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@KorvinStarmast have you tried MGT2 yet?
12:32 AM
@nitsua60 Magic Gathering the 2?
@nitsua60 Metal Gear Tholid 2?
Mighty Giraffe Tyrants 2?
1:03 AM
(keep going...)
Merlin Gathers Thistles 2?
More Guesses Than 2.
Minotaurs Go Travelling 2
@BESW Actually I had a go at that one. Much better than More Guesses Than 1
Mystery Game Title 2
Nailed it
1:19 AM
Momentus Gene Therapy?
Monuments Go There?
Museum Galactic Theatre?
Moo Goo Thai? I'll stop now
In retrospect, this is making me feel bad. Because it's actually Mongoose Traveller 2, so the abbreviation's disingenuous.
No harm in bit of fun :P
Mostly Got There, Too.
1:35 AM
Lol Mongoose Traveler 2 eh?
2:03 AM
Must Get This To you: I played Hack the Planet today, and it was
Mostly Good, Though 2 problems were there, which
Meant – Gathering Thoughts 2 of us players had – that we might as well have played Blades in the Dark instead:
Punk, in particular climate/cyber/solarpunk to me has certain implications about the role society plays in the genre. The game did not really serve those, because it stuck to close to Blades while trying to add environmental catastrophes as a big gimmick standing on its own, distracting from that theme.
The environmental stuff needs you to be outside of Shelter 1. On the other hand, I expect corporations, data and stuff to play a big role. Those things are not outside Shelter 1. That makes for quite a discrepancy between two important elements of the game.
I see what you did there
2:42 AM
So, I need some assistance with balancing out the three stages of my corruption. I'm pretty happy with "Bloodlust" and "Madness", But "Decay" is a little off-kilter.
@nitsua60 I only have original traveler, not mongoose. Did you play mgt2?
@Ben I wanted to see your final take.
@KorvinStarmast Not yet--pulling together a Traveller pitch for RL group starting in January. I've played and run CT and picked up MGT2 (for some reason) last year. Wondering which I should go with.
Ask aramis; it has been so long I am not a useful source
(I'm going to leave it ambiguous in the pitch, I think.)
Ooh, thatsright--aramis. CotI overlord hisself!
@KorvinStarmast Oh right. Actually I think the list of equipment is a little off - My AC is 21, and I only have Bracers & Ring of Prot, and Cloak of Manta Ray. Got a bag of holding to replace the Quiver, and got some Potions of Growth
2:45 AM
OK, thanks, we did so much discussion of the build that I was curious as to the result.
@Ben Other than the mechanical tradeoffs of each option, what's the idea behind them? Based on player playstyle? Based on their "sins"? Do they choose? Is it random?
@MikeQ Some items cause a specific type of corruption, and their choices can also be aligned (pick one at random if you can't decide). But each one is meant to be a "flavour", based on the name.
SO for example, someone asks you to retrieve something for them, and you keep it for yourself, that's causes corruption. That example could probably be picked randomly
And I have incorporated the final "roll vs suck" as some have put it (lol), where you can lose your PC to corruption, and they turn into a demon of the appropriate kind, based on the type of corruption they are affected by
So (any "sinful" choice) -> (random type of corruption) ?
@MikeQ Killing someone would potentially be bloodlust, for example.
What kind of actions would fall under the "madness" category?
2:53 AM
The main sources of specific corruption are item related. One you're affected by one type of corruption, you don't switch, but you still gain points. If you completely remove all corruption, you can switch
that fits the Diablo lore of Leoric and Lazarus going mad with possession ...
So If a PC is mad, killing a person would just add more corruption points.
Choices in threes are a common design. I'm just trying to figure out which three you're going for. Warrior/mage/thief? Wrath/greed/sloth? Grass/fire/water?
Earth wind and fire ... they have better music. ;)
Basing everything on a Warrior/Ranger/Sorcerer Archetype, but "opening it up" to allow for other classes.
Uhhh, dang it.
I think I just lost most of my work haha
2:59 AM
Ok, so that would mean certain types are better or worse for optimizing certain classes/builds. Is that the effect you want?
(Not trying to imply it's bad, just trying to figure out the goals here)
@KorvinStarmast Blood, Sweat, and Tears, man. (Or maybe T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili.)
Yeah, potentially. The way I'm seeing it is that the Warrior gets bloodlust, the Sorcerer gets madness, and the Ranger gets Decay
But if the mix is different, there is nothing "broken" about it.
