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12:12 AM
@tohecz We're drowning in a sea of politeness. :)
After you. No, after you. No after you. Repeat as necessary.
@AlanMunn :) exactly. That's why I log out now and go to bed, leaving you know chance to "let @tohecz decide" ;) good bye
@tohecz Good night.
12:48 AM
@percusse I wonder if the Word question is just a troll?
@AlanMunn It's gonna be closed anyway :)
@percusse Have you added your vote yet?
@AlanMunn I did but as a duplicate of your answer example in your comment.
No need to draw too much attention. I think ranting about LaTeX is ok here unless it's an angle that has been discussed previously.
Except that here, the ranting could end up being about how awful Word is. :)
For example, I was tempted to say that I can no longer open my dissertation file (created in Word). And for years we put up with bugs that persisted from version to version of Word. etc. etc.
Not to mention that every document my PC/Word using students give me that's PDF turns all italic text into sans serif. No idea how that happens (doesn't happen with Mac Word users.)
@AlanMunn I think there are a lot of parts that LaTeX really sucks but you have to be quite proficient to give concrete arguments (not me!). The rest is usually about the initial frustration about typing too many backslashes and braces.
I can only come closer to a point where it starts to need nontrivial hacks then I start to think hmm, this was not so nice to do.
12:59 AM
@percusse That's definitely true. Until XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX showed up, fonts in LaTeX was a nightmare if you wanted to use anything other than the basic bunch, for example. LaTeX is definitely not for everyone.
@AlanMunn Besides, nowhere in the documentation it says LaTeX is easy. It's says beautiful as in Michelin star not fast as in McDonalds and I definitely agree.
@percusse For what I do, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. tex.stackexchange.com/a/7882/2693
1 hour later…
2:19 AM
Is there a merit in using \ganttnewline over the simpler `\`?
2nd correction: *`\\`
@ShashankSawant It doesn't appear so, since \\ is aliased to \ganttnewline within the ganttchart environment.
5 hours later…
7:23 AM
8:19 AM
I have a problem with colortbl and amsmath. Is someone here aware of a conflict between these two packages?
Correct & Incorrect\\
} &

This compiles fine but when I uncomment \usepackage{colortbl} it throws errors.
I wonder if this has been asked here before. But nothing seems to come out in my search. I am posting this in the main site.
8:42 AM
Hi @PeterGrill
@hpesoj626 Hello... I was looking into your problem but couldn't find a duplicate.
Been looking for a while too before I posted it.
@PeterGrill There doesn't seem to be a problem when align is not used inside the parbox in the table. I am working from some files that were converted from Word and Excel which I have to fix into some sort of book in high school math
@hpesoj626 I haven't used colortbl much.
I have to resort to tikz if this doesn't work out. This problem cropped up when creating tables for bingo cards.
9:04 AM
@PeterGrill Would you like to write an answer using aligned? It works. I don't know if there is a quick fix concerning align.
@hpesoj626 Ok... will do..
@PeterGrill Upvoted. Thanks. Although I will wait for a little while to see if somebody have a patch.
@PeterGrill How's your project going?
@hpesoj626 Good idea. Also what you think about my comment re the equal sign?
I have been stuck on a problem for the past two days trying to come up with a MWE, and just posted it today.
Is csquotes the standard for quote environments? Doing texdoc quotes gave me the documentation for csquotes.
@PeterGrill I am aware of that. That is why the heading says incorrect. :) The incorrect heading would negate \neq and it would therefore be true.
9:19 AM
@hpesoj626 :-) Good point...
@FaheemMitha I think csquotes is to auto fix the quotes, not for quoting, but for using ".
@FaheemMitha No, the quote environment is a LaTeX kernel environment
@JosephWright Ok.
@PeterGrill Not sure I follow.
@JosephWright So one should use the quote environment for basic quoting?
@FaheemMitha See for instance:
Q: What's the advantage of using csquotes over using an editor's auto-replacement for "?

doncherryMany editors (TeXnicCenter, Texmaker, TeXworks, ...) offer auto-replacement of " by the desired form of quotation marks, be it `` and '' for English, "` and "' for German, or whatnot. Usually, I know right from the start which quotation marks I want to use throughout a document, and I hardly ever...

