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in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 15 mins ago, by sehe
“Not caring about privacy because you've nothing to hide is like not caring about free speech because you've nothing to say”—#Snowden,edited
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1:53 AM
@JohanLarsson I know! People should just shut up and quit complaining.
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6:48 AM
@Mitch :)
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Voted this morning. Tá ⁊ Tá.
Now to wait.
9:36 AM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 You should read the discussion between @RegDwigнt & @tchrist above on this very matter.
10:26 AM
That was no discussion, that was education. Tchrist was unknowledgeable and I was his teacher.
But you are forgiven. Americans typically can't tell educations from discussions.
Do atoms exist? Discuss.
God does exist! Educate.
Speaking of education:
@Catija the OP is wrong about that. Goat, here, does not mean "a bad person". It literally means a literal goat. If you check with Chekhov or Nemirovitch-Danchenko, you will see that the OP here invented that bit out of thin air. "Goat" can have the figurative sense "bad person", and so the saying can take on that additional meaning in context, and the OP can use it that way. But that's adding a layer of complexity that makes things utterly untranslatable. It's hard enough to translate the actual saying; if we must account for a word play on top of it, we're out of luck. — RegDwigнt ♦ 11 mins ago
Funny how we're sometimes asked to translate something from another language, and the OP themselves are wrong about what it actually means in that language.
@RegDwigнt You have my vote, but only because I know you!
Oh no oh no oh no. Where shall I keep it. My fridge is full.
Can I plant it next to a tomato?
@Cerberus also, I can actually quote said passages from Chekhov or Nemirovitch-Danchenko, so you can see for yourself that they aren't, and can't be, talking about "bad, abusive, stupid people". Unattractive, perhaps.
Very good.
@JohanLarsson that... is a poor attempt at an aphorism. Especially because the people who've nothing to say indeed to not care about free speech. And why should they.
> Not caring about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like not caring about metaphors because you have no cucumbers to plant — #Snowden, edited
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Please do not beep in the poodle [long-shelf-life]
10:46 AM
Every painting is only as strong as its weakest canvas.
You give me Goethe to work with, I will give you poetry. You give me a toilet, you'll get shit.
Why do I have to give you something? Get your own material.
I will get my own material for $3000.
And that's the whole problem with you: you do not have to give me something, and yet you constantly give me bidets.
I'm running out of storage.
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: А-а в Африке горы вот такой вышины! [new-church-slavonic]
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12:10 PM
Q: Female equivalent of Alpha Male

Tushar RajOxford defines alpha male as: A man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations It doesn't define alpha female at all. Actually, consider this a synonym request for Alpha Female/Alpha Woman. I know Alpha Female exists and is used a lot, but I am r...

Here goes the multi-collider . . .
Close it.
Voted. Three more needed.
12:28 PM
Two more needed
1:01 PM
1:33 PM
@RegDwigнt Maybe they have ears?
Is that the user formerly known as Area 51 Detective Fiction?
Q: 'Peers' and 'Peeps' seem to be synonyms in two of their senses. Any other examples?

Ben Page Peers = looks = peeps peers = group of people with similar status = peeps (slang) Are there any other examples of words that are synonyms in multiple senses? Or a word that defines this phenomenon?

