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12:17 AM
@kviiri @Miniman @NautArch welcome to the staff--we're glad to have you helping keep this a healthy community full of knowledgeable, considerate people. . Any unlabeled items in the break-room fridge are thrown away on Tuesdays and Fridays. Make sure to sign up for the health care by the Nov. 1 deadline.
Trolls are best dealt with using a combination of conspicuous good-faith handling and fire. (The mods keep the fire in a back room.)
@nitsua60 Ooh. There been some promotions? Congrats on New Staff!
@nitsua60 Ooh, that sounds interesting.
@KorvinStarmast Yep! Starspawn are in MTOF.
@BlackSpike Yup--fleshing out the complement of Room Owners.
@BESW has done an amazing job over the years of helping steer this place to one of the nicest and most welcoming and genuine and capable-of-hosting-challenging-discussions places on the Network, IMO. But that doesn't all need to rest on one set of shoulders!
@V2Blast :campfire:
(I've given up trying to use emojis in chat. Now I just use my words and trust that people can translate to pictographic charsets in their heads.)
@nitsua60 Have you seen my red stapler?
12:30 AM
@NautArch I think it was down in the basement--there's a desk in among some boxes....
@NautArch Fun bit of trivia: when the movie was made Swingline didn't offer a red model; the one used on screen is painted with nail polish, IIRC. (The production designer really wanted Milton to have a red stapler, or the writers....)
Now it's revolutionized Swingline: they started offering red, then all sorts of colors.
12:31 AM
@nitsua60 that is amazing
(Bostich, of course, sticks with only black or tan.)
@NautArch Also, some time after that movie Michael Bolton developed a sense of humor. (YT link, not terribly SFW in parts.)
@nitsua60 ha! I forgot about that bit!
"Yeah, that was kinda weird, but now we're back in Chat."
@NautArch I (may be overstating the obvious, but I) think it works so well because it really is a damn good hook to drop into the song.
And, it turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile.
who knew?
I feel like this is every session 1 with my HS group.
12:43 AM
@nitsua60 Ok, Micheal Bolton just went up slightly in my rankings. Only slightly
@BlackSpike You may not like his music, but you gotta respect his voice
@NautArch yeah, he can sing. Can't deny that.
@nitsua60 Can I get a discount on soporific enumeration material?
@doppelgreener Congrats @kviiri @Miniman and @NautArch! I know you'll do great. <3
@nitsua60 Heh. I often do that when I type :thinking: ... I'm too lazy to actually find the emoji to copypaste it.
@V2Blast Thanks!
1:03 AM
@V2Blast Much love!
Hmm, it appears that in the star wars 5e system, there isn't a limit to picking cantrips over levelled powers
@NautArch This? sw5e.com
@V2Blast yep
"You can learn powers from any level up to your Max Power Level, including at-will powers. "
1:17 AM
@Miniman I resemble that remark =|
1:35 AM
@NautArch It's interesting to think about how that translates to vanilla 5e.
A sorcerer becomes no more versatile by being allowed to use spells known on cantrips, but because they don't have to be prepared, a wizard does.
Hmmm, that's probably not true. Infinite castings of Minor Illusion is worth more versatility than up to 4 castings of Silent Image.
...which compete with the other 1st level spells for castings okay yeah being allowed to pick cantrips definitely makes everyone more versatile.
More combat cantrips is likely not worth it due to the action economy. Two or three would be plenty.
Also, hello and congrats.
@JoelHarmon Yeah, it only works if you pick cantrips that genuinely make you more versatile.
@JoelHarmon Also, hello and thanks.
And even then, I've definitely played games where one or two cantrips just never came up.
Same here
