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3:48 AM
Q: Shakespeare King Henry IV Part 1: What is the "money joke" in these lines?

user71207In Act 2 Scene 4, Prince Hal takes interest in a noble man as a "joke about money". My text (Cambridge) explains that a noble was worth on third of $I sterling and a royal worth half of $I. The dollars sign should be a fancy "L". I don't get it. Its also curious that he mentions his mother - is t...

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7:22 AM
Q: Picking up my diamond once again

MithicalIn October 2019, I stepped down as a moderator on this site. At the time, the environment in the network and especially in moderator spaces was extremely toxic; I stepped down because I no longer felt safe in the role of moderator. In the year and a half plus since then, there have been many step...

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1:44 PM
@Bookworm I'm happy to report, in an Internet chatroom, the HNQ status of this question.
2:02 PM
@Librarian nothing articulate to say but \o/
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3:28 PM
Q: Best Questions & Answers from 2nd Quarter of 2021

Rand al'ThorRather late, but here's the latest installment in the regular best-of-quarter collections, intended to gather some particularly good Literature Q&A in order to get some easily available links to showcase our site. One use for this post could be to gather links for promotion on Literature's commun...

@Bookworm Give it as much as will make it a hot question and send it back again to the list.
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4:36 PM
Q: Alma's annotations to Chapter 14 of Ulysses

Ell(If this question does not fit this site, let me know and I'll delete it). I'm considering buying the "Annotated Edition" of Ulysses published by Alma Classics. I was wondering about the nature of these annotations, specifically for Chapter 14, "Oxen of the Sun". This chapter is well known to be ...

5:02 PM
Q: Trilogy of book involving a man's journey through ritual magic

Sean DugganThis is going to bug me... I was reading A book from the 80s/90s with a stage magician and a couple women and it reminded me of a trilogy of books I read in the late 1990s as discarded paperbacks from my local college (the bookstore would "destroy" remainder inventory by cutting the covers off to...

5:29 PM
> This post is hidden. It was deleted 15 mins ago by Rand al'Thor♦, Tsundoku♦, bobble.
That's in order of delete votes ... must've been sitting on 2 VTDs for a long time.
The first delete vote was included in the first vote summary for the post, so early
Then the next delete vote was 4 days later
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8:52 PM
Q: Did Orwell's wife write anything down after her period spent in Spain during the Spanish Civil War?

SNRHomage to Catalonia (a less popular Orwell work published in the beginnings of 1938) made me wonder today about the possible existence or not of a similar but less-known text written by Orwell's wife. After, all he makes several mentions of his wife. Eileen Maud Blair (née O'Shaughnessy, Septemb...


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