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4:00 PM
@Joshua technically, yes it is stealing
I made a promise to my papa that I would never steal again...
@Joshua lol
I'm not poor
I stole some alien money
I gotta close FF
using too much CPU
@Joshua why do I get the feeling that you are trolling?
hahahaha still dont get it? kekekekeke
4:01 PM
@NlightNFotis I don't know, you tell me? How am I supposed to know your feelings?
@jokerdino where are you man?
@RolandTaylor hey where have you been all week?
Q: i need some help with wine

abd el rhmanI'm a beginner in Linux and I'm trying to install wine useing yum install wine I'v tried every thing possible I'v installed epel packages and updated yum but it keeps giving me this Error: Package: wine-core-1.4.1-1.el6.i686 (epel) Requires: libxml2.so.2(LIBXML2_2.7.3) Error: Pa...

@penreturn I prefer sweet wines myself...
@penreturn ohmaigod
4:05 PM
@Joshua :3
ahaa! thats fast!
Don't forget to accept his answer if it works... :-D
"i need some help with wine" isn't a question!
@JorgeCastro your right... it is missing a question mark...
nahhhh I'm using RHEL 6.3 bash: apt-get: command not found – abd el rhman 2 mins ago
4:10 PM
@penreturn then your question is off topic...
@Joshua IN MAH BELL... wait,
not my question :3
Okay the question
Guys is it bad that I answered that question?
The guy was clueless and I believe it was better that I helped him.
In a sense
4:13 PM
I guided him to unix.stackexchange.com
@NlightNFotis nope, right on....
He won't know if someone doesn't tell him :-D
But anyway, since he is using a recent version of RHEL, can't he just call Red Hat
already install epel... should be no problem installing wine
I spilled some nacho cheese inside my computer...
@NlightNFotis yup
4:14 PM
AFAIK you only get RHEL through some 2.5k dollars support licenses by redhat
so once you get it
just call them for anything
they are paid to answer.
wrong channel
You can get "RHEL" for "free" via CentOS
Just not the support
who on gods green earth has 2.5K to spend on a support licences?
@jokerdino I think, yes
The question in question needs one more close vote
4:17 PM
@MarcoCeppi I know this. The guy in that question had explicitly stated that he was using RHEL 6.3
@NlightNFotis no, me too
4:19 PM
@Anwar pardon me? you too what?
22 mins ago, by NlightNFotis
and 0 others
I love to be the welcoming committee for new users.
should close that question
@Joshua I need 2.5K to spend on support licenses. Silly ciscos. :(
I am usually greeting them like this: Hello, and Welcome to Ask Ubuntu!
4:21 PM
@jrg Cisco is a has been... I think...
@Joshua I wish. Unfortunately, they are still around.
nice hardware, just crazy expensive.
guys this guy really didn't know about unix and linux
see comments here:
A: Can someone help me install wine?

NlightNFotisTry to sudo apt-get install wine. Yum (an acronym for Yellowdog Updater, Modified) is a package management utility for RPM compatible Linux operating Systems.

