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1:50 AM
@MattE.Эллен do you have a text for learning modern Greek?
2:35 AM
@KitZ.Fox I do hate to steal all of the questions intended for others, but since I am here, I do remember @suməlic mentioned that the The Online Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon is considered a respectable resource.
2:49 AM
@Tonepoet Oh, that is a well-known dictionary, but it's for ancient Greek. Unfortunately I don't know what resources there are for modern Greek.
3:28 AM
@suməlic Ah, I see. I should've probably looked at the website more first. Also, as long as I am here, I see you made the edit I suggested, so I deleted my comment and voted for your meta-answer. Thank you for listening to my concern.
3:52 AM
@Tonepoet Hi! Are you still awake?
You know I don't sleep @Jasper. =P
Someone just emailed me to reprimand me. I think I will ignore them.
@KitZ.Fox If you want to learn Greek, you can try the Teach Yourself Complete series.
@JasperLoy Well before deciding to do that, do consider the nature of the complaint and if it has any merit at all. It never hurts to consider how others think you might improve yourself. Sometimes other people are aware of flaws that we can't see.
@Tonepoet Yes, but this one sounds like a nutcase. Totally unlike you. =)
@Tonepoet I can't explain to you the contents, because there is a very long history behind it. =) I should just keep calm and move on.
@JasperLoy That may be so, but sometimes wisdom is hidden in confusion or tainted with malice. If it is possible, try to separate the trash from the treasure.
4:03 AM
@Tonepoet OK. For a moment, I thought you are this person's other account, lol.
Hmm, well I don't think I can prove otherwise but if you do value my word, I have not contacted you on gmail since our lone Hangouts session.
You can't be this person. You are very good at writing.
I am going to make some coffee and make some videos, enjoy your Sunday @Tonepoet.
it duznt taek mch 2 leik, fane bd wrtng evn eef eet doez hurt mai I'z
But yeah, you have a nice day too @JasperLoy.
4:21 AM
@JasperLoy Tonepoet is no tee pot, to pet one.
@tchrist I am quite bad at anagrams, so I never even realized that before! Also, how are the anagrams relevant?
1 hour later…
5:56 AM
@Tonepoet OK. If there is anything about my behaviour that is not right, please point out to me. =)
@JasperLoy I haven't noticed anything really.
@Tonepoet By the way, what stage of your Buddhist practice will you say you are at? I would say I am currently very deluded =)
I can't be certain. I'm a slacker somewhat so I probably should be doing better.
On Linux, I use ffmpeg to cut videos. It is very fast. Just enter a command and wait for two seconds.
I still have a bottle of free wine in the fridge.
Interesting that refrigerator has no d but fridge has.
What's a d?
6:06 AM
I mean the letter d.
Oh yeah.
We may actually have a question about that...
Also interesting that pronunciation is not spelled pronounciation.
Day in and day out, I'll never understand why people spell colonel that way. I think cournel would be somewhat better at least.
Same as lieutenant which is read leftenant.
@Tonepoet I think kernel is the best, lol. Kernel also happens to be a mathematical term.
The kernel spelling is overburdened as it is.
6:11 AM
I notice that you dot all your abbreviations, very American. I omit all the dots, very British.
@Tonepoet Yes, which is what I use, lol.
@Tonepoet Speaking of dots, lol.
@DEAD I like the structure of the benzene ring.
@suməlic I notice that your username has a schwa as well now, lol.
@JasperLoy I have always seen the abbreviations punctuated up until the new millennium. I like to exemplify J.C. Penny as an example of changing times.
@Tonepoet I think US and UK punctuation conventions do differ. It's not really about changing times, is it?
@Tonepoet How is your computer now? Back to Windows?
@JasperLoy It's hard to say. Can you find me an example of 18th century abbreviation practices that does not use the periods? If not, maybe you can from the early 20th? My 1991 Random House Dictionary notes both of the formats but that's a bit late and it doesn't seem to mention it being a regional difference. Most importantly though, it's a mannerism that gets many comments and complaints, where I would think it should be considered unexceptional.
6:20 AM
@Tonepoet OIC. Well, I am not familiar with ancient English, only modern English. =) I am less of a scholar than you are in the English language.
