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7:28 AM
In this question the asker gives an example that may have problems (rolling opposed stealth vs perception is quite rare, they probably should be rolling stealth vs perception). Is it best to:
1. post a comment asking for verification to make sure they really should be rolling an opposed stealth check, knowing that it is unlikely they will ever respond
2. post a comment asking, and explaining the normal use of stealth
3. post a comment as a frame challenge explaining stealth and why their question shouldn't come up
What's up ?
@jgn Eh, that aspect seems pretty tangential to the question, which is rather about opposed rolls. Also rolling opposed stealth vs active perception is conceivable, say if you're trying to sneak while someone is actively looking for you
I wouldn't do anything about it
The question arises from a specific situation they encountered during gameplay, you don't think that should be addressed? I suspect a misunderstanding of the rules lead to the question
Perhaps editing the question to remove the misleading situation then?
7:45 AM
Maybe a comment would be appropriate if you really want to ? since it's mostly just useful to the asker
@MikeQ Manly Wade Wellman's "John the Balladeer" short stories. Pretty much anything by Mira Grant or Victor LaValle.
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Aliette de Bodard.
Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon could be convincingly argued into that category, as could NK Jemisin's Broken Earth Trilogy, though neither would ever get shelved that way.
8:13 AM
Metro 2033 is often billed as horror, but it's more of a post-apocalyptic philosophical travelogue.
8:35 AM
House of Leaves, obviously?
9:18 AM
In the process of looking something up to try to understand this question, I think I found the answer... But I wouldn't be able to explain what it means at all since I have zero experience with the system, so I think I'll wait for someone else who's familiar with the system to answer that :P
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10:57 AM
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, that's for sure
@MikeQ leisure reading? The Economist and Atlantic mostly, catching up on issues that have been lying around.
11:33 AM
@MikeQ Im binging on Terry Pratchett's Discworld series rn
Also reading some of Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin series
Although you might not know that one if you're not French
I've heard of it, haven't read it.
It's really famous here, lots of TV and cinema adaptations
Netflix is making another one currently, with french actor Omar Sy
Yeah, it's one of those things I've seen referenced a lot in other material I read.
11:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (163): Can the 5th-level spell Dream contact a petrified creature? by Jeff Carner on rpg.SE
12:17 PM
@PierreCathé I've actually headed of this! But only tangentially through the Lupin III anime.
@Rubiksmoose I wonder how much that's like learning about Logan from Uruvarin.
12:31 PM
Hahaha. I wonder.
Moose, I'm concerned about how much sleep you got (or didn't).
1:05 PM
Heh. I did go to bed much later than I wanted.
1:27 PM
@jgn You missed another option: 4) Post an answer that considers and resolves the issue you are describing.
1:49 PM
@jgn FWIW the question does refer to the LMoP module which on occasion specifically calls for stealth checks opposed by active perception checks (though it does also often ask for stealth checks against passive perception, and so far as I could tell in my skim all the "stealth vs. active perception" checks specifically called for are monsters ambushing the party rather than vice versa)
@Carcer And generally, why wouldn't you do an active perception to find someone you believe is 'hiding' or being stealthy. I guess you could use investigation, but that's up to the DM. Either seem reasonable.
hey there
how is everyone
getting by
1:56 PM
that's good
taking a short break before I go deal with installing these big stupid servers.
and then I have to move the ones I installed two weeks ago because I put them in the wrong place
you put them in the wrong place, or they told you the wrong place?
1:57 PM
that sounds.... fun
I put them in the wrong place because there was stuff still left in the place they were meant to go and I brainfarted and put them in the next rack rather than getting the other stuff moved out of the way
now it is cleared so they need to go in the right place
but would've been easier if I hadn't put them in the wrong place
@Carcer I still need to replace some sata cables that are having issues but don't feel like it. My server has been sitting open for weeks because of my laziness.
@nitsua60 - Sent you the writeup on the books you wanted, and I'll get the other books/modules tonight.
I was shocked to see the $$ for a Deities/Demigods. I may have to part with that one after all.
Well, I think I just threw my back out sneezing
@goodguy5 o/
welcome to my life
2:09 PM
4 ibuprofen every 4 hours. Ice first, then heat. I found standing up to be optimal to lying down.