I know and what is even worse is Linksys is now owned by them
@Joshua linksys hasn't been touched with the cisco virus yet.
@NlightNFotis Well, you referred him to U&L, they can help him.
@jrg Yes, I initially thought he was trolling. Didn't strike me that he didn't know about U&L
however I felt like I had to guide him there, anyhow.
4:25 PM
Hey, not everyone knows everything about the SE network.
I didn't know we had a patents.se in beta.
@NlightNFotis who was trolling?
@jrg me neither
and i'm a moderator. ;P
4:26 PM
@jrg And I didn't say it in an offensive way
i know. :)
@NlightNFotis stackexchange.com
@Joshua I know the site, @penreturn was asking for it
Moderator of whole SE network?
@Anwar no, just ask ubuntu. but I do hear about things.
sometimes faster than others, sometimes i'm the last person to know (like with patents.SE)
4:27 PM
oh. thanks
I knew the patents.se some days ago
are we gonna have another AU clean up?
15k unanswered is a bit much
@SirCharlo maybe not a contest
Wait this abd el rahman guy has another account...
nah, but an official effort would be nice
you're supposed to be cleaning every day!
4:28 PM
He asked about a problem with RHEL a few days ago
@SirCharlo it's like cleaning your room.
@JorgeCastro but but... I like to be dirty on some days :S
@JorgeCastro i am :)
i feel as though we're draining a sinking ship with a teaspoon
@RolandTaylor your dirty every day...
4:29 PM
@Joshua lol shhhh
I asked to rerun the cleanup
but oli didn't seem too keen on the idea, and makes some good points
Okay... well I am done eating lunch time to get back to work now...
there's your clean up ranking basically.
Should this be closed? askubuntu.com/q/190972/61218
@JorgeCastro Can I help with the cleanup? Or do I have to be 2k+ rep?
4:31 PM
@NlightNFotis you can flag and edit, and you can upvote!
you don't have to be 2K+ rep.
@jrg Man I really want to get to 2k+ rep just to help with cleanups
@jrg But I will help in any way that I can
@NlightNFotis keep it up and you will be at 2k rep in no time... it doesn't take long to rank up if you are active.... all though I have been sitting at 3.Xk for almost a year :-0
@Joshua nice!
@NlightNFotis keep it up and you will be at 2k rep in no time... it doesn't take long to rank up if you are active.... all though I have been sitting at 3.Xk for almost a year :-0
4:35 PM
anyone can review iirc
@NlightNFotis click the # of reviewed questions on that page
it should take you there
the "I'm done?" is greyed out?
Forget it
my bad
checking it now.
Daily up/down vote limit reached; come back in 7 hours.
will check it out tomorrow then.
Good Night
good night @AmithKK
@NlightNFotis yeah so basically do that every day
and if we get enough people doing that then it all works out.
@JorgeCastro will do. Thanx.
4:43 PM
Okay I am going back to work, ping me if you need me :-D
@NlightNFotis if your going to steal my answer at least up-vote me...
was i too hard on the guy?
A: I uninstalled mono, how do I reinstall it?

user133040You likely removed the package ubuntu-mono. This package contains monochrome icons, which are used for Ubuntu's consistent visual style. It may also have caused various reverse dependencies, such as themes, to have been removed. jP_wanN's answer will help you fix your screwup.

@Joshua just noticed it, sorry, and I would love to upvote it, however, I am out of votes for today
@Joshua I can delete my answer if you want
Nah it is cool but you better not get more upvotes then me :-P
@Joshua Will upvote tomorrow. Just bookmarked it, so I can upvote tomorrow. Honestly =) I would upvote today, but used all votes to get Vox Populi badge :(
upvote review?
4:50 PM
@SirCharlo I just fixed the sentence itself
Should we close a question asked in May? seems abandoned
@JorgeCastro you're doing OLF this year?
only for the friday
oh. ok
I've got too much going on to stay the weekend, just got a house
spent all my money
4:57 PM
fair enough. :)
but I'll be there for a bit for the tutorial day
hmmm i want to make full tutorial installing ubuntu on vmware virtual player
JUST HIT 1k rep
I am so excited!
@penreturn it's mainly just "Mount the ISO, click "install", give VMWare your credentials and it goes"
@NlightNFotis grats!
5:01 PM
@Anwar thanx bro!
ya i know... but people keep referring to other site for an answer
@NlightNFotis congrats! Now you're half way to 2K, and unlimited editing! :D
@jrg Yeah, 2k here I come!
@NlightNFotis good luck
Why does all have 151 rep on area51?
5:04 PM
Is my internet dead?
@Joshua nope
hmmm something is not working right...
@aking1012: Holy moly SANS training is expensive, as is almost everything else I'm looking at.
5:09 PM
they don't
their companies do
yeah, i know. but still. :P
Yeah if you can get your company to spring for the training then you are in good shape :-D
@rolopolo :-D
@Joshua hey Johoshua :D
(My smiley had a nose reduction)
5:13 PM
bye dudes
I am of
@RolandTaylor lol
@NlightNFotis cya
@NlightNFotis if?
@Joshua :-P
Q: Just installed Unbuntu onto blank hard drive from disk but now won't boot

NickI just installed ubuntu onto a blank hard drive with a 10gb partition and it went fine. When I restarted the pc like it asked I quickly changed the BIOS so that it booted from the HDD not the disk anymore. However now all I get is a black screen with 'BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to rest...

