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12:02 AM
interesting, gnome shell on 12.04 isn't as bad as it was on 11.10
yeah, i'm thinking about switching from xfce if i can get my screen orientation to work without xinerama...since it doesn't give me 3d acceleration
12:49 AM
What began as a simple build script is turning into an entire Python-based build framework.
been there
This RegEx is hurting my head:
I think it does what I want, but one can never be too sure...
@GeorgeEdison and that sir, is why we love you
1:30 AM
Has anyone seen something like this for release upgrade failure? I no idea how someone accidentally got software sources like that... (for this question)
i don't know how, but it looks like he's got a space or end of line where there should be a semicolon in his apt-sources
1 hour later…
2:41 AM
Is it smart to use threats or insulting language when asking for help? http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/2764/is-it-smart-to-use-threats-or-insulting-language-when-asking-for-help?atw=1
It has lazers and unicorns! What could be better?
2:54 AM
im looking for a non distro specific linux tweaking and hacking irc channel
distro specific channels are good only if you run their stable clean versions and basically do not install anything other than what they offer in their stable project... but what about more advanced tweaking and testing and playing?
i really want to find a chat that will help people trouble shoot their monkey wrench projects
3:41 AM
@GeorgeEdison dont you have one of those? askubuntu.com/questions/98916/…
4:20 AM
Hello all
@lazyPower Yes.
@GeorgeEdison Hey :)
...and getting it to play nice with X11 is like trying to train a tiger blindfolded.
Yay! My WordPress plugin was approved!
@GeorgeEdison \o/
Wish I could test it
I'll deploy it on 2buntu shortly.
Can anyone else see that?
4:36 AM
I can
It's deployed on 2buntu now, @AmithKK. You'll notice a new button on the toolbar now.
@GeorgeEdison Do a Push Now please
A push?
Yeah, from Git
@GeorgeEdison Awesome Addon
@GeorgeEdison I have some feature suggestions though :)
I've probably implemented some of them already...
...I have a bunch of uncommitted changes at this point.
4:42 AM
1. Allow a setting to show only one answer
2. Give a checkbox to allow showing the users
3. Get a new logo
Yes, #1 is already implemented.
(I have the code here, it's just not committed yet.)
I dont think the SE policy allows you to use the logo
As for #2, I am going to do that very soon.
@AmithKK Where?
...oh, the toolbar?
I read it somewhere
I don't think it violates the guidelines, but I should probably change it anyway.
4:47 AM
Hmm.. How did you come to the name StackTack
I didn't.
I didn't write the original version of StackTack.
I just forked the code and made a bunch of changes.
5:09 AM
Uses crappy Logo skills to make a logo
@GeorgeEdison ^^
@TheX What theme did you use?
@AmithKK for what?
5:53 AM
@AmithKK I'm afraid they don't like derivatives of the logo either.
Bounty offered: Gnome Shell Blank edge until restart? http://askubuntu.com/questions/105734/gnome-shell-blank-edge-until-restart?atw=1 #gnomeshell
Q: StackTack WordPress Plugin - Embed Stack Exchange Questions in Your Blog

George Edison Screenshot About Have you ever asked a question or posted an answer to a question on a Stack Exchange site and said to yourself "I sure would like to share this on my blog?" Well, you could just post a link to the question on your blog - or you could use StackTack and really show some styl...

Well, that's it for tonight. Night all.
2 hours later…
8:06 AM
0 vboxnetflt 27211 0 vboxdrv 251814 3 snd_es1938,snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec vid
eodev 85626 1 gspca_main snd_seq_midi_event 14475 1 snd_seq_midi snd_seq 51567 2
rfcomm 38408 12 ip6table_filter 12711 0 floppy 60310 0 If you don't see any MID
I related modules (the important ones are snd_seq_midi,snd_emu10k1_synth,snd_emu
x_synth,snd_ seq_oss,snd_seq,snd_emu10k1,snd_rawmidi), then go to Opera's downlo
ad site and enter fbi It should show your image In the sources.list fi
le you can visit this site. All android devices tether, its only the Windows XP
"Use this command to connect with the left and right arrow keys"
Policy for rebooting You can't streamline this in the BIOS Use in Terminal You n
eed to edit /etc/resolv.conf file replace DISTRIBUTION with the actual name you
want shown Comment= Exec=command to make it appear in the dash Using New softwar
e Using gnome-desktop-item-edit For Firefox to use Notify-OSD, you need sftp Fir
stly install ssh on all the packages needed for the Default UI for ubuntu. But u
ninstalling the blue, its caused by the screencast tool Many such solutions are
there, I experimented with cryptcat a bit. First install it: sudo apt-get instal
8:44 AM
Grub2 won't detect Ubuntu 11.10 OS after reinstalling Win XP hal.dll. http://askubuntu.com/questions/114179/grub2-wont-detect-ubuntu-11-10-os-after-reinstalling-win-xp-hal-dll?atw=1 #grub2
9:02 AM
Q: my laptop not able to recover from suspend and hibernate