And it's based on item properties rather than roleplaying/in-game choices?
e.g. If I have a Decay Hat and I do bloodlusty stuff, I get the Decay path?
@MikeQ Primarily, but not solely. Everyone should become corrupt (to any degree) at some point of the game.
@MikeQ If you have the decay hat, and you do bloodthirsty stuff, you just get more decay
If you remove all corruption, and do bloodthirsty stuff/get the bloodthirsty gloves, you get bloodthirsty
@miniman pointed out that the Tier 1 Decay was a bit "meh", Charisma skills aren't always overly important
3:20 AM
@Ben Particularly in a dungeon crawl, unless you work to make it very clear that interpersonal interaction is an expected mode of play in that dungeon.
In the second tier I made it a disadvantage with Cha Saves, which are a bit different, since there is magic tied to that (possession etc)
Which I do intend to incorporate
@Ben Does "This effect increases with each Tier" mean that the bonuses/penalties stack, in addition to the higher-tier effects?
@MikeQ That was an idea, yes.
So at tier 2, a bloodthirsty PC would have +2 atk/dmg, -2 AC
I'm not sure if that should be incorporated though
The downside of it is that is something else to change each time.
Chits/tokens/markers. Poker chips stacked under the mini, maybe?
@nitsua60 That's a great idea!!
Haha I think I overreacted a bit there haha.
3:32 AM
Coins work, too, depending on how visually-distinctive they are in your part of the world.
@Ben (Srsly. Two exclamation marks!?!?!?!?)
I even jumped in my chair a bit too haha.
I'm liking the concept that as the PCs become more and more corrupt, they become more and more "fragile". The benefits are enticing, with the tradeoffs leading to a degradation of particular features.
@Ben Then make them stack their minis on top of d6s. The little 8mm ones, at that =)
@nitsua60 haha. If your mini topples over, add 2 corruption :P
Take nd6 fall damage, where n was the height of your stack.
@nitsua60 yeah I know right!!?!!?!!?!?????!??!!
3:38 AM
(This definitely sounds like an excellent and necessary mechanic!)
I also had a "death-save" style functionality (but it seems I didn't save it properly) when your player reaches "max" corruption. Measures can be taken to assist and so on, but if you get the failed checks, you turn into a demon. Just as a final disincentive against abusing your "corruption powers"
@trogdor On a tangent, I think I'm in trouble with my son's 5th-grade English/Language Arts teacher because I taught him to spell "inorite?"
@nitsua60 you deserve it then, shame on you
@Ben It is unclear how players the players increase the number of corruption points accrue. the counter is missing. You state the effects of increased corruption, but not how the points increase.
The main thing I want to focus on is making sure that all of the effects of each tier are appropriately enticing/balanced/appropriate.
@KorvinStarmast At this point in time, yes, that's intentional. All numbers in regards to the counters etc are just placeholders.
10 ppoints might be impossible to reach, or it might be way too easy
3:45 AM
AH, OK, I have a few blue pencil comments that i'll put into the back room
Korvin raises a good point. If you want to take a big-picture look at the balance, you need to consider where those points come from, and the ratio of impact of the corruption per corruption point
How quickly can someone go from 10 to 20? 20 to 30?
In an overall scope, the party will be level 5 by the end of the game.
@MikeQ Yeah. Mentioned that above - scale numbers are just placeholders rn.
btw @KorvinStarmast I put a link to my homebrew stuff in Not a Bar
@MikeQ cool, I'll take a peak
4:17 AM
@MikeQ @KorvinStarmast if I said that situations could change how a PC is corrupted, they can manage it? Like, if a Decayed PC started hacking up monsters, they could potentially switch over to bloodlust ("I like the sounds they make") or madness ("They won't stay dead!")
Is that something that can be implied, stated, or just left out?
@Ben Do you want the first stain to be removed before another one is applied?
As with any rule, if you want to implement it in game, it should be stated somewhere. But only if you want it.
@MikeQ Loving your paladin of silence. Reminds me of the operator from Firefly
I need to ponder it a bit before I comment, but I think your first change of domain spells to be an improvement .
Inviso/Silence fit perfectly
Yep the intrigue paladin is my personal favorite, which is why it's listed first. I like the theme and I like how it supports stealth/social stuff.
Better than the new bard stuff in XGTE IMO
And I like the whispers one for a spy. Hal's boss in Baldur's Gate is one.
The wizard does not need the extra cantrip
4:24 AM
@KorvinStarmast That's the initial idea, but sometimes play might determine a different course.