@JasperLoy Oh I think I may have left the wrong impression on you. I am no scholar. I think you may have read much more on the subject of English than I have.
Sigh, the Kensington Keyboard for life sure has survived plenty of falls, and several spilled drinks too. The corner is broken off but it lives up to the name if you ignore that much.
@Tonepoet What is special about the keyboard?
Nothing much is special about it. I think they just didn't expose the circuits, hence why it can survive a spilt smoothie. It's a cheap keyboard.
@KitZ.Fox From what I have heard, Teach Yourself Complete X is much better than Living Language Complete X, where X is the language you are trying to learn. But Assimil is the best. But there is no Assimil Greek for English speakers at the moment, with most of their books for French speakers. But I use Assimil for German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
@Tonepoet I think I will move my book recommendations on various subjects to my blog instead of my youtube channel, though I have not started posting on my blog yet.
@JasperLoy Yeah. As DEAD pointed out, it seems to be the "cool" thing to do here.
To have non-ASCII characters in names, I mean.
6:32 AM
@suməlic It all started on ELU's birthday, and they never wanted to change it back afterwards.
How do you guys manage to log into your accounts?
@JasperLoy I suppose so. Although some people changed back, I think. I remember an old Meta post that listed older versions of names.
@Tonepoet Just use your email.
@Tonepoet I just always stay logged in.
Last night, the air was so hot that I felt my lung muscles contracting.
6:36 AM
@JasperLoy That sounds awful
I think I will watch all the Milla Jovovich movies. She is very pretty.
Yes, I am shallow like that.
I think she started acting when 13, and now she is 40, and she still looks the same, lol.
The oldest woman in the world died at 120. I hope my mum lives till 120 too.
@JasperLoy Doesn't that imply you're watching all of her movies because she looks like a 13 year old? >_>
@Tonepoet LOL. Maybe.
120 sounds like a miracle, at least by today's standards.
I think human lifespan will vary according to the times. Like at some time in the future it will become 800 instead of 80.
I think this kind of thing is mentioned in some religious texts but I have no citation now.
I think I will drink more coffee, bye.
6:47 AM
@JasperLoy Multi-hundred year old people aren't too uncommon in biblical texts. The oldest living man in the bible is Methusela, who apparently lived to be 969.
With that having been said, modern medicine hasn't done much to extend the maximum lifespan since the 1800s. The average lifespan has gone up, but that's mostly because fewer people are dying prematurely.
1 hour later…
7:49 AM
@Tonepoet I think the long life is not due so much to medicine than natural factors, in the case of these 800 year olds.
That does seem to be the case.
Will you be emailing me soon? =)
I'm not sure really. I'm going to have to think of something to email to you first.
OK, no problem. Don't say anything if there's nothing. =)
My desktop computer has a really big screen.
Good for watching movies.
Hmm, I'd say computer monitors also have R.G.B. connections, but I suppose that hasn't mattered since H.D.M.I. became the connector of choice.
8:01 AM
I haven't shaved for a week, lol.
@Tonepoet I think you should get more sleep, for your own good.
2 hours later…
10:34 AM
@DEAD That's a very interesting experiment. I particularly like the idea that people try to treat the questions seriously. The exception for obvious homework questions is also important. The nett +9 votes suggests that others like the idea as well. Let us know how the experiment goes.
@Lawrence I'm not so sure it will. I mean what can anybody do to prevent Gen. Ref. closures at the subdomain level? S.E. websites are not fully autonomous and I think Gen. Ref. is network wide. Can moderators restrict close reasons?
@NVZ Where do we find these stats?
@Tonepoet Do you mean that you're not sure the experiment will go ahead?
I do.
@Lawrence If you look at a suggested edit, and then click on more, I believe that's where you can find that data.
Reviewer Stats
rand al'thor has approved 60 edit suggestions and rejected 25 edit suggestions and improved 6 edit suggestions
Scott has approved 51 edit suggestions and rejected 44 edit suggestions and improved 8 edit suggestions
Editor Stats
Tonepoet had 30 edit suggestions approved, and 4 edit suggestions rejected
10:56 AM
@Tonepoet Thank you.
A: Why is "fridge" spelt with a 'd' but "refrigeration" spelt without one?