@PeterGrill Thanks.
Or, here is a better one:
Q: Automatically convert quotations in the form of "abc" to become ``abc"

user972616I did not know that latex had different symbol for opening and closing quotation marks. I've used it like "abc" every where and just realised that I really should have used ``abc". Is there anyway I can convert all the quotations to become like ``abc"? Doing it manually will take forever as I hav...

9:35 AM
@PeterGrill Actually, I don't want quote marks at all, I just want the quotes offset in an indented para, possibly in a different type font. I guess the quote environment is good enough.
@FaheemMitha Yep, that is different that csquote. Hey, didn't you have a question about some custom quoting environment?
Q: Automating quoting across LaTeX documents

Faheem MithaI occasionally face the following situation when writing LaTeX documents. (This question is probably not LaTeX specific, though). Suppose I have a document, say orig.tex. Then I quote from that document in another document, say new.tex. So, for example... orig.tex is \documentclass{article} %% ...

@PeterGrill You mean in some earlier question? Maybe.
@FaheemMitha The one I pointed out right above your reply.
@PeterGrill Ah, yes. That is something different, though. Copying from one latex document to another.
@FaheemMitha Right, but in the question you use the {quoting} environment...
9:42 AM
@PeterGrill Huh, so I did.
Maybe that is better than the standard quote environment.
More flexible anyway. I guess I forgot about that.
Good day!
Help me please, how to draw integral sign $\int$ with inverse slope?
@Nimza 'ello!
@PauloCereda hi!
@Nimza Hi
good day @hpesoj626!
9:46 AM
@PeterGrill I'm reviewing a paper, so I'm quoting from the paper I'm reviewing. That's all I'm trying to do, nothing fancy.
@Nimza I'm sorry, I have no idea how to reproduce that.
@PauloCereda oh, it's a real catastrophe with russian typographical traditions and their implemetation in latex
@Nimza It's a question of having the correct font, which like @PauloCereda I cannot help with!
@Nimza Some of the traditions are not so great, but in this case it's purely a font question
@JosephWright :)
9:53 AM
@Nimza Don't worry, we Brazilians have ABNT, which is the most blasphemous norm known to mankind. :)
@PauloCereda ABNT? what is it?
@Nimza Bad
@Nimza It's a set of rules imposed by the Brazilian National Standards Organization which determines how academic documents should be prepared. They have some ugly typographic styles and coordinates.
@PauloCereda wow! That's a cute topic! Do you have a list of such rules?
@Nimza There are a few documents on this, so even I get confused on what to follow. :)
9:57 AM
The article class has really quite wide left and right and top margins by default.
@PauloCereda ah. I'm realy confused with russian requirement of angle in sqrt sign to be $30^{\circ}$ :D how to test it realy? :D
@PauloCereda Does that mean the formats of all dissertations in Brazilian universities look the same?
@Nimza well, i do it that way, too.
@hpesoj626 That's another problem: they don't look the same. The universities have the autonomy to define a subset of their own rules on top of the master ABNT norm (one of the norms), so the mess is complete.
This is from a document of mine. Don't tell me this looks good.
It looks like a bibliography of shouting matches :)
Another one.
@hpesoj626 Indeed.
10:03 AM
Any idea where they took the format from?
No idea. :(
/off-topic To the Latino members, congratulations for the victory of Marquez. Awesome fight.
@PauloCereda Well, you have to conform in these cases or you could get into ABNT and change the rules.
10:19 AM
England beat India by 7 wickets

India won the toss and decided to bat
India 1st Innings
316 all out (105.0 overs)

India 2nd Innings
247 all out (84.4 overs)
England 1st Innings
523 all out (167.3 overs)

England 2nd Innings
41 for 3 (12.1 overs)
Hi @DavidCarlisle
@DavidCarlisle I wonder why people bother to follow cricket. One of the great mysteries of our age.
@JosephWright Can you have a look at this question? I tried to answer it after studying the siunitx manual, but this particular case is not covered in the examples
Q: Align numbers and separated uncertainties in tables with S columns

bmuIf I have a table like this \documentclass{article} \usepackage{booktabs} \usepackage[separate-uncertainty=true]{siunitx} \begin{document} \begin{table} \centering \begin{tabular}{ l S[table-format=1.1(2)] S[table-format=-1.1(2)] ...

