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12:06 AM
Q: “Transitive verb” + interrupter+ “object”?

Bavyan YaldoTo what extent can someone interpret transitive verb” and it’s “object, and what is it possible to use to make sure it has no mistake either in grammar or meaning? For instance, look at this sentence My friend is trying to illustrate in sequence all scenes of the movie. I usually ...

12:19 AM
Q: How to modify the uneven space between separate loop cuts, while they are already cut?

Pf22While I noticed how to entirely remove edge loops (by dissolving) and simply creating them anew. I'd like to know if there's a way to modify the amount of space between each and between specific of the CTRL+R cuts without cutting anew?

12:39 AM
Q: how to remove the dotted white border around focused button text?

Roland GautierI need to, but cannot, remove the white dotted border around the text of a focused button. After reading articles about "remove white border (especially Dotted border around link? and links inside), I have try several solutions of disabling outline like "outline: 0; or outline: none;, using or n...

Q: What are good ways to spray paint a QR code on a footpath?

thevikasThe QR would be of a URL. The QR should be big enough like 4 A4 size papers. I though of cutting out the white boxes from a printed paper and spray on it but what about white dot islands. The precision needs to be good enough for a cell phone camera to detect it on the floor from standing distance.

12:50 AM
Q: What's the point of exercises without answers?

ErikWhat is the point of exercises for which answers aren't provided? Most if not all courses I've taken, math or otherwise, come with books with exercises where answers aren't always provided. What are students supposed to learn from such exercises? I'm not necessarily talking about "difficult" ex...

Q: Do I have to roll to maintain concentration if a target other than me who is affected by my concentration spell takes damage?

PATRY GuillaumeWe had a little puzzling situation during the last session of our group (I'm DMing here), and would like an approbation/rebuttal on the rule interpretation: The Arcane Trickster of the team cast invisibility on himself and another member of the party. The group is then on the receiving side of ...

Q: Are the only single element normal subgroups precisely the elements that make up the center of a group?

Leo BloomSo, a single element normal subgroup $n$ of group $G$ would be defined as $ \forall g \in G: gng^{-1} = n$. All elements of an abelian group would qualify, and so would more generally the elements of the center of a group, since $gng^{-1} = gg^{-1}n = n$ for $n\in \text{Z}(G)$. Thus, to prove th...

1:04 AM
Q: Compute unstable integral with high precision

m137I want to calculate $$ \int_{\mathbb{R}^n} e^{-t_1^4-t_2^4- ...-t_n^4-(1-t_1-t_2-...-t_n)^4} \text{d}t_1 \text{d}t_2 ... \text{d}t_n $$ with the highest possible n. I tried with Module[{n = 3, intVars, poly}, intVars = Table[{Subscript[t, i], -∞, ∞}, {i, 1, n - 1}]; poly = Sum[Subscript[t, ...

1:18 AM
Q: What speedlites can work with the Canon EOS 4000D's non-standard hotshoe?

Mark ElliottI was wondering if someone can help me out in finding which speedlites I can use on a Canon 4000D, as this camera does not have a centre connection on it.

1:32 AM
Q: Difference between 'demás' and 'otros'?

big_smile 'demás' is defined as other 'otro' is also defined as other What's the difference between them? When would you use one over the other? If possible, please could you explain making reference to these examples, where the usage seems identical. Example 1: But the other guests are very no...

Q: How do I spend money in Sweden and Denmark?

CarpetfizzI will be visiting Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark for holidays in a couple weeks. I live in the US and have a Bank of America bank account and debit card. I will be spending money in Stockholm and Copenhagen for basic expenses like food, local travel, etc. I believe my debit card wil...

Q: How do I get a European Union Pet Passport for my dog?

nibotI'm visiting Denmark with my Chihuahua soon, and have the US paperwork lined up (veterinary certificate from USDA APHIS). Once I'm in Europe, how do I get an EU pet passport for my dog? Specifically, will they generate a pet passport based on the documentation of my dog's rabies vaccine receiv...

1:58 AM
Q: How likely is sample A and sample B is from distribution C?

