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12:17 AM
okay, Well, I'm awake. You guys haven't advanced time to the scene, but that's OK...
oh @RMorrisey do you want to add anything? I'm in the middle of writing up the time-advance
wrong chat
12:36 AM
will I not have time to intercept the main group? i would rather not have them stumble upon the group unaware
That's why I narrated the main group learning of it
my mistake. too late to delete my remark
No worries, it works.
why is iszi not in this chat also?
12:40 AM
Who has history?
Therin went back to report. I'd assume Sam is still hanging out there waiting for orders?
You're absolutely welcome to determine SOP after the fact :)
Or, y'know, right now :)
I'm assuming sane behaviour until otherwise informed.
which would be what, in this scenario? :P
rikhim has a 10 in history
Buggered if I know, I'm only the gm.
12:42 AM
which appears to be the highest
I would guess so!
can we get everyone on I play 4e?
Functionally, the chaos scar doesn't have "sides"
that would be nice :)
but I'd like individuals to upload their own sheets
okay, whatever. Sam headed back as well.
it has "you guys" and "everyone who lives outside of town and in the scar who is warped by magic in some way"
can you all see Therin "Eagle Eye" in iplay4e
12:43 AM
Not necessarily to report, but just to ... be there for the one who's reporting
and nod at appropriate times :P
::nod:: I recommend discussing SOP for scouting and stuff.
But yeah, right now it's best if you do a group huddle for WTF purposes.
We're missing squeaky.
@RMorrisey ::ping:: Upload squeaky to iplay4e
in hindsight it would be best to have sam report while therin setups for sniping if necessary
I'm happy to allow that retcon
You guys are professionals. You can do professional stuff
if everyone agrees that could be the SOP
this is the first game, so it's all good
12:45 AM
what do you think @sohum
totally workable
@BrianBallsunStanton , do you have mod on that room yet?
:10885 Nope. It's annoying.
i would also add that Zankul could pretend to be the leader when first encountering "unknowns"
one sec
@CRoss I think you changed the wrong name, dude :P
12:48 AM
good catch
also, just to test, so my OCD can rest
@Brian, testing
no ping
@Brian , testing
I actually get pings there
Ok, seems I missed a bit. Could I get a short recap?
12:49 AM
Looks like we're waiting on Therin's take of whose side the peasants are on?
Sam's (retcon)
Which retcon?
"Sam's take of ..."
I'm slightly unsure what Sam would find unusual to report about the scene
12:53 AM
which is fair enough
Am I meant to read the description Brian's posted as "this is what you noticed"?
because then the thing he's fiddling with is highly unusual
This is the default what you noticed. The scene of course can be probed for more detail :)
Oh, what a perfect line
it would also be unwise to have to group blindly run into an "unknown" group in hostile territory
::sigh:: shame none of them are in range to respond..
12:54 AM
this could be the ambush
that was my reasoning in having one of the scouts report the situation to Serai
Sam peers at everyone's stealth scores :P
So hostile, everyone...
more like self-preserving.
You don't show your hand if you don't know if the other party's playing with a stacked deck
...that analogy was going somewhere and then it ran away
I was more aiming at Zankul alone, or with one other high-strength character go in and help, while the rest wait to counter-ambush if needed.
@Sohum The Shardmind doesn't have any powers strong enough to help much.
no, which is exactly why he's perfect to disarm them
doesn't smell of handpicked from a larger group
1:05 AM
:10916 is Therin in range to support if a combat happens? If not, I will try to sneak closer.
I think at this point, we need to place ourselves on the map?
@BrianBallsunStanton I presume we need to sneak at some point as well
Is there a such a thing as a held action in 4e?
yup. Readied and delay
okay, lets see here.
Step 1) Is anyone trying to get in in a non-easy way?
Therin, Sam, and Serai
1:07 AM
someone give me a link to the map again?
See the IC room description.
it's in the IC room's description
ookay, lets see here
So you're stealthing through the woods?
Give me a stealth or nature check, all of you.
er, the ones going the hard way
Those not stealthing nor going through the woods.
Drat! I know what we forgot.
1:08 AM
eep, another bad one. 5+9 = 14
I need images for all of you
That I can enpogrify.
should have asked for that earlier. Drat it all
12 + 7 = 19 (stealth)
Okay, well, given 5 minutes to stealth 200 meters, (well done, BTW) you both move slowly and quietly enough that they don't hear you.
