I do hope they come back to give us more info, but I've got a feeling they aren't.
Stranger things have happened!
@Rubiksmoose name one! :P
@NautArch Season One.
And then there's Season Two.
And Season Three.
5:05 PM
I tried to walk a fine line between not condoning the antics but accepting that some groups are what they are
@Yuuki I walked right into that. well played.
@Yuuki I've been waiting for my wife to watch season 1 before I started 2.
not sure that's ever happening.
I became much more willing to watch Stranger Things once I pictured it as a detective mystery rather than a horror.
5:26 PM
@Yuuki Oh yeah that is a much better mentality for the show I think. Is it because you don't like horror that much or because ST was not meeting your expectations for a horror show?
On that mage hand question...the picture they show...I can't find it titled anywhere. I made a bad assumption and I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. DOes anyone see where illustrations are titled in Xanathar's?
@NautArch Are any illustrations titled even?
@Xirema Why won't Stack Exchange accommodate my needs? This is a clear design flaw. T_T
5:36 PM
@Xirema I love how you aren't even close to the limit, you blew right past it lol
@Rubiksmoose not that I can see
This was the truncated dataset too, only 5,236 rows....
@Rubiksmoose I don't see a title, and it's in the middle of the Carousing section.
@JohnP Ah thank you. I actually gave up trying to find it digitally lol
@JohnP there isn't even a tooltip for it. Bad coding, wizards. Accessability fail.
5:40 PM
@Rubiksmoose I am not a fan of horror. I actually stopped at the first three episodes because of the gory parts because I don't like horror and I especially don't like bloody horror.
@Rubiksmoose If I'm not going to quote it, I sometimes avail myself of less than savory sources for references.
But picturing it as a detective/murder mystery made it much more appealing to watch.
@JohnP I do much prefer sweet sources as well.
Nice! Rock bottom. I'm soaring to new heights
5:49 PM
@Rubiksmoose That cloak of displacement answer is a doozy
@NautArch Right?!
@Rubiksmoose I hope they ask the followup. But I'm guessing the answer lies in determining if can't move is equal to speed of 0.
@NautArch momentum.
If you fling a chimp and hit it with paralysis in mid flight, it becomes an inanimate vs animate missile.
6:08 PM
@JohnP why are we flinging chimps
@V2Blast What else would you do with them? Other than facepalm memes?
@V2Blast sport? science? comedy? to make a statement?
But it's in relation to this answer about flying and surprise mentioned offhand.
@Someone_Evil Well, chimps fling poo, so you fling a chimp you get a biological MIRV. Sorta.
(Sorry. Wrong missile selection initially).
6:27 PM
@JohnP Only if the chimp was first fed some laxatives
@KorvinStarmast I feel a plan is coming together...
@Someone_Evil I love it when a plan comes together!
@Someone_Evil If we could come up with 26 of them we could have a chimp plan Z
We may also need a fan for the (stuff) to hit, so that there will be a good AoE.
Area of excrement
6:45 PM
@Rubiksmoose Grinning, I am
@Rubiksmoose I'm thinking of VTCing the lady/man question. THere's a lot of info we just don't have. What do you think?
@NautArch I'll vtc as well.
@KorvinStarmast Just too many gaps in the story.
@NautArch For sure the problem is that the person asking the question is uncomfortable about what went on. I think that Theik cottoned on to that early on, but the comments back and forth became a distraction.
@KorvinStarmast Absolutely. Just not sure what the events were or why specifically they're uncomfortable. A lot of assumptions made in order to answer - which is always dangerous.
Heck, I was convinced that it was only OP (and maybe DM) that had an issue, but after rereading a few times I no longer am.
6:55 PM
I can get behind a VTC here. I'm not at the point where I'd vote it necessarily (but maybe just because I'm way too confident in my reading), but I wouldn't VtRO either.
@Rubiksmoose Do you think it's just OP?
But I do think it would be vastly improved with clarifications
@NautArch I do think only OP has an issue. They never mention any other person being upset and say explicitly that everyone else seemed to not care about anything that transpired.
Again, just my reading.
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, the only reason I started to question was the roleplaying(?) by Lady.
Oh you mean:
> Both players seem good with and check in with each occasionally to make sure everything is still copacetic. Til last session.
@Rubiksmoose and then "Lady character is obviously furious and is now doing silent treatment. Man character never apologizes but repeated states he was 'only trying to make peace.'"
but unclear if this is just roleplaying or not
7:00 PM
That's very fair. See this is why it pays to have multiple readers.
I didn't even notice until Captain Man brought it up :)
Now does that make it unclear enough to close?
For me yes, for you...
leaning towards it but I want to wait until I can give it a thorough reading again.
@Rubiksmoose Even if it's just OP feeling the discomfort, and there may be other sides to the story, the fact remains that they want to discuss playstyles and comfort level with the rest of the group. That's not close-worthy.
7:16 PM
@MikeQ FOr me it's closeworthy because of missing information (see my latest comment summing up all open questions.)
We have enough to make an answer, but not necessarily an applicable and good one. Themore we have, the better we can help.
hmm...55 to repcap.
looking through unanswered...again...
7:39 PM
@KorvinStarmast Couple druids casting conjure animals to get a flying monkey troop, control winds, done. :p
7:58 PM
can i get some help in cleaning up the table in this answer markdown tables are not my forte
I'll give it a shot
ah, some satisfying anydicing
@NautArch Does that look good to you?
@Someone_Evil thank you!
@Someone_Evil Nicely done :)
8:13 PM
@JohnP And there goes the finish on my car. Those flying monkeys, worse than seagulls.
@KorvinStarmast should we close clear questions as duplicates of unclear ones? This seems silly and counterproductive
@Someone_Evil did I just do that?
Q: Does the green-flame blade extra damage work on normal attacks?

