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12:07 AM
ask questions wizard
I love that becoming such a mundane thing as to be in the paper and everyone ignores it
Dear Questions Wizard...
12:21 AM
isn't that just a divination specialist?
Q: Dear Questions Wizard, is my boyfriend cheating on me? (I have enclosed a lock of his hair.)
A: You were right to be suspicious! I scried upon him and discovered he was "entertaining" your neighbour while you were at the market.
[scribbles campaign notes]
I've got a long-back-burnered campaign setting where that'd fit in perfectly.
(The one where everyone is elves.)
12:50 AM
Q: How are Fiends, Celestials, dragons, etc. affected by the Antimagic Field spell?

VerdanHow are Fiends, Celestials, dragons, etc affected by the antimagic field spell? I assume they can walk into them. Do they lose abilities, take damage, etc?

1:23 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword with email in body (159): How to order for a genuine driver's license, passport, ID card online by lenonhaven on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
Q: How does the math work for Perception checks?

MournbladePlease forgive me, it's been over 40+ years since I've played D&D and just now trying to reboot the changes. Can someone briefly explain Perception check math? Assume I'm a 5 year old or an idiot, whichever comes first in your mind. If a character has a Wisdom of 10 and the DM says "roll a Pe...

1 hour later…
2:36 AM
@Axoren gotcha, your call, get the mood/setting to fit.
2 hours later…
4:17 AM
hey thar @Helwar, how're things going?
and you?
alright here
i had to prepare tomorrow's game. It's almost 5:30 am and I've been playing Sekiro since 4 o'clock and I havent prepared a damn thing haha
4pm, I meant
4:37 AM
@BESW Always happy to provide opportunities!
1 hour later…
6:00 AM
just got back from watching Captain Marvel a little while ago. it was pretty good.
some twists I expected and some I didn't - overall a quite enjoyable movie.
(and a funny tie-in to another movie... not Endgame, a previous one :P)
6:57 AM
Afternoon all
@V2Blast I didn't dislike it.
I liked all the Captain Marvel bits, but the Marvel franchise kept getting in the way of the stand-alone movie it should have been and you can see the stress cracks in the franchise formula.
Quick TTRPG question
Haven't seen it, but ^ that's my impression on how it tends to go
@MikeQ Swift answer
Yay or nay: Use a single d20 roll to determine whether to exclude a player from the remainder of a campaign, based on an in-game surprise event
@MikeQ Definitely nay
I mean, I could theoretically accept that if it was the last session and people were fine with bloody endings to the campaign but... seriously :P
7:06 AM
Right. Assume not last session.
(I've noticed my players practically looking for cliffs for their characters to jump off on the last session)
@BESW yeah I have to agree with that
@MikeQ Ok, definitely no. Care to elaborate what the surprise event was?
@kviiri My PC opened a nondescript closet after checking for traps. BBEG was hiding inside (despite in-game knowledge that BBEG should be elsewhere), immediately tries to disintegrate the PC.
We're late in the game, and before rolling, I ask what happens if I fail, because we don't have magic to undo disintegrate. GM doesn't want to bother with new characters, therefore a low roll means being kicked, basically.
Ugh no no no x(
7:11 AM
Luckily I rolled high, but I got a bit annoyed by this scenario.
Sorry, I need to get a bit of clarification: was making a new character somehow out of the question? (it's still in bad taste IMO)
Yes apparently, despite the campaign probably lasting another few months IRL
My condolences for your bad time :(
10 hours ago, by BESW
@kviiri Ooh, I haven't had an opportunity to shout "GOBLIN DICE!" for a while.
twice in one day
7:17 AM
I would say "I'm happy it turned out fine", but unless you set out better expectations with your GM, this situation is going to recur.
The friends at the table are more important than anything in or about the game.
@BESW In all seriousness, I think the concept of Goblin dice is useful to know and since it hasn't been discussed here in an awfully long time, I think it's apt that the concept gets thrown around a bit so everyone can learn about it
For myself, it took a bit of ruminating to understand what it really means
Mainly because I had such little experience back when I first heard about it.
@BESW TBH this particular group and DM have been frustrating me for a while, often with "game mechanics before fun" style of play. But it's a learning experience. The more I observe, the more I learn what to avoid.
7:20 AM
Like, in this context the goblin dice aren't even the problem.
The problem is using the randomization generator to determine who gets to play.
That is not a choice you should use a game system to decide.
Agreed. And I'm really concerned now. Maybe the DM wants me out, but isn't sure, or wants to shift responsibility onto random chance?
Hm, I'm kinda feeling a desire to give online games another shot because I feel we have lots of people with fairly similar ideas on fun playing here
But I need to make some time first :)
@MikeQ yeah that whole situation is a bit dodge
7:36 AM
The Year is 2121. Reality, relationships, and style fuse under the pulsing of the beat. Slip into your finest synthetic skin, the Planet's Next DJ Supersquad World Tour is about to begin. A Fate World of Adventure by @Kiranansi Coming soon.
@Ben Well that's the way the cookie crumbles
and by "cookie" I mean "one of my primary social outlets"
@kviiri Scheduling is hard.
Naw, scheduling is easy
First you spend 3 months trying to juggle everyone's schedules until they agree to a date and place, and then nobody shows up on time
@BESW That's why I don't really do it. I'm going to go with the method I recall you mentioning once: decide a date and see who comes
That's what I did: every Saturday at 7. For the last year, pretty much the only IRL person to show up has been Troggy.
7:50 AM
Coordination is probably the hard part :P
@kviiri There are occasionally spontaneous one-shot games in the back room
My project manager at my current customer has a delightful group of friends with whom she's been hanging out regularly since their school years. She also said they used to schedule their meetings, leading them to meeting about once every six months if they were lucky
When they started just deciding on the date, they've met each other far more regularly.
8:13 AM
Speaking of spontaneous games in tbr... Any word on the development of LLKoM? @BESW
8:35 AM
I made a tag for a game system, then I found that it has been referred to another, potentially very misleading tag, and I think should be replaced, and it's only present on two questions only, should I rise a meta, or just edit two questions with an edit comment explaining why I'm replacing it?
(There's a total of three questions, one where I added the tag, two that used another, misleading tag.)
(Please @ me if/when you answer, because I may go offline and/or AFK any moment today.)
8:51 AM
@vicky_molokh The meta is usually an ok place to ask about tag editing
3 hours later…
11:39 AM
@MikeQ I don't know how long this campaign has been going but I suspect it might be a slow game like D&D, with a "we're approaching the finale" movie feeling, where it happens that someone gets taken out of the equation but the heroes keep pushing. The problem being this is not a movie.
12:26 PM
Q: The problem with the [gurps-dungeon-fantasy-rpg] tag wording

