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12:00 AM
@RegDwight — どうして?
If I say "insolation", what is the first thing that comes to mind, seriously?
@Cerberus Insulin.
@Robusto Well, just look at them and see for yourself.
BTW, it's funny, but his name means either "little stone" or "big stone" in Japanese, depending the characters he uses, which I haven't seen.
12:02 AM
For me it is insulation.
@Robusto Talk about ambiguity.
That is pretty cool.
@RegDwight — I can see for myself, but you were spouting your opinion.
Hey I have a question. It is about language, but this time it's Japanese. Is that permitted?
@Robusto Well, I can't quite put it into words. I just like it.
12:04 AM
@Cerberus — そう?
It's wise, in a way.
@RegDwight — That's loser talk.
You're loser talk.
You're losing.
Anyway, I'm over on Writers.SE right now, so I can't check back on EL&U until I'm through there.
I just voiced an opinion. You would've long just said, sosiouxme and left it at that.
Have fun.
12:06 AM
Are Japanese first and last names usually made up of the characters that they use in Chinese too, or rather of the true Japanese set? I can never remember the names.
@Cerberus — What's your question?
They use the kanji for names.
What was Kanji again?
Veeeeeery rarely will you see some hiragana.
OK so Kanji is the Chinese stuff?
Those are the kanji for "kanji"
12:07 AM
And do those Japanese names also come from words/concepts that mean the same in Chinese?
Although they use katakana for foreign names, even if they are Japanese names.
@Cerberus Usually.
That is actually very interesting.
The Japanese characters are derived from Chinese, and there is an intersection of the two sets that comprise identical characters and meanings, but also there are characters that are strictly Japanese and many, many that are strictly Chinese.
It shows that grammar, inflection, and function words usually stick around from the substrate language longer than content words? Or isn't Chinese the newer influence on the Japanese language?
@Robusto Okay, but Hiragana is not Chinese at all, right?
Well, that is all over the map. Some are used for their sounds, some for their meanings, and so on.
12:10 AM
@Cerberus — Correct. Hiragana and katakana are not at all Chinese. They are what the Japanese use to write the syllabary, the "50 sounds" or gojuuon.
Can non-Chinese be considered the substrate language in Japan, or is Chinese in fact the oldest part of Japanese?
The is a Japanese ordering of kana. It is named for the 5×10 grid in which the characters are displayed, but the grid is not completely filled, and, further, there is an extra character added outside the grid at the end: with 5 gaps and 1 extra character, the current number of distinct kana in a syllabic chart is therefore 46. Some of these gaps have always existed as gaps in sound: there was no yi or wu in Old Japanese, and ye disappeared in Late Old Japanese, predating the kana: the kana for e, i, and u double up for those phantom values. Also, with the spelling reforms after World War ...
@Cerberus They are only using the characters.
The languages are not related.
@Reg: Well they use the Chinese characters for some words that they borrowed from Chinese, or am I mistaken?
12:13 AM
@RegDwight — Not 100% true. There are "Chinese" readings (sounds) of characters, and there are some words that are considered "Chinese" by the Japanese. For example, the Japanese have two sets of counting words, one native and one borrowed.
ichi, ni, san, yon (shi), go — 1,2,3,4,5 [Chinese]
Well yeah. Then again, we also have "French" readings in English and some words that are considered "French".
My point was simply that Chinese is Sino-Tibetan, while Japanese is God-knows-what, possibly Uralic as you pointed out once.
hitotsu, futatsu, mitsu, yotsu, itsutsu etc. [Japanese]
@Reg: Yeah OK; but I thought most content words were borrowed from Chinese? Is that not true?
You keep asking me, while Robusto is the expert here.
If there has been sufficient borrowing, it is hard to say what the language "is" any more; in that case it is easier to talk about substrate and superstrate (older and newer influence, respectively).
@Reg: Fair enough.
12:17 AM
I didn't mean to interfere, just posted my 2cents while Robusto was looking for that link.
@Reg: On the contrary! You were very helpful! Haha but seriously, you were.
Interestingly, there are also two of the "Chinese" words for 4 yon and shi, but they don't like to use shi because it also means "death"!
I've heard that, actually.
Like some buildings don't have a fourth floor or something.
Japanese am strange language.
So would it be more accurate to describe Chinese influence as a couple of loan words, or as a superstrate language?
By the way, would questions specific to one or two languages be on topic for Linguistics.se, you reckon?
12:20 AM
一、二、三, 四、五、六、七、八、九、十。
Those are the numbers from one to ten as they are written.
All the same as Chinese.
@Cerberus — Well, there's strate and then there's superstrate. Beyond that, we have downright homophobic.
@Rob: Hah! But I thought most rabid homophobes were gay?
Funny, my keyboard snuck in a Western comma there, in the numbers list.
No. Homophones are not gay, despite what you've heard.
@Cerberus Once again, I think you meant Robusto there. Not all gay-related questions are to be directed @RegDwight, you know?
Oh. Then I will feel free to wear my tight pink shirt again. No mean fear of homophony!
@Cerberus — It's the allophones you have to look out for.
12:24 AM
@Reg: Odd! I certainly didn't mean anything by that.
@Rob: Like Allosaurus?
| synonyms = }} Allosaurus () is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic period (Kimmeridgian to early Tithonian). The name Allosaurus means "different lizard". It is derived from the Greek ἅλλος/allos ("different, other") and σαυρος/sauros ("lizard"). The first remains that can definitely be ascribed to this genus were described in 1877 by paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh. As one of the first well-known theropod dinosaurs, it has long attracted attention outside of paleontological circles. Indeed, it has been a top feat...
René, René!
Thesaurus Rex.
'Allo 'Allo! is a British sitcom broadcast on BBC One from 1982 to 1992 comprising eighty-five episodes. It is a parody of another BBC programme, the wartime drama Secret Army and was created by David Croft, who also wrote the theme music, and Jeremy Lloyd. Lloyd and Croft wrote the first 6 series. Series 7 onward was written by Lloyd and Paul Adam. Lloyd and Croft were also responsible for the popular sitcom Are You Being Served?. In 2004, Allo 'Allo came 13th in Britain's Best Sitcom. A reunion special, comprising new material, archive clips and specially-recorded interviews, was broa...
I shall say zis only wence!
I repeat: I shall say zis only wence!
12:26 AM
You contradict yourself.
No way!
Thank you for noticing.
No, thank you!
It was a pleasure.
Do some people say "it was my pleasure"?
I was taught that that was wrong.
12:27 AM
No, it's right. If you actually got pleasure, or are lying about it.
And what the hell are they teaching our little 3-headed doggies these days?
Hmm it still sounds a bit royal to me.
How about "it was my unpleasure"?
That's like, more honest and all.
Yeah, like Russians would know anything about honesty.
It is a pleasure = I like doing x / it is an honour; it is my pleasure = I am the King and I command thus and so.
@Robusto No, but you teach me.
Long time.
12:29 AM
"Thank you for helping me with that project!"
"Not at all. It was my pleasure."
@Cerberus I've only ever heard it as "my pleasure", plain and simple. No "it was", no kings, nada.
@Robusto Yeah I was told not to say that.
Well, you were told wrong.
Q: Is "not at all" still alive and doing well?

