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okay i'll see what I can do
And I know I've said it a bunch of times, but Matt Colville's stuff is so good
I love matt colville
@goodguy5 The mimic ate my homework!
@Delioth Tales from the Loop (while being a different genre) is narrato-mechanically built around the structure of alternating "high stakes" and "slice of life" scenes. The high-stakes scenes (combat, if we'd be talking D&D) progress us along the main mystery; the slice-of-life scenes "recharge" the players. I'm wondering if a small (modular!?) bolt-on to 5e could accomplish a lot of that. Tie into SR/LR, perhaps?
In TftL's case it's to mimic those 80's kid-movies where we sometimes are running from Russian spies and escaping by hiding in the junkyard, sometimes we're stuck not exploring the secret sub-base because we have to stay home and watch our sister. (And we get sucked into a game of MLP.)
@Delioth I think that's viable as long as the narrative threads connect. Fate would want to throw drama into the tavern players, and may cut between dedicating scenes to either.
4:09 PM
SR/LR is no longer "time passes," but "*character disengages from the stresses of the moment," or something like that.
I kinda like that. I may have to try it.
It would want to connect the adventurer players' drama to the tavern, and the tavern's drama to the adventuring players. The two-way flow is important: if it only flows one way then the two aren't connected enough.
@doppelgreener Or perhaps fighting monsters is required to build and protect the tavern
Or perhaps fighting taverns is required to protect the monsters? (Road House where the villagers are bugbears!)
Y'know, this ends up sounding a whole lot like Monster Hunter: World. Go out and beat up big monsters to protect the tavern/outpost, and also to bring back new materials to improve the tavern/outpost
I was thinking of beating the cross-town bar in the softball league, so they'll stop bullying my monsters =)
4:16 PM
@nitsua60 Taverns are just constructs with zero movement speed
Food at Tavern > Buffs for Fighting > Bigger Monsters > Better forges/food > Bigger Monsters > ad nauseum
@Delioth Well you could also have some interesting sideplots going on, to break out of that Monster Hunter World loop
Yeah, that'd presumably be part of the "tavern" segment
Though at that point the game/campaign should probably become more modular
And not use the same system for build-time as fight-time
Orange Slices at Game > Buffs for Fielding > Higher Ranking in Post-Season Tournament > More Customers Come to Tavern > Better Snacks at Game... =)
@MikeQ "The party meets in a tavern ..." no, wait, that's the wrong preposition ... "The party is the meat for a tavern ..."
@nitsua60 coach's waistline expands ...
4:22 PM
@KorvinStarmast "The party is at a table in a tavern. Roll for initiative"
@Delioth The mimic ate my homework ... no, wait ... the mimic ate my Homies!
The entire planet is a mimic, digesting everyone slowly.
@Joshjurg Does that make the aurora borealis evidence of planetary flatus?
@Joshjurg technically the truth?
@ Korvin almost definitely.
4:23 PM
@Joshjurg Or is that more geysers and volcanos?
There's already gotta be a "living planet" campaign somewhere. Spelljammer, I bet.
i just kinda thought about this but castlevania would make an excellent inspiration for a dnd campaign
@Joshjurg 4e has the Starspawn - rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/142285/…
I think they resurrected them in D&D 5e in Mordenkainen's tome of foes.
4:32 PM
@JohnP hehehehehe
@Joshjurg saltinwoundssetting.com could be worth a look
@JohnP giggles I like this
@Gwideon Story/setting-wise or exploration-wise? Or both?
both kinda
hey, @Ash - You wanna know why the USA spends so much on defense?
4:41 PM
@JohnP This is gonna make me facepalm probably but I am gonna ask anyhow
Speaking of settings that are ripe for background for a medieval RPG, I just got done with a summary article on the Sassanid Empire (persia, 200 ish to 600 ish AD) ... that would be a great setting for a D&D world. (As would the Byzantine Empire along the same time period)
They only have 1 Constitution
ooooh that might be fun
@JohnP The US is probably the worst one to try and make that for, since the US as a whole has like, 51 constitutions
@JohnP facedesk I knew it was gonna be bad. I asked anyhow. :P
4:42 PM
@Gwideon It is pre medieval, but the chaos and never ending changes in power, assassinations by family members ... barbarians on the borders ... it's just chock full of stuff that one could add monsters to ...
