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Q: Does Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum prevent Devil's Sight from working?

CaklI could compare it to this question about whether the Devil's Sight invocation allows one to see into Hunger of Hadar, but that question has an easy answer, due to the 'blinded' condition it affects the person inside with. However, the spell Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum does not give the 'blind...

1:05 AM
@MikeQ Well, it seems like I got my work cut out for me now haha. I was surprised My "Forced Choice question" didn't actually get closed.
1:48 AM
Q: Does Mind Blast work through barriers (e.g. walls)?

user3516176I'm specifically looking at the Elder Brain's Mind Blast. Based on the line of effect rules for spells, I would say no... But it's not a spell really. Based on logic, I would say yes, because psychic attacks wouldn't be affected by physical barriers (unless we're assuming it's creating a physical...

2:07 AM
So I just had a conversation in a comment and it was said that you should not use normal English quotes "" you should always use > because it's better for readability. In this case I had a 2 sentence paragraph with 2 quotes. It seemed crazy to me to expand them to block quotes.
It's formatting. Makes it easier to read. Putting a "Quote in the middle of a sentence" kinda just makes it blend in to the rest of the text
Whereas if you
> Format the quote
It breaks it up, makes it easier to read, and more identifiable
It certainly makes it more identifiable but I don't think it makes it more readable
He said
> cheese

but I said
> fruit
He said "cheese" but I said "fruit"
I can definitely pick out the quotes easier in the former, but the later is vastly more readable to me
Maybe because I haven't spent as much time on SE so I am used to standard English?
Multiple people are editing my post to change it to block quotes so i guess the rules must be not to use normal quotes...
If you're quoting a single word like that, then yes, block quotes would be weird
Also note, the problem wasn't that the quotation marks caused code formatting, it was the tildas which you used.
2:24 AM
@Medix2 Is reading out code one letter at a time really useful?
Yes, it is, I speak from experience
A tilde is ~ btw
Ah right, the uh... letter-less accent mark?
` is called backtick afaik
Is "d e f f o o" really better than "def foo"? I have never heard someone read code like that so it seems strange to me.
Apparently a back quote yeah... Huh, I guess don't use those, just use the standard " and '
2:27 AM
So many quirks -_-;;
It is when the code says things like x(y_class:2|l)
When I read "class" in my head I don't read "c l a s s" though
The other parts of it are what I'm more getting at
But they aren't words
@Yuuki golf clap that got a grin out of me
2:32 AM
I know SE isn't big on giving information, but the "SE Style Guide" uses ` for inline quotes :///
I didn't even know there was a style guide XD
Some screen readers will search for words and read them out as words, even in code format. Various screen readers have different results and settings so it is kinda a grab-bag
@jgn probably a carry over from SO which is a coder site
Yeah, took a lot of googling and digging. For whatever reason backticks aren't even mentioned in the sidebar formatting help or in the formatting help page
Q: Style guide for questions and answers

splattneRecently I saw a question title of "combine 2 resultset". I think the community deserves nicely written and formatted content. I guess this would require just ten more seconds from all of us. Sometimes I reformat others' questions to make them nicer to read. I know this topic is subjective and ...

Funnily enough all quotes on meta are grey boxes too -_-;;
@jgn I would agree with that. The format breaks up the test to make the quoted text stand out better
He said cheese but I said fruit
In chat it's not as obvious, but on mainsite it gives it a little background and everything
And with coding, def foo is better that d e f f o o
2:47 AM
Well I would prefer normal quotes over either, but convention is to use block quotes so it seems natural for there to be an inline version too. And yes, there is, but there are some glitches it seems :P
Q: What should be done if I suspect a player is using weighted dice?

NERDmasterI have a player who I am pretty sure is using weighted dice. He has an entire dice set that almost always gets the best possible roll. He claims it's just insanely good luck but everyone agrees with me. I don't know if he knows he has a weighted dice set or not, but he does not want to test his d...

