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6:14 AM
Both and are gone.
I suppose is applied incorrectly to: Four concyclic triangle centers. At least if we take the tag-excerpt as the criterion:
> For questions related to 'elementary' proofs in a technical sense, which has nothing to do with the difficulty of the argument or result. A typical example would be 'elementary' proofs of the Prime Number Theorem, which avoid complex analysis. The tag is however not limited to this particular notion of 'elementary.'
Q: Four concyclic triangle centers

Peđa TerzićCan you prove the claim given below? Inspired by Lester's theorem I have formulated the following claim: Claim. Given any scalene triangle $\triangle ABC$ . Let $D$ be the reflection of incenter in sideline $AB$, and define $E$ and $F$ cyclically. The lines $CD$, $BF$, $AE$ concur in X(79) . The...

I'd expect that there are more questions where this tag is used in a different way from the one described in the tag excerpt. There are 77 questions with this tag without nt.number-theory. There are 16 questions tagged elementary-proofs+mg.metric-geometry.
Hm... I somehow missed that last sentence: "The tag is however not limited to this particular notion of 'elementary.'"
Nov 5 '13 at 22:25, by quid
However in the end I agree with @MichaelZieve that the tag does not add much here. And might cause people not using more specific or telling tags of which there are plenty. Or if they are truly only interested in a somehow elementary argument they could use
It is probably not ideal that two rather different meanings are used in the same tag. (I.e., might mean proof avoiding complex analysis and proof which is relatively simple.) But probably there are more problematic tags on MO than this.
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1. Define "from a given country". How should we consider a user native from Iran, who works in a Canadian university and is posting today from France? 2. What is your goal? Why would you like to have this list (so that we can be sure this is not an XY question)? — Federico Poloni 50 secs ago
Q: Is it possible to list all mathoverflow users from a given country?

Lviv Scottish BookIs it possible to produce the list all mathoverflow users from a given country?

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A new tag was created.
Q: Can I undelete questions deleted by the OP if I find them interesting?

domotorpI am not sure and I could not find anything about the ethical guidelines. A new user recently asked a question, which I've found interesting, as well as others, as it started some discussion, and then it was suddenly deleted by the OP. Can I undelete the question if I find it interesting? I mea...


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