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Does anyone have a printing of the D&D 5e DMG from sometime after the 2016 DMG errata was released, but before the 2018 core book errata was released? I want to check when a certain typo was fixed (it's not noted in the errata PDF). Specially the one in the Periapt of Health's description.
12:45 AM
Uh does it have to be printed specifically?
Can it be a PDF?
I'm not sure I have one from that timeframe but it would be good to know if you could also use PDF
Well, there are no legal PDFs of the 5e DMG :P And also, it seems like it'd be harder to know what year such a printing is from
Fair enough
It strikes me as odd though, they don't sell it in PDF format? Because they definitely sell 4e that way
I definitely have legal PDF copies of 4e that I bought
So far as I can tell, Wizards decided that instead of selling PDFs they'd go full subscription online service for their digital rules.
Because gating content behind cloud subscriptions is an excellent way to forge long-lasting positive customer relations get rich quick and then ditch the company on somebody else to handle your annoyed customer base.
1:00 AM
Heck maybe they stopped selling 4e in PDF form after I got a copy of some of the books
Or maybe they don't care about it because it isn't current anymore
And because "everyone hated it"
I put that in quotes because that's how Wizards acts, not because I think it's true (even if I exclude myself)
1:27 AM
Q: Can I Haste, booming blade, green flame blade and smite?

neo flareSo I am new to Dungeons and Dragons, and for a one shot my DM is planning on a battle royal. What I want to do is a level 10 divine soul sorcerer and 2 levels in paladin. First round I cast haste then run away. Next turn I will cast booming blade with quicken to make it a bonus action. Then cast...

Finally decided how to code my Equipment Lists app! Not sure it's the best way, but it's A way! :) now the Big Data Entry bit ...
Ah Data entry
Current plan: Copy/paste into spreadsheet. Adjust, tinker. Save as CSV. Import into database.
Then write the accessor code to load DB into app (mainly done. more C/P, adjust)
1st bit off App is "simple" . Display Equipment lists, by Type (armour, weapons, etc). Filter in various ways (cost, weight, AC, Damage).
2nd bit is more ambitious ... create Random Shops, with shopkeeper, stock lists, custom pricing,
1:44 AM
That is very ambitious
I already have a Shop Name Generator! :)
Cool XD
<name>'s <descriptor> <'shop'>
Bob's Glorious Emporium. Alice's Tidy Market. Caleb's Forgotten Shack. etc.
And once I've got full Item Lists, it is "simply" iterating lists, with randomisers. How hard can it be? :D
Add in "weightings" (village/town/city, Farms/mines/port), specifics (wool/iron/coal/finance/Administration/lore) ... a village blacksmith will have some horse shoes. a "Frontier" armourer will have lots of 'common' weapons. A town scribe will have plenty of parchment, maybe some quality vellum, for a price ...
Ah, fair enough
That's the Big Plan ... we'll have to see how it goes. :)
1:54 AM
I still couldn't do that but that sounds easier than I expected anyway
I've got quite adept at Random Lists (see: my Google play apps page). Weightings and adjustments ... that's a trickier area. A LOT of one-banana code, and then streamlining (making sure it gives the right feel)
Update on my earlier question... Someone in the DDB Discord who bought the DMG in Jan. 2018 has the 8th printing of the book, and the typo was already fixed in their copy. So it wasn't a change from the 2018 core book errata (though it is undocumented)...
@V2Blast What is the issue?
2:19 AM
was just wondering if it would be relevant in updating this answer:
A: As of the November 2018 core book updates, what changes were made in the latest printings of the PHB that aren't noted in the errata document?

V2BlastThere are a few changes - some minor, some more significant - in the latest printing of the PHB that are not noted in the 2018 errata PDF: Action Surge Awakened Mind Climbing, Swimming and Crawling rules Clone Action Surge The fighter's Action Surge feature previously read (PHB, p. 72; empha...

turns out it's not
also, someone else said it was already fixed in their 6th-printing DMG too
2:30 AM
What might people want from an Equipment List app? So far, it is just a few Lists (armour, weapons, gear ... some more categories to be added). Filter by cost, weight, weapon damage etc. I'll be including "Packs" of pre-assembled stuff.
3:27 AM
@BlackSpike What game? D&D 5e? Something else?
Q: Help Optimizing a Support for an All-Ranged Party

Kim MaximusWe are currently going to a campaign with no real frontliners, we have an archer ranger, a blaster sorc, an artillerist artificer and a gunslinger(Mat Mercer). I thought of trying to be a support but as I was going through some spells, I found that most of the "support spells" like battlefield-co...

