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12:40 AM
@Billare: you gunning for Copy Editor? Same here :D
@Jimi Oke Not really, seeing things unedited just really bothers me, when it's fixable. I like how professional we are here.
@Jimi Oke It's strange how much I am a stickler for things like formatting and grammar when I can't say that about much else...
@Billare: Nice. Went on a rampage days ago; passed the 600 mark, still no badge... slowed down considerably now :(
@Jimi Oke Do you mean the "edits" mark on the "editors" page? If so, it counts personal edits, which don't count towards the copy editor page.
@Jimi Oke (I looked this up for the Strunk and White badge on Math.SE)
@Billare: Oh really? I thought I simply hadn't quite edited 500 posts, as it's possible I edited some posts more than once. What's a personal edit, as opposed to a legit one?
@Billare: btw, "@Jimi" works just fine :)
@Jimi OK, whatever you prefer. :) A personal edit is simply one you make on your own answers, questions, etc.
12:47 AM
@Billare, i was about to ask what "personal edits" were :)
i would call them "self edits" (not that either term is really correct)
anyhoo, the Great Retagging continues
having eliminated , i'm now gunning for
but is a much bigger dragon to slay
@JSBangs It is a difficult tag. I am not very accomplished in it =/
there are a handful of legitimate uses for , but the vast majority is garbage
@JSBangs and @Billare: Thanks for the clarifications... Pretty sure 95% of my edits are not on my answers :) Anyway, we'll just keep editing and wait for that shiny thing to magically appear!
12:49 AM
i am going to get it as close to zero as possible though
yeah, pretty redundant tag
too bad that tag edits don't count, though, or i'd blow it away
@JSBangs What should be the proper definition of "usage"?
@Billare questions about appropriate ways to use a specific word/idiom? that is to say, not stuff that's or
the problem is that even this definition is too broad, but i can't come up with a better one
part of why it needs to go
afk for a few
@JSBangs K. [What were retagging all the questions today with?]
12:52 AM
alright, nice chatting—first time doing so on any medium in over four years! i'm outta here :)
@JSBangs You could make a trivial edit to the body each time you edit the tags... :)
The Editor badge is kind of like the Special Olympics for SE sites.
@Martha but the edit tags quick-link is so much faster than the full-scale edit page
there's a reason i waited until i got 10K to start on this quest
1:08 AM
@JSBangs — I guess everyone needs a hobby.
i just created . this makes me happy
@JSBangs — I guess everyone needs a happy.
1:43 AM
Vocative, huh.
@Billare, the danes should not be confused with the dutch
@JSBangs I didn't think I did...
@Billare: Ooh, I have no idea! The OED says nothing about the etymology of "ta". You'd need an etymological dictionary.
I know there was some influence from the Nordic languages on English, especially in the Danelaw, such as all words with /sk/ in them, or so I was told; but I don't know the particulars.
@JSB: Interestingly, a Danish accent and a Dutch accent in German sound somewhat similar. Both are rather flat.
1:56 AM
@Cerberus Sk? What kind of words?
Not ask, alas.
Scare is one.
Okay so it isn't all words with sk, just some.
6 hours later…
8:00 AM
This answer is a prime candidate for the Reversal badge:
A: Axiom: Literary usage and Mathematical rule - other examples?

ShreevatsaRIt is impossible to properly answer this question. A complete set of words "that have meanings in both literature and math" would be immensely large, since almost every word used in mathematics tends to come from general language. Off the top of my head: group, set, field, ring, rational, real,...

8:46 AM
@Cerberus Presumably that's because it's pronounced "ahx" ;-)
Hey, ahx is venerable.
A: Why is "ask" sometimes pronounced "aks"?

RegDwightThis phenomenon is called metathesis. I humbly direct you to my answer to a related question for details. Here, I will just note that aks goes back to Old English, where there were two versions of the verb, ascian and acsian. See this Language Log post: As the OED explains, the verb form spel...

But have you ever heard of "shew and its family", @psmears?
Q: show, shown, showed

ogerardI need advice on the best use of the verb show. When do you use "showed" ? I find myself substituting "has shown", even when I meant to use the preterit in my sentence. Do you ever use "shew" and its family ?