Franc WeserLet's say I have a sample A: [0,0,0,1] and another sample B: [2,0,5,10,100,3,2,6] I would like to know the probability that A and B are both picked from the same population C. I tried applying a hypothesis test, but it gives me a p value of approx. 0.39 and I think it should be clear that it's ...

2:30 AM
Q: Reverse of diffraction

Syed Hasnain AhmedCan we arrange a practical in such a way that the dark and bright bands in diffraction grating be allowed to pass through the same slit to get the original light (i.e the incident light before diffraction), just like we reverse the arrows in reflection and refraction

Q: Why is the divergence of this series apparently not predicted by the Monotonic Sequence Theorem?

sirmax224As far as I understand, the Monotonic Sequence Theorem states that if a sequence is monotonic and the individual terms are bounded, then the sequence is convergent. My book states that $\lim \limits_{t \to \infty}\sum_{n=1}^t b^{\ln n}$ is convergent only for b $\lt$ $\frac{1}{e}$. However, is ...

2:49 AM
Q: How can I bypass the confirmation for granting permissions to files or folders?

Mr. MendelliI'm working on a custom settings script for Windows that will automate specific settings I want on a new Windows machine or installation. I grant access to some folders using cacls in my script, but I am prompted with the Y/N on each item. I would like to bypass this by automatically saying "yes...

Q: Why is Bézout's identity considered an identity?

John_NashIn most cases, identities seem to take values and give outputs that are irrelevant to the input data. example: $(a + b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2$ $[\cos(x)]^2 + [\sin(x)]^2 = 1$ Yet Bézout's identity only seems to assert the existence of something, not a relation of the above kind. Am I miss...

Q: Do monad transformers, generally speaking, arise out of adjunctions?

duplodeIn Adjoint functors determine monad transformers, but where's lift?, Simon C has shown us the construction... newtype Three u f m a = Three { getThree :: u (m (f a)) } ... which, as the answers there discuss, can be given an instance Adjunction f u => MonadTrans (Three u f) (adjunctions provid...

Q: In native German words, is Q always followed by U, as in English?

JamesFaixIn English, native words with a Q always have a U immediately after it. (There are some borrowed words like "faqir" from Arabic that do not follow this pattern.) I am starting to learn German. Every word with a Q that I have seen so far follows this convention, but the sources I have been using ...

3:21 AM
Q: Is it bad to describe a character long after their introduction?

A. KvåleI have a tendency to forget to describe character's appearance. But I always describe them, though often a little while after their introduction. So, how long after someone's introduction is "acceptable" to describe them? In my case, (the case that prompted me to ask this question), the character...

Q: Golf the smallest circle!

BarrankaThe problem: Given a non-empty set of points in the cartesian plane, find the smallest circle that encloses them all (Wikipedia link). This problem is trivial if the number of points is three or less (if there's one point, the circle has a radius of zero; if there are two points, the line segme...

Q: Why does this function call behave sensibly after calling it through a typecasted function pointer?

DivanoI have the following code. There is a function that takes two int32. Then I take a pointer to it and cast it to a function that takes three int8 and call it. I expected a runtime error but program works fine. Why this even possible? main.cpp: #include <iostream> using namespace std; void f(in...

3:34 AM
Q: What is the olden name for sideburns?

A. KvåleUpon search, I found out that sideburns has evolved from burnsides, named after the Civil War veteran and Rhode Island senator Ambrose Burnside. See here But surely sideburns existed before him, so what where they called then? Simply beard on cheeks/sides of face?

3:45 AM
Q: Is なきにしもあらず~なきに a set phrase?

Florian BaierlThis sentence recently appeared in one of my N1 training books: 彼女が合格する可能性はなきにしもあらずだが、彼がパスする可能性はなきにひとしい。 My translation: While she may have a slight chance of passing the exam, it is hopeless for him. (lit. his chances are the same as nothing) Is [なきにしもあらず~なきに] a set phrase that often...

