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12:00 AM
Meh. Got to beleive one has ( a level of) Free Will, or everything is pointless. If I'm not making my own decisions, then Sentience/Consciousness is irrelevant ...
It doesn't matter the point where my choices fail. At the beginning, or at the end. If I want to do something, I will do my damnedest.
@BlackSpike And that's just boring
And then there's Story of Your Life, which had a perspective on free will that was so fundamentally misunderstood by an author from another culture that he wrote an entire movie rebutting what wasn't said in the first place.
On a macro scale, universe-wide, my life is probably completely irrelevant ... I'm not going to make civilisation-changing decisions ... but it matters TO ME!
@BlackSpike Precisely.
Don't know that one.
12:03 AM
Sometimes the biggest picture is you.
You may be familiar with the 2016 film Arrival.
I know of it
@BESW Was that intentional? Or just the chaos of miscommunication/misunderstanding?
Oh yeah. Arrival. Enjoyed the movie. no idea about it's back-story
@Ben The scriptwriter is on record in interviews saying that he changed the ending because he disagreed with Ted Chiang's original thesis on free will. But if you read Chiang's Story of Your Life without seeing it through the lens of traditional Western science fiction free will/time travel tropes, and instead see it through the lens of cultural contact zones and living straddled on epistemological faultlines, it has a TOTALLY different meaning.
The film suffers greatly because Heisserer left in a lot of the support for Chiang's conclusion, but changed the conclusion to be about something else entirely.
12:07 AM
Which always ends well
@BESW maybe I should read up, and then watch it again
So the script is fractured and confused, building up to a discussion of the challenges faced by people who don't feel fully of one culture or another... and then it does a hard U-turn into a polemic on the nature of free will. The original story talks about free will as a matter of subjective perspective, the film talks about it as an objective dichotomy.
ugh ... my big bro is a philosophy professor ... I can't talk to him about such things ...
The short story is using the scifi convention of a hard Sapir-Whorf hypothesis to explore how we navigate cultural and epistemological perspective conflicts. The film is trying to use it to discuss whether those conflicts exist in the first place.
Ironically, Heisserer's script is making the case for Chiang's theme: Heisserer is unable to process the very notion that perspectives other than his own might exist on this subject.
@BlackSpike Redundancy is the primary argument in philosophy haha
12:13 AM
When he read Story of Your Life, Heisserer could only interpret it as one of the arguments he was already familiar with, rather than as a argument he had never heard of before.
Always makes me feel like I'm playing catch-up ... "Woo! I actually understood <insert philosophical idea here>"
"No, you didn't understand ... try again"
" :( "
@BESW hard to interpret something as an argumetn that you do not even know exists ...
Of note, Heisserer also changed SoYL's backdrop of humanity reaching a state of peace through cooperating to understand their alien visitors: instead the primary tension of the film is humanity's continued competing over being the first to understand the aliens.
@BlackSpike Ironic, since that's what Story of Your Life is about.
A careful and open-minded read of the story, however, would at least have shown Heisserer that his conclusion is not supportable by the text itself--which should have then driven him to seek alternative understandings. Perhaps by talking to the author.
@BESW i shall look into it
But instead he decided he understood it and hated it and was going to write a script explaining why it's dumb.
But for now: Beer+time = Zzzzzzzz
12:22 AM
@BlackSpike toodle-oo
Q: Which resurrection spells are valid to use with the Zealot's 'Warrior of the Gods' Feature?

XiremaIntroduced in Xanathar's Guide to Everything is the Barbarian Path, Path of the Zealot, which among other things, provides a feature called "Warrior of the Gods" that makes revival of this character far easier than for other characters: At 3rd level, your soul is marked for endless battle. If...

@BlackSpike later!
12:38 AM
Does anyone have an updated version of the Same Page Tool they like?
Ha, funny to see this old thing on the front page.
@C.Ross Curious, what updates do you think it needs?
1) The fiction hurdle section seems weak. I've had other games fall apart because of less narrow fiction.
2) A question about game seriousness (ridiculous names, etc) could be helpful
3) A question about off limits subject matter might be good to include.
But really, just looking for options.
12:55 AM
@C.Ross Those are pretty fair criticisms. I usually use it in conjunction with the Session 0 Checklist
1:05 AM
@linksassin That is quite the list
Q: Are there any features that help with the roll to avoid the destruction of a Wand of Fireballs when using the last charge?

