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12:10 AM
Hello DavidCoffron, Magician, CTWind, Miniman, and goodguy5
12:38 AM
Q: Why is it a problem to ask what other people have done in their games?

SevenSidedDieWhen we get a question asking what others have done as GMs or players in their games, the question is almost always closed as “primarily opinion-based”. Sometimes they’re not put on hold, but they’re still edited to ask the same things but slightly differently. What’s wrong with asking what othe...

1:10 AM
Tune in to this thread to catch Rob micro-blogging about Aspects: http://twitter.com/rdonoghue/status/1019624502928519168
1:23 AM
So, I found out you can still get Gio Lasar constellation dice...
I may have splurged just a little bit.
The ones with the big stars are actually Fate dice, which is mostly what I bought because they're the prettiest (they also have 1-6 pips).
It's a bad month for me and my dice habit, really. First the Kraken Iconic Mythical collection, and the Heartbeat pride dice one is still going on...
I have a minor dice weakness myself
I like really flashy ones
Those aren't half bad
Thankfully I only have a few more dice than I actually need
I have... many... many dice now, and few opportunities to use them. But a friend is moving back here, along with his boyfriend, so that might change before too long.
@Pixie Shiny
Oh and I see what you mean now, they have big stars that look like pluses
1:34 AM
Yep, and one arm of the star extends onto one side to be a minus.
And then they extend an "arm" over to make a minus
I like that we phrased that in the exact same way at the exact same time.
1:35 AM
Why the pips scattered tho
I don't know what else to call it
To make it look more like stars in the sky.
An arm seems like the right word
I agree, hehe.
I also got a couple of the moon d10s in black and dark blue. I like them better than the constellation ones as they're a bit easier to read.
@Pixie Aaaaah pretty.
1:37 AM
Yeah I see a small issue with illegibility
@BESW I love sparkly, and I love space aesthetic. A huge weakness.
On some of the dice
@trogdor Nah... it's called a radial (spoils it) oops
I like glowing dice
1:38 AM
More like radical.
Hmm, that image isn't wanting to load, but it won't let me delete it either. Ah well.
@Pixie Wat image
@FreezePhoenix That last link I posted that keeps going "..." is supposed to be an image, but it didn't load like the first one. Ah well.
@Pixie You never posted a link
1:41 AM
@Pixie that last die image?
I can see it on my computer but not my phone
@Pixie Repost the link
So any of us on our phones won't see it but it's there
I think
@FreezePhoenix That may be why I can't delete it, then! It shows up for me, haha.
But I figure it'll just fail again. I see now that it's the type of image that prompts you to save when you try to view it.
It definitely got posted
I just can't see it on my phone, even though I can see it on the computer, and I can see the other links on my phone
That is strange.
1:44 AM
It is
I blame Google
@trogdor I blame you back
What's so funny?
Hello Ben!
1:48 AM
I am the one who laughs in the night
Sorry about sleep schedule disruption it's just my thing
@trogdor Shush that's my job. I burn in the sky also.
Oh yeah, here's a link to the HeartDice Pride Dice kickstarter as well if anyone is into such things. I'd been wanting some bi dice forever, everything was always just one color off.
As for in not the right color or the right number of colors?
Either missing blue, or green instead of one of the purples, or something like that. There were a ton of layered dice that were clooose, but no cigar.
Ah, I like green a lot
Any colors that go well enough with green are good
1:57 AM
Green is pretty great.
I think I have some partly green glow in the dark Fate dice
I hardly use them though
I never know when I need to bring them
And bringing them every day got tiresome
Yeah, I understand.
Whenever I go to cons I bring some dice just in case, but I usually don't wind up using them.
Most of the time it's just me going to @BESW's place
And on top of not playing Fate every day, he already has enough Fate dice over there
Unless we somehow wind up with a lot of people showing up, without thier own dice no less, I don't technically need them
We are extremely lucky if 1 or 2 other people come any given day, week, or month
We do have a decent thing going online though so there is that
Ah, I understand. Heh, I could probably equip 50 people with polyhedrals and extra d6s at this point, but I only play online...