Q: does a number that contains all primes less than it exist?

spydragonI want a number that has a prime factorization that contains all prime numbers less than that number (besides $2$), anyone with an answer please show a proof. I have made a little progress, if this number exists, then it is one less than a prime number. proof: make a list of all the primes less ...

4:05 AM
Q: Can I travel from Germany to England alone as an unaccompanied minor?

AutumnI currently live in Germany and am a German citizen. My passport is from the United States of America as I used to be a citizen there. I am moving to England (UK) alone. I am 14 years old and will be flying internationally. I am unsure what problems I might run into in both airports, as I am a mi...

4:22 AM
Q: Math PhD in US vs Master + PhD in Europe

skullphI'm currently doing my bachelor's degree in mathematics in Germany (Heidelberg to be precise) and I'll soon be applying for master programs / grad school. I basically consider two options: I) First do a master's degree and then a PhD in Europe and try to get a postdoc position in the US afterwa...

4:34 AM
Q: When to apply Lorentz transformations and laws of time dilations and length contractions: explanations

SebastianoIn the laboratory we are observing the motion of a particle moving in the positive direction of the axis $x$ of a frame system attached to it. At the initial moment, the particle is in the origin and in a time interval of $2,0$ ns covers a distance of $25$ cm. A spacecraft passes with velocity $v...

Q: Why Is Abelian Gauge Theory So Special?

The Last Knight of Silk RoadI have a perhaps stupid question about Maxwell equations. Let $G$ be a generic Lie group. We consider a $G$-gauge theory. Let $A$ be the associated connection $1$-form, and $F=dA+A\wedge A$ be the corresponding curvature tensor. The Yang-Mills equations can be written as $$D\star F=\star J \ta...

Q: Can I use the PWM pins as regular digital input/output pins?

Terry1612In regards to the arduino which has pwm pins, can I use these pins as normal input/output digital pins or not? Thanks in advance.

Q: Conduit Fill and Derating for THHN Cables (outdoor run)

cryptic0Project: Run a 15Amp and a 20Amp circuit to bathroom from breaker panel outside the house. After much reading, I have determined that NEC requires adherence to the following. Any suggestions for improvement are most welcome. Exterior run from panel to the spot where it enters the attic wi...

Q: Why do I have to press the shutter button twice on my Canon 6d Mark II?

shelbi garberI am new to photography and trying to learn everyday. I've noticed when shooting in manual mode and using the Viewfinder like most professionals use, when I press the shutter button down you have to like click it twice in order for it to take the photo. I've watched Youtube videos of pros shootin...

Q: How to assign a Python list to a vim variable and escape its strings correctly

ColinKennedyHere is a Python list that I'm trying to assign to some Vim variable. lines = ['"""Something foo\'s thing."""', '', 'foo = "asdfasdf" \\', 'bar'] command = 'let l:corrected_lines = {lines}'.format(lines=lines) vim.eval(command) And then in a caller function, I use l:corrected_lines to do some ...

4:55 AM
Q: Quacks of Quedlingburg Crow Skull Set 2 Keep Drawing

JontiaThe Crow Skull Set 2 bonus allows you to receive Victory points and Coins even if your pot explodes within the next 1/2/4 draws. Does this mean you can make that full number of draws even if your pot explodes straight away? To be clear, I draw a 4 value blue chip, then the next chip is white ta...

Q: Does a centaur PC also count as being mounted?

Code MonkeyOne of our characters created a centaur Eagle totem barbarian (level 3) - which I thought was a good idea. But to duck and weave in tight spaces, she'd need high AC, so she came up with a character wielding a lance in one hand and a shield in another. Whilst wearing scale-mail, she'd have a total...

5:15 AM
Q: ArcGIS Intersect Tool not splitting lines as expected?

AlexS1I performed Intersect Analysis on one polygon shapefile and one polyline shapefile. I didn't specify any tolerances, and both SHPs were projected into the same UTM before performing the analysis. Expected behavior: one line criss-crossing a polygon will always be split into multiple lines Actu...

Q: Spicket or spigot?