I feel like Medicine (big 'M') should be able to take care of this by now.

We can deliver babies (sometimes) at 26 weeks and change DNA, but "back stuff" goes in the "nah dawg" bin.
welp this is just fun
@Gwideon ?
The only thing I've found that truly helps (not counting a more fit lifestyle) is medical MJ.
2:11 PM
@goodguy5 Backs are weird. My physician father attributes a lot of back injuries like this to stress.
nothing. the tavern isn't fun right now
In that when stressed, you have bad posture while working/sitting. Which then creates opportunity for injury.
@Gwideon as in like... you're at a tavern right now?
Because you're putting strain on your back and then you do something minor, which ends up being major.
no tavern meta chat. I don't want to get into it here.
2:12 PM
@Gwideon You gotta stop going in there.
oh yea... stop that
yeah I do
at this point, you're just being a glutton for pain
@NautArch I should really practice better posture; I wfh on my couch most of the time I wfh
And we've been due for a new couch for a while, as well, so it's not even a good couch
@goodguy5 yeah, that's probably a big contributor. Get a desk and a good chair and try to sit properly.
@NautArch but then how do I see the TV!
2:16 PM
@goodguy5 cast scrying :P
And my back problems waaaay predate working from home with any regularity.
It took me 10 years to get a doc to write me a script for an MRI. 3 bulging discs. yay.
um anyways is it fine if I talk about meat space
Exercise is a big one, too. ANd there are some things you can do at home. I try and do them nightly. Try being the operative word. And it hasn't necessarily helped.
@Gwideon I don't know what that means.... yes?
2:17 PM
oh, yea. we are
There was a solid chance that "meat space" was a new game.
So um I came out to my parents last night. It went..... better than I expected
not about my um lack of gender but um the more not caring about gender when it came to romance and stuff
@Gwideon That's great. And speaking as a parent, they may have already had an idea. :) - I'm glad it went well for you!
I have a question about that, but I'll take it to NaB
basically um they may not agree with the choice but um I asked them not to hurt me over it and um they agreed.
2:23 PM
@Gwideon yay!!!
@Gwideon Time may change the agreement bit. But not being against it is a great start.
THat must remove some stress!
it does. it was um kinda one of the most terrifying things I've ever done as I wasn't sure how they would react
@Gwideon I honestly can't imagine, but super proud that you were able to do it and got a somewhat decent response :)
hey at least i'm not homeless so um yeah. I'm glad
anyways I'll be quiet
2:40 PM
@Gwideon you don't have to if you don't want to
um okay
So, about bionicle....
Congrats Gwideon. Such stuff is always a huge step - for both sides. And since your parents didn't go ballistic, I guess they'll come to accept it given time.
@goodguy5 what about it
@Erik thanks
@Gwideon what's the newest fluff in the bionicleverse
2:47 PM
@goodguy5 nothing since G2 really. there's a fanmade G3 in the works I think. Um the latest thing I remember is that the prototype for an old canceled game was uncovered and a group of fans started a project to complete the game
also when I say G i mean generation
I gathered
@Gwideon I was really hoping it was Gangster
sorry just pointing it out so people can follow
holy...one module is worth $180++????
sadly the bionicle community is kinda dead when it comes to official content
2:56 PM
but they're like lego actionfigures!
I wonder what "Bionicle" means in Swedish...
yeah but sales weren't the best apparently. also it's a made up word so It's just Bionicle. It's a mixing of the words Biological and Chronicle
y'know... because it's self assemble. (IKEA - Swedish. fine. worth a shot)
anyways my nerd is showing
What's the non-binary equivalent of "gurl" or "boi"?

like "yea, gurl, wooooh"
there isn't one really because english doesn't have a true gender neutral pronoun
3:00 PM
@Gwideon That would be a portmanteau.
@Gwideon pretty sure just being here exposes our nerd :)
@NautArch True very true
@goodguy5 dude?
Hrm.,..tomb of horrors goes for $30+. Cool.
@Rubiksmoose @MikeQ Pursuant some of yesterday's discussion, this meta answer strikes me as helpful and timeless - and though I tried to run Brian's queries, I am not sure if they take into account anything after he wrote the queries.