Isn't that just how it always works out? XD
2:06 AM
Which reminds me, I want to buy at least one of the Wiz Dice Fudge bags. If anybody wants a bunch of really pretty dice for a pretty reasonable price, go Wiz. :v
This segment brought to you by,... The
Megadice Corp
I wish I could say I was getting some kickbacks from this. I'd use them to buy more dice.
I wish I got more money for spending money
It would be great right?
If only. :v
2:30 AM
It would be pretty bad after the big rush though
That economic system would not work in the long run
Trogdor for president of the world, I promise that everyone will be Happy for up to a week before civilization completely collapses
And this will be the complaint department
My brain is weird
2:50 AM
Belated star because that quite amused me when I came back to see it.
I won't complain
I'm the only candidate and I got a vote, guess that means it's ridiculous apocalypse scenario are go
Zombies and nuclear war are played out anyway
Infinite inflation is where it's at.
3:05 AM
I haven't seen any movies about it so why not
It'll be like the Neopets economy but even worse.
The neopets economy is super inflated huh?
Same with Gaia Online (it was so bad that they made a new currency on Gaia a while back I think and converted the ridiculous amounts of gold to it, IIRC). It's a common issue on games where players can instantly create more currency but where there's nowhere near enough incentive to feed it back into the site and have it deleted (by purchasing things from game stores instead of other players).
Ah I remember at one point WoW was like that
Heck it could still be I don't play it anymore
Yeah, I'm sure a lot of MMORPGs have that issue too. Aside from illegal gold botting, the MMO model is kind of based on strings of limited goods, either by real world currency or frequent events where you can get the goods for free but only for a short period of time. Neither of which encourage gold to be spent on the game, but on other players who got the limited goods.
3:13 AM
There was a lot of that
And there are reasons for that, of course. Events keep people playing, and the subscription model doesn't work well anymore.
It was fun temporarily but at some point all the treadmill stuff in the game was too much
Plus I had started playing to begin with because of friends
Yeah. It takes really effective goldsinks to prevent it... I'm not sure I've ever seen a site that managed.
They did have a lot of expensiv mounts and stuff
Flight Rising is pretty stable right now because getting more space for dragons becomes extremely expensive after a while, but it's also a pretty new site.
3:16 AM
But then they also at some point made those cross character in your account sooo,
It also kind of feeds into itself because if you have those extremely expensive things, in order for anybody to get anything who hasn't been playing for years, you have to increase the currency output... which means... even more currency.
@Pixie yeah, EVE's about the only MMO I've heard of that's had anything resembling an economy that's worked well, but I'm not sure if it's really a...replicable model either
@Pixie yeah also an issue there
My Spiderman character is based on the Huntsman Spider, which is a relative of the Tarantula.
As far as its abilities go, it's more inclined toward poison and strength rather than web slinging
So in Savage Worlds, I currently have an "Ensnare" ability, but nothing in the way of strength or poison.
3:32 AM
Huntsmen and Tarantula aren't really all that poisonous though are they?
Tarantulas are more so than the Huntsman... But they're more inclined toward paralysis, actually
So they don't have to use web to overpower their prey
But I'm not sure how I want to go with this. I could either go and upgrade my ensnare, and have the poison/paralysis as a secondary effect, or vice versa
Mm we have a really close relative of the huntsman here and it has very weak venom
It just sorta overpowers stuff
And ambuses are a favorite tactic
Course the venom probably does some of the work too
I'm not sure we have any huntsmen here, although they are spread throughout the US. They remind me of wolf spiders and fishing spiders in look and sometimes size; those are much more common here.
3:50 AM
Yeah ours are wolf spiders
I kinda hate them honestly, but not much I can do about it
And they probably kill a lot of roaches and rats and stuff
Small rats anyway
Yeah, huntsman aren't dangerous to humans at all. Their venom is too weak, but that doesn't mean the bits dont still hurt. (speaking from experience lol)
@Ben Incidentally, I watched Castlevania like you suggested.
But to smaller prey it's a bit more effectove
@Miniman Ohh yeah?
@Ben yeah that's what I meant
What'd you think of it?