SdjzThe Wand of Fireballs (as well as several other magic items that have charges1) has a chance of the item being lost forever when the last charge is expended: If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed. I am looking for ways to inf...

Q: What's the easiest way for a whole party to be able to communicate with a creature that doesn't know Common?

PyritieMy party befriended a Faerie Dragon who is now tagging along with us, but only one of us (a Dragonborn) is able to communicate with it. According to the MM, faerie dragons only know Draconic and Sylvan, and none of us know Sylvan either. Instead of having to ask the Dragonborn to translate every...

It's going to take me a while to digest all that
@C.Ross There's this.
And there are some pre-game tools here:
15 hours ago, by BESW
My references for safety tools to choose from are the Support Tools Compilation and Safety Tools Toolkit.
1:23 AM
@BESW Thanks
@C.Ross I appreciate how thorough it is
you don't need to cover every single thing in session 0
but it's a good overview of everything that could be covered
Rule 0. No "rocks fall, everyone dies" 3 minutes into the campaign.
@V2Blast @C.Ross This is important. The idea is too mention each thing and go decide if it relevant to you or not. Not everything is relevant for every campaign but it reminds you which things you should be thinking about.
A session 0 for me starts with going through that list. Then character creation as a group. I end with the Same Page tool to double check we're all on the same page. Usually takes 3-4 hours all up.
Wow, y'all are thorough.
@C.Ross I find it better to be thorough at the start of the campaign then to try to fix issues that come up later on.
1:31 AM
Dec 28 '18 at 23:54, by BESW
@RyanfaeScotland I've found that session 0 is often necessary, but rarely sufficient. Session 0 is less about figuring out everything about how the game will be played, and more about initializing an ongoing conversation about what we like and need which will continue over the entire campaign so we can course-correct as we go.
I played in campaigns that didn't do this and they always fell apart around 6-9 months in. Any campaign I started with this method is still running over 2 years later.
That's a significant qualifier; I don't have the goal of running exclusive multi-year campaigns.
@BESW True good point. I'm not sure how I would modify it for a shorter campaign though. I feel like I would still do the same thing.
May 8 at 2:37, by BESW
I've also found that groups which have trouble with initial calibration in big sprawling systems like D&D or Pathfinder (games that try to be something for everyone), are more successful using narrowly focused systems which already provide a framework for the group to talk about what we want.
We did have successful multi-year campaigns back in the dark ages, y'know. :-)
1:35 AM
@C.Ross As did I, but the circumstances were significantly different:
May 8 at 2:40, by BESW
My first campaigns were amongst friends who all saw each other socially so often every week that we sort of accidentally did constant calibration, so I had a hard time learning how to make that happen on purpose with other groups later.
I've found that the key is less having the full conversation at the start, and more continuing to have the conversation for the duration.
My last long-form campaign fell apart after a year and a bit, because we'd had the big conversation at the start and then thought that meant we didn't need to keep on checking in.
@BESW True, it was as an addendum to a social group. Communication is always important, but it doesn't have to be formal.
@BESW Agreed. We typically start each session with a brief check in as well. Plus most of my groups start with dinner together before the game so we have plenty of time to talk.
I took this reflection template from my work as a Ruhi facilitator:
May 11 '16 at 2:30, by BESW
- What do you want to see more of?
- What don't you want to see again?
- What would you like to add?
- What would you like to change?
@BESW This is something that all of the successful campaigns I've been in have had, an after play discussion/retro.
@BESW yeah, I've been trying to get more session-by-session feedback in my DW campaign as well
1:44 AM
There's several variations on the technique, depending on whether your focus is on deroling or catharsis, feedback or calibration, etc. They can't all work for all those purposes.
This was a good reminder to ban some things.

