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2:49 AM
When will ImageMagick be bundled into TeX Live or MikTeX?
4 hours later…
6:59 AM
@GarbageCollector Probably 'never', in general, as on Linux it will always be best to use the 'native' version
@GarbageCollector It's in MacTeX as an extra
1 hour later…
8:22 AM
PGF/TikZ does not provide a good way to add more path operator (like -- or -|) …
8:35 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel But there’s etoolbox :)
9:32 AM
@MarcoDaniel @JosephWright - I have started a text at texfragen.de/was_ist_latex3_und_wie_kann_ich_es_benutzen - You can change/extend it if you like
10:29 AM
I’m open for more suggestions:
A: How to draw a return arrow from node-3 to node-1

QrrbrbirlbelThe following answer consists of the qrr-tikz-udlr.sty package file, and a sample code with two TikZ pictures. Save the qrr-tikz-udlr.sty file as it is and place it either in your local texmf tree or in the same folder as your main .tex file. The “package” provides the path operators ud, r...

10:54 AM
@JosephWright OK. Thank you for responding.
2 hours later…
12:29 PM
@topskip Great. Where can I register?
I can't believe I'm finally using arara in production. :)
@MarcoDaniel You don't need to register, just click on "edit" ... at the bottom of the page
@topskip Ok. Thanks
I want to edit too! :)
@PauloCereda Have fun. -- And the edit requires arara;-)
12:39 PM
@PauloCereda go ahead: texfragen.de/tex_automatisieren ("how can I automate my TeX run?")
you can write in english, I'll translate it. Not too much, just a short introduction.
Only if you want. No obligation
is the edit button
@topskip I'll try to come up with something. :)
It's so cool to use LaTeX to prepare the documents for the upcoming Holy Week. :)
@PauloCereda Don't feel obliged to write something. But then again, who else would be better suited to write about arara?
@topskip /me points at @MarcoDaniel and runs.
1:04 PM
Q: How to get toddler to eat eggs?

BryceA long while ago my 2 yr 9 mo old son decided he did not like eggs. He was good enough to taste them (and re-tasted them on a couple later occasions), but he made up his mind he just does not like them. If we even put a little on his plate he'll pick them up and put them on our plate, and remin...

@GarbageCollector ooh a challenge! This would be my plan:
user image
@PauloCereda You should post it as the answer. :D
@GarbageCollector :)
Q: ShareLaTeX and biblatex

peturI'm writing my thesis with my friend but I'm having seriouse problems getting biblatex to work with ShareLaTeX, it aparently has support (regarding to this blog: http://www.clarusft.com/sharelatex/). However, I can't get it to work properly, or at all to be honest. I have included this in the t...

"I'm writing my thesis with my friend"?
@AlanMunn hmmmm. :)
1:20 PM
@AlanMunn I know people who did that (officially)
@topskip Yes, I do too, although it's not very common I think.
1:34 PM
@topskip: There are a couple of typos in the Hobbit example on the first page of the FAQ. I'd correct them, but I'm not sure is you have a fixed format for the image of the output that should be adhered to (width of the image, zoom level)?
@Jake you won't be able to upload it anyway at the moment. Please go ahead and correct them, I'll re-create a new image (thanks btw!)
@Jake darn, I can't see any mistakes. I really should update my english
@PauloCereda It's all your fault :P
Q: TeX Lion logos and others

cacamailgIs there any compilation of TeX Lion (colored or monochrome)? I know the Lion in http://www.ctan.org/lion/. But I have already seen some nice (and colored) logos here, for TeX talks or interviews. It would be nice to have a compilation of them. Moreover, is there any other (La)TeX logos that c...

@percusse Oh no!
1:51 PM
@PauloCereda You're going to have to admit that you're a Duane Bibby imposter:-)
@DavidCarlisle Exactly, hence my fear. :)
@topskip I fixed the typos ("adverturers" and "ment")
@topskip: "Feature request" for the FAQ: "next page" / "previous page" buttons
@Jake thanks again, image updated
@Jake I miss those too, but there is no real "prev" and "next" in a wiki. But I keep this in mind, perhaps there is a plugin for that.
@topskip Ah, yeah, that makes sense. Hm
1 hour later…
3:07 PM
Q: ShareLaTeX and biblatex

peturI'm writing my thesis with my friend but I'm having serious problems getting biblatex to work with ShareLaTeX, it apparently has support (according to this blog: http://www.clarusft.com/sharelatex/). However, I can't get it to work properly, or at all to be honest. I have included this in the t...