@Delioth But only 1 DoD
(MoD to the Europeans)
@JohnP Facepalm duly executed
Oh, come on. ALLA Y'ALL LOL'd, admit it.
that was good
D&D already kinda works with Barovia/Irrisen/gothic dark fantasy settings, so thematically yes a Castlevania-ish setting could work
@JohnP I smiled, so I'll count it
As for structure... I suppose a campaign-wide nonlinear superdungeon is possible, although implementing the "metroidvania" exploration formula could get tricky. Especially if players want to open every first door they see.
4:47 PM
@KorvinStarmast am I understanding correctly that the gold badge still does not allow reclosing after already closing once? Or are you not closing for some other reason?
@MikeQ As I recall, in the old days, leaving it to players to map out their dungeons (possibly doing so incorrectly) was a thing :D
@Sdjz Correct, only diamond moderators get to cast a close vote on any one question more than once
@doppelgreener You mean it's not anymore?
@JohnP Can be!
Phew. :)
@doppelgreener I...think there's a question around that.
4:48 PM
@doppelgreener The "metroidvania" formula specifically involves presenting the player with unpassable barriers, which can only be accessed later via some weapon or special ability, and not by just grinding level ups linearly
The advent of battlemaps for dungeons (and dungeons that fit on battlemaps) brought in the idea of DMs just visibly laying out dungeons in front of them.
@MikeQ Oh, that part! Yeah. Players are going to break that hard.
"You come across a green door. Your regular missiles won't open it." "Not even two of them?" "No." ".... I pile up twenty missiles in front of the door, and..."
Hrm. If you look at an internal posting, and it's in a different language that you don't know, does that mean you don't qualify?
DM, a minute later: "Well, once you dig yourself out from the rubble you find the door still intact and closed, but since the entire cave network has collapsed in around here, you can just walk around it."
@doppelgreener "I take the door off its hinges and keep it as a shield."
IIRC these last two comments are really, really close to Braum's lore from League of Legends
Had to save a little kid stuck in a mountain, couldn't open the unbreakable door, so he broke the mountain and kept the door
4:58 PM
@MarkWells lmao
I think it was Tomb of Horrors that had a series of cheesy revisions from "all the doors are steel" to "all the doors are adamantine" to "all the doors are enchanted to be as strong as adamantine but only while they're still in their frames in the dungeon"
@MarkWells "I remove the frames"
@doppelgreener Ah - I bet it could work with the sorta "remote switch" design, where barriers/gates are unlocked by resolving a particular puzzle, or boss, or other activation mechanism. Although that might break once the players get flight and teleportation...
@goodguy5 and this is why we can't have nice dungeons
@MarkWells ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5:06 PM
Is there a way to filter results to show only non-accepted questions?
@Medix2 pretty sure...
I tried "isaccepted:no is:question"
hrm... I was thinking of "unanswered"
@MikeQ One option would be milestone leveling. You can't be high enough level to have teleportation until you complete (task)
@Medix2 Yes, it's in the advanced part of the queries, it shows things like is:question accepted:No or something like that.
5:07 PM
isaccepted is for answers
Or, more directly, restrict access to the spells. There's a wizard with a spellbook with fly, go take it from him.
@goodguy5 ninja'd!
Ah there's hasaccepted and isaccepted, my mistake. Thank you!
@MarkWells Hmm... I suppose. You'd need quite a list of prohibited spells: Fly, Dimension door, Stone Shape, Gaseous Form...
@MikeQ I've seen this list before, it's on my laptop labeled "House rules: these spells do not exist" :)
@Medix2 you might also want closed:no
@MikeQ As Brian once said: “Bonus points for any player who brings a pickaxe and just starts going through walls.”
May 10 '13 at 14:29, by Brian Ballsun-Stanton
@Novian Adamantine Pickaxe. Essential D&D adventuring gear for me.
May 10 '13 at 14:29, by Brian Ballsun-Stanton
I tend to , as a player, be allergic to doors.
5:12 PM
The Wave Echo Cave in my campaign's version of LMoP has a behavior that it's full of non-euclidean geometry, which I've mechanically implemented as "if you move too far away from the Rockseeker dwarf carrying the map, you'll get lost and the party will have to spend time trying to find you."
So they can go just about anywhere, but they're paranoid about trying to sequence-break things.