3:54 AM
@Ben It was...weird. Definitely didn't come across as an adapted game, which given history can only be a good thing. But the pacing seemed really strange.
@trogdor so, I think in relative size (I.e. human) the poison effect would be a touch more potent haha
I also, for some reason, never really get along well with the weird artstyle animes based on Western fantasy all seem to have.
@Ben don't go there
I will enact the funpocalypse
With more burning edition
@Miniman I'll agree with the pacing. It was a bit here and there in that regard. But I liked the story and the characters enough to move past that
@trogdor "I" or "it"?
@Miniman Same. But I dunno. This one seems a bit better in that regard.
@Ben everything pretty much
Can't be too sure
3:59 AM
@Ben I think it also suffers a bit from having a protagonist who is already overpowered.
On the other hand, Matt Frewer voicing a villain is always a win.
It will be meant for the "fun size arachnid monstrosity tm"
But every place they ever could possibly be will need some fire
@Miniman is this that Castlevania anime?
I saw commercials for that and thought it would be kinda bad based off of them
But people apparently like it mostly
@trogdor Yeah, Ben suggested it the other day, and it's 4 20 minute episodes on Netflix, so it's possibly the lowest effort show I've ever watched XD
Oh wow
They get to the point fast
Mine Is Aggretsuko
It's like 12 15 minute episodes
If I recall correctly
The next season promises 8 episodes
I think it might have been a "test the water" thing. But I dunno.
Either way, I liked it.
Of which one?
4:12 AM
Apparently Aggretsuko has a second season coming too
It was up my alley in a unique way
There's also an entire other Aggretsuko series, although it hasn't been officially subbed. It was a Japanese TV series of shorter episodes, like 3-4 minutes. I kind of preferred it, but again, not officially subbed.
The Netflix one is good, though.
It had cute animal characters but with a relatively serious theme
And the main character is pretty relatable
Yeah, I'm basically an office lady myself (with a much better department boss and coworkers, thank goodness :P).
@Pixie I was a little annoyed that it is dubbed and subbed and I couldn't figure out which to follow
4:15 AM
I watched the sub of the Netflix one as well, though what I heard of the dub sounded good.
@Pixie I definitely don't have the experience of harassment on a gender basis, but that's still a relatable problem and I have experienced some degree of her other problems
Not at the same level but still
@trogdor One or the other. Never both
@trogdor Yeah, there was a lot generally relatable in there. Were there staple issues in the Netflix one? I can't recall...
@Pixie to be clear, neither was bad but together they were distracting
@trogdor Oh, you mean it was playing the dub voices but had the sub captions up?
Or just that it went back and forth?
That was one thing, like... I was watching it with some friends who don't work in an office, and when the staple thing came up, I was just like, "AUGHHHH." They were like, "What??"
4:18 AM
@Pixie she gets put down for quality of work, fir being female, she has an issue with a boyfriend,... Though the particular issue there is weird
He is boring and doesn't like the stuff she does
@trogdor Yeah, I didn't feel like the romance plot was great there.
She also makes freinds with superiors at work, but that's mostly a good thing
But it would take a while to unpack the issues I had with it, heh.
Yeah, I love her friendship with Gori and Washimi.
It's just that they push her to do healthy stuff she isn't accustomed to
Which is mostly an issue of comfort
@Pixie yeah those 2
Yeah, she doesn't always know how to deal with it. But in the end it's good that she found some support.
4:21 AM
@Pixie yes
I couldn't find a setting to turn one off
Silver lining is I Know they mostly get to the same point, they just say what the characters are saying differently
Ah, I can see how that would be annoying. I think mine might have defaulted to Japanese audio? But that might be because that's how I always watch anime.
Yeah this is the only anime I have watched on Netflix at all
And it was on someone else's system/account
(I was house sitting and had permission to use it)
They may very well watch anime that way by default
I don't know why anyone would but,
.... That's just me
@Ben what does that mean exactly?
I'm just a little confused
@Pixie lol, that was painful to watch for sure
Anyway, it was exactly what I needed in terms of what it was
Yeah, I'm glad it took off.
