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1:11 AM
@RegDwight Wowie! That stuff is pretty awesome indeed! Nice. I am enlightened.
1:22 AM
@Cerberus — Yeah, but the 20K stuff is cooler. What are you waiting for? Faster! Faster!
2:04 AM
@Rob: Arg no I quit! Besides those links of Reg's I don't see that many juicy things.
@Cerberus — Did you wear your 3D glasses?
1 hour later…
3:16 AM
@Rob: Oh! And I kept thinking those stimulating videos were just 2D ...
3:35 AM
@Cerberus Is "I wanted him be killed" a grammatical construction?
3:58 AM
@Billa: It would be an accusative with infinitive; but I think this variant of yours would be wrong, at least in modern English? You'd need "to be killed". As an elliptical construction (where some easy-to-be-supplied words are left out), "I wanted him [to be] killed" would be very common and regular. Although, with this verb, you'd rather say "I wanted him dead", then.
Now I'm off to bed... bye!
@Cerberus Ciao. :)
8 hours later…
11:37 AM
@Billare — It would be normal to say "I wanted him killed" — but there is nothing ungrammatical about your construction. Consider parallels: "I wanted him to be happy," "I wanted her to be educated," "I wanted them to be more polite" — nothing wrong with those.
@Robusto His example is missing a to, though.
D'oh! My eyes filled that in.
The goggles do nothing!
@Billare: Never mind. My eyes make a poor grammar checker, evidently.
Did your location get autocorrected on SO, or had you never specified one to begin with?
11:41 AM
Q: When did I move to Andøy, Norway?

LittleBobbyTables Possible Duplicate: Why does my location in stackoverflow profile change? If you currently check my profile, it says my location is "Andøy, Norway". I'm sure Andøy, Norway is a lovely place (løvely?) and have nothing against it, but I certainly didn't set that location myself, so I ...

Your location field is now empty.
I am wondering if it always has been.
Mine now just says United States.
Used to say East Coast U.S.
But actually I meant SO.
Not ELU.
Because there you don't have a location at all.
I have no idea why they're meddling at all.
Let's wait and see what they're up to.
Why do they give a frack?
You never gave a location and now you're outed as European.
Mine always said "Europe, GMT+1".
And it didn't change.
I guess that's too tough a nut to crack.
11:46 AM
Ah, right. I forgot that.
Anyhow, Grace Note offers some speculation in the question I linked above.
> I imagine it might be related to some functionality with Careers, but we'll have to wait for an update from the dev team for the real answer.
Stupid copypasta.
Nick Craver offers an official response, but it isn't extremely helpful.
A: Why does my location in stackoverflow profile change?

Nick CraverWe're doing a best-guess match on locations across the network in an effort to get more consistent location formats for all the users, for example mine would be "Winston-Salem, NC", "City, ST", or "Something, Ontario" for Canada, "London, United Kingdom". To do this we needed to perform a backfi...