> What if the home-brew race was a home-brew of Kinder?
@C.Ross :P
@BESW my issue with after-session retrospectives usually is a time issue, hard to do when people are bailing out as soon as gameplay wraps because they are trying to wedge things into a limited window
@Shalvenay You have to plan it in man, just like anything else
Good point Shalvenay
Yeah, that's part of pacing the game.
1:47 AM
@C.Ross yeah, it's easier in DW with the End of Session move to attach it to
I make space at the front end for socialization (hopefully with food), and space at the back end for decompression and review.
I realized I just want to set up a small dungeon with a few off-the-wall traps in it just to see what happens.
@Joshua heheheh, I have some notes for a "rogue's playground" sort of one-shot dungeon set up already, what sort of ridiculous traps did you have in mind, though?
I still need to think them up. I've got this really obnoxious tiger uplifted from another universe though that makes for quite the puzzle. So many more solutions then I realized at first.
Thanks y'all, it's been helpful
1:51 AM
[pokes head out of the bushes] oh hi guys. I'm on a GM hunt.
@Ben did your normal one go missing, or are you looking for one to GM something specific for you?
@Shalvenay Well, yes and no. Haha
@Ben oh?
"Hello, my name is Ben. You killed my party. Prepare to roll dice."
/me loads dice.
1:55 AM
I just found a Discord channel devoted to inclusive fantasy RPG design, and... it seems like it's totally focused on rehabilitating D&D.
Basically, I am looking for someone to run a DH (Dark Heresy) game for us. I do have a couple of regular GMs, but the problem is that one has his plate full (4 games of 8+ players), and the other does not like the DH universe
@Ben ah. that's something I cannot help with
@Ben Does the other GM have ideas for using the DH system in a non-WH40k universe?
@MikeQ Potentially. I spoke to them about RT, and also W&G, but they weren't overly interested
Other way around. Non-WH40k setting, but using the DH system or something like it
Or are they just not interested in DH as a system
2:08 AM
@MikeQ I don't think so.
And thinking about it, they are very analytical of "percentage" chance. For example in board games, there's a one in 4 chance that something good can happen, the other three times something bad happens, so that means it's just not worth it. The percentile system would likely not mesh well with that pov
2:46 AM
@Ben Yeah, the Warhammer RPG mechanics are deeply tied to the setting (failure is more common than success, random chance plays a huge part, etc). It's not a system that makes sense to use outside its context.
Particularly since so much of the actual system is dedicated to injury, fear, corruption, and so on - it just doesn't really work as a generic system.
That is true
3:08 AM
Q: What is the highest number of sneak attacks that a Pure/High Level Rogue (Level 17+) can make in one round?

KelvintheWizardRogues only get one sneak attack per turn. Which means that they can only get it once on their turn and once with their reaction (through Sentinel or a Battle Master's Commander's Strike or an Attack of Opportunity, etc.). At level 17, Scouts also get the ability, Sudden Strike, which allows them...

1 hour later…
4:12 AM
Q: Can someone break into a Leomund's Tiny Hut via the Ethereal Plane?

ConfusedDMI've got players who rely heavily on Leomund's Tiny hut for a "safe" night time rest. I'm alright with them using it to help, but it gets irritating having a wrench thrown into my nighttime attacks. I have found some ways to deal such as Dispel Magic or having something camp them. One time, I ...

4:35 AM
Does anyone know what the guidelines on including screenshots of rulebooks as support for an answer is?
Usually citing the page is sufficient. Why would you need a screenshot?
@MikeQ I just answered a question which is only covered in a diagram. I tried to reproduce the diagram but it's not super clear.
The particular rulebook in question is very graphical in it's presentation of the rules. I was wondering if it is allowed to include screenshots or if that breaches copyright by using their artwork.
That's a strong argument for a use case. I'm searching the meta... so far I only found this
@MikeQ Hmm... maybe it's worth opening my own meta for it.
Aha - there's discussion of this on the SE meta
4:42 AM
Also just found this on our meta
4:53 AM
Q: What spells could a Bard identify from a Pact of the Tome Warlock's Book of Shadows?