LindaI recently was making a list and for the first time using a digital device, typed in what I grew up referring to an outdoor faucet 'spicket' as into my iPad. My mother grew up in Utah and my father in. Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. Mom's parents in Salt Lake and Central Utah while Dad's par...

Q: For people who believe in Jesus and not the devil, what happend in the desert?

zoobySome Christians believe in God and Jesus, but not the devil. If so, what is their explanation of the temptation of Christ in the desert?

Q: Can an Officer film me on their personal device in my own home?

SkarlettI recently had an incident with this (insert colorful language here) cop, who had gotten into my house previously before I arrived. (It was consented by someone else in the home.) During the encounter, I began recording the situation - After attempting to intimidate me to remove my sunglasses, an...

5:31 AM
Q: Polish letters in ASME English template

qalisI have trouble generating bibliography in ASME template (https://www.latextemplates.com/template/asme). My packages are standard for Polish: \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[polish]{babel} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} The problem is, I can't generate bibliography. I suppose it's either beca...

Q: Coefficients of the characteristic polynomial

Luke CollinsLet $A$ be an $n\times n$ matrix. Then its characteristic polynomial is $$\phi_A(x) = \det(xI - A) = x^n - (\operatorname{tr} A)x^{n-1} + \cdots + (-1)^{n-1}(\operatorname{tr}(\operatorname{adj}A))x + (-1)^n\det A,$$ where $\operatorname{adj}A$ denotes the adjugate matrix of $A$. My questio...

5:54 AM
Q: where clause to retrieve case record which are older than 12 months and 1 day in soql

SureshPlease help me in writing where clause to retrieve case record which are older than 12 months and 1 day SOQL

Q: Which centaur is more 'official'?

Code MonkeyI've got a player in my campaign and she's an equestrian, so naturally she likes centaur characters! She wished to use the centaur character race from Unearthed Arcana (UA), but I realize that there is a similar race described in Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica (GGR) which has subtle differences (...

Q: Why did this meteor appear cyan?

IngolifsA meteor recently flashed over Queenland. The meteor has been described by various people as appearing cyan or aqua, so the blueness of the image can't be due to a camera issue. The colour doesn't appear to be anything found along the black body spectrum either. What (chemical/physical process)...

Q: How to start learning the piano again

user105620When I was a kid (10 to 14 years old) I was taught to play the piano. Or that's what I thought until today. I haven't been playing it for about 10 years so I am of course rusty, but what I noticed is that when I learned I had developed bad practices (for example constantly looking at the keys ins...

6:37 AM
Q: How do accents of a whole town drift?

zoobyI've heard it said that accents of towns drift over time. I find this hard to comprehend as how could an accent of a whole town change? I think it is established that we mainly pick up our accent from our peers at school. But this is also odd, since if we are separated by age, peers in an age gr...

6:48 AM
Q: What's the safest way to inform a new user of their password on my web site?

Avrohom YisroelI'm developing a web site where people will have accounts. However, unlike most web sites, user do not register, rather they are invited by the site admins. The site admins will create a new user profile, based on their email address, and then want the site to email them telling them that their p...

Q: The Puzzling Reverse and Add Sequence

Bernardo Recamán SantosThe sequence of numbers 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 11, 22,... (AO56964 in the OEIS), in which the nth term equals n+reversal of digits of n, poses a number of intriguing puzzles. Here just four: Does it contain infinitely many square numbers? Infinitely many cubes? Infinitely many pairs...

Q: Fluently Validation of Objects

Henrik HansenInspired by this question by t3chb0t and as an elaboration of my own answer, I have written the following solution. My goal was to reduce complexity both in implementation and use. Eventually - I have to admit - the implementation ended up being rather complex - but in my flavor; but in terms of ...

7:12 AM
Q: In which public key encryption algorithms are the private and public key not reversible?

vy32The RSA public key encryption system has the characteristic that the public key and the private key can be reversed. That is, information encrypted with the public key can be decrypted with the private key, but the keys are themselves symmetric, such that information encrypted with the private ke...