jonathan dubreuilCan you do a green-flame blade cantrip (duration of 1 round), do an action surge and then a normal attack action with extra attack and have all attacks have the green-flame blade bonus damage since it have a duration of 1 round and should also work with opportunity attack in the same round?

I thought that the question I linked to as dupe is the same one. Do you not agree?
I'm sorry, I thought you closed as a dupe of the question you linked. your comments read as such.
Ah, related versus dupe. Hence two separate comments. :)
@Someone_Evil No worries, I deleted the first comment, and then added it later after the "dupe" stuff to avoid the confusion. If it could confuse you, it could confuse someone else. :) Thanks for the feedback.
Are those dupes though? The current question explicitly asks about using action surge which was not the confusion point of the linked dupe (who thought they could just attack normally).
8:28 PM
Hmm... the dupe target asks whether Extra Attack works when casting GFB, wereas the new asks whether GFB is also applied to attacks made when using Action surge to then take the Attack action. That doesn't seem like the same problem
Yeah I agree with you. They seem different.
And this one seems to have several misconceptions that aren't handled in that one, on top of it all.
Q: How does one calculate the distribution of the Matt Colville way of rolling stats?

Bogdan IonicăSpecifically, the Matt Colville way of rolling stats is: Roll 4d6, drop the lowest value die for 1 stat; If this roll is lower than 8, reroll it; Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have a set of 6 stats greater than 8; If there are not at least 2 values of 15 or higher in this set, drop it entirely...