@JoelHarmon This is a little off, though. Against any given enemy, there's generally going to be a "best" cantrip, so the issue isn't really action economy, since from that POV you only need one. More combat cantrips let you perform more optimally against wide ranges of enemies.
Then again, that's true of proper spells as well.
1:43 AM
Ray of Frost against slow enemies, Chill Touch against regenerating enemies, and so on.
@Miniman Major considerations are damage type, target counts, and range.
Reminds me of a character I once made in 3.5 who had as many cantrips as possible. Pretty weak overall, but the role play was pretty good. Lots of prestidigitation and mage hand there.
2:00 AM
@Miniman Druidcraft. Best cantrip, hands down. Against any enemy.
(As long as you want to die.)
TIL that "gyromancy" involves putting a ring of letters on the ground, spinning around until you fall, noting the letter you fell toward, and repeating until a prophecy is generated.
I'd say that's remarkably silly, but I studied quantum mechanics. At a certain point it gets hard to rule anything out.
Lecanomancy: divination through interpreting the ripples of a pebble dropped in water.
Cromniomancy: divination through interpreting the sprouting of onions. I feel like this one's really a long-game payoff....
@nitsua60 gyromancy, definition 2: divination through interpreting the mess made by dropped sandwiches.
Trochomancy: divination through interpretation of wheel ruts or marks. Aaaaand... I have a new pet insult for my party's ranger =)
@BESW Which dovetails well with alphitomancy: determining someone's innocence or guilt by feeding them spoiled bread and observing their indigestion.
"Eat it. Or don't. Either way we'll have our answer!"
2:15 AM
@nitsua60 Used specifically for divining the weather, or learning about the condition of loved ones who are far away for a long time.
Like, your brother goes off to war so you plant an onion to know how he's doing.
@BESW Forrealz? Or am I just missing the joke?
Uncited Wikipedia article:
> One method is to place onions on a sacred altar to learn about friends and family far away and out of contact. The names of the beloved are inscribed on individual onions and left undisturbed until they began to sprout. The faster the sprouting, the better health and happiness was enjoyed by the friend named on the onion.
The talk page for cromniomancy is disappointingly empty.
Lampadomancy and lychnomancy feel like -mancy inflation: one is divination through observing a candle, the other is divination through observing three candles.
It's like an applicant for court seer who was planning on lampadomantic perfoemance saw the one right in front of them in line do that. "Uhh... I use three candles!"
@nitsua60 Lichnomancy, on the other hand, is divination through observing the temper tantrum of a rebuffed undead sorcerer.
(I'm probably mocking some excellent historical traditions and will be going to hell for my insensitivity.)
(As usual.)
@BESW "I predict that we will beat you... but the DM will bring you back anyway... ooOoOOooOOOoooOOooOoOohh!"
2:21 AM
@nitsua60 I'm of the opinion that the need to lump everything vaguely associated with supernatural means of knowing into one specific "divination" category and obsessively label each one as if they're all branches of the same tree rather than completely unrelated elements of distinct cultures, is sillier and more insensitive than any mocking of said system could ever be?
Last lich I GMed was destroyed by a paladin conjure animaling 32 horses 50' above the lich's head. He could come back, but I figure he's too embarrassed to show his face skull on this planet for a few millennia.
@BESW Good point.
Heading out--night, all!
The first lich I GMed was removed from the campaign by the party accidentally blowing up his floating island lair and dropping the rubble, including his soul gem, into a portal that scattered everything across four different alternate planes.
Q: Can a fighter with Great Weapon Style reroll his damage many times?