vicky_molokhToday I saw a Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game question (or rather, question spanning both GURPS and DFRPG), and decided to add the latter tag to it, started typing dungeon-fantasy-roleplaying..., didn't see an autocomplete, realised it's too long, added dfrpg instead because that's how the commu...

1:23 PM
@MikeQ if you had been disentegrated, would the DM have had you play the monsters until the climax? Being tossed from the group on a die roll like that (with the "doesn't want to roll up new chars" bit) not even an old school feel. (We usually found a way for another PC to be rescued / found when stuff like that happened ... but I guess that varies by table).
2:13 PM
hey there @kviiri
3:07 PM
Q: What was this official D&D 3.5e Lovecraft-flavored rulebook?

Drunken_GuyI faintly remember of a D&D 3.5 book, but I can not really remember its title. The book had a lovecraftian flavor, it was official and it was about old gods and monsters, that existed in the background, and the DM could create whole campaigns about them. It usually proposed events to happen in t...

may I ask a non-stackable D&D5e question? BUilding an overpowered item, I need a little peer review so it is not TOO overpowered... Ideally it won't fall into the player's hands but just in case :S
@Helwar you're in the right place for that sort of thing :)
oki :)
> Ideally it won't fall into the player's hands
I'm translating it in english so you can understand (i'm spanish so... :P)
@Rubiksmoose that's why I need it to be Overpowered, but not TOO MUCH
just in case
3:18 PM
@Shalvenay sup!
@kviiri not a whole lot, got some time to talk DW tho?
Incoming wall of text
Silver Soul
Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary (requires attunement)