Louis WassermanA Bard in my group has expressed an interest in attempting to read a Warlock party member's Book of Shadows, and I'm trying to figure out what, if anything, they can get from it. I figure they can't actually cast anything with it, since it's not made of spell scrolls, but they might be able to i...

@MikeQ I opened a meta on it. I feel like the answer is no but I'm not certain.
2 hours later…
6:32 AM
Q: Can I include a screenshot of a diagram to support my answer?

linksassinI recently answered a question where the best support I could find is in a diagram presented in the beginners rules. I attempted to translate the diagram to the best of my ability but it isn't as clear as I would like, particularly when the actual diagram is so nice. I would have liked to include...

7:28 AM
how's everyone doing tonight?
7:48 AM
Pondering over an apparently simple code issue
Mostly thinking about Factorio though.
I see, I see
I had this grandiose plan about making a ring buffer resource allocation queue and halfway through design I realize train schedules cannot be programmed (well, the way I thought at least)
I will pretend to understand what a ring buffer resource allocation queue is
@V2Blast I tried to explain ring buffers to my SO (who is a pretty capable programmer but never apparently stumbled upon the concept) this morning, but I was pretty groggy and am not sure what exactly came out :P
8:04 AM
The basic idea is that it's like a queue, but (conceptually) shaped like a ring instead of a line. This is convenient because it reduces the need to shift the queue ("stepping forward" when the guy in front of you does) or, alternatively, to have ever-growing need of extra space behind the queue (if new people come to the back but the front people never step forward before leaving, the entire queue'd move backwards over time)
So...How exactly do you implement a ring-shaped queue, though?
@Stackstuck Normal array of some size plus modulo trickery. It's easy as long as a constant size array will do.
Plus of course remembering the index of whoever happens to be first at any given time.
I have no idea how to implement it in Factorio, just yet --- but I think it'd be way simpler than implementing a "shifting queue" where the first element is always at position zero.
good grief
8:18 AM
But yeah, the original motivation for the queue thing was to build a modular factory complex where each sub-factory could "order" resources from a central plant (instead of me having to do the maths on how much to deliver where). But it might not be a good solution anyway :)
8:29 AM
oh my god finally someone else is asking Anima questions
1 hour later…
9:51 AM
Trying my hand at some writing.
"It sat dormant" rather than "It sat dormantly", btw, but like, that's not a huge thing
You read incredibly fast
"buses beeped as they passed", I think?
@Sdjz Yes haha. The downside of using freeware is the limited features it provides lol
I daresay there are potentially a few spelling and grammar issues, honestly I literally just wrote it haha.
10:08 AM
@V2Blast My bad on that question. I will stop editing now to avoid further conflicts. I will wait and check when you are done if you missed anything :)
@Ben so everyone tells me.
Meanwhile: Apparently a 5e character I have can solo the dang Tarrasque with maybe a turn of prep or just "starting the fight not in range of the dang thing" (which, to be honest, I completely forgot to take in to account when I started.)
@Stackstuck ...are you actually fighting a Tarrasque in your game?
No, I just sort of gamed it out. Did kill Demogorgon though.
10:24 AM
I occasionally think about the tarrasque because it's quite often mentioned but very few people I've played with, or discussed RPGs with, have actually run or played an encounter against one.
The winning strategy here is "use Wish to replicate Symbol -> insanity, but use Careful Spell so you don't nuke yourself with it", in my case.
The dice hated me that entire fight to be honest, at least until I got into the tedious whittle-down-the-HP phase.
(with the Tarrasque.)
> The folx who are working on what I call "TTRP Party Games" are doing the most work in bringing new role players into the non-DnD RPG space. Games that have pick-up-and-playability with simple rules and a quick start time are amazing introduction games. (A Twitter thread by DC)
Apr 1 at 17:39, by kviiri
quick poll for the DnD GMs: How many of you have ever played in a DnD game where a Tarrasque was fought by the PCs? (And were you players or GMs?)
(no straight "yes" answers)
Apr 15 '14 at 11:49, by BESW
Oh, and there was the time the barbarian's player decided to GM for a couple sessions. I can't remember if that was technically part of the first campaign or not. It featured tarrasques. Plural. We were about level 12.
10:29 AM
oh geez
@BESW I feel tarras-queasy just thinking about that
Apr 1 at 17:54, by kviiri
And Tarrasque also has the problem (also a matter of taste) that it's essentially a beast comparable to wild animals in mental acuity. I don't want to have an epic level fight against something that doesn't have the brain capacity to be a proper villain.
^ have to agree with myself there
@kviiri Never, but I did play in one game where the setting was a world destroyed by being overrun by tarrasques (think Nausicaa and the Valley of the Winds). At one point we had to flee an area where they started appearing again.
I've had at least [starts counting on fingers] four or five in that one campaign... the mutated tarrasque that was high on magic... does it count as a "fight" if we were all 11 levels higher than it and just using its back as an anvil to re-forge a broken artifact?
I guess I've participated in at least three tarrasque-containing campaigns with a total of at least twice as many tarrasques, one of which was encountered multiple times with new mutations each time.
Apr 13 '13 at 4:36, by BESW
(Okay, so the six-legged insect-winged two-headed breath-weaponed tarrasque on magical meth was probably me trying to kill the players.)
@kviiri The only tarrasque I introduced to a campaign was the one I describe above.
And it was NEVER a fight.
The tarrasque was a terrifying force of nature to be fled or endured. Its appearance changed the landscape of your existing challenges or obstacles, often literally.
Feb 20 '13 at 14:25, by BESW
Hopped up on bubureau, the tarrasque was unable to go back to sleep after a few days like it's supposed to. Metagamewise, I used the tarrasque to represent Nature's unconscious swinging of the pendulum from one extreme to another.
May 15 '13 at 13:09, by BESW
Then a coked-out tarrasque ate their city. It was very sad.
10:42 AM
I remember stories about that thing
that horrible horrible thing
as if the base form of that isn't ridiculously terrifying enough
@kviiri I hope that wasn't helpful at all, for the sake of anyone you ever play with.
11:16 AM
Q: What's the rule for a natural 20 on a Perception check?