^^ should totally be a druid, possibly Moon.
Bless or faerie fire are going to be awesome buffs.
Healing's in need.
Some battlefield shaping, rather than control: spike growth, web, entangle, fog cloud, &c.
And if you get into a pinch with being overrun, turn into an elephant and soak some hits.
(I guess druid can't snag bless very easily, though.)
Maybe a cleric: bless, lean into the ranged thing with guiding bolt or spiritual weapon, hold person and banishment do a good job controlling the encounter if not the actual battlefield....
I think Druid works better - they're worried about fitting in with the party, but Moon means they can also cover the big weakness.
Plus, they seem worried about being bad at the game, and Moon Druid is pretty hard to get wrong.
4:12 AM
Q: Is bookmarking posts possible so I can find them easily later?

Jamie WattsIs there any way to set aside certain posts that I read here by, maybe, bookmarking or flagging them, so that I can find those posts later, to refer to them easily or to keep track of and see their contents later? For example, I've been discussing something with some RL (real life) friends and I...

4:35 AM
Q: Why Roll20 gives me two results instead of one?

Red2678When I roll in Roll20 (with my crossbow as an example) I get output, like below, in the game log. Why are there two numbers? In the below example, there are numbers 8 and 25.

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My Cat is an Oracle, by Jamila R. Nedjadi is a #RitualAsGames you play with your cat!
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good time of day to you all
8:36 AM
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@V2Blast yes, D&D 5e
10:45 AM
Q: Can we add text formatting to MathJax tables?

NathanSIn this Q&A, it is shown that we can use MathJax to create tables (see this answer in particular). However, as I attempt to use it, I find myself unable to add the text formatting I wish to use. Here are my attempts: $$ \begin{array}{c|l} \text{**I want this to be bold**}& \text{*I want this...

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Would someone who can parse this pathfinder 1e question mind revising it to put the question in the question body? The question shouldn't solely exist in the title, and I have no idea if the title even corresponds to the question body
@doppelgreener I am currently in the middle of an edit there
Thank you! :)
The other thing setting my alarms off is it's asking for "any advice or similar" and that's bait for low quality one-liner answers
questions go well when they request a comprehensive answer, and go poorly when they request "any advice" or "tips" or etc
'cause any advice at all is exactly what they get
@Sdjz Thanks very much for that edit!
11:44 AM
Trying to figure out a Question. The answers seem to be answering a different question ... at least from how I am reading it ...
We could take a look.
Q: Does a familiar gain the added damage of the Hex spell when delivering an attack on the owner's behalf?

MivaScottPer the rules of Find Familiar: Finally, when you cast a spell with a range of touch, your familiar can deliver the spell as if it had cast the spell. Your familiar must be within 100 feet of you, and it must use its reaction to deliver the spell when you cast it. If the spell requires an att...

