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7:00 PM
according to m0nhawk, package for "LaTeX for complete novices" should be as here tug.dk/FontCatalogue/antpolt
@MarcoDaniel I think biber is interpreted. :)
biber is written in Perl.
But for Windows it compiled into executable.
7:18 PM
@m0nhawk Well, because it makes it much easier to copy the works then. (Not that PDFs are very safe to begin with.)
7:32 PM
@m0nhawk How about the question "How to tell the font type in a PDF file and apply it in a LaTeX code?"
the MWE would be the "latex for complete novices" bec the font is really a wonder and no clear clue in the tex source code even.
@Werner Milestone achieved... Congratulations @Kurt for the becoming a closing Stewart.
@Werner Somebody has to do it. :)
@Qrrbrbirlbel True. @lockstep has two under the belt...
@PauloCereda :-)
But I can run Build install. It fails.
@MarcoDaniel Run Perl, good German. Run Perl. :)
7:37 PM
@PauloCereda :-)
Your are watching too much TV ;-)
@MarcoDaniel <3
Did @MartinScharrer or somebody else bring the cake? I want my share. ;-)
@Werner Thanks :-)
@egreg I think Psmith was in charge of the cake. :)
!!/eightball did you bring the cake?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: yes. Beware, Alan might stab you.
7:43 PM
@egreg Psmith, the TeX bot: The current score is egreg 230 vs. 275 David. So far, David is winning.
@PauloCereda Oh, my!
@egreg David is cheating. :)
@PauloCereda I was 290 earlier but I lost 15
@DavidCarlisle Why?
@PauloCereda Probably because I answered a question the other day about typesetting Chinese about which I know nothing.
7:48 PM
@doctorate \usepackage[nomath]{anttor}] (ctan.org/pkg/antt) and libris for sans serif (from the file novices-main.tex)
@DavidCarlisle Today I tried to use the knowledge, that I got here. After 2 hours 14 minutes of trying to automatically typeset a tikz image, using expl3, I gave up and did it using Perl. Spent 1 hour 30 mins.
now I am desperate
Apparently SourceForge is migrating every project to Allura.
@user4035 Why start with combining two very large (and in the case of expl3, experimental) packages? I know nothing much about tikz but it is built on the pgf layer rather than L3 which has its own structures for lists and loops and stuff. Combining l3 and tikz is an interesting future project that the latex team will have to look at but it's not something I'd want to do if I had a document to make in a hurry
@DavidCarlisle After dandelion and buttercup. :)
@DavidCarlisle I tried pgf. But it's manual is not enough to study, how to program, using it. So I tried expl3.
What is bad - is the syntax
8:00 PM
@doctorate If someone ask there would be a plenty of good answers for both Windows and Linux.
instead of simple if there is a cryptic \int_compare:nNnTF {\id_int} = {0} {}{}
@doctorate I'm sure we have that question already don't we?
Q: How do I find out what fonts are used in a document/picture?

WernerIs it possible to identify the font used in a specific document/picture? Answers to this question should identify: Possible methods to do this (perhaps one answer per method) and adequately describe how to use it (as opposed to merely stating it); Ways of finding the identified fonts, if possi...

I think it needs to be updated with some Linux console tools, for example. I'll take a look tomorrow.
@user4035 well it's not cryptic once you get used to it and as you noticed the nNnTF bit is an essential part of the L3 syntax layer. But it makes more sense when standing alone. As layered over latex2e it's an experimental package for people to experiment with. Latex2e itself has loops and lists with different structures and syntax and for tikz it really makes more sense to use pgf as that is what it is built on, ..
..but for most answers here that need a loop I just use the \loop macro from plain tex as modified in latex.
@DavidCarlisle Exactly. :) Main features: classification of the macros, systematic naming scheme based on these classifications and a simple mechanism for controlling the expansion of a function’s arguments.
8:32 PM
@DavidCarlisle LOL about your comment with fontname and qcs.
Is there a duplicate question explaining the font name schema and so on? I didn't find one.
@Kurt do you mean the karl berry font name scheme or the latex nfss enc/family/shape/size scheme (or both?)
@DavidCarlisle Both. Sometimes students asks me about resolving message like tho one in the question. From there I know it is not easy for them to understand this. My english is not so good to explain it here :-( In German I would be able to do it ...
8:49 PM
@user4035 almost everything is in the manual. The CVS version manual is 1000+ pages
@Kurt do we really not have anything I'll look, It would seem a bit unfriendly to add another answer to that one though as the answer there is acurate and first and ought to get a tick.
@percusse But I just answered a pgfrandomlist thing by using \traciingall instead:-)
@MarcoDaniel you say you were too late but you still grabbed the tick:-)
@DavidCarlisle You and egreg is secretly reading the manual and discussion internally right heheh?
@DavidCarlisle Yes, I hope the answerer can explain it a little bit better. His answer solves the shown problem, but I understand the question a little bit wider. But I can be wrong ...
@percusse Yes, I have the PGF manual by my bedside. :P
@kan The answer on the algebraically closed field where –1 is not a square has been removed. :)
@egreg Great!! :)
9:00 PM
@Kurt No I think you are right but even if I have a !!/battle with egreg I think I'll leave him to pick up the points on that one.
@egreg You need something under the leg to stop a wobbly table rocking I suppose?
@Kurt Psmith, the TeX bot: The current score is egreg 230 vs. 275 David. So far, David is winning.
@David Sounds good, David
@DavidCarlisle Yep, I agree
@DavidCarlisle Heh! You're awesome. :)
@DavidCarlisle Yes, just like what the original author of the "Kant generator" did: he used his copy of Kritik der reiner Vernunft as the fourth leg of his fridge.
9:13 PM
@egreg Psmith, the TeX bot: The current score is egreg 260 vs. 275 David. So far, David is winning.
I'm on his heels.
9:30 PM
@egreg @David's high heels :D
Does anyone know why biber changes my title entry containing Tur{\'a}n to some garbage (Turán)?
@Werner accented capital A == utf8 text read as latin1
@DavidCarlisle Yes, the file format of the .bib file is UTF8.
So what should my document then have in the preamble?
@Werner er well \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} at a guess (if your main file is in utf8)
@DavidCarlisle But it seems like the problem lies with biber.
That is, biber takes file.bib (which contains {\a} and is encoded using UTF8) and outputs file.bbl with á...
9:38 PM
@Werner if it is correctly generating utf8 output but then that is being input declared as latin1 then that isn't bibers problem
@NicolaTalbot I'm very close to hitting "preorder" on amazon, the only thing that protects me from doing so is the P&P which is higher than the book price itself :-/
@Werner but what do you mean by contains á by now that is two utf8 characters but I'd put (egreg's) money on it being a single mult-byte utf8 character that has been read as latin1 so read as two characters,
@DavidCarlisle Okay...
I guess I need to do a couple of things, which mainly includes creating a MWE.
9:56 PM
Hallo @Linux users. Is the issue with the search path for MetaFont files described in mktextfm failed to make igo10.tfm still a recent one? If yes, I should add a link to this to Manual font installation.
@DavidCarlisle I used biber -U <file> in order to produce <file>.bbl, and this may be the problem...
@DavidCarlisle Now, you're onto making egreg broke? :) (He only has rep points though, remember?)
Hello, hellooo, heeelllooooo … anybody out there?
@Speravir Ack.
10:12 PM
@PauloCereda What? >:-) (Well, you are somewhere out there …)
@Speravir <3
@Speravir Looking around for a green tick. ;-)
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last cricket results:

- Zimbabwe 389/10 &  187/7 * v Bangladesh 134/10
- Glamorgan 295/10  v Worcestershire 123/10 &  186/5 *
- Hampshire 377/4 &  189/1  v Loughborough MCCU 248/10 &  163/10 *
- Leicestershire 452/7 * v Kent 406/10
- Middlesex 80/1 &  215/10 * v Derbyshire 231/10 &  60/10
- Northamptonshire 399/10  v Essex 183/10 &  207/10 *
- Nottinghamshire 396/3 &  408/9  v Durham MCCU 121/9 &  142/9 *
- Surrey 366/9  v Somerset 384/10 &  6 *
@egreg Aah. Enrico you are also some kind of font expert, it seems to me from some of your answers. Do you know, whether the issue with the search path for MetaFont files is still active in Linux and perhaps also in MacOSX? I thought all is found with an up-to-date filename data bank (ls-r?).
@Speravir What issue?
10:22 PM
@egreg See my question some messages above starting with “Hallo @Linux users”.
@Speravir It's a non-issue: MF sources must go in .../fonts/source/igo; on a TeX Live the complete path would be /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/fonts/source/igo
@egreg Aaaargh. YES, of course! Do you want to provide a late answer? And then this hopefully gets a massive upvoting.
10:39 PM
@Speravir Just finished writing it.
@egreg I don't seem to see any problems with descenders in my answer to tex.stackexchange.com/q/109655/3954 , but perhaps I am missing something. Would you please tell me what problems there might be?
@egreg Thanks. I will upvote in about one and a half hour. :-)
@GonzaloMedina They go outside the area. I reworded my answer.
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The current score is egreg 260 vs. 275 David. So far, David is winning.
10:46 PM
@DavidCarlisle: Okay, what now? Can you explain a little more about what's going in your most recent answer?
@egreg Ah, yes. I see now. Thanks.
A: How move each line in text

David CarlisleThis hides the first argument in the second, optimised for lowercase ascii only in the first argument (it offsets the ascii code by that of m so that one half of the alphabet raises a line and the other half lowers it. You can use \ to denote a space. \documentclass{article} \def\hide#1#2{% \...

I guess I also don't fully understand the original question. :-/
@Werner I suppose a more pleasing recursive answer would have been to hide the explanation in the coded paragraph:-)
@DavidCarlisle Epic... Your NAGging is evident.
10:52 PM
@Werner it just typesets a parbox then takes it apart line by line and re-assembles it but offsetting each line by 1000sp times the difference between the ascii code of the letter and the code of m. So if you have good eyesight you can take the typeset message and reconstruct the hidden text by measuring baselines.
@DavidCarlisle I am now using biber -u <file> successfully.
@Werner hiding text in parboxes is more fun:-)
@DavidCarlisle Okay, and that is freakin' awesome...
...you're using m because it's in the middle of the alphabet.
How did you read that in the original question?
@Werner yes,
@Werner who cares about the original question, I had fun anyway:-) (but I think that's what was meant and the OP added a picture later that seems to confirm)
@DavidCarlisle So your code takes #1 and character-by-character looks at the difference between the ASCII values of the letters in it an the letter m, moving the entire line up or down, right?
10:56 PM
@Werner yes
@DavidCarlisle I see. It's awesome having fun.
11:46 PM
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The current score is egreg 260 vs. 275 David. So far, David is winning.
@PauloCereda What's that?
@Werner egreg's daily rep vs. David's daily rep. :)
@PauloCereda :)
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