3:02 PM
@NautArch dude has a masculine connotation to it though
@goodguy5 How about "your lordship"
doesn't give the feel that I want.

"Yea, dude, treat yo self"
"your majesty" is non-binary
"Why, yes, thy lordship. truly and verily, thou should treat thyself."
3:02 PM
True, "lord" is gender-coded. So "your majesty" or "your highness" would be better.
@MikeQ §What if they aren't high ?
Or we'd go Australian: "mate"
Or majestic
@Gwideon yeah, i kinda guess so - but it also seems like a neutral term at this point.
@PierreCathé then they're sober
3:03 PM
your soberiness ?
true. I'd be fine with just being the non-binary pal
There are also the titles that villains are called by their minions. "Your evilness", "Your foulness", etc
@NautArch yea, I think dude has reached the complete gender neutrality that the Philly "jawn" is.
@Gwideon i'm not your pal, friend. :P
3:04 PM
Q: Is "dude" becoming gender neutral?

michael_timofeevIs the word "dude" becoming gender neutral? I don't think so, however, has modern usage changed? Are there some recent examples of "dude" being used to refer to a woman or group of women?

intersting discussion, but duped to the female 'dude' question. So not so much. But I think while it colloquially may now be neutral, it still contains historic masculine connotations.
@KorvinStarmast Oh wow! I don't think I've seen that post before. Thanks! It is indeed very good.
There are also neutral titles like "boss" or "cap'n" or "doc" or "gov"
@KorvinStarmast That's a really good set of guidance on comments.
@NautArch Yeah, it's far too early to say that "dude" is completely gender-neutral.
@KorvinStarmast Yes, they do. They are not date limited, so will remain timeless. My top score is on the pathfinder warbow question I had.
3:06 PM
Some people may use it that way, maybe even most people might be using it that way now, but even recently it was predominantly masculine.

I love "gov".

"oh, yea, gov, treat yo self"
and now that we've had this discussion:
I noticed nobody's suggested the singular "y'all" yet.
@Gwideon go on, gov, get your nerd on! We don't judge (much) here! woooooh
y'all might work
I can't read "y'all" in a not southern accent.
3:07 PM
@Gwideon but then the southerners would complain about cultural appropriation.
@Yuuki or the plural y'alls
of course you'll instantly be branded as a texan
"Y'all" is very versatile. It's the "f--k" of pronouns.
@Gwideon any south. not just texas :P
@NautArch No, the plural of y'all is all a y'all
3:08 PM
@Gwideon nothin' wrong with that! Amirite @KorvinStarmast?
@JohnP all y'alls
@JohnP and the possessive of y'all is also y'all.
This is a y'all-y good conversation
That's "y'all's". Plural possessive is either "all y'all's" or "y'all's's".
@goodguy5 Some folks around here say "yalls" for possessive
@PierreCathé OMG this dad-joke is more like a dad-nuke!
3:09 PM
@NautArch perhaps Texan, perhaps Missourian ... - y'all spreads across a pretty wide area, unlike the 'you en' or 'yuns' from Western Pennsylvania where my dad grew up.
I'm just really hoping that my copy of Dragonlance DL11 is uncut/unpunched. Cha ching!
sometimes "all y'all"
Y'all is very much associated with texas. you'd be surprised how much some from new york or L.A. sees that as a texas thing specifically
@JohnP Uh! Dragonlance! Whats a DL11?
@Gwideon suspect...
3:10 PM
@KorvinStarmast Do you mean "yinz"
@Helwar One of the modules. They had quite a few modules in the DL setting.
@MikeQ I was trying to figure out how to spell that
I have the complete set of DL 1-16, plus a few assorted others I'm going to be fleabaying, along with some of my hardbacks, etc. All from the AD&D 2e era.
When I went to newyork and L.A. that was one of the first things I was asked when i mentioned i was from texas. the second was whether I rode a horse everywhere or not.
Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, and Delaware all see it as "generally south"
3:11 PM
@Gwideon Well ? Do you ?