JP ChapleauA situation arose yesterday wherein a player with a fighter and Great Weapons Fighting Style rolled a '1' on his damage. He re-rolled and got a '2'. He re-rolled AGAIN and got a '4'. That seemed odd to be so we checked in the book and it said nothing about only re-rolling once. Not wanting to s...

2:34 AM
@nitsua60 Yes, but this grows on you.
Also, I recall the conjure line of spells, along with the other various summoning stuff, to require placing in a nearby square...
3:08 AM
@nitsua60 On my desk at work is a blue swingline stapler. Just sayin ;;;
@nitsua60 Beeromancy: predicting the future as it happens
> Hold my Beer: before perming an action, the DM flips a coin. The next action you perform has advantage, or disadvantage, based on the result of the coin toss.
> Hold my beer. When you have an audience, you get +2 when doing risky things with Athletics.
3:42 AM
> I can't do it with you watching: When you have an audience, you get -2 when doing risky things with Athletics
@Ben You also lose your invisibility.
Also yes. Lol
4:05 AM
@goodguy5 Excuse me how have you forgotten Wall of Horse
4:16 AM
@MikeQ you've seen the Astartes miniseries on youtube?
@goodguy5 You've also forgotten Gut of Wind, Heat Meal, Chin Lightning, Pass without Race, and Animate Dad
@Ben Yes, I believe you directed me to it
Ah fair enough haha. I'd believe that
2 hours later…
6:16 AM
My SKT session today got canceled :(
In unrelated news: my IRL LMOP group is basically about to fight the Black Spider in some souped-up version of the fight that I haven't really planned out yet at all... They'll hit level 5 afterwards.
A new player (someone we knew back in middle/high school) wants to run a new campaign afterwards, which I'm perfectly fine with... But he also wants each player to make a level 10 character and 2 level 5 "companions" for the DM to use as NPCs. which I'm pretty sure will overwhelm most of our players, given that only one of them has even actually made a character (the rest all used the pregens, at my request when I first started out inexperienced with D&D) and certainly none at level 10.
Olivia Montoya is interested in talking with queer, autistic, or neurodivergent TTRPG creators about incorporating those identities into games.
Fighting Monsters by Kevin Petker is on sale for Halloween. Yes, we were monsters. We had our difficulties and problems, but we were a community, held up by mighty pillars; we did little harm and kept to ourselves, we even worked together to make things better. Then the Terrors came.
6:37 AM
Chrysalis Cycle Rebirth! by Olivia M. is (or will be) a tabletop role playing game that takes the magical girl genre and shines it through a queer, neurodivergent prism. It is also now on sale for Halloween!
Ruralpunk by Cass K has entered public playtesting. You are survivors trapped on the edge of the Wild, living in the graveyard of rural towns left behind by the cyberpunk future. There’s crumbling roads, unpredictable digital networks, experimental livestock escaped into the woods, rusting cyberware, and hungry monsters stalking the perimeter.​
Lumpley Games has added community copies to all their itchio games.
If you have a TTRPG project in the works and no money, Josh Blincow wants to do layouts for your project for free.
MULTIVERSE, "an upcoming PC+mobile platform here to make RPGs and tabletop games inclusive and accessible," was announced and people are so excited about it that the playmultiverse.com website is having trouble, but this link looks like it works.
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition and Q.U.B.E. 2 are free on the Epic Games Store until October 31st (after which Costume Quest and SOMA will be free for the next week).
7:30 AM
Q: In Pathfinder 2e is there enough disparity between the classes to put them into tiers?

CaldrunI'm interested in the balance of this new edition's classes. Are casters still noticeably better than non casters?