ksdajlakjdsglkjadg this is what happens when the title and the body ask different questions
Ah, I think I see where my confusion is. Warlock is casting TWO spells. One HEX (directly?) and one Range-Touch spell, through their Familiar (referred to in the Question as "an attack"). All not very clear to my only-one-coffee-so-far brain
Mind you, it's still a lot better than a Java/Android facebook group I'm in: 90% of posts there tend to be a blurry phone-photo of their screen, showing random pieces of code, with the comment "What is error?" :(
That sounds horrific
Are you in there for similar reasons to why people watch horror movies, or something else?
(I kid, I assume it's because of the other 10% of posts)
12:01 PM
yeah ... sometimes some useful posts. Sometimes get some help. Always on the lookout for better places, but "Sturgeon's Revelation" stops me hunting too hard ... the next place I find will probably be no better :(
There's very likely better. Lots of places become very good because of core participation, and that draws in the crap. What you want is a place that maintains the quality bar.
If 90% of everything is crap, then there's a 10% that's pretty good. That channel sounds like it's part of the crap.
Struggling to find the right place
Also means it might take you several tries to find that place
There's a few communities I'm in or aware of that discuss magic the gathering, and most of them are pretty crap for one reason or another, but I've recently found a couple of pretty nice places, including a pretty lovely and wholesome chat channel.
(Well, "recently" in major quotes. I guess I've been in one of them for two years now, and the other just recently launched.)
12:06 PM
Finding a group the right size is tough. Too big, and it's overloaded with crap. Too small and it's inactive ...
It is
I don't look on Facebook though; its systems are awful
And my google-fu fails me trying to find a Programming chat-room ... all I get is "how to write a chat-room app" :(
I mean, Facebook's algorithms are specifically not designed to give you stuff you always want. Its algorithms are designed to surface controversy and garbage because it magnetises activity. Nice peaceful engagements do not generate page views the same way.
(also I just generally try to minimise my interaction with facebook because it's an awful company)
12:16 PM
(agreed. But all my friends are there ...)
yeah good point though the google fu is not in our favor
lots of people want to program their own message boards or chat rooms, so that messes with search
narrowing it down to specific languages or technologies that you like might be helpful, and you could get recommendations from folks in their stack overflow chat rooms
Can't find much in S.O. chat :( maybe I'm being too picky.
Anyway, back to the grindstone for now.
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2:18 PM
@goodguy5 o/
that familiar/*hex* question is tricky
@BlackSpike You want to chat with developers?
@BlackSpike If you're willing to put up with the interface IRC is a decent catch all. Language and project specific channels. A number of projects and groups have their own discord servers. Those are pretty okay. I've found a number of the language meetup groups in major cities have their own slack channels. If you're near a city that has a meetup for your language of choice, check out if they have a discord or slack.
@NautArch lol, I thought you mean like hex..... like the 6-sided shape. lol
@goodguy5 that hexagon familiar, it's so edgy.
how is everyone
2:30 PM
no lol. I interpreted it as
That question about hexes, a familiar topic, is tricky.
Almost-quite workday. Yesterday-today night GMed a dreamscape-visit session to my party, with some mystical-hint answers to some questions, and some foreshadowing, but now I worry that I went overboard with the vagueness / metaphorism / etc.
@vicky_molokh If you didn't hit them over the head with the hammer of obviousness, they probably missed it. And even then, they probably missed it.
@vicky_molokh nice. I ran first session of rise of tiamat on Saturday. It was mostly just setup. I introduced the council and their first "Mission".
@NautArch I concur. Obvious is never obvious enough.
Luckily there's illusion magic, so a literal neon sign might catch some attention right before they see through the illusion.
2:39 PM
i may ask a followup on the horizon walker distant strike
you should be able to teleport zgain if you do have a bonus action attack availble, right (as long as you've taken the Attack action.)?
@NautArch That's one think I really like about session notes/writeups from the players: I get a little bit of feedback on what struck them most, what I managed to convey well or poorly, &c.
@nitsua60 Yeah, I had one player who said they were taking notes, but never shared them with anyone. I don't think they were taking notes.
They were probably drawing circuit diagrams for a supercomputer
@NautArch I think is is only for the attacks that are part of that action, though there is some ambiguity
@Someone_Evil Yeah, i'm not sure. Ii'd probably allow it, but not sure what the 'rules' interpretation would be.
2:43 PM
@NautArch apropos of nothing, "what do shipwrecks have to do with ancient and medieval history?" (Question from one of my students.) I answered "well, a lot of ships have sunk in history," but I bet there's a better answer to be found.
@nitsua60 Are your students aware that boats existed well before the medieval era?
@nitsua60 I mean, that's a bit of a weird question. Kinda like "what do numbers have to do with math?"
Shipwrecks tend to contain a lot of artefacts of their time and so are archaeologically important to understand ancient and medieval history
@nitsua60 Good question! THere's a couple of ways to think about it. One is that Seafaring was the Space exploration of the day back then. That was the way to move/get goods from distant places and find new resources. Much of those civilization's technology went to shipbuilding and ocean exploration.
But hey, weird questions are good.
2:47 PM
I suppose one could argue that shipwrecks are more within the field of archaeology, rather than history, save for a few historical events where a poorly-timed shipwreck had some political/military consequences