Here we go again.
Asking for a list of words that are alike in more than sense?
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Sucking it up and soldiering on [embrace-the-suck]
2:26 PM
@Robusto 'female equivalent'? Tushar Raj? Then yes.
@JoeBlow: Calm down. You are making a fault inference, and doing so in boldface. — Robusto 15 secs ago
@Robusto A word game site would be interesting.
@Robusto 'faulty'. don't give him fuel.
I already edited it.
Is this the belligerent fellow who is getting everyone upset?
I'm there with you. Almost everything he writes should be flagged as 'what a dick!'
Say, speaking of "what a dick" . . . I am so tired of QA people who C&P large chunks of output and offer them as evidence of a test failure without pointing to a single issue they think is a problem. Uh, yeah, that's some output. Looks good to me, but if you have a problem you'll have to, oh, I don't know, tell me what the frickin' problem is.
2:29 PM
I can't tell if it is a weird sociopathy, having no control of his feelings and typing them out, or just basic internet behavior that I'm not used to because it happens to be rare here.
@Mitch Yeah, this kind of thing is unremarkable in a WoW chat window, or on Reddit perhaps, or in a YouTube comment. But on ELU?
@Mitch Maybe you could uptick my comment so it doesn't get hidden.
@Robusto But it didn't past the test, so you, dear software engineer, must have done something wrong. here's the output my blind QA tool gave me back, and professional dignity dictates that I pass it along to you blindly also. Because bias.
@Robusto haha youtube comments. those guys are dicks.
@Robusto done.
also the cannibal comment.
@Mitch Oh, and he answered the question in an abrasive way, not realizing that the question hasn't even been closed yet.
there's a sitcom recently where there's a running joke about this really great guy who does absolutely everything and ahas experienced everything and written books about it, is asked about that time where to survive some snowy mountain top disaster, was reduced to eating his friends foot to stay alive (I think the friend survives too).
and then every body makes comments about 'that time he hate his friend'.
Flagged his answer as "not an answer" because it is really a rant about the people who close-voted.
2:35 PM
so all I'm saying is, as over the top that cannibalism is, I suppose there are degrees.
I mean Jesus wasn't being 'hey, you're totally eating my body and blood, literally' unless by lliterally he meant like metaphorically.
I wonder if there are any languages where 'metaphorically' has slid in meaning to mean literally.
@Mitch Maybe he just meant "blow me"?
@Mitch And how is that even an interesting question?
@Robusto I said it, that's how. People can say 'poop' all day unremarkably, but when I say it, people take notice.
You know why? Because I savor it. I don't waste it. I could be constantly saying it, but I make it special.
You savor poop.
@TRiG Woo hoo! I hope you voted yes for the "Use national Nutella reserves! Don't rely on the Italian's" referendum.
@Robusto But not eating feet. That's nasty.
I used to think people ate cats until I read somewhere it was merely a mistranslation.
2:56 PM
Right. people mistake 'crap' for 'cat' a lot. "I ate a lot of crap last night, I really savored it, but I'm too full to eat breakfast"
I've said that before. looking up link
Feb 1 '13 at 13:22, by Johan Larsson
I said it before!
close enough
@Mitch Not quite the word I meant. I was thinking along the lines of "pussy" . . .
@Mitch for some reason, this made me lol
@Mitch You were supposed to supply the missing component to make the joke work. You failed. The joke didn't fail, you did.
3:13 PM
When I fail, I fail like a big poop. Check it out on your new German toilet shelf.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 nice!
3:41 PM
Ahh, great timing.
@Robusto and where might I find this?
@Mitch what was it?
4:05 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Start here:
yesterday, by tchrist
@RegDwigнt Then why do German toilet bowls place their love-offerings on an observation altar?
@Robusto I just barely missed it, then.
I was paying attention shortly thereafter.
It was epic. You shoulda been there.
Nebuchadnezzar I didn't know it means that, but I remind a user called n3buchadnezzar
5:15 PM
@Robusto I'd say it was more lyrical... or even pastoral. Nature and all that you know. If it had been inverse, then I'd say lyrical. Mention a sword and shield, and then I'll give you epic.
^ does not look very good
And yes, that conversation crossed the line from scatological to eschatological.
Standard IKEA does a good job ime.
@JohanLarsson Well, if you bring that one to a duel you might win if only because your opponent will be too confused to do anything but stare.
5:19 PM
or maybe he is afraid of E-coli
woulf be very efective aganist someone scatophobic
some old wound perhaps
I wonder how Stack Exchange database will scale with posts and chat logs continuous size growth
not that much data
and even less content :)
5:26 PM
right, it's text, so it's compact
(not video which are more massive)
imagine youtube database
also text compresses nicely
yeah that is huge
10:1 with zip iirc
right, then something like imgur's db must suffer more
how do imgur make money?
do they sell hosting?
hold on I had read something on it
beer!google how do imgur make money
I had read something where the founder (Alan Shaaf) explained how
he said he received some great donations, this was surprising to me, maybe he meants from businesses like Stack Overflow that helps imgur and use it, and reddit (same)
5:46 PM
Or the NSA
@JohanLarsson why?
@terdon I don't want to know what that is intended for... ... ... What is that for?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Is that a big spider hiding by her knee? Oh! Two spiders!
@crl text is really not that big
5:55 PM
@Robusto I count 3!
But #3 is not actually on her.
@Mitch good link, thanks
Spiders take the fun out of everything.
they are not that bad, there's worse
6:09 PM
@crl Augh! kill it kill it! use a flamethrower but just kill it!
@crl I know! You know how people say a paper cut is so bad. Well, compare that to an axe cut.
@Robusto Tell that to google.
By the way, does anyone else see a huge amount of whitespace under the last chat message or is it just me?
@terdon just you? (what's your browser? are you resizing to get that? do you feel any tingling in your fingers or toes? Shortness of breath?)
@terdon not me
@Mitch None of the above and firefox
6:25 PM
@Mitch I see you like them grilled
@crl They are rich in protein. But also high in cholesterol.
like eggs
good cholesterol?
@terdon update software then restart? God:"Dammit, all this dark matter is making the universe expand too fast. reboots"
spiders eggs, yumm
6:29 PM
@MattE.Эллен Oh. Huh. I'll have to check on that. Maybe it is HDL, which would be good.
Did I mention that I like Grammar Girl? She seems so sensible. Some times thinking as an authority makes you be more responsible, as opposed to ELU where people wil just write anything.
@crl mouth agape
closes mouth quickly before they crawl in
@Mitch what? I'm an authority! :p
@MattE.Эллен haha.. sorry.. I meant 'where most people will write anything'
@MattE.Эллен research done. Spider monkeys have heart disease exacerbated by high LDL levels too. I can't find anything on dietary spiders.
more research done. my research on the internet showed that research on the internet sucks. google don't know shit.
6:51 PM
73.6% of internet content is made-up
99% of internet content is served
@Mitch that's more like it!

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