@RegDwight Lauren will forgive us
@RegDwight If by "its family" they mean "shewn" etc, then yes
@Martha Oh, and there must be a textbook out there with that question in it. Just look at this:
Q: How can I grammatically ask a question having to do with birth order?

MichaelWould it be correct if I asked, In terms of the order of birth in your family, where do you stand?

I think I've seen it most in religious contexts - hymn books? Maybe the Book of Common Prayer?
Yep, here goes:
Harr. Either I'm never paying attention, or my hymn books have all been edited for clarity. For the life of me, I cannot remember ever seeing "shew".
Feb 23 at 15:52, by Kosmonaut
user image
8:56 AM
I would only expect to see it in old (or at least, old-fashioned) ones...
Well, me reads old textes all the time!
9:30 AM
@RegDwight — And don't forget this guy:
"It's a really big shew."
Oh hai.
Q: lyrics confusion

mayynaiWhat does the phrase "I need to be with myself and center..." means? It's part of the lyrics Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie?

Well, um, , I suppose.
I have nothing to offer the poor sod.
Hey, @Robusto, you're on the first page of chat users. You chatterbox, you.
9:36 AM
What does that even mean?
That you're number 20 by the quality number of messages posted.
You accidentally the whole noun.
Meh, the <strike> tag doesn't work for me.
It's ---.
Thanks, you've been a dick help.
Much better.
I am here to dick help.
9:39 AM
Well, in that case ...
Cue "Memo from Turner" ...
@Cerberus is number 25, @Kosmonaut is number 61, @Vitaly is number 64.
@Robusto This video contains content from WMG and UMG.
I mean, UMG I can handle. But WMG?
Is that like WMD?
Weapons of Mass Gangstaness?
9:44 AM
You don't get Warner content either?
Only the bad stuff.
Lookie! Me top of chat charts now! Due to the awesomeness of my posts, no doubt.
Um, what tab are you looking at?
Now it's @RegDwight by a nose!
A veritable nose!
Now Robusto!
You should be looking at Activity.
9:46 AM
Hey, I just clicked the link what you provided me.
Yeah, but you threw in some cookies of your own to sweeten the deal.
Cookies? Hmm, that reminds me ... breakfast!
If I provide http://english.stackexchange.com/questions, chances are you won't be seeing what I am seeing, either.
It will remember your last preference for you, and my last preference for me. Cookies are all about your personal preferences.
Or you could look at this tab, in which you do, and will probably always, play a supporting and, some might say, hopelessly insignificant role in relation to the majesty of my own presentation.
@RegDwight — But I never visited that page before now. How could it have cookies? Maybe Santa brought them? No, wait, we leave cookies out for Santa.
@Robusto That's laughable, I am almost at 150 on Writers!
I will get you in no time!
9:50 AM
Did you see my latest snarkfest on Writers?
Linky please.
Q: What is the Priority in an Action/Adventure Novel: Dialogues or Conflict?

Amin AjaniI am currently working on a novel and i was having some trouble finding the best solution of this question. I understand that both, dialogues and conflicts, are needed in a good proportion to cook a bestseller. But I would like to experiment on my work. Will be much appreciated if you can throw s...

It's a comment.
Also, you should edit your chat profile to say "nurse in drag". Seriously. Everyone is saying "mod here" and "mod there". You would light up the room.
Maybe I should just change my gravatar to my real photo:
@Robusto +1 for factual correctness. And hopefully +2 reps for me for capitalizing an i. That will put me even closer to 150 reps.
@Robusto You misspelled 夢 in that photo. Twice.
9:55 AM
Stop staring at my twice.
I can't!!!
You lech.
You are so gorgeous, but those spelling mistakes put me off. Sorry.
If there is a better illustration of 夢 I have yet to see it.
I think it's over at NSFW.SE.
9:57 AM
Yeah, but you're only pretending to work, so it doesn't matter.
Well, there are countries where NSFW has no meaning to begin with.
And what if you work in the sex trade? NSFW means something much different.
Hey, if you'll notice, I just lit up the freakin' room big time, and all I get from you is grief. Or are you taking a break to — hey, WTF! Stop that!
He. He. He.
Hey, that's Simon Pegg. Will watch when sound me haz.
10:05 AM
It's pretty damn funny.
Hey, WTF is going on, I just checked the main site and someone upvoted like 20 answers of mine in 2 minutes.
Obviously people fear your diamond.
I wonder just how much of it will get removed by the daily script.
This is, what, the second night in a row?
Well, yesterday at least I was able to find out the reason.
Joel twittered an answer of mine.
But this is something different entirely.
I wonder if it's he-who-must-not-be-named messing with me.
10:09 AM
And why would a script remove votes? What would be the heuristics involved?
The heuristics are a secret.
Argh, even the mod tools don't tell me who it might be.
Secret heuristics? Sounds vaguely Communist, if you ask me. Something like O(pe).
Actually, now I have a rough idea.
So are you going to share it?
I see a user I hadn't noticed before. From India. 38% of his votes went to me. Last seen approximately when the mass voting happened.
10:15 AM
Q: What do these confusing lyrics mean?