@V2Blast IRTA "Lawyers of Fear" at first
Good morning
@Carcer Thankfully, no lawyers are involved, though it's a horror game so the fear is understandable
@Nyakouai Good time of day to you as well
Morning all
7:51 AM
@MikeQ Also how about shield of face, milky step, rejiggyfy and crying ?
And of course the famous : Summon Emmental
What about Predestination?
Or is it predigitilisation?
Or presidentialisation?
I can never get it right
8:08 AM
Tomato magic
May 22 at 6:28, by Ben
Saucerer - a magic user whose spells are all condiment based.
Saucererer - a magic user whose spells are all crockery based
@V2Blast I'm kinda ticked that the app won't let me get games that I can't play on the OS I'm using the app on.
@BESW Oof, that seems strange. I don't remember the last time I actually started the app - I just get the free games from the site to play at some distant point in the future :P
I am now legitimately having issues remembering the actual spelling of the original spell… is it... prestidigitation?
@Ben Yep!
8:12 AM
Lol. Took me a few minutes haha
> 1843, from French prestidigitateur, a hybrid coined 1830 by Jules de Rovère (who sought a new word, "qui s'accorderait mieux à ses nobles origines" to replace escamoteur and physicien), roughly based on Latin praestigiator "juggler" (see prestigious); influenced by Italian presto "quick," a conjuror's word (see presto), and by Latin digitus "finger" (see digit).
@V2Blast Same, but sometimes I want to use the app instead, for Reasons.
Layers of Fear looks seriously yikes though.
It is a pretty creepy game. I've watched a full Let's Play of it by Achievement Hunter. (They're not the type to actually read the documents and stuff, though - they do usually stop to "view" them so interested viewers can pause and read themselves.)
We were discussing neo-Latin etymologies over some beer a while back. Eg. the taxonomic names are neo-Latin: one of my favorites being the brown bear Ursus Arctos, where "ursus" is Latin for "bear" and "Arctos" is Greek... also for a bear.
The town of Pori in Finland has, for reasons I know nothing about, a Neo-Latin name, Arctopolis meaning "bear city". And it's called a Latin name despite "Arctos" and "polis" both being Greek in origin.
8:24 AM
@V2Blast It looks like it sensationalizes mental illness and glorifies artistic suffering, so that's a pass for me.
@BESW Yeah... Unfortunately, the former seems like par for the course in a lot of horror games
@V2Blast I would go so far as to say that sensationalisation in general is par for the course of fiction in general.
@V2Blast Well, there always has been a solid link between the two.
9:08 AM
@V2Blast With regards to the edit on this question, DaleM's answer adresses the quoting from roll20, so is the change to DDB ideal?
9:25 AM
@Someone_Evil Ah, fair point - I didn't see that before my edit to the question, as I didn't see the capitalization issue as central to Allan's confusion. If it seems I misunderstood it or if that might be the cause of the confusion, feel free to revert my edit :)
I often find myself a bit at odds with Dale's answers but I really like the fact that he's attacking the attack-vs-Attack jargon "myth".
"Myth" in scare quotes because well it's essentially true for most cases, but I find our scholarly circle --- myself included --- has often latched itself far too much on the distinction of capitalization and not the distinction on whether it's called an "attack" or an "attack action".
(I ended up rolling my edit back myself :P)
@kviiri I mean, I pay attention to both aspects, which is why I never find it confusing in practice. It's just that the capitalization issue is more likely to cause confusion so it's what often gets addressed first.
9:49 AM
Q: Process to deal with incorrect answers?

Karan ShishooSome answers about how certain abilities/interactions work in specific systems are simply incorrect and go against what has been defined in rulebooks (I am not referring to answers being rendered incorrect due to changes to rules but ones that are incorrect from the get-go itself). Now normally...

1 hour later…
10:55 AM
@Sdjz when I tried to reclose I got a flag telling me i'd done something two minutes before. So I just stopped since I was making a mess of things.
11:49 AM
@NautArch Nice. Reminds me of all of the minis I have that are not painted.
@doppelgreener Nice move, and great choices! :)
@MikeQ Animate Dad is also cast spontaneously when "Alter Thermostat" is cast within proximity.
12:28 PM
@KorvinStarmast Our maps are definitely looking good with the minis on there :) just gotta convince the other 3 guys to get custom and have him paint them.
12:57 PM
@MikeQ Scorn Whip. (cc: @goodguy5)
Frog cloud
That seems really useful actually
What about Dog cloud ?
1:15 PM
Frog Loud - All frogs and toads in the area croak ten times louder for the duration.
Morning all :)
@goodguy5 I know a guy who can cast that IRL.
how is everyone
1:17 PM
@Gwideon A little stressed.
Tired and stressed, but, not much new on that front.
[wave] Grumbly about having to do a bio-and-headshot for the marketing blitz on a job.
sounds about right for the morning.
At least it's Friday here. And game night to boot.
...It's still Friday here for another 40 minutes.
1:20 PM
I was typing, but wait what
Where is 14 hours ahead?
And Eastern Australia, that whole slice of the map, but for me it's Guam.
@goodguy5 Wait--you're not going to just have fun looking at a globe and imagining all the places BESW could be?
I'm going to a wedding on Sunday.

Our plan is for my Mom to come up and watch goodbaby5 most of Sunday and overnight.

