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2:31 AM
Q: Spoiler feature

Failed ScientistI would like to keep my question brief: like Goodreads, can we feature the spoiler feature here as well (both in questions and answers) to make it a better experience for the users?

3:06 AM
@CowperKettle LOL
3:16 AM
@Librarian just... so confused
3:28 AM
@bobble spending 20 minutes to even learn the sppoiler syntax markup with no luck
I made a mistake and wandered into meta SE overflow with a question.. that bunch is brutal
Oh you're the same person!
That was some difficult to find but necessary context
So you're just asking how it works?
A: What's the exact syntax for spoiler markup

Kevin MontroseThe way spoiler works is as follows. If each line in a blockquote (built via >) begins with a ! it will be treated as a spoiler. So, >! This is a spoiler >! But this is > not a spoiler ! But this is not a spoiler >! A multi-line spoiler >! has ! multiple times >! Alignment

italic bold strikethrough {code}
Why do you need spoilers? Also, if you're trying to do some edge-case stuff in a spoiler I can walk you through it. I just cannot understand your meta question
Not that theres much use in my life to not ruin movcies or books for people
my meta question? you mean you looed up my error in trying question meta SO?
i am not librrian
Ah, sorry
3:36 AM
!I am not Librarian
okay thank good ness that dnt qwork here
I assumed you were after your started talking about spoiler formatting and responded to my message about the Meta-lit question
You can't spoiler in chat, yeah. Or comments.
I oh. dont do that i babble alot
i found a chat room that no one really talks they just have it to test stuff. i went in there and learned striike thru syntax
Clearly there is some communication problem here, on at least one side, since I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to communicate
a little too late though. i cudve used it to edit a question i asked.
maybe i dont either.
i was babbling talking about two different topics simultaneously
@Tsundoku Late response, I noticed this when I was looking up a pinned comment. I think the decline can be attributed to loosening of pandemic restrictions and a majority are spending less time online, inside, and occupied with technology.
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9:14 AM
@bobble @GWarner Spoilers are inaccessible to keyboard-only users. Please don't encourage the use of spoiler markup until the accessibility issues have been resolved.
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10:32 AM
Q: 1960s? Young race car driver series (Young Adult)

NJohnnyIn the late 60s or early 70s I read a series of books (3 at least) about a young race car driver. (probably 18-20 in the first book) They were hardback books from a library, so could be 5-10 years older. (So could have been published in the 50s or 60s. Specifics I remember from the series: In the...

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11:43 AM
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2:12 PM
@Tsundoku I personally never used them before, and learning the syntax and testing it here was not meant to encourage it. Sorry

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