Exploit elements make it reset on long rest (Primal rogue)
Saboteur's Leap make it sixth level, not third
Rogue subclass features kick in at 3, 9, 13, 17. There is no 6.
Decay Tier 1 - you heal less, but take less melee damage?
@MikeQ You have 3 features at three. Pick 2
Why? Some of the existing subclasses get 3 features
Ah fine, I'll consider nixing the teleport thing.
4:30 AM
While I love the tport, it isn't thematic. I'd keep the other two
Level 17 feature. Love it, very fiddly
let me think on that one. played a lot of rogues in my day. there is something there that really needs keeping
Right, it's not fully thematic, but I figure at 3rd level, most PCs aren't usually dealing with resistance/vulnerability, so the other features are a bit circumstantial until later. So I wanted to give something that would be useful regardless of situation.
Check the MM and Volos and Mords ,... the resistances went up ....
Well, you are making ane elemtnal specialist. Stick to the theme
I love the theme, and it is flexible
Paid political announcement, as I am a thief/rogue advocate since I read Lieber's books ...
Fritz Lieber ...
@MikeQ Monk ViperStrike: on a save, remove the "poisoned for 1 round." Otherwise, I love that 3d level mix
@KorvinStarmast heheh. challenge to veteran rogue players: LG rogue.
Aug 7 '17 at 22:18, by Mike Q
Also, there is no rule anywhere that says rogues have to be evil backstabbing criminals. For example, the lawful good royal agent, James Bond.
@MikeQ I utterly agree. (I know people in that business IRL ... but that's Off topic
@MikeQ FWIW Mrs Starmast's favorite actor of all time is Sean Connery. :)
4:45 AM
@KorvinStarmast Fair enough for the monk. For the rogue, I nixed the teleport, but they can pick 3 damage types from the start.
Works for me, I love your idea on the elemental rogue. neat concept
@MikeQ Whenever anyone mentions James Bond I just think of Ace Ventura. "Loverly party, pity I washn't invited"
@MikeQ or lovable scoundrel Han Solo
Indiana Jones, several versions of Robin Hood, arguably Number Six.
Most pop culture variations on the bard (like The Court Jester) would be better modeled by a rogue skillmonkey than the bard class.
I just realized we don't have many specifically rpg or women characters in this list, so one obvious one
Haley Starshine
Also very literally a rogue but that shouldn't be a problem
Usually such lists specifically exclude RPG characters :P
That's just silly
Everything is RPGs
5:47 AM
@Ben Swallow the ‘gurt.
3 hours later…
8:20 AM
There's also Angelina, from The Stainless Steel Rat
Maggie Hoskie doesn't quite fit any D&D tropes (appropriately enough!) but she'd probably best fit as a divine rogue.
Angelina is very much the backstabber tho
Slate isn't exactly not a backstabbing criminal, but she's definitely a rogue with a moral compass. (Her previous job was breaking into businesses and editing their bookkeeping so they'd get in trouble with the taxmen.)
(Her clients were rival businesses.)
...I still have to read Swordheart.
DnD has variably enforced a separation between "social rogues" and "skulky stabber rogues"
with the former often tending towards Bard
8:38 AM
Yes, but in many versions the social-skill-focused character is still better modeled by a rogue unless the character is interested in leadership.
1 hour later…
9:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching product name in body, pattern-matching website in body, potentially bad keyword in body (394): This health complement carries only secure, natural and herbal by Honey Lili on rpg.SE
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11:10 AM
Good morning! o/
top of the evening to ya
11:28 AM
Ciao a tutti
12:21 PM
Hyvää päivää
@Anaphory Goedendag iedereen!
(I can still pull off French and Swedish but don't make me try Russian)
Hafa adai
12:50 PM
Of the languages I know, French and Swahili are the only ones where the words for "coffee" and "caffeine" agree in their first vowel
Finnish and Swedish reverse a and o from English: kahvi/kaffe and kofeiini/koffein. In French and Swahili, both have "a".
1:25 PM
Bonan matenon, y'all!
man I am having a fantastic day
Arggh, trying to recall which of the SCAG or XGTE class features grant some temporary HP. Is it Purple Banner Knight? One of the new Barbarians? Don't have either with me.
@doppelgreener buon giorno (though I guess where I am, it should be buona mattina)
NVM, I found it, temp HP on the barb, Storm Herald
1:42 PM
@KorvinStarmast Thanks for the edit btw. I rearranged the stuff you put in to make the flow what I had intended, but otherwise appreciated the examples!
