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3:10 AM
@JimG. - Think this is so over the top: check out a quite similar line of questioning from one of our own moderators! workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/2877/… Prank account? Are you serious? You seem awfully rude here on the forums.
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5:43 AM
@atconway: Thank you for notifying me about that. I just voted to close that and if it get closed. I will immediately vote to delete it. I agree with you - We should expect our moderators to set an example with high-quality questions.
@atconway: But seriously... Did you just start working with ASP.NET full time last year??? I have a hard time believing that a "senior architect" would have been content to work with ASP.NET Webforms through 2011.
@atconway: You might want to check out this post about what is expected of a team lead (which is actually at least one notch below "senior architect"). >>>
A: What skills should I cultivate to become a development/technical lead?

SamTo become a technical lead the following are essential The ability to mentor staff members at all level of seniority, from someone who has been out of uni for 3 months to a person who has been programming for 30 years A good knowledge of your development domain. This includes: languages, framew...

5:58 AM
Q: How to go about firing a family member...?

KolinkTo cut a long story short, my company is set up like this: 51% is mine, the programmer 39% is my wife's, the artist 10% is my father's, who helped set up the company However, my wife has only been a burden lately. As far as our relationship goes, I am extremely passive and she is very much the...

^^^ I have to admit - My first instinct was to vote to close as "off-topic". It just seemed like the "family" angle was too tightly interwoven. But upon further consideration, I gave it a +1. I really like this question.
+1 for Your personal development is much more beneficial in the long term than any petty tactical maneuvering and elbowing you could spend precious time on.Chad Mar 14 at 13:42
^^^ Great point.
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12:10 PM
hello all
I want to know is it ok for a company to accept someone resignation verbally?
and they ask for a resignation letter later
is the company breaking any law in doing such a thing
12:37 PM
@KingCobra Laws vary from country to country (and within countries), so that's really difficult to answer
Additionally, "is it legal?" type questions usually need a lawyer to answer them, and we aren't qualified to do so
Did they ask for a resignation letter after the person resigning has left? Or during a notice period?
well what happened is, I complained about bullying boss and talked to CEO
first they understood all my concerns and they promised me a better work environment
i asked for change of manager or to fix the issue otherwise
then we had this meeting where the CEO asked me that i have to work under the same manager or I should resign.
He asked for my resignation on the spot
so I did and then they asked me if I can submit a resignation letter
@Jim at that point my seat was already taken and I dont feel like submit a resignation leter when I am already out. Just wanted to know if the company did anything wrong here
1:12 PM
Anyone interested in answering this ELL question?
Q: How convey expertise on a CV?

RSFalcon7I'm writing a curriculum vitae, and got to a certain impasse. How can I say I'm "super expert" in a certain skill, but still remain humble in the sentence? PS: Please skip the obvious "expert in $1" Thanks