@Jörg No, it's not :-)
Regrettably, people have got the idea that the S column is something more than a 'convenient extra'. The main purpose of siunitx is consistent handling of units, hence the package name.
@Jörg I'd say the data input here is basically wrong: there are two columns, one of values and one of uncertainties
I may look at this for v2.6, but I'm not sure
@JosephWright Okay, so the answer is that you can align uncertainties using the format 2.2(2), but something like 2.2(1.1) is currently not possible. Should I write an answer or do you want to?
10:33 AM
@Jörg I will, as that's not quite right :-)
@Jörg 2.2(1.1) does not make sense as the bracketed value is the uncertainly in the least significant digits. So 2.2 \pm 1.1 = 2.2(11)
@JosephWright Yes, sorry, I was distracted.
@JosephWright I recently look at siunitx.sty to see how a few things are done. It's quite enormous, 7.5k lines of code!
@Jörg Yes
@JosephWright But so is the functionality
@Jörg As I said, my priority is units, and they are actually pretty easy once you work out the 'plan'
There's also a reasonable amount of work to do for the 'text is upright, mid-weight' control
However, most of the stuff is about numbers, which are really only processed to support the unit part!
My long-term plan is to split the code into different parts, which I'd like to see as separate in LaTeX3
The only problem with that is the business about turning for example \kilo\gram into \times 10^{3} \gram
Also dealing with repeated units in say {4 x 4}{\metre}
@JosephWright Something I wanted to ask is about compilation speed. So for some of my result tables I have around 6 columns, 50 lines...so 300 numbers set via siunitx but essentially only for alignment. When you have a couple of theses tables compilation speed get's quite slow. Is there something that can be done at the user level about this?
10:48 AM
@Jörg If they are relatively simple numbers, the parse-numbers = false option may help. It uses the same alignment method as dcolumn, which avoids parsing the number and just uses some box/mathcode stuff to do alignment. However, a lot of the time taken by siunitx in these cases is for the font stuff.
Perhaps with hindsight I'd tackle this a little differently, but it's tricky to alter now as the defined behaviour can't change
So if you want really fast alignment, you will be better using dcolumn (which just uses math mode directly without worrying for example about \boldmath)
@JosephWright I switched to siunitx particularly for the font stuff ;-).
@Jörg Follow the trace for font switching: there is a lot going on
@DavidCarlisle I made a patch for align to work inside of colortbl by trial and error, but this is really your turf...
Q: colortbl and amsmath conflict

hpesoj626I have a problem with colortbl and amsmath. Is someone here aware of a conflict between these two packages? \documentclass[10pt]{article} \usepackage{amsmath} %\usepackage{colortbl} \begin{document} \begin{tabular}[b]{cc} Correct & Incorrect\\ \parbox[b][]{0.4\linewidth}{ \be...

