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12:25 AM
Q: Any twelve year-old can answer this question

Br0therBrighamCome up with a question between five and ten words long with an answer that contains more than three times as many unique words as the question, does not contain any of the question words, and does not use any of the letters found in these four compound words: lama-pajama alpaca-plaza duck-qu...

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1:48 AM
Puzzling pirate site: resolveask.com/go/puzzling
@humn Currently reporting - what search terms did you use to find it?
@Deusovi , hi, I was looking for "haisu"
... and have a related CC question for you:
Would "One of II (1)" be a valid CC for "I" ?
I don't think so? I don't see how that one would work
2:01 AM
Darn. I don't understand CCs real well. Something like a direct definition and a word within another word...
Was trying to come up with the world's easiest cryptic clue... any ideas off the cuff?
Well, anything that has really easy indicators would be fairly easy
"One half of II" would be okay though
Great! It's not meant to be serious. Thanks!
(and you could interpret it either as a regular clue or an &lit!)
I already have the world's easiest Knight's Tour... a single square, which could also be the world's easiest of so many other puzzles as well.
... but I only came by to tattle on that site, and got to ask you an opportunistic question ... thanks again ... over and out ...
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3:13 AM
How is this so balanced in probabilities (see below)?
(380, 38)
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5:07 AM
Q: What fits into square

noyal_asokI'm not sure about the question. But if anyone finds a pattern post your answer

1 hour later…
6:11 AM
thanks for deletion ^ deus
No problem!
silly puzzle anyway
7:08 AM
@Rubio what was that puzzle?
0, obviously!
the answer is "R"
so yeah
@Rubio R?
Gear shift lever layout.
7:14 AM
I thought it was 8!
Like I said ... it's a silly puzzle.
7:37 AM
@Rubio do you want to continue this seemingly pointless game of contact?
@TheGreatEscaper, while you're fixing your haisu, do you want to join?
I'll be up a while yet, so if players arrive I'll continue
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8:46 AM
And I think that Alexandros9's response was, to say the least, interesting (but maybe I'm a bit biased)
9:06 AM
Q: PFG: A pretty spiral!

boboquackPFG = Paper Folding Golf You bought a piece of paper from your local op shop, but your shop is always dodgy. So instead of a normal piece of A4, you got an infinitely long strip, a metre wide. (Actually, it's a bit strange, it seems to have a flaw that causes it to change size to a yard wide whe...

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10:37 AM
Q: My First Riddle

RaelesMy first oft comes first, My second can fly, My third is deep, and some pronounce my last differently to others. Hint:

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1:05 PM
Gamen puzzlers
1:19 PM
Gamen @Matt
1:44 PM
Q: Where did my darling go?

DonnelleMost of today was good. I met my darling for a lunch date; we love doing that, meeting up during the day. I had the soup of the day, and he had a Caesar salad. He promised me a surprise when I got home after work; I thought maybe he was finally going to install the tile splashback he's been sayin...

2:07 PM
Q: A Monster Puzzle

RaelesEach clue has an associated word, use the associated words to give you the final answer. Clue #1: Digital, Country, South Clue #2: Monkey, Red, Serial Clue #3: Traffic, In, Con

2:21 PM
Ah, @Techidiot nice with #2
I was way off
Initially I thought it was KEY
code is much better
I'm not sure about sign
or code/western/sign as a triplet
makes me think of linguistics, but I'm not getting a single word
I also think it has something to do with monsters, hence the title
I wonder if we're supposed to use 'West' instead of 'Western' ... or if maybe 'Western' is wrong completely
Spaghetti I think
For the first two it fits at least
2:33 PM
it would fit monster
I see it fitting code, but western and sign?
spaghetti western is a thing
all I get for sign and spaghetti is sign language
sign must not be correct
your final answer is probably right
Fixed 3
it's definitely spaghetti
Q: A bet with numbers between 1 and 24

Bernardo Recamán SantosAn urn contains 24 balls numbered 1 to 24. Three balls are removed from the urn. If you have to place a simultaneous bet for both the sum (S) and product (P) of those three numbers, what numbers would you choose as S and P? In general, what numbers would you choose for S and P if the urn contains...

It could be CROSS
cross monster? not at good
2:42 PM
Nah. For 1
Cross country, digital cross fits I think
Also Cross Community of South Carolina
3:03 PM
welp ... it was spaghetti :P
3:50 PM
Q: Dividing up land

kaineHistorical records indicate that the brothers Geoff, Petro, and Olaf divided up their large rectangular estate between themselves. Unfortunately, evenly dividing up favorable landmarks resulted in the complicated map below. Each region here is owned by exactly one brother, the total area of eac...

4:25 PM
Q: First Riddle Attempt - What am I?

n_palum I have teeth, but can be chewed. I alone am worshipped, but those who yield me are too. I reside among legends, but a myth I am not. What am I?

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5:34 PM
@GarethMcCaughan "If I belong to you, then supporting is a friend within" is almost certainly a reference to having a friend in your corner
Q: I will not be taken lightly

tetris11Leave me alone! For I am warm and content in my prison. I am the very essence that defines you, you would be a clammy fool without me! And yet you use me, expecting that I will not react coldly to your presence. Abuse me, and I'll burn your fucking house down. What am I?

@Rubio Maybe; I've heard phrases like "fighting one's corner" but not very often anything about "having a friend in your corner".
Hmm, OK, maybe it's more widespread than I thought.
i think originally, from having someone helpful in your corner of the boxing ring
5:43 PM
I've heard it once or twice.
that's certainly where "fighting one's corner" comes from
OP also suggested wordplay isn't a factor in how the answer is built, which leaves me wondering if the whole thing is wordplay around "common" idioms. Say, "When back is met, new life may I give" which may be a play on being "backed into a corner", spurring new resolve to get out/away/ahead
Doesn't work for all of them of course, so who knows
The "At odds...house nothing", maybe, because 3 (or 1) corners don't enclose ("house") anything, you need 4 for that. It's a stretch, but most of it feels stretchy at this point
6:00 PM
Q: Iteration Puzzle 1:Distribute 20 units of food among 20 people

Jawad_MansoorI am learning Mathematica because I love it. I also love solving puzzles so I think it would be a nice way to learn Mathematica through puzzles. This is first puzzle in series I intend to begin so that. So here is the problem People = 20 Food = 20 Restrictions; A man eats 2 units A w...

Q: Everyone has and knows one

n_palumI enjoyed creating the last 'what am I' and came up with another. I often create barriers that can be broken. I started as waves but was eventually scratched in stone. Now there are thousands of us, none exactly alike. Slight Hint: What am I?

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7:23 PM
Q: Hot Spring Homicides - the unlucky 5

Aify(Warning: Heavy reading incoming, you may want to take notes. You have been warned) It's the year 2157, and you're one of the few people who didn't leave earth twenty seven years ago. Why? A deadly disease overtook the planet, and you happen to have immunity. There are now less than ten million ...


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