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2:23 AM
Q: Is this a valid use of Deflect Missiles according to RAW?

user60821A level 3 monk is wielding a dagger in each hand, without the two weapon style or duel wielder feat. He makes a melee attack then as a bonus action makes a ranged attack by throwing a dagger straight in the air above him. His turn ends before it falls and if it hits him he uses his reaction to ca...

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4:29 AM
Q: Are there any spell casters that can cast life giving spells without 'expensive' components?

Tim of TimeIn 5e D&D, all the life giving spells (be they Clone, Reincarnate, Raise Dead, [True] Resurrection & even Revivify) all require so-called 'expensive' components. This mechanic allows some DM relative control over the otherwise infinite creature life/lives (be they (N)PC or monster). Even with vas...

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7:42 AM
@Medix2 Sounds like most feature requests on MSE
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9:38 AM
Q: Magic Weapon Critical Hit Houserule

royalmurderMy DM runs his game without allowing players access to homebrew options - including Unearthed Arcana - but something came up last season that gave me pause for thought. A player’s character - a 4th level Way of the Sun Soul Monk - critically hit an enemy with a +1 hand-axe. I was expecting the d...

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5:20 PM
@Shalvenay Silly question - would it be alright if we hung up the campaign until the new year? My schedule's pretty crowded, otherwise.
@Glazius no big deal at all
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7:37 PM
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8:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer (60): Can I begin roleplaying if I'm visually impaired? by BlacknDream on rpg.SE
9:08 PM
It's odd when a question is closed as a duplicate, edited, and now should be closed for not having enough detail
Yeah, the close system is aggressively imperfect.
9:55 PM
Q: Can I begin roleplaying if I'm visually impaired?

Visually ImpairedI've been reading about RPGs for a long time, and I'm extremely interested in trying it... But I'm afraid to start because I'm visually impaired and have to use a screen reader to navigate a screen. RPGs seem very complicated and I think I'd really love the actual voice roleplaying of the charact...

has this gone newly active?
is that because a lot of people are looking at it or just because someone may have answered it or commented or something?
I ask mainly because I wonder if a lot of people became interested in the subject, or if maybe just one person did something with it to get a hat
I hope it's the first one
it's active today because a spam answer got posted on it.
also because I have just never seen an old question with that "Highly Active" thing on it
ah ok
and I recognize that question and was like "wow why is that on the front page right now?"
if you look at the top header, below the question title, there's an "Active: today" bit?
@trogdor That's what protected now shows up as
that sucks
9:59 PM
if you click on that, it links to wherever the most recent activity (edit, answer, etc.) was.
@Carcer ah ok
fair enough
though it is a deleted answer now of course so you'd need the rep to see it
that's kinda a misleading lable,... isn't it?
I assume I don't have that much rep
I don't think you do, no
because I am honestly not that active
10:01 PM
and yes the "Highly Active" thing is a very misleading label now
I don't know why they changed it
that seems silly yeah
10:22 PM
Q: Can you wield a a typical shield and Aegis of the Raven Queen at the same time?

Toffee PerezI know that you can only hold one shield at a time but the description of the Aegis of the Raven says that its plus magic bonus to AC stacks up with the current pluses from a shield that is currently used. This description about bonuses does not make sense if you can't wield both shields at the s...

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11:38 PM
A: New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

TylerHfeature-request status-completed Completion notes: we addressed point #2 below (now "spam and non-answer activity") as well as point #4 (now "you have enough reputation to answer"). More discussion on this in the comments; summary is: this should be used for questions that have had an unusual...

Addressed: #2 (now "spam and non-answer activity") #4 (now "you have enough reputation to answer"). Marking this complete, because - as I said in my previous comment - "highly active" is the goal here; in the same way that it's possible to close questions for the wrong reason, it's possible to misuse protect. — Shog9 ♦ Nov 8 at 23:02

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