@JosephWright Okay, thanks
11:04 AM
Could i ask if shadows.blur is a recent addition to TikZ?
11:22 AM
Hi there!
@topskip Hello
Is there a glue at the bottom of a page, such as \parfillskip or \rightskip for a paragraph?
(vertical glue)
@topskip No; unless \raggedbottom is in force, but it's not simply \vfil
@topskip If you're referring to a general TeX setting, this is something which is a responsibility of the output routine.
@egreg I am using LaTeX, so raggedbottom seems to be the way to go (would fit in my setting anyway: a letter class)
11:41 AM
Snowstorm here in Berlin can't see anything outside
@topskip I've never seen a snowstorm in my life though it could be a welcome change over my fair share of tropical storms:)
I like it somewhat: central heating is on, I have a cup of coffee and christmas cookies, sitting in my (not too small) living room, wearing warm socks :) looking at the snow and doing some paid LaTeX work ... Life can be wonderful :)
11:59 AM
Who just went out of the chat room? I like the effect that falling sled made!
hpesoj, were you affected by the typhoon?
@GTK No. That was in the northern part, Davao Oriental, Mindanao. They don't usually get typhoons there.
where are you?
Baguio City, northern part of the Philippines. We get landslides here a lot when it rains unceasingly for one month
@StephanLehmke Ok will look later, I'm noy online much today, just passing by occasionally:-)
12:15 PM
@hpesoj626, oh that's way north! i've only been to Mindanao (and transiently through Manila)
@FaheemMitha mainly to break up the Juventus discussion that would otherwise flood this chat room
@GTK where in mindanao? yeah. Baguio is way north or Mindanao. And since there is no direct flight from the local airport to Mindanao, it will take eight hours of bus travel to Manila and 2 hours of air travel to Mindanao.
12:38 PM
Southern Mindanao. I was best man at a wedding in Polomolok, outside of Gen San. Beautiful country.
12:57 PM
Indeed. FYI, manny pacquiao was from that place. also FYI, he doesn't play cricket. nor do I :)
@StephanLehmke Thanks for the patch. At least I didn't have to re-write the three or so tables that I have already written. :)
All my filipino friends on the internet have fallen silent today with the pacman loss
@GTK It was indeed very painful. He is like a god here. I got over with it easily because I know that marquez will get to him in one of their future fights. With the kind of training these athletes have these days, they have the same chances of winning the belt. It is therefore as simple as probability catching up to Pacquaio. And Marquez definitely have seen that move by Manny many times over. Marquez is a tricky bastard.
Is there a description of the standard LaTeX picture environment on the web somewhere?
... I see, in texdoc latex2e
1:30 PM
@JosephWright: 40 votes. :)
If I try to look at this question, Safari crashes.
Q: Searching for arrow symbol

MichaWhats the command for this symbol: ⇅ I've found ⇈ \upuparrows but I can't find the other one.

I wonder if the sled I just saw was someone's Safari crashing?
@GTK I saw that earlier too. Whose gravatar was that?
@hpesoj626: dunno. Could be anyone
I have to say it was nicely conceived.
1:51 PM
@GTK Very annoying. Now I can't log to the chat with Safari. :(
2:12 PM
@egreg wow! That must be some bug. For what it's worth, I can't log into chat with Firefox, and use Chrome. I haven't tried Safari, but it's very strange that your inability to log in was triggered by a question on the main site.
So I am not the only one who experienced a crashing browser. Firefox crashed earlier. I didn't try chrome. never had in a while.
2:31 PM
Hi all! What's the simplest way to get \input, but without the empty line that LaTeX adds at the end? There are so many related questions on TeXexchange, I can't see the forest for the trees.
2:46 PM
@mhelvens you can say \endlinechar=-1 before you input the file
Not sure about any side effects though
@topskip Does that eliminate all newlines?
OMG the new animation for leaving the room is a sleigh!
@mhelvens I think so
Can we have the X-mas hats as notifications too?
@topskip That's a bit too much. I want to preserve all newlines except the implicit one that LaTeX adds.
It results in an extra space that I need to get rid of.
2:48 PM
@GTK Now I'm on Opera.
@PauloCereda So you noticed too. I thought it was just somebody's gravatar
@egreg My Safari looks ok with that question. :(
@mhelvens I think you should ask the question on the main site
@topskip Am planning to. Thanks.
@PauloCereda Who knows? I'll wait till the thing will disappear from here. Or I'll stick with Opera.
2:52 PM
@egreg No Firefox? It would be my second choice. :)
@egreg: BTW, Safari 6.0.2 (8536.26.17), ML 10.8.2
I so want to downvote 2 people so that I get 33333.
@PauloCereda It has problems for logging in. :(
@egreg Oh my. Did you try cleaning the cache?
@PauloCereda They are long standing problems due to how I installed the system on this machine. :(
But I've never liked Firefox
@egreg Oh. :(
2:55 PM
No wait who gets -2 points the downvoter or the downvoted. By the way the downvoted is a great name for a nerd metal band. I should keep this in mind :) Anyway I've missed the sexiest number around now I need 300K more.
Detexified :P
@percusse Doesn't the downvoter get -1?
Hey guys, what my avatar now!
@PauloCereda lol
Watch mine. I have to sleep now. Midnight here. Good night.
@hpesoj626 Good night! :)
@hpesoj626 I don't know I was just curious anyways downvoting is not my thing.
3:11 PM
Quick q. ... I'm having enough headache with verbatim-like environments that I'm considering having my TeX-generating code "escape" things instead. (I.e. turn '_' into '\textbackslash', etc.) If I get it working, is it worth posting in a Q+A, or is it unlikely to be helpful to anyone else?
@Mohan I remember a few similar questions but couldn't find any yet.
3:25 PM
@DavidCarlisle Who or what is Juventus? Sounds like a Roman poet.
@percusse thanks.
4:05 PM
@PauloCereda Not a great game, but on a terrible field (it's been raining on Palermo since yesterday). However we did it. :)
@egreg I liked the game. :)
4:48 PM
Close as NC?
Q: Is LaTeX's placement of figures correct?