I do say y'all sometimes. I don't ride a horse everywhere
@KorvinStarmast Or as us Eastern Penn folks call it...Pennsyltucky.
@JohnP Oh! Cool. I remember loving the novels, and bought the "collection" of the main trilogies a few years ago (they are decorating my bookshelf mostly ^^). Even had the Campaign Setting for D&D3ed, but never really played in the setting
@Gwideon This begs the question "Where do you ride a horse"
@PierreCathé In texas?
3:14 PM
@NautArch hey hey hey. We only refer to Pennsyltucky the parts in the middle. Pittsburgh area doesn't count.
By the way are electric scooters invading cities worldwide ? They're everywhere where I live
@PierreCathé I am not versed in the equestrian arts
I live in dfw. so yeah city person
@PierreCathé I wish. Dinosaurs in the government are trying REALLY HARD to get them out of the streets
@Helwar I bought a couple large boxes of stuff at a garage sale. I sold some, was going to keep the rest, but I find myself needing to pay for a few things so they have to go.
@Helwar Ah yeah, looks like we need another asteroid
3:16 PM
@Helwar the mental image this invokes is so much cooler than the reality of it
@goodguy5 haha
@goodguy5 Oh god thanks for this
If the were not extinct, they probably wouldn't need to try as hard
Just made my day
For reals, the Director of Traffic in Spain said a week ago, that electric vehicles were a mistake. They should not have invested in it (I still wanna know what the heck did they "invest", have not seen anything), that they are expensive and unreliable
3:18 PM
We need a flash game of a T-rex in a suit rampaging through the streets destroying electric scooters
Yes we do
I personally hate the scooter craze. I've been run into 5 times already either while biking or running.
Give me a few weeks and I'll have something whipped up. It probably won't be that good but yeah.
@Helwar Well I've got my own and I'm saving lots by not paying public transports
So depending on the scale they can be a good investment
@JohnP Oh that sucks
@JohnP sounds like you need to retaliate and start running into them.
3:20 PM
That's what you get when anyone is allowed to ride one regardless of their street etiquette
@goodguy5 Every one of them has been them running into me from behind.
@JohnP So you are to blame for the recent craze of fitting speakers on electric vehicles so they make noise???? (Joking, I know it's not your fault but the shitty drivers fault)
@JohnP Well at least they're not dinosaurs.
@goodguy5 Looks like a headache
3:22 PM
@PierreCathé I want an electric car. I have 15yo ibiza that's still hanging in there... But when he eventually retires I wanna go electric.
@goodguy5 You know, I tried those when I was racing bikes for my training rides. I kept getting faked out by odd reflections, had to ditch them.
@JohnP I was trying to find a quick clip of someone suplexing a biker off of their vehicle, but nada
@goodguy5 I can offer this in consolation: i.gifer.com/hcJ.gif
@Helwar just like that
@goodguy5 Hrm. Not a suplex, but a deer ricocheting off a car and nearly hitting cyclists.
Interesting video from the bike cam.
3:28 PM
that is crazy
@goodguy5 I've cycled several thousand miles in various states, never seen anything like that. I've hit snakes, dogs, cats, people, been chased by dogs, pigs and geese, but that is just freaky.
@JohnP OMG, everyone here is scared for the ciclists, but even as the driver of the car that would have made me cough my heart out! So scary! The deer just zoomed into traffic, no time to react
3:34 PM
@Helwar Yeah, and they are no joke. A deer ran into the side of my parents car on a mountain road in colorado. Deer was fine, $6500 damage to the front left side.
@JohnP psh. let me guess, the deer "was between insurance companies" typical
Deer are so dangerous on the road yeah
@goodguy5 He ran off. Didn't even wait to give a statement or anything.
Probably had priors out. :D :D
@goodguy5 - Hey, sure you don't want to move to Phoenix? :p Lossa jobs here.
I will make sure to look after the beginning of the year before everyone is worrying about making numbers.
3:37 PM
My grandpa ran into a boar. The boar just kept walking on, the car (an all terrain, pretty sturdy) was unable to go on and had to be pulled by the mechanic's truck. I was too young to remember how much it cost but...
It felt like hitting a wall
@Helwar Yeah, hitting these animals is no joke.