mayynaiWhat does the phrase, "I need to be with myself and center..." mean? It's part of the lyrics of Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry.

Is this not a "literature" question?
The interpretation seems as it would be entirely metaphorical to me.
IDK what it is. I wouldn't call Fergie's maunderings "literature" though.
Q: Is there a single-word to mean "rate of procrastination"?

DMA57361Take the following sentence contrived sentence: Our staff's productivity has doubled since we upgraded their computers. And now this one: Our staff's [rate of procrastination] has double since we gave them new smart phones. Is there a single word to fit within the italicised section o...

This was just begging for a snark.
@Robusto Note I used scare quotes ;)
I was suitably frightened.
Meh, gotta go get some coffee and breakfast in me.
Maunderings...I don't think I have ever seen that word before.
10:55 AM
@Billare — Read more. It's a pretty common word.
maunder talk in a rambling manner : Dennis maundered on about the wine. [with adverbial ] move or act in a dreamy or idle manner : he maunders through the bank, composing his thoughts.
Thanks, stupid chat italics and boldings that only work occasionally.
There. Fixed.
You have to be cool for them to work. Being sexy in drag doesn't suffice.
Well, "sexy" is the ultimate trump card. Just sayin' ...
It ain't when it comes to italics and boldings. Just sayin'.
Well, it should be. [Bursts into cute tears.]
Typesetters can be all sexy and stuff, won't get them anywhere.
11:02 AM
Typesetters are decidedly unsexy. I mean, come on.
Ever seen a typesetter like this?
1 hour ago, by Robusto
user image
No. They all go into nursing.
Well, this particular typesetter's ligatures and kernings and leadings do make me wuschig.
That proves nothing. Statistics make you even more wuschig.
Only when I make them up myself.
So you're kind of a wanky wonk? Or wonky wank? One of the two.
Anyway, gotta start the grind rolling. TTYL.
The best of both worlds.
11:47 AM
Possible dupe:
Q: Meaning of "you don't need no memory" and its grammar or rhetoric

lovespring You don't need no memory. Just don't know what it means.

Q: "We don't need no education"

PierreHow can you explain that this double negation is not a double negation? Is there a rule in English about this kind of sentence? PS / Do I have to mention Pink Floyd Copyright ? :-) Edit : Since there are a lot of Pink Floyd related explanation, I'll bring a Freddy Mercury one : "I don't have ti...