refuserI often hear that the best thing when dealing with floats in latex is to let latex do its thing and place them where it wants. I have mostly not listened to this but instead used the float-package and the H option to force the figures to where I want. But then a while ago I decided to follow the...

@egreg How can I find the Hex codes of characters as in \^^12. I'm looking for asterisk * for the question tex.stackexchange.com/questions/86198/… but ** interpreted as math so I need to bypass that.
@percusse Could you be more precise? In the context of a \chardef the notation \^^12 refers just to the character 0x12
@egreg Yes but I need to find the character *. I think I'm looking for the the list to lookup. The question is about ignoring ** characters if found in the data file. And pgfplotstable offers a possibility to do that by adding the option ignore chars={comma separated list} but if I enter ** it's parsed as a math power function so I thought maybe I can enter it via chardef notation
@percusse ```*`` should be the answer. Damn. "Backquote+*"
It's working if I just enter ignore chars={*} but not consecutive asterisks. I think it's better to have it robust against finding single asterisk.
5:01 PM
@percusse I guess that the question might be answered provided a real example is added.
@egreg There you go

\pgfplotstableread[col sep=comma,ignore chars={`*}]{scientists.csv}\mytable
    string type,
    columns/name/.style={column name=Name, column type={|l}},
    columns/surname/.style={column name=Surname, column type={|l}},
@percusse Well, if I use ignore chars={*} I see no asterisk in the output.
@egreg Yes for single asterisk it works. I just wanted to make it robust to finding * and removing it instead of double ones.
@percusse I don't follow: you have double asterisks in that input.
@egreg Indeed and it removes one by one every asterisk it sees. I want to be able to instruct that if an asterisk is not followed by another asterisk don't remove it.
I should place a single asterisk in the data to make it obvious
5:07 PM
From the doc about ignore chars: Allows to define an “ignore list” for single characters.
I somehow feel that I need to make ** a single character.
@egreg Ah yes, indeed.
@percusse If those asterisks are processed in math mode you can use the "math active" feature. But without an example it's difficult to help.
@egreg I guess it's enough as it is I'm gonna post it with a warning. Thank you!
6:00 PM
Is have two enumerate environments in two different sections which just continue the numbering very eccentric? From what I know, it is a matter of saving the counter from the first and explicitly passing it to the second.
Ah, looks that enumitem does this out of the box.
@FaheemMitha No restarting list counters is quite a common requirement, although the base latex format doesn't provide a wrapped syntax you can as you say just set a counter at the the end of one list and use it to reset the enumi counter in teh seconf
@DavidCarlisle Is enumitem a reasonable approach? Seems quite painless. Just add [restart] to the beginning of the second environment.
@FaheemMitha yes I guess so, Not looked at that myself but it seems to get mentioned quite often as the package of choice for list customisation.
6:17 PM
@DavidCarlisle Thanks.
6:46 PM
@FaheemMitha enumitem is a very good package. It's one of my "always load" packages.
7:21 PM
@AlanMunn Good to know. Thanks.
8:19 PM
Hello! This serial downvoter starts to be annoying... He seems to be very happy about systematically downvoting my answers.
@tohecz If it's the same person, the system should become aware of it.
@egreg it is. He had 5 downvotes yesterday and has 7 today (for the record, he gave only 6 upvotes so far, had 4 yesterday)
@tohecz And only you, it seems. What did you do to 'offend' him?
Actually not just you I guess. Some others must have received the other downvotes.
@AlanMunn quite a lot of things probably. First, after this person decided to make their future packages "commercial", I asked him not to use any code I sent him before in our mail discussions. Then I pointed out that his self-answer is not better than the previous one and has a bug, which he did not admit, so I downvoted the answer (IMHO correctly, the answer was wrong). But that all with his previous 3 accounts, he downvotes me with the 4th one.
8:35 PM