I remember a story about a wombat totaling a 4x4 and it just crawled out from between the tire and chassis perfectly fine.
I've seen video of a boar hunt where the boar was shot with a .45 handgun in the chest and basically laughed at it and tried to run down the hunter.
Or was it a semi?
mumble mumble honey badgers
3:40 PM
Turns out animals who live in the wild are pretty durable and heavy
Water, man
@Delioth who would have thought!
@JohnP Friend of mine ran into a bear on the New York Thruway. Totalled the car. Bear walked away (probably still hurt) and sauntered back into the woods.
and that's all got nothing on Moose. They used to derail trains (not sure that still happens)
I'll copy this entire convo and share it with my players when they complain that a bear shouldn't be able to survive being poked with swords and magic a couple of turns
@goodguy5 Leave @Rubiksmoose out of this!
3:46 PM
@NautArch not until he atones for his train-related crimes!
What can I say, I love derailing things! It's my favorite hobby and I will not atone!
Hey now, swords are very different from a car
@Delioth A car is an improvised weapon, and does 1d4 damage.
@Rubiksmoose How many Hendersons do you get for derailing an actual train ?
Bodies are pretty good at dealing with blunt trauma across large area, but notably less good at pointy bits
3:59 PM
@MikeQ I have heard it that way also. I was never in Western PA long enough to get used to it.
@PierreCathé Depends on how much of the plot was being carried in the train, but anywhere from 0.1H to 0.7H, reaching 1H if it's a Closed Circle Murder Mystery on a Train.
(Remember that the Henderson scale is logarithmic)
You can probably score several Hendersons if there was a gaming event going on on that train
@Gwideon All that goes to show is that New Yorkers can be oblivious to the rest of the country. ;-) There is an entirer part of the country that isn't Texas (south of the Mason Dixon line -VA, W VA on to the deep south, and the border states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, etc) : that uses y'all.
I'm afraid to ask about Hendersons...
@Helwar I won't be able to explain, I'm off
I shall let the others... introduce you
4:03 PM
@KorvinStarmast yes I know. it seems to get associated with texas a bunch though. sorry.
On the other hand, if the train is full of snakes, then derailing the train may very well advance the plot.
@Gwideon No worries, as it rarely causes a problem in communication.
@MarkWells Are they monkey fighting snakes?
And is it a Monday-to-Friday train?
4:06 PM
@Helwar If you want a "audiobook" style reading of the events, I recommend this, though full disclosure: it originated as a 'StoryTime' on 4chan, so some of the language used in the story is pretty objectionable. Although I don't think it ever gets worse than the opening paragraph, so if you can stomach that, you'll be okay.
ok will look at it
well, listen
Yes, yes, and we're on the train to find a stranger in the Alps.
oh oh oh
Old man henderson! the guy with the explosives!
4:07 PM
@Helwar Ah, okay, so you are familiar then.
yeah, didn't remember the name so I wasn't making the connection
@KorvinStarmast Lies!
@Helwar The first time i was pointed at that was one of the greatest reads i've had in RPG lore.
it's up there with the gazebo
So is this train going to be Murder on the Orient Express or Baccano! (which I contend was written after some person wildly misread the title of the former book)?
@Rubiksmoose Try MSO some time.
4:11 PM
@nitsua60 Ignore both and try MSG. It's delicious!
@NautArch Y'all just need a nice bowl of grits, really.
@nitsua60 Is that like saying Korvin, try walking through a living room that has loads of four sided dice spilled on the floor ... in the dark !
@Yuuki mmmmmmm umami
@JohnP I forget if I mentioned it, but I have the old Deities & Demigods, the one with the later-blackballed content. So I won't be looking to acquire that. (And I don't dare ask how much it's going for, in case I'd be tempted to sell my own.)
@nitsua60 You did mention it. Mine isn't the 1st one, its the 2nd one with the disclaimer, just before they pulled the cthulhu and melnibonean.
@KorvinStarmast Only if those d4s were lovingly placed by maniacal gremlins who're watching to see if you are so presumptuous as to displace one of them.
4:22 PM
@nitsua60 - I priced out all the guides (I had pics on my phone) and the dragonlance modules I know I have, I'll get the rest sussed tonight.
