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2:13 AM
Q: What does the last sentence this paragraph from 'And then there were none" mean?

Ishant DomainParagraph: "Well, he’d enjoy a chat about old times. He’d had a fancy lately that fellows were rather fighting shy of him. All owing to that damned rumour! By God, it was pretty hard—nearly thirty years ago now! Armitage had talked, he supposed. Damned young pup! What did he know about it? Oh, we...

@Randal'Thor quite an achievement considering I’ve never answered a question on History SE.
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5:08 AM
Q: Was Philip Larkin factually correct when he implied that in 1955 the streets in Ireland were "end-on to hills" more often than those in England?

Matthew Christopher BartshIn the 1955 Philip Larkin poem "The Importance of Elsewhere", it reads: Their draughty streets, end-on to hills, the faint Archaic smell of dockland, like a stable, The herring-hawker's cry, dwindling, went To prove me separate, not unworkable. Living in England has no such excuse: Here's a li...

5:33 AM
Q: How do you think that Henchard is a changed person after the auction incident

SumamahThis is a question from the Novel “Mayor Of the Casterbridge”.

5 hours later…
10:44 AM
@Bookworm I've been waiting for the one to pop up!
1 hour later…
11:50 AM
Bobble is currently at exactly 1000 edits for 2021. This number will probably be outdated by the time you read this ;-)
2 hours later…
1:44 PM
Congrats @Spagirl :-)
Also on two current HNQ answers:
@Bookworm ... and then there was an HNQification?
@Bookworm ... end-on to the HNQ list?
2:07 PM
@Randal'Thor cheers, sorry I pinged you. That was an accident. The chat function isn’t very phone friendly!
2 hours later…
4:01 PM
@Spagirl The programmers of SE haven't worked on either chat or phone friendliness for years, so it makes sense that the combination would be the worst :-)
And no worries, a stray ping never hurt anyone (he said as an elastic band hit him in the eye).
4:20 PM
@Tsundoku seeing as I was sleeping at the time, it survived :D
I've tracked down an audiobook of The Rithmatist and am going to see if I can answer my own question about its title
Audiobooks are too slow my goodness
Especially given my standard proclivity to not so much read books as devour them whole, it's infuriating to have someone slowly spoon-feed me the words
And this is a book that's very visual, with diagrams everywhere - it is not meant to be an audiobook. Ugh. But I do not want to pirate.
5:21 PM
literature.stackexchange.com/q/8897/11259 might be more [textual-history] than [identification-request]?
@bobble It's not really about how a certain version came into being or who created it, just trying to identify a specific version. So I wouldn't tag it with
Is it [identification-request]?
"This question is hovering on the edge of our site scope". But no one has come up with another abridged (published) version.
5:46 PM
So is it?
6:20 PM
@bobble :59780061 You can generally set them to play a bit faster. I use audiobooks quite a lot and there are some readers that you just have to crank the speed up to about 110%, others you have to take down to 90%.
And sometimes you don't notice that you have changed the setting and listen to 6 other books at the wrong speed. I've just looked at my App and realised I've been listening to Master and Commander on 90% for 12 hours, I could just about have been finished it by now if I'd been at the right speed!

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