But she doesn't drive, so my buddy is planning on bringing her up Sunday morning - But his car wouldn't start yesterday and he's figuring that out....
So, now I need to hope that it gets resolved and plan for it not to
1:23 PM
Like Papua New Guinea? Or Srednekolymsk?
(The water in Srednekolymsk doesn't look nearly as nice as the water in Guam.)
@nitsua60 I had dinner with a PNG gardener in Haifa, Israel, six years ago.
Seems like Papua New Guinea would have been a lot closer =)
Was that at a (struggles to remember correct name) World Peace Congress?
You'd think.
@nitsua60 oh good, so that's solved, then, right?
International Convention, for electing the Universal House of Justice.
Also why does everyone say it like that?
@BESW Hah! Man, it has been forever since I've seen or thought about Matilda.
@BESW I love that movie
I reference it often
They're really nyce gouys.
Weekend is gonna be goooood
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tournament starting this evening
Also probably a dnd session on sunday afternoon
1:42 PM
@Rubiksmoose (i'm so glad you saw that scene)
@doppelgreener It was a good one. Though I don't think my wife realised why I found it so humorous (the part about Guam specifically). But I immediately was thinking about our Guam folks here.
@Rubiksmoose exactly same
2:00 PM
@Rubiksmoose It's also because @BESW has mentioned to me his difficulties sometimes demonstrating Guam exists to officials.
Or other travel companions demonstrating their (smaller) countries exist.
Oct 14 '15 at 12:48, by BESW
(I've heard some hair-raising stories about trying to find a map in the 1970s Tel Aviv airport that actually identified Kiribati because nobody there had heard of it.)
Oct 14 '15 at 12:51, by BESW
@doppelgreener When I went to Haifa a couple years ago for the Bahá'í International Convention to elect the UHJ, the Kiribati folks went through ahead of us and were still negotiating with customs when we were done--and we had someone whose dual Australian/Malaysian citizenship (with Guamanian residency) was raising eyebrows. We stuck around to make sure they got through okay.
humor that's close to the truth is the best kind of humor
2:32 PM
oof. I have never heard someone justify their job as much as my QA manager just did during this meeting.
oh goodness.
Maybe it was just how I was hearing and no one else, but I totally took it as "We went to this conference and look at all of these ways manual QA and automation have to work in tandem. Manual QA is still important. Please love me."
One thing she actually said was that if a process takes two hours to do manually and it would take two days to automate, keep doing it manually.