maths-help-seekerI have a acer aspire 5750G laptop. I am running ubuntu 11.04. The uname -a reads the following: Linux admin-Aspire-5750G 2.6.38-13-generic-pae #56-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 14 14:32:30 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux Whenever the wakes up from suspend or hibernate, it shows blank screen. Same...

@lazyPower there?
@MarcoCeppi May I please ask when the next batch of ondina invites going to gome out?
9:35 AM
@jrg Ping me on IRC when your around
10:00 AM
Q: How do you move X windows across 2 different computers?

Amith KKIve heard of a lesser known feature of X allowing users to move windows over different X servers over the network. How do I achieve this in ubuntu?

Setting up crossplatformui (1.0.42) ...
Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)
utility, e.g. service acpid restart

Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an
Upstart job, you may also use the stop(8) and then start(8) utilities,
e.g. stop acpid ; start acpid. The restart(8) utility is also available.
acpid stop/waiting
acpid start/running, process 2749
package libqtgui4 exist
make -C /lib/modules/3.2.0-17-generic/build M=/usr/local/bin/ztemtApp/zteusbserial/below2.6.27 modules
1 hour later…
11:20 AM
Q: What determines the path where the system searches for a file?

ripper234I am trying to get npm to work. In the process, I seem to have two versions of it installed: A corrupt one installed in ~/bin, and another I just compiled and ran make install to put it in /usr/local/bin/npm. So, I moved the entire ~/bin folder into ~/old/bin ... but still when I run npm the sys...

11:50 AM
Hello @jokerdino
hey what's up
The Reliance Netconnect Dongle is not working on neighbours 11.10
Going to fix
Can you answer this? Running three screens (laptop and 2 external monitors) http://askubuntu.com/questions/77228/running-three-screens-laptop-and-2-external-monitors?atw=1 #multiplemonitors
12:10 PM
Nice Password
12:52 PM
did rlemon post a password?
happens to the best of us (me :D)
Though, I didn't really see it.
when it happened i changed mine within seconds :P
12:55 PM
If I post my password, no one would really know it is a password.
cuz its jokerdino
is your password "If I post my password, no one would really know it is a password."?
or ":)"
It was not really a password
It was a string of numbers
The only person that can see it and is on the active list is @jrg
my passwords look like george's starred message :P
1:01 PM
this is my email:
I can see that?
@jrg Yep
Comes part of the package
My password for my Ubuntu+1 machine is password
and i make no secret of that since its behind three firewalls. :p
@AmithKK oh.
someone ping me
1:13 PM
@rlemon pong
@jrg one more time please :P
@rlemon pongity pong pong ping
hrmm. ok thanks.
welcome sir.
@AmithKK Amith - @Rinzwind had a rather nice answer to your original question... care to ask another question?
1:23 PM
1:34 PM
Waiting for network configuration...
Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration...
Q: How install ruby-rvm on ubuntu 11.04?

YosefI want to install rails environment on ubuntu 11.04. I type: sudo apt-get install ruby-rvm => Unable to locate package ruby-rvm what i made in Ubuntu 11.10 to make the same task (But my current pc is ubuntu 11.04): sudo apt-get install ruby-rvm rvm install ruby-1.9.3-p125 sudo gem upd...

lol if I don't allow the network configuration to load a bunch of stuff fails.
how do I have an offline bootable ubuntu server? :P
1:51 PM
@jokerdino I heard you made some fixes in Ubuntu, high give!
what happens to rewarded bounties if answers get deleted?
it's about this:
Q: Is there a real name policy in the Ubuntu community?

martin001I'm not ashamed to be a part of Ubuntu, but I'm trying to keep the number of web search hits for my real name low, which is kinda impossible if you use a Launchpad account. So, I'm wondering if there is a real name policy in the Ubuntu community, or if it's okay to use a pseudonym/nick name/fake...