Can someone help me out with a MySQL query statement? I am trying to query by inner joining 3 tables to one main table...
This is the query statement - `SELECT m.*, GROUP_CONCAT(food SEPARATOR ','), GROUP CONCAT(alcohol SEPARATOR ','), GROUP_CONCAT(drugs SEPARATOR ',')
FROM main m
INNER JOIN food f ON f.username = m.username AND f.date = m.date
INNER JOIN alcohol a ON a.username = m.username AND a.date = m.date
INNER JOIN drugs d ON d.username = m.username AND d.date = m.date`
5:33 PM
hello @RolandTaylor :)
smacks @RolandTaylor come on man snap out of it!
@RolandTaylor sup?
@Joshua making an elephant gun in Blender and trolling the chat :P
5:40 PM
just working on some web page crap... not as exciting as elephant guns
It's not really an elephant gun lol
It just looks like one
(It's big)
So it is more an elephant, then it is an elephant gun...
Yeah lol
@RolandTaylor weet
@RolandTaylor cool :)
5:48 PM
senapang gajah \o/
@Joshua @nitstorm ya
It's the ShotRifle
short rifle or short gun?
Can I have one?
@Joshua sure :D
@penreturn none of the above :)
5:56 PM
Here's how it works (still WIP on the details, but should give you an idea :P):
3d model?
nice i use to be 3d modeler too
The ShotRifle combines the features of a rifle (like a sniper rifle) and a shotgun. So, you can "snipe" with it, but also hit a target with a spread like a shotgun.
@penreturn Cool ^_^
We seem to be a rare species
@RolandTaylor one can only imagine how incredibly inaccurate that shot will be when you consider that the shape of the bullet in a sniper rifle is largely influenced by the shape of the bullet. You are not going to have that with a buck shot... the spray is going to be HUGE and all over the place... you would be lucky to hit anything let alone your original target...
6:01 PM
Last time I did a car was in the early 2000s and it wasn't all that awesome :D
@Joshua that's why it uses smart ammo :)
(You missed my posts on G+ :P)
@penreturn What program was that?
I haven't been on G+ in over 18 hours...
this one use 3d max :3 n vue for main scene
6:02 PM
I explained the smart ammo thing on G+
not sense you mentioned me on that post about the cats...
Send me a link :D
It doesn't just fire regular pellets
Okie let me dig it up
@penreturn cool
I used to use 3DS Max when I first started, but I was a noob back then
you still are a noob :P
thanks man... start using 3d 2008... n doing freelance job from there
P.S. I had to learn without training, so all thanks to God's giftings lol
6:03 PM
hahahhhha nice excuse!
You should see my renderings you noobs... I make the most squarest cylinder ever seen!
wew nice... blender?
I get the sense that I am being ignored here...
@Joshua :O
@penreturn yesh
6:06 PM
@Joshua kekekkeke
@Joshua lol nah I'm looking for the post on G+
Oh okay...
This is the followup post:
^the first
I still haven't posted the full intimate details but that will happen when the model is completed
how long do you take to finish one model?
Between hours and days depending on my mood and free time
6:08 PM
ahaaa yeah...
As you can tell, I'm not an "expert", but I'm good enough to impress the less trained eye :P
leaving my deak :D
@Joshua okay deak
@penreturn you can check my photos for a further look at what I've worked on :)
6:11 PM
i will! keep it up bro!
hobby or job?
@jrg you said you were looking a HD. tigerdirect daily deal today $59 120GB SSD
Can you answer this? Nautilus uses all my CPU memory http://askubuntu.com/q/66913?atw=1 #unity
and yes, sans training is horribly expensive. on the other hand, if you just carefully walk in like you own the place, some people have reported tailgating in to the training for free...
@penreturn sort of both
I started as a hobby, but I'm actually doing these things right now for an illustrated story series that will hopefully make me some money :)
@RolandTaylor i see... past me one if u hv no time :D
6:18 PM
I also hope some day to get into the movie business or something
@penreturn paste you one of?
wow! gud luck with that!
*past me one job if u dont have enough time :p
I don't have any jobs right now
when you work for yourself... people can be...
I get asked a lot to do things but people never want to pay or follow up
Last time I did something in 3D as a "job" it was a favour for a friend - so I got $00000.00
@RolandTaylor that's why i don't do web design
@aking1012 yeah I offer that to people and they get all excited and then waste my time
@aking1012 Ooohhhh, that SSD looks shiny.
6:24 PM
ahhhahhaha thats normal bro... i did 1 animation for offshore company... RM000.000 too! haaahha
very tempting, but haven't gotten paid from the last one yet. Too cheap too soon. ;P
brews coffee after getting home from what is currently called emplyment
@jrg was that at the SSD?
it was worth a shot anyway....
@penreturn loool
@RolandTaylor in malaysia... never use '3D Freelancer' or what so ever... they dont respect
6:28 PM
yeah people think that it means we are their slaves
@Roland we have another "column view in file browser" question. iirc you posted a link/name for one that supports it... askubuntu.com/questions/191033/…
@RolandTaylor hahahha '3D Slaves'
@aking1012 This question didn't ask for an alternative though
The one I mentioned was Marlin/Pantheon-Files
okay. i thought you might want to drop a relevant link comment or something
i'm seeing more feature request/complaint questions recently...is it just me or is it escalating?
i think it's escalating - the ratio is the same, but we're getting more popular so the number of total FRQs and complaints goes up.
6:33 PM
@aking1012 oh okay
I'll see if I can't find the answer I posted and link to that
@aking1012 I noticed this as well
Now this one looks like a steal. - tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/…
@aking1012 i hate you for directing me to tigerdirect.
I'm now drooling over everything.
Q: Short talk on linux

