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3:00 AM
it has coffee! for the eyes!
@GeorgeEdison One disappeared..
Q: Ask Ubuntu Troubleshooter - Defining a Tool that New Users Will Use.

George EdisonThe need for this question arose out of this answer. To save everyone the trouble of reading the entire page, I will briefly summarize: We get a lot of questions here (such as "Why won't my wireless work?") that lack basic diagnostic information. We can easily post a comment asking the user t...

(reply to meta bot) hehe
3:17 AM
any package guru's can add to this answer askubuntu.com/questions/239369/multiple-versions-of-libcurl
are there any mods around?
doesn't seem like it
moderators @strings
oh ban hammer!?
what did I say??? no not me :P
well, I was going to point out that
Spam bot wasn't deleted
I think his posts were auto deleted
3:22 AM
ah good catch I would not have thought to follow up on the user
yeah, normally they are deleted.
I'm guessing there is some bot loop hole, for creating accounts?
@strings there seems to be as we've been getting alot of spam recently
in chat or questions?
doesnt stack us captcha or something.
oh not in chat
you need 20 rep to talk in chat
no bot could get 20 rep
3:28 AM
I was pissed, I had make an account to post a comment. then I had to make a answer because I could not comment. which got deleted, then I had to wait till I had 50rep just to repost my comment
thanks @jrg btw :P
yeah, I know what it feels like.
I was not really that pissed
I understand why somethings are like that
that's why once you get 100 rep the system gives you 100 on the other sites
actually normally I would post a comment, but the OP actually had a RFC
I normally do IRC, have been doing that for years, less formal I find
yeah it is less formal... but I like this better
3:31 AM
but askubuntu is fun, I'll stick around
kinda like this chat as well
no I meant askubuntu is more formal compared to IRC
right, I know.
is anyone here that know just a little of OOP and PHP??
but, annoying people would get dealt with faster here. that is a bonus
I know OOP
been years since I've touched php though
I have this class but the echo statement doesn't work!
3:35 AM
@strings regarding this, the FAQ for Ask Ubuntu says 13.04 is off-topic as there isn't any support. It doesn't matter what the Ubuntu Wiki says.
Someone know why?
@iSeth then the wiki needs to be fixed
@strings I didn't read the whole thing, what part is wrong?
wiki states if you have questions ask on askubuntu. with tags
@strings ah, well, 12.10 on Nexus 7 is on-topic.
3:38 AM
Questions? If you have questions about testing out Ubuntu on the Nexus 7, please post them on askubuntu.com/questions/ask?tags=mobile - you can see a list of these tagged questions at askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/mobile - also if you want to help out by answering questions, that's much appreciated.
right I know. It needs some clarification, but Ubuntu on Nexus 7 is for testing only, regardless of whether its for 12.10 or 13.04
I deffer to you though, just pointing out the contridiction
@strings its good that you bring it up.
just clarifying.
my personal opinion is nexus 7 is on topic. but I'm biased haha
but then again mainly to answer questions. I tend not to ask questions
nexus 7 is on topic. But anything 13.04 is not. You can run 12.10 on it too.
3:42 AM
Ubuntu is getting back to basics and we'll use the 13.04 cycle to get Ubuntu Core leaner and meaner. Note that this means that in 13.04 we will not be attempting to make a tablet specific experience. We will run the stock Ubuntu Desktop on the Nexus 7 while we focus on the core of Ubuntu. Below, you'll find a collection of resources to help you get started. We'd love your contributions!
there talking about 13.04
Q: How safe is it to use the "ubuntu+1"?

JustinasHow safe is it to have a system like that - always on "ubuntu+1" (or Debian sid, for that matter)?