And I just thought of that XKCD
Creating automation in QA is important for routine things, but manual has its place in a lot of scenarios. Our QA at work both automates and does manual runs (for e.g. new features, things we don't have to test often, exploring new potential paths, etc).
But computers exist to handle mindless boring repetitive tasks so humans don't have to, and by extension, QA tools exist to handle mindless boring repetitive QA tasks.
Oh, I'm well aware of how valuable man-hours (is that still gender neutral?) to QA, but something about the way she said it. But again, perhaps I overread....
I believe there's been a little bit of a push to person-hours
2:43 PM
ugh. gross. (purely based on the fact that "person" is two syllables.)
though I'm not aware of it being a huge issue
good clarification
we should just invent some new units
oh man. I'd love to start referring to workers as "cogs" and then I could use "cog-hours"
which is extra funny to me because you have cogs in watches.
but people don't generally like being vaguely compared to mindless pieces of a machine... and those people are wrong
you just need to make it seem badass
@goodguy5 Similarly, pieces of a machine don't like being compared to mindless people
people love gears of the war and the soldiers in that are literally called cog soldiers
2:47 PM
@MikeQ nor do they dislike it.
"gears of the war"
curse you, fingers
@Carcer That's true, but I feel like the people that would be upset about being referred to as cogs are not the people who would play Gears of War.
are you sure about that?
there's probably some overlap.
I mean, sure. I'll agree to some, but I don't think it's much.
I bet if you put up posters that said "you are a cog in the machine" but the art has a cog that's on fire wielding an assault rifle and two other cogs that are somehow attractive? are attached, people would love it.
2:50 PM
@Carcer I'd ship them.
that is a bizarre image I have conjured
must be friday
Little Cog is my OTP
When I was a kid there was a humorous game show I loved that was specifically about geography, with the main price being a trip around the world. For some reason I still sucked at geography :D
Anyway, I think that's why I know Kiribati exists.
@goodguy5 i've not yet heard of anyone trying to replace it
@Carcer would share with the caption "big mood"
@Rubiksmoose I know what you're referring to, but my brain keeps changing "otp" to "oc" and that you have a character named "little cog" and it's adorable
3:16 PM
@kviiri Micronesia, yes?
@nitsua60 @goodguy5 There are also specialized spells like Absorb Elephants and Tim Stop
> Tim has gone too far! He must be STOPPED!!!
3:36 PM
Meanwhile on Dune... "Oh god ! Is that a sand worm ?!?" "Not just any sand worm, it's Power Worm Stan !!!!!"
@PierreCathé If a creature has 100 hp or less, you can transmute their trousers with Power Word Kilt
@MikeQ That's only able to be used by commandos.
tim stop
bring creatures up to date with the most recent updates with Regenerrata
If your cheese grater is broken, you can fix it with Grater Restoration
3:43 PM
@MikeQ That spell is so cheesy
be a were-camembear
Ask your Druid for some Goudaberries
@doppelgreener Unlike other lycanthropes, the were-camembear is lawful gouda
what is going on
@MikeQ well you're winning so far
3:46 PM
"Oh hey guys, what's going on in he....."
@MikeQ wonderful
Alright I've had my (power word) fill, time to go
@Carcer Bah. Amateurs
(I won a cheese board for that, suitably engraved with the SE hamburger.)
Brie-lly, guys? Nobody cc'd me on these puns? I feel so provolone.
a little fermented curd will do the trick
3:52 PM
@Yuuki They weren't mature enough for you.
@Yuuki Encounter idea: Ancient Bleu Dragon. What kind of damage is its cheese breath?
@MikeQ Save vs mold for half.
@Yuuki No parm done.
for the math nerds - Fish dragon - Save against poisson to distribute damage among all party members. :p
4:11 PM
@BlackSpike so you think, maybe this was the ghost of a dead player posting that question
@doppelgreener that doesn't smell right
@NautArch were-camembears can smell perfectly fine. there is no hiding from them.
Q: When performing an Investigation check to look for traps, do you activate any traps if you roll under the DC?

ImspringinWhen performing an Investigation check to investigate traps, do you activate the traps if you roll under the DC? If you are, for instance, checking out the floor looking for pressure plates and roll low, would you activate the trap? Or would the DM just tell you that you found no traps?

4:41 PM
Anyone try out any new systems or content lately?
Not really. I am interested in some of the new unearthed arcana
the pryo druid is interesting
I can't access meta at work so can someone tell me when it's ok to infer what system is being talked about for a question? (namely this one)
like there's enough info where I'd say it's obviously 5e, especially when the question OP linked is for 5e
@Himitsu_no_Yami Don't assume in an edit, but feel free to do so in comments.
I'm more talking about for answering the question
E.g. It looks like you are playing D&D 5e, please confirm this for example by adding the [dnd-5e] tag
4:46 PM
we've already got that so do we still have to wait for OP to actually add the tag? or otherwise confirm it
@Himitsu_no_Yami Don't. It may be blindingly obvious, but we should teach new users to specify what system they are talking about
@Himitsu_no_Yami Yes
*thumbs up emoji*
oh, completely off topic but I love the ping sound for these chats compared to others like say Facebook, Hangouts, or Discord. It doesn't hurt my ears or startle me as badly lol
5:12 PM
@MikeQ just starting to play around with the star wars 5e system
Q: When is it OK to assume the system without it being considered a guess?

NathanSThis question was asked by a new user today. The terminology is clearly referring to D&D 5e, and they even link a related 5e Q&A. However, I still proceeded to ask the user that we cannot answer the question without knowing the system, and the question was closed as unclear (as we usually do wit...

