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1:09 AM
Help, I need a smart person.
I need someone to aid and abet my plotting.
I am tired of crappy wind plots.
I have a notion for how to do this better.
That's what everybody does. And it sucks.
Imagine instead a compass dial.
I would say (rho,theta), but I want theta to be from the Y-axis not the X-axis.
But given that, theta-from-Y is the wind direction and rho is the windspeed.
Now, what to do about the time component?
That's easy: you need a Z-axis.
Which means that you end up with a double helix!
Then you could merge those two graphs.
@Reg Do you know any graphing software that would let me produce a helix or double-helix given the right inputs?
I imagine a wind vane spinning around the compass to indicate the direction, the magnitude of the arrow indicating velocity, and the helix is what happens when you graph it against time. If you graph both sustained and gust velocities (yes, velocities, not speed: these have direction) then you would have a clock with two hands on it of varying lengths. If you stack a bunch of these up to represent time, you have a double-slinky.
Hm, I seem to have found a Gmbh company.
Oh good, they have an EN version so I don't have to be dumb.
Think of it as a wind rose where you pull up the slinky.
1:32 AM
@tchrist I find those compasses pretty intuitive.
Use the y axis to indicate wind speed (so put the compasses at different heights.)
Well, the length of the arrow would be the speed, and the angle would be . . . the angle.
The trick is how to stack those up.
All the plotting stuff I've found does only radial plots, not helical ones.
Maybe it needs fancier 3Dness.
Yes, I know the difference between a helix and a spiral.
This partakes of both because the speed will change.
there's this presentation too windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=767&switchlang=1 if it helps
Needs more vision. :)
I can’t believe we haven’t had a struck–stricken question before.
This is not the answer to my question:
Q: Plotting wind speed and wind direction over time

LizI'm trying to make a plot that can display both wind speed and wind direction over time. A colleague suggested adding a line pointing in the wind direction to each point on a time-series plot of wind speed. I thought it would be fairly simple to calculate the line. I used trig formulas from here...

Although it should be.
I think it will take some sort of 3D modelling software.
Q: Plot 3 vectors in 3d

ronI have 3 vectors , one for angles of Phi , another for angles of Teta , and the last one a vector of points in the Y axe ,after computing the points of Teta & Phi with a function : for teta = 0 : 10^-2 : pi/2 for phi = 0 : 10^-2 : pi/2 Y(current) = v*sin(phi)*sin(teta); T...

1:49 AM
Yes, that is nice.
Oh, it’s very nice! You can rotate and zoom!
@tchrist How do you mean, stack up?
Use the z-axis for time, then connect the ends of the arrows as you stack the data for every 5 minutes or whatever.
Imagine a tall stack of Oreo cookies. :)
What dimensions do you need?
The length of the arrow is the speed, the angle is the angle, and the 3rd dimension is time.
1:56 AM
would the time axis be vertical or horizontal? just wondering
I wish all the matlab answers about 3d plotting on SO gave what it looks like.
I was thinking of time being vertical, but perhaps horizontal would be better.
These are all surfaces though.
the visualizations we showed you like that: ← ↙ ↙↘ ↘ ↘ ↘ are just a kind of projection of the 3D representation
That’s kinda the idea.
Although I think your horizontal orientation might prove better in the long run.
you could use "wind barbs" for the speed
The speed is just rho under a (rho, theta) coördinate system.
So the distance from the origin.
2:04 AM
in 3D it would be great indeed, but you would need to be able to rotate it, else some data can be hidden (wind directions on the y axis if x is vertical)
why would you need to measure the arc length of your wind velocity representation?
I don't know that I do.
I just notice that that applet generates helices.
oh, I don't have java for my browser
Q: parametric plot 3D, helix and astroidal sphere

BosankaCan somebody help me and write code for this 2 picture in WinEdt (latex) (this is from Mathematica, I write in Mathematica, but I don't know write this code in WinEdt). I tried with "parametricplotThreeD" and I don't know how write code. Help :( Sorry, I don't speak english very well..

An actual helix would be a constant rho/speed and varying angle. However, both speed and angle vary.
2:17 AM
yep I imagine it
2:33 AM
@Robusto Nice word. But looks like a difficult one :-)
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3:37 AM
@tchrist Well, but you'd still need the ability to rotate the graph in three dimensions then.
3:56 AM
@tchrist But what would you need three spatial dimensions for that?
If you show the angle by the direction of the arrow of the little compass as in my graph, you're done.
I have failed to make myself understood.
But it's 5AM and thereby bedtime.
Good night.
You, too.
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9:07 AM
After reading the questions on the front page right now, I feel like giving up on the site and the humanity at large.
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10:15 AM
Hello, anyone here?
@tchrist you just wanted the time dimension in addition to the arrow showing wing velocity, that's right? @Cerberus
If I understood the discussion last night
10:34 AM
Can you help me with something?
I have this expression in my language that sounds perfect, but not so good in English.
"You have to be 100 steps ahead to be 10 steps in the back".
It is the best translation I can get
It means that in life you have to work hard so that in end, you can manage to be en par with the people surrounding you.
Staying ahead of the game!
I was looking of something that involved steps
So that it could look original
It's for an application essay.
I want the expression in a more natural English
The same one that is
@MikhailTal You could keep it like that one, or maybe there's one in idioms.thefreedictionary.com/step
"One step forward, two steps back" almost the opposite meaning no :) ?
10:47 AM
Ha, I just realized that Firebug replaced their ugly-to-scale raster icon with an SVG:
11:35 AM
@Jez Hi Jez.
How would you say that "her left heel 'got into' the ground"? sunk? dig ?
In french the word is "s'enfoncer dans la terre"
11:56 AM
@ABeautifulMind hiya
@crl are we talking stiletto shoes?
@Jez yes
I'd say "sunk into"
or "got stuck in"
I'll take sank into, thanks
12:12 PM
@ABeautifulMind Why that avatar?
this deep water blue, abysmal blue

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