~"We are doing this because we are doing this." The rest is about how they do it, not why.
Yeah, he left out the "why do they give a frack" part.
I like how they decided that "6" means "Dublin".
After all, as they say, "'6' is a post code in Dublin".
I can't imagine 6 having any other meanings.
'Q' is a letter in the German alphabet. Thus, you must be in Vienna.
Ich quelle, in Wien zu bleiben.
Du quellst???
11:57 AM
Ich quelle. Oder vielleicht quelle ich mich?
Or is quellen (kvellen) Yiddish?
I don't think it's reflexive. I don't think it's a verb at all.
A welling up of emotion.
Ah. No.
Quelle means spring, as in of a river.
There's also the "Quelle Katalog".
Die Quelle GmbH (Name ab 2006) war ein deutsches Versandhaus. Das ehemalige Familienunternehmen fusionierte als Quelle Schickedanz AG & Co 1999 mit dem Warenhauskonzern Karstadt. Im Zusammenhang mit der Insolvenz der Arcandor AG (bis 2007 KarstadtQuelle AG) wurde das Versandunternehmen Quelle aufgelöst und in Teilen verkauft. Geschichte Das Unternehmen wurde am 26. Oktober 1927 von Gustav Schickedanz (1895-1977) in Fürth gegründet. Seine Frau, Anna Schickedanz, arbeitete ebenfalls in der Unternehmensleitung, bis sie am 13. Juli 1929, zusammen mit ihrem Sohn Leo (5) und Gustav Schi...
They went bankrupt a few years ago.
Ah. Must be just Yiddish then. It means to gush or well up with elation, something like that.
Yeah, I can see a connection to the spring.
12:02 PM
If I didn't know better, I'd think Yiddish was a completely different language from German!
It's strikingly similar yet completely different.
So have you sorted out Portal 2 yet?
Nah, I am not into PC gaming. At all.
Console junkie here.
Hmm, I thought it was XBox too.
I got the original Portal in The Orange Box.
Ah. Right.
Well, The Orange Box I don't have, either.
Must have a look some time.
I only played Half Life 2.
Never got to the end.
12:06 PM
Was a fun, four-hour game. The only game Zero Punctuation could find nothing wrong with.
I don't really like ego-shooters. With very few exceptions.
Portal is a puzzle game.
Half Life 2 was actually great. But the controls sucked.
I am too used to third-person controls.
@Robusto Yeah, I know.
I'm just saying, I kind of gave up on HL2, so when Portal came out, I never followed up.
I'm waiting to see if people think it's as good as Portal, or if they ruined it.
From what I've heard, the changes/additions are rather radical.
12:10 PM
Part of the charm of Portal was its simplicity. The other part was the "Training Day" scenario.
Hey @z7sg, welcome to the chat.
You have a lot of catching up to do.
Like three months worth of messages or something.
No, make that four.
I think he's waiting for you to buy him a drink.
Mar 4 at 12:57, by RegDwight
user image
Pre-owned, but MISB.
If he doesn't like it, he can buy a better beverage himself.
Mar 15 at 15:19, by RegDwight
user image
What the... did you just approve that edit, @Robusto?
Which edit?
There weren't that many in the last 24 hours, you know.
12:19 PM
I made no edit approvals in the last 24 hours.
Hah. It was @F'x.
I did comment on your Vienna joke, however.
<shakes fist>
@Robusto Saw that.
Which Viella do you mean?
VieLLa, mein Herz allein
Hertz? Memory fails.
Hertz is a Maßeinheit and an Autovermietung.
12:24 PM
It's only logical.
I'll say it again, I'm simply appalled at how much German I've forgotten.
Let me guess.
394 what? Words?
394 = how much German you've forgotten.
No. Not words. Just German.
394 German.
12:27 PM
Über neun tausend!
@RegDwight 394 German with no s, like 394 cattle head
Yeah, well. "394 Mann" is perfectly grammatical.
Well, screw Firefox 4 and its "app tabs" concept. After all the work I did to put in those stupid app tabs, it suddenly decided just to forget all about them.
How wise of it.
Less is more!
12:29 PM
Less is less!
More or less.
Less = Less ... mathematically provable.
black is black
Less = fewer.
@Fx No, blue is the new black. Ask Backstreet Boys.
@Fx — I want my baby back.
12:31 PM
actually, I am located in so nice a place that there is no "backstreet"
^ Gratuitous Rick Springfield reference.
I want my baby black, baby black, baby black, baby black, baby black, baby black
We get it.
Hey, no farting in chat.
Q: What are synonyms of the word "metadata"?

tikhMetadata is "data about data". Are there another words with the similar meaning?

Yeah, I'm scratching my head right now, too.
There was a question about meta- a while back.
Q: Meaning of "meta-"

TimI am trying to figure out the meaning of prefix "Meta-" in English. Quoted from Wikipedia Meta- (from Greek: μετά = "after", "beyond", "with", "adjacent", "self"), is a prefix used in English (and other Greek-owing languages) to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from anot...

12:34 PM
let's just say the weather is so nice out there that I feel a bit like boasting today
Also, this:
so, here is the place I am currently:
Q: What is the opposite of "meta"?

zneakA while back I was talking about it with friends. Another question indicates a few meanings of the "meta-" prefix. Considering that "meta" means, in simple words, "about itself" (like how metadata is data about data), what would be the appropriate prefix to mean the opposite relationship? It se...