@strings yes, you can run 13.04 on the Nexus 7, but only questions about running 12.10 on it are on-topic here.
or 12.04
I can understand if that is the policy . but the wiki is in contridiciton
yeah, but that is in about the next release, not how to install/troubleshoot/make work
3:44 AM
it only talks about 13.04
anything on nexus 7 is troubleshoot make work regardless of version
If you are aksing "I am running 13.04" off topic
yeah, I know its messy. You need to remember that Ask Ubuntu is not "official" besides getting the "OK" from Canonical to use copyrighted Ubuntu things
so, there is a fine line between some subjects
but policy is, anything with a future release is off-topic.
13.04 is alpha, it is going to break stuff, even on the nexus
@mateo_salta quick question: do you know python?
@strings The nexus seven can run 13.04, but with the release incomplete, we don't know what updates from Canonical may fix that yet. You've got time to see if something will automatically fix.
3:47 AM
12.04 is in the same boat
I don't know, I never had formal training, I probably messed around with it... maybe maybe not
anyways wiki should be fixed then
since the wiki only refers to 13.04
@strings I think there is a way to suggest an edit...
not sure though
@mateo_salta And what about php? You know something about OOP?
never heard of them...
3:49 AM
haha, thanks any way..
@iSeth but like I said I'm biased :P
so dont mind me
I just keep changing things till it works, when I'm coding
hehe ;)
dosen't matter the language
@strings Nothing about the Wiki is wrong considering Nexus 7 isn't fully supported for 13.04. "
3:51 AM
the questions sections says, if you have questions as on askubuntu
If you have a problem you could always try to explain it @Lucio we may be of help even if we don't know the complexities
I do not think they mean 12 only since there are only instruction for 13
12 is pretty much just being merged to 13 ASAP
that is on every page over there @strings
@strings And the askubuntu FAQ says: Issues with the next version of Ubuntu (Ubuntu+1) (More information about Alpha and Beta release issues). Most people aren't running 13.04 on the Nexus, and therefore 12.10 for instance, would be appropriate to ask question about upon askubuntu.
be as it may, neither releases are actual releases. so all this is kinda playing with words
3:53 AM
Not a long term release, but 12.04 is still current, and 12.10 was officially released.
@iSeth Huh?
official on nexus 7?
@FEichinger did you see that link?
Community approved my edit!
Yeh, what about it?
anyways I'm not here for politics I've pointed out the link, do with it what you will :)
3:56 AM
Community isn't trolling today, apparently :P
@strings somehow this got in the low quality posts queue
Maybe it should be a comment instead?
oh, wait
> This answer was automatically flagged as low-quality because of its length and content
oh, lol - Object Oriented Programing, yikes that's why I don't like abbreviations
@iSeth the answer is correct and to the point
@mateo_salta OOPs.
3:58 AM
@strings nvm, I just approved it. nothing wrong with it
I'm not worried about it.
thought you were talking fancy, does it mean something else as well?
@iSeth I dont see how I can make the answer longer
"Dear Omar,