This enormous greatsword appears to be composed of crystal and ice, and it’s handle is made of horn. It’s always wrapped in a magic silken cloth.
When the attuned creature wields the weapon, they can mentally command the cloth to uncover the blade, then the cloth floats towards the shoulders and arms of the owner and twists itself there, floating but not touching it’s master. While the cloth floats in this way it’s wearer is immune to cold damage and resistant to fire damage.
The sword itself has a +1 attack bonus, and adds 1d4 cold damage when it hits. When you roll a 6 on a d6 or a 4 on a d4 on a damage roll with this weapon, you can inmediatelly roll again a dice of the same kind and add it to the total.
Furthermore, when a critical hit lands on a creature, this must roll a DC 15 Constitution save. On a failure, the creature suffers 3d6 cold damage and its covered in ice crystals, paralizing it. The creature can repeat the save at the end of it’s turns. If it succeeds damage is halved and it’s not paralized.
If an unattuned creature tries to move the weapon, it needs to succeed on a DC 12 Strength check to even be able to raise it. Trying to wield it for combat requires a DC 17 Strength check for every attack. When an unattuned creature wields the sword, the magic cloth covering it dampens the damage, that becomes 1d6 Bludgeoning, and damages the wielder 1d4 cold damage every turn it tries to do so.
@Helwar hah exploding dice eh?
uh yeah it's called that. I knew it had a name but was struggling to find it!
out of curiosity, how do the exploding dice work on a crit?
3:33 PM
hum, everything keeps exploding?
oh dear.
The whole last paragraph is only for unattuned yes?
it's, unclear, now that I reread it
This is very powerful. Maybe not super powerful on its own, but on a crit it goes pretty crazy
on a crit you would roll 2d6 + 1d4 (normal) + 2d6 + 1d4 (crit rerolls) + 3d6
and if any of those are 4s or 6s they explode right?
hum, can take away the 3d6 extra
@Rubiksmoose yeah
i did not intend the 3d6 extra to explode too. I didn't think of that. I might just take the 3d6 away completely
might be for the best (I'm really not the best for balance thigngs so I'm just thinking out loud essentially)
paralyis is also very strong, but without the damage.. maybe
3:41 PM
@Shalvenay Yea, a bit :)
I had a bit to do but should be ok now
Allegedly, they won't put their grubby hands on this item. They are gonna fight a mindflayer-slaved silver dragon, to free it and ask for it's help. If they succeed (i hope for their character's well beings that they do), the silver will adopt a Goliath shape and wield this in battle against the illithid great mind.
Just as a thought, exploding dice is really fun but honestly moreso for PC features than NPC. I think it is a fun idea, but I don't think I would add it to a DM weapon because 1) it adds more power and unpredictability 2) more rolling = more time and no way to average it when accounting for exploding
hmmm as a PC ally that does change things a bit
Still that is going to end up being a lot of rolling for a single attack
maybe slow instead of paralize?
I went with paralize just to emulate the silver dragon non-lethal breath weapon, but I'm not married to the idea :)
@Helwar what kind of levels are we dealing with here?
also you should be careful that this ally isn't going to be outshining the PCs
@Helwar stunned or restrained seem like good reductions.
they are lvl 9... The Dragon ally is gonna outshine them, they want it to distract the big bad brain while they do what they came to do
3:47 PM
do you plan to do it by the numbers then? Or could you just narrate the fight narratively instead of by rolling?
It depends, nothing ever goes according to plan. If they separate as planned I will just handwave it.
very true. PCs are allergic to following what the DM expects lol
But I fear they will try to coherce the dragon to do other things too... As always, or willl have to fight beside him before reaching the brain
well, it's THEIR plan, I just roll with it
ah ok
the stasis part is mostly backstory for the dragon and the weapon though I felt it would be cool to keep it baked into the weapon
3:51 PM
well if you remove the extra damage and do a restrained or stunned condition I think that will help tone it down
i reduced the paralisis to restrain and threw out the 3d6 extra damage
As said, I don't see them getting this, not with the dragon still alive. But weirder things have happened...
Indeed. Well if they do get it you can always iron out further wrinkles then.
Especially if you don't end up mechanically having the fight displayed to them
Essentially only the flavor of the weapon will be displayed and not the exact powers
Now you've got me thinking about how adding exploding dice to a homebrew magic item for PCs would affect things
I played a lot of Anima RPG back in the day, all dice are exploding dice there ( 90 on a d100 or more explodes. Then 91 or more, then 92... etc, until you only explode on a 100)
great shenanigans happened with that
and I'm late to my own game. Let's see if they manage to free the dragon first, or all of this will have been for nothing... And I hope they don't try to kill it, just free it... Adult dragons on a lvl 9 party is overkill :P
good luck!
thank you
it really helps to have someone else look at balance things
i lose perspective quite easily
4:25 PM
@Helwar heheheh
2 hours later…
6:33 PM
Happy 2,000th question RPG.Meta!
confetti cannon
7:14 PM
Q: If a character has darkvision, can they see through an area of nonmagical darkness filled with lightly obscuring gas?

BandaroI'm running a premade campaign which states that all the rooms are filled with a gas that makes the whole area lightly obscured (disadvantage on Perception checks). A character with darkvision without light, treats areas of mundane darkness as dim light. Dim light counts as lightly obscured as w...

hey there @DuckTapeAl
Hey @Shalvenay! How's it going?
@DuckTapeAl alright here, finally got my DW campaign going :D as for you?
Just wrapped up playing in a 5e Elder Scrolls campaign, and in the process of spinning up a Blades in the Dark game to replace it.
@DuckTapeAl nice!
7:27 PM
God, I'm going to be happy to not be playing D&D anymore. :P
I decided I need to parallelize my research code, it can't do squat with the current serial implementation :|
@DuckTapeAl :P did get to play a couple other systems as well (thanks to Nits' group)
Hmm. Not gonna lie, I left that question from yesterday assuming someone would be able to easily explain why I'm full of poopy†, and that doesn't appear to have happened.
I'm very scared right now.
The perception one?
7:38 PM
Oh, dang, you're doing a RAW question that interacts with the lighting rules?
Good luck. :P
The lighting rules are weird and backwards, by RAW.
Here's a Pathfinder question about that particular chestnut, but the wording is effectively the same in 5e:
Q: How do Pathfinder's vision penalties due to darkness work?

DuckTapeAlSo, the penalties that are applied when two characters are in darkness, attacking each other, are perfectly clear in the Pathfinder rules: In an area of dim light, a character can see somewhat. Creatures within this area have concealment (20% miss chance in combat) from those without darkvisi...

8:10 PM
@Xirema I looked through it and you seemed to be on point
As such as I'd love to be able to say otherwise lol
3 hours later…
11:28 PM
hey there @convoliution
11:39 PM
I'm going through his blog and finding a lot of great resources, like Best Practices for Historical Gaming.
@Shalvenay Hello again! How are you?
@convoliution alright here, as for you?

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