(Also, I told them a white lie based on the NPC's misunderstanding/mischaracterization of the cave: they think the cave is just self-rearranging)
I finally ordered a grid notebook so I can draw out dungeons with any regularity, rather than crudely sketching them on my phone
Just need to share a mini painted by an employee of mine:
@MikeQ I think gating it by level might actually work. Spell level 2 lets you cross chasms and get onto ceilings (levitate, misty step, spider climb, etc.). Spell level 3 lets you pass solid barriers (blink, gaseous form) and bodies of water (fly, water breathing)...
@MarkWells Perhaps. Doesn't fix the resource management problem. You'd still need enough of those spells to get the entire party past the barrier.
...Unless they're like one-time barriers. Past each (or at least most) barrier is some way to activate a shortcut. Hmm...
5:24 PM
@MikeQ Right, gating by level is just about absolutely keeping them out until they've progressed enough. Once they can get one member of the party across, it's up to them to lower the drawbridge / drain the moat / rig up a system of ropes.
@NautArch awesome! Is that a whip or a chakram?
@goodguy5 whip
ah, yea. I see the handle in the back now
Dex-based paladin. Originally focused on whip, but we've had a running joke and taking it away from him and then DM handed him a +1 rapier.
@NautArch I like the detail on the backpack
5:27 PM
@MarkWells Yeah, this guy's detail work is really good. The textures and flora he added to the base is really cool, too.
He's now painted 3/6 minis at the table :)
@MarkWells Then I suppose it's feasible, in theory. The hard part would then be mapping out a campaign's worth of continuous dungeon... that and ensuring the players don't get dungeon crawl fatigue
Give 'em a TARDIS then, except it's just a city inside and it can't go anywhere they don't carry it
@Delioth *scribbles "Tardis City?" in notebook*
Pretty sure the actual secret to worldbuilding (and by extension, campaign building) is "steal ideas from everywhere"
and also "think it through"
5:43 PM
Has anyone ever noticed you could mispronounce paladin as "paula deen"?
You're welcome.
@JohnP scribbles "Oath of Butter?" in notebook
@MikeQ Buy a megadungeon book and add barriers to suit your taste, I guess
@MikeQ *oath of crisco
The Count of Monte' Crisco
@MarkWells Most D&D-ish dungeons are not nonlinear though. Usually linear with branching. It would need more backtracking and loops.
@MikeQ Just make up the whole dungeon on the fly
With a couple set-pieces that are setup beforehand
Once you have enough rooms or set-pieces, you can just play lego with the pieces
5:47 PM
I can reassemble the dungeon into a car?
big-L > little-L > spiral staircase room > grand cavern > Dragon's Den (Set piece) > little-L > small fortified room > etc etc
@JohnP Bard con't" So, what're you doing later?
Guys I suspect I might be having a session again later tonight so I need some help. I need someone to teach me the prayer of RNGsus.
@Grand I would refer back to my answer. If there's no cheating, and she really is just rolling really well, there's not much you can do, other than maybe designing a cape + costume for her, because apparently your friend is a literal superhero. — Xirema 37 secs ago
@Himitsu_no_Yami Find that person, and learn her secrets.
5:59 PM
@Xirema And if not a superhero, at least a protagonist
> designing a cape + costume
I support this idea
@MikeQ I wish I was the protagonist in my own life.
@Xirema I wish I could
6:54 PM
how is everyone
doing alright, yourself?
Hurtling through space at 100000+ km per hour and stuck to a big rock
6:59 PM
@MikeQ Are you piloting a bone mech wrapped in meat armor?
but i'm used to it
i'm low on spoons but um besides that I'm fine
7:23 PM
So: Bethesda launched a Fallout 76 subscription service and, being the game that just keeps on giving, the subscription service features are horribly broken. The private servers aren't private and the scrap box deletes your items.
They also have no foresight and didn't reserve a domain for the name of their subscription service.
@doppelgreener What the heck is even going on?!
@Himitsu_no_Yami Or this:
> The Prayer of the Fourth Standard Deviation

Oh Gods of Randomness and Probabilities, hear my plea!
May thy glory to the bell curve of the Universe favor me!
May I be one of those who is on the tail end beyond the fourth standard deviation of rolling well
Bless this d20 for it is roll critical hits and score successes!
Bless this d12 so that I always roll high on the hp of barbarians!
Bless this d10 and d100 for the myriad of possibilities I may need of it!
Bless this d8 for the damage of my longsword and the clerical healing my character may need!
I'm just continuously dumbfounded by how bad Bethesda has been at Fallout 76ing.
7:26 PM
@doppelgreener Well....scrap.
@doppelgreener Bethesda is known for their bugs so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that even their bad features are bugged.