@Rubiksmoose I thought your title was too long as it, but then I realized that we could make a slight improvement, so glad that was useful.
(Personal pet peeve is a title that is more than one line. But it's not my answer, so go for it!)
@KorvinStarmast Yeah I'm definitely on board with shortening titles, and mine have been getting longer lately because of my tendency to want it to be a clear and complete thought.
I like your reorg of the answer.
Thanks! The only reason I didn't take yours was because I would have had to move/reflow some of the rest of the answer and wasn't sure how I would make it work. Easy enough to integrate some of both though :)
2:07 PM
@kviiri I lied. German behaves the same as Swedish and Finnish in this respect.
@KorvinStarmast How do you feel about non title case titles?
@ColinGross Personal opinion? In this format, they work
Generally? I prefer title case
@KorvinStarmast I concur
@KorvinStarmast This Is How It Is Then.
@Anaphory I wonder where's the cause of this quirk
2:17 PM
@kviiri In particular given that the discoverers seem to have been German, French and Swedish, all of which have ‘ca’, not ‘co’.
@KorvinStarmast random note about that title. It is pleasing to me that the line break it at the semicolon if it had to be anywhere (At least on my screen).
2:46 PM
I'm surprised people still play 2nd edition.
2:58 PM
@ColinGross some people REALLY like charts and tables
and glaive-guisarme-glaive-halberd-glaives
@goodguy5 And weights in gold pieces?
@Carcer also known as the Totem-Glaive
The world's finest fantasy-themed polearm simulator
@Carcer What about man catchers!?!
I feel that those were the perfect solution for the knight errant that was too busy with his quest to give you the time of day no matter how nice your favor was.
3:08 PM
@Carcer glaives are awesome tho
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has a "cursed" artifact, the GLAIVE OF PRUNING, that changes whomever would wield it to a prune. The catch is that the transformation is so slow it practically only gives one a slight purplish hue and a wrinkly skin.
(The pruning curse is cosmetic only, it doesn't actually kick in)
No actually, it has one in-game effect --- Zin, the god of Law who hates transmutation magic, forbids the glaive's use
Zin needs to get with the times
@kviiri Tell that to elves
@goodguy5 I think the elves refer to it as the glaive of disguise.
@Carcer Zin is a really restrictive god
"You can't eat intelligent monsters boohoo"
For sneaking into the council chambers and stealing the sacramental elderberry wine. .... Sheesh... elf millennials these days.
3:17 PM
@kviiri "Thou shalt not kill Zin" seems a little biased
You can actually commit deicide against a god in Crawl
A particular one, I mean
Ah, I was about to asks.
Jiyva the slime god has only one sapient follower, unless the player worships them too. If the player kills said follower, the god dies due to not being believed in anymore.
poor jubilex
@kviiri Wow... that's a sad deity.
3:29 PM
@kviiri Can you be a player of Jiyva and kill that other follower? What happens then?
I'd rather be SLIMYYY
@Anaphory Yeah, I think Jiyva doesn't die then
@kviiri Holy coffee mug of the Jiyva followers
@kviiri Consuming corpses for bonuses is a time-honored roguelike tradition.
I myself have eaten many a tin of mind flayer in my day.
And floating eye.
@Yuuki Crawl actually doesn't have that, corpses are for nutrition, necromancy or composting only
Avoiding the intrinsic-minigame of NetHack aligns well with Crawl's goals of trying to discourage grinding, no-brainers and spoilery information
3:45 PM
Jiyva doesn't die but it does get mad at you for killing the other slime
are there no mutagenic corpses anymore?
that was the best part of fighting sky beasts
ah, yeah, crawl removed mutagenic meat chunks as of 0.21
that's the other important thing about dcss
it changes a LOT from version to version
they're not afraid to just drop or massively simplify significant gameplay mechanics and try out new stuff
4:10 PM
@Carcer If you worship Jiyva, yeah. If you don't, it's an ex-god before it can retaliate
If you send them into space, do they become a three-eyed alien dragon?
Context: there's an enemy in MHW called "Xeno'Jiiva".
@Yuuki Xibalba?
Monster Hunter doesn't really deal with existing mythologies. Outside of things that look like dragons, I suppose.
also, I "found" (well, remembered weird stories from my youth) some monsters to sprinkle into my game
Q: What is the origin of these creatures in Appalachian folklore?

goodguy5My family (for these intents and purposes) comes from the mountains of Appalachian southern Virginia. The older folks told tales of three specific monsters as warning against wayward children misbehaving (like many legends begin, I assume). The Welcome Stretcher A hairy loping figure with a s...