no clue.
i'm willing to award Vibhav Pant and Paul Sladen a bounty, but this really should be one answer
sorry @Oli, unfortunately your (correct) answer is missing sources
(but i think you can live with not getting 250 rep :D)
2:05 PM
@OctavianDamiean you around?
you ever get random device crash/reboots on android?
Well that was kinda un-cool. My SE tshirt went through the laundry with something blue, and it is now slightly off-white-off-blue. Looks cool though.
wash everything in cold water - always - period. wash everything inside out. and for a first wash, if you are afraid the item will bleed add a teaspoon of table salt.
Sometimes yes.
2:16 PM
@OctavianDamiean know what causes it? rouge app?
Not sure. Could be.
@jrg Aaah. Got to love it when things come out a colour that can only be described as pants-left-in-wash.
@Oli get over it! you already got 60 rep for it! :P
seriously, though... how can we make one good answer out of it?
(need coffee, totally unconcentrated today ;))
Vibhav Pant covers the first three points, Paul Sladen the last one.
i could copy their content and write my own answer, awarding the bounty to myself :P
system won't let you award it to yourself.
@Oli lol
ok, here's an idea.
@jrg afaik i can
just not getting the points
2:29 PM
i refund the bounty for @htorque, and then you start two smaller bounties - one for Sladen's, the other for Vibhav.
no, i'm fine with 2x 250
Step 1. Give me all the points. Step 2. ??? Step 3. PROFIT
well, you can't do two bounties which are the same amount on the question.
i really think this is a good question and i was surprised this isn't covered somewhere on ubuntu.com
wait, why?
the system makes you start another bounty with more reputation.
2:30 PM
ya, really.
yeah, really. i tried that with something a few weeks ago
@jrg - suggest refund the 250 - htorque award 125 to one answer and 250 to the other
or 200/250?
system should allow a 200/250.
2:34 PM
ok, please refund (and i'll run away :P)
ok. ;)
... ok - it used to be double ... maybe recent changes allow this... anyway we'll all find out soon enough. @htorque - suggest edit the main answer with combined content from all three...
200 bounty started
yeah, right, which is the main answer? :D
Vibhav Pant covers three of four points with a community council member as source
think we should make that "main"
... I would concur - Vibhav had the initiative to pursue this in the first place - Sladen was kind enough to follow this up.
@jrg - interesting comment ... you dont think Oli's was "good" ;)
2:42 PM
Oli's answers suck. ducks ;)
there. I said "excellent". That work @fossfreedom? ;)
... cool Mod fight ... lets watch and throw jelly
it has six upvotes → speaks for itself. ;)
k, i'll now try to merge it. :)
are there any equivalents to ditto utility in QNX?
2:47 PM
Bounty offered: Dell precision M4600 stuck at last stage of reboot http://askubuntu.com/questions/111807/dell-precision-m4600-stuck-at-last-stage-of-reboot?atw=1 #dell
nvm... ssh
fossfreedom -- if you want you can make me the quoted source for the answer
that is if you need something beyond the png
3:02 PM
Charles! :o
Hello there. :)
Hey Octavian
@cprofitt there's mailing list archive i guess?
htorque - there is
ok, will add a link to the discussion then :)
I asked the question in the IRC channel as well before making my post... then I took my post and added it to the original answer
I do not think you can access the archive unless you are on the CC
3:07 PM
That is why I offered to be the CC source for the quote
this question has become a mess, i'm sorry :D
no, problem... it is a messy problem
everyone will get an upvote from me, so in the end it's not my fault. :P
but we can get it fixed
I 'undeleted' my answer so it could be used as the CC source
I can also add a comment to any 'merged' answer and indicated that I reviewed it
what ever you guys need
I do think the answer should be merged down to one complete answer though.
3:11 PM
A: Is there a real name policy in the Ubuntu community?

Vibhav PantSummary You do not need to use your real name in the Ubuntu Community and when contributing to the Ubuntu project. However, you do need to use a real legal identity to contribute to certain Canonical upstream projects (or have agreed a suitable alternative). Ubuntu Community I asked Elizabeth...

