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4:09 AM
@LiamW Oops.. My bad (grammatical errors haven't disappeared from High school yet)
4:28 AM
Izzy and Liam - both are good in android...!
How did you guys get into this field..?
5:01 AM
There are many other guys too...
But, How you guys sort these things out?
Just by using android phones?
3 hours later…
8:12 AM
Just bought 2 USB OTGs for my Nexus 7. Just USD 0.75 each! :D
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
I have an OTG cable - I use my mouse sometimes ;-)
3 hours later…
12:17 PM
I'm currently in the process of making an Android game ;)
@Izzy Could you help me test the in app billing of my game?
I'll refund you as soon as you make the purchase of course!
Hi Crazy ;)
@CrazyBuddy Just saw your messages ;) Buy yes, pretty much. I got my first Android December 2010, and I knew nothing about Android - nothing! Root, custom ROM meant nothing to me. But I had a phone that could only get Android 2.1, so I googled about updating, learnt about root etc, and here we are!
@LiamW Well, Thats too early - I just got my galaxy Y last month
Then, I joined here :P
lol ;)
Could you help me test in app billing? I can't myself, and I have no other test subjects ;)
@LiamW Huh?
When you say something, try to be "not precise" as possible...
Man, I have a very bad English :P
@CrazyBuddy I am making a new game, with in app billing and I need to check it works :P
"app billing" - whats that?
Should I have to spend money?
12:29 PM
You must know what in app billing is surely... You know, when you buy extra things in-app?
Anything except money..!
@CrazyBuddy Yes, but you'll be refunded. If not, don't worry ;)
I don't even have a bank account, etc...
Even my colg. fees is paid through a friend's account :P
BTW, I won't worry if I have money for my own..!
If I ask money to my uncle, he'll probably kick me out :D
I'm very lucky that he gave his dialup to me..!
Just editing something ;)
Oh.... Ok :D
12:51 PM
@LiamW @CrazyBuddy Sorry, I was AFK...
@LiamW As for in-app billing testing: I'm afraid I lack the time for testing currently. Got a lot of other things to do. Besides, what's the app about?
@CrazyBuddy To your question (how I got things sorted out): Well, I needed a new phone, and thought Android could be nice. So I bought a relatively cheap device (HTC Wildfire, 2nd hand) and jumped in.
I thought about what apps I'd need, and started searching the market -- comparing apps. To not lose track, I made my lists in a forum.
While in this process, I learned what to look at. My lists got better organized. And continually comparing stuff, reading reviews and comments, I learned what to look at.
First Posts is the hardest review job right? I mean, I'm looking at cases where you need to do Edits.
Learned by using them, and "looking behid the scenes". Reading Howtos and tech stuff (XDA & Co). Made app tests and wrote reviews. Got in contact with the devs, discussed things.
@LiamW I have PayPal. I can help you.
Started with my books, got feedback... Lately even translated a book on Android Forensics, got in contact with the authors... Well, you get the line. Meanwhile the next step is running: Got in contact with manufacturers, discussing things...
Well, basically it's just by using Android and doing the things which were of interest to me :)
@ShyGuy Yeah, first posts have there special troubles most times. Those first-timers often do not know a) how to phrase their questions and b) what details are needed to answer them.
Plus c) they often ignore our FAQ to check whether their question is on-topic at all.
@ShyGuy Don't waste your time editing questions which are clearly get to be closed (and maybe later even deleted) :)
Yeah, thanks for the tip. :)
1:07 PM
@Izzy I think I missed something....
Went out for a dog-walk :P
One more thing Izzy - Do you create apps?
Nope, I don't. Lack the time to cover that area as well :D
And now for a WHOA!
Half a year ago, we had a discussion here with @RichardBorcsik -- the question was: Is there a possibility to search the playstore for apps having/lacking certain given permissions.
And on today's morning routine, I found the answer to that question, which in last August was given a bounty of 300 (shit, shit, today I could have got that bonus!):
A: How to search the Play Store by permissions?

IzzyHow it currently CAN be done During my morning routine reading my RSS feeds, I stumbled on a review at N-Droid, discussing an app named APEFS. This app is developed by German students (hence its description on the Playstore is in German, even if you set the language to English). But for our non-...

