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Ten fold

CrossValidated's general room for gossip, grumbles, and idle chat. All are welcome. Please ask substantive questions on the main site.
22h ago – Nick Cox

Hub of Reason

General discussion about http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/
22h ago – LаngLаngС
Mad Scientist: 21d ago, 728 posts (2%)

2021 Psychology & Neuroscience Stack

Open discussion for https://psychology.stackexchange.com/election/1
23h ago – AliceD
Arnon Weinberg: no posts

Public 3D Printing Room

Discussion forum for https://3dprinting.stackexchange.com/
23h ago – 0scar
Rory Alsop: no posts

 PSE D&D Chatroom

For D&D (or other RPG) campaigns for Puzzling friends. Ping a RO for access. This is NOT the general Puzzling chatroom, and we'd like to keep it limited to folks we know well. Read our sessions here! → https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/118089/pse-dd-chatroom?tab=conversations


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and chatbots without upsetting anyone.
23h ago – user21820
TryAPL: 4d ago, 241 posts (0%)Tinkeringbell: 5d ago, 33 posts (0%)caird coinheringaahing: 12d ago, 1353 posts (1%)Vyxal Bot: 69d ago, 399 posts (0%)

Here There Be Dragons

For topics that should be opt-in, not opt-out. Please respect the room's purpose and treat it as a meeting room more than a casual general-purpose hangout. Good and respectful conduct is expected of all visitors, exactly as in the main chat.
1d ago – AncientSwordRage
trogdor: 1d ago, 954 posts (10%)Andras Deak: 2d ago, 142 posts (1%)vicky_molokh- unsilence Monica: 284d ago, 30 posts (0%)

Цитатный чат

Собираем коллекцию цитат из вопросов и комментариев
1d ago – A K

Monster Hunter

All Monster Hunter talk, all the time. Or, just about anything, really.
1d ago – Wrigglenite
Wipqozn: 1d ago, 12511 posts (27%)Yuuki: 2d ago, 7286 posts (15%)Unionhawk: 147d ago, 62 posts (0%)

Island of castaway thoughts

overly long technical / off-topic discussion bailed from the Downboat (https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/3877/raiders-of-the-lost-downboat)
1d ago – Zanna
Zanna: 1d ago, 6740 posts (31%)

JEE Maths Zone

Related Rooms: [Physics](https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/54160/problem-solving-strategies) [Chemistry](https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/74807/jee-high-school-chemistry-problems) For mathjax see: https://chemistry.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/89/how-can-i-enable-mathjax-in-chat/3625#3625
1d ago – RaMathuzen

Dot Chat (AI Chat)

This room is for teenagers and AI enthusiast only. Come here at your own risk. Those who come here, don't go back. There is something wrong with you if you don't like this chat. So stay away then...

You Are Here

Chat room for Travel.SE http://travel.stackexchange.com
1d ago – Rory Alsop
Rory Alsop: 1d ago, 1014 posts (0%)gparyani: 24d ago, 420 posts (0%)

The Practice Room

General discussion for http://music.stackexchange.com
1d ago – luser droog
Rory Alsop: 10d ago, 2104 posts (9%)

Jitendra Singh Room

For talking to Jitendra Singh about mathematics or any other things even including cricket
1d ago – Jitendra Singh

The Axon Terminal

General discussion for http://psychology.stackexchange.com
1d ago – Generic Bot
Generic Bot: 1d ago, 145 posts (0%)Arnon Weinberg: 126d ago, 43 posts (0%)

Attempt This Online

(ask in The Ninteenth Byte to unfreeze!) - Discussion and feedback for the Attempt This Online code execution sandbox - https://github.com/attempt-this-online/attempt-this-online
1d ago – pxeger
pxeger: 1d ago, 81 posts (46%)
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