It was equal parts actual problems people have in everyday life and some humor and catharsis thrown in
The only thing that's odd to me is that Sanrio isn't releasing many Retsuko goods in the US as far as I've seen despite its popularity. Come on, if Gudetama is everywhere...
(I love Gudetama too, to be fair.)
4:32 AM
Hmm, they have things on their website right now though. In addition to dice, I'm addicted to mascot characters, so perhaps later I will have to get some of this.
Gudetama is a very lazy egg.
Oh,.. I googled it and I am sure I've seen it somewhere
There we go. I'm not having luck with images today.
I relate to this egg.
4:34 AM
Maybe it was in Japan though
I was there the last 2 times I traveled anywhere
Once less than a year ago
So maybe I saw it then at some point
Gudetama's been a pretty successful character in the US too, but yeah, it's entirely possible you saw it in Japan if it was a year ago.
We also could have it here somewhere where tourists from Japan are/were in numbers
Japan was recently our largest tourist base
But yeah it looks familiar
There's an anime up on Youtube on the official channel. It's not subbed, but I think you generally don't need them to understand Gudetama's suffering.
I would hazard a guess that you are correct
I can understand a good bit of it anyway, although there are enough complex sentences in there when the humans talk that I can't get everything, heh. I need to study more.
5:05 AM
I think I would have trouble with Japanese
I had some with Spanish, and some of those words were almost the same
I could only take 101 and 102 at my college, that's all they offered. But I've picked up a certain amount of vocabulary from watching a lot of anime and listening to a lot of music, and I've been studying it on my own for a while too. I can translate and write simple things... a particularly handy sentence is "My Japanese isn't very good." :v
It's the studying I would have trouble with
Yeah, I need to do it more regularly.
If all I had to do was watch a lot more anime an I would suddenly know the language
I would probably do that
I do think it's a cool language, but part of that may just be me liking Japanese stuff
Hehe. It can't go quite that far (especially because people don't talk like they talk in anime), but it does help with the vocab.
5:11 AM
I said it because it's not a thing you can do,
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title, +2 more: www.bluesupplement.com/keto-advance/ by user46888 on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
If it was something you could do to learn the language accurately I wouldn't need to talk about it
IN English anyway!
@SmokeDetector blue supplement again?
Give me a new one man
Pff, that's true.
That's not the kind of supplement we're into around here.
I made a joke last time about green supplement
Or maybe I just said it was offensive to Greener's people
I think that was it
The day is dragging on a little
It must be because I have tomorrow off
The universe must compensate
Still, god bless Liberation Day
2 hours later…
7:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Email in answer, username similar to website in answer: When is an object made of other objects? by nawaz shah on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, pattern-matching website in body, +4 more: www.bluesupplement.com/keto-go-uk/ by user46890 on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
8:37 AM
@trogdor and I went like trogdor on its countryside
9:09 AM
@doppelgreener you mean you ate all the dandelions in the field?
@doppelgreener lol
oh my god more blue supplement
@trogdor they know their targets. They know.
I expect we will soon see some offers for Red Health Potion supplement.
(BTW, yep, the flasks in the picture are a real energy drink. Not made up, Think Geeks used to sell them. I once even planed to get one as a collector item - to put on a shelf near my dragon egg statue
...my friends just made their own with Gatorade and bottles from Michael's.
9:24 AM
weird, no-script is detecting some xscript mess in that page. Luckily, it doesn't seem anything malicious... Much likely a "I don't know what I'm doing" programmer.
@Derpy yesss.... let's go with that
@doppelgreener sorry, probably a little obscure for a joke there. Was still meant to be a reference to @trogdor pony avatar.
i imagined it was that :D
@Ben i would choose that player over this gm
but they both have some learning they can do
@Doppel how are you
Doing fine. :) You?
10:25 AM
pretty well, thank you
I've just found a virus on my laptop
@TheMaskedRebel that's always fun to deal with
groans I dont even know where it is.
I got a second hand PC once. Decided to do a format once I got it home, just to be safe, but by that time it was late, I was getting tired, and I need to update some of my drivers. Go online to look for them, find some semi-legit looking site, and download
5 viruses later, I realise "oh wait, windows already does updates on its own. Duh."