@Rubiksmoose I can un dupe ... no probs
@Rubiksmoose Unduped.
Only if you feel like it. I could be missing something of course. I haven't read them both super thoroughly
@KorvinStarmast Well lah di dah, just flash around that gold rep badge... :p
8:38 PM
lol nvm then.
@JohnP To dupe hammer, or not to dupe hammer, that is the question.
That was a darned fast answer posting @Someone_Evil lol
You were on top of that
@Rubiksmoose Someone evil felt the same way, we can dupe it again if it turns out they are dupes.
@KorvinStarmast And the fickle hammer of fate, having nailed, moves on.
Fair enough!
8:40 PM
@JohnP But soft, the fair Ophelia, ope not they ponderous and marble jaws, but get thee to a nunnery
(Mark Twain having fun with the immortal soliliquoy)
@KorvinStarmast .... is that from Huck Finn?
@JohnP Yes, yes it is.
I remember cracking up when I first read it.
@Rubiksmoose Well I was writing an answer and then some rude orange banner told be the question had been closed and that I couldn't submit. This banner (and submit block) does not go away when the question is reopened, amusingly.
@Someone_Evil Oh boy, was the banner being Not Nice to you? We'll see what we can do about suspending it.
@Someone_Evil has happened to me many times.
aaaaah, spelled Soliloquy incorrectly.
8:56 PM
Someone asked me what an srd is and I’m horrible at explaining stuff can anyone give me a good description for him
system reference dopcument. Describes how to publish stuff under the OGL (open gaming license).
Q: What is an SRD for?

AlbeyAmakiirSome RPGs have SRDs. Wikipedia tells me that they are System Reference Documents, but that it's largely a D&D thing, and doesn't explain why they exist. Only that they do. This answer suggests there is content missing from the SRD that is found in the books, but the Fate SRD seems (at a glance) ...

Kickstarter: Disposable Heroes is a card based Powered By The Apocalypse Tabletop RPG set in a electro-slick neon futurescape known as Neo-Francisco, with roguelike elements and a funky fresh setting!
9:22 PM
Thanks that helps a lot
9:55 PM
Q: What are sources for Magic Items that are not adventure-specific?

BlueMoon93As a DM, I like to award items to my players. These may not be in the module I'm currently running, so I often draw from the DMG. I recently found that XGtE also has a list of magical items (this shows both lists). I can use D&D Beyond to filter magical items by sourcebook, but there are a mill...

1 hour later…
11:10 PM
Anyone got any tips for getting more attention on a question? (here or on other stack sites)
11:21 PM
Good attention or bad attention?
@Himitsu_no_Yami Don't ask me, I'm Tumbleweed Master!
Attention as in getting more people to look at it and by extension get an answer
Patience young padawan. The question is only an hour old. Often it takes a while for anyone to come up with a sensible and well-researched answer.
I'm also asking about one on another site though
one that's almost 2 days old
or it might only be one. my sense of time is screwed
Depends on the site, I suppose ... each section has its own idea of what is 'interesting'
11:24 PM
It's Stackoverflow
Oh. SO gets like a billion questions per minute so all bets are off, sorry.
it's probably still the most recent one with for that language tho lol (relatively unused language)
General Advice from a N00b: Make sure it is specific question that can have a specific answer. Make sure you have documented your attempts, and failure-conditions.
It's more of a "How can I do this in this language" type of question
it's the most recent question on that language's tag with the next most recent being from the 5th lol
If it is an 'unused' language, maybe not many people interested in it ... give it more time
11:31 PM
it's relatively unused just due to the fact that it only exists on a handful of devices (namely TI calculators). I'm trying to be patient but it's not easy when it's the last piece I need to be able to finish a project I've been working on
@Himitsu_no_Yami Yeah, I get that :(
I would ask in their chat room as well but for whatever reason SO is blocked by my work's filters while SE chats aren't
SO chats are anyway, not SO itself
Possibilities: Trim the Question down to basics. Remove reference to D&D, just "How do I format this output?"
Yeah, it seems like the essential question is how to pad the output with spaces
(I presume it is your 'How do i format my D&D stats?" question?)
11:35 PM
It's that question yeah, idk if "pad" is the right word as the goal is to center it and remove the curly brackets and commas, it just so happens that spaces are the only way to remove them.
(Not that my advice is worth a bucket of frogs.)
You have list of Numbers (doesn't matter how you got them, just what format they are in). You need them formatting in a certain manner.
Have you tried anything? "I thought <x> might work, but it gave result <y>"
I'm struggling to find a way of asking how to fix my current dilemma. :(
I'm sure just bumping your question is frowned upon, but a Clarification Edit might keep it visible/top-of-lists? ;)
If you want more attention on your question you could bounty it

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