It's very tricky to take back code you've shared. (Not that that validates the downvoting.)
@AlanMunn it's very tricky to try to make it a commerce... but that's a minor problem I think, it wasn't much and I don't care that much.
@AlanMunn If the code has been sent in private communications, there's nothing that prevents the author from asking not to use it.
@tohecz I've had not so pleasant experiences with the guy.
@egreg True, but hard to do anything more than make the request, I should think.
@tohecz We'll see about the "commercial version"; no commercial TeX macro package that I know of has been successful.
@egreg sorry I don't get it... it is a "negative" comment on him?
8:40 PM
@tohecz Yes.
@egreg That's for sure. It would be a niche within a niche.
@egreg ok thanks. I'm quite tired after this weekend, I was helping my supervisor to move in a new place and they live in 3th and 4th floor (where base floor is 0)
For instance, I suggested him not to redefine some macros in a certain way that conflicted with other packages. The answer was: "My package came first and I won't modify it for cooperating with the others".
@egreg yes, but as soon as people get to know this, they will drop his package. He's not Apple to make everything people need and get lots of money from it.
@tohecz The package has a four letter name (not in that sense), so it's not easy for some people to drop it.
8:47 PM
I think that xor should solve this forever :P
@egreg Indeed. And it's loaded behind the scenes a lot of the time, so people don't even know that it is being loaded.
@AlanMunn ?
@tohecz (If @egreg and I are thinking of the same package.)
Maybe we're not.
@AlanMunn I think we are.
@AlanMunn there're not so many 4letter package names
8:49 PM
So is he creating sock puppets too?
anyways, I don't understand how's he going to protect a piece of text from being copied, considering that even for real programs it's very complicated
etex !
@percusse No, we're not saying bad words about Peter Breitenlohner
Hi @Paulo!
@tohecz Hey Tom! :)
@tohecz No worries. It's just a gag.
this is not fair, I always miss a good gossip session :)
8:55 PM
@tohecz There was a package for drawing commutative diagrams that was written in obfuscated form; I don't remember precisely the conditions under which it could be used. But it's dead from many years.
Hey @PauloCereda ! Andy Rehfeldt made a video about Rage Against the Machine (less angry version) check out the first comment youtube.com/watch?v=mOE9fE72QLg
@percusse this is not gossips, I simply pissed someone off by being right and he thinks that repeated downvoting is a good revenge.
@tohecz Well that person speaks for himself then, carry on don't even bother :)
@percusse OMG epic! <3
8:59 PM
@percusse I've just answered a question. I accept tips for how long until he downvotes it :D
@AlanMunn The code looks like hieroglyphs to me.
@percusse but you're right. Still, I think that exactly that is a reason to say it loudly.
@PauloCereda It's deliberately obfuscated. Your code is much more readable. :)
@AlanMunn That's it!
@tohecz I don't even know why there is a downvote button. What good did it bring I don't know it only provokes as far as I can see.
9:00 PM
@AlanMunn Ah. :)
It's been a while since my last duck post, so here it is:
@percusse I think we underestimate the variability of answer quality on the other SE sites.
@AlanMunn But downvote is not improving it just reassuring that the answer sucks and 10 people agree with it. Of course the owner goes These people are idiots, carbon bricks can't understand a diamond like me etc. (I'm not wearing my poet cloak so bear with me :P)
Cheer up, @tohecz:
@percusse: ^^
@PauloCereda and who is who? :)
@tohecz I've left a comment to that answer.
9:06 PM
@tohecz Dunno. :) It's just an internet meme. :)
@PauloCereda Dude, this is hilarios muchachos.... (wut?)
@percusse I think there's a difference between not gaining votes and gaining down votes in terms of information content.
@egreg damn that's true. This is going to be difficult. Any better suggestion than \vphantom{\begin{dcases}...\end{dcases}}?
@tohecz I'm thinking about it. Probably some tweaking with \delimitershortfall.
@AlanMunn But unfortunately SE doesn't have many users like you who can simply distinguish what they are reading. :)
9:08 PM
Although granted, I have downvoted 16 times total, and a bunch of those are on questions, not answers.