12:11 PM
I voted to close it as duplicate.
After all, a double negative is still a double negative, independently from the verb and the grammar person.
Who wrote the lyrics of that song could have decided to use "we don't need no education" to catch the song rhythm easier. It seems easier to me saying "we don't need no education" in that song, rather than "we don't need education."
Well, how about "we don't need an education"? (^_^)
"We don't need two education."
Maybe "we don't need three education" is better. :-)
I feel like I am going to rewrite that song.
(Now I will be said I should say "I am going rewriting that song," won't I?)
Drupal Answers chat is dead. I should do something to put it in gear.
I should invite "the Drupaliesse."
You can't kick out the "to" out of "going to" like that.
12:21 PM
I know that. :-)
It was a pun against myself. :-)
Courtesy to future readers, yada-yada.
But why? I wanted to create my clones.
That could be "clone of myself," but somebody could ask "Who is this 'myself'? I have never seen him on chat."
Maybe it is Drupalisse.
"Great party on Drupal Answers chat. The Drupalisse will be present. Don't miss the party!"
It sounds good.
I just need some coriander, and the room is ready.
Well, it is almost ready.
I still have to invite the "Drupalisse."
Here is a picture of Drupal in the wild:
That is Drupal, and its twin.
12:29 PM
Droopy is an American animated cartoon character, an anthropomorphic dog (supposedly a Basset Hound) with a droopy face, hence the name Droopy. He was created by Tex Avery, for theatrical cartoon shorts produced by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio, in 1943. Essentially the polar opposite of Avery's other famous MGM character, the loud and wacky Screwy Squirrel, Droopy moved slowly and lethargically, spoke in a jowly monotone, and, though he did not look like much, was shrewd enough to outwit his enemies and, when finally roused to anger, capable of beating adversaries twice his siz...
Basset Hound...
Isn't hound another kind of dog?
I thought you were the English expert. You tell me.
English expert would not mean "dog expert", would it?
It would be like saying you must be a tea expert.
It would mean someone who knew the English names of dogs.
Q: How can I grammatically ask a question having to do with birth order?

MichaelWould it be correct if I asked, In terms of the order of birth in your family, where do you stand?

Where are these coming from?
12:34 PM
Especially if you had a picture right there.
"Hound" is what hounds used to be called until that fancy-shmancy caricature of a word that is "dog" arrived.
@RegDwight — You Teutonic huendchen you.
In fact, the first thing somebody learns in English is the dog names.
Even CNN keeps to report dog names.
@kiamlaluno Show me that somebody and I will tell him he's doing it wrong.
Being able to tell Goofy from Snoopy won't get you very far.
@kiamlaluno — Nah, the first thing someone learns in English is number agreement between subject and verb. ... Ahh, you fixed it.
12:37 PM
Those sneaky Italians!!!
That is only after that someone learns that in English infinitive is sometimes used.
And after they learn how to use the definite article.
@MrHen Congrats on your first close vote!
@RegDwight Second
Okay, then congrats revoked.
12:38 PM
This was first:
Q: How do I handle articles with parenthetical statements?

MrHen Possible Duplicate: “a/an” preceding a parenthetical statement If I were to use a (normal) parenthetical statement, the article would not cause problems. If I were to use a (unusual) parenthetical statement, the article seems incorrect. How should I proceed? Is one of thes...