Can I just use the one I threw on the map for the time being?
you may place yourselves in the woods :)
1:10 AM
wait, there was an actual distance?
push save map
Squeaky <- little blue zelda pog
Yup, you were 200 meters away. a 5 minute sneak is just right.
so do I need to post the results of the iplay4e rolls in here?
okay :P
1:11 AM
That would be nice, if you want me to act on them
New plan. Everyone give me a gorram grid location for where you want to be
12+11=23 (stealth)
@BrianBallsunStanton Where's the iplay4e campaign page again?
in the room description
Okay. You three stealth with no real difficulty.
yes,grid locations!
that is better
Grid square 54-90... where we will hunt the Red october
1:12 AM
I see the map
serai wanted me near the yellowrobeguy
err. Stealthed?
Everyone hold up. Step -1. Place an icon to represent you in the "sidebar" by clicking edit.
tell me when you're done.
so... 8x15 looks about right
1:14 AM
Okay, who is big-hair-dude?
done. sam is, creatively enough, little ninja-clothing dude.
8x15 is a valid result for stealth
My pog keeps getting removed from the sidebar
therin is the elf with the diamond in the forehead
I put it up there and now it's gone
1:14 AM
oh. maybe I should pick a face rather than a figure?
I think edit conflicts
no, figure is good. It needs to be something recognizable
hey, mine's gone too
I put squeaky in v8 slot
okay, everyone's putting theirs in the same spot.
1:15 AM
no one edit that square
yea, I took a later one
god dammit
I'm so glad I haven't tried to do anything fancy this combat
For when I get home, please link a picture on the innertubes to the google doc character summary
I'll enpogify it
@BrianBallsunStanton You can use the one from Zankul's profile for him.
erk. I'd still prefer a link, if possible. Trying to extract pictures there is a pain.
So, Big-hair is elf, blue ninja is thief.
Black ninja is who?
1:17 AM
I used one of the stock pogs from the site, the blue zelda thing
black ninja is thief
Ninja is thief. Blue thing is ...
that blue thing's a ninja?
The dragonborn-looking one they have is fine, too.
1:17 AM
blue thing is zelda
i.e. squeaky
where is squeaky?
Is @Kedearian here? Haven't heard him in a bit.
blue thing looks like it should be ... yea, squeaky
Iszi. Listen to me. I need a web resource from you. There are plenty of them, but just saying "x" is fine isn't sufficient.
is squeaky supposed to be on the map right now?
1:18 AM
no, refresh
Don't know why you need a web resource, to create a pog, when one already exists?
guys, I'm out for the night, y'all carry on
Because I'll be making custom pogs for everyone.
1:19 AM
So, Serai is out of this encounter?
Okay. Where is squeaky?
uh, wait, what just happened
No. The encounter won't be realtime.
I do have stuff to do today, like my annual review
squeaky is back waiting with the group until the scouts sort out what's going on
so I think he should not be on the map, yet?
1:20 AM
Yes, @Sohum?
I think you got my numbers the wrong way around
@RMorrisey Actually, I think he is supposed to be stealthily keeping an eye on the situation with Zankul and Rihkim.
my understanding is that a couple of people are going to go forward and see if the wagon group need help
@RMorrisey I'm not sure that's the plan.
and everyone else hangs back
1:20 AM
Squeaky's supposed to be the ambush alarm.
Ok, so what's the plan?
Okay. Right. Chat is sooo not working for this.
"Squeaky, if you see us getting flanked play one note on that head-splitter of yours""
If they go around you guys, I'll call out. I got that part
@BrianBallsunStanton 15x8 is what I meant, I guess?
1:21 AM
Actually, maybe that's more a "watch our six" order, to cover the stealthers.
Zankul can probably roar loud enough for himself, if necessary.
Making a google doc, everyone. Hold up
I am going to axe murder someone the next time my blue squeaky pog gets removed from the quick reference tray on the left
maybe we could try gametable, instead?
It's OK, I'm going to have you all just use a google doc, and let me handle the map
Does it have a web interface?
1:23 AM
it requires someone to host
right. Can't use it.
This is OK, we just need to figure out a protocol.
would you folks prefer docs or wave?
