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7:23 AM
@bobble Both times I've been repcapped (once on StackOverflow, once here), someone made up the points I lost by awarding a bonus. Maybe that will happen to you.
The repcap here was rather undeserved, actually. It was when someone was posting all those very basic questions about Swimming in the Dark and for some reason accepted seven of my answers on the same day.
Every time @Mithical enters the room I start humming Olivia Newton-John
🎶 Let's get @Mithical ... @Mithical ... I wanna get @Mithical 🎵
do i want to know why
Oh she has a song that goes "Let's get physical" and I just substitute your handle for "physical"
@bobble the repcap is a hungry, insatiable monster, capable of swallowing thousands of reputation points without a qualm
@verbose *goes to look it*
It's from the 1970s, WAAAYYY before your time
7:38 AM
That's like... when my parents were born :D
I just went and saw the video (I'd never seen it before, just heard the song) and it is a trip
@Mithical told ya it was way before your time
3 hours later…
10:37 AM
...and of course I only notice I missed typing a word three hours later...
10:55 AM
@verbose I must have heard that song dozens of times during the 80s but I've never seen the video before. "The song's suggestive lyrics, which even caused it to be banned in some markets, helped change Newton-John's longstanding clean-cut image, replacing it with a sexy, assertive persona ..." (Wikipedia). Indeed.
2 hours later…
1:01 PM
@bobble Congrats!
@Tsundoku I missed it twice recently by posting bounties on days that I would have hit 200 from votes :-(
1:21 PM
@Mithical DVK once earned 10k in a single week on SFF, but only got ~1500 of it thanks to the repcap. Christmas week too.
4 hours later…
5:40 PM
Q: Book with a series of parallel Earths and a version of the main characters replaces him

RichibanI'm looking for the title of a sci-fi book I read a while ago that I simply cannot remember the name of, nor where I read it. In it the main character lives a relatively happy life with his wife. One day he is abducted and dumped in a remote location; he eventually makes it back to his house only...

5:50 PM

> "I really don't like any thing with sexuality"
> browsing question tagged [sexuality]
(in any case, NaA, please flag / VTD as appropriate)
confused why "gay" has the "a" removed
*shrugs* it's an odd post in any case
There's a nice answer from Matt there that didn't get the love it deserved, though.
fine fine I'll vote on an old post for you
It's not even that old.
6:06 PM
Q: Asking about the ending of 1984

Nour FourtiDoes Winston Smith die at the end in the traditional sense of death or just figuratively?

6:19 PM
@Bookworm The question about Gutenberg's press is perhaps not well formulated but is it really off topic given that we have the tag ?
I know I can answer it.
I VTC'ed as opinion-based, but I'm open to an argument to reconsider
given that I can't remember the specifics of why I VTC'ed in the first place
2 hours later…
8:08 PM
Is there a point at which an is too long? Because one I just wrote up is over 8k characters...
@bobble yes, the limit is 30k characters
well I'm nowhere near that, at least
3 hours later…
10:48 PM
I have only noticed just now that @Randal'Thor has become the first Lit SE user to pass the bar of 50k reps. Congratulations!
11:35 PM
Q: Medical school that brainwashes students, run by drug company that does unethical experiments

bobbleI read this English-language thriller novel in 2017 or 2018 (publish date unknown) at a local library in the Western United States. It's been bugging me for a while. I remember a lot of details but I'm terrible at searching... long question incoming! The main character (MC from now on) lives in a...

Not very many new tags, I see
I've just finished writing all of them
Considering I haven't touched them in like a week and a half ish, I'm surprised it didn't bring more new tags

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