@Izzy Just keep your answer Izzy...
Maybe, someone fond of getting the "Altruist" badge could provide a bounty for ya ;-)
So, You were busy in writing that one :D
I'll read the whole post...
1:23 PM
LOL Yeah, that's a badge I'm still missing. Let's see :) Any yes, for a couple of minutes that was what I was busy with: Found it in the feed, and 10min later it was placed in my answer :D
2 hours later…
@Flow Thanks! Just found that on one of my RSS feeds -- 10min l8ter the answer was posted :D
Unfortunately, Richard's bounty is already gone... XD
But more important: Now that Q finally got a positive answer :D
H, and as I already got +2, I guess my next Revival badge will pop up XD
Hm, and maybe OP switches his "accepted" flag to my answer?
4:00 PM
@Izzy Just to mind you Izzy - "Revival" badge is only for first answer scoring 2 or more :P
BTW, Your expectations are very very high I think so...
@Izzy I have a small problem...
My phone doesn't have data networks, etc...
Sorry... (I don't use it)
I have a WiFi network in my colg...
So, I couldn't download (& use) any apps from play store during my vacation...
Is there any PC software that allows apk files to be downloaded from the market, or any other sites?
4:46 PM
@ShyGuy It would be have to be a google wallet account linked to the play store.
@LiamW Maybe you could answer my para up there :D
@CrazyBuddy Android Drawer
Free apps only, though.
5:02 PM
Okay... I'll dig into it. BTW, - Thanks for that Izzy ;-)
@CrazyBuddy There is a question on this on the main site ;)
@Izzy Check that question you answered again ;)
@LiamW Do the same, if you are talking about the GPS one :)
I wouldn't phrase it being "not possible" (unless, of course, the tabby has no GPS). It's just not that, hm, easy/nice/pleasant.
But can be done.
@Izzy I was referring to this: android.stackexchange.com/a/37924/440
5:14 PM
Ah -- tnx, one more upvote :)
You are missing the other thing!
Look up.
And that was my finding of the day :D -- OK, now checking for the "other thing" -- guess it's in one of the comments...
Nope, the actual question. Just underneath.
@LiamW Let's do the discussion of that GPS thingy here, not in the comments
Maps(-) (ad-supported) and Maps(+) (paid) allow you to cache as much as fits on your device. I doubt that won't be enough.
But the proper maps doesn't.
And you still haven't noticed have you?
5:17 PM
@LiamW pardon me for interrupting the discussion :P
Once a GPS fix was aquired, the device knows the Almanach data for the current position. As one is less likely to jump from, say, Moscow to New York in a couple of seconds, normal (non-assisted) GPS can pick up faster from there.
But Liam, the site wasn't that helpful...
Yes @CrazyBuddy
@LiamW The apps I mentioned fill the map-cache of Google Maps -- so what you're pointing at?
android.stackexchange.com/a/37924/440 look at the question with that answer.
5:19 PM
I searched for the free app "Autopilot" (after reading Izzy's answer) - but looks like the site didn't have any apps as such :(
I don't get the connection?
@LiamW ^^
What does that have to do with GPS?
Or Maps?
@CrazyBuddy That site might not have all apps (to be true, I never checked for its completeness). But it offers some at least.
I'm not talking about GPS or maps here!
@LiamW Oh -- I thought we wanted to clear that up, instead of doing so in the comments?
Q: How to search the Play Store by permissions?

Adrian PanasiukHow do I specify that I do not wish to see apps that require for example internet access? Or to only show apps that use a specific permission? A specific repository with search on its webpage? An app that provides searching the Play Store?