@RegDwight Oh hai there!
12:35 PM
@Fx Looks like Downing Street, 10.
oh, it's not a photo of my building, but the pointer on the map is perfectly correct
Rive gauche?
if you have tactical nuclear weapons, you can anihiliate me right now :)
though you might take down the Panthéon in the same strike…
You better not give away your location. I'll be visiting Paris shortly.
@RegDwight doesn't need tactical nukes. He can just send a spy with a grain of Polonium.
12:36 PM
@RegDwight well, it's my workplace, security will never let a weird bird as yourself in
And I always carry a couple tactical nuclear weapons in my pocket.
@Fx I don't look weird.
@RegDwight — That would explain the no-fly list imbroglio.
Unless the security plan on having a three-hour philosophical discussion with me, they wouldn't notice.
@RegDwight well, it all depends on context; in the middle of the day and the center of Paris, an owl looks weird
But not an owl in pants!
12:38 PM
Uh, that's a pantsuit.
you guys are definitely weird... clothed owls with pockets full of nuclear weapons? okaaay
@Robusto I am not on the no-fly list. I was just saying that you never know for what asinine reason they might decide to put me onto it.
@z7sg That's not weird by any standards, certainly not by those of this chat.
@Robusto academic life is on rive gauche
Clothed owls with pockets full of nuclear weapons is no basis for a system of government.
BRB, gotta install new Flash debugger.
12:41 PM
What the hell, guys, stop saying "full of". I never said that. I said "a couple".
@Robusto have… er… well, let's say "fun"
CU Robusto.
Q: A word that can refer to an address but also for a contact in general

user7652I'm creating a database that includes so-called Sites. Those Sites have an address and furthermore a shipment address. Those addresses include phone numbers but the postal part is the most important. On the other hand there are Service people you can call on the cellphone. (They don't necessaril...

Is this what we've been reduced to?
ah.. but i don't believe you. "a couple" wouldn't be a useful deterrent. trying to conceal the true size of your arsenal
@Robusto Well, to be fair, I remember seeing just the same type of question two months ago. And four months ago. And six months ago.
12:43 PM
Me too.
Fun = not
They are rare enough that they haven't bothered me too much.
ok, off to teach some low-lewel minion how science is done
I am more concerned about this being a possible homework assignment:
Q: Need help diagramming this sentence

PattyHow does one diagram this sentence: Who made him jump into the pit?

@Fx CU.
Isn't that "how science she is done"?
12:45 PM
@RegDwight Agreed
Science — it's the other white meat.
This is how you don't get all the chicks.
That graph is boring even to me, and I'm a bloke.
Who studied maths.
Well I'm a guy who studied math.
Yeah, yeah, you're so special.
Here are some flowers.
Imaginary flowers, that is.
12:49 PM
You're an anagram.
You're a repetition.
Urine and a gram.
but there's one field of science (which is mine) with many chicks: chemistry!
Have you seen them chicks in chemistry?
12:50 PM
I saw Ann Agram in chemistry.
Q: Is using "Matt and I's" to show possession correct for two people?

JerronIs it correct to say something like Could you please review Matt and I's document?" I am trying to show possession for two people, but it just doesn't sound right.

Definitely a dupe
Or was it chemise-try?
I bought a gift for my wife at the chemisetrie.
@Kosmonaut Of one of my questions, no less.
Q: My wife and I's seafood collaboration dinner

RegDwightI just stumbled upon a Reddit post titled: My wife and I's seafood collaboration dinner. How does it look? Sure enough, the top comment immediately points out that it should be "my wife's and my". However, a cross-post to the Grammar subreddit produced the following comment: It's fine a...