Q: Calculate the sum of series with square roots

JJ AbramsCalculate the sum of the following series using partial sums: $$\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{\sqrt{n+1} - \sqrt{n}}{\sqrt{n} \sqrt{n+1}} $$ I rationalized the upper part of the fraction but I got lost. Could you please help me showing the steps of the how to transform the fraction into a partial sum...

Q: Why transcripts instead of degree certificates?

Peter K.I've been offered a few adjunct teaching positions recently, and the colleges have said that degree certificates don't count in verifying my credentials and that only academic transcripts are acceptable. Given that I finished my degrees 20+ years ago, what is the reason for this? I eventually m...

7:33 AM
Q: Drawing game tree - Tikz or Forest?

ThiagoI am trying to draw the following tree: Below is the code I have so far, and I don't know how to do it accurately. Also, I am using "forest." Would it be better to use Tikz? \documentclass{article} \usepackage[edges]{forest} \usepackage[outline]{contour} \usetikzlibrary{fit,shapes.misc,arrow...

7:58 AM
Q: Super Polymerization how does it work

Richard FitzinwellMy question involves the card Super Polymerization. I understand that it can be used to fusion summon using monsters on either side of the field, but it seems unclear on if those monsters have to be the ones listed on the fusion monster. Super polymerization stats Discard 1 card, Fusion Sum...

8:16 AM
Q: Can a single server be associated with multiple domains?

KodeeoIf I own the "x.x.x.x" webserver, can I make two separate sites on "x.x.x.x/one" and "x.x.x.x/two" and give them two different domains? How will it handle internal links in the case (es. x.x.x.x/one/foo/page.html)? Edit: I'm using centos 7 with lamp, and WordPress for some of the sites

Q: In the context of a differentiator circuit, what is a “current-sensing resistor”?

Bryan Coxwell I’m reading through The Art of Electronics and am puzzled by the use of the term “current-sensing resistor” as it pertains to differentiator circuits. In the above figure, the author explains that a perfect differentiator could be made from a capacitor alone, although the current through the ca...

Q: What could a reptilian race tell by candling their eggs?

Ettina KittenI've got a D&D-inspired setting, and one of the races present are yuan-ti. They're sentient snake people with a variety of forms, ranging from mostly human-looking to basically just a giant talking snake, plus a bunch of weird forms like a person with snakes for arms. Status is based on how snake...

8:40 AM
Q: Feeling of missing someone

Bianca.05858What’s that word that describes the feeling when something you see/hear/smell reminds you of someone? For example if you go to the park and you see the place where you had a first kiss with someone and that place makes you miss that person? It isn’t something that you do voluntarily, it’s more li...

Q: In F1 classification, what is ON?

Fredy31 I saw that on reddit. On thye official clasisfication for the Grand Prix, the second to last column is 'ON'. Seems to be something relating to laps, but I can't figure out what. So what is ON in official F1 Classifications?

Q: Was it really unprofessional of me to leave without asking for a raise first?

TheOnsenI've just given notice to my current job for a new position which offered near triple my current salary ($37k as a software engineer). I knew that I was underpaid when I took the job but as a previous felon I couldn't be too picky about that. My manager really pressed me for why I was leaving in ...

Q: Finding or mounting boot partition to create /boot/ssh

Ben CrowellTo permanently enable ssh for a headless setup, my understanding is that the simplest method is to create an empty file /boot/ssh on the boot partition. However, when I write to a file using this pathname, the change doesn't persist after I reboot. If I'm understanding correctly, then this is bec...

9:23 AM
Q: Building a frequency dictionary from a Pandas dataframe

LukeI need to make a frequency dictionary from a pandas series (from the 'amino_acid' column in dataframe below) that also adds an adjacent row for each entry in the dictionary (from 'templates' column). templates amino_acid 0 118 CAWSVGQYSNQPQHF 1 635 CASSLRGNQPQHF 2 468...

Q: Who came up with the convolution theorem?

M. FarooqI am looking for the earliest reference which proposed the convolution theorem which is often utilized in signal processing (i.e., convolution becomes a multiplication in the Fourier domain). The Earliest Known Uses of the Word of Mathematics websites gives lot of details on the word convolution...


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