@JohnP The one with "Special thanks to Chaosium..." at the bottom of p.4? That's the one I have.
@nitsua60 cool.
@JohnP Awesome. Like I said, no big rush.
@nitsua60 Eh, it gives me impetus to get it done in time to start hitting the early holiday shoppers. Plus we had some unexpected bills recently.
Dude, don't joke about that. I sneezed hard in my kitchen last year, felt pain and went down to ground. Subsided quickly. But for a good month afterward it felt like I'd strained my lower abs or something: after a long run or a hard workout the next day it'd be tough to sit up or get out of bed.
Six months later, still bugged me about once a month. Mentioned it at my physical.
Three months after that I was coming out of double hernia surgery. I'd sneezed my guts out!
@JohnP Cool/sorry to hear.
4:27 PM
@nitsua60 Yea. sneezing seems like a flawed process
@nitsua60 Eh, just bad planning on our part. I've been meaning to sell all this stuff for a while, just the sitting down to actually do it. :)
@goodguy5 but it's cool that when you sneeze, particles fly off at 100+ mph.
@JohnP yea. you right.
so is it just me or is the language in official modules for 5e kinda dry.
@Gwideon That's really wonderful. I'm glad it worked out without any of your fears coming to fruition.
@nitsua60 thanks
4:30 PM
It's just the body's natural reaction to anything. If there's a problem (real or perceived), dispose of it with ALL PREJUDICE. Re: Allergies, sneezing, fevers
@Delioth that's just true.
@goodguy5 Bizzare factoid: since the hernia repairs my sneeze has gone up about an octave.
No idea why.
My kids make fun of me for it.
But I'm getting them back: I'm spending their college savings on @JohnP's old 2e stuff =)
might be you subconsciously trying not to sneeze your guts out
@Gwideon Hmm, that's an interesting observation. I'll go look at Salt Marsh tonight and see if I get the same feel.
@nitsua60 I have the original four 1e Dragonlance Modules. One unwrapped, the other three still in plastic.
@KorvinStarmast Is that intended? Checking to see if a marsh is dry?
4:34 PM
@nitsua60 w00t. =P
@goodguy5 You caught me, did you? Gain one inspiration point! :)
@KorvinStarmast I've got the first 4 in a binder falling to pieces, I've dragged them out so many times =)
@nitsua60 now I need to get @KorvinStarmast interested in some of it :p
@JohnP I was talking to SevenSided a couple of years ago, and with all of the old 1e modules I have, I probably need to sell them all. Granted, most of them are not in plastic, though very few have pencil marks on them.
4:41 PM
@KorvinStarmast All the regular modules I have a fairly well worn, but a lot of the 2e stuff is in near new condition. Guy bought a ton of stuff and never used it.
@JohnP 2e was when I started to wean myself off of buying stuff. 3.x I bought three core books and Complete Divine. A few years later they were taken to Second Hand Books and redeemed for some cash.
Maaan I wish I coulda taken the pile of 4e books I still have while anyone wanted them...
@KorvinStarmast I had a ton of stuff that got farmed out to cousins when I went off to college. I regret that. Oddly though, the one I regret the most was the AFX slot car stuff that I let my mom give to a couple younger cousins. I had a lot of really good stuff.
@Joshjurg Stick them in the attic for a decade. There may be a market for them then.
My best friend from High School has 2d edition Chainmail book. He was offered not quite 700 dollars for it. He kept the book.
I dunno. Chainmail, 1st and 2e have an awful lot of nostalgia. I don't see anyone being that nostalgic over the 4e stuff.
4:50 PM
@KorvinStarmast guidon games or tsr games version?
@Joshjurg 1e is 40 years old. Wait until 4e is 40 years old, maybe it changes.
I think it's Guidon Games version, but I'll have to view it (yellow cover) to see it and be sure. He's in Virginia.
@KorvinStarmast yellow cover is guidon. There is one on ebay currently for just under 4k.
Wow! I'll let my buddy know.
And a couple others for 600-900.
Argh. Portuguese chat flags.
Flags you can't handle are like an itch you can't scratch.

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