I miss old Bethesda. the bethesda we had when skyrim first released
I believe you mean "Morrowind"
yes skyrim is buggy but um it's still a good game.
Never played morrowind. want to but um i'm kinda broke
I have played daggerfall though. it's actually really fun if a bit janky
sorry i'll shut up
7:37 PM
@Gwideon Morrowind is kinda like Skyirm, except playing as a 1st level D&D character in a universe governed by RNG
I love Morrowind, but dear gods did that game not need a "chance to hit" mechanic.
Low-level combat usually involves a bunch of characters standing around and furiously swinging daggers at each other until someone hits
High-level combat usually means having 100 billion spells and flying around at absurd speed
Also a lot of drugs and booze in order to mess with your character's base stats
Nov 14 '18 at 2:55, by Mike Q
Luck. Always max out luck.
Oh, so in our most recent session, a bunch of "Wild Magic" potions got consumed by the party. One of them, which was given to Gundren Rockseeker, was this one:
> For the next 24 hours, all Charisma Ability Checks you make are treated as though you rolled their lowest possible value.
Gundren became a very rude dwarf for the remainder of the session. =3
@Yuuki and fallout 76 is known for being an ongoing train wreck so
7:48 PM
that sounds interesting and rather fun. In the last session of my sci-fi campaign the warlock hijacked the parties ship and sent them to a sector with a massive black hole in it just so he could get a magical jar.
I suppose if Russell's Teapot is in deep space, then a jar in a black hole isn't so far fetched
@doppelgreener Worse than duke nukem forever?
@JohnP Yes, because F76 is actively and continuously causing harm to players
@JohnP duke nukem forever was just bad once and then was forgotten, this one just keeps being bad
it just keeps finding whole new ways to be bad
@doppelgreener Hrm...I thought there was a console/pc game that was that way long ago, but I've forgotten the name. patch after patch after patch each one worse than the last.
7:53 PM
yes, but did it leak home addresses of users?
@Gwideon When is a macguffin not a macguffin? When it's a jar.
just like a door!
Not a door when it's ajar
@Rubiksmoose so...a macguffin is a door?
Anything can be a door if you try hard enough
7:54 PM
dangit! ninja'd twice in a day by you.
just wait until later ;)
This is ridonkulous
@goodguy5 Later today is sparring class. You're welcome to come ninja all you want there. :)
I'll just go and beat all of your students before you
in fact, I'm about to beat up Carson right now.
@goodguy5 and have a tie-in product that you were supposed to be able to wear that needed to be recalled because of mold lol
@doppelgreener did not know that!
7:56 PM
if that was going to happen for any game's tie-in product it had to have happened for fallout 76
the jar was definitely a macguffin
@JohnP That's some nijaception right there.
@goodguy5 it was the gamestop-exclusive collector's helmet (not the official bethesda one): polygon.com/2019/9/24/20881720/…
@Gwideon Oblivion was also pretty wacky. It's closer to Skyrim but still has numeric stats and such like Morrowind.
(i guess they're both official bethesda ones though one was only distributed through gamestop)
7:57 PM
@doppelgreener I can't decide if this is marginally better or not.
i'm kinda waiting for skywind and skyblivion
2 minute recap for anyone curious
i love how this and every other outlet covering this debacle has also made a point of advertising Outer Worlds
outer worlds looks really freaking good
and like an actual rpg
it does
> From the original creators of Fallout, Obsidian "This is how you make a Fallout game, Bethesda" - Obsidian
8:05 PM
@Yuuki :100:
The subtext in that trailer was so overt, I think it was just text.
Yeah pretty much
@Gwideon I doubt that skyblivion can reproduce the surreal entertainment of Oblivion's NPC dialogue AI
In fact I can't think of any other game that comes close
true but oblivion with skyrim character mods sounds nice
@MikeQ If you want surreal RPG entertainment, play Disco Elysium. It's really good, and really weird.
8:30 PM
Anyone heard of a game called shooting hurts
@Gwideon That sounds similar to Real Life.
it's a free game on steam where everytime you shoot it drains your health bar. It's pretty dang fun
@Yuuki RL has great graphics, but lackluster gameplay - having to rest a third of your time with not time-skip functionality is a major design issue
Wonder if they even playtested that
@ACuriousMind Pretty sure there's time-skip functionality. The problem is that it's kinda random when it triggers.
I hear there's a microtransaction for that.