The other is focusing in more on the need for trade and goods and understanding societies. Shipwrecks are similar to tombs, but instead of a snapshot of death, they are a snapshot of life. We get a nearly untouched window into the lives of those living on a ship, understanding where they were going by analyzing both tradegoods and potentially organisms, and we can see how they were building ships and what was different about them.
A couple of books for them to check out: Peter Throckmorton's The Sea Remembers and George Bass' A History of Seafaring based on Underwater Archaeology
@NautArch Wow! That's a really interesting way to describe it.
It makes me want to go check out a shipwreck =)
Heh, well most of that as done in with analysis of what was found. But swimming around one is fun, too :P
Also, apropos of nothing, the Halo series has an interesting take on the popular sci-fi concept of genetic/racial memory. So one of the ancient astronaut races in Halo, the Forerunners, had a form of communal memory that was accessible by every Forerunner and was capable of storing all sorts of information, including individual memories.
@nitsua60 But they are still a tomb, which is something that is often overlooked. We tend to look down on grave robbing nowadays (notsomuch with 19th century archaeologists), but everyone is still generally okay with looting shipwrecks.
2:54 PM
The Forerunners never figured out how it worked and when it came time to fire the Halo superweapon (which wipes out every living thing in the galaxy), they figured their culture would survive through their genetic memory and certain individuals that would take shelter in places protected from the superweapon.
Turns out their genetic memory was a construct created by another race that specialized in "living" technology and it was irreparably damaged by the Halo superweapon.
@Yuuki sadly the diadact was the one who survived
@GcL My party managed to make some impressive insights solely based on an incomplete causal diagram of a prophecy, so I'm not being too blatant ever since.
@nitsua60 And if you want to get deep into shipconstruction, then History of Wooden Shipbuilding by J. Richard Steffy is a great book.
3:00 PM
@Gwideon Fun fact about the Didact. He was locked for an eternity with the understanding that access to Forerunner genetic memory would help rehabilitate him.
So without access to the communal memory, he was left in solitude for millennia, turning him insane.
So... "fun" fact.
@Yuuki he was kinda already insane. also the forerunners aren't really all that nice.
well at least in my opinion.
Except for the Librarian and IsoDidact, yeah, they're pretty much all jerks.
They do have fun names though.
though they do deserve some credit for saving the universe from the flood they still had to wipe out life to do it.
3:09 PM
And when I say 'gained impressive insights based on an incomplete causal diagram of a prophecy', I mean this, from which they managed to figure out what artefact is relevant to the prophecy despite neither seeing nor hearing of it at all before. They also made good educated guesses about what most of the line/arrow types mean, and what some of the box types mean.
I"m kinda running low of ideas as a dm.
@Gwideon For Tiamat?
no just in general
@Gwideon The scope for which ideas are sought may be important for what solutions may be applicable.
3:16 PM
in general, creativity is proportionate to constraint
@Gwideon You could always try polling the players for ideas, since they're going to be participating in the game
@Gwideon So what scope are we talking about? 'What to throw at the party in campaign with such-and-such parameters', or 'what other campaign to GM'?
@MikeQ oh, yeah, absolutely
Or something else entirely?
well it's less about an actual campaign. I
3:18 PM
most people tend to have maybe 2-3 things they're interested in. if you've got three other people playing with you, that's a lot of things.
I just kinda feel really depleted creatively
@MikeQ Warranted warning though: not all players are proactive in such matters, and don't give clear actionable 'I want this thing' answers.
taking a break is ok :)
yeah i guess
Also yeah, that.
3:20 PM
have you considered picking up a game like Lady Blackbird or Honey Heist or Lasers and feelings for a one-shot palate cleanser?
lady blackbird is very well suited to a one-shot adventure in its original starting scenario — the crew is being held captive on the Hand of Sorrow — but is also ready to be an ongoing episodic thing whenever you're ready to revisit it.
Those in particular all offer a drop-in scenario and setting to get running with straight away, so you don't have to come up with everything yourself.
it's not a lack of ideas. i have so many ideas I just can't get them onto paper. It's exhausting and um yeah
@Gwideon I dunno about that, the existence of the Flood is due to the fact that the Forerunners were jerks.
@vicky_molokh Even when you ask them too. :-\
@Gwideon We may have discussed this a few weeks back - there's also the option of letting another player try running some games
I can't
3:28 PM
@Gwideon Lots of ideas that aren't organised enough to be put onto paper . . . that looks like how things usually are. I tend to let the brew until they ripen.
Of course not all of them ripen. The good ones ripen. The bad ones perish.
@Gwideon No more GMs around in your circle?
more like Saturday is my domain and no one is willing to take over. and when someone else does less people show up.
Your domain in the sense that you have traditionally always GMed on Saturdays and everyone used to the timeslot, or in the sense of being the only free day you have?
Unless you're contractually obligated to GM every week, then you're allowed to put your foot down and say you need a break
3:33 PM
it's the day I traditionally gm
@Gwideon oh, yeah. that's also a thing and is generally constant: I've always got a bunch of ideas for video games I want to make, but I can't do all of them. That said ideas alone aren't super important; we'll have more, so it's okay if we don't operate on these ones.
what's exhausting you? are you trying to keep them all organised and present, or something else?
trying to keep organized mostly
@Gwideon What's your stance on trying to let them be, and only trying to organise the ones that manage to get at least halfway-ripe 'on their own'?
Q: Dealing Hex damage when a familiar delivers a touch spell