@KingCobra their mistake would be waiting until you are gone (and replaced!) before asking for a resignation letter
if you're already gone and have already been replaced, you don't really have any obligation to them
if you had a contract that requires written notice of resignation, you'd be breaching that by not providing it
but that would really be dependant on your employment contract (if you have one)
@Jim I would not have a problem with that question
@Chad as far as I can tell, they aren't looking to migrate it
I just thought it might be of interest to some people here
however, if the migration (from programmers) gets rejected, I'll look into bringning it over here
(unless we already have such a question, which I'm not sure about)
@KingCobra Only if there is a contractual obligation that includes a written notice. I am aware of no laws anywhere that would require that an employee submit a written resignation.(Though I just play a pseudolawyerpundit on the Interwebs so take that for what it is worth)
1:29 PM
@chat I personally like to have a written notice/email to reflect what really happened. But in my case verbal resignation was accepted. I find it odd that a muture company would do that.
Well, people certainly seem to dislike me on here today judging by the comments
1:46 PM
@RhysW like what comments. Ppl here can be rude. Has happened to me in the past also
@RhysW there has been a lot of comment noise in general today
2:11 PM
@JimG. @JimG. Jim why in the world would you think I just started with ASP.NET last year? Please do not tell me seriously that you scrolled down to Page 1. on my blog and deduced from that that I just begun with ASP.NET. I have been using ASP.NET since .NET 1.0 in VS.NET 2002.
@JimG. Those posts you pasted in yesterday were my documenting from a national conference named VSLive! last December. This conference is full of great information and I received a lot of accolades about my blogging of the event. Take a look at the tags on my blog and reach through the varying experience if you wish.
@JimG. I tell you the lack of professionalism on the way I was being attacked (yes a comment had to be removed about me slapping my wife) for asking a question is beyond me. Please peruse my blog further than 'Page 1.' if you wish. Right now I'm deep in the weeds on a Web API app leading a team of 4, using full domain model architecture, DI, Ioc (Unity), Unit Testing (Moq), EF5, and will pile on a MVC interface for other portions as well.
@JimG. I'm not here to justify my experience, but please do a little research if you want to belittle me. I'm disappointed in the community for those comments and attitude toward me. We (the more seasoned) should be there as a beacon to help others, not tear folks down.
@Jim it seems ive annoyed a specific person who now needs to find flaws in anything i post any time they see that i posted it for some reason
yet every time i suggest we take it to chat to yknow actually solve what they think is an issue they refuse, so i give up XD
@atconway Dont take it personally, the 'slapping your wife' is an onrunning joke for some WP people because of a series of questions we got at one point all to do with being slapped
2:31 PM
on a side note @atconway nice blog, some good topics
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3:38 PM
@RhysW Thank you, I try to post useful information to help wherever possible. I appreciate you kind comments.
3:48 PM
@atconway Just an FYI - The slapping the wife thing is a meme around here it does not mean you are actually being accused of slapping your or anyone else's wife.
@atconway If you want your question to be taken seriously then you should not use hyperbole and you should make sure your post does not read like a rant. Even after I cleaned out most of the rant it still read like a rant. Not only that but you had an option close your door for 10 minutes while he eats. You did not want to entertain that option despite the fact that it solves your issue.
@Atconway no problem, the stuff about mvc 4 was good to read, still stuck in the age of mvc 3 here, though im sure some people here have it much worse than that
@RhysW Win forms for the well defintately not win :p
i havent done any win forms for a while! nor console, all my stuff has been web related lately, mvc, wcf, well, excluding the SSIS stuff i had to do, and documentation doesnt count right?
@RhysW I do alot of WCF. Doing some web form controls atm too
Was on MVC 3 last project though
@Chad nice! ive only ever done one WCF thing, had to self teach myself that, fairly straightforward (stleast what i was doing was)
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5:27 PM
@Chad It's happening right now and that freaking noise is driving me bananas!!
5:39 PM
Hi All
Regarding the below post
Q: How can I break verbal commitment convincingly without burning bridges with my current employer?

BVRI am working for an Indian Outsourcing Organization. My last project was a debacle, and I was given a poor appraisal rating and released from the project. I have a Valid H1B Visa which expires after 6 months. I have strong experience in a cutting edge technology which has high demand in the marke...