iaminsensibleI was just watching this video from Geek & Sundry while I was preparing some content for tomorrow's session. If you click the link you should be at a specific time in the video. If you watch those couple of seconds the DM says that a natural 20 on perception makes the character learn everything t...

11:37 AM
@kviiri -- I have one better: I knew a player who once played as a Tarrasque in a D&D game
(I was not in that game, so I do not know much about how it went, though)
@kviiri Now I'm curious: is your intent to supply the subfactories in round-robin fashion? My instinct is usually to supply them in priority order (power first, etc), which is easy to do; you build a longer train than each local base has capacity for, and let the inserters stop when local is full. The depleted train then goes on to supply the next most important base.
Welp, now I want to make a tarrasque PC in other games where it's more reasonable to do so alongside less extreme characters.
@JoelHarmon The original intent was supplying sub-factories based on an order queue
power and other such essential functions would be handled separately
However, apparently building the necessary train routing for that is a bit tricky.
High concept: Legendary immortal kaiju
Trouble: World-class napper
Monstrous appetite
Slow and deliberate
@kviiri IIRC, you could either have a bunch of trains on the same tracks all servicing one to three stations, or you could have one train set to visit stations in supply - s1 - s2 - supply - s3 - s4 fashion.
Or some combo therein.
11:49 AM
@JoelHarmon My plan was to have highly complicated circuit logic jumble so a sub-factory would place an order when its supply runs low enough, and that order is relegated to a free train. It's possible to implement but far more complicated than I'd want
Dynamic routing for trains is apparently some sort of dark art.
> Supernaturally hard-headed. You ignore stress from magical attacks, but can be compelled to be destructively stubborn.
@kviiri Yes, yes it is.
Probably easier, but less satisfying, to have a ton of pre-programmed trains that you simply release when requested instead.
> Regeneration. You always begin recovering from a physical consequence at the end of the scene in which you acquired it.
So I've all but ditched this original plan although I'm still interested in the idea of implementing the necessary logic
> Terrifying. When you enter a scene, every un-named character in the scene attempts to flee unless you spend a fate point.
12:04 PM
> Ancient. You get +2 when using Lore to create advantages by knowing things from more than a generation ago.
12:25 PM
Nice, I got the 5e tag
@goodguy5 Nice!
Also morning everyone :)
How's it going?
It seems like things are finally evening out.
12:43 PM
How so?
Since May
I got rear ended
my uncle died
I had the worst sinus infection of my life (104.5F fever)
My baby got sick (minor cold. nbd)
My wife got sick (two separate eye infections and a severe corneal abrasion)
> Tear-refi-ing. When an item in your possession is damaged, you qualify for additional loans.
1:01 PM
Howdy y'all!
@goodguy5 I am so glad to hear that.
@goodguy5 Yay! Life definitely has it's ups and downs and glad to hear you're leaving a downswing.
I hope that Tiny Hut querent hops in here.
I wish we could slap the tag on it.
@goodguy5 that's enough out of you! :P
We need some tiny hut experts!
I might go make a meta to desynonymize tiny-hut
1:10 PM
Speaking as someone whose DM always created night encounters and had to have my paladin fight in his underwear a lot, I think this DM is going to a problematic path.
@NautArch "Tiny Hut Querent."
not to self. magic item.
"instant plate mail"
"This exquisite, liteweight suit of platemail only weighs 10 pounds and can be donned or doffed with one action.
@goodguy5 "not to self" How generous of you.
it's so light because it's made of paper plates
1:14 PM
@BESW Same-day shipping? Impressive.
@BESW :(
Got my mini painted!
@NautArch oh wow this looks great.
@Ash yeah, i'm super happy :)
1:30 PM
@NautArch Very nice
@DavidCoffron gets to play on wednesday in a very difficult combat. Hope I'm not rolling a new character!
Is that a heroforge mini?
@SirCinnamon Designed on heroforge, printed though Impact!Miniatures, painted by a guy I work with.
@NautArch Interesting - is exporting the model from heroforge free?
@SirCinnamon No, just a lot less :) Even with the printing/shipping costs from Impact!
It was $7.99 to download the STL file
1:38 PM
@NautArch I cant seem to find the pricing for that on the Impact site... it could use some work I think haha