/me doo de doo
I'd prefer docs cause wave is going byebye... but we can use wave for this first one
Whatever works.
1:24 AM
For coords, we should probably use a letters/numbers system instead of x/y coords. That would help prevent misinterpretations.
Wave instantiated.
The map has a grid system in it.
if you check mouse-coords, it gives you a canonical representation
so yea, I did mean 15x8
Wave is ready. Please make sure to link your pog (so that everyone else knows what you are as well) I'll replace them with the home made pogs in ... 10 hours or so
Link. To. An. Image.
Wait... thought we were coming from the North? I'm turned around.
The ruts are on the west.
if you're not trying to do anything fancy, you'll be entering there.
1:28 AM
Ok, so shall we start a few steps in then?
Yes, you can start a few steps in before the encounter starts
I presume, by the general description of "Six burly men" we're indicating these individuals as being human?
Guys, cut me some slack. I'm /really/ stressed out about my annual review today and so I'm a bit um... tense. When I ask for web resources, that's what I want. If you want me to find something on google images according to a search term, merely indicate the search term.
Do not say "fine as is" because it isn't.
Umm.... yes it is.
I put up a link
1:33 AM
Link is given.
Thank you @RMorrisey
So, six humans then, I presume? How are we handling the absent characters, prior to initiative rolls?
can anyone suggest some suitable image galleries to pick an image for Therin?
Okay, I'll see you all in ... 6 or so hours.
We're waiting.
@EricWeilnau Google images for a search term is how I do it. It works quite well
@Sohum ::sigh::
okay, now that you've seen it
1:36 AM
later, gl Brian
I'll go look for an actual one
Oh, waiting for their position, right.
I mean, it works. Just...
Yeah, we're taking things niiice and slow
Feel free to plan and plot and scheme in IC or OOC until I ask for initiative rolls.
1:37 AM
:11105 that worked great. thanks. posted the link in the wave
I think on my end, it's pretty simple. Try to assist, and holler if things go sour.
Therin will provide artillery support as it were.
1:45 AM
what else am I supposed to look for?
just a generic human rogue?
ok. I am going to watch TV with the wife. I will try to check things in the morning before work. good night.
4 hours later…
5:35 AM
okay, can people bug the people who haven't set um images and starting locations? When I get home tonight, people who haven't posted locations will be assigned them at the entrance, acording to their "squishiness" factor.
Or, I'll be quite drunk, and I'll do it tomorrow morning.
or both.
4 hours later…
9:45 AM
just a quick check, have i just been the strong silent type with the group or am I not there?
I think everybody is supposed to be there
the RP bit was optional
so yes, you were the strong, silent type
10:12 AM
i am like ivan drago then
10:28 AM
wait, what?
I thought Sam was the silent type
we have two silent types?
their conversations must be incredible :P
.. you talkin' to me? you talkin' to me?!
when asked which way the goblins went -- "....." >point<
Sam was annoyed today.
He had to give an actual report.
And then suggest a course of action.
So much talking.
Oh god...
he should have filed a written report, with a TPS coversheet.
10:38 AM
/me snrk
10:52 AM
so don't want to do any kind of prep
step 1) has everyone made their fiddily edits to wave?
who's playing serai again?
right. Tiefling swordmage. let's see what google has to do for us
cause it's pretty
11:50 AM
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12:03 PM
@CRoss Heya. Did you want to have a different starting location/
The gent in yellow robes rolled 11, and the burly men rolled 15. The men will rush whomever's closest and yellow robes dude will ... do some leadery stuff.
@BrianBallsunStanton I'll look at it. I hope I didn't break up the session last night
Nah, is OK. We need to get used to asynch stuff. I plan to... experiment there as well
oh, I kinda guessed on your position and character icon. please doublecheck for sanity?
My wife is pregnant, so bed time comes early around my house
No worries. We're all across the world. That's another thing I'm testing :)
@CRoss yes, those hormones kick in... oh, that might not have been what you meant.
12:17 PM
@MarcGravell No comment.
@BrianBallsunStanton I'm the icon in spot v8?
Wave has the legend.
(waaay too many tabs open)
er, you're serai, yeah?
oooh, hey, as campaign owner I can do damage to you guys in iplay!