I at least have never even known the back quote was a thing outside of for opening console commands and the like. Never knew it had an actual use in quotation
3:03 AM
I don't think it usually is, same with > in normal English :P That stuff is all just markup
Medix2 I was deleting mine the whole time :) I don't like to leave long conversations because then they get sucked into the void~
I just got a ton of rep for serial voting reversal? what does that mean?
I clicked on it but theres no info, it links to my profile
Anyone know if I can restore a comment I deleted the way that I can with answers?
Comments are gone forever, but serial voting reversal probably means somebody serially downvoted you (downvoting a bunch of your questions/answers in a short amount of time; which would be due to something against you not the actual quality of your answers/comments. Though it also could have been a bot (not sure if those exist on here))
I see, thanks.
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About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast momentarily: https://www.twitch.tv/bigdredwun

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
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The convesation about SE copyright and licensing will be in NAB.
:52799138 I am glad you were aware they functioned this way and were still happy to use the site. I think SE goes to lengths to hide this idea since they don't mention it anywhere, and it isn't how the internet generally works.
@kviiri It looks like there are a lot of users still typing, unaware that the conversation has moved. Mind timing out the room?
...to let them know?
@gparyani I'll just move the messages after the fact. We haven't used room timeouts here, I don't want to confuse people with it in the middle of this :)
(I don't think I've ever seen it used actually)
I need a new RP group
I went from 4 a week to one.
@kviiri Only three times never, and not since 2014.
6:54 AM
[Days since last timeout: 1825]
Wouldn't want to ruin that streak
Wouldn't it be cool if that hit 2020 on 20/20/2020... oh wait.
@kviiri Oh god... It took me a second. I actually started to try and calculate if that was possible hahaha
Reminds me of a fun little happening at our neighboring team's scrum board that listed goals for the coming months. "Okay, there's October, got it, then November, December... but what the heck is 'zozo'?"
Or the local church board: "baptism next T-sigma-usday"
7:18 AM
@Ben That's rough :33 what were you playing?
4 messages moved from Not a bar, but plays one on TV
I restored the conversation about serial voting here, it got caught up when batch moving.
Long story short SE has a fancy algorithm (or so they say!) that detects when a user or group is targeting a certain user with up- or downvotes to the extent where it is likely to be an attempt to manipulate scores or reputation instead of actual assessment of content quality.
How do I evaluate binary quality?
Which quality?
Oh, I take you mean content quality. Still don't understand the question though :)
7:38 AM
I mean, if you are supposed to vote based on quality, then how do you measure quality in a binary way? What does it mean? :3
It's intentionally vague. There's tooltips that have some basic guidelines for up and downvotes, but other than that follow your conscience. (And it's technically ternary, since not voting is perfectly acceptable too)
I upvote content that I think is useful or insightful. I downvote content that I think is not useful, shows lack of research or understanding (eg. people who post DnD-based answers to non-DnD system questions) and sometimes content that is strictly speaking useful, but only as a warning example :)
Technically acceptable but SE encourages you to vote on every answer :3
I think most of us don't
@kviiri I agree, but I'm not sure that has to do with quality. Sometimes an answer seems quite high quality but if it's wrong then I downvote it
@jgn Being right or wrong is a part of the answer's quality
7:43 AM
But it's also comparative. There's a lot of timing and context involved I think.
I've downvoted my share of eloquent nonsense. But I've also upvoted answers that I disagree with if they argue their point well, I mean to the point where the difference in opinion boils down to schools of thought.
Does SE actually encourage voting on everything? That sounds like a terrible idea
@jgn Definitely so. That's why some sites (eg. Reddit) have scores hidden for a while. I think it's a good idea.
@Medix2 There are various medals for voting on things
You're acting like the medals matter. And I doubt there are medals for downvotinf
7:44 AM
@kviiri Yeah, as a user retention tactic sure it works ok, but it's bad for the site
There's the "fastest gun in the West" problem as a traditional example, where the first answer tends to get disproportionately good scores unless it's egregiously bad.
@kviiri In my experience the second answer seems to win out haha
@Medix2 I think jgn has a point though. (And since we often disagree I think you should take me seriously on this one) --- gamification matters.
90% of the time when I post an answer first, within a minute someone posts practically the same answer. Now I'm at -1 and they are top, and it snowballs from there.
@jgn Yeah, it's not as bad anymore, and wasn't as bad here anyway as it was in eg. Stack Overflow.
7:46 AM
You need to get that fast +1 or your answer is unlikely to recover
@jgn That could be the targeted voting that was reversed.
SE even rewards you for deleting with -3
Deleting a post removed all reputation gained and lost on question, but yes there is the Peer Pressure badge or something
@Medix2 Medals do matter, the whole rep system is a gamification system.
I guess they just don't matter to me then. My point for being here is knowledge gained and contributed, not statistics to "show off"
Though that's fair, i forgot that certainly contributes to various other users
This all said, I should probably sleep XD gnight y'all, beat of luck
7:48 AM
Unless you're interested in SE site moderation, the only milestone here that matters is the 10k privilege of seeing deleted content, because then you can read all the funny spam posts
@Medix2 Although I've heard there's an algorithm that will ban you for that too...
@Medix2 I think that's a bit of a strawman. I would doubt you are immune to the effects of gamification. Goodnight anyway, it was a good chat!
It's not really binary. I do like contributing my help to the RPG community and this site including the chat, but I also do enjoy seeing that rep graph steadily climb... :>
SE certainly think rep and badges matter or they wouldn't display them on every post :P
@kviiri I'll be honest, I've virtually never actually looked at my rep
I think the only time I actually noticed was when I passed 20k
I have a thing for graphs.
@MikeQ 20 rep (for joining chat) is pretty big!
7:52 AM
The worst is the rep to comment. That really solidifies the idea that rep is important right from the start.
Yeah, but it's also kinda important to limit forumization.
It's not optimal though. I'd do it differently.
If that were the goal then there's no need to have it displayed prominently at every available opportunity
even in chat...
@jgn Yeah, I meant rep to comment specifically.
I wish the 20 rep to chat would be circumvented by high-rep user invitation. We've coordinated a few upvotes a few times to new users who have non-stackable but otherwise good and on-topic concerns to get them on chat.
8:07 AM
Seems strange to limit chat. If a new user has an issue chat seems like a natural place to go, rather than posting on meta or whatever they are expected to do.
8:18 AM
it's all just spam protection mechanisms
A little maybe but I'm not sure if it all is, and certainly not the way its implemented
The chat part is almost definitely, maybe with a hint of "it's not really the purpose of the site"
But I think the chat could also serve by invitation.
8:34 AM
Morning good folks
Also I agree, I often upvote bad first posts just so that the system will recognize that "Yup, that's a human and they should be allowed to chat"
Which is not great, I'd rather prefer to be able to downvote and also click a button that says "Yup that's a human all right"
On other forums mods basically only deal with rules and banning users. Perhaps a similar system would be beneficial here
Strictly speaking, SE sites aren't forums. Or at least, they're not meant to be.
9:04 AM
SE staff refer to them as forums, but yeah I was just saying other forums use a system like that.
9:38 AM
Q: Is this homebrew Dragon Rider class balanced compared to the other official classes?

