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12:04 AM
Q: Duplicate instruments in unison in an orchestra

Rogério DecTheoretically, each addition of a sound identical to the previous one results in a 6db increase in the final sound result. I ask: is that why in some orchestrations we see, for example, 6 clarinets playing the same passage in unison, that is, just to increase the final volume and highlight this ...

12:30 AM
Q: Does an atom recoil when photon radiate?

SergioConsider an atom in the excited state radiating a photon and goes to the lower energy state. But photons have a certain angular momentum, the momentum itself is not defined. In this case, will there be a recoil of the atom due to photon emitted?

12:48 AM
Q: Prevent use of CNAME Record for Untrusted Domain

MasterFor example we have three domains: master.com test1.com test2.com master.com has the A records: test1.com CNAME to master.com test2.com CNAME to master.com I want to protect master.com and prevent creation of CNAME for another domains (except test1.com and test2.com) I use Route53 for DN...

Q: How to handle torpor?

Matan TsuberiI've been practicing concentration for a while, trying to reach access concentrataion. In the beginning of my practice my mind was very noisy (as I guess anyone else), after a while I began to calm down and thoughts began to slow down enough for me to see the way to concentration. I experienced h...

Q: Add newline to prompt if it's too long

B1CL0PSI show my full working directory plus other information (git, etc) in my bash prompt and sometimes it gets very long. I want to add a newline to the end of my prompt so I can type the command on the next line, but only if the prompt is long e.g. more than 50 characters. | ~ $ Typing a command h...

Q: Circular Reasoning for Epsilon-Delta Proof?

helpme$$\lim_\limits{x \to 4} 2x-5=3$$ In order to prove this limit, the epsilon-delta definition will be used. $$|f(x)-L|<\varepsilon$$ $$|x-a|<\delta$$ In the proof, the above $2$ inequalities will be used to find how $\delta$ is related to $\varepsilon$ (e.g. $\delta=\epsilon/2$). Then, this rel...

1:04 AM
Q: What setting causes my autoindent to add indent on a new line?

woodstokI have this go code snippet that I am working on in vim with vim-go enabled. | is where my cursor is at. // PlayerServer is a HTTP interface for player information type PlayerServer struct { store PlayerStore | router *http.ServeMux } When I hit return, the cursor goes 8 spac...

Q: How long do you think advanced cybernetic implants would plausibly last?

Z. SchroederI’ve been trying to answer this question for a premise involving a cyborg being out of touch with modern civilization for a prolonged period of time, and the roadblock I keep hitting is that counter to what cyberpunk fiction tends to subtly imply, we just don’t build our technology to last a life...

1:23 AM
Q: Notepad++ cannot print

SMouseI have installed notepad++ using Ubuntu Software Store. I tried printing, it does not work. I uninstalled notepad++, and installed it using sudo snap install method. Both methods bring up the following popup screen: Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup or printi...


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