@RegDwight Ooooooh, busted.
12:53 PM
What exactly is a "seafood collaboration dinner"? Some kind of pagan ritual?
@Kosmonaut You close it? Cause I'm biased.
@Robusto There was a pic IIRC.
Haha. Reddit is down ATM.
"Amazon is currently experiencing a degradation. They are working on it."
Listen up, people. I have some shopping to do. So I will be leaving in a minute.
Going to the chemisetrie?
So ... you are working on it?
@Kosmonaut: feel free to, you know, actually answer my wife and I's dinner. If you have an answer, that is.
I was thinking about that
12:58 PM
It would be like an Easter present.
I come home and turn on my Amiga and bam, you're in it answering my questions.
That would be so gr8.
You would get even more flowers.
I'm out!
CYA @Reg
1:35 PM
doh, we have a –7 post:
A: Why is it "choruses" and not "chori"?

teylynWhy? Because you don't want to scare off all the semi-professionals and countless lay people who are performing in choirs and ensembles all over the country. They are hard pressed to get their notes right, without worrying about whether they are preparing three "choruses" for the next concert or ...

that’s a rare kind of bird!
A: "If it were I" or "If it were me"?

BasilThe verb to be does not take an object, so subject and complement are the same [nominative] case. This means that subject and complement can be reversed without doing great violence to the meaning. "I was the captain" or the slightly stilted "The captain was I" say the same thing. So in this case...

With a name like Basil you know he's going to be a contributor.
2 hours later…
3:23 PM
@Fx And now the bird is extinct.
BTW, did you have something in the "location" field of your user profile?
Morning Reg
Hi funny shroom!
I'm more than just an example of adorable fungus. I have amazing hallucinogenic abilities, too.
You give plumbers strength, invincibility, and ammunition.
@Nathanus — I perceive reality in a distorted manner all by myself! No drugs needed. So I win.
3:33 PM
Ammunition? Them's be flowers, sir! And invincibility is from celestial midgets.
@Robusto That's just being unbalanced. D:
Sorry. I keep confusing midgets with ammunition when I'm on drugs.
@Nathanus — I'm very balanced in my distortion, contrary to what you may have heard.
Yeah, Robusto distorts absolutely everything except his own distortion.
@RegDwight — Except I distort that too.
You distort everything, except, of course, when you don't.
3:39 PM
@Robusto Um, I was trying to back you up, honey. If you distort your distortion, it stops being balanced, you know.
Wrong. Distorted distortion is primo, dude.
Maybe you can't get that shit in Russia. But trust me.
I never said it wasn't.
Hm. Joel should tweet something from our site again. We gained huge momentum after his last tweet, but have lost some of it since.
What did he tweet?
Apr 12 at 9:54, by RegDwight
Hm. Thanks to Joel, I maxed out in my sleep today. 22 fresh upvotes on an ooooooold answer of mine.
Oh. I thought you meant he tweeted something today.
3:44 PM
He and Jeff tweet all kinds of stuff. They are the only ones to get the Publicist badge so far.
@Robusto Nah, I'm complaining that he didn't.)))
Maybe you gotta put in some work on answers around here, dude. Then he'll, like, tweet your ass off.
@RegDwight I like that answer. Upvoted.
@Robusto I thought you were the one to do that.
My job here is to tell you how great/stupid you are, depending on the time of the year.
@Vitaly — Don't encourage him. He's just shilling for his old answers so he doesn't have to write new ones.
@RegDwight — Oh. So stupidity is a seasonal thing? Like allergies?
As far as you is concerned, it would appear so, yes.
Hi @RichardGadsden.
Hm. This really is an evergreen, innit.
Q: What words are commonly mispronounced by literate people who read them before they heard them?

davebugQuite a few words are mispronounced by under-educated people, or people learning English as a second language. Some words are often mispronounced by quite educated people who read, and began reading high-level literature before they heard the vocabulary spoken. This can lead to a vocabulary diss...