See last comment. Perhaps TL?
Hello folks!
2 hours later…
5:10 PM
@Herbert: Why do we have to use \tx@UserCoor in \pnode[A](!\pstDistAB{A}{B} 21 PtoC \tx@UserCoor){D}\psdots(D) and to use \pst@number\psrunit\space div in psarc[origin={A},arcsep=-1](A){!\pstDistAB{A}{B} \pst@number\psrunit\space div}{(D)}{(B)}?
5:44 PM
@DominicMichaelis Hi.
6:21 PM
@PauloCereda who will be the next interviewee at tex.blogoverflow.com ?
6:31 PM
It is unusual for this room to be rather quite.
@GarbageCollector shall we make some noise :-)
@texenthusiast Please make 90dB noise. :-)
@GarbageCollector why 90dB any environmental limits ?
i would like e^pi + pi^e * 5 db noise :D
@texenthusiast Traffic on a busy roadway at 10 m produces about 90dB.
6:38 PM
@GarbageCollector are you by any chance acoustic engineer ? so perfect :)
@texenthusiast No. I am a wiki hunter.
@texenthusiast :-)
@GarbageCollector did you notice that the chat box window is missing on the main page, is it for me only ?
@texenthusiast Show me the screenshot.
6:54 PM
@GarbageCollector now its back
@texenthusiast good
@egreg are you planning to make an english version of "art of writing in latex" ? it looks awesome for me but i cannot taste it
7:39 PM
@texenthusiast Not really. But one can never say never.
Justin Bieber
7:54 PM
@texenthusiast It should be translated to English. :D
2 hours later…
9:41 PM
Can the following answer be undeleted? The fix is pretty easiy.
@Qrrbrbirlbel I voted.
@Qrrbrbirlbel Done
@JosephWright @egreg Thanks, that was fast. Can I trust Tom’s profile? Absent since October?
@Qrrbrbirlbel Looks right
9:59 PM
!!/eightball do you know who did draw those lions?
@PauloCereda ^^^^
@DavidCarlisle: Huh? I had already corrected you "limot" :-) I think you have an issue with refresh on your browser. :-)
@PeterGrill you removed the o but didn't insert an i :-)
@DavidCarlisle :-) Damm I knew my spelling was bad, but...
@PeterGrill My spelling is perfect but I can't type:-)
@DavidCarlisle :-) :-) I'll have to remember that one..
Happy pie day everybody...
10:12 PM
@PeterGrill pi :-)
Saw a good joke today that I had not seen before: 3.14% of all sailors are PIrates.
@DavidCarlisle See I really can't type. :-)
@PeterGrill Only 45 minutes left for UTC+1 …
@Qrrbrbirlbel Yes, but we all know that the world really works on PST. :-)
@PeterGrill Not the Stackexchange world. ;)
@Qrrbrbirlbel That's just when the timer resets for rep count purposes. :-)
10:18 PM
@Qrrbrbirlbel Americans don't understand UTC as they have problems with U generally colour, flavour, ...
@PeterGrill It has some advantages: for instance you have very late basketball matches (for people on EST or CST) making for full days during March Madness.
@egreg :-) Wow, did not know that March madness spread around the world. See the world does revolve around US timezones. :-)
@PeterGrill When the counter finally restarts increasing after having been steady for many hours. ;-)
@DavidCarlisle Yeah that is a proublem. :-)
@PeterGrill I happened to be in the US during March Madness. TV until afted midnight. :) I could choose among three or four matches at any time.
10:22 PM
@egreg Yeah, I really dislike how much of the news time they spend in the US on sports and weather (normal weather I mean, not hurricanes, etc) related issues.
The SX server responds a bit slowly recently.
11:10 PM
microtype 2.5 is on TeX Live!
11:46 PM
I think we can delete this
Q: How to transfer a documentclass file My Computer using .bat in UBUNTU?

Kaylai am planning to transfer my myclass.cls from my flashdrive to my computers My Documents in a more decent way so i want to create a .bat file where when clicked, myclass will be transfered to my documents.

it's a duplicate of the previous attempt
@percusse It needs more down votes.
@Karl'sstudents If you are over some rep points 10+ or something like that a delete vote appears
3 votes also delete the question without mod intervention
man you changed the name again right?
@percusse yes.
@Karl'sstudents is it the Tikz manual driving you crazy?
@percusse No. But it was inspired by it.
Beamer's manual seems to be similar. :D
11:53 PM
@Karl'sstudents It's certainly old now compared to TikZ manual. Most stuff is pre-pgfkeys times.
@percusse I meant the way the author explained, conversational tones (borrowing Jake's terminology).
@Karl'sstudents ah, yes. You can feel that the author really wants to help you which is nice.
@percusse :-D

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