qazwsxIs this homebrew Dragon Rider class balanced compared to the other official classes in 5e? Note that all the spells I've put on the Rider spell list require concentration. The class: Dragon Rider Dragons terrify most adventurers, but for you, one very small dragon decided to bond wit...

1 hour later…
11:01 AM
@jgn all sorts. 3.5e, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, 5e
11:42 AM
@Ben I was in an absurd number of games at some point. It has since petered down to 3 regular games (Adventures in Middle-earth, Princes of the Apocalypse campaign for D&D 5e, and the streamed Wednesday night game). Though I brought up the final release of Lancer on the D&D Beyond server and have now ended up in a Monday night Lancer campaign starting soon :)
On an unrelated note
Does anyone know when the wording of Polymorph changed in 5e? Specifically, the first version of the 5e PHB said shapechangers automatically succeeded on the save against it, but at some point (before the 2018 PHB errata), it was changed to say shapechangers were unaffected. (Note that True Polymorph said they were unaffected, even in the 5e PHB's first printing.)
And that particular change is not noted in the PHB errata, hence my question
12:10 PM
I would assume that change coincided with the "can't affect creatures with 0 hit points" which is noted in errata, as the new wording combines the two in one sentence
That one is present in the first (2015) errata, I don't know what printings follows that, 2nd?
1 hour later…
1:17 PM
I assume that I'm not the only one that has some users on the site that I've decided I don't really like. I disagree with their methods and answers, etc. I'll call the example person "conflict".

Under that assumption, it always cheeses my grits when "conflict" has a great answer and I'm obliged to upvote it, duly.
1:29 PM
There's people I'm not so fond of, but I judge peoples' content on its own merit. How that impacts them is just an amalgam of me doing that over time.
Even people we do not like are capable of doing things we might like from time to time.
I think there's been times emotions like unhappiness have come up, but I get nothing healthy out of that, so that's something for me to work through and indicates an unhealthy or counterproductive hangup in my head somewhere for me to dismantle.
I do feel conflicted when someone's done something unhealthy in their posts (like they've been rude and it's not the first time) and then it gets edited out, and then what remains is genuinely good. Would upvoting it now be rewarding them for their bad behaviour, which I don't want to do? Or is upvoting it now reinforcing that the bad behaviour should've been avoided in the first place? I don't know.
Of course that's something we might also be handling in moderation capacity, but that's a separate matter.
Nowadays I think that conflicted thing is the most reaction I get along those lines.
That's my point. I do that, but then there's an underlying part of my brain that responds to that judgment.