@SirCinnamon Yeah, it's basically just one guy. His wife and kid help out a few hours each week. But I don't totally get his business model. I think he sends them to someone else to print. So he's kind of a middle man.
"Normal unmounted heroes (like provided by services like Hero Forge cost $6 to $9 to print. Mounted figures (like on a horse or motorcycle) or normally $16 to $20. Shipping is a one time fee no matter how many prints are ordered and is $5 for orders going to the USA, $10 for Canada and $15 for Rest of World."
Mine was $12 total.
That's a pretty great deal
So my total cost for this mini was 7.99 for the STL, 12 for the mini, 15 for the painting.
$35 all in.
@NautArch Lego bricks and bottle caps are basically free ;) - the things I often use as minis
@goodguy5 Yeah, but I like having something that's more....mine.
1:42 PM
where are you buying your lego :0
and not lego
A singular standard lego brick is very cheap. It's the sets/obscure pieces that are expensive.
I was at a theme park thing this weekend and got 100 grams of lego candy bricks
my teeth still hurt
don't chew them then?
those are hard candy right?
7cents per piece
1:45 PM
kind of chalky, not exactly hard candy but hard-ish
oh those
kind of the consistency of smarties
or necco wafers
then don't eat a ton of them at once
oh right smarties are different for you
i was confused
@SirCinnamon Are you sure they weren't just lego bricks?
1:46 PM
@SirCinnamon explain
IIRC, Smarties aren't the same thing in the UK as they are in the US.
Smarties are a colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery. They have been manufactured since 1937, originally by H.I. Rowntree & Company in the UK, and are currently produced by Nestlé. Smarties are oblate spheroids with a minor axis of about 5 mm (0.2 in) and a major axis of about 12 mm (0.5 in). They come in eight colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, mauve, pink and brown, although the blue variety was temporarily replaced by a white variety in some countries, while an alternative natural colouring dye of the blue colour was being researched.Smarties are not distributed (except...
US Smarties are tangy, chalky candies.
In the United States, Smarties are a type of tablet candy produced by Smarties Candy Company, formerly known as Ce De Candy Inc., since 1949. Smarties are produced in factories in both Union Township, New Jersey, and Newmarket, Ontario. The candies distributed in Canada are marketed as Rockets, to avoid confusion with Nestlé's Smarties. The New Jersey factory produces approximately 1 billion rolls of Smarties annually, and in total the company produces over 2.5 billion in a year.One individual candy is a biconcave disc in shape, with a diameter of roughly 1 cm (0.39 in) and a height of roughly...
"In the United States, Smarties are a type of tablet candy... The candies distributed in Canada are marketed as Rockets"
1:47 PM
@SirCinnamon Whereas UK Smarties are those.
@SirCinnamon the outside looks like shock tarts
i'm from they us but I've eaten both types
sorry, sweet tarts
but the inside is chocolate!
I remember sweet tarts
yeah that's that I was thing of
1:48 PM
But no smarties are essentially the same as M&Ms (but better)
btw I had my first game yesterday
I love sour candy but I have to avoid buying them because I always end up with tongue sores.
the candy shell has no flavour - Hey you haven't had smarties you cant tell me i'm wrong!
1:49 PM
@MageintheBarrel How did it go?
and got chewed out by my parents for staying up to late
I'm 22 and tuesday is my day off
at least youre not... trashing hotel rooms and kidnapping local cats or whatever it is the kids are doing these days
I don't see the problem
or smoking pot
1st of all, how late is "too late"
@MageintheBarrel They are parents. Parents are like that.
1:50 PM
Speaking as someone with experience, are you Asian?
and how quiet are you when you come home? Like, did you disturb them?
it was hard enough to convince them to extend my "bett time" till 10
I'm home that entire time
and I have a noisemaker so they can't hear me
that's bizarre. But I was out of the house before 22, so your mileage may vary
1:52 PM
@MageintheBarrel At 22? Do they do the "living under our roof, our rules" thing?
All this noise reminds me of 'Nam
the only reason dad knew that I was up was cause my light were on and he walked by
Until I moved out last year, I had similar restrictions you wouldn't expect for adults to have
even tho I was hitting the bugs on the wall