@TheOracle I wish I could access Meta at work
@TheOracle ALWAYS!!!
oh wait, that's not right is it?
@JohnP sure it is
just not here
It's always right somewhere
@NautArch Oh! Is that the one with the specialist class (rogue-ish) and the noble (bard-ish) who has a bodyguard? I'm familiar with that system.
5:20 PM
@MikeQ yeah, it's actually kinda neat looking. Still trying to figure it out. www.sw5e.com
i'm in and out of conversation today, but one thing I noticed last night as I started trying to build a character was spell selections include cantrips. THey aren't separated.
Andn that some classes are clearly 1:1 from 5e, others are mashups.
@NautArch Sorta. They're definitely designed to cover most of the D&D roles.
One of my human acquaintances ran a mini-campaign, said it worked well. I was originally on the roster but schedules didn't align.
@MikeQ I like this implication of non-human acquaintances potentially running things.
@MikeQ Oh definitely. BUt still mashups and a lot based off of Monk. Which I like :)
5:59 PM
So if teleportation does not conserve momentum does that mean if I fall from a sufficiently high place so that I've fallen 500 feet and still have not yet reached the ground I can cast something like Dimension Door to teleport to the ground and avoid all damage
@Himitsu_no_Yami that's one of the traditional debates
does that actually help you gently land, or does that just mean you hit the ground at terminal velocity that much sooner
If we assume that it does not conserve momentum then it would work right?
yep: you suddenly teleport to the ground travelling at 0 speed relative to it
ah I love D&D physics lmao
there's another thing to consider: as they say, it's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end. so the question is, if teleportation doesn't conserve momentum, does that mean your inertial reference frame has remained constant, or did you experience a very sudden stop anyway?
6:04 PM
Magic uses JJBA rules. The laws of physics sometimes apply, except for situations when they don't.
[wizard teleports to the ground, entire body stops, still liquefied on the inside and dead due to the sudden halt of all velocity]
i think the solution here is to pick up a nice essay on inertial reference frames, roll it up, and hit me with it while scolding me for bringing real life physics into D&D
@doppelgreener by that logic I could teleport upwards as well and still stop for a moment, go splat, and then what's left of my body continues to fall
@Himitsu_no_Yami good point
which honestly sounds hilarious
now, let's add teleportation to the peasant railgun
6:06 PM
@doppelgreener oh god, what have you done
i don't know, but i'm now purchasing angry mob insurance
I actually found a way to turn the peasant railgun into fast travel and even space travel. The only thing other than the railgun that you need is a bag of holding
D&D teleportation clearly uses star trek mechanics. You're technically an entirely new person every time.
well, that and a willing creature to fast/space travel
I think it's a safe assumption that any creature could hold their breath in the bag for the 6 seconds to be launched by the railgun
But would any creature fit into the bag's aperture.
6:12 PM
"The bag can hold up to 500 pounds, not exceeding a volume of 64 cubic feet."
"roughly 2 feet in diameter at the mouth "
I don't think creatures can teleport into a bag of holding... but they can plane shift into it
hrm..... 2 feet.
who needs to teleport/plane shift? just crawl inside
it'd require some wiggling
@Himitsu_no_Yami find something two feet in diameter and crawl through it.
possible, but not easy.
but possible
6:13 PM
but possible
also looks like you don't even need to hold your breath
or instead of a bag, how about a portable hole
6 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep
yea, that works easily.
and weighs less
And I'm not sure a dwarf or a goliath could get into the bag.
but those are just the outside dimensions on the bag, who's to say how things fit on the inside
6:18 PM
One has to get through the hole to get in.
it doesn't matter if you have a tardis if you can't use the door.
plus, if it's a bag, the outside could probably stretch a little bit
I mean, the rules call out the diameter.
either way, you're better off with the hole
I often say that
let me just add that to my no context quotes real quick
another fun thing is the DM could rule that while it doesn't create the opening if it's not placed on/against a solid surface it might still rule that it comes unfolded if you throw it and you could throw it like a frisbee for added distance
6:35 PM
@MikeQ Playing Saltmarsh, the GM is using Strongholds & Followers. The ship we stole liberated is getting upgrades and generating interesting benefits via the stronghold rules, and the crew are followers. It's working pretty nicely =)
@nitsua60 Shiver me timbers! Glad to hear that works in 5e. Maybe one day I'll retry a nautical campaign.
I wanna try Saltmarsh too
6:51 PM
I'm realizing that it's an interesting twist on the old overland/dungeon dichotomy. Dungeons are nice and easy to work with because there are defined paths and locations one can think about and prep. Overland can get tricky if you allow the group to go any direction, because you need to have lots of "world" up your sleeve, or ways to deal with unexpected direction.
Ocean/coastline splits the difference. Sure, you can go any direction. And almost every time the answer is "nothing there." (Which the players accept, as opposed to how strange that'd sound in overland.)
@nitsua60 How do you manage maps and course planning? Do you use any methods to nudge the PCs to certain destinations?
7:54 PM
The Sorcerous Revolution, V. 0.1: So I won't pretend this was a good idea, but I made another Sorcerer homebrew for 5e. It's not exactly version 2 of the Metamagic homebrew I wrote earlier in the year, as that had a different set of priorities and goals, but this does borrow a few of the ideas from that.
Also, because I know someone is going to say it: yes, the level 17 features are busted. They're intended more to offer suggestions on what kind of effects I'm going for, not a "yes, I definitely think this is balanced" kind of feature.
@MikeQ Lighthouses
8:44 PM
Q: What is the connection between the Shadowfell and Strahd/the plane of Barovia?