Inspite of my best efforts it is attracting close votes
Please help me to improve the question and get it reopened
Please help
@atconway [Friday, December 14th, 2012]: "I have become a big fan of MVC over the last year, previously being a web forms developer for the past 9 or so years." allen-conway-dotnet.blogspot.com/2012/12/…
@atconway Elephant in the room: I don't know you. But if I met a "senior architect" in a bar on December 14th, 2012, and he told me that he had become a big fan of ASP.NET MVC over the past year, I would be very suspicious.
@JimG. Because I'm not a contractor or consultant or work for myself I do not always get to select what technology to use on an application. In the late 2000's I spent a lot of time doing Silverlight, WCF, and WebForms. I'm actually glad I did not get into MVC in v1 or v2 and have to use aspx engine.
@atconway Hey that's fine. I'm sure that the money was good. Up here in the Boston area, there's such a demand for rockstar (i.e. senior architect) developers, they can pretty much call their own shots. Emphasis: I really don't know any senior architects who stuck with ASP.NET Webforms through 2011.
@JimG. While on this note since you are so interested in inspecting my experience, where is yours sir? I see your profile is blank. Are you just an anonymous troller closing posts and picking on folks? What is your great contribution to the community? At least I'm transparent and not 'hiding'
@atconway Nope. I'm a team lead. If you want a feel for my experience, check out my Stackoverflow profile. I've answered (and asked) many ASP.NET MVC questions. Currently my favorite web technology is KnockoutJS.
5:53 PM
@JimG. 'Senior Architect' is a title I aquired within the last year. I was a Senior Engineer from 07'-12'. See the details of my current project and the technology used? Happy about how I'm going about MVC? Any critique? FYI, your SO profile is blank.
@JimG. Knockout.js is a cool JS library (not a technology) but I wouldn't hang your hat on it unless you are going to be doing a lot of SPAs.
@atconway Heh heh. No critique. Look, I'm sorry I jabbed you in the ribs. We don't have the benefit of a face-to-face meeting. // At the outset, I found the "8 bowls of food" comment kind of funny, and then I just had a little fun with it.
@atconway But I actually agree with John Papa in that SPAs make a web application look really nice and real professional.
@atconway They also tend to be a lot more responsive.
@JimG. Saw J.P. this past weekend at CodeCamp
I know a little about this SE thingy...
@atconway In which city?
@atconway Very cool. He seems like a genuinely decent guy.
5:56 PM
Seen him multiple times over the years at CodeCamp and VSLive!.
@atconway He's also the guy (i.e. the developer evangelist) that turned me on to RequireJS. It's greatly simplified my web work.
@atconway: See but here's my point. Once you step into John Papa's SPA & RequireJS world... You just can't imagine regressing to ASP.NET WebForms.
@atconway: But it looks like you're there already too.
@JimG. Listen, it's OK to question, but a little advice because since I put myself out there and you did not... Be careful at throwing stones in a glass house. Critiquing individuals you do not know and actually contribute a lot in various way to the community with several years experience seems arrogant.
@atconway Ha! I hardly have sufficient reason to be arrogant. I know my place in this developer world. I just try to learn something new every week.
@JimG. Essentially calling me a fake and a phony was not cool, and if you truly want to be a leader is more about 'promotion' of those in the community and not 'tear down' Mentoring is a great thing.
@atconway OK. That's fair enough. But can we agree that I was just having some fun with the "8 bowls of food" comment?
@atconway And heck... Maybe if I worked with you, I too would see this "8 bowls of food" guy. Maybe he really exists! ;)
6:02 PM
@BVR When you say "my employer", are you referring to the outsourcing agency or the company you accepted a project for?
@JimG. 10-4 to that, it's all good. I'm not sure the last time you switched jobs, but my line of questioning was to tread lightly with tenured employees. It would be crass of me to tell folks what to do no matter what my title is. I was just looking for some 'think outside the box' suggestions I had not thought of...
@BVR I ask because I wanted to make an edit to your question to shorten it quite a bit and focus on the relevant information. It already has 2 reopen votes, so just needs 3 more
The edit would probably look something like this:
I have verbally agreed to a 6-month project through an outsourcing agency because I could not find any other work. Now that I have agreed, I suddenly have numerous opportunities from outside the agency.

I would like to take one of these offers, however I also do not want to burn bridges with my current employer, and I am not sure how to break the verbal commitment without burning any bridges.

My last project with the agency was a debacle, and I was given a poor appraisal rating and released from the project. As per the organization policies, if I reject any opportunity from within the org
@atconway Right. I can respect that. Given your long stay with your current employer, you've probably created significant business value. I can't pay you a higher compliment than that.
@JimG. Well nice getting to know each other and good conversation, I appreciate it. Talk to you later!
3 hours later…
8:52 PM
A: How to deal with discouraging nature of supervisors and co-workers?

enderlandThis is why many companies take their internship process very seriously. You probably just lost quite a few good employees over the next few years. Something to think about: good interns tend to associate with other, equally good potential interns or fulltime hires, who then say whether your co...

This is a really good question at core (which is applicable to far more internship situations than we want to think about...) - any thoughts on my update and clarifications to the questions?

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