Are you secretly Harry Potter and are these "parents" aunts and uncles?
1:53 PM
also I'm half hungarian half african american
but both of their parents were extreemely strict
@goodguy5 the plot thickens
when what I've heard their parents were even worse
I'd move out if I didn't rely on my parents income due to the fact that my job sucks arse
@MageintheBarrel I had forgotten that Yuuki asked your Asianness, so I was like "but why is that important? Is there something about Hungarians and African Americans that make strict parents?"
@MageintheBarrel Still could be Harry Potter (source)
@MageintheBarrel have you considered moving out?
1:55 PM
I heard in japan at least parents are very strict
43 secs ago, by Mage in the Barrel
I'd move out if I didn't rely on my parents income due to the fact that my job sucks arse
I can't really atm
@DavidCoffron oops, didn't scroll up. sorry!
@MageintheBarrel it's hard to be a rectologist
@NautArch I get it, relying on scrolls can make you feel like a silly wizard, but once you start rocking those power spells. Mmm is that feeling good.
1:56 PM
@MageintheBarrel Not even enough to live with roommates and all share the cost? I've had some low paying jobs in my life and more roommates was the usual solution :)
@goodguy5 oof
is there a problem with my joke, David?
I can't drive due to my eyesight and my I live ijn the boonies
@goodguy5 Nah, I'm just overly anal about my comedy
@goodguy5 The main problem with it is that I didn't make it first.
1:57 PM
well I don't have many friends
@DavidCoffron that's a crappy attitude.
@goodguy5 I've just been the butt of too many jokes
and I only make around 40-100 from my job if that and 300-500 from ssi per month
@DavidCoffron even so, no need to 'roid rage
@goodguy5 I don't think those are the 'roids they mean when that phrase is used....
1:59 PM
@DavidCoffron It is today!
I'll take it

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