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I can't think of any way that this question is on topic. It's a list-type question that is too broad and possibly primarily opinion based. I can't help but think he's trolling, after all the fuss in meta. If someone can help me to be a better person, I'd really welcome it.
Of course he’s trolling.
Doctor, it hurts when I do Ebola projections.
           @𝑅₀=1.5   @𝑅₀=1.85   @𝑅₀=2.2
Gen  0:        1         1           1
Gen  1:        2         2           2
Gen  2:        2         3           5
Gen  3:        3         6          11
Gen  4:        5        12          23
Gen  5:        8        22          52
Gen  6:       11        40         113
Gen  7:       17        74         249
Gen  8:       26       137         549
Gen  9:       38       254       1,207
Gen 10:       58       470       2,656
Gen 11:       86       869       5,843
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 If it is not a factual event, then what is it in those branches?
Hi, Tom.
@medica Hi S.
They’re giving population spread rates per patient (𝑅₀) in figures ranging from 1.5 – 2.2. Scroll up in chat log.
6:06 AM
I really think Ebola will be a bad thing for Africa (already is) but that we will be spared the brunt of it, if one doesn't speak from a global community POV.
Hi, Jasper!
Sometimes, I wonder if these viruses are created by certain pharmaceutical companies so that they make money out of giving out the vaccines...
CDC says could be 1.4m cases in West Africa in three months unless extreme(ly unlikely) response is taken.
Here, this is an optimistic thing to think about.
I think they're wrong. I believe that's an absolute worst case scenario, and that it won't come to that.
For the first time in my life, I have not slept for 22 hours, lol.
omg, I did that every third night for a year!!! 36 hours up every third day!
6:09 AM
@medica That sucks! You should quit the job.
The fact that 21 days passed without Duncan's relatives getting sick says a lot.
They don’t have enough medical personnel.
@JasperLoy haha, that was as a rsident. I don't do it any more.
@medica I think one should not go without sleep for more than twenty hours. Anything more is abuse.
They’re going to try to use some survivors to help man the makeshift hospitals. They appear to have (some?) immunity.
6:10 AM
They'll get it when enough white people have contracted it.
This has never been done before.
The cost was staggering.
@tchrist that's tricky, but I would do it if I survived.
> The monthly cost of running the unit comes out at around $1m, which is about $15,000 a bed. The WHO puts the costs of a 50-bed facility at about $900,000 a month. These figures suggest that a 100,000-bed operation would cost in the region of $1 billion-$2 billion a month.
Yes, but you are a trained physician. This is asking lay people.
They have to have instruction.
There is no reliable immunity conferred by survivors; that's one of the reasons there's no good vaccine.
Have there been re-infections?
Most of the original doctors who waded into this are dead now.
6:13 AM
@tchrist Yep. And is a nursing student can keep 3 out of 4 ebola patients in a small house alive with plastic bags and bleach and soap for protection, that says a lot.
@tchrist Not that I know of.
But the antibodies don't persist for very long, and even with antibodies, one might not survive a large innoculum.
It is really tragic.
> For a sense of the resources required to raise the tempo, consider that the 70-bed facility in Bong cost $170,000 to build. It needs a staff of 165 to treat patients and handle tasks like waste management and body disposal.
To live through it, then die later.
That’s 2–3 staff per bed.
@tchrist waste disposal is huge.
This has been part of the problem.
6:16 AM
It's staggering to think of all these numbers. But I really think there's a lot that's still to be learned, and one of them is the actual rate of infectivity.
It’s going to vary for social reasons.
And stuff harder to predict.
Yes, which is why it will always be worse in poor, underdeveloped countries.
Sad to say.
There are as poor as countries come.
The Onion predicted at the start of this outbreak that the world was still 50 white people away from a vaccine.
It’s very hard to staff these up.
6:18 AM
I think they were on the right track.
As long as it's NIMBY, people ignore it.
But they were never the big problem, except that they were, because of the population.
I know, isn't that great!!
1.4m cases in 3 months will destroy those countries, and it won’t like suddenly stop.
We are far from seeing the worst of it — that’s what I get out the E articles.
Now, that’s 1.4m if nothing at all is done.
6:20 AM
Another country did that, too. I can't recall now which one. But, of course, they weren't on the border of Sierra Leone
We still have no clear idea on who many are actually infected.