You're the red dude with the blue sword over his head
right, I'd put me in the trees on the same side I am
oh, you made the stealth check, yeah?
about to head to bed
Also, to everyone, my knowledge of the current initiative order is in the map's "public notes"
12:34 PM
Thanks Brian
and yes, I made the stealth check
And init?
@BrianBallsunStanton no init
I can't get to I play4e from here, feel free to hit that button for me
19, and, since you're hidden, you get a surprise action as well
I'll read up at lunch and post after work
1:08 PM
@BrianBallsunStanton 16 for Zankul's Init.
still happy with your pog?
oh wow, I just realized it was a dragonborn
there's no contrast to the bloody thing.
(looked like some guy with a bulky blindfold for the last 3 hours)
LOL How do I get to the map, from the bit.ly link here?
Oh, wait... the map isn't on iplay4e?
Don't know why I thought it was. We really need to find a site that has an all-in-one... or, if we have the skills/resources between us, perhaps make one.
Also, worth noting: You can only view power details on iPlay4E if you have D&DI.
@CRoss @Kedarian @RMorrisey @Sohum @EricWeilnau It seems either everyone's confused here, or perhaps the one in yellow is deceiving the others. Suggest we keep the one in yellow alive for interrogation.
@Iszi Now that is an interesting question
@CRoss Aye. The fact that the one in yellow had to make some excuse for the others to turn aggressive on us, makes this really seem like no ordinary ambush.
I'll do my best to take him alive, but I was referring to your suggestion of making a better mouse trap
1:22 PM
In fact, it may be worth letting him finish the monologue instead of taking the surprise round now. This may yet be a negotiable situation.
@CRoss Oh, right. Thanks.
1:46 PM
Anyone know what's going on with the chat rooms? I go to chat.rpg.stackexchange.com and it redirects to chat.stackexchange.com now.
@Iszi The explanation can be found in the following room

Chat feedback

Problems with chat? Let us know...
but basically they move all the chat to a single site. Rooms are still per site, and the mods are still mods here.
This is a permanent change, or just for the migration?
I believe it's intended to be permanent
2 hours later…
3:38 PM
@CRoss Well, I for one don't like it.
3:59 PM
i put on my robe and wizard hat?
oh cool i can post again now
can i cast magic missile at the darkness now? or do i have to roll init first?
quick question, on the map it shows trees blocking the path to the south, is there only one exit from the place for that wagon?
@Iszi What's the complaint?
4:21 PM
@CRoss Just clutter - rooms from all the sites all in one place.
And its surely not going to get any better, as more sites get stood up.
@Iszi it's free, no complaining.
No disagreement on that point. You can put all our rooms at the top with this link
4:47 PM
@CRoss Thanks. Starring rooms also adds them to your favorites, which show up on their own on another tab.
Dice on iplay are rigged... 11 init
@Kedearian I'm seriously considering bringing in a set and using those.
I usually use my own at home, though when the wife's asleep it's better to use iPlay - no noise.
The "click to roll and apply bonuses" functionality is cool though.
@Iszi Makes the mind weak. I need that basic math practice
@CRoss I don't disagree. You can't deny though, the convenience is occasionally nice.
And, there's always the option to just roll the dice bare.
Yes, I know. And your point about people being asleep is quite valid
4:54 PM
also cheaters... filthy hobbitsszzz...
5:08 PM
Speaking of the noise, I've got one of Chessex's dice boots. I'm trying to figure a way to make it quieter. Any thoughts as to what could be used, and where to get it?
@Kedearian Can you update Rihkim's file on iPlay4e? Looks like he's still only got Tenser's Floating Disk in his rituals.
you're lying!
@BrianBallsunStanton Why's Serai down by 5 HP?
i'll update it when i get home, i must have uploaded the wrong .dnd4e
2 hours later…
7:07 PM
@Iszi Sounds like a question for the site
@CRoss Thanks. I was kinda debating whether to do that. It may slightly be considered off-topic, as it doesn't directly relate to any RPG.
I think it's pertinent. Tag it dice
And, perhaps tools?
(How'd you get the special formatting on "dice" anyway)
7:43 PM
See, good question.
You use back ticks '`'
1 hour later…
8:45 PM
I huh buh whuh happened?
9:25 PM
9:36 PM
what sorcery is this
umm... a wizard did it?
/me runs around headless'chicken'd
a dragon did it!
/me runs around... roasted'toasted?
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