I just need to decide on how to easily stat them out
4:39 PM
oh wow, 0.22 even drops the idea of bothering with individual spellbooks
5:14 PM
Ok so I think I went off the deep end lol
I've written a 1200 word answer about Crawford vs. RAW
@Rubiksmoose I choose to believe that this is a short fanfiction about Crawford going up against Roman Reigns on Monday night.
If only.
I'm pretty sure I wrote way more than I needed... oh well I'll try to pair it down and post it tonight.
I'm repcapped anyways so posting it now won't even give me those sweet sweet fake internet points.
5:32 PM
@Rubiksmoose I'm a fan of succinct writing.
@ColinGross Me too. Just not great at it lol
When I post it I'll ping you and if you have a minute maybe you can help take a machete to it.
@Rubiksmoose I'm not particularly good at writing tersely either.
I enjoy a good cake, but I'm not good at making cake.
@ColinGross That doesn't sound right. Clearly the only people who can enjoy cake are master bakers.
5:48 PM
I am naturally inclined to excessive verbiage myself
@Rubiksmoose to the cake stack!
@ColinGross wait a second, is there a cake stack?
@goodguy5 pancakes. layer cakes. victoria sandwich. etc...
is french toast a cake
@SirCinnamon no?
Though, I'd listen to an argument that bread pudding is
6:03 PM
@SirCinnamon French Toast is a lasagna.
Or maybe a Pie, depending on the nomenclature.
Or a Casserole.
That seems suspect
Are waffles a cake?
Is AC considered to be a DC?
@SirCinnamon waffles are the most cake adjacent of the various "pan cakes"
@Rubiksmoose yes
@goodguy5 Yes, I agree with that. But what separates french toast from pancakes
@SirCinnamon the previously made bread. French Toast is to Pancakes as Twice Baked Potatoes are to Baked Potatoes.
6:07 PM
@goodguy5 oh neat. Can anybody point me to where it says that?
@Rubiksmoose oh, you meant raw. my b...
@SirCinnamon French Toast where I am is baked, not fried.
oh yeah according to the rules I meant.
Although I guess there are types of Baked Pancakes too...
Fwiw I'm trying to figure out if Does an attack hit if it exactly matches the target's AC? is actually a duplicate.
6:09 PM
@Rubiksmoose I can't read this at work:

is that helpful?
@Xirema And most cakes are baked anyway, although here i would say french toast is fried in a pan more commonly
@goodguy5 interesting. It actually had some interesting info, but I think it did answer my question by omission. I think they are similar mechanics but not actually the same.
So I'm leaning heavily towards just reopening that post.
@Rubiksmoose I mean, one could argue that a DC for Ability Checks is similar but not mechanically the same as a DC for Saving Throws;
@goodguy5 Well, mechanically, it's exactly the same. But logically they're different.
@goodguy5 Absolutely. And I think that would be valid actually. On the other hand this isn't even similar in name. So it is very non-obvious how the other question answers this one (to someone who doesn't already know that AC and DC kind of behave the same).
6:13 PM
@Xirema you don't have passive saving throws
@Rubiksmoose fair
Now I just want to ask a question "Is the mnemonic Ties go to the roller true?"
I prefer Tie goes to the Die because it rhymes
hell, "Ability Check" and "Armor Class" even have the same letters.
but afaik yes it's true
Maybe AC is just "Ability Check (for damage)"
Well I have reopened that question fwiw.
6:18 PM
@Rubiksmoose I downvoted that (reopen action)
@SirCinnamon oooo that's good.
@Rubiksmoose I'm pretty sure I heard it on Critical Role
@SirCinnamon I'm a little upset that I hadn't thought/heard that before.
@goodguy5 hehehe
@goodguy5 It's definitely simple and memorable :P
6:20 PM
@Rubiksmoose True. That is a bridge too far. I didn't consider that on the close vote.
@Rubiksmoose Was that the question where one of the answers asserted that all editions of D&D operated that way?
@ColinGross It is.
Now I'm racking my brain to come up with something better
"break the tie if you rolled the die"?
I need a thesaurus page for "tie"
No draw if you rolled at all
Not bad.
6:27 PM
I appreciate the lie, moose
hahaha. I mean it was better than I had for that word (nothing)
I would also accept a shorter "die wins tie"
@goodguy5 ooooo I like that.
Evening all
6:35 PM
How is everyone?
hey! doing well as can be expected. You?