this one should now include everything
> martin001 Unregistered
hope he comes back to accept one of the answers. :-/
what is the primary purpose of the /usr/ directory?
i'm trying to understand some difference between the filestructures of QNX and Linux / Ubuntu
htorque -- yep looks good. When he accepts the answer I can add a CC confirmation to it as well
QNX has /usr/accounts/<username>
is this the same as /home/<username>
3:14 PM
htorque if you ever have other questions that need a nod from the CC feel free to ping me and I can take a look.
@cprofitt thanks, will do :-)
@htorque -- when that gets accepted will that be made an FAQ?
@JorgeCastro I did? I only fixed a typo so far. :D
well, you're awesome
@cprofitt i have no idea how SE sites decide which questions show up under FAQ :-(
3:17 PM
/me nods
@jrg ^^ any idea?
hey @JorgeCastro
@htorque depends on the number of links to the question from other questions.
@jokerdino within the site? - ok
3:18 PM
So, yes
then this probably won't become a FAQ
I guess the FAQ list is a list of the most duplicated questions
47 secs ago, by htorque
then this probably won't become a FAQ
Oli is right, in a way.
Questions like "How to report a bug" and "How to subscribe to a bug" aren't highly duplicated. They are FAQs coz they are linked everywhere.
Technically Oli's answer had a source -- since I edited it.
The question, despite not having many links, should be made an FAQ IMHO
+1 to @jokerdino
3:21 PM
@htorque Link it everywhere! \o/
Yes, as far as I know also the view count is taken into consideration.
OK, only twice.
Man, I can never be humble. :(
grats @jokerdino
3:24 PM
the FAQ is autogenerated
it's some combination of links within the site, views, votes, and something
it's on meta.stackoverflow somewhere
but the basic gist seems to be "link things"
@htorque @cprofitt FAQ is auto generated based on links in other questions, duplicates and votes.
thanks @jrg @JorgeCastro
you're welcome.
@cprofitt hey!
Welcome :)!
12.04 wallpaper competition is closed!
I started using HUD actively as of today - loving it :)
i'm glad that i don't need to go through hundreds of pictures to pick a long/short list. :D
3:38 PM
Saves lots of time in Inkscape.
@RolandTaylor really? i'm still not feeling comfortable using it.
Nice to know Roland.
But I have disabled HUD.
It was getting into my workflow.
ha! mods can cheat their way to the legendary badge: 1. put a 200 rep bounty on a question. 2. refund the bounty a day later. 3. repeat 150 times. :D
we can?
yeah, i just got +50 from that refund :D
3:47 PM
<3 hud
been using it since it landed
Hello all
I really wish that two way folding would return to the Unity launcher. Having it fold only at the bottom and not at the top is so annoying
4:02 PM
Can you invite me to 2buntu?
(Meaning, if I mouse over the bottom, the top disappears.
@AmithKK nevah
@MarcoCeppi We are enemies from here on. :x
4:21 PM
I guess that was a poor joke.
No, we're just all thinking of something that can top that
and we're failing.
oh noes! what tags is fluteflute creating? :D
Q: What is Mark Shuttleworth's "Easter eggs" blog a reference to?

flutefluteI saw this blog post today, and I was wondering if there's some meaning within the Ubuntu community that I've missed? (I know what an easter egg is in a computer context.) One of our ducks has started dropping eggs in random locations in the garden. I don’t know which duck, but I assume it’...

Can someone tell me what the purpose of reddit is?
4:25 PM
That, my dear, is the purpose of reddit.
Well, my experience tells me otherwise.
To find the purpose of reddit, you must become the reddit.
@htorque What on earth...
It tells me the purpose of reddit is: lies, scandals, and wastage of time.
does an IP check to make sure he wasn't compromised
4:26 PM
@RolandTaylor You've just described a very large chunk of the internet.
@htorque I think he is going for the badge?
About 45% of it is reddit :)
Wastage of time? Which part of Internet does not do that?
Or perhaps he had a genuine question about what on earth mark was talking about. Given it's about Mark Shuttleworth and Easter eggs, those tags fit, in my mind.
Hey guys
I'm just curious about the hud feature on 12.04
4:29 PM
Anyway, what was Mark talking about? I read the post like three times already and still don't make much sense.
is it intended to close launcher bar in the left when pressing alt?
Why so curious?
it's a good addition, imo, way easier than navigating through menus
about ducks, hidden eggs, easter? dunno
@shookees not sure it is, but that's what it does here too. :-)
ahh, then it might be default
4:32 PM
it does that for me too
and look at the graphic on the side
it scoops down
googles for design spec for HUD
so it's probably supposed to do that
well yes
and draws a line all the way down the side
that's just a guess though
4:32 PM
hah sweet!
Still more to do but it's getting there.
maybe I can get OMG on that
One thing I should mention though...
...it still has a few things that need ironing out.
First of all, it displays all of the answers to a question.
(I have fixed that but haven't yet comitted the code.)
it's ok, OMG is kind of boned right now and we're busy on it so take your time, hah
Also, we wanted to make it easy to have a custom style.
...and I haven't got that far yet either.
4:39 PM
@shookees (I know I'm late) - that's by design :)
@RolandTaylor Hey, guess what? StackTack is now on 2buntu.
hm, shouldn't we see a new (rather "refined") wallpaper with beta2?
I finished getting the plugin uploaded yesterday.
@htorque after the contest is over yes
it is over :P
4:44 PM
Contest results are not out yet?
Also, the older wallpapers will no longer be removed.
That bug was fixed.
no, i think they will need weeks to go through all submissions. :P
@jrg: yeah, in a related bug
Following on from bug #829213 the wallpapers in Ubuntu come from the Ubuntu Wallpaper contest which closes at 15 March 2012 18:00 UTC:   "Precisely how we’re going to make the wallpapers in 12.04 the best ever!"   http://design.canonical.com/2012/01/precisely-how-were-going-to-make-the-wallpapers-in-12-04-the-best-ever/   "Precise Pangolin wallpaper submissions group"   http://www.flickr.com/groups/1860176@N24/ There are over 1700 entries so far! The previous winners will get that down to a shortlist of ~30 entries. There are generally two types of image, most are photographic (JPGs) with a small number of non photographic, drawn images (PNGs). Then this needs to happen:   1. Publish the list of winning entries on design.canonical.com   2. All images are must be CC-BY-SA which is a criteria for inclusion and this is a stated requirement of submission. Contributors have been asked to update the relevant metadata on Flickr   3. Scale all the images to the same 2000px width and c
ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu)
Wishlist / Confirmed
> There are over 1700 entries so far! The previous winners will get that down to a shortlist of ~30 entries.
beta2 freeze is this week :D
cant wait for 12.10!
@htorque Sheds tears
can't wait for 12.10's code name :D
4:46 PM
@RolandTaylor why is it used that way? By default launcher doesn't hide although when using hud it does.
Can't wait for 13.10. I will be attending the UDS by person. :D
12.10's codename is going to be something that Mark was hunting last week
4:53 PM
Q: Configuring multiple static IP addresses for a disk image