@PauloCereda Lol, I'm just watching T&J, and I feel a lot like a Tom -- being punished for not doing anything wrong.
@tohecz That manipulative mouse... :)
I have two f%$&*ng downvotes which I have no idea what question or answer they are sitting on.
@AlanMunn This reminds me of this comment:
Aug 22 at 19:37, by Andrew Stacey
@PauloCereda I've found your anti-matter twin. I shan't post the link because I don't want the universe to blow up but in browsing elsewhere on SE I found someone complaining that they were out of down-votes that day.
@egreg box the whole dcases without the brace, remember the extra height of the first line, and typeset appropriate brace.
9:10 PM
@percusse You mean that you gave out? You can check that in your profile.
@AlanMunn I've tried but they are on questions probably.
And they don't show up.
This would be my anti-matter twin:
@egreg and my idea wouldn't work well, because the vertical placement of the vphantom would be wrong. So the solution would be even more complicated
@percusse But they should. The ones on questions show up for me in my profile. Maybe the users were deleted?
@PauloCereda nah. He doesn't look funny enough.
9:11 PM
@tohecz But he has a mustache and a top hat!
@AlanMunn Let me check again. Where do I look activities?
And a monocle!
18,170 up, 2 down.
I need to upvote more.
@percusse No, look on Votes -> Downvotes.
@percusse Me too. The questions are probably removed.
9:14 PM
@PauloCereda But then it should remove the downvote count no?
@percusse I don't think so.
Unless I become part of the SE dev team. Hmmmm...
@tohecz Using \delimitershortfall and \delimiterfactor reduces the size of the brace on both top and bottom. :(
@percusse Well you could always do a reputation recalc and see if that changes it. Otherwise if you're not sleeping at night because of it, you could post a bug report on meta. :)
9:18 PM
@egreg yes, they do. I have a solution, but the contents will be processed 3 times (which is a problem if they contain anything \global
@AlanMunn Or we could hack some way to mess the reputation system. :)
@PauloCereda You tried that already, and it cost @egreg hundreds in rep!
@AlanMunn Hey! I lost 300 votes. And it was not totally my fault. Technically.
@PauloCereda Pobrezinho.
@AlanMunn I have to fix this. It's imperative that the system realize this mistake. I should utilize my mokkapot extensively in the process.
9:21 PM
@tohecz probably for a 2-line cases it would be better to align the rows above and below the math axis (like a fraction) then the brace would naturally centre on the axis between the rows
@AlanMunn Ô dó. :)
@DavidCarlisle I'm not sure, I think that you want the brace to be symmetrical and point on the line axis
@percusse You know you're in trouble when you think the system can "realize" anything. You robotics people are such idealists.
“’The things that I want’, by Max Payne. A smoke. A whiskey. For the sun to shine. I want to sleep to forget. To change the past. My wife and baby girl back. Unlimited ammo and a license to kill. Right then, more than anything, I wanted her.” – Max Payne 2
@tohecz yes exactly
9:23 PM
@AlanMunn Hey, there are some nerds working on the Realization Theory.
@DavidCarlisle so the question is: is it too bad to make it process the argument twice?
btw, speaking of downvotes, good part of them is on CW answers, some are on rude answers, and some on M#(^$$D
@AlanMunn: by the way, how's the test drive going? :)
If you use \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}, are Unicode characters exactly like chars 0-128? So you can make them active, etc.?
@PauloCereda The system works very nicely. I will have, unfortunately, some requests. (Ducks). Also, I found the Excel file with the inventory.
@AlanMunn No problem. :) Requests are welcome. :) And we can work on an import feature. :)
9:28 PM
@PauloCereda Whatever's easier. If it's simpler to do it behind the scenes, that would be fine too, although it's probably six of one, half a dozen of the other.
My latest procrastination is to watch Flight Radar. It's surprisingly ...ehm... sanitizing :) flightradar24.com
@AlanMunn :)
@percusse I want to see explosions. :)
@PauloCereda Don't we all?
@percusse :)
@AlanMunn i feel "why use latex chat ?" looks confusing. May it should be "Why use Latex" similar to "TeX,LaTeX and Friends"
9:30 PM
@tohecz Here's one way
  \vrule height\ht0 width0pt