I want you to notice something first :-)
Yeah, so what? Tell me :)
5:22 PM
Click that question. Look under the comments.
@Izzy It also doesn't have the APEFS :P
@LiamW I did. C'mon, speak aloud :)
@CrazyBuddy Might be too new? Don't know...
Ok, I'll just watch the discussion (Can someone get me a popcorn?)
Then, I might investigate about my problem :-)
5:23 PM
Heh? cehcking...
So, Liam wants to be an "Altruist"... Fine :P
WOWOWOW... and already +6 \0/
A bounty worth "100 rep." (after all) does a lot of things..! - makes a guy "PRESIDENT"
I only see +3?
5:25 PM
same here...
Yeah! Ooops... the +6 was the other answer. Nevermind :) Still: LIAM FOR PRESIDENT!!!
No presidents in the UK ;)
Just have to wait 23 hours :-(
Nevermind. As long as your, um, Prime doesn't decide to leave the EU,... XD
5:28 PM
Okay... So, the discussion is over now..?
@LiamW Respect, btw! I didn't expect that to happen -- I completely under-estimated you, it seems!
Now, I could come into the spot :D
@CrazyBuddy NO!
@CrazyBuddy But nevertheless: Let's switch to your issue :D
@LiamW Or do we have open things for the GPS thingy?
1 hour ago, by Crazy Buddy
@Izzy Just to mind you Izzy - "Revival" badge is only for first answer scoring 2 or more :P
5:29 PM
and the things that follow by...
1 hour ago, by Crazy Buddy
Is there any PC software that allows apk files to be downloaded from the market, or any other sites?
Lemme check again. I always thought it was for "an answer after xx inactivity with +2 or more" -- but you might be right that it only was when there was no answer before.
Yeah, for the latter I mentioned that one site I know which allows this.
OK, let's check my material again...
@CrazyBuddy F-Droid
But, there are others too (probably many)... What do ya think of apktop..?
@CrazyBuddy SAM (not sure if it allows APK download)
@CrazyBuddy Aptoide
checking apktop
Looks interesting -- thanks for the hint!
updating material
@Izzy don't mention it man... BTW, it also has paid apps (totally apk environment)
No need to follow the bunch of guys who literally post their own upload link (which may expire whenever it wants) in their blogs...
@CrazyBuddy for paid apps (which they list as well) they only provide the market link. So it seems kosher to me (not a "black market")
While for free apps they provide both, market link and apk -- which is a nice service.
5:36 PM
Yeah.. absolutely...
I got into it (some 3 days ago)
So I added it to my list (where the other items come from). If you don't mind German, I can give you the link.
No prob.. :p
(ordered topics)
From there the links go to the details (app lists by topic)
Wow... That was nice...
Yeah -- 2+ years of work. Permanently updated.
And permanently mentioned in my books XD
5:39 PM
Man, you've got a whole bunch of stories for each & every app though...
And linked to (via QR codes in the print editions)
Yeah -- it should make it easier for you guys to find the suitable app.
Remember what I wrote a few ours ago, about "how I started into Android"? That's the listing I referred to then :D
I have already bookmarked your site...
Glad I could help again :D
BTW, My 3-day experience in apktop...
They're posting atleast 10-15 apps/day
ordered by date, etc...
Sounds good. But won't cover the entire playstore I guess :)
5:51 PM
Definitely..! (Play store encounters about some 100 apps/day I think so... - Is it small?)
Not sure if not more...
I'm back!
@LiamW Okay... "Welcome to Android chat" :P
One more thing guys - I got into this java app: Real APK Leecher...
I forgot the link..
But, Googling will get it...
It is a PC app (written in Java), that fetches you apk files directly from the Android market...
At the first start, it asks for the gmail account (both name & pass.). It also gets your device ID
Then, you could search apps by vendor, or by package - whatever you wish...
As I've got only a dialup, I can't review it (It always throws "check your network connection" error)
Found it...
A better review of the app over here....
Okay guys.. Please have a look at the link, when you have time ;-)
6:11 PM
@CrazyBuddy Sure, you just forgot to add that doing so is againts Google's TOS and, as you provided your account, you are easily identifiable
I have learned of a chrome extension to donwload the APKs, but haven't used it precisely for this reason
@ruda.almeida Sorry... I can't understand.. Why?
Well... What for is the USB cable needed (the article doesn't say)?
Is it forbidden (or something like that)
I'd guess to connect your device. So why needs the device being connected?
Guess to use the Google (Play) API.
@Izzy Err... I think, it is for beginners
6:13 PM
If so, then, please, what for does it need to know the account data and device ID???
If it utilizes GPlay on the device?
GPlay on the device knows all those.
@Izzy Coz Play store takes all the info (your email, the device ID it has provided to your phone, etc.) before installing apps
I will not rise panic here -- but just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean nobody's after me, right? ;)
Yeah, so what? What for does the PC APP need to know that?
@Izzy Coz, it does the job in PC (actually it has to be done in phone)
OK, so what does it need the USB cable for then?
It reports the play store that your PC is the device...
6:15 PM
There are multiple ways:
Q: How can I download an APK file from the Play Store?

wong2I can't download apps from the Play Store on my Android device (maybe due to a network issue), so I'm wondering how could I download the APK file of an app on my PC from http://play.google.com/store?

@Izzy Thats not necessary at all...
@ruda.almeida I already saw the chrome "thing"
Ah -- in that case, OK. Just got me confused, as that article says "you need an USB cable" -- but then doesn't tell what to do with it. Maybe to strangle the author XD
@Izzy Hey Izzy, That article was just a sample I found..
Maybe, you could google "apk leecher" for more shots :P
Also note the note on the end of the guide:

Legal Note / Disclaimer

Finally, please note that the use of this Chrome extension is violating Google's Play Store TOS! You've been warned.
Later, just being busy currently. I bookmarked the link meanwhile ;)
6:18 PM
There are multiple software/extension who do this, I heard of at least 3. All of them ask for username and password.
@ruda.almeida So, you're telling that the "leechers" also violate, only because they're telling a lie - to Google ..??
One is codekyem, other is github.com/Lekensteyn/apk-downloader., the other I dont remember
Basically, All use java scripts for doing that (a gmail login, tell the device ID, inform that our PC is a phone, get the apk, display to us)...
@ruda.almeida Shall I answer the question..?
@CrazyBuddy I'm saying nothig, Google states that direct downloading APKs is against the TOS.
@CrazyBuddy Answer which question?
@ruda.almeida Ok, I definitely agree with your point..!
Just the question you've posted...
Hey man - click on the arrow... - It'll take you to the transcript...
6:22 PM
(One technically could create a disposable account just to download the free apps)
@CrazyBuddy You're right, thanks.
Don't mention it :D
@CrazyBuddy The question is not made by me, so feel free to answer or not as you wish
Probably my first answer in android :P
Well, I have to go now. Bye!
@ruda.almeida Nice chat with you ruda... C'ya later
6:24 PM
@CrazyBuddy bye
Q: Should we handle questions about Ubuntu for phones?