"Man, that deserves an upvote. grumble grumble. I wish a downvote upon both your houses!"

"I disagree with this answer and think it deserves a downvote. As a happy coincidence, it's someone who I don't like a lot here anyway"
And now that I'm thinking about it more, I think it's actually the inverse of what I'm saying.

I feel bad downvoting someone I like here. And downvoting someone that doesn't fall into that category is free of that pseudo-guilt.
@KorvinStarmast Something y'all might also be interested in is The King Is Dead. It's a later game by the same authors as Firebrands (D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker) and develops further on the same formula and mechanics. The king has died, and the players are all people with some level of claim to the throne: there's various royal families, the king's guard, the leader of the king's armies, and so on. There's no clear answer as to who should succeed the king, so everyone has to work it out.
I've played it before and there were secret romances, galas, duels, a rebellion, an outright war, prisoners and hostages, and some tragedy. It's a really compelling experience. Nobody has to win, they just have to create fun and drama. Your character might specifically want to have the crown for themselves, or they might want to support someone else's claim—maybe because they need something out of it but they know they have no chance themselves. Maybe they just want to stop someone else's claim.
When I played, we had two players from the same royal house, and I was one of them. Our characters first met amicably as they travelled from far away, then they ostensibly gave their support to mine. Then we feuded, and settled the feud, and resolved to work together for the good of the family.
Eventually in the war several characters died. The survivors had sacrificed so much for their own claim to the throne—and all but one eventually, somberly, agreed together on the true heir.
1:57 PM
@doppelgreener Hmm, choices choices ....
2:20 PM
/me waves.
how is everyone
Workday that's a mixure of semi-frantic hunting odd and confusing bugs, and slower routine more predictable work.
Yesterday's evening of playing Divinity Original Sin 1 reminded me of how much nicer ablative resistances seem to be as a base concept compared to purely probabilistic ones. (I once asked a question related to that here.)
DOS1 uses normal probabilistic 'diceroll' saves.
DOS2 uses 'magic armour' and 'physical armour', which are ablated by magical and physical attacks respectively. Once either type of armour reaches 0, the character becomes vulnerable to appropriate effects (physical stun, magical freezing etc.), with no dicerolling involved.
2:28 PM
btw, @Rubiksmoose, what were you testing yesterday anyway, and did it work? (If I may ask)
@KorvinStarmast Play both! On different days when you feel like one or the other in particular :)
@vicky_molokh what you describe reminds me a little bit of Runequests use of armor, but that takes us back to editions 1 and 2 over 30 years ago.
@goodguy5 Oh, same. Stack Exchange as a community in general pretends to be neutral and ignores all the emotional impacts of the system, and anyone experiencing the real emotional impacts gets blamed for having emotions because surely the machine is completely neutral and unbiased so any emotion they feel is their problem.
But there are emotions! They happen and are important.
I think many recent changes dating back to the welcome wagon are Stack Exchange beginning to realise and acknowledge this, but they're also lagging in examining the fact the system is still built on pillars that pretend to be neutral and are anti-emotion.
(Algorithms aren't neutral though; they are all opinions embedded in code.)
Speaking of which, @KorvinStarmast, IIRC you've spoken before about something like how meta downvotes can be inhumane, and it's taken until recently to understand what you might have meant by that because I've had experiences that certainly resonate with that.
@KorvinStarmast GURPS Ablative DR can be used similarly, since DR provides a bonus to resist Afflictions (save-or-something-happens abilities), but somehow never is.
2:43 PM
@Someone_Evil hahaha I wondered if some eagle-eyed person would notice ;)
I was creating an unregistered account because I wanted to see what it was like for those users (eg what they can an cannot do and what it looks like) and also to test the workflow for registering one of those accounts to better help people do that.
@doppelgreener I am sure that I have. I think you are familiar (from our various discussions and one of our visceral disagreements) with my various frustrations with the SE-enabled tone - from the get go.
@Rubiksmoose I've never participated as an unregistered user before so it is pretty interesting.
@Rubiksmoose You must be getting old, as I see that you are talking to yourself ... obviously, the wisest person in the room. ;-)
@Rubiksmoose Anything noteworthy to share, or do you need to science a bit more first?
@doppelgreener On meta in particular, since it has a lot more "discussion" as a goal, the down vote without a constructive criticism/suggestion seems to contradict the intent of Meta's purpose. and yet, I now and again offer a down vote with no comment to avoid an "argument in comments" flare up. I can see why people weary of them.
2:49 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, I feel that.
I've certainly discovered a few things I was unaware of before!
1 - you can't delete your own posts?
2 - you can't flag anything
3 - there's a banner and sign-in button prompting you to complete your registration
@doppelgreener I have encountered a user on Christianity.SE who thinks that any down vote is "bullying" (or so they assert) despite some very kind other users offering to explain - so far, the messsage is not getting across.
@Rubiksmoose Flag is unsurprising as it is a rep 15 privilege, no self-deletion is a bit weird but I guess it two prevent some kind of abuse of the system
Mostly thinking aloud(?): I guess discussion post kinda exist on two axis; I agree with this and this is high quality/argues well. Ideally you'd be able two up/down vote on both, but since we only have one it gets used for both and it's confusing (and confusion leads to hurt)
@Someone_Evil Yeah the deletion thing is weird to me. Also, I'm pretty sure I've "explained" to unregistered users how to delete their answers before. Oops.
@Rubiksmoose I probably have aswell, I will certainly avoid it in the future. Though "complete registration and then you can self-delete your post" sounds a bit strange.
3:00 PM
Unregistered accounts are for ease of use in contributing for content, but not for managing it. :)
Q: Unregistered users should be able to delete their own answers