The good thing about that was I didn't have anything g to lose, so I just ran another format
@Ben LOL
10:36 AM
Well, I wiped the disc completely... So all I needed to do was reinstall windows and I was good to go
sighs in relief
@doppelgreener what kinda RPG's do you like
@TheMaskedRebel dumb question, but do you have any malware scanning software?
yes, but the virus managed to slip past them
Or virus scan?
10:40 AM
@TheMaskedRebel these kinds (& the following conversation helps explain)
OK, do you want to play one
I don't, I already have a regular game group.
(I mean, I do, but I'm not here in this room to play those games, though I might play roll for shoes here sometimes.)
10:46 AM
[received spangly shoes]
@Ben I clap for you sir
@Ben like the losers in Smash Bros, I clap for you
This has happened to me before
10:46 AM
@Ben oh, I think I remember that
10:49 AM
the dice don't lie
Puts to waste the humans in the jungle
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, potentially bad ns for domain in body, repeated url at end of long post: why keto go why by zidane9596 on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)

 Dice roller & formatting tests playgr

The roller supports: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. You can roll ...
^ includes all the guidelines on how our dice roller works
2 hours later…
12:30 PM
Q: Is it OK to bump an old question with minor edit?

enkryptorRelated Question "bumping" - is it ok? Let's say there is an answered and solved question that was asked back in 2016. It wasn't active for a couple of years. Now a community member edits one of its answer — let's say, fixes formatting, adds a tag or changes a typo. The question itself bumps int...

12:51 PM
NO ^
@FreezePhoenix You should post in the actual question. Oracle is really only for bringing attention to the Meta posts.
I don't feel like making an account just to answer a meta question... makes an account
I seems this question is very specific to RPG.SE
@FreezePhoenix What makes you say that?
Well because it got a It's OK from a mod :P
Well, editing old posts got the okay, but editing old post just to boost visibility did not get the okay
1:35 PM
Morning folks
Good afternoon ;)
What feats would you guys recommend for a Druid 4/Barb 1?
I posed Charger and Sentinel and Savage Attacker as solid choices
@SirCinnamon VTC Unclear :) what's the game?
What are you trying to do?
1:39 PM
5th Ed. and its not my character but he fits into a bit of a bruiser role
tank/damage hybrid. Wild shape giving some flexibility there obviously
Is this a Circle of the Moon druid combining rage with wild shape?
IIRC Charger is supposed to be a very poor feat for most things.
What about that feat appealed to you?
1:42 PM
A flat 5 damage after, what a 10 foot or more dash? seems solid depending on your animal form
Note that it allows you to make only one attack though, and depending on what enemies you face you might be up for some nasty opportunity attacks if you try to use it regularly.
(and the +5 only applies if you actually hit)
Savage attacker is ok but I'd probably choose an ASI over it
Depending on viable scores to increase ofc :)
And you have to move 10 feet in a straight line. If you are in any kind of constrained environment this may not be possible.
(obstacles, enemies in the way, etc.)
@SirCinnamon how is your CON?
1:52 PM
@AVeryLargeBear Not my guy, I think his con is... 14?
@SirCinnamon dang.
what are you thinking?
If they were at an odd number, Durable is decent if you are tanking and it isn't 15min adventuring day.
Tough is also decent as a tank
@FreezePhoenix (yes)
like honestly there are badges
old questions getting edited is fine, and the bump happens as part of that
1:56 PM
But editing just to bump is a nono
^ Which is how i interpreted the question but I like doppels answer
sort of
An accepted loophole here is that you can completely legitimately bump something by also performing edits. Hence the advice given in that meta Q: you want a bump, so why not make an edit which improves it which will just so happen to also produce a bump? We're fine with this because you improved stuff, good job. It's that mission accomplished thing where you wind up doing things that benefit the whole community. — doppelgreener ♦ 3 hours ago
it's a "don't ask don't tell" thing
An edit which only bumps i should say
go ahead and edit to perform legitimate improvements for the ulterior motive of a bump, but don't tell us you're doing it for that reason
@kviiri True. Only time Charger is good is on a Swashbuckler Rogue or a Drunken Fist monk imo
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