Best Wishes,
@strings your fine.
3:59 AM
@mateo_salta I remove the doubt by asking in the stackoverflow chat
Should be enough to make it valid. :P
or the programing one, they will be a little faster on the terms
@iSeth watch after all this that wont even get an up vote.
why do I bother.. why?
@strings I'd vote it, but then I'd run out. And I want to save some for tomarrow :P
@Lucio I guess I'm kinda the (OO)PHP guy around AU, if you need anything btw.
I just avoid SO ... It's ... crowded. I don't like crowds.
4:03 AM
@FEichinger your the everything guy
+1 for SO crowded
@iSeth I used to be the PHP guy, then someone made me the JS guy as well. D:
@FEichinger ;)
can you be the python guy for a min as well?
When you (the English speaking people) say btw are you saying certainly
@iSeth oh I'm just kidding
by the way
4:05 AM
@Lucio By the way
Ohh, I see....
@iSeth I'm more busy getting clutter-android fixed to work on ubuntu
@iSeth No, python is bad.
@strings I found a better answer of yours to upboat ;)
@FEichinger :(
I can try.
4:06 AM
its OK.
I'll figure it out
But I haven't touched python much ever ... Cause it's bad.
@iSeth dooo eeet . I was more worried you would down vote!
for once indention is driving me crazy :/
@strings I had the chance to vote-to-delete it, but I passed it, why would I downvote it? :P
See, that's why I don't code in python. I am pretty strict with indentions in my code, but I use shorthands for much stuff by habit as well ... Which kinda doesn't work with python.
btw - kind of like a retrospective greeting, adding information after you may have already moved to another conversation btw
4:08 AM
@FEichinger do you like any language?
@iSeth Oh, I like PHP. It's awesome.
@iSeth probably bigger concern is if the question is offtopic or not
@strings already flagged
so my answer is mote in the grand scheme of things
Everybody!!! @FEichinger likes PHP!! //dies
4:10 AM
is PHP the red headed cousin of LOGO?
I know other languages, I appreciate them for certain use cases. But I absolutely hate using them, for the most part. :D
Never used LOGO...
I've used LEGO though :P
ah, slowly transforming to GE, so far I have a penguin, and I like qt!
@mateo_salta :O
4:11 AM
I'm sorry, but you are way past "slowly".
I haven't picked up many of gorges awesome coding talents
just a few rubbed off...
I think I should buy Trine 2 on Steam some time this week ... My coupon is about to expire. D:
speaking of steam, I have a spare dota key o.O
I have like ... 20 spare Dota keys.
want to have 21?
4:18 AM
just counted Oh, it's "only" 12 right now.
Is that one that will work on the linux beta
dota 2 wont work on linux beta.. yet
hopefully it gets ported
Well, I assume Source Linux gets done some time soon, which should make porting to Linux rather easy.
what I'm thinking , isnt team fortress source?
I only play and care about dota 2 so I'm clueless about anything else.
It is, but evidently they're still tweaking Source Linux, what with TF2 not working exactly as well as it should.
4:23 AM
I've been tempted to try TF2 though, just to check out steam
Well, you can check out Steam without trying TF2 :P
either way, regardless of dota, steam making inroads is huge
But TF2 gives that extra bit of masochism when you try making your PC run it properly.
I dunno checking my inventory count as using steam?
Steam is only that nice black thingy that tells you all the fancy stuff.
So ... playing the games isn't exactly necessary to use Steam.
I suggest getting some of the other Linux games (FTL, for instance) for cheap, and waiting for the graphics card manufacturers to get proper drivers out for TF2.
4:30 AM
night everyone
oh @FEichinger BTW, I got the python figured out. was really simple like most problems hehe.
It was a python problem.
@iSeth good bye!
4:31 AM
Obviously it's simple ... Finding it is a pain, though.
@Lucio See you later!
4:47 AM
@FEichinger You tell me that you are the PHP guy, so..
Why I can't call a method in PHP like I do in C++?
In c++ I do; func(){ methodProcess(var)}; but in PHP it doesn't work, I must do this: func(){ $this->methodProcess(var)};
there is no way to avoid the $this statement when I call methods?
Today is the day my brother died :(
@AmithKK ohh, I hurts to heart that.
i really sorry.. How old was he?
I guess 13
Hey @JorgeCastro, what do you use to make those videos
5:11 AM
@AmithKK I'm very sorry to hear that.
Well It's been many many years
Still... I'm sure the memory is fresh.
I wasn't even born :|
5:45 AM
@Lucio this generally refers to the calling object. use full for accessing fields and methods
ie $this->method("foo")
dunno if my php syntax is right. just talking OO principles
meh nvm, your question was php specific
5:58 AM
@FEichinger So, you'd like python if there was no indentation?
6:13 AM
I'm not sure I have the right answer for this.
@GeorgeEdison Looks right
but I think the password is passed in plaintext?
It's passed via STDIN.
I really think there's a better way somewhere.
So, It can be read by other prograns?
I don't think so.
gksu_sudo_fuller (GksuContext *context,
				  GksuAskPassFunc ask_pass,
				  gpointer ask_pass_data,
				  GksuPassNotNeededFunc pass_not_needed,
				  gpointer pass_not_needed_data,
				  gint8 *exit_status,
				  GError **error)
	char **cmd;
	char buffer[256] = {0};
	char *child_stderr = NULL;
	/* This command is used to gain a token */
	char *const verifycmd[] =
		"/usr/bin/sudo", "-p", "GNOME_SUDO_PASS", "-v", NULL
	int argcount = 8;
	int i, j;

	GQuark gksu_quark;

	gchar *xauth = NULL,
@GeorgeEdison That's how gksu works
6:20 AM
gksudo does more then just that though no?
ie it tried very hard to not taint the users HOME dir
Not really
thats one isolated function
@strings Most of the functionality of gksu/gksudo and kdesudo in preventing configuration files in the home directory from becoming owned by root is just in setting $HOME to root's home directory (not usually done for non-graphical su and sudo). This can be achieved non-graphically with sudo -H.
why I'm saying you should becareful to just not call sudo in a place you should use gksudo
6:23 AM
My understanding is that it also replaces .Xauthority but that's just one file -- if you used sudo -H and it got messed up, you could always just delete it as root and it would be regeneratd with the right ownership and permissions.
There's also... pinentry.
@strings Yes. Agreed.
anyways I find 9-10 times you never need to use a graphical application as root
minus stuff like package management and system configuration. guess some people like gui's for that :)
@strings Even GUI system administration utilities often don't need to run as root. Many use PolicyKit to perform the necessary actions as root. Those that don't are still often run with PolicyKit rather than gksu / gksudo these days (though gksu/gksudo still works fine for them).
users-admin uses PolicyKit internally (the ideal way), and has a minor bug that prevents it from working at all if it's actually run as root.
It's often nice to be able to run a file browser window or graphical text editor as root though.
thats the problem with monolithic kernel, root is all powerful.
this is why people use HURD btw you dont have these problems.
bit offtopic but partly why you need to be so careful when you run anything as root.
I'm guessing polkit uses dbus?
6:41 AM
Q: What is the difference between "gksudo nautilus" and "sudo nautilus"?