Can't complain, getting ready to play my next game and looking over an interesting DM idea........I say interesting I mean absolutely terrible.
I'm trying to do better than "tie goes to the die"
What for Initiative?
@MatthewPerryman at work, we could call that "a creative solution"
@MatthewPerryman as a mnemonic for AC/DC (no jokes)
6:39 PM
You saying work, I actually have to come up with a creative solution for a problem we have.
I have done many odd things for this job, but this is the oddest by far.
But yes, going back to this DM technique........DM Ire points.
@MatthewPerryman haha. go on.
I.e. the more you annoy the DM you more points you gain which means more bad things happen to you.
I kid you not I am speaking to 3 people who swear by this method
@Rubiksmoose gridlocks to the bone blocks
I mean, oh my god, this seems so utterly terrible that I thought that they were joking?!
@goodguy5 omg that is...something lol
6:43 PM
@MatthewPerryman Yes, general corollary to Poe's Law.
@MatthewPerryman this seems...not fun to me.
@MatthewPerryman honestly, I could see it. but the only groups I could see it by are groups I don't want to be in.
I mean unless that is the will of the group.
Yeah.......I've just been invited to the group. I'm going to politely decline.
I don't think it is.
@Rubiksmoose destiny to the ivory?
6:45 PM
Because some of the rules include:
-Making bad puns = 2 Ire points
-Arguing with the DM = 10 Ire points
-Taking too long with turns = 5 Ire points
@MatthewPerryman My physical representation on this material plane is like 90% bad puns, so I'd be screwed.
oh goodness. My party would be dead.
There is no such thing as a bad pun.
Puns are life.
^This is a person with taste
bows I've been told it's similar to chicken.
6:48 PM
@MatthewPerryman I know you don't need convincing, but the root of the issue here is that they seem to be trying to solve IRL problems with in-game punishments which I've never found to be effective.
^valid point
Nope. Anytime I hear something like that, I make sure I am as far away as possible.
@MatthewPerryman ...well, you can play Ryuutama in slapstick mode, where the GM gets twice as many intervention points and can spend them for comedy sfx. B
Also it seems kind of like they are joking a bit? I mean I don't know anybody that upset by puns to the point of punishing people for them.
But that's p. far.
6:49 PM
I mean we throw dice at purveyors of particularly egregious ones.
I have a dice-a-pult
Great for siege encounters
And the DM has had the occasional stalactite fall on a character, but all in good humor.
(g is for ground, c is for ceiling)
Obviously. What else would I have typed ;)
Speaking of mnemonics....
yea, bitterly, I think I have to start using "die wins tie"
6:51 PM
c is for "cavern floor" and g is for "grows from the roof"
you stop that
I was always taught that T is because Tights hang down.
Though, that is one of my favorite games to play, making up fake mnemonics that aren't helpful.
"You can remember that kiloMETERS are shorter than miles because kiloGRAMS are heavier than pounds"
that kind of stuff.
let me tell you, my wife loves it.
@goodguy5 hah! I'll bet.
6:54 PM
My favourite mnemonic is for the plantes
oh. planets.
it stands for
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
I don't deal in mnemonics. Acroymns though I live and breathe them.
I feel like it should be MVEMJSUNaigwscP

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and I guess we should count Pluto
but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well
Don't worry Pluto, I'm not a planet either.
6:59 PM
@SirCinnamon Stalagmites might hang from the ceiling, but they don't.
7:13 PM
@MatthewPerryman At some tables, that's not a bad tool. At most, not needed.
My favorite mnemonic is 543210. Not particularly useful for any real purpose, but that's when the prohibition ended in Finland: April 5, 1932, 10 AM. (so 5.4.'32, 10:00)
@GreySage Aren't staglamites those pointy things that grow on male deer heads? :P
@MatthewPerryman (I guess that gets me 2 ire points, right?)
According to the other DM, yep!
@Zachiel No, you're thinking of Anthills.
@Xirema aren't those the women that marry your uncle in california?
7:22 PM
Look at all the puns flying way over my head!
@goodguy5 No, those are Anthems.
@Xirema I thought that was a song for a cause
urg we have a user aiming for 3 low quality answers and deletions in the last 24 hours.
@Rubiksmoose what a time to be alive.
7:51 PM
@Rubiksmoose I think that should be a badge.
@Rubiksmoose A man's gotta have goals ...
To be crystal clear they don't appear to be actually trying, they are just writing only low quality answers thus far. Despite comments to try to help. :(
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