RL? oh real life
I don't like RL it's a bit to stressful
8:42 PM
@Gwideon honestly it's just a bad game
I stopped playing it a while back. Wasn't for me.
Equipment durability is bad enough as it is, but also the fact that repairs don't restore 100% condition is just horrible game design.
Plus even items you don't wear into combat have durability!
wth is that
It's one of the few big-name games where the third-party knockoffs are actually better
Also, perma-death with no saving and an incredibly long game length. What's up with that? Just artificially increasing the difficulty.
@MikeQ I suppose the one good thing about RL is the compatibility with other games.
8:47 PM
@ACuriousMind not to mention the first several levels being a tutorial
Pretty much every other game I know has some kind of add-on interface with RL.
Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce some new room ops to RPG General Chat (and Not A Bar): @kviiri, @NautArch, and @Miniman. Please help them feel welcome in their new roles as they help facilitate these rooms being safe and friendly places to mingle.
Traditionally there has only been one room op for these rooms, but that's been more a matter of coincidence that went unexamined for a long time. So, well, now that's been examined. :)
Hi and welcome
Thanks and it's an honor :)
9:03 PM
Q: Can a creature be surprised if it is aware of possible danger, but does not perceive an immediate threat?

Mars PlasticFrom the section on Surprise in the PHB: The GM determines who might be surprised. If neither side tries to be stealthy, they automatically notice each other. Otherwise, the GM compares the Dexterity (Stealth) checks of anyone Hiding with the passive Wisdom (Perception) score of each creature...

I won't be room opping much for now, though, for the dreamlands are summoning me
Congrats on the "promotion" y'all ;)
Congratulations, and I'm sorry. XD
@kviiri goodnight :)
9:18 PM
Mods - can we get this question migrated over to Worldbuilding SE?
wait, questions can actually be moved like that?
also congrats you three
@Himitsu_no_Yami yep
@MikeQ we're looking into it
cool to know
@Himitsu_no_Yami It's not something that's done often because different SE sites can have different policies regarding topicality and stuff.
As far as I know, questions that are migrated are usually of the vein "literally just copy-paste to another site and it's fine" whereas any question that's "just touch it up here and there and it's fine for <other SE site>" is just closed.
9:33 PM
@Yuuki Migration is really only useful when there's already a good answer to the question to be migrated, otherwise its always simpler to just repost it at the target site instead.
I know there are plenty of questions on Gaming.SE that could asked on GameDesign.SE but they're just closed because it's not worth stepping on so many toes to get it over there.
Sites get really annoyed when other sites send them garbage.
Yeah, most of the time it's not really worth it to migrate unless it's a super good question - no one wants to feel like their site is another site's toilet bowl.
random trivia fact of the day: 10 pounds in pennies is $18.14
How much is £10 in pennies?
9:39 PM
A lot of pennies :P
1285 pennies
Wait, whose pennies
which is roughly 3.2 kilograms or about 7 pounds
@Ash US pennies
the current ones anyway which are 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper with a mass of 2.5g
@BESW You could probably get a bulk package of maybe 20 or 30 of those small BICs.
cc @Ash
@Yuuki This took me SO long to figure out what you meant.
9:49 PM
Sometimes, I wonder which is worth more: the instant facepalm or the creeping realization.
I guess it's like trying to decide whether you like Thoroughbreds or Andalusians: they both have their own mare-its.
10:48 PM
@BESW 2,400 pennies (12 pence in a Shilling, 20 shillings in a £)
11:20 PM
@MikeQ Rolemaster calls those 'schools' Channelling, Essence and Mentalism
Q: DM is unapologetically providing TPK encounters, what can we do?

GwideonSituation I have a friend who is just starting as a DM. They've run a couple of one shots that were really hard and ended with TPKs. Both one shots were miserable slogs and the encounters where clearly designed to kill characters. All of the players have voiced that they didn't like how those on...

11:39 PM
@HotRPGQuestions Obviously you need to just kill the DM, he keeps killing the party so see how he likes it
Q: Can you use a Tentacle Rod to make Opportunity Attacks?

FrazzleUKIn our game we have recently found a Tentacle Rod/Rod of Tentacles found in the DMG. The weapon states While holding the rod, you can use an action to direct each tentacle to attack a creature you can see within 15 feet of you. Because it requires the PC to use an action to direct the wea...

11:58 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami At least the GM is only killing the characters. Seen many a story involve "and then the GM killed all the players ..." xo
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