@Robusto You know, "typos" is an English word, but that doesn't mean only English people make typos.
42 secs ago, by RegDwight
@MrHen Congrats on your first close vote!
@RegDwight Thank you. :)
@Robusto Ah! English uses articles much less than Italian.
@MrHen — @RegDwight should make you wear the tiara.
12:39 PM
I am still curious about where those are coming from.
From over there. Look.
BTW, we finally have proof that @RegDwight is outsourcing his rep gathering:
2 hours ago, by RegDwight
I see a user I hadn't noticed before. From India. 38% of his votes went to me. Last seen approximately when the mass voting happened.
To India, no less.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. You were not supposed to be spreading the word like that.
<shakes fist at capitalist>
@RegDwight — Anyway, money well spent.
Yeah, king for a day.
Jeff's script will freaking ruin my triumph tomorrow.
This is why we can't have nice things.
12:46 PM
Me doubts that very much.
Wait and see.
20+ votes within <3 minutes is WAY over the limit.
@Robusto Oh, and now you should be able to figure out who it was.
Obviously he was going for a badge, and he got it.
@RegDwight — I have other things to figure out atm. Like that damned chess game in The Flanders Panel.
So you do like it?
It's a good read.
Mission accomplished. Not Dubya-style, for real.
12:52 PM
Shredder seems to think it's a clear win for white, but I don't think it's looking far enough ahead. I like the character of Munoz. Also, I notice all the epigraphs Perez-Reverte used from Nabokov's The Defense.
I'm nearing the end, so don't give me any spoilers. Julia's just gone solo to the dark apartment full of paintings, where she gets the card with the next move on it.
This Shredder?
Shredder is a commercial chess program developed in Germany by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen in 1993. Shredder won the World Microcomputer Chess Championship in 1996 and 2000, the World Computer Chess Championship in 1999 and 2003, the World Computer Speed Chess Championship in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007, and the World Chess Software Championship in 2010. On the January 24, 2007 CEGT rating list, Deep Shredder 10.0 placed fifth, with a rating of 2855 — 5 points below LoopMp, 22 points below Deep Fritz 10, and 160 points below #1 ranked Rybka 2.1, which had a rating of 3015. Version 10.0 was...
I have it on my Droid.
Rybka is now the undisputed leader in chess programs, though.
Little fish?
Rybka is a computer chess engine designed by International Master Vasik Rajlich. , Rybka is one of the top-rated engines on chess engine rating lists and has won many Computer Chess Tournaments including the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 World Computer Chess Championships. Rybka supports both single processor and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems. Name The word rybka, pronounced , means little fish in Czech (and in some other Slavic languages) and Vasik Rajlich was once asked in an interview by Alexander Schmidt, "Did you choose the name Rybka because your program always slipped out ...
@RegDwight — Haha ... inexperienced chess players are called "fish" in English.
I like the irony in the name.
Apparently, it refers to his wife, who was "born under an astrological sign of Pisces" and "is still considered one of the strongest female chess players".
That's some irony on top of irony, then.
Or his way of telling his wife that she isn't that strong, after all.
12:58 PM
He still says it's a secret, so you don't know that's true for sure.
I would, too, if my wife were about to find out!
Hm, I wonder what Deep Blue's Elo score was. Wikipedia doesn't have any pointers.
BTW, Shredder for Android rates my play at 1760 these days, but I think it's being way generous.
If I set it to play like a comparable human opponent, it seems to play about 100 points below my playing strength.
Gameknot lists me at 1726, but I haven't played for years. Literally.
morning, everybody
why are we talking about chess?
Because we can, that's why.
We've run out of linguistics stuff to interrupt Robusto's music monologues with.
1:04 PM
carry on, then
Just because you can doesn't mean you should!
Just because you should doesn't mean you can!
i've put the retagging on hold for a bit, since it seems to be making some people cry on meta
@Kosmonaut — If that is true, then what was the Hi-Tech revolution all about?
Well, it also doesn't mean you shouldn't :)
1:05 PM
@JSBangs Yes. Sunday mornings would seem more appropriate. :P
@RegDwight i got other things to do on Sunday mornings
Oh come on, you're not fooling anyone.
@JSBangs — ZOMG, JSBangs is The Church Lady!!!
Wait what, who bangs the church lady, whaaa?
The Church Lady was a recurring character in a series of sketches on the American television show Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1990, with later appearances in 1996, 2000, and 2011. She also appeared on The Dana Carvey Show in March 1996, reading a Top Ten List, "New Titles for Princess Diana." About the character Created and played by Dana Carvey, The Church Lady is an elderly woman named “Enid Strict”, who is the uptight, smug and pious host of her own talk show, Church Chat. Enid is a spoof of “holier-than-thou” Christian churchgoers. On her show (which only lasts the duration of t...
1:08 PM
He's handsome and stuff, but...
Now all the "retagging" is starting to make sense ...
Well isn't that special?
@Robusto thwack
@Kosmonaut You seen Richa's upvote spree yet?
What upvote spree?
1:09 PM
3 hours ago, by RegDwight
Hey, WTF is going on, I just checked the main site and someone upvoted like 20 answers of mine in 2 minutes.
Sure.... "someone"
how does one see voting activity per-user?
@JSBangs Mod tools.
@Kosmonaut More info on the Teachers' Lounge.
@RegDwight, i got some of those, but i'm not seeing it
@JSBangs Not 10k tools. Mod tools.
It's in aggregated form, mind you. Which is why it took me a while to figure out who it was.
1:12 PM
@RegDwight i wondered. the privileges page refers to 10k tools as "moderation tools", though, so it confused me
Not even 20K tools let you see that.
I had to look in a number of places and add two and two together.
If 100K tools let you see that, then Robusto will let us know in a month or two.
By that time, I will have long lost my preciousss reps.
But Richa will have long got to keep his badge. Grrr.
I wonder if they will also revoke the badge(s?) I got out of those upvotes.
You got a badge from those votes?
sockpuppet badge?
1:16 PM
@Kosmonaut — I thought 20K tools were the max.
I also wonder if there's a large-scale conspiracy going on. As Robusto pointed out, this is the second day in a row that I max out for doing nothing.
@Kosmonaut Nah, Good Answer.
He pushed one of my answers from 24 to 25.
@Robusto Maybe... but there's only one way to find out for sure!
@Kosmonaut — Awww, crud. I thought I would be able to retire once I got my Legendary badge ...
But wait! There's also a badge for getting 150 Legendary badges!
1:18 PM
Now you're mocking my harmless little hobby. Don't be a playah hater.
@Robusto I guess everybody needs a hobby
How's that mocking?
That's trying to keep you interested.
@JSBangs — But not everybody needs a happy.
Well, it was either this or sudoku.
Lots of echo in here.
Feb 23 at 11:06, by RegDwight
Lots of echo in here.
@Robusto if you're not getting any happies, i'm afraid i can't help you with that
1:20 PM
31 secs ago, by RegDwight
Lots of echo in here.
@Robusto Except your echo is getting it wrong.
12 hours ago, by Robusto
@JSBangs — I guess everyone needs a happy.
1 min ago, by Robusto
@JSBangs — But not everybody needs a happy.
I guess not everybody needs a hippie. Or a hubby.
Q: "Somebody" vs "someone", "anybody" vs "anyone"