RegDwightI was taught to use "not at all" as a rather polite, standard reply to "thank you". However, I don't see it being used at all nowadays. Can I still use it? Would it be widely understood? Should I be aware of any differences between using it in British, American, Canadian, and Australian English...

I think it sounds a bit American, saying "my pleasure" back to "thank you"...?
12:31 AM
Monty Python say it all the time.
... w/e ...
Now I have no idea any more.
@Cerberus Check the answers to that question.
Yeah just read 'em.
No American mentions "my pleasure". A Canadian does.
12:32 AM
Not that Robusto's fiat wasn't enough.
Also, this:
Q: Response to "Thank you!"

remIn my school and university I was taught to say "Not at all" or "Don't mention it" in response to "Thank you!". Now I rarely hear these phrases, but rather something like "You're welcome", "It's OK", "My pleasure", "No problem". My real life conversational experience is very poor. I often listen...

You know, "it was my pleasure" is what you use when you are trying to be polite and impress someone, especially someone you want to bed later.
Cori is from WI.
@Rob: Shame on you!
Guys ... guys ... I'm standing right here. You have one of the best resources for English as she is spoke right frickin' here — so just take my word for it, OK?
12:34 AM
No, that's what people do on the main site.
2 mins ago, by Cerberus
Not that Robusto's fiat wasn't enough.
Here in chat, we don't take your word for it. We're Commie Mutant Traitors, remember.
Well, if you don't you're dumber than your gravatar makes you look.
That's unpossible.
12:36 AM
But I can make it!
Me very good.
I will pay attention to how the Brits use "pleasure" from now on.
That was another odd typo... my apologies.
You know, I seem to be making weird typos much more often than the regular stuff like teh and their/they're.
I do type anough a lot. But I usually see it in time.
yesterday, by RegDwight
God I keep misspelling i as ea today.
yesterday, by RegDwight
Ea'm so stupead.
A common fact.
12:42 AM
I gotta go. Laterz all.
I think I'll resume my LEGO session.
The Dom doesn't build itself.
BTW, @Cerberus, to round up our discussion about moderation, check out the answers here:
Q: Can we have a better name for the 10k "Moderator tools"?