MattUsing Ubuntu 10.04 I'm using Clonezilla to create and install a customized image. I'd like to be able to set up multiple static IP addresses. For example, I'd like the first interface to have the IP and the second interface to have the IP I have tried setting up two connection...

5:07 PM
Just meet my new "co-workers" for something that is coming along soon in my job, 41 and 43, both married with kids. I was like dam those guys are old farts... Then I looked at my self! :/ facepalm I feel old!
wise, not old.
Tattoo in gimp << wow, the questions just keep getting stranger and stranger
although nothing will beat the "When will Mark Shuttleworth stop smoking pot?" one. :D
New Android Humble Indie Bundle including Canabalt, Avadon, Cogs, Zen Bound 2 and Swords and Soldiers.
@Oli any good games there?
@Oli nice, best spent money ever!
5:15 PM
I already have cogs...
Time to get some sleep before tomorrow's lesson. Good day folks.
5:59 PM
Can you answer this? Is there a way to have event sounds? http://askubuntu.com/questions/99975/is-there-a-way-to-have-event-sounds?atw=1 #sound
6:27 PM
I didn't wake up today expecting to write a shift-reduce parser, but that's what happened :P
7:02 PM
@GeorgeEdison writing a parser does not just happen. admit, you did wake up expecting to write it! :P
No, I was originally planning to write a set of RegEx's.
One does not simply write a parser.
@lazyPower Chef is cool, but it doesn't like my LANs DNS server so I can't use it a lot. :\
7:29 PM
@jrg How does one write a parser?
Indeed that is the question (I have no clue, was just stringing together a meme. :p)
@jrg: Problem solved.
I see.
@GeorgeEdison Nice
@jrg The asker could have not gotten it closed by asking how to scale images to post-printed physical dimensions...might have made more sense
maybe. however, there is still nothing ubuntu specific there from what I can tell.
7:41 PM
this is true. then it might have gotten migrated to u/l or superuser though
1 hour later…
8:47 PM
Can you answer this? Is there a way to disable the hardware on/off switch for the Wireless interface? http://askubuntu.com/questions/76382/is-there-a-way-to-disable-the-hardware-on-off-switch-for-the-wireless-interface?atw=1 #wireless
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
12.10: Quaternary Quetzalcoatlus!
10:07 PM
Q: What hinders Ubuntu from getting traction in the professional field?

PrasadIf this is not the place to ask this, please forgive this Ubuntu cub, I want to ask, what do people do with Ubuntu? As an Ask Ubuntu user I can see that most of the users (including myself) are asking questions about entertainment related problems. Is that all? No commercial use with it? Do peop...

How on earth does this get by for so long?
I think the only reason it got by is what do people do with ubuntu other than browse teh internetz
So the response could be pro ubuntu...instead of knocking it
@jrg I know, I voted it right away
You can read about my parser here: github.com/nathan-osman/Juice-Builder
I'll be using it for StackTack.
10:38 PM
@JorgeCastro whats really sad is I migrated it here from meta and didn't think about the actual question :P
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