sthI used to think that all users can delete their own posts, as long as these posts haven't gained a relevant number of upvotes. After seeing posts like this again and again, I decided to verify my assumption and found out that you actually can't delete your own answers if you post from a low reput...

@Someone_Evil And yeah, the flag thing also makes sense. I do often forget, in general, that flagging is a rep-based privilege so that was another good thing for me to realise.
Especially since I'm pretty sure I've told 1 rep users to flag an answer for undeletion when deleting as a moderator before.
@Rubiksmoose ...... me too. oops
that explains some things
@Rubiksmoose Looks like even 1 rep users can flag their own posts, but they probably have to be registered
@Someone_Evil ahhhh good. That makes sense.
That vampirism question bothers me more than it should.
3:15 PM
@NautArch are you saying that the question sucks? 8^D
@KorvinStarmast It really bites.
@NautArch Stop reflecting!
@doppelgreener Can you look at the latest edits to the autistic player question?
@NautArch It's improving. Ideally I'd like to see more detail but maybe it's enough.
3:31 PM
@doppelgreener Yeah, it's tough (see my comment.) Ultimately, this seems less like a gaming issue and more about one about autism. But maybe we do have folks here who have had similar experiences and can help. Don't want to kick the "you should have direct experience in this before answering" fight, but this is a good example of why I believed in that policy.
@KorvinStarmast Unless they're a clown who lives in the sewers.
Or a cousin in the Addams family.
@NautArch I was right, it was less than five minutes before that joke arrived.
@NautArch I was definitely planning to comment such a reminder once it got reopened
@doppelgreener Honestly I think it's very strongly related to the fact that roleplaying is a very social activity, and GMing doubly so. People on RPG.se are all invested in an activity where teamwork and social problem-solving are paramount, and where safety tools and mutual respect are powerful topics. Way more so than e.g. technical sites
FYI, if folks want to continue the misgendering discussion, please take it to NAB. This really isn't the right place if we're going to go back down that path.
howdy @NERDmaster! Sorry about all the issues you're having at your table :(
@NautArch yeah there are a lot of problems
3:41 PM
@KorvinStarmast the recent movie seems to suggest that
also, that movie is NOT appropriate for little kids (or at least not for me and my kids.)
@NautArch Or for self-respecting audiences :p
@NERDmaster I have a dear friend who does early childhood development, and her specialty is speech pathology and autism/aspergers, and some other difficult cases. I wish I could channel her expertise for you but I cannot.
@PierreCathé heh. I don't think I totally minded the movie as a whole. But I was pretty shocked at the content when I thought my kids could see it.
@NautArch Yeah it's not all bad, but I'm french
@PierreCathé Hi French! I thought you were Pierre Cathe, but I don't mind changing.
(did I mention I'm a dad?)
3:43 PM
@NautArch Hi A Dad ! I'm French !
@PierreCathé well played, well played
So is your first name Arthur ?
anyone else have a bunch of idiots as players?
@NERDmaster I think those are synonyms, no?
@NERDmaster Nah, but mine are a bit too naïve
3:46 PM
@NERDmaster Nope
Mine were more of the "what do you mean there are consequences to my actions" types.
@PierreCathé Maybe we should swap a couple. Mine are bordering on paranoia (which I'd love to play with them)
@NautArch Like "sure, this chick said she's all for the local evil vampire lord, but we should still help her conquer the town because she might be less bad than the current ruler ?"
And then "Oh no, now she's mayor she's doing evil things !"
@PierreCathé No, more like "I'm going to attack these people in a village/look into someone's cart that the guards are holding and not trying to be subtle" types.
My players are presently a little bit upset that murderering the only NPC that had any idea what kind of dangers the party was threatening to unleash has now left them with an incomplete sense of what they're trying to prevent. ;)
3:49 PM
@Xirema That's an easy one! See what they try and do to solve it and then come up with a new solution based on their actions.
@Xirema I am trying to parse that sentence and failing. The party is going to unleash dangers?
