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1:14 PM
@Shog9 hello. sorry i left this open all night
1 hour later…
2:41 PM
i think this is a great question for this site. i sort of contrived it because i wanted to break up the "what are some good books about x?" monotony on our front page, but it's getting almost no action. is it off topic in some way i didn't realize?
Q: What genre is Jane Eyre?

Abby T. Miller ΨTo me, it seems like Jane Eyre is a romance novel (romance as in clutching love letters to one's bosom and sighing dramatically). Is it also a Romantic novel (as in Romanticism), even though it was published in a later century? Is there some other genre that would describe the book more aptly?

I don't think so. I think it requires actual thought vs. "Here are some books I liked, kthnxbye!"
Starting to get down-right irritated at all these book-rec questions
@Shog9 me too.
@AbbyTMillerΨ no, it's a great question, jsut one that i can't answer because i don't know enough about the book
@Shog9 yeah, it's getting annoying to me as well shog. i'm hopeing they'll die out pretty quick and not kill the beta
3:02 PM
i for one am going to make up some good literature questions that i could answer myself (or am not wondering about particularly) just to stack the deck a little
@AbbyTMillerΨ that's what i've been trying to do :-D. that's what i did on the sci-fi beta
Ask some Emily Bronte questions now, so @gracenote can answer them...
@Shog9 i'm totally unfamiliar with her stuff but i will make somethin' up!
This "Bit of Fry and Laurie" clip will be to Literature like XKCD comics are to Programmers and SO:
posted a couple of new questions literature.stackexchange.com/questions/120/…
Q: Story about some teenagers and a guy breaking his leg falling from a tree

DForck42I remember reading a story back in highschool about a couple of teenagers in a military academy. The main things i remember from the book was that one of the characters ends up falling out of a tree and breaking his leg. spoiler part: Near the end of the book the kid's leg rebreaks, and a ...

why did the second one work but not the first?!?!?!?!
3:07 PM
gotta be by itself
@DForck42 It has to be the only thing in the message.
@AnnaLear That's excellent
@Shog9 ahh, thanks
@AnnaLear thanks
created a new tag named influences to try and tag questions that are about the influences leading to a work or what influences came from a work.
3:25 PM
@DForck42 don't forget the wiki excerpt!
4:23 PM
Aww yeah, first "Nice Answer". (Actually I'm pretty surprised.)
4:45 PM
It's got a table - that takes effort!
More importantly, you went out of your way to write a comprehensive answer even though your recommendation could have stopped at "publication order"
5:09 PM
I did have to press Space a fair bit :P haha. Thanks.
5:28 PM
i added a question that should get a decent amount of attention (whether it's good or bad is yet to be determined)
6:07 PM
no body loves me... :(
6:58 PM
@DForck42 Not just you. I've made a couple meta posts, since there's a rather worrying trend toward list questions on the site and the previous discussion wasn't getting anywhere.
7:09 PM
@Shog9 yup, i saw and made my own replies
2 hours later…
8:53 PM
Mortarboard on Meta ... first time that's happened before I got it on the parent site. Lots of contentious topics here.
Waiiiit ... meta rep is tracked, but doesn't count, even on Meta? meta.literature.stackexchange.com/reputation
that seems to be standard on all SE ?
@MatthewRead Yeah, pretty much. All metas except Meta SO behave that way.
seem to be getting badges though
9:30 PM
That's approaching a level of pointless I have rarely encountered. "Yay! More imaginary points!"
@MatthewRead heh, nice. i should be close to getting mortarboard on the main site today
i maxed out my votes today... :(

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