NathanSI'm preparing to run Curse of Strahd, and one of my players wants to play as a Shadar-kai who is loyal to the Raven Queen. In the adventure's set up, it says (p. 9): For obvious reasons, I'd like to know more about the connection between these Dark Powers of the Shadowfell and Strahd. I've l...

8:54 PM
@HotRPGQuestions they're both spooky
Q: Why are there two King of Diamonds entries for the Curse of Strahd tarokka card readings?

NathanSIn Curse of Strahd, p. 15, it shows two entries for "Broken One (King of Diamonds)", one after the other (I'm not using spoiler quotes because they only work without line breaks, and that makes the below look like a mess): A. Broken One (King of Diamonds) Your greatest ally will be ...

Q: What is the history of the Eldritch Knight as a class/character option?

PixelArtDragonWhen was the Eldritch Knight first introduced, and what is the basis for the kind of character? Obviously there's the space for some kind of cross between a mage and a warrior in D&D and other TTRPGs, but why was it specifically called "Eldritch Knight"? My first encounter with this name was ...

10:02 PM
spookoweenie avatar time
to achieve maximum spookiness, it is not even fully green!
That is delightfully spooky.
10:25 PM
@Xirema 1/2 the sorcery points and short rest recovery is a good idea in theory, but 99% of the time it's going to be a nerf.
@MikeQ So... I'm a player. We just tell the GM "we want to go to the black tower" or "crabber's cove" or "that island we heard about at the tavern, and then we make a navigation check, and we usually do badly and end up running into pirates.
10:47 PM
Q: Can a lingering injury that requires "magical healing of 6th level or higher" be healed by an upcast lower-level spell?

VigilThe Lingering Injuries table in the DMG (p. 272) contains some wounds that can only be fixed by powerful healing magic, for instance: Horrible Scar. You are disfigured to the extent that the wound cannot be easily concealed. You have disadvantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks and advantage ...

@doppelgreener Nyeaah
11:11 PM
Q: What is the history of the Eldritch Knight as a class/character option?

PixelArtDragonWhen was the Eldritch Knight first introduced, and what is the basis for the kind of character? Obviously there's the space for some kind of cross between a mage and a warrior in D&D and other TTRPGs, but why was it specifically called "Eldritch Knight"? My first encounter with this name was ...

I feel like these answers suffer from lack of discussion of that long-lost class: Elf.
Amirite, @KorvinStarmast?
11:30 PM
Elfdritch Knight?
@V2Blast Or potentially a Half-Elfdritch Knight, if multiclassing is allowed
11:47 PM
Not to be confused with an elfditch, which is what you get when your elfspring runs dry.

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