On the topic of language authorities: Norwegian has two written languages and our authority (The Language Council [trans.]) tried to assimilate them over a series of reforms which was met with backlash and eventually stopped.
@NERDmaster I definitely don't have any direct experience to help, but given the situations you've described, you've got a tough road. If there is a reaction when something normal happens (like their character taking damage), then that's not really avoidable.
@KorvinStarmast Or maybe the players are trying to prevent the party because they're buzzkills
How old is this player @NERDmaster?
@kviiri Just so's you know, an elected mod can give explicit write-access to a user. So that's another way. It's just kinda kludgey, since then we'd never remember to go back and remove that access.... And I've generally found that just dropping a comment to say "I'm upvoting you so that you can join chat if you like" tends to get the ball rolling fast "enough."
But if ever there's a situation where it seems like someone needs access, go ahead and ping a mod.
@doppelgreener Thanks!
@nitsua60 That ball doesn't need to roll very far anymore. Barring downvotes, two upvotes on a question is enough for chat access
@NautArch the player is 15
@NERDmaster Do you know their parents?
4:03 PM
@NERDmaster That seems like it deserved to be in the question
I don't know their parents
@Someone_Evil Oh, that's right. Forgot about that.
@NERDmaster Are you of the same age group (if you don't mind me asking)? What is your relation to them outside of the game?
same age group and I'm friends with most of them
4:07 PM
@NERDmaster it seems (naively, to be sure) to me that this player must have similar experiences elsewhere in their life--having to wait in line, or the pantry being out of something--and the people closest to them have a lot of experience working with it. I've got to believe they're going to be an invaluable resource for you if willing, and it's going to be really hard without them.
Um do people want to see pictures of the minis
(I say this as someone who teaches a liminally-verbal autistic teenager and who doesn't go a couple days without lunching with one of the parents for feedback/advice.)
@Gwideon I certainly do
@NERDmaster How does the player get to where you play? I fully agree with @nitsua60 that your best path forward is going to be with talking to their parents. If you share any teachers with them, that may also be a possible resoure. But maybe Nits can talk about whether or not that's frowned up to discuss a student's issues with another student.
@Gwideon o/
he just stays after school
4:12 PM
Is this a club thing that's 'sponsored' by the school? If you're using school grounds, you should have access to school resources. Maybe talk to a guidance counselor?
@nitsua60 again may have some better direction there as to whether or not that's realistic.
maybe that might work
my questions so close to being reopened
Those are pretty chunky looking. I like the overall design, but detail definitely looks lost and muddled.
yeah sadly
That was my big concern.
Good 3d printers aren't cheap. Some schools may have them, but I think most don't.
4:16 PM
also it messed up the paladins spear and shield
If you're looking for good prints, i'd really recommend impactminiatures (as long as you're not in a rush.)
@NERDmaster Again, I think you should add the information you've given here to the question. Your ages and social situation is likely going to influence what advice will be relevant to you.
i am
they'll be good enough for now
Are you planning on painting them?
(whoops, I missed one earlier)
4:18 PM
@Someone_Evil my hunch is that may not improve them.
i just don't have time. I have to have my whole party done by tuesday so i can give it to them on their last club day
actually I may send these stl's to my uncle. though i'm not sure if he still has his 3d printer
@Gwideon is this a fighter wielding two longswords? TWF?
yep. he had the strength and the feats to do it
The short story is that I tweaked the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign so that if anyone were to actually attempt to operate the Magic Forge, it would cause a cataclysmic disaster. The primary villain knew about this, but also... Has Communication difficulties, so he's the only one who knew. There were a few hints ahead of time, but when they finally encountered him, the Paladin quickly offed him using the magic Mace he picked up earlier in the mine.