DrKenobiI've been using gksudo nautilus and sudo nautilus through Alt+F2. What's the difference? They look very similar!

@EliahKagan Why can't editors automatically prompt when you try to save into /etc or some other place you don't have permission?
there are other ramifications that even gksudo cant help. ie gksduo firefox
@strings Why does gksudo firefox not work? Besides being a huge security hole.
its a huge security hole is my point.
Q: Why is this question, Wired Connection Problem, protected?

vasa1I'm not sure I should be asking this, but why is this question, Wired Connection Problem, protected? While it has had 3451 views, as of now, there's very little there today that points to why it needed to be protected. I also see that it has been "active" today but don't see any activity dated to...

6:59 AM
@EliahKagan #!/usr/bin/env tee -a
This takes user input interactively, echoes it back to the user line-by-line, and appends it to the end of the "script" file.

Useful? Not very. Conceptually interesting? Totally! Yes. (Somewhat.)
that was good for laugh
7:12 AM
Night all.
7:32 AM
7:42 AM
Good morning all :)
8:26 AM
@strings Thx.
@strings root is essentially always all-powerful, regardless of your kernel design, and that is not a problem. The benefit to a true microkernel (like HURD, but not like most kernels we call microkernels) is that kernel services need not be all powerful. Even kernel services we'd consider very low-level ("drivers").
8:48 AM
This is an excellent answer:
A: Ubuntu not showing up on boot menu after Wubi installation

bcbcFor XP, right click My Computer, click on Properties, click the Advanced tab, Startup & Recovery settings. Make sure that the Time to display operating systems is 10. If the timeout is not zero, then in rare cases there is a line missing from the end of the C:\boot.ini required to boot Ubun...

wanted to ask something... i have a very old question with over 4K views and 9 upvotes.. the question was already answered and i accepted the most suitable ans.. thereafter it should have gone dead but i am happy to see that lot of suggestions come in form of comments.. bt yesterday i noticed that the question's title and tags were edited by @AndreaCorbellini ... i strongly say that the question is related to dhcp and that tag has been removed by him.. the question has been renamed from "How to find external IP?" TO "How do I find out my public IP address?" now i really thing
G'day y'all
thanks @OctavianDamiean ... wish you the same !
@Takkat How's the absorbers situation? :)
Holy jalapeno! You're a mod!
jalapeno = medium-sized chili peppe :P :P
8:58 AM
I know. :D
@OctavianDamiean oh hai! loong time - plenty of absorbers here :)
Heh, it's been quite a while, yea. I've even missed you becoming all blue on GL&U. :P
@Takkat hello... have a good day.. may u plz suggest me one thing.. kindly read my second last message above.. plz tell what to do ?
@OctavianDamiean Thanks. TimN stepped back so I was asked
@Z9iT link?
oh sorry ... its just 3 comments above.. herz t permalink
9:03 AM
@Z9iT oh sorry - I mean link to that question.
absorber is i guess moderator ???? right....
heres the ques
@Z9iT If you feel your original was better, just rollback the edit. There is nothing bad about a rollback.
Absorbers are work items here in my office. They may absorb all my attention.
Oh, and there is a super-absorber popping in every now and then who makes me being 100% absorbed.
i believe so.. but if someone has edited with reputation more than mine then i guess the member is also thinking for the community well being thats why i am in a fix should i roll back ?
oh.. now i understand absorbers... i guess an out of order printer is also absorber .. right ??? heheheh :)
@Z9iT better you roll back than me. Or make another edit instead. Do as you think is good for the site!
ohhkay.. got it... how can i roll back ??
never explored it !
oh... got it...
9:11 AM
@Z9iT > 1 source edit rollback link
just click on rollback.
thanks !
with friends like you.. i am learning very fast ... thanks @Takkat ... cheerio ! :) heh
Some edits are not always really improving a post. But some of us are quite generous in accepting an edit, because we dont want to make the editors feel bad. If an edit was obviously made for rep gathering we may also reject it. Take the good side: your question was pushed, and you got a badge for it now. ;)
/me secretly lurks on the chat room.
Hi @jokerdino
9:16 AM
Thanks @Takkat ... hello @jokerdino
@Z9iT link to the question?
Takkat helped me out.. i rolled back the edit.. here's the link ... :)
title is not really a question now. Nor was the edit.
How to something questions hurt my soul.
Whenever I read such a title I cringe.
9:24 AM
Given a post (Q,Q+A), what button do I have to hit to see the timeline?
Q: Add Hidden Links