MivaScottPer the rules of Find Familiar, familiars can deliver touch spells on behalf of their owner: Finally, when you cast a spell with a range of touch, your familiar can deliver the spell as if it had cast the spell. Your familiar must be within 100 feet of you, and it must use its reaction to del...

it's hard not to
nevermind i should go
3:51 PM
@NautArch I think I probably will--thanks for the recommendation!
@nitsua60 Steffy was an absolute genius - and a super nice guy.
@nitsua60 If your library doesn't have any of these, let me know. I can probably ship them down to you (pun intended.)
@vicky_molokh They generated the diagram or the DM gave it to them?
@GcL I showed the diagram (a PC saw it in a vision/dream, carved and painted with supernatural means on an obelisk). The players and their PCs managed to figure out what goes into some of the unrevealed slots (i.e. slots whose text is obscured).
By way of roleplayed discussion and analysis, not dicerolling.
4:17 PM
Meeting quote of the day:
"The question is: are we going to be able to put this in front of the customer this week, and everything I'm seeing is shouting a resounding 'NO'"
@JohnP I'm guessing there were no smiles when that was said?
@NautArch Dunno, it's a skype meeting. There's a LOT of arguing going on now.
I'm a popcorn observer on this one.
Now it's getting nasty.
"Yeah, you gave me resources. I guess I should have asked for competent resources."
@JohnP ohman
that is definitely Not Nice.
4:21 PM
@NautArch Yeah, it's a end of year deadline, and the entire company is off from mid day 24th through the new year.
Some definite snarl going on, but a VP just weighed in. People are in neutral corners atm.
4:41 PM
so i've kinda started worldbuilding a sci-fi universe. um one of the key features is that the ftl can take a very long time to activate therefore not allowing for the "jump to hyperspace" escape.
@Gwideon Ah, so you've finally released a balance patch to remove the exploit discovered in The Last Jedi. Good job. XD
@Xirema Was just going to ask if you can FTL through a ship to destroy it.
@GcL Thanks. I used to use IRC a lot, but not for while now. I joined a couple of Discords, bu they weren't what I was after. Any tips for IRC?
That's a good call, the moment that exploit got found, quadrillions of dollars worth of starfleets were taken out in days, once players realized they could strap a FTL drive to a rock.
Actually hyper space ramming is really costly. You're sacrificing personal and a very expensive capital ship. also I get the feeling that it's something that would only be effective with a large ship and not a small fighter. Also yeah it makes sense that ramming through a ship at light speed would be massively destructive.
4:49 PM
(This is not an invitation to begin spamming this chat room with Hot Takes™ of the merits/quality of the Star Wars sequel Trilogy, for anyone wondering)
anyways. it's a halo type ftl for my universe so ramming wouldn't even be a possibility.
I just wanted to deal with the Hyperspace as a get out of jail free card type thing
@Gwideon How did Halo handle it? Did they do the Cowboy Bebop thing, where things moving at Hyperspace speeds are also intangible with respect to non-hyperspace objects?
@Xirema they went the wormhole approach. you open a portal into an alternate space then create an exit portal at your destination.
Ah, okay.
so yeah basically the ship is only going sublight speeds the whole time
4:56 PM
Another idea for a limitation: Hyperspace jumps involve a big specialized engine that consumes an expensive resource
Probably the only method of FTL travel that might be real-world viable, and even then our best efforts mostly just involve creating bubbles of curved space to move within.
@NautArch And 10 minutes later - "Oh, you mean the demo is Thursday? We can make that, I thought it was tomorrow"
@MikeQ I have my ftl (called void drives in universe) limited to large ships due to the size of the device and how much power it draws. also it uses void energy (basically an energy that inhabits the nothingness of space) to function
@JohnP After the team gets thrown under the bus. nice.
@NautArch Yeah, they weren't on the call, this is only the scrum peeps and product owners. But they'll hear it, I'm sure.
5:01 PM
also it takes time to use it again after a jump as it needs to collect void energy.
anyways I'm gonna be quiet
5:34 PM
@BlackSpike Depending on the language, you get a decent hit rate with some of the large projects or frameworks written in that language.
@GcL I'm looking for Java/Android, for writing Apps. I've got a few simple RPG Utility Apps done, but am looking to expand.
Q: Are these homebrew metallic/chromatic pseudodragons the same CR as RAW pseudodragons?

NathanSPseudodragons are Tiny CR 1/4 dragons, but they're not quite dragon-like enough for my purposes. I want to homebrew some alternative stat blocks to the pseudodragon so that they more so resemble the various metallic/chromatic dragons, but at the same time I'd prefer it if my changes didn't change...