RegDwightAre there any subtle differences between "somebody" and "someone", or can they be used completely interchangeably? Similarly, can you imagine a situation in which you would prefer "anybody" to "anyone" or vice versa?

Everyone needs a happy, but everybody doesn't.
Hmm ... I wonder if hobby and habit are related somehow.
Q: Is there a reason to use "everyone" instead of "everybody"

DaveAre the words "everybody" and "everyone" interchangable?

1:23 PM
@RegDwight How the hell is that answer the chosen answer?
Good god.
Is it because the user who gave the answer has a kitten in his gravatar?
Huh, what? Lemme check.
Oh well, see my comment on JSBangs' answer. I suppose I considered it to be a bit over the top.
Yes, that is true — but the chosen answer is really misleading, and probably wrong.
It's just taking an idiomatic expression "special someone" and extrapolating everything from that.
But "special someone" is an idiom, so that's why you don't hear "special somebody".
You can say "somebody special" though!
Ich war jung und brauchte das Geld.
@RegDwight — Jung und geldlos? Schade.
1:30 PM
It's unaccepted now, BTW.
You are right about JSBangs's tangent though.
I actually think Dashery might have the closest thing to an answer.
@Kosmonaut me? go on tangents? surely you jest
I would never jest about something so serious. And don't call me Shirley.
@Kosmonaut — Someone's channeling Leslie Nielsen. Or Peter Graves. I can't remember.
A: Is this a "cheesy" question?

Ryan Raines LawyerForHireBecause. Duh! I'm a lawyer, so I'll give you some legal advice. Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to, because you might learn some terrible things. I've sent people to the slammer with the stuff I have in here (points to head containing genius legal brain)

1:33 PM
From beyond the nielsens!
Another candidate for the Hall of Fame.
@Robusto My joke worked better with Peter Graves.
@Kosmonaut — I noticed that.
I think they each said it at some point.
Too bad downvoting this guy won't do him any harm:
A: Is this a "cheesy" question?

Ryan Raines LawyerForHireBecause. Duh! I'm a lawyer, so I'll give you some legal advice. Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to, because you might learn some terrible things. I've sent people to the slammer with the stuff I have in here (points to head containing genius legal brain)

I mean, he's acting like the very poster child for downvotes.
1:48 PM
i'm surprised that i just got the Suffrage badge today
i would have thought that I hit it a while ago
@Robusto he self-deleted
Okay, spill the beans, whom have you upvoted 30 times?
no, wait, @RegDwight deleted him. hooray for our vigilant mod!
@JSBangs — Nah, @RegDwight deleted him.
Nah, I deleted him.
@RegDwight @vgv8
1:50 PM
Him not vigilant. Him vigilante!
Vigilante >>> incognoscente.
how is the "faq" page under "Questions" generated?
is it most frequently linked as dup/related?
Yeah, something like that.
I don't think I've ever seen an exact formula.
whatever it is, it works well. i was looking over it just now and admiring what great questions it has

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