YOU Screenshot / Code Snippet About Add revision links, and timeline links on all questions post menus. Intended for developement features, probably useless when the feature is actually implemented. License probably CC-BY-SA Download http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/97069 Platform T...

ohhkay... @fossfreedom please edit it as necessary so that everyone finds it helpful !
There's this nice user script.
@OctavianDamiean ah great. hidden magic!
alternatively just change "question" for "posts" and remove the question text - substitute it for "timeline" e.g. askubuntu.com/posts/145012/timeline
9:26 AM
Aw crap ... it's taken offline ...
@fossfreedom yes, what I was guessing. Glad I'm not getting blind.
seems like just one more no-no to "the tool" is needed to get rid of the idea
@fossfreedom i am unable to makeout... sorry.. plz help
@Z9iT just say basically whats in your question - e.g. "How can I find the external IP address via the command line?"
Also, what exactly is an external IP address? I mean I know what a public IP address is but never heard of external IP addresses.
@OctavianDamiean usually external in IP addresses means the "WAN IP"=="public IP" in terms of NAT
9:34 AM
ohhkaygot it .. thanks
public ip address has slightly a different connotation in my line of work - generally use this when talking from a security context.
Oh, got you now. External in the current context.
in my context.. i have an internal network with switches.. systems have ip somewhat used intrensically but hwen they communicate to outsidee world... say google.. then all of them have one single IP via a modem.. that's what i call external IP
Yup, figured.
public IP would be something of google which is accesed and called by many outside google
i guess i am right ?? but might be still wrong
9:39 AM
No, what you were describing above is called your public IP address then.
no system is acceding the network from outside... i mean to say what would be my IP address seen by google ?? would we call it externa IP or public ?
@Z9iT It would be called public IP address.
It doesn't matter whether someone is accessing that IP address directly or indirectly.
ohhkay... got IP... got IT... hehe... so will it even remain same when its a part of WAN say something used by the local ISP of the state ?
Q: Are the terms "external IP address" and "public IP address" synonomous?

CeleritasIs there a difference in the meaning of external IP address vs public IP address and internal IP address vs private IP address?

but it was a NARQ
9:46 AM
seems like a real question :/
we have it now!
unless we are not unreal its real
nothing is real - we are living in the matrix
totally agree with you @fossfreedom thanks @Takkat :)
<-- matrix of absorbers
Strange term. Been working at an ISP but I never came across external IP referring to public IP.
9:49 AM
gosh... not its getting a nightmare of terminologies.... what is what ??? i know what i want.. but not i don't what how to ask for it.. :P :P
thanks to severaal terminologies !
public seems to be less ambiguous
so .. what my router/modem has is public.. what it gives to my system is private ???
yep. try pinging
then what's external and internal ???
I'd only refer to external/internal IP addresses when talking about subnets.
9:55 AM
@BrunoPereira ... hello... u'r silently watching thin chat ... :P

@OctavianDamiean .. may yo please tell me a situation with subnet w.r.t external and internal... example might make it crystal clear
i think what people are trying to disambiguate is:
"external is how other networks can reach me, possibly not globally but on the other side of some NAT or other ipv6 scope".

public is how anyone, anywhere, could try to ping you.

so public is always external, but external is not always public

at least that's how i'm reading it
Van Helpsing. haha epic.
Oh my gosh, what an epic name. :D
It's so punny.
friends... work's calling.. i otta leave... bbye.. and thanks for enlightening the IP stuff ... :P

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