@BlackSpike Hmm... I don't know off the top of my head for that. I'd suggest Kotlin, as it's Java enough for me and coincident with android development. Maybe pick up this thread in not a bar
5:50 PM
@GcL ok
6:15 PM
You don't really need the whole ship, just the drive and the kinetic warhead (which may as well be a rock in some interpretations).
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about FTL variants I do and don't like, and so far I found Babylon 5's and Star Control 2's cosmology some of the more exploit-resistant ones (but not perfect either).
@vicky_molokh Could you elaborate on exploit resistant? Like, what kind of exploits?
@GcL I think the most common example is from last jedi.
@GcL In general, interesting space drives are also WMDs of great effect; many FTL drives even more so, with TLJ being one of more widely-seen examples. They can also, depending on the cosmology, enable other tactics that invalidate the military balance setups people like to have in settings. Such as ability to make deep strikes with no chance of being intercepted.
@vicky_molokh Oh like kinetic kill weapons in general or teleportation. I thought you meant the ability to break causality.
@GcL That's the other kind of exploit, one that gets glossed over most of the time.
6:26 PM
@NautArch magic machine does magic. New magic machine protects from magic, or "there's a shield for that"
@GcL hehe
@vicky_molokh I think that's the one that's really tough if anyone chooses to mess with it. The others are make up a counter technology.
Instead, we'll just make this little exhaust port here that'll blow the whole thing up.
But just jumping out a light year away, deploying a big telescope, and literally watching the past. Also, sending a message to your past self kinda mind bending and weird.
So, I just started watching The Clone Wars. Is it good/worth it?
6:29 PM
@NautArch Achilles heel is a common and decent plot device.
@Rubiksmoose 2003 or 2008?
but i'm fairly certain the answer is yes
@NautArch Errr, the latter I think. The one with 3D animation.
@GcL the family guy scene about this was awesome
@NautArch Also, the nature of engines and exhausts of all sorts. By design is a place to vent stuff from the engine without much getting in the way.
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, I still enjoyed it (but do need to rewatch it.) I very highly recommend 2003 one done by tartakovsky
6:30 PM
@GcL Regarding the telescope viewing the past: with the extra distance, I'm not sure it's that useful.
I was pretty confused last night trying to wiki search General Grevious and being shown results from Clone Wars and The Clone Wars
Tesla designed a static valve that kinda addresses the issue of stuff getting in. I think I'd probably use the exhaust port problem as a bait to get someone to look up tesla valves.
@GcL If you tune your exhaust ports right, you can get a very nice growl when you rev up the engine of your Death Star.
@vicky_molokh How long does it take to deploy the telescope or observation equipment? that dictates how far you have to travel to observer X days into the past.
@NautArch I'll check it out. I'm assuming it is on D+?
6:33 PM
@Rubiksmoose It's not :( I thought I had it locally, but I either didn't or had some data loss on my unraid when I did a lot of drive changes.
@GcL I mean if we're talking light years away, you won't see a very close-up picture anyway. So I'm not sure what's the point on those scales.
@NautArch Monsters!
@vicky_molokh You don't need a particularly large reflector to get good resolution at light year out. Also, making big things in space is a lot easier than making big things on a planet. Deploying a lot of decent side reflectors is trivial for space faring people.
so I have a good canidate for a hero ship.
So you've got to deploy a kilometer of reflectors... you've got automation for that.
I think the sending messages to your past self is probably the worse game breaker.
6:36 PM
@Rubiksmoose but if you can find it, it's a huge win. Especially if you like the samurai jack animation style.
@GcL So you'll see big ships going swoosh through the system, but you probably gain little benefit from looking into the year+ past rather than closer to present. Am I missing something?
Now, sending messages to the past - yeah, that is the huge deal.
But then you're playing Achron and not Star Wars.
(If you can get it, I suggest everyone to play Achron, the only strategy with real time travel [as opposed to fake time travel as in C&C RA series].)
@vicky_molokh Did you see the big secret that passed through here a month ago? Or I wonder how the super weapon destroyed this planet? It was just here last month! Zoom.
@NautArch I'll search around :)
@vicky_molokh So like, no FTL and not traveling through time backwards? Just forwards at different relative rates depending on the observer?
@GcL I assume that there are observers transmitting recon data in the 'present' anyway. At various distances closer than a light year.
6:39 PM
@vicky_molokh Sure, you just fly out X + deployment time light days away and look for yourself.
@GcL With travel backwards in time, including sending recon data to your past, or sending orders to units in the past. Or even sending units to the past or future.
Disclaimer: I may be getting tangled in the multiple threads, so sorry if I'm confusing others too.
@vicky_molokh Still fantasy time travel then. I read a different meaning of real there.... was hoping for a game with lorentz transforms all over the place!
um can I link my ship
@GcL Oh, I mean the strategy which actually models multiple iterations of a timeline, adjusting based on orders or units sent to the past.
@vicky_molokh That sounds mind bending.
@Gwideon I have lots of questions but, um, I'm not sure if they're appropriate.
not a bar
I need to find a way to get my Barbarian retired so I can roll up a new character. As much as I love her, (and I really do), every time we engage in any kind of social role play, she has to recuse herself, because the only in-character contribution she can make in any situation is to escalate to bloody violence.
Also, we continue to have only one healer in the whole party, and that continues to be a threat to the party's survival in a setting where you have to pass a Survival Check every time you try to take a [Short or Long] Rest.
6:59 PM
@Xirema What are the bonds/features/traits/flaws?
@Xirema Choose a different thing for the character to do.
The player makes the choices and then puts them through the lens of a character. The character doesn't choose anything... it's writing on paper to help the player tell a story. The player chooses.
Also, if you want to make a new character, ask the DM. You're not having fun playing the character anymore and would like to play a different one. Stop, collaborate, and listen to what options they come up with. It could be very cool.
@GcL That's been my choices though: "hmm, I think the other players want to engage in diplomacy with the Lizardfolk Queen. If my character talks, it'll only be to antagonize the queen, so maybe I should just go off to a corner of the room and draw shapes in the dirt with my weapons"
@Xirema Choose not to antagonize the queen.
@Xirema Any way you can think of to have the character grow into a bit more of a social role at all? Maybe some tutoring from a party member?
You're describing "My Guy Syndrome"
7:03 PM
@GcL My Guy Syndrome would be if I were actually going through with antagonizing the queen.
@GcL Well, except the fact that they aren't actually engaging in that behavior
It's still My Guy Syndrome, just you're only bothering yourself with it... so not as bad consequences.
You've set up a difficult lens through which to portray your choices, so you're going to have to be creative.
I bet if we know more about the character, we can find a way to interact in RP scenarios.
7:05 PM
@Rubiksmoose One thing I leaned alot on in the last session is the observation that she actually has some pretty decent INT/WIS scores, so I've translated that into a sense of self-preservation, i.e. she's not dumb enough to provoke a room full of 15-ish lizardfolk.
Those sound like good motivations to play your choice off of.
@Xirema Ah that's definitely good lol. Not many creatures would be that silly.
You know this character better than us obviously, are you sure there's no way to develop the character to be able to interact socially in a non-provocative manner?
Like, maybe the character themselves feels left out of these scenarios and wants to help. Seeking out a charismatic party member to help them out could result in some cool character growth and inter party RP if you wanted.
If you want a blood-thirsty barbarian to make contributions to a diplomatic interaction, you could take a comedy tact. The character makes good and helpful comments and laments afterwards that they enemy failed to see you gaining the hand in diplomacy and challenging you to a bare handed duel to the death.
@Xirema WHat are your Ability scores? And can you tell us more about the flaws/traits/bonds/ideals? Or other backstory info?
@NautArch Been trying to load the pdf, had to dig around for it in discord.
7:10 PM
"Thog is unhappy that we won with words. They complain bitterly about the party being so clever and getting what we wanted without even so much as a punch thrown. Thog muses to his friend that they probably wouldn't have been a good fight anyways as they were too stupid to see that they were losing."
Personality: My Language is as foul as an otyugh nest. / I never pass up a friendly wager.