ShagunI am a second year undergraduate computer science student and I have to give a 1 hour presentation (interactive session) about Linux in general and Ubuntu in specific for first year students of my department. The audience is unlikely to be aware of power of Linux and it will be more or less an al...

What shall we do?
@jrg i deserve every bit of the ire, but it was rooted in helpful
VTC as off-topic and ask him to join us in chat for feedback. ;P
@shagun: Welcome to chat! I have a little bit of feedback for you on your latest post.
(reference for those of you who missed it - paste.ubuntu.com/1217312)
By "Linux filesystem", you mean the ext* family, right?
6:38 PM
Ok, cool. :)
@jrg I mean the role of avrious files like /media etc
how much time do you have for this talk? 1 hour? two?
@Shagun Ah, gotcha.
1 hour may be 1.15 hour
ok. you might want to skip actually doing an install then, that can take a long time.
I mean 75 min
Maybe I can say that refer to the site
and warn against eubi
6:40 PM
i would maybe touch on that it's a gui installer in case anyone remembers the installers from the old days (i doubt it, but it's possible) not necessarily a how to, but a screenshot
yeah, GUI installers are definitely something to mention.
any more suggestions pls
a quick rundown of alternatives could be a nice touch:
photoshop - pricetag - gimp
3DSMax - pricetag - blender
MS Office - pricetag - libreoffice
etc etc.

maybe a note to community responsibility in fixing things, fielding questions, building something useful, tolerating bugs and providing feedback. that's the part of "linux community" that lots of people overlook
what aking said.
@aking1012 how could I miss that thnks for reminding
6:44 PM
no prob
one last thing...you might take a poke at the fact that software was "first" to try out open source style licensing...now there's CC/SA and more for publication @jrg has a little ubuntu book , artists, and even education (MIT, Stanford, and many others now provide course materials for free). obviously it works after a fashion. i think i pointing towards the build a better planet mentality that a bunch of geeks caught on to that is starting to spread
@Shagun Oh yeah, i have a book that you can liberally steal from. - leanpub.com/littleorangeubuntubook for a PDF version, github.com/jrgifford/ubuntu-book for the source.
probably moving towards off-topic for your presentation though
@aking1012 u referring to linux philosophy
Hi all
@Shagun something like that
@Takkat o/
6:49 PM
@Shagun: there's a lot to c&P here:ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu
it's under creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, so you can edit it, borrow it and steal from it.
i gave a short toot for you earlier out of context that must sound really bad...
I had put together a little presentation on Ubuntu for Barbados (my country) - let me see if it will be useful
haan pls forward it
in your history of section, you could touch on some adoption patterns... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_adopters
6:55 PM
Q: Installing Ubuntu failed, now i have just a command line

Gabriel EsparzaLast night I tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 from a USB (for which I had to use Bootice on Windows XP to install PLoP Boot Manager on the MDR, since I was unable to boot from USB and have no CD Rom). It was all going fine, BUT the part when all the programs are installed failed. When it all finishe...

bdw thanks all :)
@penreturn his easiest option is slaving the HD in to another box and reinstalling that way...then fixing grub from the grub prompt when he transplants it
im thinking of that too..
but what if he is using notebook? :3

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