All we know is that it is much higher than the documented cases.
Right. I think that number is actually higher than reported.
Everybody does.
And yet... it's a number not growing as recently predicted.
> ON MARCH 25th the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported a rash of cases of Ebola in Guinea, the first such ever seen in west Africa. As of then there had been 86 suspected cases, and there were reports of suspected cases in the neighbouring countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia as well. The death toll was 60.
> On October 15th the WHO released its latest update. The outbreak has now seen 8,997 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of Ebola. All but 24 of those have been in Guinea (16% of the total), Sierra Leone (36%) and Liberia (47%). The current death toll is 4,493. These numbers are underestimates; many cases, in some places probably most, go unreported.
> This all pales, though, compared with what is to come. The WHO fears it could see between 5,000 and 10,000 new cases reported a week by the beginning of December; that is, as many cases each week as have been seen in the entire outbreak up to this point.
> This is the terrifying thing about exponential growth as applied to disease: what is happening now, and what happens next, is always as bad as the sum of everything that has happened to date.
6:23 AM
I am really doubtful it will get as bad as that. I may be naive, but I don't think it will.
Surely a lot of people will die.
But I think it's not as highly infective as those numbers are based on.
In a proper facility, no, of course not.
They have none.
I have read of villages that have reported 4 or 5 cases, but have a hundred new graves.
Yes, that’s the problem.
the whole thing is out of our grasp of it.
There’s a black-market in death certificates, so people can be buried “normally”.
6:26 AM
This of course makes it worse.
On that happy note, I must take my leave.
Good night, all.
You know, in Zaire, it never took off; I think the first cases were in the 40's
ah, gnite.
I'm glad your question was ressurected.
@medica You misspelled resurrected.
@JasperLoy I am a spoonerian speller.
which is to say, terrible. :-)
I am the chat autospellchecker, lol.
6:29 AM
It's fruitful when I'm around!
Didn't you have your picture for a bit?
Well, maybe.
I also had a pic of Justin Bieber before, lol.
Do you know who he is?
I thought I saw a handsome young man for a few days, and, no, lol, not bieber!
I think Bieber is the most handsome young man in the world, lol.
Yes, I know of him. From what I read, I don't think I'd like him for a neighbor!
:-) Handsome, yes, he is. But he's kind of a punk. Egging his neighbor, etc.
But, if it's only looks, he's a good one.
@medica What do you think of a 15 year gap in a relationship?
6:33 AM
Depending on the ages, I think it could be a lot or a little.
My parents were nine years apart, and it was a lot.
Hmm, I guess it also depends on the specific individuals.
Are you in a relationship now?
Or are you 15 years older than Justin Bieber?
Hi, @Mahnax! How is University life?
@medica No, LOL.
@medica Also no, lol.
6:35 AM
(Just wondering...)
Hey, anything is possible, right?
Yes, all things are possible for him who believes, lol.
@medica Hiya. It's going well enough, but I'm very busy between work and school. How are things on your end?
same old. Not much news.
This is an exciting time, though, for young people. So much more freedom (and responsibility)!
A lot of people struggle with being out on their own at first (apparently), but I seem to be doing fine.
I found it to be very liberating, though.
I really flourished in college, as I ever had before.
6:40 AM
I went mad at 18.
Yeah. Being out on my own is nice. I went grocery shopping at 11:30 tonight.
It's the freedom to do things like that that I enjoy.
:-) Isn't it nice to be in charge of your own self?
@Mahnax Do you live with Maria?
@JasperLoy did you really?
@JasperLoy Of course not!
6:41 AM
@medica Yes. I have been trying to get well the past 15 years. I think I will take 1 more year.
@Mahnax Then it is no fun, lol.
One more year should do it!
Yes. After that, I will find my Maria too.
I do hope so.
@medica Yes. Although I do feel like my mom sometimes. My roommates don't really clean up after themselves.
Have you heard from nonsmoker? Is he doing ok?
6:43 AM
So I'm always either cleaning everything or continually requesting that they clean.
Ugh! That's the hardest part.
@Mahnax You don't have a room to yourself?
@JasperLoy I do. But we share the kitchen and living space.
@Mahnax So they are housemates, not roommates.
You have my sympathy.
6:44 AM
@JasperLoy If you like. Here we just say roommates.
@Mahnax You should sit down with them and establish some rules. Or I will punch them.
