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12:00 AM
On the Active page as of writing, reading the username who did the last activity:
you have to go 4 down to get to someone who isn't me
you have to go 13 down for someone who isn't me or a mod
@bobble It's not a question that asks to identify a work of fiction, just whether a specific character is based on a real person. is sufficient there, I think.
@bobble It's basically a motif that probably fits many stories, so it's probably not specific enough.
@Bookworm If this was a Maupassant story, I don't understand why I haven't found it by now ...
I have it on my "follow"-ing watchlist and plan to remove the author tag in case it turns out to be inapplicable. Not sure what the policy is for author tags on questions, especially if the author is not for-sure known.
@Tsundoku Rand added the tag and also led the effort to expand the meaning of , wasn't sure if he intended the tag to encompass requests for identifications such as this one
@bobble I know, but I don't see anything in the tag description that justifies its use for that question.
I'll ping @Randal'Thor then - why did you add to the Barrett Emerson question?
12:19 AM
@NewTopicChallengeSuggestion So I have once more failed to resist the temptation to post a new suggestion. (And I have a long list of other suggestions elsewhere. For example the Danish author Tove Ditlevsen, some of whose works have recently been translated into English and German.)
12:36 AM
@bobble covers questions about identifying books, stories, authors, and (I thought) characters.
I don't feel strongly enough about it to argue the point though.
@Randal'Thor If that's the intent, perhaps the excerpt and/or wiki should be updated
I actually thought that was already a synonym, but it's not - I was probably mixing it up with .
It could be argued that this is technically sort of an question, if Barrett Emerson was a contributor to Doctor Faustus, but I'm on somewhat shaky ground there.
One thing, for me, is that seems to assume that what you're asking about does indeed exist; that isn't the case here
@Randal'Thor As far as we know, the character is fictional.
@bobble Good point.
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1:43 PM
Q: Do "rain and elder bloom" signify anything in Hazel's last dream?

Rand al'ThorAt the end of Watership Down, in the Epilogue covering just before this happens, he has a final dream which is something about "rain and elder bloom": One chilly, blustery morning in March, I cannot tell exactly how many springs later, Hazel was dozing and waking in his burrow. He had spent a g...

@Randal'Thor hmmm..
2:46 PM
@bobble Now fleshed out and posted.
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5:23 PM
Are there any tags which should always be used with?
> For questions about the 2003 Broadway musical "Wicked", with music by Stephen Schwartz and book by Winne Holzman.
The author tags, and if applicable
Both author tags?
Pretty sure that's how it works
I'll edit in some usage guidance once I get to my computer, if it isn't there already
5:32 PM
Q: What are the allegories in the land of green plums by Herta Muller

EzzatIn the land of green plums we see some metaphors i sant to know what they refer to for example , grandmothers or belt and a lot more

4 hours later…
9:22 PM
@Randal'Thor I've been reading a Camus biography as part of my research for this question, since I wanted to do a "Gilgamesh" for L'Etranger. Just so you know.
@Tsundoku Oh, are you planning to do a self-answer?
Exactly. Based on sources in French.
I started reading that biography more than a month ago. Progress has been slow, however.
Well, that might put me in a tricky situation w.r.t. the bounty.
Part of my motivation for setting it was to reward a relatively new user who's made a lot of good contributions, not just that answer.
But I could easily imagine an answer of yours outdoing the existing one.

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