It's not at all a problem for me as a DM because I had/have plans for this potential outcome, but the odds that the campaign ends in a few s
The party will probably be fine. They're level 4 characters with a minimum of 14 in Constitution, they'll succeed enough of their Saving Throws to escape with their lives.
@Xirema Hurricane, earthquake, tornado, draught?
4:22 PM
@Gwideon nice!
I know folks don't love the TWF builds, but i'm going down that road and i think it'll be fun.
@NautArch two warhammers? Sword and warhammer?
@Xirema Do you have contingency other than TPK should the rolls go poorly?
wildfires ... global twerking?
@KorvinStarmast Longsword and Warhammer if I don't have time to get my shield up. If I do, then it's shield and longsword. Just a dwarf who doesn't fit in.
@NautArch I have a few "outs" I've set up, so it'll come down to A) does the party stick around for the christening of the mine, or not? And B) if they do, how do they react in the window of time they'll have agency to stop what's been set in motion?
4:26 PM
@Gwideon with a little paint this one will look awesome
The A) scenario is honestly most likely at this point, given that the party already started a three-way war outside the mine and want to run away to avoid taking responsibility for it. That pretty much guarantees the ecological disaster, but it also (nearly) guarantees the party survival.
@goodguy5 i'm not sure how the paint will like on the rough surface.
@KorvinStarmast Collapse of a Raw Mana Node. Causes massive amount of arcane energy to emerge, poisoning everyone and everything within a 100 mile radius.
@NERDmaster Your question has been reopened, and I included some of the info you gave us in here.
4:29 PM
@NautArch wrap a little 500 grit sandpaper around a chopstick and you can clean it right up. I don't think it's a total loss
@goodguy5 I'm definitely not familiar with doing that, but if it's a solution, then nice!
Aren't you afraid you'll also sand off detail?
of course you're afraid of that.
Maybe start with a higher grit. something really fine.

I'm not sure how hard that particular plastic is
I've definitely felt like when I tried to 'clean up' my local printing, i just made it worse. :P
i hate that it messed up on the paladin's shield and spear
I think most fedex places have a 3d printer. you could check their price?
4:37 PM
I have an uncle with a really good printer
@goodguy5 I'd be less interesting in their price and more interested in their quality :D
the first print he did was this really cool little yoda bust and it was really good
@Gwideon What software does your school use for the rendering in prep for print?
btw, looks like it's UPS, not fedex.
4:41 PM
@NautArch print wizard also it's a printer from 2013
it's a mojo printer from 2013
@Gwideon Those may be part of the problem :) I was using the builtin lulzbot software, but tried out simplify3d. The strut formation was definitely better.
it's a school so what do you expect. also it's running on a windows xp machine
Q: When an artificer uses its action to create two Cannons, how can it easily expend a spell slot between the creation of the first and second cannon?

RuseWhile writing an answer for this question I came across a problem with how the Eldritch Cannon and the Fortified Position features interract. Eldritch Cannon states: Once you create a cannon, you can't do so again until you finish a long rest or until you expend a spell slot of 1st level or ...

I need an xmasy avatar, and I might be using the grinch.
@doppelgreener I recommend Orko.
5:16 PM
so um yeah
uncle is gonna start the prints tonight and i'll be able to compare them to the current prints
i honestly like how they came out over all
I have a bit of support material left that I need to file/ sand off
5:34 PM
@doppelgreener recommend the original Dr Seuss and not Jim Carrey version for the pic.
Something like a doppelgrincher .... Original image is here
@KorvinStarmast brilliant name idea
(alas i can't access that link, it's blocked to Europeans)
5:54 PM
I tried to find a Junimo wearing a Santa hat and could not.