113 answers and counting.
I don't want to think of the day when we'll have to go through them all and weed stuff out.
Hey, @Kosmonaut promised me an answer but hasn't posted one yet. Sniff.
3:54 PM
Who wants to be on page 4?
Is that a reference I don't get? Or has The Sun changed their numbering?
Ah, I see, you were referring to the evergreen question rather than to Kosmonaut's answer.
As I said, I'm on drugs or something.
Well, if you sort by "oldest", it's quite illuminating.
@RegDwight Various pols keep wanting to require the Sun to be restricted to only over-18s buying it, like Playboy because of page 3. They changed the law a few years ago so Page 3 girls have a minimum age of 18 instead of 16.
@Reg to that Q, I would say facsimile.
@Nathanus You can! Unless it has been posted already.
I'd have to look through all 4...teen pages!
4:00 PM
@RichardGadsden I actually overheard something to that extent, but my very personal verdict was "meh", IIRC.
Feb 23 at 14:35, by RegDwight
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Why you google me in german?!
Stupid browser.
My language preferences are set that way, you see.
I also accept fr, nl, and a bunch of others, but de usually overrides those.
Anyhow, what would be your pronunciation of facsimile? I'm still not quite sure.
It's actually quite straightforward, I would say. But what do I know.
With a long I or what?
It is, but I always misspelled it when I read it. I pronounced it like "fassis-mile"
Mile as in mph?
For whatever reason, when the word hit my brain, a few letters transposed to make that. And yes, as in mph.
4:07 PM
I never assume a word ending in e is a long vowel.
I mean "long" as in aye vs ee.
Well, I suppose you could post it.
Just don't expect it to top the charts; Robusto does have a point about page four.
I doubt it would add much to the thread, this late in the game. It was just a passing thought I figured I'd mention.
4:10 PM
We'll talk again when it's 10 pages.
And when five people will have posted "facsimile", independently from one another.
In the mean time, lemme check the rest of the network.
A: My wife and I's seafood collaboration dinner

KosmonautShort answer Yes, this argument does have a basis in linguistic fact, which is why some people do it in the first place, but that doesn't mean it must be correct in Standard English (and it isn't). Longer Answer This argument does hold water in the linguistic sense. "My wife and I" is, in fac...

I was just pressing Ctrl+V.
Thanks a bunch, reading...
Much appreciated.
See, @Robusto, now Joel has something to tweet.
4:27 PM
@RegDwight — Why do you keep waking me up?
Because I'm evil.
yesterday, by Kosmonaut
user image
I am surprised someone said that "my wife and my" is the correct phrase
Well, we could ask him the next time he's around.)))
He's a native speaker, after all.
I wonder if it is a case of "using logic over usage" gone wrong
I doubt even he talks that way.
@Kosmonaut — Yeah. The correct phrase is "my wife's" ...
You have to be married to get that joke.
4:32 PM
We all are.
Except for the dog.
Apr 16 at 23:29, by Robusto
My wife is reading The Flanders Panel now. She will let us know what we think of it.
If you wish to include "and I" or some variation on that, it must be written in no greater than 6 pt font.
Or, if spoken, muttered under one's breath.
Also, this is one of those rare cases where I must not be capitalized.
4:34 PM
@RegDwight — BTW, I have learned that we liked that book up until the ending.
Wives! Am I right? The fellas know what I'm talkin' about!
Q: None is Singular Or Plural? How to decide?

prem shekharWith words that indicate portions—some, all, none, percent, fraction, part, majority, remainder, and so forth How can we cdecide the Verb will be singular Or Plural> None of the garbage was/were picked up. None of the chairs was/were comfortable. She inspected all of the plates and none wa...

Q: "Nobody want to go there," or "nobody wants to go there"?

Jian LinIn English, the number 0 is treated as plural. It is then: 0 seconds 1 second 1.2 seconds 2 seconds Shouldn't it be "nobody want to go there," instead of "nobody wants to go there"? I also saw in TOEFL that "any __" should be used with a singular. But I see it very common that it is ...

Q: None as plural indefinite pronoun

kiamlalunoIn my grammar book (English Grammar, HarperCollins Publishers), I read that none is occasionaly treated as plural, but it is usually regarded as singular. Can you give me an example of sentence where none is used as plural pronoun?

Q: "none of them sound right" or "none of them sounds right"

Ehrann Mehdan Possible Duplicate: None as plural indefinite pronoun because none of them sound/s like the obvious choice to me

The last one already closed.
Q: Using an uncountable noun and 'none'

Kaz DragonToday I came across the following sentence: We asked for help and were given none. It feels and sounds right to me. However, after decomposing none into not one, it becomes apparent that you can't have one help in this context. So is none the right word to use originally? If so, what doe...

