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2:43 AM
Q: why is the phrase "singing silence" an oxymoron?

cynthyThe short story I'm reading is called the singing silence. what is the meaning behind this line and why did the author choose to use the words singing and silence together?

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5:14 AM
Q: How do we parse poems with unusual grammar?

a_personI quote here without typography, because I don't know how to show it on stack Morning breeze morning breeze murmurs / on water trembles leaves / young trees above green branches / birds cascade / sing sweetly the east is bright. / See, already light's white / the sea a mirror / to clear sky / li...

@MatthewChristopherBartsh Just a ping in case you didn't see Gareth Rees's message:
16 hours ago, by Gareth Rees
The Philip Larkin forum was run by the Philip Larkin Society and used to be found at http://www.philiplarkin.com/forum.htm. The contents were hidden to non-members in 2006 and the forum was closed by 2014. You can browse the contents as of August 2006 via the Internet Archive capture.
5:44 AM
@Randal'Thor nothing so special - I'd seen it before, and then something in RPG chat reminded me of it so I dug it up
6:02 AM
@Bookworm seems too broad if about poetry in general, and the formatting needs fixing, but I'm a-sleeping soon then a-testing in the morning
6:29 AM
Q: What do these formatting styles in Hebrew texts from Sefaria mean?

Lance PollardI am looking to convert the Hebrew text exports from Sefaria.org into another text format, and "clean them up" as best as I can. By clean them up, I mean convert them to a basic Hebrew format without modern Latin script symbols (periods, parentheses, etc.). For example, take the Zohar Hebrew tran...

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11:34 AM
A 6-meter letter of complaint, 1698
Written by the Edinburgh surgeons regarding the apothecaries who apparently had the audacity to "practice the art of chirurgery".
12:18 PM
@Randal'Thor Just to put your mind at ease: I will also get around to answering unanswered question ;-)
But first there are a few Macbeth questions I want to answer, even though they already have answers by others.
12:38 PM
I didn't contribute much to the Amado topic challenge because I found the Decameron one too interesting.
This month both of the ongoing topic challenges were originally suggested by me. It's more common that we have two ongoing challenges both originally suggested by Tsundoku ;-)
Q: Does Lauretta's rant reflect a real change in the style of jesters in 14th-century Italy?

Rand al'ThorIn Day 1 Story 8 of the Decameron, narrated by Lauretta, she digresses to engage in a long rant about how jesters nowadays aren't what they used to be: [T]here came to Genoa a jester of good parts, a man debonair and ready of speech, his name Guglielmo Borsiere, whose like is not to be found to-...

1:18 PM
@Randal'Thor Which is why I have refrained from posting new suggestions in the last few months. I have a looong list of candidates ...
1:34 PM
Q: Since when is El Cantar de mio Cid considered a national epic of Spain?

TsundokuEl Cantar de mio Cid or The Poem of the Cid is not only "the oldest preserved Castilian epic poem" but also "considered a national epic of Spain". The text may date from the 12th or early 13th century, but Wikipedia also tells us that "Date and authorship are still open to debate." Interestingly,...

1:46 PM
@Tsundoku We currently have 31 proposals still active in the list: 12 from you, 7 from me, 3 from EJoshuaS, 3 from verbose, 2 from user37920, 1 from bobble, 1 from North, 1 from Mithical, 1 from Auden Young.
Not sure how we can poke people to participate more. Same with the Tumblr reviews blog. The eternal struggle of beta (soon-to-be-ex-beta) sites.
2:17 PM
I always forget about the Tumblr review blog. I take notes while reading books, so some sort of review should be doable.
2:41 PM
They're only one minute reviews, so they won't take long to write.
@Randal'Thor I thought "one minute" referred to the time required to read them ;-)
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4:08 PM
@Randal'Thor Thanks for the ping. Yes, that was the one, I recognize it. Too bad it's so hard to navigate around now it's preserved in Internet Archive/ WayBack Machine. Looking at it brought back some memories.
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7:55 PM
Q: Who coined the term "omniscient narrator"?

TsundokuIn narrative theory, A third person omniscient narrator conveys information from multiple characters, places, and events of the story, including any given characters' thoughts, and a third person limited narrator conveys the knowledge and subjective experience of just one character. I have been...

8:06 PM
^ At least this question isn't going to increase the "unanswered questions" count ;-)

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