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3:21 AM
Any KOMA folks around here?
4 hours later…
7:26 AM
Guys, I'll be three days in SP for a conference. Hopefully I'll be back Saturday. :) I will try to get online during the event. You guys behave, specially @David. :) See ya!
8:06 AM
Ack from my mobile connection. :)
8:22 AM
@PauloCereda not talking to you!
@DavidCarlisle: oh no!
1 hour later…
9:38 AM
So quiet...
@PauloCereda ^^^
10:06 AM
@JosephWright how's the blog post? :-)
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
@StevenB.Segletes A bug in stringstrings?
Q: Format a variable in math mode dependent on its case

SHildebrandtI have a special kind of variable in my equations which I want to be formatted dependent on its case (lower or upper). I already tried using the package stringstrings, but there seem to be problems with math mode and grouping braces. In the example below it always chooses the then-part, ignoring...

12:06 PM
@karlkoeller Thanks. I'll have a look. Being an early package of mine,stringstrings is, how can I put this politely, sub-optimal.
...and grossly overweight.
1:04 PM
Good maen
${\sum\sum}\limits_{i \neq j}$

Why does this compile with `luatex` instead of throwing an error?
@ChristianHupfer not again... lol
I never should have posted that thing, haha
@PaulGessler Nice design, though ;)
I would focus on the CV content first, it seems you are pretending to be somebody else. — Paul Gessler 10 secs ago
@HenriMenke thank you. I actually just made a new one (short 1-page form for industry). Now I need to integrate them so I can generate both from the same source. :-)
1:16 PM
@PaulGessler Why is TeX not listed under your hobbies? ;)
@PaulGessler: The internet never forgets :-P
@HenriMenke it's in the Software Proficiencies section ;)
@ChristianHupfer indeed. Good advertising though, I suppose. :-)
@HenriMenke because luatex isn't tex? (@JosephWright another one for the list of differences? :-)
1:32 PM
@DavidCarlisle But \limits after something that isn't a \mathop{} doesn't make any sense so this is a bug, right?
@HenriMenke Possibly. We've reported a few possible bugs with the response basically that luatex isn't tex, so it's not a bug if \limits is defined to do something differently in luatex (searching for \limits in the luatex manual doesn't reveal any information at all:-) I'm sure you could define \limits to do something for cases other than \mathop, there is no intrinsic reason why superscript position is tied to vertical centering and horizontal space adjustments and getting larger in displaystyle
@DavidCarlisle If luatex isn't tex, why do they call it like that? Luatex will render itself completely useless when you can't typeset examples from the TeXbook without getting contradictory results.
Another MS Word question has arrived
@DavidCarlisle in other words: Forget LuaTeX, hope for XeTeX?
1:54 PM
@yo' not necssarily
@HenriMenke fonts are different, hyphenation is different, lua is different, \endlinechar is different. That doesn't necessarily mean they are bad, just they don't commit to taking 100% of tex sources and producing error free or 100% identical output
@HenriMenke but in this case it might just be a bug..
@yo' do you forget microtype because it changes output, or pdftex because it doesn't accept dvips \specials tex being what it is adding anything means breaking something
@DavidCarlisle well, I add microtype with that purpose, and \special is device-dependent by purpose
@yo' yes but similarly you can't accidentally switch from pdftex to luatex, as with other changes, if there are features that make you want to switch then the minor (or major) incompatibilities are just what needs to be done to get the features. If you don't need the features and just want to upgrade the engine to "use the latest thing" then even the smallest incompatibility is a pain (as it is if you are trying to get bit for bit compatibility in a latex2e regression test suite..)
@DavidCarlisle yeah I see. However, some incompatibilities are given by the circumstances, and some just seem to be unnecessary
anyways, you know better what you say than I do :)
2:24 PM
@yo' but actually the reason for saying "not necessarily" to your question is it's a VHS-v-betamax question and the outcome isn't necessarily based on technical issues.
@DavidCarlisle what-vs-what?
@yo' youngster
@DavidCarlisle many friends had VHS players and recorders, we did not (would be a waste of money)
@DavidCarlisle Forgot power cable for laptop last night, could not write blog post, have been doing a viva this morning, blog post later today!
2:31 PM
@yo' I've never had one either:-)
2:49 PM
@DavidCarlisle My, my. I guess we date ourselves in the knowledge of such things as the video wars. Just the other day, I asked the clerk of the party store if they sold Necco's (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necco), one of the most popular candies of my youth and earlier. They replied "what's a Necco?"
My wife had to explain they were like the valentine heart candies, only flat and round.
@HenriMenke Not true: it's not supposed to be 100% compatible with TeX90 with good reasoning. What it does need to be is consistent with itself :-) There are still quite a lot of bugs to be fixed: my feeling is the LuaTeX people will need a strong 'testing phase' of getting demos to explore these areas.
3:13 PM
@yo': I've taped complete Star Trek Next Generation on VHS cassettes... the quality was sometimes awful (of the taping, not the series... ) ... from 1990 to 1994, when it was broadcast in German TV for the very first time
3:27 PM
How to use siunitx for rendering (x+2) m where (x+2) m means x+2 meter?
@pleasestopstalking \SI[parse-numbers = false]{(x + 2)}{\metre}, but really it's not meant for this!
@JosephWright OK. Thank you very much.
Can I use math mode such as \SI[parse-numbers = false]{$(x + 2)$}{\metre}?
@pleasestopstalking No
@pleasestopstalking Math mode is automatic when parse-numbers = false
This can be closed:
Q: \baselineskip not changed within block

krlmlrThis really puzzles me: Attempting to set the baseline in a block (delimited by { and }) doesn't seem to have an effect for typed text, but works when a command creates the text. Question What are the rules here? MWE (also on GitHub) \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage{lipsum} \pagestyle{emp...

@JosephWright OK. Thanks again.
@JosephWright parse-numbers=false does not produce the same result as $(x+2)$~\si{\metre}.
3:40 PM
@pleasestopstalking No, nor should it


@pleasestopstalking siunitx uses \, not ~ for spacing
@pleasestopstalking 'Reference rendering' is $(x - 2)\nobreak\,\mathrm{m}$
The x looks different.
@pleasestopstalking Ah, that's complicated!
3:42 PM
@JosephWright Hehehe...
@pleasestopstalking If you really want to force things you'll want \mbox{\ensuremath{...}}
@pleasestopstalking It's not the intention that a number here can be any old thing
@pleasestopstalking Remeber, you can't measure x + 2 metres, you can only measure a real value
@JosephWright OK. Thanks.
4:05 PM
@HenriMenke I see the limits thing is fixed in the beta

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