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12:09 AM
@Someone_Evil I mean, my immediate reference is the Berserker subclass, which people tend to argue is actually too weak. Unless I've missed something really obvious, I don't think this subclass can out-DPR the Berserker.
@Someone_Evil Strictly speaking, 5e doesn't use a grid in its rules, only in a variant rule provided by the DMG; but my own variant rule to use with grids wouldn't be a terrible idea.
12:32 AM
Q: Are there any planes in 5e that have faster time?

user60792So I was just wondering because I was thinking of providing a situation where my players travel to a different plane and they come back and its 100 years later. I know I could homebrew it, but I want to know if there is anything official so I don't dm bs my players.

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1:34 AM
Q: What is the narrative difference between a Charisma and Wisdom saving throw?

AndrendireRelatively few spells in D&D 5e require a Charisma saving throw, and when they do it's often difficult to describe the in-game reasons for why they require such a throw. One of my players told me that the Charisma saving throw for Banishment is essentially a check on the target's sheer "force of...

Q: What happens when exhaustion passes 6th level on an immune creature?

NeutralVaxOn another question, it was concluded that a creature could gain exhaustion levels, while being immune to the effects of those levels. Assume we have a druid/barbarian(beserker subclass). The druid hasn't been sleeping for a few nights, and so has 2 levels of exhaustion. There's a blizzard goi...

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2:56 AM
Q: Brute Brutish ability natural 1

JosephSo, the fighter subclass brute has an ability that lets him add a D6 to any saving throw, and if the total adds to 20, it counts as a natural 20. If this happens on a Death saving throw, it means he will come back to 1 hit point. Does this apply to natural 1's as well? That means he would be im...

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4:42 AM
@Yuuki Is it any weirder than the website Is It Christmas?
5:03 AM
@V2Blast Yes because the subreddit has memes.
A popular one being expecting a second Friday 13 the day after a Friday 13.
> You know what they say, with every Friday the 13th the chance that tomorrow is another one increases by 100%!
> Who's to say we can't have THREE in a row? Let's go for it!
> Is It Friday the 13th? No.
> F--k man, I had my hopes up after yesterday.
> If it was yesterday then surely it should be today too right?
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6:26 AM
Q: Do features such as Timeless Body remove the requirement of eating/drinking during a long rest to remove a level of exhaustion?

Medix2The section on Exhaustion states: [...] Finishing a long rest reduces a creature's exhaustion level by 1, provided that the creature has also ingested some food and drink [...] However, there are various ways to no longer require food or drink such as the Monk's Timeless Body feature: A...

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12:34 PM
@Xirema It's technically in the PHB (p. 192), but my point was that 5e is fairly consistently designed to also work seamlessly with playing an a grid and not. Distances less than 5 ft are awkward in that regard because a lot of the rules work with 5 ft as the smallest distance that's going to come up
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4:24 PM
Q: Can I decide to use the human trait variant before or after rolling stats?

bowdensThe Players Handbook has the following optional traits for humans: Variant Human Traits If your campaign uses the optional feat rules from chapter 7, your Dungeon Master might allow these variant traits, all of which replace the human's Ability Score Increase trait. Ability Score In...

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5:31 PM
Is there anybody here with experience in playing Pathfinder games over Map Tools?
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11:29 PM
@Someone_Evil Although not essential to use a "grid", it does use "five feet" as a 'Standard Unit', meaning that your sort of working on a grid, even if not explicitly using one.
Yeah I always found the fact that grid-play is optional to be a bit of a lie... Nearly every distance in the game is designed to work with grid-play which means anything having to do with a distance less than 5 feet isn't defined in the rules. And clearly, when not using grid-play, distances of less than 5 feet come up
I haven't played 5e, but from what I've seen 13th Age is better designed around truly optional either-way-works-as-well gridding.
Though the rules in the DMG about where to place Areas of Effects and whatnot are actually specific to using a grid, so there's that. I typically find grids helpful, until you start dealing with the specifics of circles/cones and non-rectangle Areas of Effect
I suspect a lot is based upon the legacy (still sometimes true) of everything (important) occurring in Dungeons made up of straight corridors, and 90' angles ...
Random question, if a username contains a non-English character within its first three letters, which means you can't easily @ said user, should something be done, or at least, would it be alright to mention this in a comment to some question or answer they've made?
Meanwhile I have an entire campaign running inside 8 inter-connected hypercubes/tesseracts (no grids used)
11:36 PM
@Medix2 Does the autocomplete not find their username?
Not on mobile (or at least not on my mobile)
@Someone_Evil Though that's fair, I forgot about autocomplete since I usually copy-paste usernames which also doesn't work with some non-English characters while on mobile
Yeah actually I feel this is now such an utterly specific issue: the use of a non-standard character within the first three characters of a username specifically being difficult to @ only when on mobile and it's a question/answer that isn't their own... May not be worth it after all
@Medix2 Sounds like a very good Q/A! :) You're probably not the only person to encounter it
Would I post it to meta stack exchange?
@Medix2 I've no idea where is best to post it, but tbh, it sounds like a Bug Report
A 2 year old feature request with nothing on it, fun

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