I had a roomie who would "wash" the dishes with just water.
@JasperLoy No need.
So they were always greasy. ugh.
@medica That might be fine if the foods are not oily.
6:44 AM
We do not share dishes, thankfully.
Are your housemates all boys?
I had to teach them how to compost and recycle. They still can't sort plastics and paper etc properly, but they usually get composting right.
I once lived with two girls, lol.
Well, that's one down. Now, if you had your own bathroom, you'd be very well off.
@JasperLoy Yeah.
6:45 AM
And then another time, I lived with two girls again, lol.
However, we had separate rooms, lol.
@Mahnax Well, I'm very happy for you. Enjoy these four years; take some fun courses, too. Like photography, or sculpture, or something that you've never thought of doing. It's really fun.
I am trying to see if I can last another hour without sleep.
You are young yet. You can do it.
I am old. Anyone past 30 is old, lol. I guess that makes you super old, lol.
I'm an old lady and it's still not hard for me to do 24 hours.
And with that, I'll say my goodnights as well.
6:49 AM
OK, goodnight!
@medica See you in your dreams
@mahnax Recently I have been chatting with someone, though I am not too sure if it is a Maria yet...
@JasperLoy Oh, great!
Mariah Carey is singing here in three days.
But I am not going for the concert.
I never went for a pop concert.
Hmm, maybe I will get a ticket last minute, lol.
6:52 AM
Maybe you should! I'm sure it would be fun.
One ticket costs about 80 USD, very expensive.
Oh, yeah. Hm.
Too bad Mariah is taken, lol. Or Mariah could be Maria, lol.
Haha. You're silly. Anyway, bedtime for me too. Night!
@Mahnax See you in your dreams
4 hours later…
11:18 AM
How are things?
Has the storm reached you?
a term of scorn for blacks is like a N word?
11:49 AM
@Cerberus we've got a lot of wind
no storm as yet
@user4550 yes and is considered as one of the most racist terms in english
"Blissful ignorance"--->not knowing any of the unpleasant facts about something.
What would the opposite of that?
@Arrowfar tortured by knowledge
@MattЭллен Hmm then you will probably survive?
12:01 PM
@IceBoy okay. Thanks.
np pal :-)
"Not knowing any of the pleasant facts about something." Any word for that?
I can't find it on google.
Keeps looking
Anyone who has an answer they can 'Ping me' anytime :)
I want to use a word in a sense that...Suppose we have never met any great friend/girlfriend etc. but when we meet them we think 'Wow! I was missing this all along etc'.
So, what would be the word for that situation?
12:17 PM
@Arrowfar pessimist
@Cerberus probably
12:36 PM
12:49 PM
@tchrist ha ha ha.... shit. I should stop unknowningly taunting him then.
@Arrowfar "too much information" like when your parents tell you about something they did ... in their youth (I can't say because it would be too much information!).
@RegDwigнt Well done, have a cookie.
@Arrowfar Oh. hmm... no I don't know one for that. I don't think that happens very often. A 'pleasant surprise' maybe?
@JasperLoy You're giving out free cookies? Where do I sign up?
@Mitch okay. Thanks.
@Arrowfar soul mate
1:01 PM
aw, @RegDwigнt was here, and I missed him again
@medica Wow. I feel almost responsible. Go to sleep thinking the world is in order. Wake up to a melee, blood in the streets, cats and dogs living together.
@matt Boo! Today I went out with a friend again and asked him his advice again on that matter. I have not come to a decision yet. Maybe I will ask some more friends. Anyway, we went Dutch, he did not treat me today, lol. Tmr is a public holiday.
@IceBoy Very nice.
1:14 PM
@JasperLoy good, good :)
I think I will aim for 1500 and then retire. Only 15 points more to go, lol.
@JasperLoy What does retire mean?
@Mitch It means I will no longer post, lol.
what about questions?
Same. But maybe when I reach 1500 I will aim for 2000, lol.
1:20 PM
Like why the hell are people so uptight about Shakespeare?
I never read Shakespeare. It is too shaky and spearful for me.
Just re-analyze it as "Shakes pear".
Still shakey, but now fruitier.
Aha! Just like we reanalyse Mr Shiny as Mrs Hiny, lol.
@Mitch autumn's coming, people would rather be asleep, so it's making them cranky about the strangest things.
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