Ideals: I'm a predator, and the other ships on the sea are my prey. (Pirate Background; there hasn't been much seafaring so far)

Bonds: Life is but a spark in the dark. We all go dark, but those who dare can burn bright.

Flaws: Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.

So you're actually above average for WIS/INT. And average CHA.
@Xirema Bond seems like a reasonable thing to latch onto. Why waste your spark fighting insignificant foes. Talk is great as long as it gets you to the real challenge.
You swear like a sailor, but given your Bonds, you do seem to believe that life has power.
And you want to nurture that.
@GcL Hmm.
7:13 PM
That can easily be turned into resolving conflicts outside of just brute force.
And not backing down can be either physical or mental. You double down on trying to resolve X, because you believe in it.
Choose what you want to do for the situation, then figure out how to play that through the lens of the character even if it seems like a stretch.
The other problem is that I'm defacto the party tank. I mentioned that there was a chance I'd miss next weekend's session due to vacation stuff, and the party considered cancelling the session because of fears they couldn't survive without a good tank. I've got the second-highest HP of the group, only beat by a single point by the fighter who managed to lucky-roll a 9 & 10 on their HP rolls. So rerolling to a more.... "diplomatic" character also means losing a really vital combat role. XD
@Xirema That's also a bit up to the DM to balance. THey should be making it fun regardless of party makeup.
@NautArch Well, they're newer, and also working off an adventure module.
Sounds like a good opportunity for a one-shot or sidequest
7:19 PM
@Xirema Ah. Then it seems like your best bet is to figure out how to interact more in RP with your current character. I think it's definitely do-able.
@NautArch Yeah. It was easier to be the token blood-murderer when there were 7 party members, but we dropped to 4 (although I think we still have 5 PCs if we include one of my friends who was busy with end-of-year work stuff during the session and didn't want to interrupt her work).
TIL editing a previous answer adds it to the "active" list, interesting...
Because then the other players are still mostly keeping things on rails.
Regarding 5e-dnd, is it worth opening a question asking if negative initiative exists or is there just a clear answer?
@Medix2 what do you mean?
7:23 PM
@Medix2 What exactly are you asking?
Can your initiative be -2 for example
Ah. I mean, can you find a duplicate for that? Because I would figure someone would have asked that already.
(The answer is Yes. There's no rule saying that the results of an Ability Check—and Initiative is a Dexterity Ability Check—have to be non-negative)
@Medix2 I think the question is just "is zero or 1 the lowest for an ability check/attack?"
probably more important for ability checks
Yeah that's what I assumed as well, since nothing states it can't be negative
Since you can go over 20, I don't see why you can't go below 1
7:26 PM
It can be negative. Low dex and roll an 1.
Nothing special about above 20 init or below 1 init. Just the order in which characters take actions.
yeah, it's just the math
There's a few encounters that will play out kind of funny, like Lair Actions that trigger on Initiative Count 20 or 1.
But once you're a round into combat it's all a continuous cycle anyways.
Also there's the weird never defined difference/confusion between bonus to initiative, initiative score, and initiative count.
Which IIRC was only really dug into here in a post on mounted initiative.
There's several posts on mounted initiative
But honestly I think there's a very clear answer given the spell true polymorph exists
The spell simply states: "It acts on each of your turns." and if they wanted mounts to work that way, they'd have used the same wording
@Medix2 work what way?
7:35 PM
Such that the mount and rider have a single turn
Similarly simulacrum just states the creature is "moving and acting in accordance with your wishes and acting on your turn in combat.", not that it shares your initiative
Two player controlled things acting on the same turn? Doesn't that just default to the player(s) decide who goes first?
Or rather, if they wanted a mount to act on the rider's turn, to literally share it's turn, they could've just used the wording they use elsewhere
No because this is the same turn not the same initiative
Init is a one time check to determine turn order.
Q: What happens when two creatures actually share the same turn?