PearsonartphotoI think it's a bit deceptive that a person works hard for months to get to the 10K tools, to have access to the moderator tools, to find out that all it is is analytical tools. While they are nice, I think it would be best if an appropriate name could be found for these tools, perhaps advanced st...

That video Robert and jmort253 link to is great.
Highly recommended, because pretty much all of it also applies to ELU.
1:42 AM
@Reg: OK thamls fpr the link!
My internet just crashed.
Modem is displaying red led.
Using the internet on my phone now.
My phone that happens to be from 2006 or so, for those who would be interested.
I am now also sitting on my sofa with wireless keyboard and mouse and everything zoomed in on the monitor on my desk.
Again, for whoever might be interested.
11 hours later…
12:56 PM
Ha, there's @Kosmonaut.
Dude, you, like, closed that question but I, like, thought it should be, like, migrated or something, you know?
1:14 PM
@RegDwight Where to?
Ah, ok... then go for it.
Howdy all.
@Kosmonaut Längst erledigt.
1:16 PM
I was more like informing you after the fact.
@Robusto Ahoi.
@RegDwight — Yeah. Migrated to Russia.
@RegDwight OK
Russia is not SciFi.
My name is Russian SciFi.
More Lo-Fi.
1:17 PM
Only the American prejudices about Russia are sci-fi, but so be it.
You mean the American factjudices.
We like to sci-fi your poor asses, too.
Yeah ... with vacuum-tube technology. Russia is so retro.
@Kosmonaut Everything that begins with "fact" is a lie.
Also, all generalizations are true.
Nothing is true.
1:19 PM
@RegDwight — Fact: All generalizations are true or false.
@Kosmonaut You're nothing.
@Robusto Hed axplod.
@RegDwight — Another example of poorly manufactured Russian heds.
That's a tautology.
@RegDwight So, that means I am true.
No wait, that's a litotes.
1:21 PM
And you're all false.
Litotes anagrams to "toilets" btw.
Question: what is every idiom that exists?
Also "toilest" ... but toilets is funnier.
@Kosmonaut D'oh. Of course. I'm trying not to break my "I can't get it right" streak.
@Kosmonaut — That's a great question for the board. Also ask if they can be categorized into country of origin.
1:23 PM
@Kosmonaut Answer: every idiom that exists is on ELU.
@RegDwight — What about idioms that don't exist. Shouldn't those be cataloged as well?
That's a brilliant idea!
I say you're showing favoritism toward existing idioms.
You had some coffee, I reckon?
Yeah, among other things.
1:24 PM
See, I can tell.
You should be busy cataloging non-existent idioms. All the mods should.
Well, for starters:
13 hours ago, by RegDwight
Since this is a list of phrases with recognizable words that have unrecognizable meanings, should we also have a list of phrases with unrecognizable words that have recognizable meanings?
You're a list of unrecognizable words with recognizable meanings.
So just xerox yourself and post it.
OK, so I've been drinking coffee. But @RegDwight has been drinking himself. A dangerous combination.
1:27 PM
That is... gross.
I know, right?
You ain't know nothing, son.
That's why we go over these things.
Fact: I know or don't know things.
Lie: could be.
Maybe: huh?
1:30 PM
Huh: really?
Son: I am disappoint
Fact or non-fact: I do or don't know things or not things.
@Kosmonaut You are phone.
@Robusto You forgot to negate the or.
And the not, for that matter.
@RegDwight But which one? I've always been partial to ɣ
You're a partial phone.
1:31 PM
Which part? The receiver?
Are you saying Kosmonaut's catching, not pitching?
Five hundred years from now, some poor archaeologist will read these transcripts...
Hi there!
The chicks is a lie.
Fun with phones! It's become a meme: a phone meme, or phoneme for short.
@Robusto Boooooooooo
1:33 PM
Awww, come on. That was a little bit funny. Or not.
Apr 17 at 2:05, by RegDwight
Your waisting your time on our dumb asses is the perfect proof that nobody is willing to pay you.
It was slightly funny
Huh, I misspelled waysting.
And "yor"
It got a groan, which is proof that it had the desired effect.
1:34 PM
@Kosmonaut It's ur, you NNS.
Puns aren't about humor, they are about hostility and retribution.
My dad usually gives a nod of "I have taught you well, my son"
Speaking of hostility, we are lacking in the thwacks department.
It's been one week; one more to go.
Yes, we are severely thwlacking.
@martha: Do you have a lot of inbox messages?
I will star and pin and email that to everyone just for Martha.
1:36 PM
Just wondering, @martha.
Apr 17 at 2:03, by Robusto
You know, I should be getting paid for these jokes. And here I am wasting them on your dumb asses.
See above.
I did. I included that for the record. So that the archaeologists, etc.
You misspelled "plaid"
Nobody will pay you, not even in tögrögs.
The archaeologists will just dig deeper.
Or follow the links.
Itäs not like weäre entirelz unhelpful.
Stoopid kezboard.
Hi @Alain. You've come to the right place.
1:38 PM
Hello all,
You know, it's pretty vain to suppose that archaeologists are going to wade through these miles of shit we are pumping out here. I mean, don't they have better things to do? Won't video games be, like, totally amazing by then, sucking up 100% of everyone's time?
@AlainPannetier Hello
I'm always a little but dizzy after I read one page of your exchanges.
I just got an email from HR saying to prepare for the fact that the coming fiscal year is a leap year, so our checks will be smaller to account for the leap day.
@Robusto Well, they could play TombRaider: The ELU Files.
@AlainPannetier Then read two. That helps.
You lose sensitivity after a while.
And sensibility, too.
@Kosmonaut By how many inches?
1:40 PM
@Kosmonaut — That makes a lotta sense. More work for less pay. Thank God for the Tea Party.
I'm more the Mithridates kind.
@RegDwight 3 bushels.
@AlainPannetier — Is that an elven dating site? Mithridates?
As long as he's not the Mithridates evil...
You should probably patent this !
1:42 PM
We should. But we won't. Except perhaps.
What's the inches-per-bushel to hogsheads-per-lightmile conversion factor?
You dummy.
@RegDwight Carry the threeven... my god, I'm going to be rich!
What is that in Planck lengths?
I could swear I've seen a similar question before.
Q: "ASP.NET web-based applications is my primary focus."

