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5:58 AM
in MathOverflow, 1 min ago, by Martin Sleziak
There is also the issue of deprecated tags - although that would probably be a discussion for MO editors' lounge.
Dec 31 '20 at 16:19, by François G. Dorais
I've been away for a long while. Yes, I remember that tag issue and I can probably finish it off.
The synonyms were created back in 2020, I am not sure what plans the mods have for those tags.

Synonyms for deprecated tags

May 3 '20 at 12:56, 2 days total – 190 messages, 4 users, 7 stars

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Q: What to do with the synonyms for the deprecated tags?

Martin SleziakRecently, the following tag synonyms were created by a MathOveflow moderator: abstract-algebra $\to$ ra.rings-and-algebras, geometry $\to$ mg.metric-geometry and discrete-mathematics $\to$ co.combinatorics. You can see the new synonyms in the list of tag synonyms (Wayback Machine). The three tags...

10 hours later…
4:11 PM
@MartinSleziak I have edited the tags to remove these two: mathoverflow.net/posts/390730/revisions

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