Medix2Related to this Q/A ("Does a controlled mount share its rider's turn?") where there doesn't seem to be a consensus on whether or not the rider and their mount actually share a turn. I am left wondering what even happens when things do share a turn: The true polymorph spell states: Object int...

err... determine "initiative order"
7:39 PM
Yes but this isn't initiative, it's literally being told that two creatures share a turn
@GcL with xanathar's optional rule
Our table usually just simplifies everything to you control everything under you control on your turn.
@NautArch I thought that was base rules for initiative checks. Tie between players, they get to decide.
Tie between monsters... who cares.... up to the DM. Tie between players and monsters... also the DM? roll off? flip again?
'If a tie occurs, the DM decides the order among tied DM-controlled creatures, and the players decide the order among their tied characters. The DM can decide the order if the tie is between a monster and a player character. Optionally, the DM can have the tied characters and monsters each roll a d20 to determine the order, highest roll going first."
@NautArch Us to.
7:41 PM
For ties, we either decide amongst ourselves or go with the higher dexterity bonus. Usually it's the latter, and then another tie is player choice.
@Medix2 There you go. Player controlled, players decide.
Our table uses dex score to determine ties. If both have the same dex score the players decide
@GcL But I'm not talking about initiative
@Medix2 What's the scenario where this might be a problem?
simulacrum and true polymorph both just say that you share a turn, not that you tie in initiative
I just find it a very compelling argument that mounts don't share their turn with the rider; if they wanted them to, they'd have used the language found in those two spells
7:43 PM
Initiative order determines which turns go in what order. Horse moves on players turn. Seems the same as a tie for the order determining. Let the player pick. Horse goes first or character.
Except the horse moves on the player's initiative not their turn, I agree, one must go and then the other
@Medix2 That assumes holistic approach and level of cohesion that I don't think is a safe assumption.
@Medix2 The initiative is a single check to determine turn order (initiative order). I think the wording is just skipping over dealing with it and keeping them together for simplicity.
When the horse moves, the rider stays in midair, and then takes falling damage on the start of their turn
@MikeQ Unless the horse gets tripped up by the wording of the initiative rules at the start of the encounter.
@MikeQ This just sounds like cartoon physics where as long as you don't look down you'll never fall
7:45 PM
@MikeQ Unless they've readied their movement in which case... wait... they'd still fall
@Medix2 Ready movement so when the horse falls you use your reaction to move on its turn back to somewhere where you don't fall. Works cus you don't fall until your turn right?
I think "The initiative of a controlled mount changes to match yours when you mount it." is functionally equivalent to "acting on your turn in combat"
Also think that first statement should be errata'd to "The initiative order of a..."
But creatures don't have an initiative order individually
So you can't say "the initiative order of Bob"
Or at least, that's ungrammatical for me
Wait @GcL Didn't you literally say earlier that either the rider or the mount must take their turn first? Which means it is not equivalent to them acting on the same turn?
Well someone has to move first. That's how first works. When both are controlled by the same person they can't really do both at the same time
Honestly, sorry for re-opening this can of worms, probably should've left this all to the question literally asking about this...
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