mishoIs this grammatically correct? Should I use is instead of are? ASP.NET web-based applications is my primary focus.

1:44 PM
@Robusto wooden or steel?
I think it was Cerberusses'.
Sorry for throwing yet another topic in the air but today might be the day to explain that excerpt of the FAQ:
If you're wondering what to say to your fellow community members, we hear there are some pretty amazing easter eggs in chat … maybe they know how to trigger them?
Q: How do I determine subject and subject complement in "A side-effect is the spread of commercialese to other domains."?

CerberusConsider this example: Commercialese is an instrument of art, designed to enrich and invigorate our language—surely you will all agree with this—, and we should encourage newcomers to learn it. However, a side-effect is the spread of commercialese to other domains. This we must obje...

@Kosmonaut — Mithril.
@AlainPannetier Where'd you find that?
1:45 PM
Chat FAQs, a couple of lines below jeff's hairdo
I have no idea what that is
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
Might deserve it's meta question then !
It's too early for Easter eggs, you heathens.
@Kosmonaut Is that the magic incantation unleashing these eggs ? ""
@RegDwight Well, what do you do to celebrate Good Friday?
1:47 PM
"Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice"
@AlainPannetier Looks like no :)
@Kosmonaut My point precisely.
You heathen.
@Kosmonaut — I dunno about you guys, but I find Good Friday is the perfect time to crucify uppity messiahs.
I does not work if you don't shout it in front of the keyboard I was told.
1:48 PM
@Robusto You and the Romans.
Romanes eunt domus?
@Kosmonaut Well, if it hadn't been for the Romans, there'd be no Roman Catholics. Think about it.
A: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

Popular DemandMeta Stack Overflow/(any room): red tags Send a message consisting solely of [status-SOME_PLAINTEXT_STRING] and it will appear in chat like a moderator tag. Doing this as a reply to another message is okay, but other text or formatting will not work. Gaming/The Bridge: minigame Send the messag...

@Robusto Yes, they would be speaking Mongolian.
1:49 PM
insert coin
insert coin
@Kosmonaut — That's your answer for everything.
@RegDwight Thx, I'll use the sandbox before showing off then !
@Kosmonaut You can't read, can you?
@Robusto Well it's gotten me this far.
Which part of Gaming/The Bridge: minigame you don't understand?
1:51 PM
Oh, I see, it means within "Gaming"
"Meta Stack Overflow/(any room)"
"Other SE sites/(any room): no easter eggs (yet)"
That is the sound of five people leaving this chat and joining the Bridge instead.
@RegDwight The part I didn't understand was "Gaming/The Bridge: minigame"
sound of five people being evaporized by Mario's fire balls
@Kosmonaut The whole nine yards, huh?
Wow. Piplz. It really works.
Take that, badp! Killed ya.
1:55 PM
That was fun.
That was the magic of Easter.

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