eldarerathisUbuntu announced at CES their plans to release a version of their operating system for phones. As it turns out, one of the first phones they intend to officially support is the Galaxy Nexus - an Android phone. Does this therefore qualify questions about Ubuntu for phones as on-topic for our site...

Izzy... When you see this, just ping me...
Why can't I answer this question...?
Q: How can I download an APK file from the Play Store?

wong2I can't download apps from the Play Store on my Android device (maybe due to a network issue), so I'm wondering how could I download the APK file of an app on my PC from http://play.google.com/store?

Looks like no one has come through apktop or apk leecher... So, I thought of informing others...
The problem is, I can't see the answer box...
@CrazyBuddy Dunno... You have 100 odd rep... Must be a bug or an answer limit?
I can see the answer box. DO you have at least 10 rep?
@LiamW Hello..?
105 rep. man :D
Shall I ask it in meta, then?
Hi :)
@CrazyBuddy I think you should :)
6:32 PM
@LiamW Not to wish you Liam... I mentioned it with some expressions - Probably Hellooooo?..
Hey, I have 105 rep. Hello...?
Hope you got that ;-)
@CrazyBuddy What the... No longer understand ;) Go and ask on meta :)
I dunno why it is doing that - I see an answer box...
Unless its a browser issue?
Have you tried Chrome?
Nah... not a browser issue - I see the box in other posts...
I think I have to earn 10 rep. (excluding association bonus)
But, I'm not a spam user ..
Writing in meta ;-)
Hmm. I don't think so, but post an answer and I'll upvote it ;)
Found it..
Q: Why can't I answer a question

SabreWolfyThis question is protected and requires at least 10 reputation to answer. I have 101 reputation, but I am not able to enter an answer. Why is this?

Probably due to "protection"
That answers it :) It is protected :)
6:36 PM
Like I've told already, the association bonus doesn't count... :-(
Do you have any answers I can upvote?
I haven't participated yet... (except 2 edits on the first day)
@LiamW Thanks for that anyway.. I'll check in tmrw ;-)
Or, I'll do 3 edits, for now :P
Edits are +2 each, so do a few of them ;)
@LiamW Nah.. today... sry.. 1209 here (tmrw has already arrived here) :-)
A.M probably ;-)
tomorrow, ah!
Thats me not understanding text talk at 15 years of age ;)
@Izzy Have you checked my answers today?
6:41 PM
@LiamW Oops...
Messaging style - can't forget.. My BAD ;-)
dont worry
@LiamW I've got another problem.. I just clicked "Save edits", when I see a new guy "Liam" revised the post 6 secs ago :-(
@LiamW not yet. Just too busy today for my "daily run" :)
Yeah, annoying when that happens. I just clicked the improve button in the review section and copied my edit into it, your one will still be logged, and you will still get +2 rep.
Except for the GPS-one I stumbled upon...
6:48 PM
@LiamW Got it ;-)
Oooh.. Look who's back :P
I only need to review 14 more close votes for the silver badge... @Izzy ;)
You'll make it :D
@LiamW Wow... 250 reviews. Eh? - Amazing... 4 more times to get the "Steward"
@Izzy has more than 300 ;)
@CrazyBuddy You only need 4 more rep and you can post that answer!
@LiamW Nah, My edit queue isn't complete yet...
already suggested another 2...
@Izzy @LiamW: So, there are prolific editors and reviewers in Android..?
3 Cheers guys ;-)
Today is a fine day - Physics.SE has just got its 20k'th user...
@LiamW I already saw that
Lucky guy ;-)
user ID: 20000
Yeah, one can miss GreenGuy as editor :D
Yay.... I can write the answer :D
111 rep...
Hah... Now, I see the box
7:42 PM
Hmm. You can rent Google Play Movies without paying it seems...
Thats what I call a bug ;)
@LiamW huh..?
You know the Google Play movies feature... I just tried to rent a film with nothing in my bank, and I can still watch the film even though I havent been charged...
And it just stopped ;)
You can watch it for 10 minutes or so ;)
Oh... Don't tell me...
I can't even think of it :D
Okay Liam, Izzy... I think I had a nice chat today...
Atleast I've gtg to bed now...
It's almost 2:00 here... Gud n8 or evening or whatever...
Bye guys ;-)

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