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7:38 AM
Q: When was the short story "Accounts Settled" written?

ArneliusHoward Allison Sturtzel better known as Paul Annixter wrote this short story, but there is no indication whether it is from a collection or a stand alone story. I need the date when this was written. If it is taken from a collection I would like to know that too.

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11:21 AM
Q: Essay improvement - Guns Germs Steel chapter 2

WinnieThePoohHello. I seek self-improvement of English Essay writing, not for homework but by my own will. Help would be greatly appreciated. For example, are there any flaws in the information? Btw, I based this essay on Jared Diamond's Chapter 2 of Guns Germs and Steel. ESSAY - What caused the diversificati...

12:06 PM
Q: Should I ask on Literature whether it's true that streets in Ireland in 1955 were "end-on to hills", more often than those in England?

Matthew Christopher BartshPhilip Larkin's 1955 poem "The Importance of Elsewhere" implies that Irish streets are often end-on to hills. This answer on Stack Exchange Meta: https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/372426/952249 contains the suggestion that the answer to this quetion: Where on Stack Exchange should I ask whether th...

12:59 PM
In 1975, Anthony Burgess was commissioned to write a script for The Spy Who Loved Me and Burgess came up with a new plot:
> The best moment occurs in a fight scene in a Chinese restaurant: one of the baddies is thrown into a cauldron of boiling water, at which point Bond pauses to add a dash of soy sauce. It’s easy to imagine Roger Moore doing this, and raising an ironic eyebrow to camera.
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3:04 PM
Q: Does "football" mean "rugby" in Winter Holiday by Arthur Ransome?

Pat DobsonIn the book Winter Holiday by Arthur Ransome (1933) it says: "It's lucky it's not the football term," said John. "A month might make just the difference about getting into the fifteen" When I read this first, I was assuming that he was referring to Football (Soccer) but re-reading it, I'm now t...

4:03 PM
Q: A pair of children decide that their neighbor is a witch and convince her to try flying

Sean DugganI believe I checked this out from our library in Kentucky somewhere between 1986 and 1995. I remember it as a short book, less than a hundred pages, maybe less than thirty. A pair of children (at least. There could have been more. And I don't remember if they were related to each other) decide th...

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7:23 PM
@Bookworm What author tag should we use for this? Howard Allison Sturtzel? Paul Annixter? Jane and Paul Annixter (cf )?
That indeed fits quite well to the slapstick crap of the Moore era.
7:40 PM
Meanwhile, over on History SE, @Spagirl is now the top answerer of questions :-)
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10:43 PM
Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and buchfreund.de only know the pseudonym, not the real name.
Q: Announcing the January–February 2022 topic challenge: R. A. Lafferty

TsundokuIn accordance with our meta agreement to have topic challenges and a later meta agreement to have topic challenges lasting for two months and overlapping by one month, it is time to announce the January–February 2022 topic challenge. Based on the number of votes (+5), the first topic challenge of...

11:28 PM
@Bookworm This question is taking a winter holiday on the HNQ list.

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