Josh61Mist sources suggest that the term was an alteration of frig, probably because of the influence of the famous brand 'Frigidaire' whose sounds matches with the second syllable of 'refrigerator' Fridge: also frig: Colloq. abbrev. of refrigerator. The proprietary name Frigidaire may al...

@Lawrence If you liked my proposal, do leave your valuable feedback on MSE.
A: Unnecessary "and"s in reviewer stats

NVZFrom my meta ELU post, later migrated to MSE, and now closed as dupe of this question: Instead of seeing: (username) has approved 297 edit suggestions and rejected 121 edit suggestions and improved 21 edit suggestions Can that be rephrased to this? (username) has approved 297, rejected...

@NVZ Actually, I like the tabular form because it conveys that particular information more readily than prose. (original) (implemented)
I was going to suggest the tabular form, but then found that someone else had already suggested it.
I like tables, too.
I didn't know this MSE post existed before mine was migrated there from meta ELU.
11:08 AM
@NVZ Both the original and the implementation got bonuses.
That's because you both like tables. =P
@Tonepoet I don't necessarily like tables. I have to like them, as part of my job. I'm a civil engineer. :)
More specifically, Quantity surveyor.
@Tonepoet :)
@NVZ Hmm, judging from the Wikipedia article on that job title you're the dude I'd hire to see if the handyman is swindling me! XP
11:43 AM
@Tonepoet Natural lifespan is related to telomeres. They drop off as the cell divides, and when there aren't any left, the cell can't divide any further. There's some discussion in the linked article about lengthening telomeres, but other than exercise (!), it's not really ready for prime time.
@Tonepoet Oh well, one can but try. (Unless one's philosophy from Yoda one gets. Hrrmm.)
12:08 PM
I am back.
@Tonepoet My favourite tables are vegetables.
@JasperLoy Hmm. Why are vegetables considered less palatable than meat by the general public?
@Lawrence The general public is stupid.
@JasperLoy Even if we grant that, what's the rationale? I've heard an opinion that all the good taste in foods come from plant sources. I certainly enjoy a nice rack of BBQ ribs, but I've found, for example, Indian vegetarian food to be hearty as well, as are other cultures' lentil-based foods. There are substantial salads such as pumpkin & sweet potato. It can't be all down to fat and sugar, can it?
@Lawrence One factor might be poor cooking. People are not good at cooking vegetables.
12:26 PM
@JasperLoy True. Perhaps variety is another factor - it's somehow more important for vegetables. One can choose from just chicken, beef or lamb as the main component of every meal without too much complaint, but it's hard to find a trio of vegetables that can compare. Then again, many Asian noodle soups have plant-based main ingredients, with meat almost treated as a garnish.
@Lawrence I usually eat chicken and spinach every day.
I'm feeling hungry. :P
You can eat me, lol.
@JasperLoy Thank you kindly, but I'll pass. :)
12:30 PM
Join me in my suffering: It's long in form, but short in duration.
@Tonepoet The custard variant is delicious.
@Tonepoet You might say that's definitive. :P
I am now going to have a huge dinner. LOL
@Tonepoet Someone found the egg and put it back in? :P
12:52 PM
Just saw this pretty bird.. :)
something weird with my "upload" button..
1:13 PM
I have just finished my huge dinner.
I had curry chicken and broccoli.
@Tonepoet This is not a healthy snack =P
@JasperLoy That's part of why it's a form of suffering, like everything else in Samsara. =P
@Tonepoet Is English your main subject of interest, or something else?
1:28 PM
I don't know honestly.
My main subject of interest is mathematics.
Remember to eat healthy food, bye.
Bye bye.
@JasperLoy Also, can't I just get away with nettle soup Marpa? =P
1 hour later…
2:57 PM
@Tonepoet I had the best carrot soup a few days ago.
3:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer: What did 'make love' mean in the '60s? by a deleted user on english.stackexchange.com
4:05 PM
@JasperLoy We always have carrots in our soups.
Not that we're really creative with what food we eat or make.
2 hours later…
6:26 PM
Attended an English class taught by a native speaker; couldn't see it through to the end; dropped out after the ninth session (of total 50).
@Færd Fell asleep?
No! My expectations of a good English class has been raised.
Thank God. We're starting to look even more similar.
In two years, our dearest people won't be able to tell us apart.
6:29 PM
I mean the teeacher was great and everything, but ...
I don't know. I guess I can use my time on my own more efficiently.
At least in this situation.
It also put me off teaching English too. It's not as fun as I imagined.
@Færd It always looks less fun on TV.
It could be fun, but not when it's treated just like a horrid, lifeless business.
English, IMHO, is the worst-taught subject throughout the world.
Worse than chemistry, even.
6:35 PM
Maybe. One of.
Maybe Arabic is taught worse in Iran.
@Færd That's also true.

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