        u = \smash[t]{\frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}}(i+j)\\
        v = k
@texenthusiast I'm not an expert in chatroom naming. :) Maybe I can change it. Let me see.
@tohecz or...



aaaaaaaa\dotfill aaaaaaaa\dotfill aaaaaaaa
X    \begin{dcases}
        u = \smash[t]{\frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}(i+j)}\\
        v = k

aaaaaaaa\dotfill aaaaaaaa\dotfill aaaaaaaa
X    \begin{dtwocases}
        u = \frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}(i+j)\\
@egreg I have a similar one
@AlanMunn actually i went there in the feeling to know " why we need to join latex chat ?"




One line of text, one line of text, one line of text:
I just don't know why it produces too much vertical space
9:33 PM
@texenthusiast Sorry to disappoint you. This is the right place for regular chat. I've changed the name now. Thanks.
@AlanMunn thanks. Its really heaven for TeX here
@tohecz Of course I wouldn't bother too much for a single application.
        u = \smash[t]{\frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}}(i+j)\\
        v = k
@tohecz well all ams alignments process the argument twice, you need to be careful of \write (eg \label) as you don't want it to write twice, and of course global increments.
@DavidCarlisle I know.
The room itself will probably disappear. It was created in response to a question that was closed as being non constructive as a question, even though the question was worthy of discussion.
9:35 PM
@tohecz yes, I know you know:-)
@DavidCarlisle There should be no \label in a dcases environment.
anyways, the OP seems to be happy with my solution, and after all, I'm not sure that it's bad if the space above the equation is smaller if only this fraction "sticks out" to the padding
@egreg (soon to appear on the main site): How do I do numbered cases in dcases with the correct labels ;)
@tohecz You could add the "simple fix" above.
@egreg well that's true but users do strange things.... (and blame the package author not the user:-)
@tohecz In my opinion, if one uses a cases environment only a global number is warranted. Otherwise it's not "cases".
9:38 PM
Is it like the holidays are coming in US or some other high population country? All we get lately is angry users ranting about LaT.... What the fuck has just happened? Somebody took the sledge out.......
whoa that was cool hahahaha
I wonder the person who decides on these animations.
@percusse An ex-Google employee. :)
@AlanMunn A rather unsuccessful doodler I guess.
@percusse I was just going to ask the same. I'm sure you can downvote something on MSO concerning this
@tohecz LOL
@tohecz hahaha.
anyways, according to Flight Radar, my girlfriend is passing over my head now. I'll pick her up from the airport. So see you guys.
watch me leave like a boss :P
9:45 PM
@percusse lol, see ya later
@percusse Be sure to leave your coat on the chair, so that when someone asks we can say "He's not around, but his coat's here."
9:59 PM
Hmm.. it looks that the reputation counter is behaving buggy
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