might make one, we'll see.
I'm not sure quite what to do
@Gwideon Take that left at Albuquerque
anyone heard of karen traviss
hadn't, but just googled her
she's apparently an auther to stay away from.
6:03 PM
she has a bad habit of character assasination and derailment. also she made mandos mary sues in the old star wars eu
I wouldn't let others opinions stop you if you want to read her stuff.
I haven't read any of her works, but she seems pretty popular.
one example was in one of her halo novels (glasslands I believe) she had a character with a disability (muteness in this case) caused by a very traumatic event just suddenly get over their disability just so she could have them shout at her chosen character assassination target (in this case Halsey.)
from what I've heard i wouldn't like her stuff. most people say her stuff comes off as bad fanfic and has huge contradictions with existing canon (due to her refusing to do any research)
@Gwideon I'm not sure I have a problem with someone overcoming a past traumatic event. That's usually called character growth.
I still think if you're interested in one of her books, you should just try it. If you don't like it, then you don't like it.
But I wouldn't not read it because of what someone else said.
But if the person telling you you know has similar taste to you, then it's more meaningful.
@NautArch the problem it's out of the blue withno prompting. also the character had been through years of therapy and all of that. also she doesn't handle the character very well in general. having to have her be coddled all the time when previously in other books she was very capable.
also yeah I'm getting this from friends who have similar taste
6:13 PM
@Gwideon Ah, so you've read this one?
There, I did it myself.
You'll see it in chat in a while
yeah I read glasslands
@Gwideon Did you think it was bad fanfic?
Well, then you've made your decision based on your personal experience!
6:16 PM
she blames everything bad about the spartan program on Halsey (which is clearly wrong) and she really mischaracterizes Halsey and it just makes me annoyed.
Been kinda reading through alot of eu books for several franchises I like and um yeah
@Gwideon That's a much better statement then "you've heard..."
i haven't read her star wars stuff so yeah I was kinda referring to that. just never mind
anyways um i'm probably going off topic
@Gwideon no such thing here!
There are alot of fantasy and sci-fi writers I don't really like. I had someone give me a tom kratman book once and I read a couple pages into it before putting it down and then taking it to a halfprice books to sell. It was awful and um yeah.
Literature is really a personal thing.
see the 50 shades phenomenon.
6:26 PM
That writing was abysmal, but it's a freaking ridiculous best seller.
My wife was reading it and I tried it. Gave it back saying I can't read this, the writing is just bad. If I'm trying to read and all I want to do is edit, I can't do it.
It's just the prose in his books is really really clunkly and so bad. also the main character of the book was a ultra violent psychopath with no redeeming qualities.
Yeah, those are non-starters for me.
Just an FYI:
Yaakov Ellis on December 05, 2019

We know that giving our community mechanisms for sharing and receiving feedback is important. In her recent blog post, Meg Risdal described some of the ways that our Public Q&A product team is working to improve the way our system helps users share and receive feedback. I’m pleased to announce that starting today we are rolling out our new post notice system on Stack Overflow and across the entire Stack Exchange network. 

As a reminder, post notices are the informational banners that sometimes appear on closed, duplicate, and other questions. …

We should be seeing these new post notices roll out here as well^
6:33 PM
(sorry I didn't mean to kill the conversation lol)
@NautArch um I do have a particular soft spot for Ryder windham. He did one of my favorite series of starwars legends books. they basically told the life stories of important characters in the starwars universe. his prose is simple if I remember correctly but it's effective in getting it's point and tone across. basically he's not a poet but he's a darn good storyteller
also ugh one of karen traviss's books is still canon. She wrote the novelization for the clone wars animated movie. yeah that book isn't very good.
@Gwideon I haven't read of a lot of the star wars books. Big fan of the movies, and some shows, but never really went down the rabbit hole of books.
I did just start watching rebels and really liking it so far.
Can't wait to watch the Tartakovsky Clone Wars with my son. And then use that as a potential gateway to Samurai Jack :P
@NautArch Rebels is really good. I'm rewatching rebels and clone wars (in it's chronological order) to prepare for clone wars season 7
Have you seen the Tartakovsky version?
yes I have. I do like it for it's art style but it's not really my thing
6:48 PM
Q: Does being invisible grant advantage on stealth checks by RAW?

NathanSA few DMs I play with all seem to believe that being invisible (such as via the invisibility or greater invisibility spells) grants advantage on stealth checks. However, I could not find any support for this in the rules. Of course, these aforementioned DMs are all people I know from the same gam...

Q: Would an anti-magic field block targets of Dragon's Breath spell user?

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@Gwideon guessing not a fan of samura jack, either?
also the continuity stuff bugs me to no end. I know it was a different point but still I kinda can't help but let it get to me.
I haven't seen samurai jack
Also I know it's not the shows fault that it doesn't match up with canon made afterwards but um yeah
I definitely have a soft spot for the animation, but canon shmanon. It's a good story :)
@Rubiksmoose Looks to me like they're already rolled out
@Someone_Evil Yup! They timed it pretty rapidly I guess.
6:57 PM
Can you see why they changed 'on hold' back to 'closed'?
@Someone_Evil Just to clarify, are you asking me if I see where they say their reason or are you asking if I can see it in the sense that I agree?
@NautArch When dealing with stuff on the scale of Star Wars or WH40K or whatever, there's a ridiculous amount of lore, which means it's much harder to be consistent with the established canon. Inconsistencies are going to happen.
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