So many
4:38 PM
There are more, but all closed as far as I can see.
Q: Should "none" as a pronoun be used as singular or plural?

zneak Possible Duplicate: None as plural indefinite pronoun I was programming when it suddenly struck me that I did not know if "none" should be singular or plural. Fore instance, should I write "none is yellow", or "none are yellow", if I know nothing more about what "none" refers to? In ...

Okay, I closed it.
I just wonder what we should do about all those past-tense agreement questions.
It's hard to decide which to pick as the canonical one.
Famous Garry Shandling routine about women: Starts at 2:30
@Cerberus The chronological order is clear: 2097, 7964, 16388, 17528, 17982. Plus a few that have been closed.
4:49 PM
@Reg: Yeah OK... but I agree that it is hard to decide which one to keep, as this should be based on which has the best answers...
Or, God forbid, they might have to be merged...
5:14 PM
You know what, I will start doing just that.
5:57 PM
That would be awesome!
6:26 PM
Q: Common usage of "namely"

BradI got an email today Medical will be sending some people over to give a talk, namely Joe Foo and Bob Bar. I know the dictionary says namely means adverb /ˈnāmlē/  That is to say; to be specific (used to introduce detailed information or a specific example) - to me there is only one ...

Not quite sure what is being asked here.
Also, is the following a better fit for Math.SE?
Q: Math Definition For Positive or Negative?

soopriseIf you define a direction on a plane as either positive or negative, what would you call its positive/negativeness? Its orientation? I feel like there is a better word out there for this. So like, if there is an arrow that starts at (0,0) and has a slope of 1, and there is another arrow that ...

The user has an account on Math, but decided to post it here for some reason.
6:52 PM
Oh, and welcome to the 3k club @HaL.
7:19 PM
We should start getting frequent flyer miles with rep points. I'm just saying.
7:47 PM
I just made a most excellent edit to one of @Kosmonaut's answers. I'm so proud of myself.
@Robusto I'd buy into that.
@RegDwight — Makin' 'im look foolish, is it?
I changed a 3 into a 2.
No, actually, I changed two threes into two twos.
Now I can safely retire.
@Robusto I'd accept cash. Tenths of pennies, even. $3.00 is a pint.
And the question was "What does triple mean? How many things?"
7:49 PM
@Robusto Haha. Yes.
@HaL — $3.00 doesn't buy a pint where I go drinking. Wish it did.
@Robusto If that won't make him look foolish, nothing will.
And it's not like he would know. I mean, unless he, like, visited chat or was a moderator or something.
@Robusto Sounds like you're going to the wrong place then. Don't tell me your bar has a steampunk theme. All that brass shit costs money.
Yeah. And it's not like, I pinged him or something.
@Robusto Oh, and I'm so glad I'm not being held up to my empty promises.
7:52 PM
@HaL — Nah, no steampunk.
Feb 16 at 12:36, by RegDwight
Well, vote for me! I promise free miles for everyone! Frequent flyer or not!
@RegDwight — That's exactly what I'm talking about.
Well, I've changed my mind. That's communism for you, darling. Frequent-flyer miles are for the Central Committee only.
Wow. This place is getting to be about as much fun as a Politburo meeting.
I will spend mine on flying to your backyard. Frequently.
@Robusto At least we're not talking about tea in RP.
Also, the steampunk meme is unkillable.
7:56 PM
@RegDwight — Tea in the Sahara with me?
Here in chat, I can't swing a dead capitalist without hitting a steampunk.
@RegDwight — Dead capitalists don't swing.
Feb 17 at 18:45, by Robusto
I need to bookmark the Steampunk link so it's there when I need it at a moment's notice.
@Robusto Transitive. That's why we go over these things.
@RegDwight — Lies!
@RegDwight I don't think there are any steampunks left, actually. They've gone the way of the emo.
7:58 PM
@Robusto Huh what? You accuse yourself of lying?
@RegDwight — I'm saying I never said that. I was misquoted. And taken out of context.
@Robusto That's so not steamy. Also, no punk.
Feb 17 at 18:43, by RegDwight
That is steam.

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