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3:00 AM
It is all very complicated, I know. But I rather think it should not be.
It is all fairly predictable, qualitatively.
It is a choice.
Especially poor people who have jobs are much better off in France.
And jobless people happen to also be much better off.
So that is the benefit.
But if the barrier to employment is so high, poor people won’t get jobs at all.
It is of course an egalitarian law: it promotes equality.
@tchrist Some poor people won't.
I don't have the solution.
Either upside comes with a downside.
Everyone I know lives knowing the axe could fall at any moment, and a guarantee that it eventually shall. The unique exception is tenured professors.
That must be an uncomfortable feeling.
3:04 AM
Of course. But you cannot illegalize it.
You cannot lock people into marriages they cannot get divorced from. That is wretched.
A marriage is between equals.
It’s like the opposite of indentured servitude, a kind of reverse-slavery.
And you cannot divorce your spouse without paying him lots of money, if he has little money of his own. Alimony.
3:05 AM
There are many very good reasons why I spent 20 years not working for anybody else.
It makes no sense to treat a large corporation and a man as equals.
Tell that to the Supremes.
They think companies have “rights”.
And that they are “persons”.
It is a vicious circle.
If you have a fairly unequal society, the rich have more power, and so they will have enough power to make policies favouring them, resulting in even more inequality.
I worked for two years with no days off, no sick time, no holidays, no vacation. And the bastards stole several thousand dollars from me, docking my overtime pay the same amount they docked normal hours to subtract for health care.
That sucks.
Can't you sue them?
3:09 AM
Of course I can.
But I would lose.
Because they have more money.
And better lawyers.
Most unfortunate.
The courts should be there to protect the weak against the strong in case of conflicts.
And I didn’t notice that the contract was full of shit when I signed it.
But they do not have to pay you for holidays, vacation, or sick time ANYWHERE.
That sucks.
They do here.
The only exception is that you have to be allowed to vote.
And to serve on a jury.
There are at times maternity rules, but it varies.
You cannot be fired for serving on a jury, for example.
There are incredibly few laws like that.
But at least you have a new job, right?
3:12 AM
I have a great deal of hate built up in me about how abusive everything was.
But why bother with a law that says you can't be fired for jury duty, when they can just fire you without specifying a reason?
Ah, see, that’s the rub.
They have to say “Oh no, it was not that you were gone for 4 weeks on a high-profile murder jury. Honest.”
Just fire him, say you don't like his face. Fire him months in advance.
On whom lies the burden of proof?
Unless they were idiot enough to actually put something in writing that it was due to jury duty, they would get away with it.
I suppose it could be a minor benefit...
But hey, it's shower time.
3:14 AM
So without the law, if somebody had to serve on jury duty, they could fire you while you were on it.
And they did.
Just like if you go to jail, they can fire you while in prison.
And always do.
Get wet.
And when you're sick?
It is storming fiercely here.
You could simply step outside.
Too cold.
It’s 68.
We have an extremely cold August.
3:15 AM
But I dunno on the sick thing.
It is supposed to be the warmest month.
We have had an uncommonly wet August.
I mean, we sometimes don’t see half an inch of rain in July and August put together.
And now it rains like, I dunno, like it’s bloody Ireland or something.
I am so glad I got all my leaks fixed.
Wet, too.
3:17 AM
I used to have to put pails around the house with every major storm.
Lorin came in long ago, because he doesn’t like sprinkles even.
Randy finally came in when the thunder was bad, just like a drowned sewer rat.
I swear he would be happy to go for a swim, he likes water so much.
Funny how different cats can be.
Very uncommon in a cat.
I have heard of others.
3:18 AM
Is that he?
They are each of them completely different people.
Trying to dry him off a little on my lap and a towel.
Si hi to him, while I shower.
3:19 AM
That is just temp, right.
Mine is pointier than yours.
Very much so!
Thanks for the Celsius chart.
4:08 AM
A brief interlude before I go to bed.
1 hour later…
5:26 AM
Yee-haw! I just read the OED entry more closely, and there are words there in the citations to curl your eyebrows! Nakedized! Insignificantized! Joe-Millerized! Given all those, and a lot more like them, I can no longer believe anyone even batted an eyelash at little ol’ versionize. Gee willikers!
A: Is versionize a real word?

tchristWhateverize is always a word Yes, of course versionize is a “real word” — and no disparaging remarks about its parentage should be made in polite company. This is because ‑ize is a productive suffix in English that’s used to produce a new verb from various nouns and adjectives. That means that...

Oh, and I got to raise a supercilious eyebrow, too.
Which if even ten people smile at, I will be surprised but pleased.
lol :D
Once you’ve lifted your eyebrow, you’ve nakedized your naked eyes. How cool is that!
You know, I just could never pull off a sock.
I don’t have to sign my postings for people to know they’re mine.
“Yea, by their postings shall ye know them.”
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